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The Grace of Death‏
From: wendy bassett (
Sent: April 21, 2010

Dear Elias,
I don't know how my condolences got attached to your sharing of the situation in Egypt and the difficulties of having convictions re the murder of the Christians stick. Thank-you for this work you do. (Perhaps I was sending my message at the same time as you sent yours--like a telephone that doesn't ring when wires get crossed. [ ? ])Elias--I keep wondering from where you have such a depth within you that, from so many angles, you are able to cover a topic. Can you clue me in a bit ? You provoke a lot of thought to the reader, for sure. Indeed, what an incredible awakening it would be if people did utilize opportunities as you described.
From your editorial I can see why you seem to have that "peace that passeth all understanding" , despite your present sorrow....b/c, yes, your friend has returned to his Father.
I am just now thinking of a Bible verse that I KNOW God gave me. I want to share it with you, for your further comfort. 1984 I was in hospital, hoping and praying that I would not deliver our baby 4 mos. early. The verse was Psalm 65 vs. 4 "How blessed is the one whom Thou doest choose and bring near to Thee. We will be satisfied by the goodness of Thy house, Thy holy temple". A few days later our only daughter, Faith, was born, lived and died; only 8 ounces, but she looked like her brothers. And I learned about a new kind of grief...the death of a loved one (who I hardly knew)...and I was comforted, even though, at first I found myself crying out to God: "I AM NOT SATISFIED, Father" !!!!!!!!!
You'd mentioned that your friend had been in poor health...I think about that verse --"Though the outer man is failing, the inner man is being renewed day by day..." I wonder what beautiful truths were revealed to him , what comfort ... as his earthly life was coming to a close. God gives peace...
While reading your article I tried to put myself in the place of someone who has never asked him/herself any of those questions or had made any similar observations. What an incredible invitation you extended !! You encouraged people to put aside all the worries and the pleasures AND the memory of one's sinfulness/flawed self and see through purity---actually through the heart of God, the Creator. I. think that you presented people with something in a fresh way. May it be, Elias, that in this retelling, your many Face book Friends are taking note and have a spiritual desire to seek truth and healing. "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life; no man cometh to the Father, but by Me", Jesus said. I like that you pointed out the fact that those questions you suggested we ask ourselves are questions that we should continually ask ---recognizing that accepting the answers into our being would make for less conflict, competition, hatred, etcetera.
"...take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble of heart...."
Yes, we are drawn by His love.
I think about how the Bible talks that one day there will be worship of angels---in a way I think that time is here---angel figurines everywhere, etc. People would rather worship an angel than our Lord . I think it concerns me that people have the belief that "all roads lead to heaven". At the same time I kind of would like them to, for the sake of my husband, who, as i'd mentioned is a secular Jew, as well as many loved ones of mine---let alone all of God's creation who do not have a belief in Christ or value His obedience, unto death or have an appreciation/understanding re His resurrection.
I like that you mentioned the importance of prayer, of asking God to grant us grace and leadership in all areas of our lives to live as we should, as God considers best. "The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak..."
B/C, yes, unless Jesus returns first, none of us will escape death. And we should plan towards that--the retirement of the body from this world at least as much as we do retirement from our workplaces.
Well, Elias, I close my meandering here...I have other thoughts which I'll share another time.
The Lord bless you,
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009
Subject: Votre article concernant la resolution 1559
Monsieur, Je ne sais par ou commencer pour reprendre l'histoire de notre région. Vous n'ignorez pas que la Palestine a été occupée par la force et créée alors qu'elle était colonisée.
 Vous n'ignorez sans doute pas tout le préjudice porte aux palestiniens depuis lors, ni toutes les humiliations quotidiennes, ni le régime de terreur que les israéliens leur font subir.
Vous n'ignorez pas non plus sans doute non plus que les israéliens n'ont jamais applique les résolutions de l'Onu, condition nécessaire à la reconnaissance de l'état d'Israël, par les nations unies. etc.etc
Donc un état voyou dans tous les sens du terme.
Pour en revenir au Liban.
La résistance contre Israël, n'a commence que lorsque les israéliens se sont attaqués aux citoyens du sud (rapts, démolitions de maisons, spoliations de biens, etc...) et que notre état libanais était incapable de protéger.
Vous savez sans doute, aujourd'hui, que la guerre du Liban avait été préparée par Kissinger. Ses résultats n'étaient pas ceux escomptés.Tout le Moyen-Orient devait tourner autour de la sphère américaine..Des Résistances se sont mises en place graduellement et selon leurs besoins dans tout ce Moyen-Orient pour faire échouer ce plan:
C'est pour signifier le refus du fait accompli (Israël) et le refus de la soumission à la politique américaine.
Si des citoyens du monde arabe ont la volonté de rester libres, de décider de leur avenir faut-il les blâmer?
Faut-il que nous soyons soumis aux volontés américaines pour être "modernes" et "évolués"?
Ne me parlez pas de communauté internationale! Vous savez bien comment les Etats-Unis punissent ceux qui refusent de se plier a leurs ordres: Rappelez-vous les présidents de lONU qui avaient refuse de se plier. Puisque vous suivez si bien les résolutions de l'ONU, revoyez donc l'historique des présidents depuis sa création.
Communauté internationale? Je vous recommande un livre: "Des secrets si bien gardes".
Auteur: Vincent Nouzille. Très bien documenté. Il concerne la France mais il est facile d'extrapoler..
Hezbollah une armée de l'Iran?
Je réfute. Armé par l'Iran , possible, mais ce sont des LIBANAIS. encore plus que vous et moi puisqu'ils n'ont qu'une seule nationalité: la libanaise.
Ils ont un point de vue différent du votre? Moi aussi et beaucoup d'autres libanais aussi et pas seulement chiites. des musulmans, des chrétiens, et mêmes des juifs.
L'ennui avec les libanais c'est qu'ils ont un Etat qui n'a jamais tenu compte de la cohésion sociale, tant et si bien qu'une partie d'entre eux souhaitent sa partition, fédération ou n'importe quoi pourvu qu'ils n'aient rien a voir avec les autres. Ce manque de reconnaissance de l'autre, dans une surface inférieure a 11 000 km2. est quand
même une sorte d'anomalie, une pathologie qu'il faudrait soigner et non encourager.
Je termine en disant que cet état de choses convient aux profiteurs: grandes puissances et leurs laquais qui se sont enrichis outrageusement alors qu'ils continuent de verser l'huile du confessionalisme sur le feu de la peur de l'autre. 
Dr Ghada El Yafi
Une libanaise libre qui croit fermement que la sécularité est un moyen majeur de cohésion sociale au Liban, qui croit en la Justice, qui croit qu'il faut refuser le fait accompli et continuer à suivre sa conscience plutôt que son bien-être, qui croit fermement en une vraie démocratie, ou le citoyen LIBRE sait décider de ce qui lui convient avec l'ouverture nécessaire pour accepter l'autre.
N.B. L'autre, n'est pas un sac de pommes de terre.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Joseph Tiralosi
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2009

Dear All,
I want to share with you the story of one of my friends in New York. The story of what happened with him on august 17 was covered by the media last month. My friend Joseph Tiralosi is now on his way to recovery after doctors say his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes. On August 17, Joseph Tiralosi felt ill and went to the emergency room, where he collapsed and his heart stopped. Doctors and nurses tried CPR and defibrillator. The effort to break up any clots finally worked. Doctors said he had no brain damage. Tiralosi left the hospital last Tuesday. Joseph Tiralosi is an Italian immigrant who came to the United States a long time ago. He became a very wealthy person. He never forgot that he was poor when he came to the US and he is helping all the Italian immigrants. He helps immigrants to settle in the US. He gives grants to students to go to the colleges and supports non-profit organizations. Every time he goes back to his village in Italy, he contributes in his village development projects and supports the poor people. What happened to him at the hospital was not a coincidence. I believe this is a miracle and God’s hands were in the process. I’m hoping the wealthy Lebanese immigrants will learn from this story.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: to Suleiman Franjieh
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009
This morning, I heard news from Zgharta that most of the people who sacrificed their kids and their families in order for you and your grand father to build your castles and amass fortunes, are having financial difficulties and pleading with your enemies to support them financially. You and everyone else in Lebanon Know that the neither Bassam Yammine nor any other Lebanese can get the investors from the rich Arab countries to be their customers. Unlike in the past, now the Arab investors are informed and know how to invest and manage their money. They only accept the Lebanese to be employees in their companies. In other words, the 2.5 million dollars that Bassam Yammine is earning at the bank constitute 0.25% interest on the money (1 billion dollars) you deposited in the bank where he works. It is not because he brought rich Arab customers to the bank So you are the only customer Bassam brought to the bank. If you really care about the people who sacrificed their families for your glory, there are a couple of things you can do to help them without touching the money you deposited in the banks. Either you take 2 million from Bassam’s salary and distribute it to the poor followers or you move your money to JP Morgan Chase where the sister in-law of President Bashar Assad works. If you go for the second option, you can save the 2.5 million dollars and give it all to the poor people. At the same time, Tony Ghota in Zgharta knows more than Bassam Yammine about money and investments and he can help you to manage your money for free.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Sarkis Naoum on RLL
11 Aug 2009

After listening to Sarkis Naoum, who was a guest on “Voice of Lebanon Radio Station” Wardeh’s program, I will have to agree with him about what he said.
He mentioned that the most of Lebanese politicians make big deals of any issue and consider themselves friends with other nations when in fact they are agents.
What is sad and funny at the same time but proves what Sarkis was saying is the case of the representative “of the 30,000 donkeys in Zgharta” in the parliament (which is a camp for Nabih Berri), Suleiman Franjieh. This representative said previously that he has a friendship with the Syrian Regime. He stated that this regime does not force any of their friends in Lebanon to take decisions these friends do not agree with them on; on the other hand, Franjieh said the Saudi Regime imposes on their allies in Lebanon (March 14 Alliance) what they must do. It is sad that neither the Attorney General in Lebanon, nor the Supreme Court bring Traitors to Trial. We all have to agree with Sarkis Naoum and it is ironic that the agents in Lebanon are proud to be agents.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To Walid Bey Jumblat
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009

The politics is an idea that comes to ones mind. This idea can affect the destiny of people in a good or a bad way. You are a patriotic leader and we understand your decisions. You are afraid that the International tribunal findings will provoke a civil War, if one of the Lebanese political parties is involved in the killing of the patriotic leaders. What you need to know is that neither you nor anyone else is able to stop the international tribunal. The tribunal gathered voice recordings from three months before the assassination attempt of Marwan Hamadeh. The tribunal has recordings from all the countries of the Middle East. The international tribunal gathered all facts needed to build a strong case and will not be affected by any political party. The Tribunal has even recordings from few years back when the Lebanese Banker Edmond Safra was killed and the mafia contacted another Lebanese banker to handle the money laundering for them. They also have all the facts about Mustafa Hamdan who used to receive at Beirut airport the private airplane of the banker transporting the money to Lebanon. They have all the recordings about Emile Lahoud who used to order the Bank to accept the cash money and was involved in money laundering. The agents of Syria in Lebanon are welcoming your decisions recently because the Axis of evil wants to use your name to destroy Lebanon. They want to hold you responsible for the damages. You need to know that the freedom movement, that was created with your help, will be always for Lebanon first. It is mush better for Lebanon to be destroyed and this movement can build it again than to have your name involved in the destruction of the country.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Adnan Al-Kassar
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009

Mr. President

I read in the Lebanese newspapers that Adan Al-kassar will be appointed a minister in the new government. When Adnan was the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Beirut, he used to have access to all the export documents. He used to retrieve the export documentations and see what the merchants are selling in the Gulf countries, to whom they are selling and at what prices. He used to source the same merchandise and send a salesman to the Gulf region to sell it to the same customers at lower prices. In my country, the United States, this is considered a conflict of interest. The FBI usually investigates such actions and any person involved in such conflict of interest will be removed from office. Mr. President, we would like you to ask the Intelligence Services in Lebanon to investigate the case of Adnan Al-Kassar. If he is involved in a conflict of interest, he should not be appointed a minister in the new government.
Thank you Mr. President
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To President Suleiman
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009

Dear Mr. President,
I read in Alnahar Newspaper that you met with Sarkis Yamine, the Lebanese businessman from Venezuela. When President Hafaz Assad used to receive someone in the presidential Palace, he used to ask his Intelligence Services to investigate about this person and find out all about him before the meeting. Mr. President, you are very respected and you have a lot of credibility in the G7 countries. It would have been more appropriate to ask the Lebanese ambassador in Venezuela to visit the military cars factory that Sarkis yamine is claiming that he owns in Venezuela. Your secret services were supposed to investigate about him before the meeting. In any case, I will give you the information you need about Sarkis Yamine. He buys the car body parts from the local factories in Venezuela and it is assembled manually.  He buys the engine from Mexico and does not pay duty because he has connection in the Military Services. He assembles the cars inside the military vehicles repair facilities. During the days of Elias Harawi and Emile Lahoud, the corruption that we witnessed in Lebanon is nothing compared to the corruption in Venezuela and where Sarkis Yamine is part of this corrupted system. All the reports and the media in the G7 countries talk about the corruption in Venezuela and how bad it is.
Mr. President, you have a good credibility in the G7 countries and we all respect you. Please to not waste this credibility on people like Sarkis Yamine, Wadih Khazen, ibrahin dahar, youssef Salameh and Joseph Habis.
Thank you Mr. President.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Destiny of Lebanon
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009

After I heard the speech of Hassan Nasrallah today , I have a message to the leaders of March 14 Alliance. The leaders of 14 March Alliance are supposed to understand that the Axis of Evil is trying to buy time before this Axis of Evil take over the power in Lebanon. This Axis of Evil will use all the means to get to their goal, from Killing, to Kidnapping, to lying and destroying. These people are hypocrite and demagogue and can not be trusted. The leaders of 14 March should not accept to form any government in collaboration with the Axis of Evil agents before an act or an 100 years agreement is made between all parties. Leaders of 14 March must understand that the destiny of Lebanon is in their hands now and they have to act in a smart and responsible way.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To Hassan Nasrallah
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009

The moon is drifting away from earth and the earth is going to be in danger. This might lead to natural disasters in the future. The American people and the American Administration are looking into ways to find life on other planets so people can move to in the future. As for You Mr. Nasrallah, you are looking into different ways to terrorize the Lebanese people by threatening, kidnapping and killing them. Seven thousand Maronites escaped to Israel as they fear you terrorism. In his speech in Africa, President Obama said that developing countries need strong institutions to run the country and not strong leaders. As for you Mr. Nasrallah, you are trying to paralyze the institutions and you are preventing the formation of the government in order to protect corrupted politicians like Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh. If you really love Lebanon, you would show the Lebanese people that you are a leader and you let Prime Minister Saad Hariri to form the government. It does not matter who he picks from Shiite as they are all Lebanese even if they disagree with you politically. But the problem is that you are terrorizing the Shiite in Lebanon. In Iran, where your bosses are, the leaders are calling for reforms in the government. As for you, you are protecting the corrupt politicians like Aoun and Franjieh. You are terrorizing one third of the Shiite and buying the conscious of the rest. It is very clear to me that you will not like what I’m writing, but this is the truth.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009

Walid Bey , please I apologize to you when I  said ( "They will never forgive you, what you said about them.") What I meant to say was the Axis of evil Iran -Syria-Hezbollah  will never forgive you for caring about the interest of Lebanon. Their strategy is not to kill you , but to Kidnap you . They Kidnapped Joseph Sader and nobody said anything , like the Mafia a body was never found , but every body know the story.Walid bey , please they are Mafia, and they operate like the Mafia: Liar- treason-kidnap-and kill. Walid Bey , please they will never trust Michel Aoun because they know him as a Demagogue. Only Suleiman Frangie is in trusted by them , because he puts their interest before the interest of Lebanon. For that they asked Saudi Arabia to make pressure on Saad Hariri to not let the Sunni in the area of Zghorta  vote against Suleiman. It happened that way, and because of this , the List of 14 Mars lost by a small margin. After that they made a meeting with Frangie in Damascus with one Saudi representative to say Thank you , and after that they sent the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to visit Suleiman. Walid Bey "Lebanon First" Like the Iranian people on the street Shout Iran First. It doesn't mean, they are not from the area, but if we put Lebanon first we can help the others to be first also. Like in Economics they Teach you to  " pay for yourself first " My respect Lawson
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009

MR NASSRALLAH I will not say to you "Sayyed" because you have put all the real "SAYYED" in Lebanon either Dead or SILENCED.
Mr Nassrallah I write to you now after I read in the Newspapers about your meeting with Soleiman Frangie the agency of the Axis of Evil in Lebanon.
Mr Nassrallah the meeting was 3 hours , means the discussion was of course " NAHAJ AL-BALAGAH" I know like you know he reads it every night before he goes to sleep.
Mr Nassrallah , please did you find in the 3 hours by JOKE to ask him about what he said in television that in Zghorta there are 30.000 DONKEYS and he was elected to be their representative in the Parliament.
Mr Nassrallah by JOKE did you ask him to show you the Resume of his two allies ,elected by the 30.000 Donkeys.
Mr Nassrallah by JOKE did you propose to him to put their resume in the National Museum,so maybe the Children of the 30.000 Donkeys can learn.
Mr Nassrallah in these 3 hours did you talk about Children of the poor SHIITE and maybe they can spend summer camps in his all palaces in Zghorta area .
Mr Nassrallah I am sure you don't find time in the 3 hours to talk economics , because I remember you on the television said : " you are not interested in economics". I agree with you that the economics is for the stupid people.
Mr Nassrallah , please did you ask him if there are some of the 30.000 DONKEYS who are HUNGRY? of course 3 hours is not enough time to teach him how to attack BKERKE or how to Kidnap people like Joseph Sader ( you have time to kidnap Walid bey Joumblat).Now a big fish like Samir Geagea is more important for you.
Mr Nassrallah in this 3 hours did you ask him if you can visit the Zghorta area and see all his Palaces and the houses of his Gangsters?. Not one of them finished his Elementary School . Maybe you cry for the poor SHIITES , but I know one day you said in "solider project" one of the important projects of the country, that " you never visit it" because economics is for the stupid people.
Mr Nassrallah , two things are not important for you ,first how to make life better for poor Shiites, because you want them to stay poor to CLAP for you when you appear on television.
second : NAHAJ AL-BALAGAH , because the nahaj al-balagah of Frangie and Aoun is more important.

From: Elias Bejjani []
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 5:53 AM
Subject: FW: رداً على المقالة في

عزيزي مما لا شك فيه أننا نحمل ثقافتين مختلفتين، انت غارق في ثقافة الموت والتحجر والتعصب والهمجية ورفض الآخر الجهل، ونحن نقدس ثقافة الحياة والحضارة وقبول الآخر، ونمارس ما نقول بالأفعال، وبالتالي ما تقرأه في مقالتي على خلفية جهلك هو صحيح 100% فانعم بهذا الجهل واسبح به إلى ما شاء الله مرفق لك مقالتي الجديدة التي تتناول كذبة تحرير الجنوب أرجوا أن لا تسبب لك ارتفاعاً في الضغط وان لا تصاب بجلطة دماغية من جراء قرائتها فهي تحاكي الواقع وتعري الدجالين ومدعي المقاومة والتحرير وتعطي كل ذي حق حقه كما أنها تسمي الأشياء بأسمائها أكون من الشاكرين لك لو اعلمتني عن طريقة معاملة حزب الله للمعتقلين في سراديبه ومعتقلاته وأن تفيدني عن مكان وجود هذه السجون وعن المعايير الإنسانية التي تطبق على النزلاء فيها؟ سؤالي لماذا تجهد نفسك وتقرأ في منشورة للقوات وأنت مبرمج على موجة جهل وأوهام حزب السلاح؟في أسفل الرباط لمقالتي باللغتين العربية والإنكليزية/ أكون من الشاكرين لو ترجمتها لي إلي الفارسية/ولك شكري/الياس بجانيإلياس%20بجاني

Subject: رداً على المقالة في
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009

سعيده صديقي ...سأعرفك عن نفسي مواطن لبناني جنوبي عانى ما عاناه من رجس الإحتلال وعملائه . لقد استوقفني المقال الوارد في إحدى الصفحات التابعة لل-"قوات اللبنانية"،وقد فاجأتني عبارة "أهلنا النازحين إلى إسرائيل: من صارَعَ الحقّ صَرَعه" فقد أصبح مبدأ الخيانة خياراً سياسياً يجد من يدافع عنه وعن أهله وأنتم في القوات من أكثر الناس خبرة في هذا المجال فمن يتغنى برئيس يصل الى بعبدا على ظهر الدبابة الإسرائيلية حتماً سيدافع عن اللبنانيين الذين باعوا وطنهم بأبخس الأسعار .... وها أنت تتحدث عن بطولاتهم وعن تضحياتهم في سبيل لبنان فانني أسألك أن تنورني بهذه البطولات لعلني اقتنع بمبدأ العمالة خاصة أنه مجالٌ مربح يؤمن المال وقوت العيال في وطنٍ أخرج القتل والجزارين من السجن حتى أمسى قاتل الابرياء على مذبح كنيسة سيدة النجاة يتفلسف علينا سياسياً ويجعل من نفسه الملك البريء ....أما أنت أيها المسترخي خارج لبنان وتحسب نفسك "محلل" سياسي فماذا تعرف عن الخيام ومعتقلها... وكيف تصدق أن أخبار معتقل الخيام هي أكاذيب ربما لأنك لا تعرف طعم الكرامة ولشدة اعجابك بإسرائيل لا تستطيع أن تصدق أنها فعلت ما فعلت .... لا ألومك خاصة انكم في القوات اللبنانية لا تعتبرون إسرائيل عدوة فهي كانت حليفتكم فالماضي وهي حليفتكم الأن ...لن أطيل الحديث لأنني أعلم أنا من يدافع عن من خان وطنه لا يحق له أن يستعين بأقوال الإمام علي وحواري معك سيكون "دق المي مي "تحياتي لك أيها الوطني المدافع عن لبنان وهو يسترخي في بلاد الإغتراب أو لعلك من من "نزحوا إلى إسرائيل ؟؟؟؟ سؤال أرجو أن أجد جواباً له
From: noura
May 26, 2009
To: Elias Bejjani

Dear Mr. Bejjani, I, as a Lebanese citizen, am very proud today to read your article in Al Seyassah newspaper. Someone has finally dared to say the plain truth and state all the facts that you have mentioned in your article. Of course, I am more ashamed of its content, but I will allow myself today to enjoy your bravery. Someone with a heard voice has finally said what needs to be said. I do believe that all our politicians and every sane citizen are aware of the big LIE that Hassan Nasrallah tells us and lives everyday, but the politicians are bigger hypocrites than him. And the citizens are either too scared to say what they really feel, or too blinded... Enough with playing the civilized act they play under the pretext of religious co-existence, we need courageous honest leaders. Hassan Nasrallah is nothing but a terrorist, a liar and a coward! I ask you to please continue to write your thoughts, we need brave journalists like you, because you're very few.
Thank you, and I wish you all the success/Noura: Lebanese Citizen
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: the visit of Vice President Biden
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009
To Mr. Vice President Biden,

With great pleasure, we would like to welcome you in Lebanon. The American people from Lebanese origin know how much the United States of America cares about the interest of Lebanon. Gibran Khalil Gibran would not have had the chance to be well known if he did not live in the United States. Nour El-Houda Newspaper would not have had the success it had if it was not issued in the United States. Thousand of Lebanese people would not have been recognized and prominent if they did not come to United States. As Lebanese people and American from Lebanese origin, we are honored by your visit to Lebanon. Personally, I had the honor to meet you in person during the US presidential campaign. Before the nominations, and when we spoke about Lebanon, you asked me to read your lips and said that you will always be defending Lebanon. You said that President Kennedy’s famous statement was quoted From Gibran’s book "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country", and how can we forget about Lebanon.
You said that you will do whatever you can to save Lebanon. Mr. Vice President, what is going to hurt during your visit is when you see in Lebanon Hassan Nasrallah’s pictures who will remind you of Rasputin and Michel Aoun’s pictures who will remind you of Hitler. Mr. Vice President, you have to know that the Lebanese people are proud to be friends with the United States people and Lebanon needs your continued support.
Re: From Elias Bejjani‏
From: Jhonny Hayek (
Sent: May 19, 2009
To: Elias Bejjani (

You and your type will bring civil war to Lebanon again with your racism and fanaticism and hate to Muslims. General Aoun has proved again that he is right in his choices and people embraced him for opening up to Muslims in Lebanon, they are brothers and sisters to us and we have to find ways to living peacefully together. You, Mr. Bejjani tag our Muslim brothers and sisters as Terrorist and that is a major difference between what we believe in Lebanon and what, you in Canada, believe in. I can almost guarantee that you were a true supporter of the Bush administration, and you are disappointed of Obama's win, deep down inside you, you wanted McCain to be the next US president, to continue what Bush started.
John, H
From: Elias Bejjani <>
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009
Subject: From Elias Bejjani
As I promised you, This below editorial of mine is a reply to your message that you sent to me on May 9/09. I hope you will wake up and start thinking as a free Lebanese. Your note is quoted in the editorial, but without your actual name. Click Here To the Editorial-Arabic
RE: hezbollah, the worlds most effective terrorist organization.. reply‏
From: moe abadi (
Sent: May 14, 2009 10:10:29 PM

I understand your view and I've met with many of Lebanon's Shia, Sunni and Druze community reps and they speak of Hezbollah as a brother that we need to solve our differences with. I don't see any other way to solve the crises in Lebanon. All other option will lead to civil conflict, something we all want to avoid. Let's wait and see the outcome of the elections, hopefully Lebanon will breakaway from external influence and act within its political frame. Thanks for your time. I will recommend your opinion to others.
From: Elias Bejjani
moe abadi (
May 14/09
Dear Mohamad: Thanks for taking the time and the effort to express your opinion. I respect your right to express this opinion, but I do not see the hazards of Hezbollah eye to eye with you. Hezbollah does not represent the Shiites in Lebanon, but the Iranian Mullahs'. Hezbollah is an Iranian army stationed in Lebanon no more no less.
Hezbollah by force, money and terror controls the Lebanese Shiites' community. Hezbollah needs to be disarmed sooner than later if a stable Lebanese state is what the Lebanese want.
Do not fool yourself, Hezbollah is not a resistance movement nor an Arabic entity. It stands against every thing that is Arabic and works as an Iranian spearhead to destabilize the Arabic regimes. Aren't you aware of what Hezbollah is doing in Egypt, Yemen, Gaza, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, West Bank?
This terrorist group serves Israel's interests more than any other group or state in the region.
Wake up, see things as they are without any delusions or Islamic fanaticism. You have to decide which state you are with, The Hezbollah or the Lebanese. No third choice. It is either you become a slave and an element, or a fighter in the Iranian Jihad scheme to topple all the Arabic regimes and erect the Persian empire, or remain free in a free and democratic Lebanon.
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
Hezbollah, the worlds most effective terrorist organization.
From: moe abadi (
Regarding your editorial: Hezbollah, the worlds most effective terrorist organization.
Sent: May 14, 2009
Hi, my name is Mohamad. I am a Sunni Muslim from Baalbek, Lebanon. I just have a few comments and recommendations for future reports that you will writing. I do not support Hezbollah in seizing west Beirut in 2006, nor do I support their telecommunications systems operating without government permission but I'm curious, why would a man like yourself?, a well respected academic, an intellect with potential to change reader's perspective on touching issues, why would you be lashing out at Hezbollah and its allies with massive outrage and insults when you know Hezbollah has support from approximately over 2 million Lebanese. How are you going to help solve the situation in Lebanon if your provoking tension between rivals by insulting and lying about Hezbollah's activates in Lebanon. Let me be clear. I am against Hezbollah in the elections and vote for Sheik Saad L Hariri but we need to sit down and talk with our enemies. These are my words, but the words of Hassan Nasrallah. It is clear that Hezbollah is the strongest force in Lebanon and lets face it; Hezbollah has a distinct Shia personnel with roots that have been implanted in Lebanon for decades. They are Lebanese. They have every right you have because you are Lebanese as well... my point being 'THEY ARE GOING TO BE THERE FOREVER'. So, why not sit down and be civil just like what has been happening for the last year or so at the request of the leader of the worlds most effective terrorist organization? They are not extremists for fending off Israel to free PALESTINIAN WOMEN and CHILDREN being held in Israeli DUNGEONS. OH yeah I forgot... those WOMEN and CHILDREN are Muslim so they don't count. Your a sick person, at least portray the good and the bad side of Hezbollah. It's people like you that makes me feel such a disgrace to be Lebanese. What you need to get through your thick mind is the assumption that the British government is talking to Hezbollah is because they understand my notion.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Aoun and Berri
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009

After watching Aoun on TV yesterday where he avoided talking about the person who would be the future head of the parliament after the new elections, it became clear to me that the Syrian Regime does not want Berri anymore. The Syrian Regime will not forgive Berri because he passed, in the parliament, the law of organizing the Religious Council of the Druze in Lebanon after the last parliamentary elections. At that time, all the Lebanese people witnessed the Syrian agent Talal Arsalan attacking Berri after passing this law.
This Law was kept on hold for a long time even if the Prime Minister Rafik Hariri tried to pass it in the parliament. But, Ghazi Kanaan promised that this law will not pass as long as Sheikh Ghaiss, who is the head of the Druze Religious Council, is alive. Aoun still does not understand that the axis of evil looks at him as a demagogue. Aoun was used as an agent in the past to destroy the Christian areas and he will be regarded always as an agent for the Syrian regime. This Regime will never trust him and will not accept him as president.
Aoun does not understand that this regime does not even accept people like Fouad Chehab or Raymond Edde to be president. This regime needs agents who follow their instincts and care about the Syrian interests first like Suleiman Franjieh to become president.
From: Elias Bejjani/
To: "Jhonny Hayek"

May 09/09

Dear Jhonny: Who are Berri's candidates in Jezzine? I have no idea who are they?
Is not strange that in your eyes those who support Berri in Jezzine are traitors, while Aoun-Berii alliance in all matters is a plus and grace?
Your logic is so contradicted really.
Any how I thank you for your message and my detailed reply will be in my next editorial in which I will quote your message verbatim and dwell on the:" Leader's addiction" devastating ailment that our beloved General Aoun has sadly inflicted on many good Lebanese young citizens, like you.
Thanks again
Elias bejjani
From: "Jhonny Hayek" <
May 8, 2009
Dear Elias

How come you are supporting Nabih Berri's candidate and not General Aoun's candidate in Jezzine. You are a real traitor of Christians, at first I did not want to believe it from friends who came from Canada, however, now I am sure you are a Geagea Forces follower and a traitor and back stabber of free Christians, similar to your new boss. Your type will never be trusted by anyone, trust me on that. You betrayed your own people, what guarantee will they have that you will not betray them as well.
John H.
From: mohammad al ajam (
Sent: April 30, 2009 6:57:24 AM
Dear mr Bijjani

I have been receiving emails from you for several years, way before the Cedar Revolution.
I have noticed recently that your site is active in lobbying against Mr. Michel Aoun. I have recently watched a movie on Youtube. The site 14march announced it but it was brief and I do not know if you got to see it. I think it is worthwhile seeing.
I am not a part of any party nor politically active but I have an opinion in life. I lived all the Lebanese war in Beirut and 1989-1990 was one of the most brutal epochs. I was on the morning of march 14 on Mazraa Boulevard and barely escaped death as the former Lebanese army commander general Michel Aoun declared the war of liberation. Ironically many residents of West Beirut (as it was known back then): Sunni, Shia and Druze sided with Aoun, at least for us teenagers/youngsters (high school and university students).
It is true that those wars waged by general Aoun inflicted more damage on Lebanon than I had witnessed during the Syrian siege of West Beirut in 1976, the Israeli Invasion and the near-daily street fights between the various Palestinian and Lebanese militias ruling that section of the city between 1975 and 1987 (when Syrian forces captured the city again after a week fight between Amal and the PSP)
When the general ran away to the French embassy it was a shock. But whatever does not kill you makes you stronger. I learned since that day to be objective and to avoid national emotions. Lebanon is barely a nation, I never felt there was a national feeling among Lebanese despite all what we went through as a people. Perhaps briefly in the spring of 2005 there was a true national feeling that traversed sectarian and territorial loyalties.
What I can not believe is what this general is doing now.
I do not understand how any human can step over the martyrdom of so many people who died believing in him. There were many people who believed in general Aoun to the death, literally. He denounced them, mocked their death, their captivity their persecution (for there was persecution) and their suffering.
He was pivotal again in inflicting so much damage to the case of a sovereign, stable, affluent and decent Lebanon, for the second time in his life time. The movie link below brought so many painful memories, memories I have tried for decades to forget. The sight of people attacking the Maronite patriarch is so repugnant even to us Moslems. The words of my late dad rang in my ears as I watched those clips again. He had said:" those crazy people, how could they do this to their patriarch. They have lost all sense. This poor man (the patriarch) is probably one of the most tested people in their history. Mark my words, someday he will be claimed to be a saint by their children. If his only virtue is tolerating their vulgar madness then he deserves to be a saint. Poor patriarch"
Unlike what many Christians think the segment of society I belong to respects Christians. There are many Moslems who are impressed by Christians. We do not necessarily agree with Christian beliefs and behaviors, we may compete with them even but there is that sense of respect and impression. A sort of competitive comradely, (like cantankerous relation of husband and wife) is a better description. This man Aoun has damaged the image of Christians like you never believe.
To me there should be some scientific explanation for this phenomenon - likely to be in the realm of psychiatry and psychology. The only explanation - in my limited understanding of those fields- I have for the behavior of this man (general Aoun) is that he is a severe case of malignant narcissism. He fits the prototype of a malignant narcissist. He has no remorse. There is self worship. The way he maintains his image is by demeaning others. This is the prime explanation in my opinion why he hates figures like the Patriarch, Rafic Harriri, Walid Jumblatt, Samir Ga'ga', and even Nabih Berri. Anyone who had some success being a political leader is automatically a competition for the self image of Aoun and is attacked severely. This is his psychologic defense mechanism. His personality disorder is severe and pervasive to the point of being pathologic. When a personality disorder reaches the point of causing harm to self or others as well as dysfunction (for example his explosions on reporters and extraordinary antisocial and unruly behavior in public appearances) whereby he really can not control himself is path gnomonic of mental illness. He had crossed that fine line between a personality disorder and psychiatric illness.
Someone needs to dig out the criteria of DSM IV (the diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders fourth edition - the bible of psychology/psychiatry and related fields) and study the case of general Aoun.
Unfortunately, there are many people who clearly pass for mental cases that ruled in history and the consequences at times were catastrophic. Few examples are Adolph Hitler, Nero and Aoun - of course with varying impacts and statures.
This prompted me to take the initiative and reciprocate for once by sending you a political link. I ask kindly that you keep the content of this email confidential. If you see fit to publish the link on your website be my guest.
Mohammad Al-Ajam
Subject: RE: Elias Bejjani Blog/Ignore the message sent one minute ago, it was not complete
23 April/09
Dear: It is good we are at least communication in a very civilized manner and not shooting each other. By the end we are Lebanese and this makes the difference. I am very open on all religions and have live in Kuwait for 23 years.
In fact I am very conservative in regards to all the day to-day family matters and very close with all these issues to Islamic patterns, than to the Westerns.
Every issue stated in my previous letter is based on documents and reliable reports mainly from the Lebanese newspapers. all are on the lccc site some where.
Dear I have no problem with the Hijab at all provided it is not forced in a Christian school against its rules as was the situation in south Lebanon.
Hezbollah no matter how much its leadership is providing social services, it remains and Iranian army in Lebanon. Iranian in its decision making process, ideology, finances, aims structure etc.
Hezbollah is a real threat and hazard to the freedoms and democracy in Lebanon. Its acts are scaring. It must disarm so it becomes like the rest of the political parties.
I don't want to repeat myself, But I have problem with the Shiites at all as Shiites. The problem is the Iranian armed Hezbollah.
By the way the Fanatic Wahabis are worst than Hezbollah and their damages are seen all over the world.
I am not advocating for Casinos, alcohol or bars, but people should have the right to decide for themselves. I have worked all my life in addiction centers. This is my specialty and know exactly the devastation that addiction causes.
Dear Shiite denomination is a liberal movement in Islam and Imam Moussa Sader portrayed it very well, but not Hezbollah.
Take care
Subject: RE: Elias Bejjani Blog/Ignore the message sent one minute ago, it was not complete
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009

Hey Elias,
Sorry for not replying but I have been away on Holiday for the past week and a bit and have only just now read your messages. I have actually quite enjoyed our debate though our ideological differences seem to widen with each response.
Firstly your initial Arabic PDF I have read through and it seems we are now entering a religious debate of which I will start off by saying that I will not defend religion but will make a few points.
Firstly, nearly all western countries who's freedom you promote allow Muslims to adhere to their religion by wearing the Hijab. Religious schools are discriminatory by nature and it is my opinion that if religion is a reality then religious freedom in this case needs to take precedent over your belief that Hezbollah are offending Christian schools by asking for this. I do not like the Hijab but to respect people is to respect their beliefs though you do not agree with them.
Then you mention the disruption of weddings of which I have heard nothing about and without evidence I cannot reply to such an allegation which sounds very dubious to me as I have not seen anything of this sort of harassment. Also your allegation of payment for Hijab wearers is not dubious but an all out lie as this just does not occur. This is a fact because I know hijab wearers in my family and non-hijab wearers and this issue is a complete fabrication. And of this attack on Ashrafieh I have heard nothing and cannot find any references for on the net. If you could back this up I would appreciate it.
I am not against a friendly poker game or a bit of alcohol myself though I know people in my own Shia family who have had their lives ruined by gambling and alcohol addiction. Freedom to do certain things is a prerogative of society and I do not really care to go into the complex arguments of whether these things should be allowed or legal or whatnot. Alcohol kills more than all other illegal drugs combined many fold and do not want to be taking sides on this issue. Also not serving pork is a respectful thing if you are going to have people who are offended by it.
The main points you have are an attack on the Shia for their adherence to Shariah. Your attack is on Shariah and Islam in fact and not on Hezbollah. You have singled them out when their Shariah is nothing compared to the Shariah of Sunni Wahabists who sponsor not Hezbollah but the current government with the LF and Phalanges who you do not seem to have a problem with. The ideas of Shariah on issues such as homosexuality is also disgusting though Christianity gives us nothing better. We should not get into a discussion on which religion has the most blood on it's hands over the years and if you want a discussion on which religion has the right answers I could not help as I truly think that religion is as discriminatory as racism but we are talking about issues based on reality and not ideology.
Hezbollah's resistance to Israel is a reality and Israel's disgusting apartheid and siege on Palestine and their bloody occupation of Lebanon including the recently remembered Qana massacres as well as many others are why Hezbollah is needed. Your later messages which are of a political nature and as such I can respond. The fact that Hezbollah has critics within the Shia community is only reflective of Lebanon as every main group has internal critics. These are much stronger in the Sunni community than the Shia where Hezbollah does hold the vast majority of support in the Shia community. This will be shown in the elections and is shown in polls during the 2006 war:
According to a poll released by the Beirut Center for Research and Information in 2006, 87 percent of Lebanese support Hizbullah's fight with Israel. More striking, however, is the level of support for Hizbullah's resistance from non-Shiite communities. Eighty percent of Christians polled supported Hizbullah along with 80 percent of Druze and 89 percent of Sunnis. This was only changed after the war when parties allied to America and Saudi Arabia began a sectarian driven intervention of hatred.
In a recent Nasrallah speech on 11/4/09 where he responded to Egyptian allegations he also mentioned that Hezbollah are completely Lebanese and I agree with him that any talk of them being Iranian spies is nothing but sakhafa. They have show many times that they can work and live in a multicultural Lebanon. The latest quote in your PDF dates back to 18 years ago.
This however leads me on to the final point of the recent allegations from Egypt on Hezbollah. I will take it as given that as a human rights advocate that you are as disgusted by Israel's siege on Gaza and it's war on the caged population there as I am. The population is deprived of electricity, fuel, medicines and most essentially even water ( They have also been under a brutal racist occupation there which is like the one seen in the South of Lebanon by Israel and nothing Hezbollah has done or alleged to have done can compare to this barbaric evil. You seem to advocate Egyptian allegations such as this allegation of Iranian aggression and Hezbollah's collaboration whereas their actions of refusing to help their Arab Palestinian neighbors shows them to be nothing but American/Zionist collaborators.
The gist of the interview with Ali al-Amen is that Hezbollah is not supported in Lebanon for its acts. This is absurdity as it has been seen by most respectable analysts that Hezbollah will only be increasingly supported not just in Lebanon but in the whole of the Arab and Muslim war as well as in leftist circles as they were only trying to send in goods and most probably weapons to aid the Gazans which cannot be taken as a bad thing accept under 'international law'. Law being a word that is so misused as to render it meaningless and is part of the terminology arrogant imperialist world powers use to hide behind when they murder and attack weaker peoples. Israeli's can build settlements in the West bank but Palestinian homes are demolished because they do not have the right permits. It's like a word such as terrorist which is deemed an acceptable phrase to use against Hamas but not Israel. Egypt has proven it's loyalty to American aide and even most Egyptians will support Hezbollah's acts to help the Palestinians. Their attack on Hezbollah is because they feel threatened by growing support for Hezbollah in Egypt because the Sunni states have always been aggressive against Shia states and people since the beginning of the schism a thousand years ago and do not like their dominance being questioned though they are cruel dictators. Iran can be bad but nothing compared to Egypt and Saudi and Yemeni and other Sunni dictatorships.
Anyways hope this message was not too long and I am truly sorry that it might not be very organized. I do not really wish to accomplish anything but show you another side to this story that is not just an anti-Iranian/Hezbollah side as the wider picture is much more complex. The things Israel has done against Christians in occupied Palestine and the many actions of America against any country that stands in the way of it's global hegemony should be noted in any point you make. I do not support the Iranian regime but do understand and agree with the support it gives to people who resist Israeli and American arrogance. Using them basically. In the extended Ali interview he mentions that the Shia as a whole do not want to be tied to Iran and he is right but the Shia do want to be tied to the people of Gaza against the common enemy that is Israel and Iran helps them to do that and it should be expected that someone helps the Gazans and the Palestinians as a whole as America overwhelmingly sides with Israel. The West bank is not being spared from Israeli expansionism because they have no Hamas remember.
Hope this finds you well.
From: R.M
To Mr. Bejjani
April 23/04/09
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
I would like to thank you for this reply. I might agree with you on some of the points but surely not all of them especially when you highlight on Hezbollah being the only danger on Lebanon, the Lebanese and more precisely the Christians. I can tell you that, as a Lebanese and from being from the Northern part of Lebanon, I have fears from the Sunnis fanaticism that is sponsored by Future Movement (see his allies in the elections such as Khaled el Daher and others) more than Hezbollah's fanaticism. I have fears from the Palestinian gun (especially Ain El Helweh) more than the Lebanese Shiite gun. I have fears from Jumblat hatred and speech towards us more than Nasrallah's moderate speech towards us especially in the last few years (and not in 1982). Don't you feel that Syria is out of Lebanon? Maybe not completely because we still see Nasser Kendiell and Wiam Wahhab, but the Lebanese are able to choose their candidates and form their governments without any Syrian influence? Most of the disagreement is due to the fact that most of the so-called leaders are not used to take the initiative but to follow Syrian orders. The Lebanese president can participate in conferences and summits without any prior approval from Damascus and he can read speeches wrote by him and not by Buthayna Chaaban. Don't you see that Hezbollah leaders put Lebanese flags behind them and talk about Lebanon? Did u use to see that before 10 years? Things have changed and therefore we, as Christians, have to review and define our goals and needs. Therefore, I want to conclude with a point of view over the political system in Lebanon, the country you described in your article, the country of 18 sects that believe in 18 Lebanon's: Hezbollah is not the ideal party to lead Lebanon nor the future movement and surely not Jumblat's party. Hence, we need to have multiple leaders, and a strong Sunni leader (Hariri), a strong Druze leader (Jumblat) along with strong Shiite leaders (Nasrallah and Berri) need, for the sake of our existence and equivalent participation in this country, a strong Christian leader and not mini-leaders as they all (named above) wish to face. From this point of view, among others that we can discuss later, is my support in this Election for GMA and FPM.
We might arrange at anytime a debate over MSN or other means of communication. Hope you stay good and keep in touch.
From: Elias Bejjani
To: R.C

April 22, 2009
My Answer to Mr. R.Cc is in Arabic, Click her to read it
From: R.M
Sent: April 22, 2009
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009
Re: [Phoenicia] From Elias Bejjani/My new Arabic editorial/On the LCCC
Mr. Bejjani, I knew you on paltalk since 2002 when we used to run FPM room. I was an active admin and my nickname was (XXXXXX). I used to admire your speech and especially your Christianism and Maronitsm. I always thought high of you and was always interested to read your articles. I travelled to Nigeria for work and I disabled my paltalk. I noticed that your articles took a turn again General Aoun before 6 February 2007. I didn't know the reason but I kept reading your articles that involved and especially in 2008 a lot of hatred against Michel Aoun. As a liberal oriented mind, I always thought that every person have the right to have his own speech and political orientation. You had the right, maybe, to take this path back in 2007 because of the coalition of FPM and Hezbollah. I didn't want to write you back all this period, but this article and the way you are trying to explain Jumblat's attitude that we, all Lebanese, say the same thing in our private gatherings. You also convicted, you them part of the Christians, FPM for their responses on the speech of Jumblat and their responses on OTV or Therefore, I notice that your hatred towards Aoun is more influential that you Christianism and pride. Also FPM right to respond to Jumblat, in the absence of any other real Christian party, is no more acceptable by you. I just want to ask you a single question: would you write the same article if this video was Hassan Nasrallah's video saying the same what Jumblat said about the Maronite? You would have the same reaction? I guess you know my answer to it. I just want to know yours.
Regards, Ramzi Chidiac
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Hezbollah the real agent

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 0
This week, I read in the newspapers that the Chief Security Services in Hezbollah met with the Lebanese Security Services to discuss the issue of Adib Alam who was accused of being an Israeli spy. Did we get to the time where we have to accept Hezbollah as another country and to have their Chief Security Services negotiate with the Lebanese Security Services? Are we accepting now that Hezbollah is preaching us about patriotism and deciding who is patriotic and who is an Israeli agent? If Adib Alam is an Israeli agent, who would be in this case Hezbollah who invited the Israeli Army to come to Lebanon and test all their weapons and then later sell these weapons to other countries after they have been tested?
Aren't you wondering why the Israeli Army did not capture two to three thousands Hezbollah fighters and followers when they invaded the south of Lebanon even if they were capable of doing so? For these reasons, all the Lebanese patriotic leaders have the responsibility to announce that we need peace with Israel. we are people who believe in peace , democracy and life. We have to say what we believe in and without any fear. If no one dares to face Hezbollah, and if today is Adid Alams' turn, tomorrow it will be the turn of Patriarch Sfeir, President Suleiman and all other patriotic leaders to be accused of being agents to Israel.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To Fayez Ghosson and Salim Saadeh in el-koura
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009
MR. Fayez Ghosson,

In 1970, your father Michel Ghosson accompanied Edmond Shammas, who was one of the prominent figures in El-koura at that time, to Beirut where they visited your uncle Fouad Ghosson who was a minister and a member of the Parliament. Once they were in your uncle’s office, Edmond started to joke with your uncle and then the conversation changed to a serious one when your father threatened to kill his brother Fouad if he does not elect Suleiman Franjieh as president.After this meeting, your uncle Fouad Ghosson who belonged to the “Shehabi” political party tried to convince the Shehabist to nominate Suleiman Franjieh as their candidate for the presidency, but Rachid Karami and Rene Maawad rejected the idea. At the end, and during the presidential elections, your uncle voted for Suleiman Franjieh and Franjieh won with a difference of one vote. Before Franjieh was elected president, your father was awarded during the “Shehabi” period in Lebanon the project of supplying raw materials “argil” to the factories in Chekka (El-koura area). The “argil” also comes from the lands in El-koura area. Your fathers’ followers Habib and Fouad Younes handled the management of this project for him.After becoming president, Suleiman Franjieh deprived your father of this project. As a result, your father and the Younes brothers died in poverty.
As for you, and every time the Ex-minister Suleiman Franjieh (grand-son of the President Franjieh) needed you, he used you and used to ask Farid Macary to support you financially.Now Farid Macary is in a different political party and Franjieh is directly supporting you financially when he needs you. I would like to ask for once to stand for what your father believed in. You should not be grateful for the few dollars you are getting from Franjieh. For the mercy of you father’s soul, please do not accept to cooperate with Franjieh in the coming parliamentary elections unless he gives back the “argil” project to the Younes families. As for you Mr. Salim Saadeh, we wish you can stand for what you father, Doctor Abdallah Saadeh, believed in.
We all know that one day you stopped the trucks the Franjieh gangsters moving the “argil” from El-koura lands to the factories in Chekka because they are destroying the environment in El-koura. Then Suleiman Franjieh used his power with the Syrian to make you pay for this. Afterward, we all know that you were not elected during the parliamentary elections because of your actions with Suleiman Franjieh. Please look at how many gangsters and followers belonging to Franjieh’s party have jobs in Chekka factories and on the other side how many from el-koura people have jobs at these factories.We hope this time; you take a bold decision and do not cooperate with Suleiman Franjieh before you bring back to El-koura area the right of El-koura people and their share in Chekka factories.
Hopefully you will be up to the expectations of you father, Doctor Abdallah Saadeh, this person that we all respect.

From: Elias Bejjani (
April 9, 2009

Dear, This time I decided to respond in Arabic and will only address you false and fabricated claim that alleges Hezbollah is not, has not, and will not force the Islamic Sharia on the Lebanese. In my response I will quote tens of actual Hezbollah endeavors to force the Sharia, I hope you will use your common sense and review the wrong and one sided derailed concepts that you adhere to. Click here to read my Arabic response
God bless our Lebanon

From: Memmo Khazimo (
Sent: April 8, 2009

I think our analysis of the situation differs completely. Pakistan and the Taliban Afghanistan are two countries completely supported by America and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan is allowed nuclear weapons and their wahabist ideology is spread through their religious institutions by Saudi money. The same Saudi money that has been used to aide Saddam and now Sunni jihadists in Lebanon. Hezbollah at least know that Lebanon is a multicultural society and not like Iran. Iran fought the Taliban in Afghanistan. They fought Saddam who's actions were much worse than Iran's words. They allow their women to leave their houses without chaperones (unlike Saudi Arabia) and give out condoms free of charge as well as having the second highest sex change operations after Thailand (government subsidized). They are reformists in the every sense of the word when we compare them to what we could get with Saudi, American help.
We can definitely build an economy better than that which has been built for us. 3$bn US interest every year on the debt. We cannot even pay the interest on the debt off each year though Lebanon is prosperous. This is the legacy that has been left us by Hariri and his Saudi-American built economy.
And thank you for the article but I have read of it previously and I am just as disgusted as you are. The fact is that honor killing have been the norm in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey and this is nothing new. Hezbollah have never forced Sharia law on any of the areas it operates. To put the two together a misrepresentation of the facts.
Canada is a new country free of the past. They refuse entry to people who drive aid cargo into Gaza (George Galloway) and have become arrogant and against freedom of speech which Lebanon (because of it's multiculturalism) still is. If the opposition win the elections Hezbollah will never change the country to even resemble Iranian society because we are Lebanon and not Iran and because they have chosen to give most of the seats in parliament to their friends in the opposition who are not all speaking with one voice. However they do speak of economic and social reforms that Lebanon is badly in need of. Your vision of a Hezbollah future is wrong. Its been 25 years since their inception and since then they have constantly toned down their rhetoric. To move them away from Iran into Lebanon will take time and a Lebanese government that is not cowardly and undignified in the face of Israeli aggression and does not invite the American leaders for tea as their bombs drop on our children.
Lebanon is not a free and democratic country by the way. Maybe with the electoral laws that are to be changed because of the opposition (voted against by the government 'cantons') to create a proportional representation system like Israel's.
All your arguments are based on distorted views of the future and one sided, arrogant views of the past. Take the side of Lebanon and not the side of your masters and maybe Lebanon will become a democratic, free, economically strong country. And god help us if the Americans and Saudi's get their way as their interests lie in the interests of Israel and anything it chooses to do with us. I think they have a view to expel us from our homes, to create the greater Israel of the past. You might not agree but given a chance I believe that is exactly what they want.
Let go of the past though it is hard. I would love it if we Lebanon could be both the Fortress and the Riviera. To do this we need to work together and stop attacking the other. In Lebanon it seems the governing coalition is the one that stirs up sectarian anger and angry racist rhetoric.
Good luck
From: Elias Bejjani (
April 8, 2009

Dear: I am really glad that you have some what tamed and tuned down your empty rhetoric of tagging, foul insults, arrogance and accusations. 
 In the End if we all want to live in Lebanon peacefully, we must support the state with all its institutions, specially the army and its other security forces.
We can not build a safe, free, democratic, multi-cultural and prosperous country with religious cantons and armed states inside the state.
We can not be an active part of the civilized and free world, and build a good economy with the kind of awkward education that the Iranian Hezbollah is spreading all over.  Lebanon will cease to exist as a free and democratic country if Hezbollah takes over. Because as we say in Arabic, Lebanon and freedom are one and inseparable.لبنان والحرية صنوان
With Hezbollah, its arms, and its religious Iranian doctrine and schemes, we will be dragged into the stone ages, and become another Somalia, or the best a replicate of Afghanistan or Pakistan.. You stated that you have lived in Canada. Do you want Lebanon to be like Canada, or like Iran?? I personally long for the Canadian model. I am not going to repeat what I have already said about Hezollah's affiliation, resistance, representation, legitimacy, reputation, ethics, background and objectives.  But I have to reiterate that the essence and core of the main problem is the huge gab and great differences between the two educations that I explained in my previous response. For Hezbollah to be seen by all the Lebanese as an actual and genuine Lebanese peaceful and civilized party, it has to abandon completely its arms, hand over its cantons to the state and stop spreading Welaet Al Faqeh doctrine and ideology. Its leadership must abide by the Lebanese constitution.
Hezbollah can take as much money as it can from Iran, but through legal channels and provided the money is spent on social, health and other peaceful services.
I can assume from what I read in your messages that you have a leftist - communist background like many other Shiites...But again like the majority of the Shiites you are currently unconsciously drawn into the "entity Syndrome"  التورم الكياني.
 You say you are not religious, but you see in Hezbollah, the mere religious organization a role model that you support and glrify. This is really a big problem.
We, the Lebanese there is nothing really in both Iranian and Syrian regimes that matches our education, culture or our love for peace, openness and freedom.
I got today this below report that shows exactly what kind of life style Hezbollah will force on us, the Lebanese, in case it takes over the country. read it and give me your input.
 Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
From: Memmo Khazimo (
Sent: April 8, 2009 1:43:59 AM

Dear Elias,
Sorry for being so curt in my last message to you but I do have a real job to do (something I would suggest you get) and was in a bit of a hurry. There are a few things that you got wrong which I would like to explain without any 'uncivilized language' as you call it.
1. Firstly Hezbollah was in direct battle with the Syrians. The reference I managed to find is located here Sorry I could not find anything better. The article mentions 'Firefights broke out in Baalbek between Syrian troops and Hezbollah militiamen in May 1986.'
This was because Syria attempted to take out Hezbollah who had become too much of a rival to Syrian backed Amal group. The creation of Hezbollah was due to the fact that Nabih Berri decided to place the interim government of Bashir (the man responsible for the Sabra and Chatilla Massacre, as well as the Ain El Remmaneh Massacre and the Massacre of Christians not aligned to his Israeli backed group - This being your hero) which resulted in the creation of Islamic Amal which, along with other smaller groups joined up later to become Hezbollah. Amal attacked Hezbollah at the point of creation in the South and in Beirut. Hezbollah fought the Syrians and this ended up in the attempt to disarm them and the Fathallah Massacre in which the Syrians, angered by attacks against them killed 23 men and women in cold blood. Also these groups who were made of Lebanese Shia fought the advancing Israeli army and the Dahia area of Beirut was (of my knowledge) the only area not overrun by the Advancing Israeli troops in Beirut.
2. This brings me on to the fact that Hezbollah is not Iranian. It was backed by Iran and organized by Iran. The groups that it included Islamic Amal and smaller unorganized groups lead by such people as Imad Moughniyeh (say what you want). These groups were and are still Lebanese. As I have been trying to explain to you, I know members of Hezbollah. I do come from the South. And not one of them is Iranian. Just because some of them follow Iranian ideology makes no difference. By your twisted logic that means that because Bashir was backed by Israel that he is Israeli. That because Sfier (who you also seem to love so much) is backed by the Vatican and had to bring them in to organize the priesthood to stop people supporting Aoun's war of Liberation does not mean he should go back to Italy. Being backed or ideologically similar to any other person does not mean you are not Lebanese or that would make no one in Lebanon Lebanese as we have always used and needed others for our mutual interests.
3. I am truly surprised by the fact that you took offense at my use of the word dog to describe the SLA. I am not talking about the Christian people of the South, but rather the SLA themselves. These are the people who, with the help of Israel tortured people (other Lebanese) without compassion or remorse in places like al-Khiyam. As a 'human rights' activist you should not be wasting your time defending people who torture and kill and kidnap their fellow countrymen at the behest of the occupying Israeli army which killed 1000's in the south. I do not understand why you would call that uncivilized as I used it to mean as per dictionary meaning to mean : A person regarded as contemptible. I find it no more derogatory than you using the words anti-human, awkward and uncivilized to describe your fellow countrymen (who never tortured Christians as the SLA did with the Shia) which is the height of intellectualism (Sarcasm).
4. You say about me 'Your education is the one that glorifies and sanctifies killing, suicide, homicide, rejection of others, anti-peace movements, fanaticism, and anti human rights convents. Your education fights every thing that is civilization, democracy and freedom.'
You say this with a clear conscience whilst you glorify the same things. The problem is that the civil war made monsters of all sides. People with guns eventually shoot each other. The fact that you still think you are in the right shows how blind you truly are. In the end the only difference is the society we grew up in (even though I lived in Canada for many years), our allegiances and the role we think Israel has in the middle east. I view them as racist barbarians who care for no one but themselves and the people who destroyed and laid siege to Beirut and started the civil war by creating refugees of the Palestinians. You see them as a necessary evil to fight Muslim fundamentalism whilst forgetting their cruel ideology of hate for non-Jews and destruction. You probably saw the Syrians as saviors at first as they were invited into the country by Suleiman Franjieh to save the Christians from defeat at the hands of the refugee Palestinians. The civil war was horrible and everyone fought everyone but Hezbollah has always been and will always be our counterbalance to Israel and the Shia's savior. During the war in 2006 polls showed up to 65% of Lebanese saw Hezbollah's war as legitimate whilst most Lebanese see Bashir as a murderer and a power mad leader. Just because the people see leaders who start wars in a positive manner does not make them right.
I really think you should stop thinking so highly of yourself and become a true human rights activist rather than a neo-fascist rights activist. You are completely biased and pretend to be an intellectual. Just because you are well read in the things you want to know does not make you intellectual. Your words are still full of hatred and racism and you have delusions of Israeli compassion that are non-existent as well as belief that one side in the civil war is better than the other.
I do hope you change your mind as long as people like you spill their bile as truth there will never be peace. It makes me want to defend Hezbollah more when I do not agree with everything they say.
5. As for your missing word...If you read through all your messages you will notice a great deal of spelling mistake and grammatical mistakes. I am not an English major (science is my love) and am positive I have made a great deal of mistakes as well so we can look over them for now.
Take care
From: Elias Bejjani (
April 7/4/09
Dear: Because you did ignore and avoid completely the only issue that I addressed in my previous message, I reiterate: Hezbollah is not Lebanese, it does represent the majority of the Lebanese Shiites, is not a resistance group, but a mere organized terrorist Iranian armed gung hiding behind religious doctrines.
Dear: I am sad, but not surprised that you have resorted after being intellectually cornered to the use of uncivilized, low level and foul vocabularies, with empty rhetoric tags. In psychology we give such hostile rhetoric the term: Projection (look it in the dictionary). In Lebanon we have a nice proverb that describes this kind of behavior, it is not nice. I am sure you it.يا فلاني بتشيلي يلي فيك وبتحطيه فيي
you wrote: ("In the end having known the people of the South, I know that they fought Israel and their SLA dogs who imprisoned them and tortured them),  You wrote: ("Your words would be justified if you were not prone to glorifying the murderous, genocidal, power mad Bashir Gemayal".)
Dogs!! Your own people are dogs!! Sadly, this shows the kind of civilization, manners and education that have shaped your conduct, approaches and attitudes!! what a shame!! Dear: How do you expect me to respect your patriotic figures when you don't respect mine? I am sure you are well aware what does Bachir mean to the majority of the Lebanese Christian communities and still you said what you said about him.
You wrote: ("In the end the difference between us as I see it (and as you will surely not) is that I believe that in the end 'it is better to die on your feet then live on your knees'. It is my opinion that you have long ago chosen to live on your knees and be a propaganda tool for America/Israel and their paid cronies in Christian Lebanon as well as probably their friends in Said Hariri and his Saudi compatriots.).
No, you are wrong, the difference between me and you lies is in the kind of education that we both adopt and apply. My education and yours are completely different. Your education is the one that glorifies and sanctifies killing, suicide, homicide, rejection of others, anti-peace movements, fanaticism, and anti human rights convents. Your education fights every thing that is civilization, democracy and freedom. This education of yours was expressed very well in the messages that I got from you. My education is entirely the opposite of yours. This is exactly the main problem in Lebanon: The clash between two educations
You wrote: "Hezbollah having just gotten started did everything they could to combat Israel and Syria and Christian militias"
Hezbollah did not fight any body, but only the Shiite community. Never ever it was engaged in any actual battle with the Israeli, the Syrians or the Christian Militias. You have to review your history book and read in a different one that Hezbollah Mullahs provide. Hezbollah only assassinates, kidnaps, steals, hijacks, implants bombs and explosive traps. Not to forget drug trafficking. (I sent you a link to a set of reports that documents this fact)
The only military confrontation that Hezbollah had was with SLA, and it was badly defeated. Ask your southern people about Al Hamra battle that took place few days before the Israeli withdrawal from the south in year 2000. More than 30 Hezbollah men were killed and Hezbollah's attempt to infiltrate into the SLA territory ended with defeat and humiliation.
Hezbollah did engage with the Lebanese army (at the Jeser Al Osaei) in Beirut and lost 13 of its men. It never had any engagement with the Syrian Army and Syria never ever did attempt to disarm Hezbollah.
Even in 2006, Hezbollah did not engage face to face with the Israeli Army. The Israelis were able to enter Sour and capture a number of Hezbollah fighters alive from a military building there. They ended in Israel as you well know.
Try to remember this historic equation and teach it to others who share your thwarted national concepts: Resistance movements protect their people, Hezbollah is an odd in this domain, it hides behind its people and leaves them to die. This this exactly Hezbollah's camouflaging and cowardice strategy. Pardon me, yes Hezbollah did fight when its savage militia lately invaded Beirut and tried to conquer the mountain.!!! Yes, another battle skipped my mind: The battle that Hezbollah fought in Down Beirut for more than a year against its businesses!! Shame on those who have a mere tunnel vision .
You wrote: ("There will never be a legitimate Lebanese authority until we are able to vote for whomever we want in power not based on religion").
Sure, I agree with you 100%, but educate me please how could we achieve this when organization like Hezbollah utilize (Fatawa and Takalef Charea) religious degrees in each and every election!! If I am not mistaken you are very proud of Hezbollah and support its platform!! Is there a double standard here!!
By the end, I will pray for you and for all my Lebanese brothers who are unfortunately detached from reality, succumbing to the terrorist Iran Army, Hezbollah and suffer badly from a new Lebanese Shiite syndrome known as "Inflamed entity". تورم كياني
It was a pleasure to communicate with you.
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
From: Memmo Khazimo (
Sent: April 6, 2009 12:15:20 PM

Dear Elias,
Hezbollah was created by Iranian revolutionary guards in 1982 and during the civil war thousands died through in-fighting between Shia groups. The same way thousands died through Christian in-fighting. It was a civil war after all. Everyone switched allegiances and friends many times around and this continues until today. And Hezbollah having just gotten started did everything they could to combat Israel and Syria and Christian militias. Our civil war was very complex and things have changed drastically since.
They do not enforce any kind of Islamic law in the South. Their Khomeini like ideology is daunting but they owe Iran for the money it put into Hezbollah because before that the Lebanese Shia were pushed around by everyone including the Palestinians, Israeli's and their own government. Hopefully one day they will move past this ideology but it is only through necessity that isolationism was taken up.
Your words would be justified if you were not prone to glorifying the murderous, genocidal, power mad Bashir Gemayal. You seem to have chosen sides and it is the side of those who turned their backs on Lebanon and colluded with the enemy of our country which will always be Israel until they apologies for the havoc they caused.
In the end having known the people of the South I know that they fought Israel and their SLA dogs who imprisoned them and tortured them. People have a right to defend themselves from foreign occupiers especially the racist, murdering and despicable Israelis.
There was no way Israel or America would tolerate any resistance to them in the middle east and this is what Hezbollah is and is why they had been planning their war for years after their pull-out.
They will never leave us in peace and its a shame you cannot understand that and point your waggling finger in the right direction.
In the end the difference between us as I see it (and as you will surely not) is that I believe that in the end 'it is better to die on your feet then live on your knees'. It is my opinion that you have long ago chosen to live on your knees and be a propaganda tool for America/Israel and their paid cronies in Christian Lebanon as well as probably their friends in Said Hariri and his Saudi compatriots.
These people who have been on the receiving end of Syrian help as well and have kept money out of Shia areas. If I had read more of your work before I probably would not have bothered writing you.
Bit of a history lesson as well - Iran became Shia nearly a 1000 years ago with the help of Lebanese Shia from Jabal Amel who are one of the oldest sects of Lebanon. The people of the South proudly declare 'we are all Hezbollah' because they know that they are the one legitimate resistance against Israeli might and they know of the sacrifice they gave and the amount they lost.
It is not strictly this black and white but Hezbollah are going to be a while in Lebanon and you had better start dealing with it in a more rational way. Let's hope the elections decide what Lebanon wants and is not marred by rigging through the buying of votes. That way you can stop speaking for the 'majority' of the Lebanese people. There will never be a legitimate Lebanese authority until we are able to vote for whomever we want in power not based on religion.
I guess we just experienced different things growing up that makes you think I am fantasizing and makes me think you miss out important points to keep your delusions going. I wish we had come to an understanding. At least we can both agree that we hope and pray for peace in Lebanon though I believe I am more realistic having lived through the civil war to know that peace will never be achieved without the strength we have through Hezbollah (who should be taken into the Lebanese Army eventually) to combat expansionist, racist Israel who have no care for Christian or Muslim and who's ideology is more twisted than any Iranian Mullah's.
This will be my last email to you. It has been fun.
Take care
From: Elias Bejjani (
Sent: April 6, 2009
You have raised many critical issues, but all revolve around your false allegation, that Hezbollah is Lebanese. My response will focus on this allegation.
Dear: Yes, I got your main point. You are endeavoring to convince me that Hezbollah is Lebanese, and that it is an important and crucial component of the Lebanese multi-cultural fabric. The Shiite Community is, but not Hezbollah. There is a great difference between the two.
Your self inflated allegations, not to say your bizarre twisting and manipulations of the truth are not true at all. Hezbollah is not Lebanese, and was not founded by the Lebanese,  and its prime agenda is not to fight Israel. You should know these blatant facts as a Shiite from the south.
This terrorist mere Iranian organization was created by the Mullahs of Iran in 1982 during the brutal Syrian occupation era to Lebanon. Iran compiled and gathered all its terrorist factions in one organization, and gave them the Hezbollah name.
These same terrorists hijacked airplanes, exploded embassies, assassinated foreign diplomats and UN personal, and committed every kind of crime man has ever known against the Arabs and Lebanese including the Shiites in Lebanon. They brought shame and disgrace to all the Lebanese. Because of their crimes and fanaticism we, all the Lebanese are now singled in every airport all over the world and tagged as terrorist. You are PROUD because of Hezbollah!!, PROUD of what? proud of anti human and murder acts??
Hezbollah never changed since day one of its Iranian creation, and still globally actively involved in every kind of trafficking. Click on this link and read these reports that are posted on our LCCC web site under the heading:
Shame on Countries That Succumb to terroristsعار على كل الدول التي ترضخ للإرهاب والإرهابيين
What actually is Britain Cooking in the dark With Hezbollah, & is there any ethics in Succumbing to Terrorist Groups & Countries 30.03.09/A set of related reports, editorials & releases/عربي وانكليزي
Hezbollah was imposed on Lebanon and the Lebanese. The Lebanese in general, and the Shiite community in particular had no say what so ever in this matter. Syria and Iran provided Hezbollah with all the logistic and non logistic resources and means including weapons, murder, oppression, intimidation, money, religion and oppression till it was able to control the Shiite communities and establish successfully the Beirut, south, and Bekaa cantons, the three territories of the Hezbollah State in Lebanon.
Hezbollah is not a Lebanese party by any criteria, but rather a foreign army in Lebanon. Its decision-making process, financing, ideology, training, supplies and weapons all come from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards headquarters and leadership. It has been well documented by several informed resources that Iran annually pays Hezbollah billions of dollars. This group was founded in Lebanon by the Iranian mullahs in 1982 and it is worth mentioning that Hezbollah's main mission was and still is to export, advocate and spread the Khomeini religious ideology to all Middle Eastern countries. Hezbollah's Iranian mission has never been a secret and each and every Lebanese is reminded of this Iranian agenda daily with signs of Hezbollah’s divinity on every street.
Just to refresh your elective and one sided memory, I have to remind you with the bloody battles that took place between Hezbollah and Amal Movement. More than 3000 thousand Shiites were killed. Needless also to remind you of the hundreds of killings and organized assassinations and kidnapping that Hezbollah committed against all the groups that were actually fighting Israel, e.g., the SSNP, (Al Qawmia, the communist Parties, the Amal, Islamists, and the many Arabic and Palestinian organizations.
With the millions of Dollars that the Iranian Mullahs pure annually into Hezbollah coffer, Hezbollah is able to control the Lebanese Shiite community via social and medical services, employment, security, protection, education etc. The Iranian money is not paid to help the Shiites in Lebanon, but instead to fully control them through Hezbollah and make them mere tools in their schemes against all the countries of the region.
Yes to Hezbollah, as a pure political party, like every other non armed Lebanese party, and a big no to Hezbollah, the Iranian army in Lebanon.
Dear: Hezbollah weaponry is not actually the main threat to the civilized and free Lebanon. The real threat lies in the kind of education and mentality that it is spreading: The education of Jihad, killing, isolation and rejection of all others.
If you are really Lebanese, heart, spirit, mind, culture and loyalty, you should support the democratic Lebanese legitimate state and not the Mini Hezbollah Iranian terrorist canton.
Dear: Let all the differences aside, I Really admire your perseverance and the kind of intellectual effort that you are putting in a bid to convince me with your own concepts. Your job is going to be very tough!!!
God bless
From: Memmo Khazimo (
Sent: April 5, 2009

At least now you start to make a bit more sense. But you are still confused. Iran recognized Israel for a short while and was rescinded by the Mossadegh government. Close ties were formed during the Pahlavi era. The use of Israel by the Iran during the Saddam war was at the inception of the Islamic State and was needed to fight off American sponsored Saddam and has no bearing on anything after. Iran's strategic imperatives at the time compelled the Khomeini government to maintain ties with Israel. So they used each other for different interests. What about the rhetoric against Iran now? What about Iranian rhetoric against Israel? Netanyahu saying that Iran's nuclear capability is the biggest problem to Israel at the moment. What about Israel's illegal occupation of the South? Is this how 'There has never been any actual enmity between Israel and Iran, or Israel and the Shiites'? You are talking nonsense. But sometimes the story is complex. The article you enclosed does not make American and Israeli threats against Iran just my phony allegations. And I believe Iran should be allowed a nuclear program if it wants. It is less of a threat against Lebanon than Israeli or American nuclear capability. It is only for Israel's sake that it is threatened by the major global powers.
I am not religious in the slightest and see religion as a problem especially in Lebanon as it breeds ignorance and discrimination as well as in Israel. And I am not blindly or ignorantly saying anything. I have lived through 2 wars in Lebanon and I proudly support Hezbollah's contribution to Lebanon as I have stated earlier because they are not a 'notorious, fanatic, awkward, anti-human and extreme Shia religious armed Militia'. Again you are using words which you do not understand and do not make any sense in ANY way. Its just ridiculous. The amount of social programs they have given the oppressed Shia of the country makes them not 'awkward' (whatever that's supposed to mean) or 'anti-human' (????) or just a 'Shiite religious armed Militia'.
It just strikes me that most of your 'editorials' are aimed at Hezbollah and on the grounds that they are an Iranian militia which is ignorance and blindness of the worst degree. Hezbollah are Lebanese and will always be an important fabric of Lebanese society. How do you expand against nuclear, technologically advanced Israel by the way? Its ridiculous.
My original point and the reason I was trying to explain to you another side of the conflict is that Hezbollah are LEBANESE. You are nothing but a racist for saying they should go back to Iran. I bet you have never even been to South Lebanon or met its Shia population. They are proud of Hezbollah for the many contributions to their society and not because Hezbollah have oppressed them IN ANY WAY. They are also proud of their sacrifice for a Lebanon free of occupation which was finally given to them by Hezbollah. Just because there was two sides in this conflict does not mean they serve each others interests or that the blessing by America or Iran has any meaning. Remember that Hezbollah fought a protracted guerilla war to achieve this. I really don't understand why that needed an exclamation at the end.
Hezbollah has never preached an Islamic Shia state in Lebanon because they are not interested in that. I will give you your point that Iran's right wing rulers are backwards but this is NO different to Israeli or Saudi or American or practically any countries backwards nationalist/religious ideologies. I hold no conviction that Iran is a saintly country but they gave a lot to create Hezbollah so that they could defend against Israeli military might which is the root of Lebanon's problems. You point your fingers at Iran and never once mention Israeli-American or Saudi rhetoric, ideology or blatant interference. I think it is you who adopt double standards actually. I also think you should be proud of your fellow Lebanese' sacrifice for their country and stop attacking them so openly and racistly. I think you attack only one side and that this biased 'work' you produce does nothing to help national unity.
Also I am very glad Syria has left Lebanon. You never point out in your articles that Syria waged a war on Hezbollah and tried to disarm them and failed before deciding that they could serve each others interests. Hezbollah have used whatever means and whatever help to achieve the victory of defense of Lebanon from Israeli aggression. Aoun knows that the main problem is Israeli aggression and knows that we need a united Lebanon to defend our country which is why he sided with the opposition. It is the government who appeases Israel that can be seen as Judas in the context of your fairy tale.
I am not the one writing these one sided bigoted articles and I do not agree with you saying that I adopt double standards. I just know this story is too complex to be so one sided.
From: Elias Bejjani (
Sent: April 5, 2009
Dear: There is no sense, logic or credibility in alleging that you are not religious, and at the same blindly, if not ignorantly glorifying Hezbollah, the notorious fanatic, awkward, anti-human and extreme Shiite religious armed Militia. The problem lies her in the double standards that you adopting. One side, rhetorically you falsely allege that you are not religious, but on the other side practically, psychologically and thinking-Doctrine wise  you are proudly supporting Hezbollah, because deeply inside you he envisages your life style and hopes.
Why should I defend Israel or explain to you its deeds? I am Lebanese and Israeli. As a Shiite, you do not have problems with this Jewish state. Iran was one of the first countries in the world that recognized it as a state. There has never been any actual enmity between Israel and Iran, or Israel and the Shiites. On the contrary, always there has been an on going mutual cooperation. If your memory is not so elective Iran Gate scandal should wake you up and negate all your phony allegations.
Dear: "Hezbollah did not liberate the South Lebanon, on the contrary it hindered its liberation for 14 years". (this is a verbatim statement made by General Michel Aoun in year 2000 after the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon). The same Aoun that you are fascinated by pragmatism.  For your information, Hezbollah and Israel are in full cooperation and serve each others mutual interests. The year 2000 Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon was orchestrated by both and blessed by the USA and Iran!!
I have no problem in you saying Israel is apartheid and racist, also I am not a supporter to the Saudi Wahabi's doctrine which is worst than Hezbollah and more evil than Iran's Mullahs vicious Islamic revolution.
If  really you mean what you allege to be, you are ought to admit that the Mullah's Iran is living in the stone age era and that it is dragging the Iranians into ignorance, extremism, and fanaticism. Still you have to admit that Hezbollah is an Iranian Army in Lebanon and that its agenda is to only serve Iran's expansionism Schemes in the region.
Read the below info it might wake you up and put you back in the reality path:
Irangate: The Israel Connection
excerpted from the book
The Iran Contra Connection
Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era
by Johnathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter
South End Press, 1987, paper
The Israeli Interest in Iran
... Israeli interests in non-Arab Iran became prominent as early as the 1 950s, when Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence agency, cooperated with the CIA in establishing the Shah's secret police, SAVAK. A 1979 CIA report on Mossad notes that:
The main purpose of the Israeli relationship with Iran was the development of a pro-Israel and anti-Arab policy on the part of Iranian officials. Mossad has engaged in joint operations with SAVAK over the years since the late 1950s. Mossad aided SAVAK activities and supported the Kurds in Iraq. The Israelis also regularly transmitted to the Iranians intelligence reports on Egypt's activities in the Arab countries, trends and developments in Iraq, and Communist activities affecting Iran."
Cooperation between Israel and Iran touched many fields, including oil, trade, air transport, and various forms of technical assistance. But their most important mutual interest was in the military sphere.
Like the United States, Israel cemented its relationship with Iran by the exchange of arms for oil, which both sides kept alive through the worst of the OPEC oil embargo. The Iranian arms market was worth at least $500 million a year to Israel. The Shah bought everything from Gabriel anti-ship missiles to advanced communications equipment. In 1977, Israel arranged a $1 billion arms-for-oil deal around Operation Flower, a joint Israeli-Iranian project to build a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile. And like their American counterparts, certain Israelis also seem to have been part of the corrupt nexus through which top Iranian political and military leaders were enriched through arms sale commissions. "When the Israelis decide to change their policy," one top State Department official told a reporter in the mid- 1 970s, "the first place the Israeli jet touches down is Tehran. Moshe Dayan is in and out of there quite frequently."
No Israeli representative in Iran during the Shah's reign was more significant or influential than Ya'acov Nimrodi, Israel's military attaché. He reportedly helped organize and encourage the rebellion of Kurdish tribesmen against Iraq, the Shah's main political and military rival in the region. As the chief government agent for Israel's burgeoning arms industry, known as an all-purpose "fixer," Nimrodi was intimate with the Shah and his generals. "I was in partnership with the Shah," he told friends. (Among other coups, Nimrodi sold the Iranian army on the Uzi submachine gun.) And as the Mossad agent who could properly boast of having "built" SAVAK into an efficient if brutal intelligence service, he was no less intimate with the keepers of the Shah's secrets. With the arrival of the Khomeini regime, Nimrodi kept open his lines of communication as a private arms dealer who would become central to the Reagan arms-for-hostage talks.
Though Israel, along with the United States, suffered a grievous loss with the fall of the Shah, its leaders concluded that lasting geo-political interests would eventually triumph over religious ideology and produce an accommodation between Tel Aviv and Tehran. The onset of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980 gave Israeli leaders a special incentive to keep their door open to the Islamic rulers in Iran: the two non-Arab countries now shared a common Arab enemy. As Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon told the Washington Post in May 1982, justifying Israeli arms sales to Tehran, "Iraq is Israel's enemy and we hope that diplomatic relations between us and Iran will be renewed as in the past." Four months later he told a Paris press conference, "Israel has a vital interest in the continuing of the war in the Persian Gulf, and in Iran's victory." Such views were not Sharon's alone; Prime Ministers Itzhak Shamir (Likud) and Shimon Peres (Labor) shared them too.
To this day, prominent Israelis still argue that strategic calculus unashamedly. Retired Gen. Aharon Yariv, former head of military intelligence, told a conference at Tel Aviv University in late 1986 that "it would be good if the Iran-Iraq war ended in a tie, but it would be even better if it continued." Otherwise, Iraq might open an "eastern front" against Israel. 19 The carnage of human life didn't figure in the equation at all. Uri Lubrani, Israel's chief representative in Iran under the Shah and Nimrodi's superior in Mossad, recently justified continued arms sales because "Khomeinism will disappear and Israel and the United States will again have influence in Iran."
One other consideration, rarely articulated, also swayed successive Israeli leaders: money. According to Gary Sick, an expert on Iran who served on the NSC under Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan, "Israel acknowledged that arms sales were good business. One out of 10 Israeli workers is employed in arms-related production; military items constitute more than a quarter of Israel's industrial exports." The distinguished Israeli defense correspondent Ze'ev Schiff states that Israel's pro-lran policy has been "guided by a ravenous hunger for profit rather than by strategic considerations..."
This hunger was all the more acute in view of severe unemployment that hit the Israeli arms industry in 1979 after the Iran market shriveled. Nimrodi, the Mossad-agent-turned-arms-dealer, recalled that when he reported to the Israeli government on the millions of dollars to be had from arms sales to Khomeini's Iran, "people's eyes lit up here. They have been laying people off in the defense industry, and this meant jobs."
The Arms Channel Opens
Israel lost no time supplying the new Khomeini regime with small quantities of arms, even after the seizure of the U.S. embassy. The first sales included spare parts for U.S.-made F-4 Phantom jets; a later deal in October 1980 included parts for U.S.-made tanks. Israel informed Washington, only "after the fact, when they were far down the line and right into the middle of the thing," according to a former State Department official. To Begin's ex post facto request for approval, "the answer was instant, unequivocal and negative," writes Gary Sick, the Iran expert on Carter's NSC.
The White House was in fact aghast to find that its embargo had been flatly violated. "We learned much to our dismay," Brzezinski noted later, "that the Israelis had been secretly supplying American spare parts to the Iranians without much concern for the negative impact this was having on our leverage with the Iranians on the hostage issue." Secretary of State Edmund Muskie demanded that Israel cease its shipments; Prime Minister Begin promised to comply. In fact, however, the supply line stayed open without Washington's approval, carrying tank parts and ammunition.
Why didn't the administration crack down? One reason is simply that no president since Eisenhower has ever really punished Israel for acting against U.S. interests. Prime Minister Begin bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, invaded Lebanon, annexed the Golan heights and speeded up the settlement of the occupied West Bank much to the Reagan administration's embarrassment, but considerations of military strategy and Israel's political clout in Congress always gave the client state the upper hand.
Moreover, the administration could rarely prove what it suspected. Israel did its best to disguise these shipments by using layers of foreign brokers to cloak their source. Notes Ha'aretz correspondent Yo'av Karny "The cloak of secrecy that surrounds Israeli arms exports is so tight that one can compare it to the technique for smuggling hard drugs." When caught in the act, Israeli officials maintained they were simply selling domestic arms, not embargoed U.S. weapons. "Whenever we would get word of shipments," one American official explained, "the State Department would raise the issue with Israel, and we would get the standard lecture and promises that there were no U.S. weapons involved."
That standard lecture was clearly false, though Washington may have lacked usable evidence to prove it. U.S.-made weapons were very much for sale. On 24 July 1981, Israeli arms dealer Ya'acov Nimrodi-later to play a vital role in the arms-for-hostages negotiations-apparently signed a deal with Iran's Ministry of National Defense to sell $135,842,000 worth of arms, including Lance missiles, Copperhead shells and Hawk missiles. A sale of such magnitude must have had Israeli government acquiescence. Nimrodi's close personal friend Ariel Sharon, a wartime comrade from the 1948 struggle, likely kept tabs on, if he did not direct, the private dealer's sales with Iran.
Sometime the same year, David Kimche, director general of Israel's foreign ministry, apparently approached Secretary of State Alexander Haig and his counselor Robert McFarlane to discuss proposed Israeli shipments of $10 million to $15 million in spare parts to "moderates" in Iran. Kimche may have been referring to a contract to supply 360 tons of tank spares and ammunition-worth about $28 million, twice his estimate-to Iran by air via Cyprus. But Haig denies that he ever approved any such shipments, a claim strengthened by the admission of Israeli officials that they went ahead based only on Haig's alleged failure to disapprove. In any case, the shipments in question paled beside what Nimrodi was then arranging.
In November 1981, Israeli Defense Minister Sharon visited Washington, shopping for approval of similar arms sales. His U S. counterpart Caspar Weinberger, flatly turned him down. Sharon then went to Haig, hoping for acquiescence from the State Department. Again, McFarlane handled many of the discussions with Sharon and Kimche; this time Haig unequivocally opposed any violation of the embargo.
In numerous discussions with Israeli officials thereafter, administration decision makers flatly refused requests for permits to ship U.S. arms to Iran, and strenuously discouraged Israel from sending its own weapons to the radical Khomeini regime. Undersecretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger at one point summoned the Israeli ambassador to protest his country's continued sales-only to be assured that they had been stopped. And officials who ran Operation Staunch, the project to block Iran's access to the world arms market, were never discouraged from extending their efforts to Israeli-linked deals.
Yet as in 1979-80, Israel pursued its policy anyway, in flat violation of its arms re-export agreements with the Pentagon. In a May 1982 interview with the Washington Post, Sharon claimed that Israeli shipments had been cleared "with our American colleagues" months earlier and that details of all the shipments were supplied to the administration. Later that year, Israel's ambassador Moshe Arens declared that Israel's arms sales were cleared at "almost the highest levels" in Washington, "inconsequential" in size, and designed to undermine the Khomeini regime. Both times the State Department flatly contradicted the Israelis' claims. At least Sharon and Arens were more credible than Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who declared after the Irangate scandal broke in 1986 that "Israel's policy is not to sell arms to Iran."
All the standard propaganda themes and practices were in place. Israel would continue seeking approval for arms sales on the basis of their potential political leverage, but would ship arms willy-nilly while falsely claiming Washington's sanction.
And those shipments would continue to be enormous in size, estimated by experts at the Jaffee Institute for Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv at $500 million in value from 1980-83. Other arms market experts have put the total value at more than S500 million a year, including aircraft parts, artillery and ammunition.
Anecdotes abound in the world press relating to Israeli sales to Iran:
* In March 1982, the New York Times cited documents indicating that Israel had supplied half or more of all arms reaching Tehran in the previous 18 months, amounting to at least $100 million in sales.
* Foreign intelligence sources told Aerospace Daily in August 1982 that Israel's support was "crucial" to keeping Iran's air force flying against Iraq.
* An alleged former CIA agent reportedly visited Israel in 1982, met with the chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces and head of military intelligence, and "struck a deal with them involving the transfer of weapons and equipment, captured by Israel during the Lebanon war, to Iran."
* Israeli sources told Newsweek that "they sold the Iranians much of the light weaponry and ammunition that the Israeli army had captured during its invasion of Lebanon; subsequently, they sold overhauled jet engines, spare parts for American-made M-48 tanks, ammunition and other hardware-S100 million worth in 1983 alone."
* Newsweek also reported that after an Iranian defector landed his F-4 Phantom jet in Saudi Arabia in 1984, intelligence experts determined that many of its parts had originally been sold to Israel, and had then been re-exported to Tehran in violation of U.S. Iaw.
* In 1984 and early 1985, a single one of Israel's many European brokers, based in Sweden, reportedly shipped hundreds of tons of TNT and other explosives to Iran, often by way of Argentina, worth 500 million kroner.
* The Milan weekly Panorama reported that Israel had sold the Khomeini regime 45,000 Uzi submachine guns, antitank missile launchers, missiles, howitzers and aircraft replacement parts. "A large part of the booty from the PLO during the 1982 Lebanon campaign wound up in Tehran," the magazine claimed.
* Manila newspapers have reported since the Irangate scandal broke that former armed forces chief of staff Gen. Fabian Ver, a crony of Ferdinand Marcos, supplied phony end user certificates to allow Israeli intermediaries to divert U.S. arms to Iran in 1984.  
Subject: RE: Elias Bejjani Blog
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009

Your points are completely irrelevant to the conversation we were having and shows you to be the one who is deluded. I never said I agreed with Iran or anything of the like. I am not even religious. I just know for a fact that hegemony through fear and oppression is a long standing tool of the American-Saudi-Israeli Axis and not Iranian. The only thing I do respect of their ideology is that they do not bow down to sick threats from the above mentioned axis. Lest we forget the overthrowing of Iran's (and the middle east's) first natural occurring democracy under Mossadeq by America and Britain which gave rise to the Islamic revolution. All I was saying was that your views are one sided and ill informed and filled with hatred. Just because you squawk loudly using words which you do not understand does not make you right. I was just hoping maybe you would take a couple of the points mentioned rather than going off on long winded pseudo-eloquent garbage which you seem prone to do. My point about Aoun stands. He could get a lot more money by siding against Hezbollah. He also had a war with Geagea because he was so anti-Syrian.
I also respect what Hezbollah did for my country against Israeli fanaticism which created them in the first place. My points about apartheid racist Israel still stand which you have not even mentioned.
I would not call your work editorials, rather angry sub-par opinions on the internet.
I wish you no luck in your endeavors. We have gotten nowhere.
RE: Elias Bejjani Blog‏
From: Elias Bejjani (
Sent: April 5, 2009

Dear: The struggle as history tells us has been and shall always remain between good and evil, ignorance and knowledge, love and hatred, fanaticism and openness, freedom and oppression, peace and war, tolerance (acceptance of others) and intolerance, savagism and civilization. Iran and its terrorist-criminal-stone age like, military tool in Lebanon, Hezbollah, as well as the Syrian Assad dictatorship, all impersonate and portray the evil with all its camouflaged faces on all levels and according to every logic criteria. People like you who because of blind fanaticism and ignorance incarcerate themselves in castles of fantasy and became easy preys for day dreaming and sickening delusions. Your kind of thinking is really pathetic. People like who adopt such awkward attitudes and approaches need to be rehabilitated in a bid to be again Human in thinking, feelings, judgment and practice. It remains that by the end ignorance and fanaticism are a choice and apparently you are so adamant to walk this path no matter what. By heavens sake how could you intellectually relate to Iran's Mullah's doctrines and their kind of role in governance!!
How could you allege to be a believer in human rights while willingly advocating for the savage Iranian Mullah's awkwardness, murder and cruelty??
Wake up
From: Memmo Khazimo (
Sent: April 5, 2009 11:52:51 AM

I am a strong believer in world peace through mutual respect and understanding. I want more than anything to have friendship with Israeli's but never with apartheid Israel. You seem to have learnt nothing from Lebanese Israeli history. Thank the universe for Aoun who is pragmatic enough to understand that Lebanon needs to include the Shia of the country. And its funny how you talk about him selling out when all the money coming to steal votes and rig the elections in Lebanon is coming from the Saudi-American axis. I like the way you think that if you are Hezbollah in Lebanon then you are Iranian and should return to Iran. You speak the clichéd, ignorant and desperate words of the right wing fascists in Lebanon. Ultimately the truth will win out. World peace will never be achieved by bullies like you Elias.
Subject: RE: Elias Bejjani Blog

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009
Thanks first for reading my editorials, and second for taking the effort to comment. I am not really bothered with the tags you used to describe me, because if you are not a strong believer in peace worldwide, human rights, and friendship with all countries including Israel than we would be speaking two different languages and will never ever be able to communicate with each other.
Yes Hezbollah is a nere Iranian Terrorist organization stationed in Lebanon against the will of the majority of the Lebanese. Hezbollah oppresses the Shiits in Lebanon and by force controls their cantons. If you an Irani, please take Hezbollah to Iran and let the Lebanese manage their own affairs. But if you a Lebanese Shiite you need to freed from this Iranian armed terrorist Militia.
Again thanks
Subject: Re: Elias Bejjani Blog

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009
I have never done this before but I thought it necessary to write to say a few things.
I have read your articles and noted that nearly all of them are anti- the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah axis. As a Lebanese originating from the South I find that your view of Hezbollah as an Iranian militia along with the rest of your one sided opinions, which I have been reading, shows you to be quite ignorant and racist and in no position to be a respectable human rights activist.
Hezbollah reflects the views of nearly all of the Lebanese Shia (the majority in a country of minorities as you know) and disrespecting their opinion will miss out a truly Lebanese opinion. Unless you mean the Shia of Lebanon are not Lebanese. Does that mean that because Said Hariri gets his aide and instructions from Saudi Arabia he is now a Wahabist, Taliban loving Saudi?
The only reason Hezbollah have functioned as a state within a state is so that they can take care of themselves in a country that has sidelined them from the beginning. Their military wing makes up a small fraction of what they give to the Shia such as political, social, economic, educational and medical programs. They owe a lot to their Iranian co-religionists.
As for a peace treaty with Israel. Yes Israel is a reality, but the reality is that they ignited the civil war in Lebanon and brutally besieged Beirut, destroying the country economically, from which it has not recovered, as well as their brutal occupation of the South (which my family had to go through with many losing their lives). You should have a bit of dignity and stop looking at this conflict so completely one-sidedly. Iran is a balance to Israeli-American aggression. Iran has not had a war of conquest for hundreds of years and has been on the receiving end of Anglo-Israeli terror since its inception. I do not need to list America's many aggressions in South America, the Near and Far East and Africa. For Lebanon to be a truly free, independent and democratic state it needs to get America and Saudi Arabia to stop meddling in its affairs as well as Iranian and Syrian counter pressure.
As for Hezbollah/Hamas negotiating with Israel, they do not negotiate for unconditional peace which you preach but for justice such as the return of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners illegally taken as well as for maps of land mines and cluster bombs released on Lebanon through illegal wars and occupation used by Israel as bargaining tools (as well as for a viable Palestinian state which would allow for real peace). If Israel had not shown itself to be only interested in imperial conquest then peace would be easy but with the election of the most right wing government showing their true ideology with their only excuse being that 'no country would stand being attacked by terrorists' (with homemade rockets), when the reality is that no people (the Palestinians) should stand for over 40 years of brutal occupation and collective punishment sanctioned by the world's only superpower (what you would blog about if you were a free thinking analyst and not so deviously manipulating the facts).
You can read this or ignore it. I should not even give your opinions my time as it may make you think they matter when they are the same right-wing racist propaganda Bush would have loved. That's it really. Take a reality check and find a new job/hobby. You are truly terrible at this one.
Thanks for your time
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: kataeb and Lebanese Forces
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009
To March 14 leaders,

All the reports from the G7 Nations confirm that the mistakes done by the Kataeb and the Lebanese Forces political parties during this period will help Aoun to become a Hero after the parliamentary elections. The axis of evil and Hezbollah were not able to win Lebanon by force.
Now and due to the mistakes the Kataeb and the Lebanese Forces are doing in preparation for the Parliamentary elections, Lebanon will be offered legally to the axis of evil. In Shouf and Alay, you are not supposed to force Jumblat to have your nominated people on his list.
In Baabdah Salah Hnein, Abdallah Abi Farhat and Elias Abou Assi should have the freedom to choose who they want without any pressure from your side. In north Meten, Michel ElMurr has a better knowledge than you do. Elie Karam and Ibrahim Najjar are not from Meten. In Kisrwan, Mansour ElBon should tell you the names that can win the election and not the opposite. You can not tell him who should be on the list.
In Zgharta, you did not consult with your allies before forming the list. In Tripoli, no one knows who Samer Saadeh is. In koura, you nominated 2 people from the same town (Kousba) and this is a big mistake. The Behavior of the Kataeb and the Lebanese forces that we see recently has nothing to do with the spirit of March 14 alliance and the freedom we were looking for. This behavior is showing us that these two parties are becoming Totalitarian parties and for the only reason of winning few seats in the parliament (which will actually not happen). You have to be ashamed of this behavior and be up to the trust you are given by the free patriotic people. You are making of Aoun a Hero and also offering legally our country to the axis of evil. I can assure you this time that the G7 Nation are fed up with the behavior of the Christians in Lebanon and will not offer any more support.
From: Elias Bejjani
In Response to the below message from RAA
April 01/09

Dear: RAA: I agree with you 100% specially that I openly and loudly advocate for peace, Freedom, Human Rights and democracy not only in Lebanon, but all over the world. As you might know the LCCC is mainly a news site and all opinions ought to be given a room to be voiced periodically, and that's why the title under which the piece you focused on came under the title free opinions for Lebanese citizens. It expresses the opinion of its writer only. The past has past, we ought to take lessons from it and do our best to avoid repeating all deeds that were NOT HUMAN and NOT civilized. This applies to all parties. Please note that I am a strong believer in strengthening and cementing the historical Druze-Christian solid co-existence that is based on mutual respect and acceptance by all ways and means, due to the unquestionable fact that without this "cozy understanding", Lebanon that we know and strive to protect and maintain will be replace very soon by a regime that is a replicate of the oppressive neighborhood regimes. I appreciate very much your message and your concern
Elias Bejjani
From: R A A
Subject: Disappointment
Received: Wednesday, April 1, 2009,

Dear Mr. Bajjani,
I have been a frequent visitor to your website and will continue to be , but today I was very disgusted and disappointed when I read the article”
Khawater 3ain ibliyyih”. Why you allow such articles on your website which bring back the awful memories of the civil war, especially
in the “Jabal” and talk about the “Dirzi” that slaughtered hundreds of Christians, which is a fact that cannot be denied, but the fact also that the
“Christian” also slaughtered hundreds of “Druze”. In “Kfarmatta” alone 120 were killed and half of them were from my mother’s family “Al
Ghareeb” who were pro-Lebanese Army and unfortunately did not leave before the slaughter like other families did!! All the parties committed dirty sectarian crimes and this is common in civil wars. Most of the “Jabal” people were so happy when the reconciliation happened between Patriarch Sfeir and Walid Junblat and looked forward to peaceful coexistence. No party can or should deny the existence of the other party and claim that it’s more Lebanese than the other one. The Druze were being called by loud speakers to leave Lebanon and to go back to Houran!! although they were the first to inhabit the “Jabal”. Mr. Bajjani, I hope that I will not find anymore such articles on your website as I am sure that you will agree with my point of view, being yourself a true patriotic Lebanese like I am.
Long live Lebanon!
Lubnan Awwalan!
Best regards
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Leaders of March14
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009

To the Leaders of March 14
Yesterday, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama invited the top Chief Executive Officers of the major Banks in the United States to meet with him in the White House. President Obama began the meeting by explaining to them his thoughts on the crisis and emphasized that "We are all in this together". After his commentary, he went around the table and asked each CEO for his comments on the solutions to the crisis. The first one chosen to speak by the President was Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase. President Obama's top Economic Advisors took careful notes of all the comments and solutions offered.
Leaders of March 14:
The three candidates for the election of June 7 in my town of Zghorta ( Soleiman Frangir, Salim Karam, and Istfan Douaihy) have never even finished elementary school . So please, how can they speak of any present or future crisis and what is their capacity to listen and offer solutions?
These crazy uneducated savage people of Zghorta are going to vote for them. They remind me of Afghanistan but the people of Afghanistan are more developed and try to improve themselves. I am sorry for Lebanon. I am sorry for the Christians that the people of Zghorta have arrived to this situation and are trying to send these people to the Parliament.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To the Leaders of March 14 Alliance
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009

To the Leaders of March 14 Alliance,
Najib Mikati and Nabih Berri got the positions they are in now because the Syrian Regime helped them. Najib Mikati and his brother Taha, and with the help of the Syrian Regime, made two Billion Dollars by abusing the system in Lebanon and on top of this Najib was nominated prime minister of Lebanon. This is not something any man in a small country like Lebanon would imagine can be achieved. Please be sure that Najib Mikati is willing to be against his country when the interest of the Syrian Regime is in jeopardy. Nabih Berri and Najib Mikati are simply the Trojan horse of the Syrian Regime in Lebanon. If you are wondering why do I keep repeating myself or keep on giving advices, it is because we keep seeing mistakes from the leaders we trust and pay a lot of respect for. What happened last year in the elections of the attorney’s union in Tripoli is not acceptable and if this will happen again during the elections, it will be a big loss for the patriotic movement. If you go into an agreement with Najib Mikati, it is better for you to lose the elections in Tripoli than to win and get Mikati (who represents the Syrian Regime) to the Parliament. As I mentioned in previous letters, the axis of evil has now a major goal and which is to control the Palestinian factions in Lebanon. This axis of evil knows that this Army will protect the Sunni in Lebanon. They want the Sunni without protection, they want to kill Samir Geagea and confuse the Christians and they want to take Walid Jumblat alive. They are focusing now on winning the elections in any way and later they will finish their plans. Dear Patriotic Leaders, we can only appreciate for the axis of evil one thing. It is that they did not accuse you this time of assassinating the Palestinian leader
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009
The problem is not you and not Saudi Arabia, not Jordan, not Egypt, not Israel and not any country in the world. The Problem is Iran and all the stupid people who help Iran like Syria-Hamas-Hezbollah and the Orchestra in Lebanon from Emile Lahoud to Michel Aoun.
The problem is that Iran by Hypocrisy and Demagogy and Machiavelli's, has plans to dominate from Pakistan to Lebanon. The majority in these countries opposes the plan as do all the countries in UN. The last visit of the Iranian Mataki to Saudi Arabia and of Assaad to Qatar means that Iran will not stop the plan.
So by this wrong Iranian plan and if some of the Iranian leaders can't stop the plan, the area is either 1)going to civil war between brother and brother or2) if Iran continues to push all the stupid people to make war like the last war in Gaza , they oblige a country to defend themselves using nuclear weapons which will destroy everything and everyone. So wake up and open your mind for peace. With peace you can achieve many things. For example ,the world today is in dire need of agriculture. (An American intellectual said to me, the power in the world in the future will not be in wall street but with the farmers ). With peace you can use the Technology of Israel to make the deserts from Sinai to Syria to Sudan farmland which can feed the population of Middle East, Africa and Europe.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: to "Free Lebanon" radio statio
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009
to the management team of " Free Lebanon" radio station, The other day, I heard one reporter on Radio "free Lebanon" saying that the recession in the United States is very nasty and it is driving the ladies to sell their hair in order to get some money. I would like to correct this reporter and tell him that there has been always ladies selling their hair in the USA because other people with cancer or going through certain medical treatments are in need for wigs made of natural hair. This is not be something we are ashamed of in America. on the other hand, I would like to remind this reporter that the USA is helping Lebanon economically and this can not happen if the USA is not a wealthy nation. This reporter can do a little research and find out from the Lebanese central bank and some of the major banks in Lebanon how big is the help from the US government to Lebanon. He can also check how huge is the volume of money transferred every year from the people in the USA to their relatives in Lebanon and what difference it is making to the Lebanese economy. As a respectable radio station, It is the duty of the "Free Lebanon" radio station management team to apologize from the people in the the USA and reprimand this reporter for his irresponsible statements.
From: bachir ghssoub (
Sent: February 28, 2009

Dear Lebanese Brother,
I thanks your for your reply to my comment, and I am please to have an intelligent conversation with a fellow countryman. If I could offer my humble opinion.
I can only advise to thouroughlly researching this topic yourslef, as I have through many sources including archeological . Now the most recent work is showing that the Caananite-Phoenicians did not sacrifice their children, but actually put stillborn babies in jars (this is what was believed to be the sacrifice and this is archeological evidence backing up my view). The phoenicians also built life sized realistic statues of their children that they would offer to the Gods to take instead of their children, this was done when a child was sick so the Gods would not take the real child. I do not wish to go into detail about how all of our current monotheistic religions are derived from the ancient polytheistic religions, but wether you are Christian, Muslim or Jew, your religion is derived from Phoenician Polytheism. This topic is heavily studied.Wich leads me to also note that one cannot be ,as you say the Phoenicians were, " atheists and worship many gods", because the definition of atheistic is the belief in NO gods, where as polytheism is the worship of many Gods.
Thank you again for your time dear countryman,
Bachir Ghssoub
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: FW: disloyalty to your country
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009

I read your Article in Annahar newspaper dated 15-2-09. In it you criticized P.M Fouad Sanioura for not doing many Projects, but you didn't tell us why the P.M can't do them. Please let me tell you why he can't do them. It is because the Axis of evil: Iran-Syria- Hozballah doesn't want the country to work and succeed. I am sure you know this. Please have the courage to write it. DR Iskandar your article reminded me of DR Martin Luther King Jr. when he said : OUR LIVES BEGIN TO END, THE DAY WE BECOME SILENT ABOUT THINGS THAT MATTER.
My respect for you,
From Elias Bejjani
February 17/02/09
Dear: Bachir G.

I appreciate much your notes and thanks for reading my editorial. In fact what I did borrow from our Phoenician history is 100% accurate according to extremely reliable sources. Dear I am very proud of my Phoenician roots, but this does not mean I have to forge history. As you well know Phoenicians were atheists and worshiped many so called Gods. Moloch was one these Gods. The same God was worshiped in Israel, and in other Middle East communities, and all of them offered their children as sacrifices to please him.
Again thanks for your note
Elias Bejjani
Posted by: Bachir Ghssoub
Comment related to Elias Bejjani's editorial,Hamas, Hezbollah & their Molochian Divine Victories
February 17/02/09

I am greatly disappointed that historical facts have been used as spin. As much as I despise Hezbollah, I cannot accept you trashing the Phoenician identity. The historical and biblical accounts of Phoenicians sacrificing their babies, were written only by the Phoenicians biggest enemies at the time, Romans, Greeks and Israelis. So of course these enemies of the Phoenicians were writing propaganda about the child sacrifice to get their people ready for war against the Phoenicians. Disagree with me? Then please view the world's leading encyclopedia on Phoenician studies , and for the love of Lebanon stop using history for political attacks. Labeek Ya Libnan,
Bachir G.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: disloyalty to your country
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009

To Ex-minister Suleiman Franjieh,
Through the Lebanese Intelligence Service, I got information that some of your supporters are threatening the people in the villages of Zgharta Al Zawieh. If your supporters were telling people that you are coming back to the Parliament to work on legislations that can help to improve the country and the life style of the Lebanese people, then we would be happy for you. But on the contrary, your supporters are threatening the people and telling them that the Syrian army will return to Lebanon. If the situation was different in Lebanon and not as critical as it is right now, you would have been considered a traitor. In any case I can assure you that you will be arrested after they call you as a witness for the International Tribunal. If you are Lucky, you will be released but the Iraqi people will track you down for all the Iraqi oil you stole in the previous years with the help of the Iranian and the Syrian regimes.
From Elias Bejjani
Regarding your May Chidiac's editorial
Dear Jumana:

1-The people (Al Shaab), are all the Lebanese, the 18th communities that make Lebanon's total citizens. BUT, I see each community as an independent identity as far as culture, denomination, history, traditions, roots etc. All of them are Lebanese, but each community has its own distinguishable and unique elements. For example, the Armenian community are Armenians, their religious denominations as well as all other factors. The same applies for me as a Maronite and for all the others. The common denominator among all is the nation, the country and its umbrella. So we are all Lebanese, but with different cultures and ethnical identities. The Maronites are one community among the rest. Although the Maronites were the founders of the Lebanese Nation as it is know today.
- In regards to the LF, they are a political party like the rest of the many, many other parties. They believe in an independent, free, multi cultural, democratic, sovereign and civilized country. They have loyalty, but to Lebanon and its people.
- I do not have any enemies. I have people who I can't get along with, or have conflicts and problems with them As Christians, we are taught by our Lord Jesus "to love our enemies and bless those who hate us". The term enemy does not exist in our dictionary. In reality the person becomes his own enemy if he choices to be so.
This means that this person tags himself as righteous and tags all others who oppose him as the enemies. This person is personified in all those individuals and groups who are fanatic, fundamental, refuses to accept  others, uses force and intimidation to impose his religious beliefs and life style on others, thinks his own criteria for norms is the only criteria, etc  (Hezbollah in Lebanon is a good example)
-Case and Cause: Our Lebanese cause is the freedom of our people and the sovereignty of our country. With freedom comes the civilization and every thing that is human and holy. The cause simply means the purpose that you live for and Endeavour to fulfill and safeguard. So our cause is peace and prosperity for all the Lebanese.
-Although I am Christian and thank almighty God for this grace, BUT at the same time, I dearly respect and accept fully all other religions including those who are in our eyes are atheists. PROVIDED they do not force on me their own religion, beliefs, criteria for norms, or life style
-By the way, I am not affiliated to any Lebanese political party and never was. I am a strong believer in the cause and not the individuals. The individuals come and go, but the cause remains.
Yours Truly
From Jumana
Regarding your May Chidiac's editorial
February 04/02/09

Dear Mr. Bejjani
Having read your recent article on May Chidiac's resignation, and having read the Lebanese Forces website, I have a few questions please, if you would be kind to take the time to explain. I am trying to understand better, without the fogginess of newspapers and television, what is the 'case' and 'cause' of the Lebanese Forces as represented by yourself and May Chidiac..
My questions are:
Who is your 'enemy' as you see it? and I don't mean Syria because you keep mentioning Christian resistance and martyrdom over thousands of years..? do you see the Arab Muslims as your enemy?
You and May also mentioned 'the shaab' ? What Shaab is that that May represents? is it specifically the Maronite Lebanese?
what is it that you (LF) are 'fighting' for? in specific terms
I would be grateful for an explanation
Kind regards
From: Elias Bejjani
To:"Joe Awad" <
January 28/09

Thanks Joe: In fact your response confirms the disastrous effects of one of the 13th Aounists' Viruses that Mr. Elias Zoghby listed. Sorry to tell you that the superficiality of the content of your response shows with no doubt that your concept for Lebanon's historic convictions, as well as the patriotic priorities are so blurred and confused.
Dear, instead of acting like a blind child, and resort impulsively to rationalization and projection, why you do not address the issues in question like a civilized and educated individual. Can't you see that your argument is based on worshiping Aoun, and accordingly all those who do not worship him with you are paid by Hariri? Dear when Elias Zoghby and myself were supporting the right cause that Aoun for 16 years carried its flags, you were not yet born. So wake up.
Aoun left the FPM and joined Hezbollah, Iran and Syria. He negated all his patriotic past. He turned to be a real cancer in the Lebanese Christian society.
Your kind of naive and impulsive defense is a solid prove for what Mr. Zoghby exposed and diagnosed.
No dear neither me or Mr. Zoghby are Harirists, Geageaists or Jumblaists, No we are still what Aoun used to be before he changed his skin and turned to be a role model for Judas Iscariot. Wake up, and look thoroughly who you are following and where he is leading you, and where to he is leading the Christian Society
RE: [Phoenicia] Aoun exposed and unveiled/On the LCCC
Wednesday, January 28, 2009 3:24 PM
From: "Joe Awad" <


I suggest you go do something better in your life. it is obvious you became one of those people that when you didn't get what you want with General Aoun you start bad mouth him. My advice to you to move to Qoreitem and become a full time employee like the rest of the none Lebanese. Just to assure you that you and the rest of the Hariri hand kissers are not going to get any where. General Aoun has more dignity, pride and respect
RE: [Phoenicia] THe Aounist Cancer/on the LCCC
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
From: "Elias Bejjani"
To: "G A" <

Dear: I agree fully with your concept in regards to the Lebanese evil leaders and politicians, but disagree on not addressing their evilness and exposing their corruption. Yes sure I live in Canada, but still Lebanese heart, spirit and mind. Thanks for your response
RE: [Phoenicia] The Aounist Cancer/on the LCCC
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
From: "G A" <

You live in Canada right? Why would you care about such trivialities in Lebanese politics? What have you done to improve Lebanon instead of carrying the daily hatred between so called Lebanese politicians and jerks turned pundits and experts? We have so many things in Lebanon to worry about instead of our corrupt and warlords class of the so called "political leaders". If u write something about Lebanese daily life and surviving in on a meager salary in a country with London prices and Calcutta services (No offense to Calcutta) probably u will get some readerships. until then Good luck with your heroes and villains game. How sickening! More articles about warlords Aoun,Geagea, Junblatt,Berri and Hariri and I am going to vomit. How could a sane educated person believe that these people are worth following or wasting time on? Of course it is the internet and they rank up there with bestiality and Debbie does whatever class. Most Lebanese are sick people: they vote again and again for the same people (or whoever give them a Tylenol bottle), they vote for he same people who persecuted them, for the people who deprive them from electric power and running water. Good luck with your Lebanese leaders game and may God guide u to find an idol among them. A leader u can write poens about day and night for the Lebanese are experts at that. Wlek Bi L Rouh Bi L Dam Nafdik ya ..... Fill in the blank. What a sick retarded bunch you all are!

New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: SYRIA 3
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009
The North Koreans and the Syrians appear to have been working together on the project for the better part of a decade, perhaps back to the end of the Clinton administration. Yet apart from vague suspicions that the two countries were working on something together, perhaps even something nuclear, the American intelligence community never put it all together.
"This would be a scene from Monty Python if it wasn't true", observed David Rothkopf, who wrote the definitive history of the National Security Council." In 2003 you had all these war planners gathered in the situation room planning to bomb Saddam for nuclear facilities that didn't exist. They're all staring at maps, but it's of the wrong country. Right next door , two of the most spied-on countries on earth are building a reactor."
" And did we know about it?" Rothkopf asks, shaking his head." Now that's what I call an intelligence failure."
The events in Syria underscored the real nature of the North Korean threat-and it wasn't the threat that the Bush administration fixated on from the time its band of hawks, regime-changers, and neocons took office. Throughout much of Bush's first term, both the president and his aides raised the specter that North Korea could unleash an attack on Seoul or Tokyo and, someday, if it made its missiles a bit more reliable and accurate, on the West Coast of the United States. Their motives were pretty transparent: A North Korea with nuclear weapons and long-range missiles was the poster child for the need for missile defense. Donald Rumsfeld himself had made that case in a lengthy study published two years before he became Bush's defense secretary.*(*KNOWN POPULARLY AS " the rumsfeld commission," the group was formally titled " the Commission to Assess the ballistic missile threat to the U.S".
It was a pretty far-fetched justification. Kim Jong-II may be strange, but he isn't stupid, and he knows that any direct attack would result in the obliteration of his lucrative family business: the North Korean state. The real risk was that in his desperate search for hard currency kim would sell his country's only marketable expertise- how to make bomb fuel-or, worse , that he would sell whatever excess fuel he had lying around . The North Korean threat was about proliferation, not missiles.
Yet until North Korea's nuclear test in October 2006, president Bush never explicitly warned the North Koreans about the consequences for the country if it was ever caught proliferating. what Bush didn't know until nine months later was that Kim Jong-II had been crossing the proliferation red line for years in Syria , undetected by American intelligence agencies that had been looking at all the right buildings but were unable to figure out what was happening inside. The Syrian case was, as one senior intelligence official told me later," the Iraq mistake in reverse" .In Iraq, he said , the agency had connected dots that were not there and sent up warnings of a revived nuclear program that no longer existed . In Syria , it failed to put the pieces together until the Israelis arrived with the crucial bits of the puzzle. Adding to the embarrassment, the whole project was happening less than a hundred miles from the Iraqi border.
Hadley was taken aback by Dagan's evidence but hardly shocked that North Korea would take such a risk. For years he had been reviewing intelligence reports about North Korea's highly profitable sales activities in the Middle East. but as he told me in 2002 when we first discussed the possibility of North Korean nuclear proliferation to terror groups or the states that sponsored them, all the evidence in hand concerned North Korean sales of missiles, which can deliver ordinary explosives or something more fearsome. Syria, Iran , and Pakistan had been eager buyers. But when Hadley secretly ordered a study of whether the North Koreans could be supplying Iran or others with nuclear technology, the answers that came back amounted to nothing more than scores of pages of ambiguous evidence.
"We've had losts of suspicions," Hardly once told me as we flew together on a small plane that took him on one of his low-profile trips to Russia," but no solid evidence".
until now.
As Hadley thumbed his way through the Israeli evidence with Dagan at his side, he knew what was coming next: It was only a matter of time before Olmert, seeking to restore his reputation after being humiliated in the battle for Lebanon the previous summer, would demand that the United States destroy this reactor in the desert , or stand back while Israel took care of the problem itself.
There was a famous precedent: the Israeli attack on an Iraqi reactor a quarter-century before. America joined the condemnation of that strike at the time and ended up thanking the Israelis years later.
Hadley immediately sent Dagan across the river to Langley, Virginia, to show his portfolio of pictures to Hayden, the director of the CIA. The next day Hayden used his regular Thursday briefing to describe to Bush the detailed Israeli intelligence. Bush quickly ordered that the CIA coordinate the analysis and that the agency's reports be restricted to a handful of officials. Even before the analysis came back, ha had Rice and Handley engage the Israelis, in hopes of dissuading them from immediately launching an attack that his entire national security team feared could set the region aflame.

New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: SYRIA 2
Date: 15 Jan 2009

Subject: SYRIA 2
What the Israelis had targeted was a nearly completed nuclear reactor built by North Korea engineers in one of the most stunning examples of proliferation in the nuclear age. For six years American spy satellites had watched the mysterious building rise in the desert and analysts had spun out theories about what it could be-everything from a covert nuclear facility to a water treatment plant.
The Syrians had disguised its purpose by building it in plain view with no barbed wire, no military guards. around 2002, they even erected a benign-looking, square industrial wall and roof over the entire site to hide the telltale shape of a reactor.
The deception worked for years. the Americans were suspicious, but they failed to discover the real purpose of the project. Then , one day in late April 2007, Meir Dagan, chief of the Mossad, Israel's legendary intelligence service, called the White house from Israel and asked for an urgent meeting with president Bush's national security adviser ,Stephen Hadley.
On a Wednesday morning in early May 2007, he slipped unnoticed through a White House gate and was ushered into Hadley's large corner office of the West Wing, diagonally across from the Oval Office. The curtains were drawn, as always, so that passersby entering the West Wing from the White house driveway- or reporters walking to the briefing room-could not see visitors. But in this case the precaution may not have mattered ; Dagan is not widely recognized in Washington.
The Israeli spy chief had brought with him a file folder full of photographs. But Dagan's pictures were different from the overhead satellite images that analysts across Washington had been trying to decipher. Thanks to the work of Israeli agents, Degan spread out a treasure trove of photos taken from inside the facility, inside the curtain walls that satellites could not penetrate. What they showed solved the mystery of al-Kibar.
Hadley had known dagan , since Bush's first term. The two men were close to the same age, and each was a quiet, behind-the-scenes insider who sat atop the national security apparatus of his nation. When Hadley had been a young member of the National Security Council staff and a midlevel Defense Department official in the early 1970s, Dagan had been running a special antiterrorist unit in the Gaza Strip that reported directly to Ariel Sharon, the gruff Israeli general. By 2002 , Degan had ascended to head the intelligence organization that was constantly on alert to detect threats to Israel. Hadley, the quiet, orderly lawyer, was already deputy national security adviser , working out of a shoebox-size office right next to national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice. He joked that he was the "invisible guy in the boring suit standing by the lady in VOGUE".
Hadley moved into Rice's job, and her office, when she became secretary of state at the beginning of Bush's second term. Now , sitting by Hadley's orderly desk, the burly Israeli intelligence chief talked him through each of the photos, some taken three or four years previously , apparently by a Syrian who had been "turned," or paid handsomely for his snapshot collection. Hadley recognized instantly the obvious signs that the Syrians were building a nuclear reactor , probably for weapons production. There were no electrical lines leading in or out of the facility, nor any of the other telltale signs of a reactor built for the purpose of generating energy.
Then Dagan pulled out his trump card : a photo of two men standing by a car near the nuclear complex. On the right was the head of the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission, Ibrahim Othman. On the left was a man dagan identified as Chon Chibu, a North Korean who managed the production of fuel at North Korea's main nuclear weapons site at Yongbyon.
In fact , to the American intelligence analysts who were looking at the same pictures, passed on by their Israeli counterparts, the images seemed familiar. Very familiar. The innards of the reactor building bore a striking resemblance to the reactor at North Korea's main nuclear complex half a world away, where the country harvested the plutonium that built its small nuclear arsenal. Even the windows and doors were in the same places. For twenty years analysts had gotten to know Yongbyon intimately: It was number one on the list of potential bombing targets in North Korea, and more recently it was the same reactor that Bush administration was trying to cajole, bribe, and corner the North Koreans into closing down.
"A carbon copy," one official who had reviewed the intelligence told me . " You looked at it and said one thing: SHIT, the Koreans have been screwing around more than we knew."* It was the first hard evidence that North Korea- the broke, desperate, isolated Kingdom of Kim Jong-II-had found a way to bring in millions of dollars in hard currency by selling its most valuable skill, the manufacturing of nuclear bomb material.
(It took five weeks after the Israeli raid to break the story of what the Syrians had built-an even that story elicited no public response from the administration. " Analysts find Israel Struck a Syrian Nuclear project," the Network Times , October 14, 2007, p,1 ) within days, commercial satellite photographs of the site began to appear, showing what the buildings looked like before the attack , and the Syrian effort to bulldoze the rubble and hide the evidence. The CIA released some of the Israeli photographs of the inside of the reactor in April 2008.)
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: SYRIA 1
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009

The Israeli F-15s crossed into Syria soon after midnight on September 6,2007, screaming undetected across the desert, headed for a target deep in the Euphrates Valley. They traversed two-thirds of the country, barely setting off the air defenses that the Syrians had paid Russia millions to construct.
In minutes they swooped over the tiny town of al-kibar and left a pile of concrete, rebar, and rubble on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River. They had splintered apart a baseball-diamond-sized building that the Syrians had been working on, in deepest secrecy, for more than six years. the jets then disappeared over Turkey, dropping their empty fuel thanks as they circled back to their bases.
Operation Orchard, as the Israelis had code-named it, was executed so quickly that the Syrians needed time to figure out what had happened to their prized project in the desert, much less what to say about it.
To no one's surprise, the Syrians' first instinct was to lie. At first a government spokesman would acknowledge only that some Israeli planes had pierced Syrian airspace and fled. a few days later Bashar al-Assad, Syria's brutal but inexperienced ruler, told an interviewer that the planes had hit some empty buildings on a military base. He waved the whole thing away as a wasted mission, an act of folly rather than of war. But satellite images suggested otherwise: They showed Syrian bulldozers swarming over the site, racing to bury all remaining evidence of what had once stood there . Within seven weeks the site had been scraped clean , and a new building appeared on the footprint of the old to make it far more difficult for international inspectors to collect evidence of what had been there weeks before.
As questions mounted, the Israelis hinted they had hit something really big, something " nuclear related". then, uncharacteristically, they shut up . spinning tales, some Israeli officials told the British press the attack they launched that night was wrapped in such a blanket of security that the pilots themselves did not know where they were headed until they were aloft. that was nonsense .
the mission had been discussed for months and planned down to the last precision-guided weapon. But the story about the pilots was part of an elaborate smokescreen that the Israelis spewed out as Jerusalem and Washington tried, each for its own reasons, to keep secret the intelligence about what had stood on that desert site.
For a while , they succeeded. in a series of secret conversations, Bush and prime Minister Ehud Olmret had agreed that any public discussion of the strike-and the nature of the target- could force Assad into a corner .
" There was a since", Defense Secretary Robert Gates told me months later, that " if you play this wrong there could be a war between Israel and Syria. that was the central worry. " Butthe Americans had another concern, on the other side of the world.
The airstrike , it turned out, was about a lot more than destroying the crown jewel of a covert nuclear program in Syria.
It was also about North Korea.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: the reality behind what is happening in Gaza
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009

The Palestinians lost two important opportunities in the recent history.
Yasser Arafat used to say that King Hussein of Jordan is smart and has very good relationships with the western countries.
Instead of getting close to him and use king Hussein's connections with the west to benefit the Palestinian people, Arafat stayed away from him and did not trust him.
Another opportunity came up when one million Israeli protested in the streets of Tel Aviv and demanded their goverment to make peace with the palestinians and to form a Palestinian state.
As a result of Hamas relations with Iran and Syria, the Palestnians did not take this opportunity and Hamas started sending suicide bombers to Israel.
The children of some these Israeli protesters were killed by suicide bombers and with them a major opportunity for the Palestinian people disappeared.
Even the French President Jack Chirac, at that time, asked the Palestinan Parliament to stop the blood shed because it will end up with a misery for the Palestinian people.
What is happening now in Gaza?
Iran is transferring 25 to 40 million Dollars to Hamas every month.
Hamas is sending militants to Iran and Hezbollah for training.
The Israeli Intelligence Service found recently that the rockets used in the attack by Hamas are made in Korea and are similar to the ones
iran and Hezbollah own.
In the past all the rockets were made in Gaza and had no real effect.
At the same time, these Israeli Intelligence found that Hamas is using underground tunnels between Egypt and Gaza to smuggle weapons into Gaza.
The Israeli Intelligence Service contacted the Egyptian Intelligence Service, and Perez visited Mubarak to show him the Intelligence report.
Including in the report were the names of three Lebanese from Hezbollah who have fake passports. These Lebanese were handling the payments to the radical Islamic Groups in Egypt and to some members of the Egyptian Intelligence Service in order to facilitate the smuggling of weapons to Gaza.
The Egyptian Intelligence Service arrested the three people (this is one of the reason Hezbollah is attacking the Egyptian Regime).
Mubarak contacted the different Palestinian parties and advised them to stop all the attacks as this will be a disaster for the Palestinian people and he would not be able to do anything to help.
Accompanied by the Intelligence report, the Israelis sent their Diplomatic Representatives to some of the western countries to show them what Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas are doing in Gaza.
The satellites started to take detailed pictures of the ground in Gaza, and the finding was matching to what the Israelis submitted in their report to the western countries.
At the same time the Israeli army started training on how to destroy the weapons and the smuggling channels in Gaza.
The western countries including Russia, who want to get ride of terrorism, gave the green light to Israeli army to go into Gaza.
An Israeli Representative visited the Turkish Prime Minister and asked him to inform Iran and Syria that the Israeli army is going to invade Gaza.
They asked him also to warn these two countries that Israeli army has the intention to bombard Tehran and Damascus with nuclear weapons if Iran, Syria or Hezbollah shows any military reaction during the invasion of Gaza.
The Turkish Prime Minister also informed Assad that he and all the members of his family will be killed upon any Syrian military reaction.
The Turkish Prime Minister informed them that they are allowed to attack Israel in the media and at the same time to motivate Hamas not to accept any cease fire until the Israeli army finishes the Gaza operation successfully.
Iran and Syria advised the Turkish Prime Minister of their agreement with the Israeli terms.
They both sent military experts to Lebanon to oversee their people in Lebanon. The Iranian Regime sent Jalili who is the head if the National Security Forces in Iran to Lebanon in order to work directly with Hezbollah and make sure no one reacts or does any mistake with Israel.
This is the reality of the situation and poor are the Palestinian people who are suffering the consequences.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: the weakness of Bashar Assad
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008

On few different social occasions, I have heard international reporters and American politicians talking about the weakness of Bashar Assad and the Syrian Regime. They all have in common one idea that Bashar Assad is very weak and his regime will collapse from the inside without the need for the Western Countries to intervene. I wasn't convinced until I saw on the news Bashar Assad sitting to the dinner table with his wife and having dinner with Michel Aoun and Jubran Bassil. At the time when his father Hafez Assad was president, he would not accept Aoun and Bassil to be servants in his office. He would not let people like them be servant in his house and see his wife. It is his hatred for Lebanese patriotic leaders and and his weakness that is driving Bashar Assad to behave the way he is behaving.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Demagogue Aoun
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008

To demagogue Michel Aoun,
You should be the one to apologize from the Syrian regime and from the Lebanese people. Your crazy decisions and your speeches about breaking the head of President Haffez Assad and judging the Syrian terrorist regime in a trial (like Nuremberg) for their crimes got the Lebanese people in more troubles with this regime. This regime never trusted you before and will never trust you in the future. All what they need is to use you as a tool to get to their goals. Now that the crude oil price is down and Iran will not be able to support Syria and Hezbollah financially, the Syrian terrorist regime and Hezbollah (Hezb Evil) are looking for other resources. They know that Lebanon is the right place for new resources and you can be used as a bridge for this regime to take over the power and the resources of the country. It is time for the patriotic leaders (march 14 alliance) in Lebanon to take a bold decision and go into direct peace negotiations with Israel in the presence of Turkey, Egypt, the United States and the EU. The whole world will support Lebanon in these negotiations. This is the only choice these leaders have to save the country; otherwise, they have to know that Iran and Syria will make a deal at the expense of the Lebanese people.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: FW: General Kahwaji
December 4/08

To General Kahwaji,
Your visit to Damascus was a political visit.
It would have been a professional visit if you did not meet with President Assad.
When Ghazi Kanaan, the chief of the Syrian Secret Service in Lebanon (governor of Lebanon) nominates someone for a high political position in Lebanon, President Hafez Assad asks Kanaan to arrange an appointment. Then President Assad meets and evaluates this person after reviewing his profile, the same way you have been evaluated when you met with President Bashar Assad. If the person is patriotic, honest and smart, he would be rejected by this regime Like Fouad Boutros or Killed like Emam Moussa Al-Sadar, Bashir Jemayel, Renee Maawad and Dany Shamoun. If the person has low intelligence, uses his instinct to get power and money and does not care about his country, he would be accepted by this regime the same way Emile lahoud and Elias Harawi were accepted. dear general, the warm receiving the demagogue Aoun had in Syria shows how skillful this regime is in using people to serve their interests. this regime does not trust Aoun and does not support him to get any position in Lebanon, but he will be used to eliminate their enemies. The Syrian regime would like to use all the Lebanese people in order to get his trusted people only to power. Their people, if they take over the power in Lebanon, will have a mission to kill, put in jail and immigrate all the patriotic leaders.
Raymond Eddeh had a choice between the presidency and his patriotism and he chose his patriotism. In case your instinct to become a president is driving you, we hope you are smart and you choose your country and your patriotism.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: TV interview
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008
To Mr. Suleiman Frangieh,

In your Television interview this week, you mentioned that you did not make any illegal deals when you were in power and you only made money from your own business. It was a joy to hear that someone from President Frangieh's family works. Can you tell us if the Lebanese Lottery, the fake invoices in the ministry of health and the not qualified medicines that you allowed to distribute in Lebanon are what you call a business? Do you mean the gasoline or petrol shipment you were bringing from Syria for ten years and causing the Lebanese government 30 millions Dollars monthly losses is your business? If you have a successful business, can you explain to us what is the reason you do pay taxes to the Lebanese government? Would you tell us where did you get the capital to establish your business?
Can you tell us what scientific qualifications you have in order to establish a business similar to what Michel Eddeh's children did? By the way, you should know that the Boss in the Middle East region made the first contact with President Hafez Assad through Turkish mediators from Iskenderun area. They made a deal to support Hafez Assad in order to take over the power in Syria and their condition was for Assad to follow the below mission:
Either to exile, kill or put in jail all the patriotic politicians and intellectuals. At the same time bring to power only traitors and low life people as these people can be under control. When the Boss in the region agreed to Let Hafez Assad take over Lebanon, Assad was asked to apply the same mission agreed on previously.
Based on this I can list few examples. Raymond Eddeh was in exile, Kamal Junblat, Bashir Jemayel, Rachid Karami and Dani Chamoun were killed and Samir Jeagea was in prison. At the same time, Assad brought to power only traitors and low life people. Mr. Frangieh, I know that the Axis of evil still has the same plan for Lebanon. If the patriotic leaders (march 14 alliance), Bkerki and the intellectuals in Lebanon do not have a clear plan to save Lebanon, their fate will be either the exile, death or prison.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: to Demagogue Aoun
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008

You are telling us that in sixth months we will see the outcome of your visit to Iran. I'm wondering why do you have to wait sixth months to let us know. If you are a political leader you should be able to tell us now. In any case, I will tell you what are the sixth months. First, the Iranian Regime is providing you with financial support to win the elections in the Christian areas and is also offering you protection. They promised to give you money in order to prepare for the elections and win the Christian areas from Zgharta to Baabda. Also, just before your visit to Iran the Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah Intelligence services were spreading the news that the the Lebanese forces can wipe you out by force in a matter of hours. This was meant to scare you and offer you protection at the same time. They assured you that Hezbollah can invade the Christian areas if you or your ally Suleiman Frangieh are in any danger and need protection. Second, the Iranian and Syrian regimes are asking you to attack Walid Jumblat. Their plan is to kidnap Jumblat ,if they can, and throw him in the Syrian jails because they do not forgive him for being patriotic. As for you, the Syrian regime will not forget or forgive you for offending President Hafez Assad when you were still in Baabda Palace. They are just using you and you are only serving as a cover for their plans. Third, the Iranian regime explained to you that the War in the region will not affect their power and they will rise stronger than before if it happens. At the same time, they explained to you that they will be even more powerful if war does not happen as they will make a deal with the Americans and the Israelis. In this scenario, Hezbollah will be in control of Lebanon and you will become the president of Lebanon. What you are missing in this scenario is that they will not accept a demagogue to be a president as they do not trust you even if you are a dummy in their hands. I feel very sorry for the few Christians who keep on trusting you and I appeal to the General Prosecutor in Lebanon to open an investigation on what surprises will the next sixth months bring to Lebanon and the Lebanese people.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Another evil plan
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008
At the Lebanese presidential palace, we have seen in the news the historic picture of the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman laughing with the US Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and the US ambassador in Lebanon. Also, after the visit of the Lebanese President to the White House and warmth he was received with, the axis of evil couldn't accept it and we witnessed few explosions in Lebanon. Is it possible for us to believe that the Syrian regime will accept to see freedom and independence in Lebanon? It is not a coincidence to hear few days ago in the news that the Syrian regime arrested in Syria Shaker El-Absi and the key people of his organization. All these members of this organization used to take their orders directly from the Syrian regime. It is also not a coincidence to see the Lebanese Intelligence arresting members of El-Absi organization who executed the terrorists acts in Lebanon and who take their orders from Chaker El-Absi only. They do not have any direct relationship with the Syrian regime and they can not mention any involvement of this regime during the investigations. As for the Syrian Army groups at the northern borders of Lebanon, it is meant to be used for another proposal from the Syrian regime to the western countries.
The plan is the following:
The Syrian regime is trying to convince the western countries to allow them to enter North Lebanon in order to stop the Sunni from forming a canton.
At the same time, they can give a reason for Israel to invade south Lebanon, protect their northern borders and control the Litani water.
The Shiite in this scenario will move to the Bekaa valley where they form their own canton.
The Druze have already their canton ready.
In the north, the Syrian will arrange mercenary troupes to fight under El-Marada (Suleiman Frangieh's movement) and Aoun's movement and to invade the Christian areas. They know that the Christians will not participate in the fights.
For the Christians the Syrian will set up canton ruled by their agents Suleiman Frangieh and Michel Aoun.
In this plan, if the patriotic Christians can secure their areas they will be able to keep the independent Lebanon and this is what the Syrian regimes does not want to happen.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To all Lebanese Patriots
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008

During the funeral of Youssef Frangieh, who is considered as "the Martyr of El-koura" based on the Syrian agent in Lebanon Suleiman Frangieh, sophisticated weapons were shown publicly. The type of weapons carried by the Military. For sure, these weapons were offered to Al-Marada militia by the Axes of evil. First, I would like to warn the Lebanese patriots that these weapons are for the internal use in Lebanon. Second, I would like to warn the people of Zgharta that these weapons will be used against them. The Lebanese army is supposed to disarm the militias and take over these weapons. It would be more helpful than asking the other nations to provide the Lebanese army with weapons. If , for whatever reason or regional circumstances related to the axis of evil, the Lebanese army can not disarm these militias then all Lebanese patriots are supposed to carry weapons in order to protect themselves. At the end when the government becomes strong, these patriots can offer these weapons to the Lebanese army as a gift. I will repeat what I wrote previously to the Syrian agent Suleiman Frangieh that this game of weapons is much bigger than what he can handle. By the way, the kidnapping of the two American Reporters in Lebanon and their appearance in Syria reminds me of what Karim Bakradoni wrote about the Syrian regime in one of his books. He described this regime as someone who creates the lunatic person and then goes to the western countries and offers the hospital to keep the insane and protect the west from his insanity.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Lebanese Presidency and the syrian agents in Lebanon
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008
It is weird this issue of the Syrian agents in Lebanon, they always try to use the presidency as a red carpet anyone can step on. We do not understand what does the presidency has to do when in comes to a conflict between individuals. They do not understand that the presidency gets involved only in national issues and does not deal with individual conflicts. The conflict between Hezbollah and El-Mustakbal Movement was resolved in between them and without the intervention of the president. The same also happened between Hezbollah and the Druze. If someone is looking to resolve a conflict with another individual, it is shameful to try to use the presidency name for his own interest. The battle in Lebanon is similar to what Professor Elie Weisel described in his book "The Night". It is a battle between the doubt and the faith, a battle between desperation and confidence, a battle between forgetness and remembering. The Syrian agent Suleiman Frangieh wants us to forget that his party killed 1150 innocent people after the 1978 incidents in Ehden. The demagogue agent Michel Aoun wants us to forget that he slaughtered the Christian area of Beirut and offered it as a present to the Syrian regime. Both of these agents want us to forget what the Syrian regime did in Lebanon, from slaughtering his people to taking over the resources in the country and ending up killing the patriotic leaders. Let us remember our patriotic heroes and our Lebanese martyrs and all those who died in Syrian prisons. You fought alone, you suffered alone and you lived alone but you did not die alone because something in all of us died with you. They want us to forget but we will never forget.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Letter to Ex Minister Suleiman Frangieh
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008

Mr. Suleimna Frangieh,
After the explosion that happened in Damascus today, I suggest you calm down and stop offending other people. your Uncle Robert is distributing monthly salaries to some young kids and asking them to curse Hamid Frangieh, Rafik Hariri and Omar Ben Khattab in public places in Zgharta. Even if you have the freedom to curse the patriotic leader Hamid Frangieh but it is disgraceful to do so. As for cursing Rafik Hariri and Omar Ben Khattab, you are bringing trouble to yourself and asking the Sunni to kill you. You and your uncle Robert think this is a smart move from your side to win the sympathy of Iran and the Shiites. you are also cursing the USA for the same purpose. I do not believe that you realize how small you are in this political game. Iran and the Shiite need the USA and are trying at the same time to make peace with the Sunni. Do not think that you can use the Shiite to protect your interests in Chekka, Lebanese Lottery, and all other illegal money sources. If your masters in Syria can not handle an explosion in Damascus, why do you think you would be able to handle an explosion in AL-Abi (Frangieh's neighborhood in Zgharta)?Please do not bring trouble to yourself and your supporters. You are not up to this game and can not handle the death of 200 people in an explosion.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Politics
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008

Politics is about stories- the personal story of how a leader was shaped, the national story of how America's long saga has led to today's dramas. Your personal story needs no work at all . Dwight Eisenhower was the last president to enter office with a worldwide image of competence, though obviously his achievements were military rather than technological. But we have work to do on the national story. If Fidel Castro dies before the election the Cuban immigrants (for the first time since 1996 ) will vote for the Democrats. As for the Republicans, fifty years have shown they can't govern without destroying the economy. Starting with Richard Nixon , every Republican president has left the dollar lower, the federal budget deficit higher, the American trade position weaker, and the U.S. manufacturing work force
smaller than when he took office.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
An appeal from the heart
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008
Dear Frangieh family,
This letter that I'm sending is a cry from my heart and would like to know why either the assassin or the victim are always from the Frangieh family.
Dear Frangieh family for a long time, I have been tracking the political process in Zgharta and I got the chance to know your grandparents and your parents in the past. I have seen how much they sacrificed in the past to build the name of the Frangieh family and they end up having no benefits at the end. Only few non-frangieh families like Saadeh, Yamine and Araijy reaped the benefits of your grandparents and your parents sacrifices. Why it is always that the assassin or the victim are from the Frangieh family? What is the reason, not even once the assassin or the victim are from the Saadeh, yamine or Araiji families? What is the reason these families live in peace and build their wealth on the blood shed of the Frangieh family?
You have Jubran Bassil as an example in front of your eyes. He married Aoun's daughter and he is amassing an enormous wealth and power. Anyone of you can also be another Jubran.Why do you have to choose another path? What is the reason you do not live like the children of Joseph Araiji, Joseph Abou Haroun and Abou Chakkour.
Dear Frangieh family, blood only brings blood and wealth brings wealth. the same as your grandparents and your parents died, you will also die. Why do you have to mark your history with blood for few people from Saadeh, yamine, Abou Haroun, Abou Chakour and Araijy families to reap the benefit and build their wealth? I urge to stay away from the blood shed. Please leave it for whoever used your name in the past and built their wealth , to hold weapons this time. Dear Frangieh family, why the assassin or the victim are always from the Frangieh family?
The next period is critical, please do not let them use anymore for the blood shed. On November 7, 2007 I wrote the following letter to Ex-minister Suleiman Frangieh and I would like to remind him again of the content: "I would like to remind Mr. Suleiman Franjieh that the days when the members of his militia imposed themselves by force upon people in el-koura area, where they used to ask the girl to go out of her house for an hour so they can have an affair with the mother or they ask the mother to go out so they can have an affair with her girl, are gone."

From: Garry Knights
Excellent article....but
August 24, 2008 7:35:08 AM
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
c.c. Judi McLeod, CFP
An excellent article, trying to explain to the sheeple of the "free world" what goes on in Syria as well as Iran and other countries run by thugs.
Thanks to Canada Free Press for printing your article. They are the best source of information in Canada. You sure won't get the info they put out on the communist CBC and the rest of the useless Lib media. My question to you is this: Just what would you expect the UN to do about Syria, a stinking rotten corrupt crooked organization that is run by people in power put there by terrorist nations and nations that are run by dictators (thugs). The only solution is to invade countries such as those that mercilessly imprison, torture, rape and kill people. Those dictators and terrorists must be eliminated an any cost. You and I both know that will never happen. It's the "not in my back yard" syndrome. Why aren't free people around the world demanding the UN send fighting forces to help eliminate these dictators and thugs? What has the UN done to protect Israel from terrorism? Nothing! All the thugs at the UN do is criticize Israel for protecting it's own people.
Your answer is right here in Canada and across the border where President Bush has done the right thing in eliminating Hussein, and Al Qaeda, all the while the "loony left" in America say, "he was wrong", after saying to him, "go for it"! Just like in Canada and elsewhere in Europe. Liberalism will be the death of the free world. As Michael Savage says, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder! The Liberal scum don't care about our freedom. They just care about being elected.
I thank God, as a retiree, I don't have much time left on this great ball of dust. Hey, even "free speech" is "banned" in Canada. The Islamofascists will rule the West before our children are gone. And that's a fact. They are operating freely in North America and nothing is being done about it. At the worst they might be brought before Liberal judges. Now that's real scary. You can't fight terrorism in the courts. Terrorists plotting to harm us should be tried by military tribunals and, when found guilty, shot. But that won't happen in Canada. That's why Canada is done, thanks to Trudeau and his traitorous charter of rights (wrongs), the worst Prime Minister ever. But what would you expect from a frenchman. The French couldn't care less about the rest of this country, let alone what happens in Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia, and all around the world where innocent people are murdered by the Islamofascists and thugs like Mugabe.
all the best,
G Knights
Vancouver, BC
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: LEBANON
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008

DR MARWAN ISKANDAR Please I read your article on FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC , The Chairman and the board of directors of the two companies have personal assets of less than $10 Million . So , my question to you is , why don't you write about the four or five famous banks in Lebanon and what they did to make their fortune ? also why don't you write about the Mikati brothers ? you know very well that Rochfeller and Rotshild can't make what the Mikati brothers makes in 5 years. Why don't you also write about the President Frangie whose grandson didn't even graduate high school but who has $ 1 billion in the banks in Europe? The biggest Chairman in America don't have houses like the one that Frangie has. My last question to you is why don't you write about the Fed in Lebanon and it's dealing with those who want to open dealing rooms ? why don't you investigate their qualification to open dealing rooms?
DR Iskandar The Arab oil money made LOW-LIFE people in Lebanon Senior and the Syrian occupation to Lebanon gave the Lebanese gangsters the Power . My respect lawson
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: irresponsible speeches
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008

To Ex-minister Suleiman Frangieh,
The way you talk and attack the Lebanese Forces shows a lot of hostility. It is similar to telling the Lebanese Forces that you will kill their leaders and whoever surrender will join your political party or will have join Fares Bouez. Mr. Suleiman Franjieh, the way you talk is very aggressive and as if you are telling the Lebanese Forces that you kill their leaders or they have to kill you to save themselves. This is the speech of an illiterate and criminal person. This is unacceptable in politics and especially in the situation we are going through in Lebanon. I'm not afraid, like the people you surrendered yourself with, to tell you this truth.  These people who made millions of dollars and abused the resources of our country. I'm holding you responsible for your words as the outcome is catastrophic and I will distribute this message to the international media.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: coincidence?
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008

The Chairman of the PLO Yasser Arafat asked once for an urgent meeting with King Al-Hassan of Morocco.
When meeting with king Al-Hassan, Yasser Arafat told king Al-Hassan that he is having difficulties in the negotiations with the Israelis and requested the King urgent intervention to help in the process. King Al-Hassan said to Yasser Arafat the following: "Yasser, we have to admit that these people are very powerful and you have to ask yourself what they did for you. They were able to change your image in 24 hours from a terrorist to a peace maker who can enter the White House , can have dinner at the United States Department of State, then have lunch at the International Bank and have tea at 10 Downing Street (the residence and office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)" After hearing this story, too many questions came to my mind about Arafat’s role in the Palestinian situation and what goes on behind the scenes. As for the Lebanese and Israeli conflict and during the election year in Israel, Ehud Barak stated clearly that he will withdraw the Israeli army from Lebanon if he is elected as Israeli Prime minister. After the elections the Israeli army withdrew from Lebanon.
Was it a coincidence that the Israeli army gave up their allies in Lebanon (South Lebanon Army) and made of Hassan Nasrallah a Lebanese hero without any effort from his side? In the 1967 war between Israel and the Arab countries, the Israeli army defeated all the Arab armies in 6 days; whereas, in July 2006 the Israeli army prolonged the war on Hezbollah which allowed Hassan Nasrallah to become a Hero.
Was it another coincidence? After the Doha agreement between the Lebanese political leaders, Israel started with Hezbollah the process of exchanging dead bodies and prisoners and Hassan Nasrallah will emerge as a hero after this process.
Is it also another coincidence? In all the free and democratic countries Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah are considered now as terrorists.
Will it be a coincidence to see one day Hassan Nasrallah entering the White House , having dinner at the United States Department of State, then having lunch at the International Bank and having tea at 10 Downing Street the same way Arafat did in the past?
It is very important for us as Lebanese patriots not to leave a reason for the Great seven countries treat us one day as a country harboring terrorism.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: The Syrian message
Date: Thu, 19 June 2008

In the nineteen seventies, Henry Kissinger was the US Secretary of State and he was one of the most powerful politicians in the world. The international media used to cover all his visits and you used to see his name daily in the news around the world. Syria was one of the countries he visited and the Syrian Secretary of State Abdel Halim Khaddam received him at the airport. The media covered his arrival at the airport and how Abdel Halim Khaddam received him. Then, Khaddam accompanied Kissinger to the presidential palace to meet president Hafez Assad.
During this time, one of the intelligence service officers got into an argument with Khaddam's son Jamal at the military club and humiliated him in front of everybody. This argument was instigated at the request of president Assad directly.
At the presidential palace, Khaddam stayed with Kissinger and Assad for few minutes. Then, he was excused and the meeting was held between Kissinger and Assad. While waiting outside of the president's office, Khaddam's wife called him and told him that their son Jamal was humiliated at the military club by one of the intelligence service officers. After the meeting was over, Khaddam accompanied Kissinger to the airport and returned to the presidential palace to tell the president about what happened to his son Jamal. President Assad showed Khaddam that he was upset when hearing the story. President Assad called the chief of the intelligence service and ordered him to put the officer in jail, who humiliated Jamal, and never let him out.
The same night, the officer was seen at the military club where he had dinner with his friends.
Khaddam understood the message. President Assad wanted him to understand that he is only an employee for the Syrian regime even if he meets and takes pictures with one of the most powerful politicians in the world.
The Syrian strategy never changed and it is still the same. Six hours after the picture of President Michel Suleiman and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was seen in the news, the Syrians destabilized the security situation in west Bekaa in order to send a message to President Suleiman that they control the security in Lebanon. On the second day, they requested from their Christian agents in Lebanon to hold a meeting at Aoun's house. The message is for the patriotic leader President Suleiman to understand that Syria can destabilize the Christian area with the help of their Christian agents in Lebanon.

New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna

Subject: History repeats itself
Date: Sat, 14 June 2008

In the past, Suleiman Frangieh, Camille Chamoun and Pierre Gemayel formed the Lebanese coalition against the alliance of Kamal Junblat and the Palestinians.
This alliance was going to overthrow the regime. At that time, this Lebanese coalition chose to go into a war to protect their interests and the regime.
All the intellectual Christians who did not agree with their project were eliminated from the political scene. Their project was to keep the regime 'as is' in order to protect their interests; otherwise, they were going to form their own state and the borders would be from Zagharta in the north to "Tarik Al-Sham" in the south.
Currently Hezbollah is confronting the Parliamentary majority, the same way the Lebanese coalition did in the past, and prepared an alternative plan of forming their own state if things do not fit in their interest. The philosopher "Ibin Khaldoun" once said that every strong and organized fanatic movement eliminates all the other fanatic movements. Now Hezbollah is the strongest fanatic movement in Shiite and represents ninety percent of the Shiite.
At the time of the Lebanese coalition, the Kataeb party had around three hundred thousand subscribers and represented ninety percent of the Christians,
whereas the political movement in Zgharta was the weakest of the Christians but it was strong in Zgharta. This political movement was concerned about the interests and used their force to stop the Kataeb from expanding in Zgharta. The Kataeb party did not put an effort to resolve the situation in a diplomatic way. They tried to take over Chekka which represented the financial source for Frangieh family (Zgharta political movement). They also reacted by using force the same way the political movement in Zgharta did with the people in Zgharta area. As a result the Ehden 1978 incident happened between the Kataeb and Frangieh family. There is no plot or intervention of other countries in this incident as some people from the Frangieh family pretend. It is all about fanatic movements and a power struggle where the strongest wins. Today Hezbollah is a reminder of the Christian fanatic movement in the past. Their attempt to take over the Muslim area of Beirut is similar to what happened with the Christian fanatic movement by taking over the Christian areas. In the past, it was a strategic mistake and because it was not resolved in a fair and diplomatic way, the outcome was very painful for all. If today's strategic mistake by Hezbollah does not get resolved in a fair and diplomatic way, the outcome will be disastrous for the country. I feel sorrow over the mistakes the Lebanese keep making. I can see clearly how history repeats itself and no one is willing to learn from other people mistakes.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: assassination of MP from the north
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008
To all Lebanese Patriots,
Based on my sources, what the axis of evil tells people is false and does not reflect their true intentions. they are lying and cheating everybody.
They are planning to win the elections and take over the power in Lebanon. If their plan does not go smoothly, they have a substitute plan of assassinating the members of parliament from North Lebanon. The execution of the assassinations will be handled by small groups of Lebanese agents, who were trained by the Axis of evil, and accompanied by members of the axis of evil for back up and motivation. It will be similar groups to the one who assassinated Dany Chamoun. At that time, the Lebanese agents did not execute properly the assassination and the axis of evil members had to interfere the last moment and assassinated Dany.Then, they asked the Lebanese agents to kill everyone else in the house. All the members of parliaments from the North should take extreme precautions as their lives will be in danger and they are subject to assassinations. Please be aware.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008

Right now AXES OF EVIL , IRAN and FRIENDS have a strategy that has produced leverage for them , is built on five principles:
PRINCIPLE NO 1 : Always seek " control without responsibility." In LEBANON , Gaza and Iraq, AXES OF EVIL have veto power over the politics, without being held fully responsible for the electricity. the Patriots , by contrast , tend to have " responsibility without control. "
PRINCIPLE NO 2 : Always insist on being able to both run for political office and bear arms. In Lebanon , Gaza and Iraq, America's opponents are both in the Government and have their own militias. PRINCIPLE NO 3 : Use suicide bombing and targeted assassinations against the Patriots who get in your way. In Lebanon, Syria is widely suspected to have been behind the spate of Killings the Patriots journalists and Parliamentarians. One suicide attack on a major official in Iraq can neutralize superior U.S. power .PRINCIPLE NO 4 : Use the Internet as a free command and control system for raising money, recruiting and operations. PRINCIPLE NO 5 : Cast yourself as the " RESISTANCE " to Israel and America, so any opposition to you is equal to support for Israel and America and so no matter how badly you are defeated the mere fact that you " resisted " means you didn't really lose. ARTICLE BY THOMAS FRIEDMAN in NEW YORK TIMES of Today Sunday JUNE 01-08
From: gerginio el-khoury (
Sent:May 28, 2008
To: Elias Bejjani (

Hi Elias I listened to your audio nice comments.. I have too many comments but I am a very busy man to amend them to you.. But I have one remark if you wish to listen to me. You label people and your responses are extremely opinioned to what people are.. Although I am not and never been part of any political party I have the right to put my trust in a person that I believe is doing the right thing to my country.. Finally, it would be nice if you'd read the Synodos for Lebanon then you might understand some things PS: Only naive pal read the lines and do not read what's behind the lines. Bil 3arabi iza fi tafehoum ma3hezbollah mish yi3ni mish jeyi yawmoun3a kill hal Allah ywaf'ak.. I respect your opinion at least you are loyal to what you believe in, doing it for no money (I hope) but for a genuine cause Lebanon which should be above all of that.. Hope we meet one day.. let me know if you come to Sydney..
Cheers mateGino El Khoury
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: distributing weapons
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008
To Ex- minister Suleiman Franjieh

Now that the Lebanese leaders reached an agreement in Qatar, I ask you to pull the weapons you distributed in Zgharta previously. I feel sorry for you that you are involved in killing and destroying the country instead of preparing yourself for a visit to the white House and being received with hospitality like all other Lebanese patriotic leaders. When I heard you talking badly about Samir Geagea who is a patriotic leader, I can tell you that what you are saying is not true and the Lebanese people will show you in the parliamentary elections who Samir Geagea is and how many supporters he has in Lebanon. As for the MP Jawad Boulos, I can tell you that there is a possibility that you will see him one day as a president in Lebanon. And as a Zghortiot, I will not be surprised if I see you trying to get close to him if he becomes president one day as we saw you previously how you follow your interests. Again, I'm not defending Geagea but you have to understand that Geagea is not the primary responsible for Edhen massacre. You have to know that your aunts, and when all the Lebanese people were following Bashir Jemayel, are the primary responsible for your parents death because they kept pushing Bashir and created too many conflicts with him. On top of this, your grandfather's answer (humiliating the Lebanese Forces) to Nassif Jabbour is similar to the answer Yasser Arafat gave to Jordanian king in September 1970. Your grandfather is also the primary responsible as he made a strategic mistake. We all learned from history when leaders do strategic mistakes, the result would be a disaster.
From Elias Bejjani
May 22/05/08

To: "gerginio el-khoury" <>
Dear: It is impossible to debate with any person logically if he worships people and even more difficult to do so when he speaks the divine Hezbollah language. Unfortunately you fall into this category. I advice you to listen to this audio response that I sent recently to a civilized Aounists residing in Lebanon
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Click here to listen to Elias Bejjani's detailed Audio Response on why he had supported General Aoun in Baabda and exile era, and on why he has been opposing him after signing the paper of Understanding with Hezbollah/Windows Media Player
and I also ask you to read this response that I sent  on May 21/05  to Toni Faddoul (USA), who shares your Aounists' sickening detachment from reality and logic:
Ya Tony: Ya Habibi, Haram, Ya Haram!! are you really sane? You sound very sick and the prime symptom of you mental problem is that you are fully drawn into projection. I hope you look in any psychiatric book what this term means.
Wake up and stop deceiving yourself. I am saying this on the assumption that you a real patriotic, I hope that I an not mistaken.
If you are actually a patriotic and still see General Aoun as a genuine Lebanese Christian leader, my advice for you is to check immediately with a psychiatrist for treatment, or better to visit the closest priest for help in asking for God's forgiveness and  for the offering the right penances.
I hate to say that you are politically very naive and extremely superficial, and better, very childish.
If your blind eyes and numbed discretion and polluted mind tell you that I support any Lebanese Leader, than really you are in a pathetic status.
Ya Toni, I support our holy Lebanese cause, and only the cause. And for sure do not worship Aoun and never did, as you apparently do.
Shame on a Lebanese who is an American citizen like yourself who blindly side with a Leader who became a mouthpiece for the axis of evil.
Toni, Are you real American or just living body wise in the states while spirit, mind and stupidity dwelling in Iran.
Shame on your political stupidity and blindness. Alla Yechfiek
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
Thu, 22 May 2008
From: "gerginio el-khoury" <>
Subject: Please Read
Hi Elias
Don't you feel ashamed of yourself now. I don't blame you. I live in Sydney and I understand the damage caused by LBC to the Lebanese Community. G. M. Aoun has proven to every one that he is the true Lebanese and Christian Leader. The only one who did not lie to us over the years and the only one whore turned to the Christians their rights. Go back to your roots. It is never late to admit to a mistake.
Gino El Khoury
Alfa Omega Consulting & Engineering
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008
From: "Tony Faddoul" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] New LCCC Posts/on the LCCC Web Site
Dear Elias,
are you still sticking to your new religion of worshiping Hariri? or, are you just jealous because the Aounists remained Free and refused to join your religion?
I see that you dedicated your website and life for worshiping your new gods, you certainly represent the faithful slave, May the wealth of your new god bless you.
From: Elias Bejjani
To:  "Tony Faddoul" <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008
Ya Tony: Ya Habibi, Haram, Ya Haram!! are you really sane? You sound very sick and the prime symptom of you mental problem is that you are fully drawn into projection. I hope you look in any psychiatric book what this term means.
Wake up and stop deceiving yourself. I am saying this on the assumption that you a real patriotic, I hope that I an not mistaken.
If you are actually a patriotic and still see General Aoun as a genuine Lebanese Christian leader, my advice for you is to check immediately with a psychiatrist for treatment, or better to visit the closest priest for help in asking for God's forgiveness and  for the offering the right penances.
I hate to say that you are politically very naive and extremely superficial, and better, very childish.
If your blind eyes and numbed discretion and polluted mind tell you that I support any Lebanese Leader, than really you are in a pathetic status.
Ya Toni, I support our holy Lebanese cause, and only the cause. And for sure do not worship Aoun and never did, as you apparently do.
Shame on a Lebanese who is an American citizen like yourself who blindly side with a Leader who became a mouthpiece for the axis of evil.
Toni, Are you real American or just living body wise in the states while spirit, mind and stupidity dwelling in Iran.
Shame on your political stupidity and blindness. Alla Yechfiek
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Hitler, Staline and Iranina regime
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008
I would like to welcome the Arab delegation in Beirut. Dear delegation members, I beg you to understand the depth of the history in order to understand the events. This is why I will not write about the far history and I will explain only about the recent history. Hitler raised generations on evil Ideologies and made the German people believe that they are the best and they should rule Europe. Any German who rejected Hitler ideas was killed.
The communist party in the Soviet Union raised generations On Marks Ideology (it was written originally to be in Germany) and made people believe that this ideology will bring them happiness. All who rejected these ideas were killed. In Russia alone Joseph Stalin slaughtered twenty million people. The Communist party claimed that all these people were killed for the purpose of protecting the revolution. At the end, the free democratic nations were forces to go into a war with Hitler in order to defeat him. Also they were forced into a 50 years Cold war with the Soviet Union in order to get this communist and totalitarian regime to collapse. Dear Arab delegation members, this is the depth of the history. And now, the Hitler and Stalin role model Ali Khaminy set up his ideology and convinced the Shiite that they are able to rule Iran, Bahrain, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. At the same time the Iranians convinced the Alawit in Syria that they are from Shiite origins. I'm not quite sure what is the benefit of the Arab league delegation in Lebanon now. The Iranian regime will not change his Ideology from Tehran to Beirut and will assassinate all who reject their ideology. After Lebanon will come Kuwait turn and then Bahrain and Eastern Saudi Arabia. All who rejected Khaminy ideology were killed. In Iraqi, they killed the Shiite army officers who belonged to Baithi Iraqi and they are killing the American soldiers and claiming that all what is done is for the protection of the revolution and the resistance. In Lebanon, all the leftist Shiite and supporters of Mohsen Ibrahim were assassinated and the regime claims that this is done to protect the resistance . This is the depth of the current events. In his article in "New York Times" on may 14, 2008, Thomas Friedman said that the free nations are eventually going to be forced to go into a war in order to stop this totalitarian regime in Iran. I agree with him and regardless how much this war is postponed, at the end it will happen. This is how the history is repeating itself.
Messages From Caroline Ibrahim And Elias Bejjani's responses Text/Audio
May 15/08
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Click Here to read the two Arabic messages sent to Elias Bejjani from Caroline Ibrahim addressing his opposition and harsh criticism for General Aoun and also to read Elias's response in English

لماذا فقدت الثقة بالعماد عون/19 أيار/08
اضغط هنا للإستماع لرد الياس بجاني/20 دقيقة/على مواطنة لبنانية سألته لماذا يعارض العماد عون الذي ترى فيه مخلصاً/Windows Media Player

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Click here to listen to Elias Bejjani's detailed Audio Response on why he had supported General Aoun in Baabda and exile era, and on why he has been opposing him after signing the paper of Understanding with Hezbollah/Windows Media Player
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: new Axis of evil plan
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008

To all Lebanese Patriots,
I had a Dinner last night with a diplomat in one of the Great seven Nations.
While chatting, he asked me not to trust the axis of evil agents in Lebanon Hezbollah, Berri and Talal Irsalan.
The Diplomat said that the whole story, that is going on in Lebanon, is about disarming the patriotic people in order to defeat them at a later stage.
He mentioned to me the details of the plot the axis of evil is preparing to overthrow the government in Lebanon. the axis is arranging the plan through the agents Nabih Berri, Talal Irslan, Omar Karami, Salim Hoss, Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh. Franjieh is the only agent who knows what the real plan is. He kept talking about the details and listed the following:
The role of Berri is to arrange for the round table and to call for meetings. the list of people to be invited from the majority and the opposition is already prepared and Berri's role is to send the invitations and make sure the majority and opposition are present. he also holds the magic solution.
Irslan role is to cheat Jumblat and the Druze in order to disarm the Druze and eliminate any resistance. Karami and Hoss role is to calm down the Sunni people and cheat them by making them believe that Karamu and Hoss are the guarantee for the Sunni and they have the solution that satisfies the Sunni. Aoun's role is to reject, in the presence of Arab committee mediators, any solution proposed by the majority during the talks with the majority.  His role is to be a very tough negotiator and rejects all solutions. After Aoun rejects everything, Berri will proposes a medium solution to the Arab Committee who might adopt. If the majority rejects Berri's solution, Qatar foreign minister will announce that the majority is rejecting solutions.
This will give Hezbollah a reason to resume the war on the majority. As for the solution from Berri, it consists of few points.
*The formation of a government and the appointment of Army Commander Michel Suleiman as a prime minister for the temporary period. at the same time Berri cheats Michel Suleiman and makes him believe that he is the next president. *The request from Michel Suleiman to appoint, from the opposition party, the ministers of interior, finance and foreign affairs. The opposition will leave the justice minister for the majority to make them believe that the opposition is not concerned with the international tribunal.
*A parliamentary election law that fits the opposition needs in order to become the majority in the next elections.
In case Michel Suleiman does not accept the post of prime minster, Berri will suggest a 2 years presidential term.
The diplomat resumed and said that after the parliamentary elections and the winning of the opposition, they will elect Michel Aoun as president if he proves to be the strongest in the Christian areas. if not, they will elect someone else. after the presidential elections, the current opposition will merge the Hezbollah militia, some of the Iranians security forces who speak Arabic and some of the Syrian intelligence with the Lebanese security forces.
Then the new security forces (Iranian and Syrians) will assassinate the patriotic leaders the same way they killed the Iraqi Shiite officers who used to be in Iraqi Baiith party. At the end of the dinner, the diplomat told me that the next time we meet for dinner, he will tell me about the axis of evil plan to kill and eliminate the Lebanese forces.
From: joe selfani" <>
Subject: RE: [Phoenicia] From Elias Bejjani/My new Commentary/On the LCCC
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008
Dear Mr. Elias Bejjani, I have been receiving and reading your articles since 2001, and for all the these articles I am thankful. I have come to realize that the biggest lie that have ever lived in the Christian community was Michel Aoun. If we go back in time we see that Michel Aoun took side of whomever he thought can promote him for presidency or for higher positions. He was with Sheikh Bachir when Bachir was the most powerful and promising man. He made several connections with the Syrians after the withdrawal of the Israelis when Syria became the most powerful and influential player. Many persons have revealed their many attempts and meetings with the Syrians to promote him (it goes without saying that Michel Aoun was sending them or at least having his approval). After the Syrians let him down by backing Sleiman Frangieh than Mikhael Daher for the presidency, he lunched in 1989 a destructive war against the Syrians with no equilibrium of forces costing the Christians and the free eastern regions to loose the status co established that time despite the difficulties the Christians had faced since 1975, knowing also that the eastern regions were relatively enjoying a better life than their partners in the western regions. In addition, the eastern regions were increasingly developing more organized resistance and getting more sophisticated weapons which allowed to establish a kind of equilibrium with the other parties backed by some 13000 Syrian troops. This war with its destructive results led to Taef agreement. As oppose to face the new facts he tried to deviate the Christians with different issue, the Lebanese forces. In 1990 he fought to eliminate the LF the only Lebanese resistance that time to the Syrian occupation to come in 2006 to ally with the only Lebanese militia backed by the Syrians and resisting to establishing a democratic and free Lebanon. Having also in mind that Hezbollah is a fundamentalist Islamic jihadist group having one nation, much bigger than Lebanon, the Islamic one. I would like to ask you to reconsider your previous opinion regarding the 'old' Michel Aoun, and only that time you will understand his current behavior.
Joe Selfani
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Message to General Suleiman
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008

General Suleiman
General Suleiman, the statement I listed above was the subject in all newspapers in the free nations around the world. General Suleiman, after the strike that took place in Lebanon on the 23rd of November last year and the attempt by some Lebanese army soldiers to assassinate Doctor Fares Saaid, I sent you a post card and wrote the following: "In 1976 Dean Brown gave Raymond Edde a choice between his patriotism or becoming a president, Raymond Eddeh chose his patriotism".
General Suleiman, I believe you did not read my post card and I can tell you that you gave up your patriotism for the gangster of the party of evil and you know very well that they are arresting and killing people in their secured areas. When asked about the arrested people, their answer is that these people surrendered to the Lebanese army. Michel Suleiman, you are covering these gangster who are killing innocent people in Lebanon. You will also cover their attempt to kill the patriotic leader Walid Jumblat. Michel Suleiman, the blood of the innocent Sunni people that was shed in the streets of Beirut will get to your house one day. Michel Suleiman, I would like to remind you that General Pinochet in Chile and General Diya Hakk in Pakistan were much more important than what you are right now and we all saw what happened to them.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Questions by a journalist
Date: 6 May 2008

Dear All,
A friend of mine visited me last week with his family and I want to share with you what he told me. He is a journalist who worked for a long time in the Middle East and he is familiar with the political details of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He was a reporter for international magazines who lived a long time in Lebanon and the Middle East region. He told me that it is strange the story of Lebanon where you find gangsters and terrorists in the streets of Beirut who claim that they are Lebanese resistance. He was one of the international journalist who were listening to the news when Ehud Barak, the nominee of the labor party in Israel, was saying that he will withdraw the Israeli army from Lebanon if he wins the elections. This Journalist resumed his talk and asked what is the role in this case of these gangsters (Hezbollah), who represent the Axis of evil in Lebanon, in the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Lebanon? These gangsters are in control of too many Lebanese institutions and in between these institutions is the Lebanese postal service where they take all what they need when it arrives at the airport and after they filter it, they give the rest to the Lebanese postal office. He also added that everyone knows that the Syrian regime awarded Taha and Najib Mikati the contract of the Lebanese post and telephone. This journalist gave me an example on how powerful Taha Mikati is in Lebanon as he was beyond the law and he was able to appoint his brother as a minister for few times. He continued saying that in one of the Parliamentary sessions, former Prime minister Omar Karami accused Najib Mikati of stealing and lying in the presence of the government and parliaments members. As a result, President Assad was upset with Karami and the Syrian secret intelligence service in Lebanon worked against karami in order not let Karami win the next parliamentary elections and to humiliate him.
If at that time the Patriotic leader Walid Jumblat did not stand by Karami, and supported him, it would have been a big problem for Karami and he would have lost the elections and you would have seen him in Jail. My friend resumed his talk and asked few questions. He asked who would be able to return the journalist Nouhad Al-Mashnouk to Lebanon, after being forced out by the Syrian regime to leave the country, except for a powerful and influential man with the Syrian regime like Taha Mikati (Nouhad thanked Taha few times afterward)? How come a person with that influence in the Syrian regime, and has a lot of control over what he needs in Lebanon, was not interrogated by the international tribunal and asked how many times he had conversations with President Assad and few Syrian leaders about Lebanese patriotic politicians and especially Sunni Politicians? What are the subjects covered in these conversations? He said, for sure Taha Mikati thinks, with the money he made in corruption, that he can buy the conscience of few Lebanese.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
War in Lebanon
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008
The ex-president Emile Jamil Lahoud is telling his visitors that there will not be a presidential election in Lebanon and not even parliamentary elections in 2009, but there will be war in the Middle East and the Axis of evil will win this war. Mr. Nasrallah, I hope you do not take a risk and participate in this war because you are going to lose. The reason you will lose this war is very simple. They have the new military technology and they know how to use it.
As for you, you have the old technology and you don't know how to use it. Mr. Nasrallah, if you participate in this war, you will destroy Lebanon and you will cause more immigration of the young generation. There is no reason to participate in this war if it is going to be for the purpose of helping the corrupted gangsters like Emile Lahoud to go back to power and abuse the government like they did in the last 30 years. Mr. Nasrallah, your missiles will not reach Israel this time because the new military technology will destroy them before they reach Israel. If you participate in this war, they can take all your militia's front line people as prisoners of war unless their strategy is to let your militia go back to Beirut where you can celebrate the divine glory after your get defeated. Mr. Nasrallah, please stay away from Ali Khamany's strategy because it is a destructive strategy for Lebanon and Iran. Please follow the strategy of Imam Moussa Sadar, who is in the image of the Holy Imam Ali, in order to save Lebanon and Iran. I would like to remind you that in the modern history of France and when France was in danger, Raymond Pointcarre called Clemenceau and said to him:" you know very well that I hate you but I'm calling in order to cooperate with you and save France". Mr. Nasrallah, please take the initiative to cooperate with March 14 movement in order to save Lebanon and Iran.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
To Shiek Hassan Nasrallah
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008

Mr. Nasrallah
I believe you watched TV recently and you saw how the media around the world covered the visit of Pope Benedict to the USA. You also watched how the media covered Dalai Lama previously. As for you, you live in hidden places and no one covers you. If you are interested in knowing the difference between them and you, I can tell you. The holy Pope and Dalai Lama relay a message of hope, peace and life when they talk. You talk only missiles, war and death because you are an image of the regime Ayatollah Khaminy established. You have nothing in common with the holy Imam Ali Khaminy's regime represents 15% of the people of Iran. The Iranian people are looking for a message of hope and life. The political strategy of this regime affected the economy and the welfare of the Iranian people and now 10 out of 40 millions live below the poverty level. This strategy gave Qatar the opportunity to produce gas, become wealthier and much more developed than Iran. And now the people of Qatar live a much better life style than the Iranian people. In return Qatar supports Iran, Syria and Hezbollah financially to buy missiles and keep the same war strategy in order for Iran not to have the opportunity to ask the western world for any technological help to produce their gas. Mr. Nassrallah, this political strategy of missiles and death destroyed Iraq and killed the Iraqi people and those who are still alive, they live in misery. This strategy is also affecting the Lebanese people and they are poorer now and their hope in life is being eliminated. Mr. Nassrallah, your missiles will destroy Lebanon like Iraq and are only protecting some corrupted politician.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Message to MP. Elie Skaf
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008

Mr. Skaf: One day I will write what your Father told me in Paris before his death. Today, you said you don't know where the killers are. I will tell you where they are: They are in the area of Hezbollah in Bekaa, and are protected by them. May be after they will move them to Syria, like they moved the killers of the two people in the North. Mr. Skaff you don't ask your self why the services of  killing of the Axis of Evil, Iran - Syria - Hezbollah give to you the Money, it is clear why they give to you money: it is to kill more Christians. Now the blood is in your home, and the family of the two martyrs for Lebanon either will kill you or they will kill your children. Mr. Skaff may be you don't know blood, but I know because I am from Zghorta . If you begin by Blood you will be finished by Blood. Please don't let this happen to you
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008

Please look at the picture in today 's (09 April 2008 ) ALMUSTAQBAL . The Patriarch Sfeir is sitting with the Ambassador of the Axis of Evil (Iran). In the picture, the Patriarch is holding the cross in his right hand to protect him from the hypocrisy and lies that he is listening to. God bless all the patriots in the world who believe in freedom and democracy. TO THE PATRIOTS OF LEBANON: BE NOT AFRAID! ALL THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES IN FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY SUPPORT YOU.TO THE PATRIOTS OF LEBANON: If there were an Olympic contest in Hypocricy then the Axis of Evil( Iran, Syria Hezbollah) would win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Lesson to be learned
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008
To some people in my Town Zgharta, (North Lebanon)

During the Syrian occupation, the corrupted political leader in Zgharta was abusing the public sector. At the end of the day, only few of his supporters were given a small portion of what was taken from the government and they felt as if they are much better and more important than the other people who live in dignity.
I would like to tell you the story of a friend of mine called Chuck Feeney who worked hard all his life and made a fortune. When we used to go out to dinner, we used to split the bill and he used to pay only his share and never let his ego drive him. He never showed off or acted in a way to let anyone feel that he is better because of his money. Chuck established a foundation called Atlantic Philanthropy and donated all his money (8 billion dollars) to this foundation. He was so humble that he did not accept the foundation to be named after him. He donated hundred of millions of dollars to hospitals and universities and refused to put his name on any sign showing that he donated the money. Here's how some of Chuck Feeney's $ 8 billion dollars are distributed. He is giving away every year $ 400 million to charities. He gave away $1 billion to education in Ireland, the land of his forebears. He donated $588 million to Cornell University,$ 125 million for the cardiovascular center at the University of California in San Francisco and $ 60 million to the stanford Biomedical Center. I hope you can learn from this story. Stop to show off . You could feel better when you have few dollars in your pocket. Don't let the corrupted leader train you to hurt or offend the dignity of other people in Zgharta
Iraqi Christians
From: Robert Karcher (
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Sent:April 7, 2008
To: Bejjani Elias (

Dear Mr Bejjani
The "civilized world" under the supposed "leadership" of George Bush appears to be in full retreat from all moral clarity and championing the human rights of Christian minorities. I'm sure you're familiar with the current situation in the Balkans where the Islamists are in the process of seizing sovereign territory from Serbia (Kosovo) and "cleansing" it of all non-Islamic peoples all with the support of the supposed leader of the free world, George Bush. Even now he (Bush) plans to supply the Islamists with additional arms so they can more efficiently carry out their genocide against Christian and other non-Muslim peoples. I won't speculate as to why we see the leader of the "free world" basically conducting genocidal policies against Christian populations of small free nations except to note that either he has gone mad, he is on drugs or mind control substances, he is under control of a handler or some combination of all three of these. Bottom line. Two things are clear: (1) America has totally lost control of its government, and (2) the Christian world and especially the Christian populations of Iraq, Lebanon and/or Serbia can expect very little in the way of help from Bush. And looking at the possible successors to Bush in 2008, the same will be true of the next administration.
Bob Karcher
Killing of Father Youssef Adel
From: auanewswatch (
Sent:April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008 – With deep sadness the Assyrian Universal Alliance received news of the heinous crime which claimed the life of Father Youssef Adel of the Syriac Orthodox Church. The Assyrian Universal Alliance condemns in the strongest terms possible this vicious and cowardly act of terrorism perpetrated against the Christian clergy and innocent civilians of the Nineveh plains and Baghdad. This is an inexcusable act of cold and calculated murder. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the immediate family of Father Youssef, his parishioners, the Orthodox Church, and the Assyrian nation worldwide. May almighty God rest the soul of this latest martyr who walked the path of peace shepherding our people. Let his martyrdom be a reminder to our people, particularly our churches, to stand shoulder to shoulder in defending our nation.
Executive Board, Assyrian Universal Alliance
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Iraqi Christians: Exodus, Ethnic Cleansing & Identity Annihilation
From: Sami Joseph (
Sent:April 7, 2008
Iraqi Christians: Exodus, Ethnic Cleansing & Identity Annihilation

I share your concern for the future of Christianity in the Arab World, but not your assessment of who are the real culprits behind all the ongoing sectarian strife in the region. The war on Iraq is at Israel's behest. The real aim is to destroy that country and weaken it so that it poses no security risk to Israel. One way of ensuring that is through sectarian divide using the tried and tested method of "divide and rule"; hence the ongoing Shia/Sunni sectarian violence and its bi-product the targeting of Christians. I, myself, am a Christian Arab who deplores all acts of inhumanity not only against fellow Christians but all other innocents. To understand what is really going on, I suggest you read the text at the following link: The plea for help to Christians from non-Arab countries who are nominally Christian will fall on deaf ears. Trust me, these countries are controlled and its rulers couldn't care less. The so-called moderate Arab countries are not interested in anything other than the preservation of the rulers and the clique directly benefiting from the regimes. Without wishing to prolong this message, the salvation of indigenous Christianity in the Arab world rests with those whom you least expect.
God bless, Sami Joseph
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To Ex-minister suleiman Franjieh
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008

I watched your interview on LBC and I have few questions to raise.
1- you are setting up a security system around the area where you live.
I'm wondering if the Axis of evil already asked you to protect yourself and be ready for any troubles they are preparing for Lebanon.
2- you asked why Abdel Halim Kaddam does not tell us who killed President Maawad.
how come that someone like you who knows how the Syrian regime works is asking this question?
you know that President Hafez Assad set up a structure where none of the military departments can communicate with each other or with the politicians or the intelligence.
each of these departments can communicate only with President Assad.
It is president Assad who ordered the Syrian intelligence to assassinate President Maawad and it was facilitated by their agents in Lebanon.
3- You are defending the four officers, who are being held in jail for their involvement in the killing of Prime minister Hariri, as if each one of them is Mother Teresa.
I'm wondering what will happen to your credibility if the international criminal tribunal accuses them?
4- you are defending the Syrian regime.
I'm wondering what will happen to your credibility if the international criminal tribunal accuses this regime?
5- you talk about your friendship with Prime minister Hariri and at the same time when you were asked, in one of the funerals in Zgharta, who killed President Maawad, you replied that the Saudi Arabian Regime killed President Maawad because the Saudi regime wanted Hariri as prime minister and Maawad refused.
6- you say in the interview that your political opponents are bribing people and you are encouraging people to take the money as it is their money and it was stolen by these politicians.
I would like to ask you where did you get all the castles and the big housed you live in from? where did you get all the money you have in the banks?
7- you are saying that you asked your friends for support you in order to buy fuel and gas and distribute to people.
it is strange that you are talking about friends and not about supporters.
since when you have friends and not supporters?
Do you consider the money you get from the Lebanese lottery, bingo, Cheka cement company and the from the fake invoices in the ministry of health as money from friends?
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Open Letter to Ex-minister Suleiman Franjieh
Date: April 02/08
Dear Mr. Suleiman Franjieh
what you said today about Samir Geagea is not true. Geagea proved to be a prominent Maronite politician and one of the important Lebanese leaders in the history of Lebanon. Now that you are using and abusing the name of "al-Marada", I would like to remind you when "al-Marada" were founded in Antelias (Beirut), your family was still not in Lebanon at that time. Now that you are using the name of Patriarch Doueihi, I would like to remind that your family did not exist during the days of the Doueihi and you came to our area a long time after the death of the Patriarch and you do not have anything in common with the Doueihi.
You have to know that you and the demagogue Aoun caused the death and the immigration of a larger number of Christians than what the famine during the first world war did in Lebanon.  you know and Omar Karami knows and at the same time all the free people around the world know that the Syrian President Hafez Assad took the decision to kill Rashid Karami and Danny Chamoon. this decision was executed by the Syrian intelligence with the help of their agents in Lebanon.
I would like you to know that the patriotism of the Lebanese Forces and their belief in Lebanon was the shield that helped to protect Lebanon and the Christian area from falling under the control of the axis of Evil (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah) when they used the demagogue Aoun as a political cover.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Nabih Berri
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008
To: Mr Berri,

In the year 1958, Kamel Al-Assaad was advised to go to Syria same as other political leaders in Lebanon did. His answer was " I'm Lebanese and Lebanon is my country and I have three options, I will either live in my house or go to jail or die but I will not leave my country". Mr Berri, I would like you to know that I'm coming from a generation who had a dream to see people like Nabih Berri, Ali Al-khalil, Abedilmajid Alrafeih, Yacoub Sarraf, Hassan Alrifaeh, Habib Sadek, Ahmad Sweid, Mohsen Ibrahim, Albert Mansour and Samir Franjieh as members of the Lebanese Parliament. It was a dream for our generation to see these people in the parliment working on new legislative laws that can help to build a better future for generations to come. Mr. Berri, what you are doing now will not be forgiven by the new generations especially that there are thousands of Lebanese people using the web to spread the news around the Globe. All the news will be archived in the libraries of the universities and people in the future will read about you are doing. The new Shiite generation will not be satisfied with what you did and they will curse the time when they see what you did for Lebanon and for the new generations.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Bishop Boulos Matar
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008

Dear Bishop Matar, I read in the newspapers that you met previously with demagogue Michel Aoun. I also read that you met again today with the axis of evil agents Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh. Dear Bishop, I would like to tell you that the Syrian regime sent previously Mr. Jean Obeid to meet Patriarch Sfeir. Mr. Obeid used to pass the message to the Syrian regime about the Patriarch point of view. The Syrian regime found that Patriarch Sfeir is a true Lebanese patriotic and loves Lebanon. This does not help to serve the Syrian interests in Lebanon and they ordered their agents Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh to start a campaign against the Patriarch in order to put him in a bad situation and get him to resign. What you have to know dear bishop is that the axis of evil strategy in Lebanon will not change unless the Iranian regime changes. Aoun and Franjieh are only the messengers and all what they say is coming from the Syrian regime who knows already from Mr. Jean Obeid the Patriarch point of view. all the countries who believe in freedom and democracy know that the axis of evil set recently a financial budget to buy the conscious of some Maronite leaders who will have to request from the Patriarch to resign and retire. the Axis of evil has plenty of financial resources that can be used to buy people conscious. for the axis of evil, the decision comes from Iran who asks Syria to order their agents in Lebanon to do what is needed. in another word, talking to the agents Aoun and Franjieh does not have any value. Dear bishop, the axis of evil plan is to eliminate Lebanon and it is required from all the patriotic leaders and people to work together as a team and protect Lebanon from the storm when it comes.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Message to Nabih Berri
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 02:38:19 +0000
To Mr. Berri
I watched the news today and I heard your speech. It is not acceptable for you to talk about something you are not convinced that it is right.
you know that you are not convinced but you are supposed to say what you said. if you think that the Shiite-Sunni battle will happen, you should also know that the Sunni are not afraid and 20 millions Sunni will come to Lebanon to fight this war. If you think that the Shiite-Christian battle will Happen, I can assure you as a Lebanese Christian living abroad that there are 2 millions Christians from around the world will come and protect Lebanon.
Tomorrow Mr. Hassan Nasrallah will continue the same thing as you did today even if he might not be convinced of. Don't think that the demagogue Aoun or the corrupted Suleiman Franjieh can be your Christian cover anymore. Mr. Berri, you have to know that the only way for us in Lebanon to sort out our differences is to sit and talk to each other. Lebanon is for all of us, Shiite, Sunni, Druze and Christians. I feel sorry for you that you speak this way on TV.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Subject: Lebanon future
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008

A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: The Lebanese council of state (Conceil d'Etat)
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008
Dear all, Neither the new generation in Lebanon, nor anyone who believes in freedom will forget about Rafik Hariri. There is no doubt that Rafik Hariri is one of the pillars in the independence in Lebanon. He died for his country and for democracy. All Lebanese around the world are grateful for Rafik Hariri who is one of the Heroes who died for freedom and democracy. During the Syrian occupation, the Lebanese government signed a contract with "Hairri institution" allowing this institution to create an artificial island in the sea facing the Normandy Hotel in Beirut. The Lebanese Council of State (Conceil d'Etat) has to terminate this contract between "Hariri institution" and the Lebanese government as it happened during the Syrian occupation and does not represent what Hariri believes in. During the Syrian occupation also, the Ex-minister Suleiman Franjieh used his influence to award a contract of the Lebanese Lottery to one of his supporters. this supporter is used as a cover because the main share of profits is going to Mr. Suleiman Franjieh. The Lebanese council of State has to terminate this contract as there is no country that awards such contract for seven years and without any bidding process. The council has to confirm that the government is getting the returns.  At the same time, the Council has to confirm that the holder of the contract is paying all the Taxes due. This is the responsibility of the Council of State.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Freedom has a Price and does not come for free
March 03/08
to all Lebanese patriots, Iran is proposing to the western (G7) countries and to Israel a deal in which Iran is willing to do anything for these countries if they accept Iran to be the military force of the middle east.As an example, Iran is offering to Israel in this deal the Golan heights, "Jabal Al-cheik" and the water of Litany river, any parts of south Lebanon in addition to creating permanent Palestinian settlements in Lebanon and Syria. In return, the Iranian would like Hezbollah to be in power in Lebanon and Hezbollah's army to replace the Lebanese army.Based on my readings, I'm confident that the western countries who believe in freedom and democracy will not accept this deal.In any case, let's assume that the countries who believe in freedom and democracy accepted this deal even if I'm quite sure it will not happen. The plan of the axis of evil in Lebanon is the following if this deal goes through: they will not accept Mr. Michel Aoun to become president in Lebanon because of all the reports they get from psychologists about his personality. they know that he is a demagogue and can not be trusted. at the same time the axis of evil is controlling most of the members of parliament belonging to Aoun's political party either by the mean of money or by promising a certain political power. they will get to power a president who will persecute, kill and detain in prison the patriotic leaders in Lebanon. their presidential candidate is Mr. Suleiman Franjieh, but according to my readings, President Bashar Assad will not do with Mr. Suleiman Franjieh the same mistake when he appointed him the minister of interior before the Assassination of Prime minister Rafik Hariri.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: For The Purpose To Go Back To Power
February 21/08

Dear all, From time to time, we see the little agents of the Axis of Evil in Lebanon, Talal Ersalan, Emile Emile Lahoud & Suleiman Franjieh informing us that they will use Hezbollah's weapons to destroy Lebanon. This is all done for the purpose of going back to power and to go back to the corruption in the government sector. We all have witnessed the corruption when they were still in power and how much money they made from the public sector, from the Lebanese Casino, lottery and bingo, from Chekka Cement company and by controlling also the energy sector. In order for these agents to prove their good intentions with the Shiite sect in Lebanon, and instead of using Hezbollah's weapons and the children of Shiite to destroy Lebanon, why they don't transfer the money they deposited in European banks to Lebanon and help the Shiite children? Why they do not ask their leader, the demagogue Michel Aoun, to transfer also his money from the European banks to Lebanon for the same cause?
From A.I
tolccc of Canada <
Feb 15, 2008

Re: From Elias Bejjani/My new Editorial/for publication
Dear Elias Beijani,
Great thanks. I published this. There are many rumors and theories (it was a work accident). I know that Daily Star also thinks that Syria killed him because they are tired of him. But they are not tired of living and Mughniyeh was Iran's property. Bashar is in so deep with the Mullahs by now that he can't get out. Also Bashar and family are not such big altruists. They have a lot of useless and dangerous terrorists around that they don't kill. Nazis don't kill their attack dogs. Iran will investigate. Unlike the UN, if there is something to find they will find it. They don't worry about laws against torture and so on. Assad knows this. If he whacked Mughniyeh, he will have health problems. Big health problems. The car bomb method, "according to foreign sources" has been used by the Mossad in the past.Of course Israel denies any knowledge, but Meir Dagan, head of the Mossad will probably get his term renewed for another year according to Israel TV. Also when Ehud Barak got back from Turkey he was a in a very good mood, grabbed the megaphone in the airplane and congratulated everyone on landing in Israel. Maybe it doesn't mean anything, right? Who knows who killed this guy, but why give Syria the credit? Claim the credit for your group. FBI offers $ 25 million reward.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Few mercenaries in Zgharta
Date: Tue, 12 Feb/08

To the few mercenaries in Zgharta, I got information that the Syrian agent in zgharta is recruiting mercenaries in his preparation for an armed conflict.
To these mercenaries, I would like to say that taking part in an armed conflict in Lebanon with the desire to gain $500 to $600 each month and not knowing the consequences of your actions is a big crime. Even if you think that you are strong enough to kill more people from the other party, still a lot of you will be killed. did you ask yourself what will happen to your wife, children and parents after your death? did the Syrian agent in zgharta who is recruiting you guarantee for you that he will look after your family after your death? are you sure that this agent will not die or go to prison? I would like to ask you before you get involved with this agent in his war against the patriotic people in Lebanon and before your put your family in a humiliating situation, to visit the houses of his followers (who will not fight) the few people who will benefit from your death and see in what luxury they live. if you are still convinced that you have to take the job of the mercenary, I would like to tell you that the war will most likely be similar to the war in Iraq where your family along with the families of the other party will suffer and no one will be safe. I hope you take my advice into consideration and think well before you accept to fight for the desire to gain few dollars.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To the Lebanese military attorney-general Jean Fahed
Date: Tue, 12 Feb/08

Mr. Fahad, I read in the newspapers the prosecution against the Lebanese army officers and soldiers. All the Lebanese people in and outside the country know the truth about what is going on in Lebanon. We understand your situation and that you have either children or parents to look after in a country where the axis of evil (Iran-Syria-Hezbollah) is planning to destroy. All the Lebanese people understand your situation and it is not easy to say your opinion in a country where axis of evil kill the innocent people. I would like to remind you that in the past, the axis of evil killed the United States ambassador in Lebanon who had children and parents to care about but he was not afraid of the axis of evil. We all know and you also know that axis of evil and their militias destroyed the American embassy in the past and all the innocent employees in the embassy have also children and parents like you. We all know and you also know that axis of evil and their militias destroyed the US Marines building in Lebanon and all these soldiers who died have children and parents like you. It was much more appropriate for you to prosecute Hassan Nasrallah and his militia, as they are behind the recent problems in Lebanon, than to present a case against the Lebanese soldiers who are trying to protect their country. My respect to all these soldiers you prosecuted as they are baring much more than what they can handle.  you know that they are all innocent same as you are. it is much more appropriate in this case for you to resign.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Destroy Lebanon but avoid Sunni and Shiia confrontation
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008

Dear All, Iran is ordering Syria and Hezbollah not to create any confrontation between Sunni and shiia in Lebanon as this will produce hostility toward Iran in all Sunni countries from Asia to Beirut. Iran is telling Hezbollah to either take over the power in Lebanon or destroy the country. Now Hezbollah is trying to go into a confrontation with the Christians in order to destroy the army and the country because they it not allowed to fight the Sunni (as Iran suggested). Hezbollah's plan is the following: What happened last Sunday is that Hezbollah sacrificed few children members of the Shiite community in order to accuse the army and the Christians of their killing. once they go into any fight with the Christian community, Hezbollah and Syria will ask their Christian allies Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh to kill people in the Sunni community. this will give a reason for Hezbollah to use the instinct of the Sunni community and get them to cooperate in order to form a military alliance to protect the Muslims in Lebanon. If the plan works for Hezbollah and confrontations between Muslims and Christians escalates, the next step would be to kill the Christian patriotic leaders and at the same time kill the Sunni patriotic leaders using Michel aoun and Suleiman franjieh as a cover. Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh are aware of these plans and started to help already.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: More Evil Plans
Date: February 02/08
Dear All, After reading in the newspapers that Iran is stealing the Iraqi oil and using the help of the shiite in Iraq who belong to the axis of evil, I have a feeling that Kuwait is in danger. Iran will most likely try to create problems and destabilize the state of Kuwait in order to steal the Kuwaiti oil, especially that oil is located on the borders between Iraq and Kuwait where there are a lot of Shiite who are Iran's allies. These Shiite were supported financially and had military training in Iran at the time when Saddam Hussein was still in power. I'm worried about Kuwait's future. by the way the axis of evil agent in Lebanon Suleiman Franjieh is telling us that he will open offices for his political party in all the Christian areas. these locations will be actually for the axis of evil under the name of "El-Marada" movement who will serve as a cover. you will see Hezbollah and Syrian militants using these locations. Hopefully the people in the Christians areas are aware of these plans and they should not rent out any place to El-Marada movement.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Qatar and syria
Date: February 01/08

Dear All, some people are wondering what is the reason the prince of Quatar is serving the Syrian interests regardless if they are fair or not. The story is very simple and it is about returning favors. The current ruler, prince of Qatar seized the power in Qatar when his father was out on a visit to Europe. The Father (previous ruler of Qatar) planned to return to power again. Accompanied by one of his top assistants, he visited some Arab rulers and tried to get some support. As usual, The Syrians regime tried to sell the father prince and notified the current prince of the plan. At the same time they promised the father to help. the Syrian played a dirty role by setting up a plot to deliver the father's top assistant to the current Quatar authorities. they called the previous prince to send his top assistant to Syria in order to discuss a plan to help. Once the top assistant was in Syria, they convinced him to visit Lebanon. In Lebanon, the previous president Lahoud delivered the assistant to the Qatar authorities.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Arab league meeting in Cairo
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008

To all Lebanese Patriots and Media,
Now that the foreign ministers of the Arab league are going to meet in Cairo this Sunday to discuss the Lebanese issues, we hope they take the decision of sending Turkish, Jordanian and Egyptian armed forces to Lebanon in order to protect the Lebanese people from the terrorism of the Axis of evil and his allies. we want these forces to protect the democracy in Lebanon and facilitate for a Lebanese president to be elected (General Michel Suleiman) by the majority. If for any reason the axis of evil (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) is going to resume the killing of the patriotic leaders and block the elections, we hope that Turkey and Jordan would allow the smuggling of weapons through their borders to Syria so the Syrian people can confront the Syrian terrorist regime and knock him down.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: The poor people of Lebanon
17 Jan 2008
To Mr. Hassan Nasrallah and Mr. Ibrahim Al-Amine, If you really feel with the poor people of Lebanon and especially the Shiite, I would like to ask you to have the courage to request from all your corrupted allies, Mikati, Franjieh, Aoun, Dalloul and Murr, who took the money from Lebanon and sent to European banks, to return it back so you can distribute on the poor Lebanese. Please ask these allies, whom you are protecting with you missiles, to offer their palaces to the poor shiites so they can stay warm during the cold weather. Please show the world that you really believe in Imam Ali and that you have read the book of "Nahj Al-Balagha" and the whole world will call you Heroes.

A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna/
Subject: Explosion in Beirut
 Wed, 16 Jan 2008/
Dear Patriots: The Axis of Evil (Syria, Iran and Hezbollah) is behind Tuesday's explosion in Beirut. The Axis of Evil planned and Hezbollah executed . The Terrorist Sheik Hassan Nasrallah asked M.P, Michel Aoun a week ago to attack the Americans in order to cover what his terrorist organization (Hezbollah) wants do. Due to the fact that Nasrallah was not brought to court in the 80's after his terrorist attacks on the USA Marines and American Embassy in Beirut, He is now deluding himself that he can hit the Americans again and again anytime he likes. I can assure you that this time Nasrallah will be brought to justice. Meanwhile the Demagogue and derailed Michel Aoun will ultimately face the same fate of General Boulanger , who too was a demagogue like Aoun. Boulanger finished up (by the end of the 19th century), exiled to Belgium where he died
A New Message From Lawson Kass Hanna/Subject: Lebanon/Subject: Karim Bakradoni
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008
To all Lebanese patriots: It will be a long way before the Syrian regime stops the evil plans in Lebanon. Please be aware of the new plan. Now that Mr. Michel Aoun is having problems in getting the Christians to support him, the Syrian regime is asking Mr. Karim Bakradoni to get involved and help Aoun. The Syrians know that Mr. Bakradoni is a smart and experienced politician who can help Aoun. you will most likely see Mr. Bakradoni visiting Bkerki in the next few days and giving rhetorical speeches about the unity of the Maronites, the Leadership of the country and the salvation of the Christians in Lebanon. He will try to play on the feelings and instincts of the Maronites. We would like to ask Mr. Bakradoni to tell us if Mother Teresa came to him in his dreams and asked him to come for help or it was the Syrian regime asking him to support Aoun. We appreciate if Mr. bakradoni would focus his efforts onuniting the Armenians in Lebanon and leave the Maronites in peace.
A New Message From Lawson Kass Hanna
/Subject: Lebanon

Jan 11/08/
To all Lebanese Patriots: The axis of evil (Iran-syria) is proposing a plan to the USA and the western countries in which the Palestinian refugees in Lebanese camps would permanently settle in Lebanon. In the proposal, Hezbollah has to take over the power in Lebanon in order to guarantee the settlement. When asked about the Christians opinion and Bkerki's opinion about this plan and if they will agree, Iran is explaining that Michel Aoun who represents the majority of the Christians would be the cover to this plan. Iranian regime guaranteed that Michel Aoun is under their control. Please be very careful of these evil plans
Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Distributing Weapons
Wed, 9 Jan 2008

I heard that the Syrian agents in Zgharta are still distributing weapons.I would like to ask the followers of the Syrian agents in Zgharta not to get involved in this war as it will mark their end. If someone convinced you that you will win this war, and actually you can't, the only result would be to open the door again for the thieves of Chekka, Lottery, Hhealth ministry to go back to the institutions and increase their wealth. as for you, you will stay in the same situation of poverty as it happened in the past when they amassed their wealth. If you lose this war, the result for you would be catastrophic because you will lose your loved ones. As for these thieves ,who used you in the past to make money, will not be affected. they are not in need anymore for Issam Fares and Gilbert Shagouri's help. They have a lot of money in foreign banks and they can live in luxury at he French Riviera beaches.
Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Iranian tactic
Tue, 8 Jan 2008

To all the Lebanese patriotic people, The axis of evil (Iran and Syria) is facilitating the process for the Arab ministers in order to elect a Lebanese president. they are facilitating with the intention to buy some time and to show the western world that they have good intention in Lebanon. at the same time, they are asking Hezbollah and their allies not to accept any resolution and to keep things moving in a viscous circle. the whole issue is about time. the axis of evil is counting on the time when the western world will be desperate after seeing that the Lebanese people can not resolve their issues. if this works, the western world will have much more interests to deal with Iran to resolve these issues. that's why it is important for the patriotic leaders in Lebanon to have a plan and work only according to this plan. they should not trust any word the axis of evil is saying. the patriotic leaders should have a clear plan on how to protect the Lebanese people and the government. they can not be a reaction.


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