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From: Sami Karam (
Sent: October 15, 2007 2:44:02 PM
Cc: Elias Bejjani (

Dear Dr Chadi
Thank you for reading the analysis, and your feedback. You mention that I have a party or am affiliated with a party. I would first like to state that I have no affiliation to any party regardless of what you may think. I mentioned Samir Geagea and Aoun as they were the condemned Christian leaders after the end of the Lebanese war and they both returned to the scene after the Syrian withdrawal. As you well know, one went to prison and the other into exile. And just to add, just as Dr Geagea was convicted, so was General Aoun. He was convicted in abstensia. One note that often goes unmentioned, is that the Hariri empire was built long before he was Prime Minister. He was a billionaire before he was a Prime Minister. I do not disagree that Hariri was a party to the Syrian occupation for a long time, yet I can also see from reading the evidence that he had changed his course post 2004. Unfortunately the opposite stands true for General Aoun. He fought the Syrians in 89 after a deal could not be made in Tunisia. The Lebanese Forces, whether led by Gemayel, Abu Nader, Fadi Frem Boustani or Samir Geagea, at one point or another, fought the Syrians for 14 years. Aoun lasted only a few months.
If General Aoun is free of Hizbullah and Syria, then I hope that he will go to parliamentary elections on October 23rd and let democracy take its course. One main point I hope that you understand from my analysis is that my position states Aoun is like all politicians in Lebanon, trying to gain the upper hand and dominate. Don’t all politicians try to do this? I have simply stated what I feel his rationale is, and if that rationale is calculated correctly. As I clearly stated, he has backed a certain course of action. And if that action brings him to power (although I feel it is unlikely) then I will be the first to congratulate him. It is just politics.
I hope that you can understand that to truly know what people’s intensions are, you must remove emotion from your perception. Again, thank you for your feedback. I hope this finalizes our small discussion.
Sami Karam
From: Add to Address Book
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 20:27:39 EDT
Subject: A Rock and a Hard Place: The Seduction that Threatens Lebanon€¦Again! By Sami Karam

Again a very poor analysis. It is a shame that you cant even speak of your achievements but you can find a twist to reality in others who have done a lot more than you. Just few points downtown would remain close until we get what we want. because 45 billions dollars stolen to build a Hariri empire no one has asked that is had affected us and our children and grandchildren economically. General Aoun fought his dreams and his people dreams other dreamt of fighting the Syrians but couldn't. Aoun makes his own decisions and doesn't go in the open like others to get their orders. At least the Iranian have supported Lebanon militarily and financially even to one group that is ok because they are Lebanese. Tell me who sent missiles to Israel in July to bomb our people Christians or Muslims I don't care they are both Lebanese. We all know how the election was done so if you don't want the Syrians you shouldn't have accepted that election. I wonder why you supported Hezbollah in Alay election. Don't you think your party has betrayed that group after you got your votes. For Mr. ga3ga3 don't need to say much except I think he is convicted since when we defend a convicted criminal and killer. The whole world admits the defeat of Israel in that war except your party admits to our defeat. That is a shame. if we don't get a man to hold that country with an arm of steel Lebanon will never become what we dream of. So please stop telling us that Aoun stood by Hezbollah for the sake of presidency and the Iranian Syrian shee3a plan. Really we are sick of that stupid and lame information you give to people. But the Americans and the new middle east will never happen as long as people like us are present.
Dr Chadi Haddad
PS is there a way we can post our comments on your website. Or you don't have democracy for other people opinion?

From: Add to Address Book
 Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007
 Subject: thanks
I cant even believe that Mr. Elias Bejjani can write something like this and have a conscious and believe what he is writing. the first that come to my mind is why would you want to make someone look bad in order to make yourself look better. General Aoun still have his supporters I wonder what supporters you have.
 I am not sure how you go to the past and forget other people past. What I mean is tell me what did Mr. Jumblat do. You are going to say well he regrets what has happened. I tell you it is like two guys living on this earth one with good deed and the other a horrible life and the horrible guy two days before his death he repent and ask for forgiveness. Does that make the two guys equal. And I am sure you know lots of what has happened in Lebanon and no one is clean and pure. I was in Lebanon during that war and the USA sold us to the Syrians in order to get the help in Iraq.
I would never say the Syrians didn't damage our people and our country. But if General Aoun states we have to make decent communication between Lebanon and Syria for economical and political and geographical reasons he is a traitor. But when MP Boutrous Harb states the same thing he is patriotic. And please don't blind people with wrong information who supports general Aoun. Look at the US history supporting bin laden and than hunting him down supporting Saddam Hussein in Iraqi Iranian war and than killing him. selling us to the Syrians and now against the Syrians. how many times do we have to do the same mistake. maybe the Iranian have sent Lebanon military support to defend Lebanon against the Israelis. I think that is more noble than Mr. Hariri stating on TV that the US has supported us during the July war. But I am sure you know who was sending the missiles to Israel if not it was the US through England than Israel.
As you can see in my letter to you I haven't mention religion because I know if you respond u will bring the issue about Hezbollah. But guess what it is a fact that they are over a million Shiitesa in Lebanon and they will always exist like the Sunni and Druze and Christians. But I guess your party has no problem dealing with Muslim Sunni but General is forbidden of dealing with Muslim shee3a. The people who dealt with Syria are the people who stole the country during their presence including Hariri and what he has done in Solidere and they are the people who are in the current government. And now they want to be puppets to the US government so they can stay in power and steel more. Have some reason and conscious in what you write.
Thank you
Dr Chadi Haddad
Freedom, independence, sovereignty since 1989.
From : Ruth & Tim <>
Reply-To :
Sent : July 27, 2007 6:52:28 AM
To :
CC : "Media Action (E-mail)" <>

Subject : Re: your article-"Hezbollah's delusional victory and the facts"
To Mr Bejjani
I am a Canadian Christian, and a Jewish friend emailed a number of other folk including myself your article. With the intent to encourage, I want to thank, you with a gratitude that I am confident is shared with others, for the courage you showed in what you wrote. It is not easy to stand firm against a vortex of politically motivated opinion, a stand that can even put one’s personal safety at risk, but you stood and for that you deserve full credit.
Thank you and God bless you.
Tim Kilgore
Subject: To Mr Elias Bejjani
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007
From: "Sassine Abou-Jaoude" <>

Dear Mr Bejjani,
I have so much respect for you and your work. I am not a Michel Aoun fan and never was. I have always been a supporter of the Lebanese Forces and for Dr Geagea. In the past during the staying of General Aoun in Paris , I used to visit your website on a daily basis, to get the latest news and to listen to your audio comments and read your written articles. I still do with the same enthusiasm. I would like to let you know that I do support your stand and your view vis-à-vis the Lebanese politics and mainly the Christian and Maronite issues.
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
For the record and for the history and for God, I expect you one day to write a couple of lines about Samir Geagea. I know you do not agree with everything he does or with his history; and that is OK. You know that as Christians, we do not have to agree on everything. We are not a one party or a one doctrine sect. But we have to agree on the principles for which our fathers and grandfathers lived and died. And that, by the way, is our issue and yours, with General Aoun and his current position and with everyone who behaves like General Aoun. I expect you, Mr Bejjani, and I am waiting, after all these years, to write a small tribute to Samir Geagea. Not because he is perfect (and no one is). And not because you are a fan of him and I know you are not. But because right now, he is raising the voice and he is speaking what the Christians in Lebanon always spoke and believed in.
And because of that, he has been attacked and butchered by all the puppet politicians on the Syrian side. As I have known you a fair writer, I will come to your website everyday, as usual, hoping that one day, I will read a couple of fair lines, giving tribute for the current position of this man and definitely not for his person (cause we do not follow persons, but we approve stands and positions).
Best regards,
Yours truly,
Sassine Abou-jaoude ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sun, 12 Nov 2006
From: "Sabu Khan" <>
Subject: editorial

you sounds another tout of us. where was Lebanese government when Lebanon was attacked? who defends sovereignty of Lebanon from foreign attacks or incursions? channeling money through Lebanese government means it will go to pockets of corrupt politicians .those politician who supported by the countries who supported attack on Lebanon. please wake up, at least now because world now slowly but surely understand what's happening. people like u should favor reality not to follow media like can or fox news
cheers, Sabu Add to Address Book
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006
Subject: Saniora Article- Give peace a chance


Dear Elias,
Where have you been in the last 30 years? your article shows ignorance of Lebanese politics. The lebanese are hostages in their own country. Saniora and all lebanese want peace with everyone, but there is a big gun pointed right in their forehead called Syria. The big gun wants the golan heights back, and will sacrifice lebanon without delay for this cause.
Israel real estate acquisitions has caused the lebanese hundreds of thousands of deaths to date, and threatens more. The palestinians kicked out of israel are in lebanon, armed. Israel imminent conflict with iran will surely bring us more death and destruction. If israel wants peace, sit down and talk to your enemies, mainly syria. Israel cannot have peace+golan at the time. In the mean time, the lebanese suffer. In the next war, maybe israel should attack syria, the root cause of turmoil, instead of flexing muscles over helpless lebanon. let's see if you can fight a real army. Cowards. Maybe israel will get Bush to fight their war with iran, same as iraq. Why not, Americans will do anything to get elected.
US Citizen- disgusted with syria and israel
From Elias Bejjani
To: "P B

September 3/06
Dear: I am not sure how General Aoun by supporting Hezbollah's state and illegal military status have saved Lebanon a civil war. I have been hearing this argument from many young FPM supporters who are not satisfied with my opposition to the General's recent choices. Could you please explain to me this rational? Is it that Hezbollah was planning to take over Lebanon by force and the General stopped its adventure?
Is it that Hezbollah was planning to invade the Christian territories and Aoun convinced its leadership to put this plan on halt?
Is it that Syria was sending its army back to Lebanon and Hezbollah's, FPM alliance made Mr. Assad abandon its plan?
Is it that the Harriri and the Sunnis were going to execute a Muslim Sunni coup, as many young FPM enthusiastic are advocating for?
Really I can't relate to this rational, may be you can dwell on it in a logic approach. I am eager to know. Dear: We can not keep blind and deaf to what is going on in the world. We can not side with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah against the whole world. There is a war gaining on against the so called axis of evil. Unfortunately Hezbollah and who ever supports it's military status is plainly siding with this axis that ultimately will be defeated no matter what. I have no problem with a political Hezbollah status, but not a military one. There is not a one similar model in the whole world where two states, two armies, two entities exist in the same country as the situation in Lebanon is. I really would like to understand how the General prevented such an alleged civil war by supporting Hezbollah and abandoning all the platforms that he had been advocating for since 1988?
Yours Truly'
Elias Bejjani
From: "P B
Subject: Re: [spam] Re: [Phoenicia] New Arabic editorial from Elias Bejjani/ On the LCCC
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Tue, 03 Oct 2006

Dear Elias,
I will repeat a fact in Lebanon, Hizballa represent 90% if not more of the Shiaa in Lebanon, with all my respect to the Shiite personalities you  stated in your e-mail below, I'm sure you are aware what's their representation and please do not quote what LBC/Geagea or Future/Harirr TV who are trying  to show as if the Shiaa are divided and we all know the rest of the story.Having said that and if you believe in democracy, calling Hizballa a terrorist group is as if you are labelling the whole of the Shiite community in Lebanon as terrorist. This is a serious accusation and could have very serious consequences, this is your perfect recipe for a new civil war. Luckily, we have a leader in Lebanon who understood these facts and took preventive actions, I can't imagine what would the situation be like if this last July war happened with a logic similar to the one you're addressing the situation with. At the end of the day, whether we like Hizballa or not, they are Lebanese as much as you and I are, dividing Lebanon is not an option for us.
Have a nice day/evening.

From: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Re: [spam] Re: [Phoenicia] New Arabic editorial from Elias Bejjani/ On the LCCC
To: "PB
Mon, 2 Oct 2006 11:22:16
Dear: Hezbollah is a terrorist group by all means. So when tagging Hezbollah with this title, this does not mean by any way that the Shiite community is included, Based on your interpretation Mufti Sour Al Sheai Ali Amin is a racist as well as Mufti Sayda Al Sheai and the grand Sheai judge Mohd Al Amin, also Ahmad Al Assad and the Son of Sheik Mohd Shaseddine, Hussien Al Hussaini, Hazem Sagea etc. No my dear Hezbollah is not a race, it is not the Lebanese Shiite community. Hezbollah is an Iranian gung trying to destroy the whole country. It is true Lebanon is for the Lebanese of all denominations, but is Hezbollah who is by force is working to change this formula. You can call me what ever you like, but this does not change the fact that Hezbollah is leading both Lebanon and its own community into destruction, ignorance dictatorship, awkwardness, fanaticism, sectarianism and poverty. Could you explain to me what did Lebanon and the Lebanese win in the last war? Could you give me one country in the whole world that have a militant state inside its state like Lebanon? Truth and facts will prevail and the Lebanese will ultimately recognize who is a racist and who is not.
Meanwhile take care and have a nice day
From: "PB
Subject: Re: [spam] Re: [Phoenicia] New Arabic editorial from Elias Bejjani/ On the LCCC
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>

Mon, 02 Oct 2006 19:06:52 +0400
Dear Elias,
Hating a group in Lebanon who happened to be in its majority Shiite, is what made me come up with my conclusion earlier. Your writings don't help in any way reconcile or unite a much divided Lebanon, on the contrary, you have labelled a whole population as terrorist and this is very dangerous.
Your editorial made me think of South Africa and how racist people were and how intolerable to each other to the point of killing each other. I don't by any chance, like to see this happening or repeating itself in Lebanon, unless you want your own Christian Lebanon, than you are free to write whatever pleases you, and I'm free to call you whatever I feel you represent most. I'm with a free Lebanon where people live equally and at peace with  each other, whether they are Christians, Druze or Muslims.

From: "Elias Bejjani" <>
To: "P B

Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006
Subject: Re: [spam] Re: [Phoenicia] New Arabic editorial from Elias Bejjani/On the LCCC
Dear: I am in my nature believe strongly in respecting those who think differently from me politically and otherwise. You tagged me in your first message as racist. In Arabic it means Onsouri, that is to say that a blind support to a certain race. Could you kindly explain to me how did you come to suc a conclusion?

To: Elias Bejjani" <>
October 02, 2006
Dear, Thank you for your reply, I will try clicking again on the un-subscribe link. I am sorry too for the impression you are projecting
about yourself. It is a free world we live in, even the KKK still exist.

From: "Elias Bejjani" <>
To: "PB
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006
Subject: Re: [spam] Re: [Phoenicia] New Arabic
editorial from Elias Bejjani/

On the LCCC
Dear: You have to unsubscribe yourself, please when you get the first message from us click on the unsubscribe link that shows clearly with the message and you will be unsubscribed immediately. This is how the process goes. I am sorry that you feel I am a racist, meanwhile I respect you way of interpreting things, but for sure I strongly believe that you are misjudging.

From: PB
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] New Arabic editorial

Dear Mr. Racist,
How many times do I have to remind you to remove me from your hate list? I am not intersted in what you preach, please, and for the 3rd time, remove me from your list once and for all.

From: Elias Bejjani
September 29/06
Dear S: With full respect, You are right and wrong at the same time. You are right that I do not support the General in his new political and not patriotic struggle because he has backed off on every platform he was advocating for from A to Z. Meanwhile you are fully wrong that I have shifted to the puppets side, Hariri and the rest of the orchestra. NO NO dear, never, I am still committed to the same convictions that motivated and shaped my work for the last 20 years. This dual stereotyping in loyalty is not my style. It does not mean by any way that if I oppose the General that I am with his opponents. No again I consider his political pattern since he allied himself with Hezbollah and backed on all his promises that he became like rest of the commercial Lebanese politicians. A typical Lebanese politician and not anymore a patriotic leader. He actually disappointed me in every act he has taken. I hope that I am wrong in my judgment. Dear we have to teach ourselves to be tolerant and encourage civilized and constructive opposition not to be afraid of it. Read my today's Arabic editorial thoroughly and if you are really fair and judge on matters with an open and critical mind it will tell you clearly that I am still what I was with the same longing for genuine sovereignty, freedom and independence.
Now as far as the removal of your email from the Phoenician list, you can unsubscribe yourself . When you receive the first message from us just click on the unsubscribe link that comes with it and you will be immediately removed from the list.
Thanks for your message and have a nice day

From: S L
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Interview with Dr. Mona Fayad/New LCCC postings
Thu, 28 Sep 2006

Hello Mr. Bejjani,
I'm sorry to inform you that I no more wish to hear/read from you. I was visiting Canada this past July and I was very surprised to see your personal writings in the news paper. I first thought they could be mistakes or mere media propaganda but then your LCCC website clearly denoted the change in your patriotic stances. To be honest, I never thought that after all these years whereby you were supporting General Michel Aoun and describing the rest of the politicians as "Syrian Puppets", you have turned back on him and are now supporting the Ex-Syrian Puppets, while accusing our only Patriotic Leader of "3ameleh"...(Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame!!!). I'm not willing to go into lengthy discussion of your recent point of views cause I barely have the time to write you these few lines, but I will suffice with the above mentioned comment and will instead use my time to fight & resist the Hariri-Joumblat-Feb 14 Christians coalition plan to steel our country. In fact, the coming days and the "Great People of Lebanon" will prove you and all those doubting & questioning the popularity of General Michel Aoun that they are absolutely wrong. In all cases, I wish you all the best in your future political career, but at the same time I do not wish to read of your point of views anymore (Please remove me from your mailing list).
 Long Live our Free, Sovereign, & Independent Lebanon
God bless you & Keep you safe.
 Best regards,

From: Elias Bejjani
To: "Ziad Najjar" <>
September 28/06
Dear Ziad: No problem at all.. You are entitled to you own opinion as every body else. This is exactly the core and essence of healthy democracy. If every one of us carries the same opinions and the same political affiliations, then there will be no challenge, taste or even progress. Personally on all the issues you stated in relation to the Iranian Hezbollah, I see them in an extremely different concept BUT be sure I respect yours.
In regards to unsubscribing, please next time when you get a message from us do click on the unsubscribe link that comes with message and automatically your email will be removed from the list. By the way I personally prefer to read all material that is in contrast with my stances, and rarely is drawn to those who speak my political language.
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani

Wed, 27 Sep 2006 21:46:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Ziad Najjar" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Interview with Dr. Mona Fayad/New LCCC postings

Can you please unsusbscribe me from this mailing list, I can barely find a common ground with the opinions presented in your messages, unfortunately I am still a blind follower of the FPM, I am a hopeless case, a brainwashed who believes that Hezbollah represent a genuine Lebanese resistance to Israeli occupation, I am naive enough to believe that its an honour for FPM to have played a dignified role in resisting both the Syrian and Israeli hegemonies, and I am not an Iranophobic despite all the truths presented in western media about Iran.

Gideon Kressel" <> View Contact Details
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006
Subject: Re: [Zaynon-News] New Interview with Grand Shiite Tyr Mufti Ali Amin/LCCC New Postings

Dear Dr. Elias Bejjani,
Thanks so much for you telling messages. Let me sum them up referring to several relatively forgotten points:
1. The current undeclared though not undercurrent race between the Shiite and Sunni jihad campaigns, led by rival and hostile General Manager of each (once they were M. Ez-Zarqawwi [el-marhoom] and H. Nasralla), are financed by Saudi petrodollars, and Iranian ones respectively.
2. In order to crown anew anachronism belonging to the Age of Belief hence replace economic growth, drawing a people back, beyond its conventional standards of living, one is in need of financial support, independent of the public will, such as an income tax. Petrodollars, easy were petrol resources exist, are cheap money to waist.
3. Since Iranian petrodollars arrived in Southern Lebanon they came to replace the infrastructure of farming and shepherding. Poverty stricken suburbs of Beirut were built lavishly, highly. This source of easy money helped Lebanon's economy, increased the amount of disposable income in regions that were traditionally retarded. It could solve economic problems but in return, Lebanon's society succumbed to the Shiite belligerence, that spur the built up of segmental war machinery and concomitantly, a race of reproduction that changes the demography and the future balance of powers.
4. Once Ayatulla Hummaini returned to Iran (1979), he kindled the intra-Muslim race over hegemony and the lead of the Ummah. Rejuvenation of the ancient split posited the Jews (thus far relatively friendly to the Matawle of Southern Lebanon and the Iranian nation), at their traditional scapegoat stance, hence unify all tribal minda around a common cause. Similar to what it was during the days of Muhammad Abdalla.
5. Illogical as it can be for an all-Muslim cause is to combat and win the massive Christian world. Easier hence logical seems to begin with a common denominator that may reunite and hold Shiite and Sunnis together on relating all evil to Israel then conscribe all Muslims to fight against it.
Best regards
GM Kressel
From: Elias Bejjani/LCCC Chairman
To: M.K
Subject: General Aoun
September 22/06

Dear M. K, I did not remove any links or pages thing from the LCCC site. Please Check the Arabic Articles section, you will find all links for writers' pages including the General and myself
In regards to the change in my Lebanese convictions, if you are still reading what I write on weekly basis, I am sure you will notice that I am still following the same political, ethical and national lines that I committed my self to since 1988. It is true that Hezbollah's weapons were not initially General Aoun's responsibility, but they became since the end of his exile years. I can't not relate by any means anymore, relate, comprehend or support the new political platforms that the General is following ...Believe me he is not the same person by any standard...BUT I still respect him and will remain to adore his past. Now even when I criticize him I do it with a very civilized manner and do not even mention his name. Most importantly I did not go anywhere, I did not join any other political group and will never do. WE in the LCCC still as we were and where we were politically, and still fighting peacefully for the same cause, A FREE LEBANON. And a free Lebanon can not rise with militias and cantons. Meanwhile those politicians who advocate for these militias and try to hide behind them for personal gains should not be supported.
Honestly it seems with no doubt that the General and since his return from exile has reincarnated (personified- TAKAMAS) in Jumblat and Jumblat reincarnated in the General political wise. The two men have 100% exchanged roles, stances, approaches and attitudes...
Thanks for your message
Elias Bejjani
From: M.K
Subject: Genera Aoun

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006
C’est dommage.
Je vous croyais….
Vous croyiez en tout ce que faisait le général Aoun. Puis sans qu’il change son attitude vous changez, et devenez contre lui.Le Hezbollah n’était pas sans armes avant le général, et ce n’est pas Aoun qui lui a donné ses armes.Vous me choquez. Vous avez fait pire que Jounblat. Je suis désolée mais je ne m’attendais pas à cela sur votre site. En plus vous avez supprimé le général de votre liste. Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir le dossier où vous expliquez votre relation avec le général.
Vous pouvez avoir une opinion contre le FPM libanais, j’aime lire toutes les opinions. Mais le fait de changer 180º d’un seul coup, je ne comprends pas.
Désolée.M. K

Dikran Abrahamian <>
Sent : September 11, 2006
To : "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject : OpenLettertoPMandFM.pdf
Attachment : OpenLettertoPMandFM.

Dear Mr. Elias Bejjani,
I read your column in the Global Politician. Thank you for your solidarity with the Lebanese Armenians from the bottom of my heart . Lebanon's suffering is ours, and I truly believe that all Lebanese share the feelings of Armenians wherever they are. Lebanon for almost a century has been a home for us, and it will continue to be a homeland away from ancestral fatherland. No Armenian, wherever she/he is, can forget the hospitality of the Lebanese people who in our direst moments opened their doors to us, saved us from the brink of death, and treated us like brothers.Lebanon has a unique place both in hearts and minds of Armenians.
Please find attached a copy of an open letter addressed to the Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada and Honourable Peter MacKay, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
You are invited to visit:
Respectfully Yours,
Dikran Abrahamian BA, MD
Robert Candy <>
Sent : September 8, 2006
To : <>
Subject : Your Press Release on Hezbollah

I wish to commend you very highly for your forthright and courageous Press Release, Israel has Lifted its Blockade. When will Hezbollah Lift its Own?
The world would be a better place if the governments of both Lebanon and Syria would repeat your sentiments.
Keep up the excellent work,
Robert Candy
Halifax, NS
From: "Dr Haddad" <>
Subject: Can you kindly post my message below Mr. Bejjani?
Who is the traitor, & who is the Patriot?

Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006
I fully respect everyone’s opinion, and I feel I should give mine. This is called Democracy. A democracy that some opponents of the March 14th
Movement may not understand. Lebanon was under Syrian occupation when the Lebanese people, of all religions, went down to the streets on March 14th and asked loudly for the TRUTH and the END OF OCCUPATION. The people of Lebanon won despite the fact that the Syrian Army and their Moukhabarat were everywhere in Lebanon.
I wonder if something like this is possible in Damascus. For example what would happen to a dozen of people in Damascus if they go in the street
and ask for freedom… I guess their next step will be either the morgue or Mezzeh jail.
It is so frustrating to see the situation in Lebanon now. First lets take a look to an interesting event in Israel. They formed inquiry boards to shed
light on what happened during the war, to see who did and who did not assume their responsibilities, to review the decisions made by their
government and check if those decisions were right to the country.
In Lebanon, we have an armed militia working as a government inside the Lebanese government. It provoked a war it was not prepared for, without asking anyone’s opinion. They left our kids, women, old people and innocent citizens under the mercy of a blood thirsty enemy.
Horrible massacres occurred. 15 years of building and working are all gone; the country is totally destroyed and devastated. The embargo still going on until now because no one can lift it, certainly not those who started the war !
Despite all this, they declared themselves Winners; they congratulated themselves and made a great deal of empty fuss “Tanneh wa Ranneh” for their glory. Moreover they are now threatening all those who do not agree with them. I forgot a detail : Recently their leader said “Oh I am sorry, if we knew that the enemy was to hit back so badly, we wouldn’t have done it”. Choo hal --What a convincing argument.  Hopefully I will live to see in my beloved country Lebanon a legal system, where people like Hizbollah leaders are  made accountable to the people and to all victims of the war. Such people should be brought to justice and trialed for their actions, even though they think they are above the LAW.
We badly need justice and democracy in Lebanon !By the way I am NOT pro Israeli, neither are S. Geagea, F. Seniora or W. Joumblatt. I am terribly hurt and upset with all the murders committed against our kids and civilians. Still, I might be tagged as a traitor or racist or any of the similar rhetoric Arabic pre set names because of my free and honest opinion. It is okay, I will be glad to carry titles already given to many great Lebanese fellows like, for example, Mr. Bejjani.

From: Elias Bejjani/lccc
To: rindala haddad <>

August 31/06
Thanks dear, God bless you. Advice: Hold very well to this kind of rhetoric and Zero tolerance stance. I am sure you are happy and satisfied with your own image and self deception style. This is very important. Ktier Aziem...Every body and any body who does not see eye to eye with you must and should be racist, traitor. This is what democracy is about.
Yours Truly, Elias

From: rindala haddad <>

ya 3aybechoum!!!!! vous etes chretiens vous? allez revoir votre conscience. we are not proud of you at all!!! je suis chretienne maronite pratiquante, et jái honte de vous!!!! jái absolument honte de votre facon de penser , ne vous cachez pas derriere les saints! 3ayb 3laykoun ste7o! racistes mouta3assibin! shame on you !

Shlomo all freedom fighters.

Mon, 28 Aug 2006

Shlomo all freedom fighters.
ya khayye bel intishar hall thawra badda thouwar.ana badde dall w law ketro 3layna l a3da, mesh momken fell men arde w haida  lel mabda.
For you who haven't heard these songs, this is how the Christian Lebanese resistance was thinking before 1990, the same resistance that went later and moved the earth upside down to be able to continue the struggle for Lebanon from outside Lebanon, we are all proud of you and supporting the cause to death. but one little thing here: we are fighting outside Lebanon not to see more of our people emigrating out of Lebanon, we are fighting so that we one day can go back and live together with the ones who never left the country in peace and harmony in our beloved cedar land. Today and after many years of struggle inside Lebanon in the darkest times of all when the Syrian baath regime was ruling our guys inside were standing toll when all leaders gave up and made business with the Syrians. Today when all leaders are looking on Hezbollah as a possible allied now or in the future our guys are holding on to the line that we outside can hold, we are taking risks for bullets in doing that, they are taking the bullets with the risk. I know most of you can imagine what situation a person can be in when someone holds on to our line whatever happens, you have all done it before and you are all outside Lebanon now because of that. our guys in Lebanon are not asking us to send them troops or guards or guns or or . all we need to do is to sponsor the work now for a little while until they can come on their feet again and see where the situation will lead. I don't need to remind that we have all promised in the past that money will come and the work must be sponsored so that we can get the best result possible, now we have seen the best result possible but there is no money. I urge you all now to arrange different activities to support the work, and you can choose what organizations to support: the Lebanese International committee for implementing the UNSCR 1559.The Aramaic democratic organization, the world council for the cedar revolution, the world Maronite union, the world Lebanese cultural union the part you like to support). we don't have to take from our pockets more than we can afford, but  arrange urgently some event for this cause, the one and only cause. the alternative is that we will liberate Lebanon for our enemies to enjoy...God bless you all and gives you the wisdom.
regards/Roni Doumit Harb

From: Elias Bejjani
To:  Bakhos FARES" <>
August 28/06

Dear, my response can be found in the Lebanese proverb that says: "Yali Byaref Byarif wa Yali ma beyaref beqouol kaf adas"
In English it could read: "He who know can tell what is the matter, and he who does not, ls blinded by speculations and accordingly issues unsound judgments". I am sure dear one day all the untold truth will be unveiled. It is just a matter of time. Meanwhile I am still where I was and who I was in every and each aspect. Look thoroughly around with an open mind and I am sure you will see who changed and who did not. In regards to the name it is not new dear at all. Take care and do forward me your editorials when you have any. Was Samhouna (Akied you remember that program)
From: Bakhos FARES" <>
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release/on the LCCC

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006
Ya elias ya habibi
I accept , RESPECT and tolerate every body bass ana ba3atilak mail only to tell you that choosing FPM canada manna 7élwé that s all because you are one of the most patriotic man with whom we worked and cooperated many years no?  inta ma 3ajabitak al critique coz "lama bit7ot al id bil jiré7 bitwaji3....." no? Fik tsamé your party or organisation 7ayala chi bass FPM Canada mana 7élwé bi 7a2ak khassatan innak inssén mounadél wa jari2 so ma kén 7élo trasmiyét FPM Canada ur new 7ada itahamak bil khiyéné or at least me right? Hala2 btit2abal al inti2ad ktir mni7 ma btit2abal it s another subject right???ana mané jéyé cher3ak wala ér3ak ana only 7abayt wassilak messagé min béb al sada2a al adimé bil Paltalk wa bi radio Tayyar in Paris.yalla take it easy ya 3aziz
From: Elias Bejjani
Bakhos FARES <>
August 28/06
Dear Fares: Take it easy dear wa samehna.Ya Fares, Ya Knight Al Tayyar wala yehmak. Seriously I believe we have a big problem in tolerating others when they are different from us, and overnight they become in our eyes traitors and working on splitting etc. Meanwhile if all of us were the same, life would be very dull. Anyhow no matter where we decide to be politically and patriotically, this kind of choice should not by an means change our respect to each other, or even relationships. This is my principle in life. May be you should think it over. Seriously, I suggest you  should address your difficulty in accepting, and not agreeing on our choices in an editorial indicating the actual reasons and rational and I will publish it for you
Yours Truly, Elias Bejjani

From: Bakhos FARES <>
August 28, 2006
To: <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release
Don't worry comrads ana ma bkhaf min al 7a2i2a. hayda ra2yé wa ra2é ktar min al 3alam la inta wala ghayrak fi yghayrlé yé. al3ab al3ab atfal a7ssanlak wa achraf la ilak wa markazak ma tsamé tayyarak bi hal issém li2ano ma bibayén 3an nodéj bal bi bayén 3an 7ar7ara wa namimé.
kind regards wa keep going

From: Elias Bejjani
 To: "Martin" <>

 August 27/06
 Dear Martin: It is a pleasure really to know that you are interested in Lebanon and Lebanon's image in Canada. Believe me we do our best to access the media, but the task is not easy at all. It seems groups like ours do in general pay for publishing their releases and ads, I meat they buy spaces in the newspapers and pay for them. Meanwhile we were able modestly to voice our own views and convey to the public what we strongly believe is genuine and right.
 Elias Bejjani

 From: Martin" <>
 Subject: Viewpoint from Toronto

 Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006
 I am South African by birth, Lebanese by heritage and Canadian by choice. I came across your website when I saw your letter to Mr Harper in the National  Post praising him for his efforts for helping to evacuating Canadians from Lebanon. However, since then, I believe that despite the fact that you have  these press releases on your site, they are not been found in the mainstream media. Therefore the Canadian public are unaware of the views of the  LCCC. It would be most helpful if the views of the LCCC were more widely publicized. This would also help to dispel a lot of the negative reports that are found in the media.
Thanks again
Martin Peters

selim" <>
Subject: Sujet Tabou
From: "selim" <

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006
Pour être basique et terre-à-terre, le déploiement de la FINUL entre le Liban et Israël oblige à deux conclusions d'une évidence élémentaire ; sans pourautant que l'une ou l'autre alternative ne se produise obligatoirement :
1- Sa frontière Nord sécurisée par la FINUL, Israël peut s'en prendre à la Syrie en cas de conflit majeur, spontané ou provoqué ; en relation avec le problème iranien ou sans aucune relation.
2- Les Chrétiens du Liban ont toujours bénéficié - que leur vanité démesurée l'admette ou non - d'une certaine protection israélienne contre toute tentative de génocide. Rappelons que l'occupation syrienne qui avait renversé Michel Aoun avait été autorisée par les Américains et constituait une exception. Mais à présent, il y a la FINUL à la frontière et elle constitue une barrière que l'Etat hébreu ne peut plus franchir pour venir au secours des Chrétiens du Liban s'il prenait l'envie au Hezbollah de se livrer à un massacre en vue de provoquer une autre vague d'insécurité et de déchristianiser encore un peu plus le Liban. Comment, un massacre ? Comme "l'invasion" du 1er juin par exemple et les attaques survenues contre Acharafieh à propos des caricatures danoises. Une série d'attaques violentes qui pousseraient les gens à quitter leurs maisons pour se réfugier plus loin ou partir définitivement, et qui auront pour conséquence VOULUE de plonger le pays dans un marasme économique constant afin d'amplifier le mouvement d'exode. Et ce ne sont pas les "premières amandes vertes du mois d'avril", ni tous les e-mails du monde qui empêcheront ces départs. Pendant la guerre entre Israël et le Hezbollah, la presse a utilisé le terme de "moyens démesurés" pour qualifier les attaques israéliennes, eh bien ! il faut aujourd'hui se rendre à l'évidence et réaliser pleinement aussi que les moyens militaires du Hezbollah sont totalement démesurés par rapport à ceux de toutes les autres communautés libanaises réunies. Je rappelle que 200 000 libanais viennent de quitter le pays ce dernier mois, majoritairement des Chrétiens ; comme d'habitude. J'en appelle donc au réveil de l'Esprit de tous afin de parer à la menace qui pèse aujourd'hui sur le Liban et n'est pas nécessairement celle qu'ils croient. Quelque chose de beaucoup plus sourd, de plus profond se trame. On peut l'occulter pendant un certain temps et faire la politique de l'autruche, jouer sur les cordes sensibles de l'indignation contre les attaques de l'aviation
israélienne, jurer soir et matin contre l'impérialisme américain, et même aller jusqu'à embrasser la main de Hassan Nasrallah, cela n'évitera pas aux Chrétiens du Liban de faire l'objet d'une continuation du plan de "nettoyage ethnique".Amorcé en 1975 par l'agression syro-palestino-islamo-progressiste contre le Liban, ce processus - un moment interrompu par le retrait syrien - vient de recevoir une nouvelle dynamique majeure à la suite de la guerre lancée par le Hezbollah le 12 juillet. Il serait étonnant que les choses s'arrêtent à ce stade. Ces gens poursuivent une stratégie hautement plus sophistiquée que les attitudes infantiles de la majeurepartie des Leaders chrétiens. Ceux qui ont assassiné Bachir Gemayel le 14 septembre 1982 savaient ce qu'ils faisaient.
Yammouni Joseph" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release/on the LCCC

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006
Encore une fois, cher Elias, félicitations pour cette attitude patriotique exemplaire. Le jour où 20% de la population adopteront sincèrement cette même attitude, notre pays aura franchi le cap qui le sépare de sa prospérité et de son droit à vivre en paix et à participer à la marche vers la prospérité et le vrai respect de ses propres citoyens..
Dr Joseph Yammouni
(Translation: Once again, dear Elias, congratulations for this exemplary patriotic attitude. The day when 20% of the population will sincerely adopt this same attitude, our country will have crossed the course which separates it from its prosperity and its right to live in peace and to take part in walk towards the prosperity and the true respect of its own citizens. Dr. Joseph Yammouni)
From: "ALBERT SARA" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release/on the LCCC

Sat, 26 Aug 2006
Dear Elias,
I congratulate you for the clear way -in the same time elegant and unquestionable - by which you proclaimed your absolute discrimination from the betraying movement of general Michel Aoun. It happened that this same day, I published in French "Orient-le Jour" an article showing the inconsistence and the infidelity of that man who is more and more discredited among people. Your francophone friends might enjoy that article which is based on ernest references.Sincerely yours. Let God bless your endeavors.
From: "Manuela Paraipan" <
Subject: thank you
Sat, 26 Aug 2006

Dear Dr. Joseph Hitti,
I am grateful to have your feedback. I am familiar with your articles published in Global Politician and LebanonWire. It is such a pity that the political leadership from Beirut does not pay enough attention to the voices of reputable analysts such as yourself and Elias. Keep up the good work!Thank you, Dr. Hitti and I hope that we will stay in touch.
From: "Elias Bejjani" <>
To: "Bakhos FARES" <>
August 26/06
Dear Bakhos
You know dear. because your comments are so right and thoughtful I will post them on the Free Page of our both sites to give a chance for every body to read them. This is exactly what we call tolerance and respect of others' choices. You know dear this also is exactly why this very popular FPM party is getting stronger and more powerful. This kind of approach reminds me of the Lebanese proverb: Iza kan Hal Asker Askarni, Akied entasarna..."If this is our army, with no doubt we will be victorious". Habibi Wala yehmak, again samehma
Yours Truly. Elias Bejjani

From: Bakhos FARES" <>
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release/on the LCCC

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006
bsara7a Sami arayssé sta7a ya3mol hol al harakét.habibi. take care and keep going

From: "Elias Bejjani" <>
To: "Bakhos FARES" <>

Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2006 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release/on the LCCC
Thanks ya Bakhos

From: Bakhos FARES" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Our Press Release/on the LCCC

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006
Hello Elias,
WAlla ma tiz3al minné bass 7arakétak like the children inta wa akhbarak yalli ma ila 3azé. FPM Canada wa hal khbar yalli bitbayén 3an watawét a3mélkon. rou7 samilak chi issém téné achraf la ilak hayk 3al alilé bi dal 3inna zikrayét 7élwé ma3 elias al mounadél mich elias al 7ir7ar. bala hal 7arakét yalli ma ila ta3mé wa ma ra7 twassilna la ma7al. la into ra7 tistafido wala General Michel 3awn ra7 yondar.allo ma mitét ma chifét yalli méto???????.
sincerly, Bakhos
From: "Anwar Wazen" <>
Fri, 25 Aug 2006
Stop desecrating the dead
A disturbing practice has been vaunted on Arab TV networks , Arab newspapers , arab tabloids and most recently on the internet : Pictures and newsreel footages of dead children whose bodies riddled with shrapnels , bullets and rubble are held up from the feet by bearded fellows telling the world viewers : In your face . The corpses were brandished in front of reporters and re-transmitted in real time by Al Jazeera TV , Hizbolla’s al Manar TV and other Lebanese and Arab networks . The same pictures were shown again and again to the millions of viewers around the world with no respect whatsoever for any ethical standard or the sanctity of the innocent children who perished in the 33 days Israeli/Hizbolla war . Have there ever been a clean war ? Are we to expect a bed of roses after wars , any war ? Hizbolla’s “jihadists” were caught red handed in some villages of south Lebanon lobbying missiles at Israel’s cities from Lebanese civilian areas then running to take cover in tunnels dug underground .The civilian population, families with their children , were caught in the crossfire and innocent lives were lost in the shelling .In other words Hizbolla fighters were cowardly using mothers , children and their fleeing car convoys as human shields . Israel’s tanks , airplanes and firepower may have bombed indiscriminately , war is a dirty business : you kill before you’re killed , and when your enemy is lobbying missiles at your cities from atop a house or from the basement of an apartment block you bomb the hell out that house or basement . In the military lexicon it is as simple as that .There is no doubt that Israel have committed mistakes but the Arab media and Hizbolla’s propaganda machine made sure that those young and innocent lives were slaughtered twice .
The same ignominous pictures are circulating now on the net in the form of pps. and wmv. files . My e-mail box has been flooded on a daily basis with nauseating images courtesy of Hizbolla & co’s propaganda network . By not letting those young souls rest in peace , Hizbolla and other internet naïve pundits want to make sure the world buys this cheap and appalling propaganda . This must stop . The international community should come up with harsh measures preventing the media and internet users from disseminating such disgraceful and despicable material .
The dead deserve not only a sheet to cover them up respectfully but also harsh measures to be enforced against whoever desecrates them after they die. Zarqawi’s throat slitting videos were banned from the internet , why can’t we impose strict measures on the Arab media to exercise some self discipline or at least to warn the viewers that such pictures and /or film footages might be disturbing . As for the internet users , strict monitoring should be applied and whoever is caught originating , propagating and /or circulating such material desecrating the dead should be prosecuted and brought to justice .
Knowing that sooner or later Israel would open the gates of hell on Lebanon if provoked , mullah Hassan Nassrallah should have been keeping busy building fortified underground shelters to protect the population of south Lebanon with part of the hundred of millions of dollars he received for years from Iran . Instead , he was busy digging underground tunnels and holes to protect like rats his “ mujahiddin” . Mullah Nassralla built his State within the State of Lebanon , he failed in one important aspect though : protecting the families and children of south Lebanon . He should get quickly on the job of building those shelters before he triggers the next round of devastation and destruction .
Anwar Wazen
Brussels Aug 25th , 2006

From: Elias Bejjani
To:Marc Choucair" <>
Subject: Changing the thread...
August 23/06
Dear Marc: It is really a pleasure to continue this civilized and democratic debate with you. I am very proud to encounter an open minded young educated and politically inclined Lebanese like you. I have already emailed my two responses in Audio format. To make the topics discussed available to those who are interested my both responses are posted below in Audio Format
Elias Bejjani's first response to Marc Choucair 23/08/06 Click here to listen (RealPlus is needed)
Elias Bejjani's second response to Marc Choucair 23/08/06 Click here to listen (RealPlus is needed)

Marc Choucair" <>
Subject: Changing the thread...
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:28:09 +0200
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for your kind attention and for the audio you have sent, it did in fact clarify lot of things, and it is indeed clearer to sent your words through the audio. Unfortunately I cannot do the same but I will try to reply in writing hoping my message will be as clear as possible.
In your audio, I do agree with lot of things, the most important thing is we are not Arabs, I have been debating this idea for long time now.
The second point I do agree with you on is the sense of criticism that each and everyone of us should have, though I never wanted to show such a document, however I hereby enclose the following attachment which is a letter I've sent to the General couple of months ago expressing my objection to a statement made at that time.
On the other hand, allow me not to agree with you on certain vital issues very briefly.
Firstly, it is not true that the General neglected at any point the resolutions promulgated or issued by the Security Council, especially the resolution 1559, since the General wanted to find the best solution to disarm Hezbollah, he made it with through a compromise, knowing very well that such a resolution by itself will NEVER DISARM HEZBOLLAH, I am still convinced that it would be the only possible way to disarm this party and time will prove this issue (I wouldn't want to emphasize on this "compromise" since we both read it and we do know its context".
Secondly, what this compromise emphasize on that "ONLY the Government is allowed to communicate with the Syrian Government and not through other means or channels", this means that the Syrian proxies are not entitled to communicate with the Syrian government whatsoever, including Hezbollah.
Thirdly, not agreeing the interference of the International Forces under chapter 7, is a fact and everyone should agree on because as a Lebanese I will not accept the international community under the umbrella of the UNIFIL to continue what the Israelis didn't achieve during this war, and this will create a serious internal problem in Lebanon that I bet no one is able to handle.
I do believe if we want to read between the lines when it comes to the "compromise sheet", we will find out that he is obviously looking forward to compile with the resolution 1559 through a possible mean that it can be accepted by everyone including the International Community and Hezbollah, and if the International community wanted to seriously solve this issue they should have agreed on what is basic for the Lebanese. Mr. bejjani, correct me if I am wrong, you made an great article about the Sheba'a Farms, where you went back to the 50's when Syria grapped Sheba'a Farms after killing the guards over there and the Lebanese government at that time made a complaint to the United Nations.
Fourthly, when it comes to misunderstanding between yourself and the General, this is something I cannot answer, though I can imagine or picturing how things are happening because I am convinced that we are facing another 13th October.
On the other side, I am as I mentioned a Free Man, even from the common things that everyone is born with, including you. Knowing the real problem in Lebanon I have a case file against the Government regarding my religious status. this case has been going on for a year or so, and this proves that I am not a follower, but rather a man who takes his stands according to his believes, and taking part of the FPM is ONLY A MATTER OF CHOICE, especially after the plot that everybody is trying to work on it for the sake of destroying what we have been trying to achieve for almost 2 decades.
Herewith, I would like to enclose the first motion, and would love to send you the rest of the case if you are interested or would like to help me via some international human rights organizations.
Sorry for taking too long, I really felt like talking to you in person, or send you an audio since it is much easier indeed, but unfortunately I do not have the means for it. Finally, thank you again, it is a privilege doing such a correspondence with you.
Warm regards,
Wed, 23 Aug 2006
From: "Marc Ch" <>
Subject: Re: Adios...
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>

Dear Mr. Bejjany,
Thank you for your kind words, I am only writing because lately a big conspiracy is waving against the FPM, knowing that Mr. Hariri and his followers are investing (through the media and through our allies) to eliminate us, we are proudly the only voice who will NEVER be affiliated to any group, knowing that at a certain point, I did criticize the Free Patriotic Movement and I did file my complaints, but this didn't restrain me from conceding because I am convinced that I will be definitely be helping the 14th of March movement that they have no principals whatsoever, they are like a dead fish, they go with the flow.
Mr. Bejjany, I am 34 years old now, I was almost 17 years old when I joined the Lebanese Army, I fought for two years (1989-1990), and spent more then 16 years struggling and fighting peacefully the occupation where I was arrested more then 12 times and sentenced because I believed in a free country, "even you wrote about I think me at a certain point", not only from the Syrian occupation, but from the politicians who were convicting us and accusing us for betraying a country which we did everything for to be free. The money which the 14th of March gangsters have stolen are being invested to tear us apart, I do not fear them, because only the truth will prevail and if they managed to grap some points by converting our allies, they will never achieve there goals as long as there are people like us standing and facing them.
Finally, the path to freedom is long, it is even longer then I expected, however I know through the long struggle I faced and through my personal experience, I will carry on, and what I am witnessing nowadays is only keeping me believing in what I have been fighting for more then ever. It is unfortunate to see people whom you have faith in, counting on when the international community is not able to understand what does it mean to fight to be free, to live in peace, and searching for a real democracy. when the Israelis are impeaching there president for an allege sexual assault, on the other side a whole country is being raped each and everyday by the so-called majority for the past 30 years, they did it under the Syrian occupation, and they are doing it now.  Mr. Bejjany, please accept my apologies, I am hurt, but it will only be for a while.
Marc Choucair
From: Elias Bejjani
To: Nahed Koussa <>

Dear Nahed: I fully respect your own views and political opinions as the kind of affiliations that were very clear in your message. It is apparent that we do not see things in the same Lebanese perspective, which is a very normal democratic practice. Any needed information about our LCCC will be found on the LCCC website
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani

From: Nahed Koussa <>
August 23/06
Si je comprend bien vos articles,
Vous êtes donc contre la position de votre Président libanais, contre la position de votre Gouvernement libanais (élu démocratiquement) et contre la position de votre propre Premier Ministre déjà appuyé, sur tous les niveaux, par tous les membres de G8 et de l'ONU ?
Votre CCCL représente quelle tranche de la population libanaise ? Et, en pourcentage, il représente combien % de la totalité de la population libanaise au Liban (pas dans la diaspora) ?
Merci de me répondre,
Nahed Koussa

David Hogg" <
Subject: Peace

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:54:44 -0400
 Early on in the M-E conflict, the G&M ran a poll: Which country or organization was most responsible for the devastation in the  Middle-East? The usual culprits were listed as choice options: USA, Israel, Iran,  Hamas, Hesbollah, Lebanon. Curiously missing was Syria? I voted for Lebanon: what were its customs officials doing when all the materiel entered Lebanon? Who issued the building permits for the fortified rocket launching pads? The result feed-back I received had Israel or the US in #1 spot (of course). Lebanon only had 1% of the votes cast. I thought that, along with the missing Syria, to be a little curious. Suggests G&M editors, readers and voters are quite poorly informed????
 Dear Mr. Bejjani,
 I sent the above to Lorne Gunter of the National Post as a response to his article of today: (Kofi Anan ... "Playing favourites". We have great sympathy for the situation in which Lebanon finds its self. I was through the area in 1960, although not in Lebanon. I was conserving  my funds - and Lebanon was vibrant and affluent.
 D. Hogg

To: Marc Ch <>
From: Elias Bejjani
August 22/06

Dear Marc
I fully respect your stance. Sure I have made my choices and they are not the FPM's current ones. This does not mean we are enemies, on the contrary at least for me, I will respect the General as I always did. Marc, Dear Tolerance to others' differences is one of the needed solid bases in transparent and productive politics. Please do click on the Unsubscribe link that comes with our messages and you will be unsubscribed.
God bless you
Elias Bejjani
From: Marc Ch <>
To: E. Bejjani
August 22/06

To Mr. bejjany,
I would like to inform you that I am not interested anymore receiving your e-mail, would kindly ask you to remove me from your group list.
Furthermore, I would advise you to read more about certain issues related to the Free Patriotic Movement, not only from a personal point of view, which I believe should not reflect a general opinion and position towards the FPM. Mr. Bejaany, I would have suggested that you look at what the FPM is doing, for the sake of the internal safety and security, I can have some problems with certain decisions that have been taken, but let me tell you one thing, who works make mistakes, but this shouldn't lead us to forget our get together and struggle against the occupations and there proxies.
We never and will never make compromises on behalf of our dignity, we fought hard to reach the independence of Lebanon, all together hand in hand, and still General Michel Aoun was, is and will be the symbol that represent each one of us. Finally, you have made your choices I guess, and I would like to wish you all the best.
Marc Choucair
From: "George Samaha" <>
Subject: RE: Release from LCCC/For publication

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006
An organization is not a terrorist one if Israel simply said it is. An organization is not labeled terrorist because it is against Israel. The US and Israel are calling terrorists whoever is against Israel or the US, while their actions of destruction are justified as either defending themselves or
"making the world a better place" (Iraq). There is no act of terrorism when defending its own country. Canada put
Hezbollah, by the liberals themselves, in their terrorist group list because the US said so because it is against Israel. When they visited Lebanon and talked with the Lebanese varmint and saw with their own eyes what Israel had done to Lebanon, they woke up to reality and admitted that they
were wrong about Hezbollah, and defined Hezbollah as a liberator. The FBI defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives." Israel qualifies as a terrorist state on all counts even when we use their definitions! They admitted that the objective of their offensive is political.
From: Dr Lucien Haddad" <>
Subject: Can you post this please ?
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006

Monsieur Bejjani,
Pouvez-vous poster cette question que je pose respectieusement à Mr
George Samaha. Mr Samaha, il me semble qu"il y a quelque chose qui m'échappe. Pouvez-vous s'il vous plait me montrer ou Messieurs Bejjani et Hitti ont supporté l'agression et le massacre israélien sur nos civils ?
Merci d'avance.
From: Elias Bejjani
To: "Nabil Saad" <>

August 19/06
Nabil: I have sent your previous threatening email to the police and I am going to send this one two. Meanwhile I will post this one too on our two web sites in the Free opinion page so the views can tell how civilized, tolerant and democratic you are.
Advice: Mind your own business and do not push me more to prosecute you. I believe you know me very well and know also very well that I mean what I say.  Just a notice: Nabil when I was supporting General Aoun for the last 17 years with full devotion, you and many others were hiding in their bed room and not courageous enough to just say in public they have any thing to do with him.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: "Nabil Saad" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 11:44:34 -0400
7ell 3anou la general aoun
From: S. George Khalaf <>
To: Elias Bejjani <>,
Date: Aug 17, 2006
Subject: Re: Avec quel État libanais a t¹on signé l'accord pour l'application de la résolution 1701 de

 Dear Elias,
 The more I read and listen, the more I am convinced that you are *not* the traitor but those stupid so-called Lebanese Christians of deceive themselves  with what they see in front of them but fail to see beyond their noses. No, Elias, you are not the traitor. However, those who throw accusations such  as "traitor" and "Zionists" minted in Damascus, Iran and other dim-witted Arab countries that use expressions without understanding the first thing about them. These idiots are our shame and a liability on everyone who is associated with the name Lebanese Christian.
 The air-heads who accuse you will soon find out the errors of their ways because they are still drunk over what they think is victory for Lebanon
 while Lebanon is the only looser. What worries me is the fact that Israel's stupid actions are a double sword.Not only did it breed the seed for a new generation of militants but it empowered Hezbollah more than ever before. Though there is nothing wrong in any Lebanese group being powerful when it has public support. The problem lies in the balance of power with other Lebanese factions and the power going to Hezbollah's head.
 The only people that stand to loose in the future more than ever before are the Lebanese. Too many of them are now being had by Hezbollah. No thanks  to Iran that is bankrolling that militant group again to compensate and rebuild, while it is making them head stronger than before. Israel's stupid act made it harder for Lebanese reconciliation and the rise of the Lebanese state to come along. Today, Hezbollah is *not* being blamed for instigating the war, as Israel had hoped, but is being stupidly seen as the "savior from Israeli aggression and the comforter." Simply put, Israel's vicious action was many times stupider than any other action in its history. The results of this war will translate into rejection of Hezbollah to disarm and will create an imbalance of power among the various Lebanese factions and sects. This in itself will make reconciliation impossible and a future war inevitable, while Syria and Iran continue to manipulate the Lebanese as they please.
 Sadly, I am certain of one thing. Israel will prepare for the coming war differently and its results will devastate Lebanon once again but more than ever before.  The traitors are the likes of this person who accuses you while he is not sober to know which khazoo2 he will sit on.

From: Joseph Hitti <>
Sent : August 17, 2006 12:00:46 PM
To :
Subject : Reponse

Mr. Samaha,
La position de Mr. Bejjani, ainsi que celle de beaucoup de libanais quant à la guerre declenchée par le Hezbollah, émanent non du sentimentalisme
nationaliste caduc que meme les arabes ont abandonnes il y a longtemps, mais d'une position de principe de la primaute de la loi et de l'Etat, et l'adherence de l'Etat libanais aux lois internationales. En fait, ce sont ces principes memes que le general Aoun lui-meme adopta lors de la crise de 1988-1990 et sur la base desquels le peuple libanais se rallia derriere lui et que le general Aoun declencha une guerre beacoup plus meurtriere que celle vecue recemment par le Liban.
Donc, cette position n'a rien avoir avec chretiens et musulmans, n'a rien avoir avec une union nationale pourrie sous le sang et les decombres, et a tout a voir avec quel sorte de pays allons-nous construire dans le futur. Quand les libanais se mettent a mettre des band-aid sur leurs blessures, en pleurant et en s'embrassant coome dans les tragedies des pires films egyptiens, et qu'ils pretendent a une unite nationale juste parce que ca sent bon, alors nous sommes sur la voie d'une nouvelle crise a venir dans le futur.
Nous appelons a un dialogue politique sur la base de la raison et non des sentiments, une base qui fait jouer les responsabilites et les obligations de l'Etat libanais envers tous les autres etats souverains de la region, inclus ISrael et la Syrie a pied d'egalite. Les libanais ne doivent pas excuser des comportements terroristes sous des pretextes d'unite nationale. Le proverbe arabe qui dit " Onsor Akhouka, thaliman aou mathlouman" ne doit plus nous mener. Nous devons avoir le courage de la raison de dire a Hezbollah qu'il a tort, qu'il viole tous les principes de l'existence d'un Etat qui se veut respecté par les autres etats, qu'il ne peut pas continuer de se moquer de l'intelligence du peuple libanais en pretendant a des guerres de liberation digne de Antar et de Don Quichotte...
Oui, nous sommes avec l'unite nationale dans des periodes de crise. Oui nous sommes pour la solidarite. Mais nous sommes en meme temps pour le courage de dire au Hezbollah qu'il doit desarmer, qu'il doit abandonner son integrisme religieux, qu'il doit donner ses armes a l'armee libanaise parce que elle est la seule qui puisse donner au monde et a TOUS les libanais preuve de cette unite nationale dont vous vous vantez. MAis aucun leader libanais n'a fait ca.
Aucun. Ils se sont tous ranges derriere les illusions de liberation, les mensonges de la "defense du pays", et toutes les autres pourritures du Hezbollah iranien.
Pourquoi a-t-il fallu tellement de morts et de destruction avant que le Hezbollah ne daigne permettre a l'armee de prendre le sud en charge? Parce que les grandes couilles de Hassan pensent que l'armee nationale - notre seul symbole vivant d'unite nationale - est "incapable" de defendre le pays.
Si c'est ca l'unite nationale que vous defendez, je crains que nous ne soyons entrain de repeter la meme erreur historique de 1943, quand a coup du meme sentimentalisme pourri dont vous faites preuve, les libanais se sont retrouves unis par depit, par reaction a d'autres, au lieu de formuler leur propre vision proactive du pays. De cette periode il a ete dit : deux negations ne font pas une nation. Plus tard, on dira de notre periode: les defaites ne peuvent pas batir une nation. En ce moment, les libanais comme vous veulent batir leur nation sur 30 ans de defaites, sur 30 ans de deficit d'hommes politiques courageux, sur un sentimentalisme degoutant qui ne reglera rien a long terme.
Joseph Hitti
From: George Samaha <>
Date: Aug 16, 2006 11:09 AM
Subject: RE: Avec quel État libanais a t'on signé l'accord pour l'application de la résolution 1701 de l'ONU?

M. Bejjani,
C'est avec grand regret que je vois des gens comme vous, surtout des chrétiens, qui soutiennent les agressions et le actes de terrorisme que notre Pays le Liban et le peuple Libanais, qu'ils soient chrétiens ou musulmans, ont subits face aux bombardement Israéliens intensifs et de toutes sortes et dans toutes directions visant clairement des civiles et les suivre jusqu'aux Beyrouth pour les tués, et tués d'autres par la faim s'ils n'arrivent pas à les bombarder. Ce qu'ils ont fait est tout à fait inhumain. Il n'est jamais arriver dans l'histoire de toute guerre qu'on empêche des secouristes comme la croix rouge et les médecins sans frontière d'apporter une aide humanitaire. Tyre et Beyrouth ont été isolés du reste du monde pendant une semaine, même des aides humanitaires. Mais malheureusement, des chrétiens comme vous qui, soit ont une haine excessive pour les musulmans, soit qu'ils sont faibles et s'inclinent devant le plus fort. Les faits sont très claires, une armée non-Libanaise a attaqué le Liban et les Libanais, a tués plus de 1000 CIVILES Libanais (1100 si ont inclut les militants de Hezbollah), a détruit non seulement l'infrastructure du Liban mais aussi sa cote et toute vie marine en détruisant un réservoir de pétrole qui a fait coulé 15000 tonnes de pétrole dans la méditerranée. Ce qu'ils ont fait en un mois va prendre des dizaines d'années à récupérer.
Mais je vois que cela est justifiable pour toi, par ce que les Hezbollahs ont 'commencé' par kidnapper deux soldats israéliens. J'espère, que si jamais quelqu'un te pousse tu ne vas pas te permettre de le poursuivre jusqu'à chez lui, de détruire sa maison, de rentrer dans sa maison et de tuer sa famille, par ce que tu es plus fort et que t'es soutenu par le pays le plus fort? Le plus grand défaut des libanais et la cause de toutes guerre au Liban qui a duré sont la DÉSUNION des Libanais. Ils sont très bons à mettre le blâme sur l'autre au lieu de travailler tous ensemble en faveur de tout le Liban et de tous les Libanais. En résumé, j'ai honte des libanais comme vous, si je dois les appeler libanais par ce que cette guerre a montrer les vrais Libanais et les vrais Chrétiens.
George Samaha
From: Elias Bejjani
G Pounder" <>
August 17/06

Dear: Thanks for your message. I really appreciate the effort that you have made to make your opinion heard.
There is doubt that I respect you own analysis and accordingly your very personal judgment for what has happened in Lebanon during the last 35 days. Meanwhile I strongly believe that your political and regional perception for the whole strife is definitely biased and with no question lacks a great deal of actual and neutral relevant data. Your angry, one sided and judgmental stance as I can tell is based entirely on a Canadian - western set of humanitarian and human rights standards, and not on a Lebanese and Middle East criteria. The difference between the two is so great. You have fell in this gap of difference You have ignored completely the essence and core of the main problem and accordingly and unconsciously kept a blind eye on the actual precipitating and predisposing factors and elements like many other good and sanitarian Canadians who are in general motivated and instigated emotionally by the media. They are lead to focus on the results of the Middle East conflict and not on its actual causes. Sir, as I can sense, you are entangled and preoccupied by the symptoms of the cancer while ignoring entirely the cause of the disease. I can not really agree with your superficial stance in regards to Mr. Harper's position and statement, " Israel has the right to defend itself". In fact you should have applauded Mr. Harper for siding with a sovereign country against a terrorist organization...I am not sure if you are really aware that Hezbollah is on our Canadian Terrorist list? As a Canadian - Lebanese I am very proud that we have a PM with this leadership caliber. This is what leadership is all about. He did not base his courageous stance on losing or gaining votes ...He acted according to the law of the land, witnessed for the truth and said what should be said loudly and clearly.
My question to you is: If you were in his position what stance would you have taken given the same circumstances? Please let me know and indicate in your reply plainly on which bases you have formulated such a stance. Hezbollah is a cancer, and eradicating such cancers necessities a great deal of cutting  and slashing from within and around. I wonder why you and many others who blame Mr. Harper on what is alleged by you as a pro Israel position, did not voice a word when millions of civilians were murdered in Darfour (Sudan) lately and many others slaughtered in numerous African and Middle East countries? Why you focus on Israel only? is there any religious background that makes you imprisoned in such tunnel vision thing. It would be very interesting to know. Have you ever asked why thousands of  Christians in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Libya etc are slaughtered? I do not recall hearing any word from you and many others on many world wide crimes? I wonder why? My dear, Neutrality is death and those who are neutral  in life are tasteless and no body cares about them. With terrorism and terrorists you are either with or against.  Where do you stand?
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani/LCCC Chairman
From: G Pounder" <>
Subject: War in Lebanon
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 14:28:01 -0600
#102 5719 52 Avenue
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
T4T 1R2

August 16, 2006
The Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council (LCCC)
Toronto ON
To whom it may concern:
Re: War in Lebanon
The bombs fall in the Middle East day after day. Years from now, I shall be able to tell my grandchildren, “This is what my Prime Minister sanctioned. While women and children were being blown to bits, he stood by and did nothing. He took a principled stand. What were his principles? Might makes right. The end justifies the means.”Prime Minister Harper called Israel’s bombing of Lebanon “a measured response”. What would an “unmeasured” response look like? If the Israelis dropped a bomb on 24 Sussex Drive, maybe he would use a different adjective.
Israel continues to terrorize the Palestinians, as it did before the war with Lebanon. Days before the war, Israel bombed a family having a picnic on a beach in Gaza.
Israel’s apologists say that it is not targeting civilians, but only killing them accidentally. Israel has bombed apartment buildings, houses, and civilian infrastructure. The Israeli army tells civilians to flee, and then bombs their escape routes. It bombs convoys of civilians trying to escape. It bombs ambulances. Of the first three hundred casualties in Lebanon, one hundred were children. Most of the casualties are women and children, not militants. But no, the Israelis are not responsible for civilian deaths. The Lebanese are to blame for the war. They brought this on themselves.
As I recall, the Nazis blamed the Jews for Germany’s defeats in the past. The Jews were also to blame for starting the war. Israel has leveled entire villages in Lebanon. Lid ice, anyone? Israel’s security walls have created ghettos. There are permanent refugee camps in Palestine and Lebanon. Under occupation, the Palestinians suffer daily humiliations. Israel regularly imprisons and assassinates Palestinians without trial. Israeli ultra-nationalists and religious zealots seek to exclude Arabs. They fortify their settlements in the West Bank and continue to build more. They call for a pure Jewish state. Pure eventually means purified, does it not? Israel is the supreme military power in the region. And the rest of the world looks away. Am I mistaken, or is history completing a circle?
Hezbollah is embedded in the Shia population of south Lebanon. How can Israel eliminate Hezbollah except by eradicating the Shia? Already the Shia are on the move, uprooted and fleeing from their villages. If the victims of the Nazi death camps could witness the deeds of their descendents—massacres in the Sabra and Shatila camps in Beirut; the repeated bombings of Qana; the massacre of Muslim worshipers at Hebron—would they not die a second death? Prime Minister Harper says Hezbollah is a terrorist group. From this he reasons, I think, that Israel is free to level Lebanon. What about terrorist states? No, the Prime Minister says that Israel is a democracy—as if democratic states are entitled to terrorize their neighbors. If Israel is a democratic nation founded upon law, it has all the greater obligation to observe international law, institutions, and conventions. It should demonstrate a greater regard for human life than its barbarian enemies do—not less. Israel has a right to defend itself, says the Prime Minister. Do Palestinians, the Lebanese, and other Arabs have a right to defend themselves? Evidently not. Israel is the only state in the Middle East that may defend itself. Israel can bomb its neighbors with impunity. Israel is the only state in the region permitted to have nuclear weapons.
Backed by US military might, Israel is the Goliath of the Middle East. Who can stand in the field against Israel? If Israel’s neighbors would resist occupation, injustice, and brutality, what choice do they have but to adopt guerrilla tactics? To brand all those who oppose Israel as “terrorists” is to defeat the political process, deny justice, and make peaceful solution impossible. A cease-fire must wait until there are “conditions for a sustainable peace”. Israel has the green light to step up the brutality, spill more blood, and turn the Middle East into rubble. Implementing a “permanent sustainable solution” means more children in body bags. Rivers of blood will not make Israel secure. Anyone who thinks a hated and feared Israel can ever be secure is deluded. If violence and terror have not provided Israel the security it seeks in the past, why would it be any different now?
Israel is an experiment doomed to fail. Indeed, it has already failed. Time and time again, it has failed to observe international law. It stands in violation of numerous UN resolutions. Now it is committing war crimes. Like its American sponsor, Israel is a renegade nation, a law unto itself. It fails the test of humanity and civilized behavior. Israel is a failed state.
According to the American-Israeli manifesto of world order, the only way to defend civilization is to employ the tools of barbarism. When Prime Minister Harper signed this manifesto, he signed away Canadian values. His comments are utterly insensitive to the suffering and death in Lebanon. He has given his blessing to militarism. In turning a blind eye to Israeli brutality, he has sanctioned the death of hundreds of civilians. He has blessed the murder of Canadian citizens. Canada’s carte-blanche support for Israel’s brutality is a disaster. At a stroke, the Prime Minister has made Canada irrelevant in the affairs of the Middle East. In falling in step with the U.S., he has surrendered our sovereignty. Our Prime Minister is not a bystander in the destruction: He is a co-author.
Geoffrey Pounder
George Geagea" <>
Subject: Re: Clarification
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>

Okay! I will give you some rest for now :)
I do accept who you are! I don't know where you got the idea that I don't! My problem is that I still have to learn where you stand, but I will learn over time. The idea of another Christian party will further fragment the Christians, but I should not be surprised. It is in our nature that if I don't like you, I pick up my toys and play in a different sandbox. If you look at the political landscape of the Lebanese Christians, you will find that there are many political sandboxes and few players. On the positive side, if we practice political maturity, this could be a sign of strength, but I am not confident we have reached that level of political maturity yet. May be I should write an article about this topic. Thanks for the invitation.
From: Elias Bejjani
George Geagea" <
August 14/06

Ya George Chou kostak. Listen to my message again. I am still the same person with the same convictions I did not declare that I joined any other group.  My loyalty is not to individuals no matter who they are. I base my affiliations to a well set cause. Meanwhile apparently you are entangled in the garment of one leader. If you are happy, satisfied and fully convinced, it is good. But you can not measure others patriotism on your own criteria. Taahbtni ya George. You want me be to a replicate of your own political affiliations. Quite frankly these affiliations are not my first choice, but I fully respect those who do. A third choice (a new Christian political party in Lebanon) is in the making, I might start coordinating with its leadership in case they satisfy my convictions once they announce the birth of this party. Many of the new group's leaders are LF. You might join them too, who knows.
George, I am very proud with every conduct and stance that I executed with the FPM since 1989 and will remain so. I know no hatred towards any body ..I express my views and oppose in a civilized pattern. What was posted on my site in regards to the FPM and the General will stay in place because they all portray my views. My current political distance from General Aoun's choices is based on issues and not on any kind of personal strife.  This stance does not mean that I have joined any other group. I am still who I was and remain so.
Ya Abu Greaj, It does not seem we are going any where in our debate. I can accept you as you  are, can you?
Look, Why you do not invest your efforts in writing editorials on current issues and I will publish them for you. Get out of the Aoun Geagea trap and start doing some thing fruitful. Yalla I will be waiting for your first editorial. Write on  identity, Hezbollah, history, culture, etc.

George Geagea" <>
Subject: Re: Clarification
August 14/06
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>

Mr. Bejjani, You are behaving exactly like Aoun. You appear to have his temper. My original e-mail was an attempt on my part to help you come out clean and hold you accountable to what you have professed publicly. You seemed to be reaching out to people like me who are "fanatically and blindly opinionated" and encouraging us to unite under a "solid patriotic criteria". Yet you seemed to be strongly attached to Aoun who in my opinion is a disaster to the Christians and Lebanon. You cannot have it both ways. Your double standard will not help you achieve your stated objectives.
As I mentioned before, I am not neutral. I am an LF supporter. You are the one who declared publicly that you are no longer in the Tayyar. You are the one who woke up from under the spell of Aoun. If you want us the "fanatically and blindly opinionated" to take you seriously, you have some work to do. Otherwise, why don't you stay as a loyal supporter to Aoun so we know where you stand.
I and many other Lebanese will not allow any body to make poetic statements about unity without challenging their motivation. We will not allow people like Aoun who preyed on the emotions of the young and naive adults making them believe he is the savior of Lebanon. He called the Lebanese "Ya shaa'b lubnan el-aa'zeem" where he meant "ya shaa'b lubnan el-ghasheem"
Mr. Bejjani, I sense that you are sincere about your quest to unite the Lebanese in the Diaspora under a "solid patriotic criteria". If I am correct, you have to distance yourself from Aoun and clean up your web site from any reference to this man who brought nothing but defeat to the Christian community.

From: Elias Bejjani
George Geagea" <
August 13/06
Dear George: It is futile to engage in any productive debate when one of its participants is fanatically and blindly opinionated and judges others' political affiliations according to his own criteria of right and wrong. Political correctness is a kind of  tunnel vision that aborts any sort of fruitful communication. I always refused to engage in any Aoun -Geagea nonsense email rhetoric bombardment and still hold to my stance.
 You see in Geagea a leader that you cherish and trust, this is you own choice. Meanwhile many others do not share with you this fascination, among which are thousands of the LF supporters. Again this is their own choice This public fact of loyalty and opposition applies to Aoun as well as to the rest of the Lebanese leaders and political parties. Diversity in views and affiliations as you stated is a plus and a sign of civilization, provided that we accept others who are different as they are and exhibit actual and practical genuine tolerance in this regard. Unfortunately and sadly you are apparently entangles in this trap of Aoun Geagea.
 You want others to be exactly  like you, or otherwise they are tagged as traitors.
 I asked you to read Father Essaf's last editorial that is posted on the lccc in which he addresses Arabism, but instead you focused on another editorial he published on the FPM site praising Aoun. Don't you see what you have done?
 You have the right to glorify who ever you wish to, and Father Essaf like every body else has the same right.
 Yes dear I respect Aoun and shall remain to do in spite of the current distance that separates me from his political choices that I strongly believe are not good, but at the same time I will keep on logically and patriotically address his stances as well as his conduct in an open mind, applaud those that deserve appreciation, and oppose those that in my own understanding requires opposition stances.
 I hope that you and others can do the same. Dear George there are no politicians who are infallible. Even Popes are not
 Dear, what is your Lebanese criteria for patriotism and treason? and where do you invest you political support, in individuals or in a well defined cause?
 Yours truly
 Elias Bejjani
Sat, 13 Aug 2006
From: "George Geagea" <>
Subject: Re: Clarification
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>

Mr. Bejjani,
You are right! I am a strong supporter of the LF. I also stay open minded as to the views of my other Lebanese brothers and sisters regarding current issues as well as where we are going as a Lebanese nation. I firmly believe that diversity of opinion is a sign of richness and strength not weakness. However, in the midst of this diversity, we cannot abdicate our responsibility from holding each other accountable for what we profess (content) and who we support (personality). Father Essaf, in his latest article, he elevated Aoun to a divine prophet; a gift from God to humanity. You and many former supporters of Aoun don't share Father Essaf's portrayal of Aoun. We must learn how to hold our political leaders accountable for their mistakes. Aoun did not commit a slip of tongue, as he normally does, but rather a serious and premeditated political direction that betrayed a significant number of Lebanese Christians. You can talk, in a nostalgic manner, about the good things he said and did, but that does not help build a nation. Doing so will reduce an honest man like you to the same mentality of an average Arab person. Yes! I am not an Arab. I am Lebanese.
Mr. Bejjani, I don't recall you posting Dr. Geagea's speeches. If you did, you probably had it posted for a brief moment before I had the chance to listen or read it. I do visit your web site frequently. Your criteria for a solid patriotic conviction does not match your continued support for Aoun. You need to clean up your web site and distance yourself from Aoun with words and actions to gain more credibility. I know Aoun still occupy a soft spot in your heart, but in the context of building a nation and the path of history, we must move on and never look back. Aoun is not the leader that will take us to the future.
I am harping on this issue because your web site is still adorned with Aoun. You may want to display his pictures in your private home, but not on a public web site that you are using to proclaim your new found solid patriotic criteria. My words might sound very cold, but what our Lebanese brothers and sisters are going through is not a joke. Aoun and Hezbollah must be brought to justice for drawing this brutal and inhumane response from Israel.
Mr. Bejjani, I am a very proud LF supporter. I am not ashamed to proclaim that Dr. Geagea is one of the most intelligent and objective leaders in Lebanon today. He has an excellent read of history and clear picture of a future Lebanon. He is not a reactionary leader and never played on people's emotions like most Lebanese leaders have done and still do. Recent events has shown his leadership competency and his clear understanding of history. Until Dr. Geagea reaches a point where he commits a similar grave mistake like Aoun did, which at that point we should fire him, we should defer to him issues that impact the future of our beloved Lebanon. I am being very objective and not emotional. You cannot execute without a strong leader. Strong leaders know that their followers hold them accountable.
From: Elias Bejjani
George Geagea" <
August 12/06
Dear: GeorgeYou sound to be an educated individual and your command of the language is for no doubt ore than good. Accordingly I believe you should approach the whole issue in a different pattern and mentality. I mean that you are supposed to judge on the content of any material that is published on our site and not by the name of its writer. Few months ago you wrote to me and I am sure you remember very well what was said and how it was said. If I am not mistaken you are affiliated to the LF, which have a very solid  Lebanese Christian doctrine. A doctrine that I fully cherish, advocate and support. BUT again as you well know I do not believe by any means that any of the current Christian leaders honors it completely. NOW when Father Essaf writes you ought to judge on the content of what he writes not on his affiliation to General Aoun or any body else. Father Essaf as far as the LF actual doctrine is more LF than many leaders who carry only the tag and are fully void of any doctrine commitment and obligation.
To put my argument into an\n actual test...Please read his last editorial published on the lccc
Let me know your evaluation for this editorial based on its content, its relation to the LF doctrine, not the name of its writer.
Dear, for all us,  to be really intelligent and smart Lebanese, We have to be honest first of all with ourselves and base our political affiliation to a set of solid  patriotic convictions. Based on this measuring criteria we can support or oppose leaders and political groups.
Personally I supported General Aoun strongly when I found in his political platform my convictions, hopes, aspirations and myself. Meanwhile with the same power I distanced myself from him openly and loudly d when his platform changed and did not anymore fulfill my convictions. HERE are you really and honestly supporting the leader or party that matches your convictions?
Believe me if we as Christian Lebanese can distance our thinking, heart and emotions from individuals and groups and judge them only on our convictions and the  platforms that goes with these convictions, then we as people and a nation will never be defeated.
George: If you had really checked the LCCC site you would have seen that it is open for all views. I have posted Dr. Geagea's Audio speeches many times. BUT have you seen any of the General's speeches on the LF sites?
Please note that although at the present time I strongly oppose General Aoun's political platform on many issues, that I honor much his patriotic past achievements and very proud to have been one of his strong supporters in Diaspora. Meanwhile my opposition to the FPM  will be based on issues and not on individuals or individual matters.
N.B: It would be more fruitful if we can talk over the phone, MSN etc. I will post your message as well as my response on the lccc "Free Opinion" page in a bid to encourage a debate on needed criteria for political affiliation
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani

From: George Geagea" <
Subject: Clarification

Sat, 12 Aug 06
Mr. Bejjani, I listened to your audio clip where you sincerely admitted that Aoun has committed a grave political mistake and you are no longer a supporter of his tyyar.  I admire your honesty and courage.  In your clip you also encouraged the Lebanese in the Diaspora not to allow political affiliation to divide them or allow political ideologies to infiltrate their communities, because in doing so, it will weaken them and render them ineffective.  I happened to agree with you to the extent that they use their political ideologies to attack each other instead of harnessing their intellectual "energies" to lift up Lebanon and its people in the world arena.
Mr. Bejjani, if you truly believe in what you said in your audio clip, why would you allow people like Father Assaf to continue to be the mouth piece of Aoun.  He is infatuated with Aoun and he has lost touch of what is truly going on the ground in Lebanon.  I believe you Mr. Bejjani are behaving like Aoun.  By saying one thing and doing something else.  You say we should not import Lebanon's politics to our communities in the diasporas, yet you are promoting.  Would you allow someone from the Lebanese Forces to post articles on your web site that praise Dr. Samir Geagea?
If you want us to take you seriously, you would strip your web site from any articles that praise Aoun.  Take your courage one more step and sanitize your web site from any praises to Aoun.
From Elias Bejjani
From: asobayti mtl <>
August 12/06

Mr. Sobayti: If really you are looking for a proper kind of communication and debate, you ought first of all to have some manner of tolerance for those who are different in affiliation, opinions, political views etc. The first thumb rule in such a civilized process is not to be Arabic in your attitudes. I do not mean to insult you as an Arabic, but I meant to remind you that the sickening Arabic rhetoric pattern leads no where. Tagging others as Israelis or Iranians etc block the channels of communication. So if you are not Arabic in this style.. let me know. Who knows you might convince me join your terrorist groups!!


Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
From: asobayti mtl <>
To: Elias Bejjani.

On 8/11/06,
Here is some traces of your masters in Tel Aviv...shame on you.

Wed, 9 Aug 2006
From: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Re: to eliass bejjani

To: "Nabil Saad" <>

Yes sir. Hader!
Nabil Saad" <>
Subject: to Eliass Bejjani

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006
Stay away from general Aoun
From: Elias Bejjani
To: asobayti mtl 
August 11/06

Dear Mr. Sobayti: Thanks for your message. It is relaxing and really satisfying to know that you can be happy at this point of time. BUT, believe me your happiness is just a wishful thinking. Please note that the blocking issue by the opposition parties has served our objectives better and more effectively. We got all the media focus that we wished to have. I feel sorry to disappoint your deeply rooted hatred wishes but they were were not fulfilled. So stay happy and enjoy your dream, Why not  after all dreaming is an excellent means of venting out. It seems you need it .
God bless you dear
Elias Bejjani
From: asobayti mtl <
August 8/06

Your testimony in front of the Canadian Foreign Affairs Committee
sorry I forget to say mabrouk for you being kicked out of the parliament was really a wonderful news to learn that even the Canadians parties started to know about your true nature are not few Lebanese organizations rather you are few Zionist bunch of losers ...long live Lebanon the homeland of bravery & resistance.
 Fri, 11 Aug 2006 00
Subject: General Aoun

Dear Mr. Bejjani
It was interesting listening to your views on Aoun. Criticism with utmost respect....I share your position that if you live in Canada ( or the US) , then you should refrain from joining a Lebanese ( or any foreign) party, and must maintain allegiance to the home country. It remains to be seen why Aoun changed direction so radically . Have a good weekend
S. George Khalaf <
Sent : August 10, 2006 9:19:37 PM
To : <
Subject : Thanks again

Dear Elias, Yislam timmak! What you had to say reminded me of what the Gospel says about the entombment of Jesus in the words "Wa al lazi shaahada shahida wa kanat shihadatuhu haq, lekay tu2mino.
"Thanks, Salim
Jad EL Hitti" <
Subject: To Mr. Charles Jalkh

 Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006
We are not surprised with what you wrote in your article since you considered the former Syrian puppets - currently usa puppets - in the future someone else puppets - that they are the founders of the Cedars Revolution. If you claim that FPM & GMA were the freedom fighters since 1988 then, who was violation the freedom ? its the future movement & co....your cedars revolution founders!!
EL Hitti" <
Subject: Mr. Bejjani's Speech
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006
Good day, After 19.35 minutes of talking we didn't know what really happened. Moreover, you are clarifying that FPM Lebanon does not represent you !!!!???? who are you to be represented by 1 million people ? We would like to hear a detailed speech explaining the situation instead of (drabeh 3al 7efir w darbeh 3al mesmar)... At the end, you are talking about democracy and still sending the unsubscribed users emails to visit your site and listen to you speeches...By the way, publishing the articles of ahmad al jarallah on your site is a good sign and indicator !!
N.B.I am not an activist in FPM but seeking the logic, I tried to find it in your words, unfortunately I didn't.
Jad E. EL Hitti
Roland Abi Haidar <>
Sent : August 10, 2006
To :
Subject : Hello Elias

Hi Elias,
I listened to your speech and comments about your relation with FPM and General Aoun on LCCC, and all I can say is that I feel and think like you do the same... I no longer feel part of what is going on as politics in Lebanon, and Hezbollah and his allies are nothing but enemies of Lebanon to me.... and all what General Aoun did, is considered to be typically politics but far from our belief.. As you said, I hope his right, and we r not , since we only care about Lebanon and especially Christians in Lebanon...God Bless our beloved country.....
From : Tzipi Sofer Matthias <>
Sent : August 9, 2006 3:26:48 PM
To : <>

Subject : I am an Israeli
I am an Israeli and an architect...and a mother to two babies ... a person. And as such I wanted to express my deepest feelings regarding the war in Lebanon and Israel. It kills me inside to see the loss of human life. I have to reveal that me myself, I have two sisters that have children and live in the north of Israel. I can only say that I am so sorry for the hurt that your people experience in this time. I know that many Israelis feel the same and wish for peace. As for the military actions, I stand confused because on one hand I am afraid for our life, for the life of my family that is for years exposed to missiles attacks and on the other side I can not accept the death of so many, the destruction... I can only wish and pray not to stand in a point such as this one. I can only wish for this to end. I send something that can not be expressed in words. Only the belly can feel it.
Casey Berlanda" <
Subject: Press release of Jyly 28, 2006

August 8th, 2006
Lebanese - Canadian Coordinating Council
Attention : Mr. Elias Bejjani, President
Reference: Your Press-Release of July 28, 2006..."Mr. Harper stay the course..."
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
I had the opportunity to follow the evacuation of Lebanese-Canadians from war-stricken Lebanon on the various TV networks.
After listening to the many comments made by evacuees regarding the slow pace of the evacuation, the lack of food, the time taken for the ferry crossing to Cyprus or Turkey, the lack of sleeping accommodations on the ferries, the poor quality of the sandwiches supplied and the one comment by a Lebanese lady "If I had known it would be that bad, I would have stayed in Lebanon!", and comments such as "Mr. Harper will have to pay for this!" I must admit that my original disappointment in this display of thanklessness slowly turned to anger, anger which has not abated to this day.
Browsing the web I opened your webpage showing the above mentioned press release. To a certain degree I was pleased to read your comments, with the exception of the second paragraph which seems to put the blame on terrorist organizations for portraying the Lebanese/Canadian community as unappreciative and ungrateful.
Your press release would have had far more of an impact had it put the blame where it really belonged - on the evacuees who had nothing good to say about Canada's effort to evacuate them - some from their country of residence to Canada, their country of convenience!
I sincerely hope that your organization will issue a press release directed at your fellow Lebanese evacuated from Lebanon at great expense to the Canadian taxpayer to stifle their whining and complaining and show some gratitude to Canada for taking them out of harm's way.
My anger will abate when I see such a press release in the near future.
Sincerely yours,
Casey Berlanda, a proud Canadian
From : S. George Khalaf <>
Sent : August 7, 2006
To : <>

Subject : Thank you
Dear Elias,
The material you publish is like diamonds in front of Lebanese pigs and I mean those who claim to speak for the Christians of Lebanon but they do not speak but for themselves. Pierr Atallah's address to Geagea and Aoun is unbelievable. How can the people who are supposed to be educated in Lebanon, the Christian community, have no head and no opinion but are lap dogs following like stupid sheep. Reading your articles have helped me displace some of my anger, though I remain very angry for my homeland which has become a travesty in the world and my community completely lost without a leader. I am certain Camel Chamoun and Pierre Jemayel must be turning in the graves
with anger.
Thank you,
Kind regards,Salim* George Khalaf, Byzantine Phoenician Descendent
* from Shalim, Phoenician god of dusk, whose place was Urushalim/Jerusalem
"A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia" ‹ Encyclopedia Phoeniciana Center for Phoenician Studies
Chapel Hill, NC-USA
From: Elias

To: From: georges" <>
August 7/06
Dear George:  If  you want to be respected and taken really serious by others, you have to teach and train yourself how to accept  those others' opinions and views, although if you do not agree with them. Instead of vomiting , getting dizzy, and using  below the belt uncivilized expressions, it would have been more fruitful and more courageous to defend your own opinions and try to explain them in a democratic way in a bid to convince others not to alienate them. Really I feel sorry for people like you who are fully blind and deaf to any thing and every thing that does not match their own affiliations and opinions. If you are really an FPM member or supporter and can not accept the fact that we are criticizing General Aoun for his new stances on several issues, I strongly believe you should accept the challenge that I am presenting  too you now. I challenge you to put in writing (Arabic, English or French) what actually made you so nauseated and dizzy!!. I am genuinely ready to engage with you in a debate addressing the reasons of the so alleged vomiting symptom!!... May may, may be, you have a psychological sickness, like anorexia nervous. Who knows we have to exclude too many factors before we get to politics!!
I will be more than willing to adopt your views in case you are able at least to say what they are and put them in writing.
Advice: never ever be blind or subservient to any individual or doctrine, keep your mind open and extremely critical. Try to respect those who oppose your political affiliations and opinions much more than those who share them with you. As far as the removal of your email from our list, you can do it yourself by just clicking on the unsubscribe link that comes with each and every yahoo group message we sent.
Yours Truly
lccc Chairman/Elias Bejjani

From: georges" <>

Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] LCCC release/New LCCC postings
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 20:26:18 -0400
Hi Mr Bejjani, please remove my email from your list because your opinion make me dizzy and I want to vomit.
thank you
Elias Bejjani <>
To: "Caroline Kanaan" <

August 6/8/06
Dear Caroline
I am not sure what impression the release put you under. But be sure we both advocate for unity not only by words but by action. It is true that both of us are Maronites, But we both are Lebanese and love our country. Faith is what motivates us and always has been. BUT unity does not mean keeping a blind eye on evil things or evil people. God told us to witness for the truth to be free. This is exactly what we are doing.
God bless you

From: "Caroline Kanaan" <>
Subject: Lebanon releases
August 6/8/06
Dear Elias and Charbel,
Do you realize that both of you hold the names of two of Lebanon's favorite Saints?
If you want to protect the Christian Lebanese in Lebanon and want them to maintain their influence and positions then please don't forget to pray for them. What is the difference between the Christians in the Middle East and the rest of its peoples? The Holy Spirit lives in them. If you believe that they are the light of the Middle East it is because their light comes from their belief and faith in Jesus Christ.Think about this for a few minutes and I am sure you will agree. Do you want the Lebanese Christians to become stronger and give them the sanity to get through this war, then pray for them and ask God to protect them. Please work to keep the Lebanese United. If you want to talk in the name of Christians, then do not forget their message of Love and Forgiveness. Please work to keep the Lebanese united and do not be another voice who wants to tear them apart. Also, don't forget that all the Christian schools and convents are open sheltering refugees. The priests, nuns, and aid workers, are not differentiating between what religion or sect they are helping... we are all Lebanese and we are all humans. Please support them in Lebanon especially the Red Cross, St. Vincent de Paul, Caritas, Mercy Corps, World Vision..
Thanks and best regards,
From: "Caroline Kanaan" <> Add to Address Book
Sun, 6 Aug 2006
Subject: Re: Lebanon releases
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Dear Elias,
From what I believe, God meant that the truth was Christ and He will set us free. He also told us not to condemn and not to judge. He told us to pray. Personally to me, one of my views is that the Maronites carry Lebanon's message . The Maronites protect Lebanon. Through the Maronites' prayers and through their faith. Through their love and sacrifices. Rarely through their politics. When I think of Lebanon, I think of Wadi Annoubin. The heart of Lebanon. I think of Mt. Lebanon. I pray for the people in the South and I believe that God is with them because they are praying for him to. Evil is everywhere, the only way to fight it is through PRAYER. It is beyond human understanding and it's pointless to fight evil with evil at the end you get more evil. e.g. civil wars. these things can just begin with one "unforgivable" action or word... and to preserve "rights of existence" or "karameh"... 3anjad maskhara.. not only is it pointless, it's not even true.. Please dig into your Maronite roots and let it revive your spirit. Let it bring your true faith out. Let the Holy Spirit work through you to bring peace and to help alleviate the pain of your fellow Lebanese especially the Christians and not to bring more on to them.

Mon, 31 Jul 2006
From: "Refaat Kazoun" <
Subject: Response to: Qana II: Will Hezbollah Ever Learn? By: Dr: Joseph Hitti- July 30/2006
CC: "Naji Mounayer" <>, "Melhem Daher" <>

Dear Dr. Hitti
Let me start my email by telling you that I am LEBANESE and LEBANESE ONLY.
I am committed to no one but Lebanon, I have no political affiliations, and I am not a member of any party or militia.
Your website states "The LCCC is an independent Canadian Lebanese non profit group not related to any non Canadian groups or political parties." Would you care to tell us why you have special pages for General Abou Jamra, General Aoun, and FPM Canada?
In my opinion having this alone puts a great dent in your credibility. On to your article; Congratulations are now in order.
You are now eligible for the "Israel Prize", the highest Israeli civilian prize, and I am sure it will be given to you personally by Mr. Ehud Olmert for your indirect services supporting the Israeli atrocities on our beloved country. I read your article and I honestly have to say it is sickening. Debating the facts of the article is absolutely irrelevant at this time. What is relevant is how a so called Lebanese can shift the blame from Israel when it comes to an inhumane massacre followed by direct shelling to prevent the rescuers.
I am going to assume for the sake of argument that as you claim; Hisbullah hold the lion's share of responsibility. Let us also assume that they are at fault of bombing the UN building at Qana in 1996, and why not add the Marwaheen massacre (Civilians in an open pick up truck) to that as well. You sure sound like you are painted orange with your FPM support, and you are more than willing to shift blames left right and centre.
Do you think the FPM share some of the blame? Do you remember the elections? Whom did General Aoun win the elections with ?
How about post elections political manoeuvres? Whom did General Aoun sign an "UNDERSTANDING" with by which super extra political cover was granted? In addition to the FPM; Who is blocking the removal of Lahoud?  Correct; The answer is: Hizbullah and you win a free trip to Qana where you will enjoy three nights and four days of bombardment. You will stay in our 1 star shelter where you will share one small room with 62 other vacationers and if you are lucky, you may not wake up. You will then be carried by four of our representative on a stretcher to enjoy a smaller air-conditioned metal room in our many close hospitals. Before you prepare your answer, please spare me the lecture on how General Aoun stopped a civil war with his Hizbullah accord.  Come to think of it, a civil war would have been less costly!
Regardless of the above, you seem like 18 days behind the times. Yes, many true patriotic Lebanese blamed Hizbullah for what is happening and for giving Israel the excuse it was WAITING for, but you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture which you can not see from where you are sitting. It is time for unconditional support for LEBANON. Look at the beautiful picture of Berri and Seniora standing together to present a united Lebanon. Look at how all the flags including the FPM's blended together in Riyadh Al Solh square yesterday during the unfortunate incident at the UN building.
Look at how all the politicians who were critical of Hizbullah are lining up behind Lebanon and putting their differences aside.
Look at how the Lebanese people forgot all the past and opened their hearts, arms, homes, and schools to the refugees.
Look at all of these incidents and there are many more to look at and you will realise the size of the knife you stabbed Lebanon with in the back. Your article is not only unpatriotic; it is a form of treason. It looks like you have been away from Lebanon for too long. Your website reminds me of the 1970's and the idiotic civil war. Wake up and smell the coffee. The civil war is over. We do not say Christians and Muslims any more; it is actually a shame in Lebanon to talk about this. We have all decided that it is the past. Balance your website and get some counselling. I am worried that non-Lebanese readers mistake you for a patriotic Lebanese. As far as the rest of the Lebanese are concerned, I have no worry. They are smart, open minded, and clear on what is going on. I hope that you have the courage to post this response on your website. Forgive me if I sounded angry. I can not get the pictures of the Qana kids off my mind.
Refaat Kazoun

From: boody tohme <>
Sent : July 29 2006
Subject : vision anew

If Israel moves north to create a safe area against rockets, Hezbollah would move north to control the rest of Lebanon, with Syria . Eventually they will spill into the Christian areas. Should the Christians push the Muslims of Tripoli and Akkar north into Syrian coast? A more logical accommodation would be for all the minorities, Jews, Christians, Druze, Shiites and Alawites to push together through Antioch. Using the phosphorous tunnels and bridges they will with Europe.
As long as France & Chirac object to NATO in south Lebanon, above scenarios will or will not happen.
The map of the Mideast in general and that of the Eastern Mediterranean is being redrawn.
Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran axis of evil has been digging deep in the holy south Lebanon and preying on the Lebanese and exploiting all their interests on and off for 58 years.
It is time for Lebanon to flourish again.
But the Arab mind has always been inflicting wrongful decisions. Always they put the carriage before the horse. Fake Señiora has been seeking fake cease-fires for long. As he distorted the real image of the Cedar Revolution, stole its spirit, fake its objectives now he is asking for fake cease-fire.
For this the Pentagon peace table of Maliki of Iraq, Leader of Lebanon, Abdullah of Jordan, Abbas of Palestinian Authority, and Olmert of Israel... to invite NATO and other multinational forces from France Turkey Norway and Egypt to take over all the Eastern Mediterranean.
Lebanese Americans, Lebanese Canadians, Lebanese Australians, Lebanese Europeans, Lebanese Brazilians, Lebanese Argentineans, Lebanese Ecuadorians…..must sign up now in multinational forces to fight the good fight and stand up against Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda.
From Elias Bejjani
To: AA

July 27/06
Dear Alain: I am not really surprised to read the kind of "Okazi" vocabulary you used in the letter. I feel sorry for you and for people like you who are not trained to be tolerant to others views and opinions. You are apparently suffering from a tunnel vision syndrome.
Do you think using such an hostile, accusative and below the belt attitude will lead you anywhere? Dear terms like Ignorant, cowered, disgusting;...etc!!! Much Ayieb!!! Ya haram el choum...Rabna yechfiek
By the way if you really aim to communicate in a civilized manner I will be more than ready. Provided you use an appropriate language.
I am going to post your letter on our two web sites so others in our community can read it and discover how democratic and civilized you are.
God bless you habibi
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani

From: A.A
July 27, 2006 4:53:39 AM
To :
Subject : Disgusting

Your article here is disgusting:
I'm not arab.
I'm not a fanatic.
I'm not religious.
I'm not anything that you describe in your articles as anti-harper in your stupid article.
Like my fellow Ph. D. friends, some arab, some jew, but mostly canadian of various sources, we oppose totally Harper's attitude and Israel's violation of article 33 of the Geneva Human Rights Convention. See the joint article published last week in Le Devoir : It clearly shows that you are nothing but a liar.
You are probably too ignorant to know what that Geneva Convention article is about, so let me explain: it is absolutely illegal to punish a civilian population because of the acts of a minority. That is exactly what Israel did, and you are nothing but a coward not to say it outloud. They even admitted that they targed the civilian population ON PURPOSE so that it would make pressure on Hizbollah. How disgusting of you to support such barbaric attitudes. You were probably happy when Hizbollah kicked out Israel out of your country, but now that things have changed, you take the stance of a miserable coward.
Shame on you and on the misinformation you publish in your article. Shame on you for not mentioning a thing against Israhell in your article and how they have destroyed your country for so long and how in a week they have destroyed years of rebuilding. You are an insult to your race and to your country and it is unbelievable that people actually publish crap like the article you wrote.
Wed, 26 Jul 2006 07:47:31 -0700
From: "Nanaimo" <
Subject: Look at the Thanks for the Help from you fellow Canadian??

2502 Glenayr Dr
Nanaimo, B.C. V9S 3S1
250-758-4250 -The Edmonton Journal
Whiners: Find your own way out of Beirut: After being rescued from war zone,a little gratitude would be nice
Fri 21 Jul 2006
Aw, the boat ride was too long, was it? And you say it was too hot? There was no doctor on board, either? And the departure was delayed. And the port was chaotic. And too little food and water had been laid in. And some of you had to sleep on the floor!?
Oh, the indignity of it.
To listen to the whining and carping of many of the 261 Canadians rescued from Beirut on the first day of the evacuation from Lebanon, you would think they had just been returned to port from an ocean cruise that went terribly wrong, instead of being saved from a war zone.
Tuesday, the Crown Princess, a Princess Cruises ship, suddenly listed to port in heavy seas off the coast of Florida. The promenade deck almost
submerged. Stairwells "became waterfalls." The casino and gift shop below decks were flooded. The main dining room had to be turned into a triage ward as more than 200 of the 3,100 passengers on board were injured by the sudden tilt; 94 had to be taken off for hospitals on shore.
By contrast, no passengers on the first Canadian rescue ship were injured. The worst that happened was a few threw up.
And, yet, the grousing and moaning on the Crown Princess did not equal that of the evacuees from Lebanon when they reached Cyprus early Thursday morning. Some even cursed at the Canadian diplomats who greeted them.  One woman from Montreal described the trip as "hell;" not the war, but rather her tax-paid voyage to freedom. After all, it had taken 15 hours instead of seven. Twice their ship, the Blue Dawn, had been stopped by the Israeli navy to ensure it was not hostile.
Imagine that. Stopping a ship in a war zone to see whether it is friend or foe. How rude!  And the griping doesn't end with those Ottawa has already plucked from the suddenly very hot zone in south Lebanon. Others still awaiting evacuation complain that our embassy in Beirut has not dealt with them fast enough. Their e-mails have gone unanswered, their phone calls meet with a busy signal. If they present themselves in person, there are long lines in the hot sun to meet a Foreign Affairs official face-to-face.  There aren't hotel rooms for them all. The waiting rooms are inadequate for the numbers wanting to leave. Embassy staff will not give precise departure times.
No kidding. We're not talking about the returns desk at Wal-Mart the day after Christmas. A staff of two dozen, who normally deal with a few thousand inquiries a year are suddenly swamped with 2,000 or 3,000 people demanding to be saved - Now! In a city that no longer has a functioning airport. Where fighter-bombers frequently scream overhead. Air raids do tend to disrupt the flow of things.
It's a wonder our government managed, at all, to find seven underused cruise ships it could lease on such short notice.
On the first day that any country was able to get its citizens out by boat, we managed to rescue 261. The British got out just 170 of their people. The French, who have a fleet of warships patrolling the Mediterranean, could manage just 180.
Thursday, we rescued another 1,375. And thereafter, we should be able to extract 700 to 1,000 swearing, muttering ingrates each day, either to Cyprus or Turkey.
But just wait until they get to safe ports and find out they have several-day waits ahead of them until they can be airlifted - again at
taxpayers' expense - to Canada.  When told she might have to sit put in Cyprus for a few days until a jet ride could be arranged, and that while she waited she would have to find and pay for her own hotel and meals, one of the first evacuees complained that the government had not already taken care of such things.
Whatever happened to personal responsibility? To simple gratefulness? I don't expect the rescued Canadians to bow down and kiss the feet of our diplomats when they arrive on safe soil. But why is it too much to expect they might be thankful simply for being extracted from a danger zone, regardless of how uncomfortably?
They remind me of the Canadian and British antiwar activists extracted by commandos earlier this year from months of captivity in Iraq, who rather than saying thank you criticized the rescuers for using force to free them. Wouldn't you be grateful to be rescued from Lebanon right now even if you and your family had to ride out in the fish hold of a trawler for a few days?  And yes it does matter that many of those complaining are Canadians of convenience. They hold Canadian passports, but have dual citizenship in Lebanon and have not been much interested in Canada for years until their real home country started getting dangerous.
There is a simple solution to this carping. The boats have to go back to Beirut for more evacuees. Anyone who profanes a Canadian worker or whines about conditions on the free boat gets put back on board and returned to Lebanon where they can find their own way out.
Lorne Gunter
Columnist/Editorial Writer,
National Post
Columnist, Edmonton Journal
Subject: FW: plight of the "Lebanese" Canadians
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 12:19:25 -0500

AMEN- Worth the read
Directed solely to those Lebanese who displayed shameful ingratitude through the media towards Canada's evacuation efforts.
From: Murray -Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 1:07 PM
Subject: Fw: plight of the Lebanese Canadians..
I just had to write this to get it off my chest. You may or may not agree with my sentiments however they are my opinions. I was watching CBC news coverage this morning of the events concerning the returns of Lebanese-Canadians. You'll note I did not capitalize the word Canadians when referring to these people as it was evident by their comments that they consider themselves to be Lebanese first and Canadians second. The more I watched the angrier I got and I ended up turning off the television.
A host of the returnees to Canada were complaining about the Canadian Governments and it's slow response. Some of the returnees commented
that Canada should be ashamed of itself for it's slow response in getting them out. One person complained about taking 11 hours to get to Cypruss and also complained about the sandwiches that they were given. I was stunned at the ingratitude of the people being interviewed. Considering the logistics involved in getting thousands of people out of Lebanon I think the Canadian Government and other governments did well. I got to thinking about the situation and came to the conclusion that Canada now seems to be a land of opportunists, not opportunity.
The only two people in my family who got a free trip to Europe were my dad and my uncle who were shipped overseas to serve in World War II.
No-one asked most of these people to go to Lebanon so a free trip back with minor inconveniences is a good deal. Better than being dead I
suppose. Here is the deal. I will arrange to pay for a trip back to war torn Lebanon for any Lebanese-Canadian ingrate who agrees to the following:
If you feel ashamed of Canada and it's current evacuation response in the Middle East, you should renounce your Canadian Citizenship, pay
back the government of Canada for the free services you received when you came here such as medical, dental, education, job start programs, housing, ESL classes, business venture grants etc. and for those going back to live in Lebanon give up your CPP benefits (a great benefit. Many Canadians are ignorant about the programs your tax dollar is paying for). As I  stated earlier Canada seems to be the land of opportunists. I wonder what the percentage would be of these ingrates serving in our Armed Forces?
Now, you might view me as a radical and a bigot. That is your opinion. The above is mine. I am one of countless CANADIANS who are just fed up with the ingratitude of some and the milking of our government by others. It's about time that people stood up and said enough is enough.
Political correctness is a way to stifle people from speaking how they feel and in some cases speaking what is the truth.
Affirmative action is nothing more than reverse discrimination. As I stated earlier I am fed up with the hyphenation of Canadian
You are either a Canadian or you are not one.
I intend on sending this letter to my M.P. and anyone else I can think of. If you agree with me please pass this on, if not, then press
Mike Crawford
A CANADIAN from Winnipeg MB
Paul Fleck" <
Subject: An interesting and provocative letter
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006

I thought this letter highlights some of the frustrations of people hearing about the complaints regarding Canadian responsiveness to aid those people who traveled to a conflict area.
Paul Fleck
The following is a note by Mike Crawford of Winnipeg MB.
Subject: plight of the Lebanese Canadians.
July 21, 2006
Hi Everyone;
I just had to write this to get it off my chest. You may or may not agree with my sentiments however they are my opinions.
I was watching CBC news coverage this morning of the events concerning the returns of Lebanese-Canadians. You'll note I did not capitalize the word Canadians when referring to these people as it was evident by their comments that they consider themselves to be Lebanese first and Canadians second. The more I watched the madder I got and I ended up turning off the television.
A host of the returnees to Canada were complaining about the Canadian Governments and it's slow response. Some of the returnees commented that Canada should be ashamed of itself for it's slow response in getting them out. One person complained about taking 11 hours to get to Cyprus and also complained about the sandwiches that they were given. I was stunned at the ingratitude of the people being interviewed. Considering the logistics involved in getting thousands of people out of Lebanon I think the Canadian Government and other governments did well.
I got to thinking about the situation and came to the conclusion that Canada now seems to be a land of opportunists, not opportunity. The only two people in my family who got a free trip to Europe were my dad and my uncle Charlie who were shipped overseas to serve in World War 11. No-one asked most of these people to go to Lebanon so a free trip back with minor inconveniences is a good deal. Better than being dead I suppose.
Here is the deal. I will arrange to pay for a trip back to war torn Lebanon for any Lebanese-Canadian ingrate who agrees to the following. If you feel ashamed of Canada and it's response you should renounce your Canadian Citizenship, pay back the government of Canada for the free services you received when you came here such as medical, dental, education, job start programs, housing, ESL classes, business venture grants etc. and for those going back to live in Lebanon give up your CPP benefits
( a great many Canadians are ignorant about the programs your tax dollar is paying for). As I stated earlier Canada seems to be the land of opportunists. I wonder what the percentage would be of these ingrates serving in our Armed Forces?
Now, you might view me as a radical and a bigot. That is your opinion. The above is mine. I am one of many CANADIANS who are just fed up with the ingratitude of some and the milking of our government by others. It's about time that people stood up and said enough is enough. Political correctness is a way to stifle people from speaking how they feel and in some cases speaking what is the truth. Affirmative action is nothing more than reverse discrimination. As I stated earlier I am fed up with the hyphenation of Canadian citizenship. You are either a Canadian or you are not one.
I intend on sending this letter to my M. P. and anyone else I can think of. If you agree with me please pass this on, if not, then press delete.
Mike Crawford
A Canadian from Winnipeg Mb.
Canadian Concerned Citizen
Subject: May one day there be only white flowers.. between the border....

Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006
May one day WHITE FLOWERS.. be in between Lebanon and Israel and nothing else but, an international neutral force, towards peace in the land:
My hope for the people of dream ... when all of this is over and the land is filled with PEACE AND A WARM SUMMER BREEZE.
May one day the international buffer zone between Lebanon and Israel be filled with white flowers. ...white flowers from all over the world... this is my hope this is my dream ....for the people of Lebanon.... May these white flowers represent all the pain that - violence - (regardless of the reason or blame) brings to its people of the region.
May the white flower... represent the many good forces in the area...and its ability to overcome violence....May it represent all of the good men and women of Lebanon.
May the white flowers represent the pain of all of the people, be it Christian, Muslim, Shiite, Jew...and all of the other religions of the world. May the white flower represent, the deaths of all the Lebanese who have suffered and who have died and are still dying as I write this message...may it represent all of the tears of Lebanon.
May it represent all those who have lost their limbs to this war, on both sides of the blue line. May it represent all of those in Israel who have lived in fear for their lives. May it represent all the mothers of the region of Israel and Lebanon who have lost their sons, daughters, and children to violence. May it represent the Arab children in Israel who lost their lives. May it represent the Lebanese who lost (and are still loosing) their children.
May it represent the fear in Lebanon, the fear in Israel...May it represent all of the tears of Lebanon, and all of the pain. May it represent Hezbollah's leader who lost his son to Israel. May it represent the Israel leaders who have been killed for the cause. May it represent all of the soldiers who lost their lives (and who will still loose their lives as I write this)... May humans in the world see more clearly....may each and every voice in the world speak out against violence and never ever ever be silent to violence regardless of race or religion.
And last but, not least may the people of Lebanon, plant on their soil these flowers to show the world that they are capable of forgiveness.... and have great strength.....And just like the South African leader Nelson Mandella, be capable of great pain, and suffering, and still be kind, still be noble, and still be in their hearts and souls - being- Lebanese a sovereign state ...still ALL its glory rebuild itself up again.
Courage to the people of Lebanon.
From "Dr Lucien Haddad"

Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006
Samahat el-sheikh Nasrallah
On Wed 12 2006, some members of the Islamic resistance fighters attacked an Israeli military position killing 2 soldiers and kidnapping two others. On that same day, you announced to the Lebanese nation that within the end of the week there would be no more Lebanese prisoners in the Israeli jails. The Israeli army tried to teach your fighters a lesson but failed to do so in a limited face-to-face combat. Then came the strong support to Israel from many countries in the world. The Israelis thought that there was no reason to negotiate a prisoners' exchange and started the systematic destruction of Lebanon. Two days later, you declared an open war against Israel while no one in the Lebanese government asked you to speak on their behalf. The country plunged in a terrible war and we all have seen the cost. All of us have seen the brutal Israeli retaliation to attacks form the part of your fighters. We are now with 350+ dead, thousands of wounded, more than half million refugees from the south. These homeless refugees are humiliated, they lack of everything, many of them are sick, suffer from the heat of the summer, suffer from starvation, developing germs and extremely unhealthy conditions.
You are a Lebanese leader and you have responsibilities towards your community and the Lebanese people. So my question for you is what are you going to do about all that ?
1- You may decide to continue what you are doing now. So the death toll in our people will go from 350 to 1000, then 10,000 or more before any serious measure is taken. The infrastructure of Lebanon will be half then may be completely destroyed. The Israelis may decide to bomb the refugee camps to put more pressure on you and on the Lebanese people. So we will watch more and more children slaughtered and, in exchange, we will accuse the Israeli government of acting like butchers and Nazis. There is nothing else we can do, we have no way of defending ourselves from their air power anyhow.
2- You show leadership and responsibility towards the Lebanese nation and towards History. Learn from and follow the example of one of the greatest Emperor in Japan. On August 15, 1945, Emperor Hiro-Hito announced to the Japanese nation that its enemy developed a new and terrible weapon with the power to destroy many innocent lives, and so he has accepted the enemy's conditions and ordered the stop of all fighting in order to preserve the Japanese Nation.
Since your original plan (of liberating our prisoners in Israel) has failed, you call the medias and announce clearly to the Lebanese nation that for the Salvation of Lebanon, for protecting our children from death and destruction coming from the sky, for stopping the terrible hell all our refugees are going through, and since the Israelis have a terrible weapon against
us, which consists of systematically bombing civilians, you decided to hand in the two Israeli soldiers to the Lebanese government who will negotiate an immediate internationally guaranteed cease-fire on all fronts. By doing so, you will show to the Lebanese nation that you have the required courage to be a leader.
Samahat Sheikh Nasrallah, according to my strong belief and limited knowledge of our GOD Creator and Protector of Human life, I think this is what HE is expecting you to do, and to do it right away wal salam aleikom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatoh.
A Christian Lebanese very hurt by the death of so many innocent lives in his country.
From: N.S
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Check the LCCC/New postings & an appeal
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006
After reading these many opinions I've come to the conclusion that the writers are living a delusional world. This war against Hezbollah is pulverizing
the economic viability of Lebanon. Who will pay to rebuild it? Saudi Arabia? Thank you very much. An article in July 22 New York Times notes that 130 bombs weighing 5 tons each are being urgently shipped to Israel from the United States. How many times can you blow up Lebanon? We're about to find out.
Nobody is criticizing the strategy that is being undertaken by the current Israeli prime minister and his simple minded advisors. If Ariel Sharon was
still Prime Minister the strategy to deal with these barbarian Hezbollah militants would be multi-pronged and courageous. It is cowardly to destroy a defenseless
country and do nothing to the sponsors of the group that uses Lebanon as their off-site military launching pad. When Hamas or Hezbollah acted up in recent years, Ariel Sharon struck deep into Syria, hitting military installations and the camps of these groups. Striking military targets in Syria are more likely to quite Hezbollah than turning Lebanon into a pile of rubble. If Iran made a proclamation to Sharon that an attack on Syria is an attack on Iran then Sharon would have likely struck Syria to make a point that no one can intimidate his obligation to secure Israel. It's obvious that in Ariel Sharon's six years he understood the complexity of Lebanon's fragile position, in fact he sympathized with it. This current Israeli Prime Minister is simply another politician trying to make a name for himself by taking the easiest course. And believe me, destroying Lebanon is the easiest course. The more pragmatic and difficult and courageous course would
be to address the sponsors of Hezbollah, the puppeteers of these Mobsters. This strategy is a disaster for Israel and the only potential ally and
democracy in the region, Lebanon. Israel is shooting itself in the foot and desperate Lebanese expatriates are so desperate to rid their motherland of Hezbollah that
they are blind to the genocide of their own people and the economic annihilation of their country.

From: "Lorraine St.Cyr"
Subject: Who is responsible for what is happening in Lebanon?

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 10:28:24 +0200
Who will be man enough to take the responsibility for what has happened to Lebanon?
In the end the fact of the matter is that under the U.N agreement the Hezbollah was supposed to disarm. In the end the political parties such as Nabih Berri, Sheikh Abdel Amir and others will have to acknowledge their mistake, and --- if they are in fact------ connected to the Hezbollah.
To put Lebanon in the middle of their religious ideals is bad for Lebanon (obviously) the problem with this situation is that everyone wants to cover his back, and not take responsibility for what is happening in Lebanon to the women and children of Lebanon and the business of Lebanon, and people who have lost their limbs.....
They the Shiite, are thinking of themselves... they still want to be leaders in Lebanon, but, have shown they can not be trusted with the leadership roles that they have? If they question the truth of this statement, then, they just have to go to the hospital wards to Lebanon and go see for themselves, and see the blood and tears they are responsible for.
It would be a good idea, to wait before making any quick decisions:
The prime minister of Lebanon must be careful to not get too close with his the Shiite allies, such as Nabih Berri, Sheikh Abdel Amir, in a show of solidarity, between both groups. In the end - the Shiite, have a too strong link between the ideals of religion, and the way they do business. It would be better for Lebanon, to distance itself from these groups until there is more stability in the region.
Why you may ask? (It it because of being anti- Shiite?) No, simply because if Lebanon does not want to find itself in the same place it was two weeks ago (as in before the war) it should wait, and play it more safe, before declaring, its solidarity with anyone, making sure it keeps all of its options open, all of its doors open, and then when all the options come to it, it can pick and choose what is best for the people of Lebanon.
In my personal option, it should stay far away from any extreme thinking - or any links to extreme thinking on any sides - it should pick and choose, even in this horrible time. Yes, a hard place to be in - on the fence but, the Lebanese can do it, because they have a gentle and smart nature.
Concerned Canadian
for the well being of the people of Lebanon
Chris Young" <
Subject: Thanks for you letter

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006
Many thanks for the open letter to the Prime Minister concerning Canada's reaction to the crisis in Lebanon.
I have the greatest sympathy for the Lebanese people and am pleased that Canada is able to assist families that are caught up in the current crisis. I must admit, however, that I was more than a little dismayed at the constant criticism of Canada's efforts by some members of the Lebanese community. I t seems that some of the families had nothing good to say about Canada's efforts on their behalf.
Your letter has done much to compensate for the bad impression left by the complainers. It is nice to know that some Lebanese Canadians understand the difficulties involved in arranging large-scale evacuations and are appreciative of this country's efforts.
Kindest regards
CD Young
From : ron_winn <>
Sent : July 21, 2006 8:30:32 AM
To : <>

Subject : Where are your politicians?
So whilst your people are being bombed, in a situation such as when they are instructed to leave their houses by those committing war crimes - which you say is "unfortunate" and call "military confrontations" when they are simply a "duck shot" you thank the Canadians "for the correct, just and prompt positions" which somehow I assume is not calls for an immediate ceasefire. The Canadian government then are supporting, as are you WAR CRIMES. Just another "military confrontation" involving primarily innocent civilians and just another weak country that cannot defend itself and because of that cannot stand up for itself politically.
Your "policy" [allowing war crimes to take place in your homeland] is just telling your part of the world that you will be bombed if you are
weak and do not have nuclear weapons.
Tell me, why do we have politicians? And why can't this "duck shoot" have been prevented at a government level. Politicians seem to have
become warlords, and I include Bush&Blair in this description] with no diplomatic ability. There is only one world leader and they are
bombing your country, right now.
Listen, once there is a cease fire do you then want the survivors of your people to protest in the street against Hezbollah - so that public opinion does what your politicians are incapable of ?
It was not until I saw you congratulating the Canadian government in the process of evacuating their own people out of your country which
they are morally obliged to do particularly when they support what is happening there that I was motivated to speak out for the people of
your country.
Do you have any influence in politics?
Get it resolved and stop the killing of your people. Get the politicians off their backsides and get them to exercise some
diplomacy, if any of them have any. The world requires a statesman not warlords.
"Eric Pedersen" <>
Subject: From Eric Pedersen

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006
Dear Madam/Sir
How are you doing? OK I hope.
First off let me say that I am sorry about what is happening in your previous country of Lebanon and that I hope everyone makes it back to Canada safely.
Secondly may I suggest that you get someone on the ground in Lebanon, Cyprus and Turkey and tell your people to stop their complaining because it is starting to make a lot of other Canadians very angry. I also realize that it makes good news and it may only be a small number of people who are complaining and it is those people who the news (CTV/CBC) are singling out to cover. I think you are aware of the problem or you would not have released your joint statement which I read in the National Post newspaper.
Many Canadians are now aware that it is not a Canadian right or entitlement for the government to repatriate people back to Canada from another country. People who leave Canada are only entitled to as much assistance as local resources allow.
I worked overseas in the oil business for 25 years in 11 different countries including many in the middle east. Believe me I was always aware that I was basically on my own if trouble started so I know some of the uncertainties which the evacuees are feeling.
Here in Canada I will not say how people should vote because that is their choice. But may I remind you that it was the Liberal Party who gutted and under funded our Armed Forces for so many years so that now Canada no longer has the sea or air lift capacity to meet the needs of the Armed Forces let alone help with a crisis such as this. This is a true fact and I think your organization should use this as an example why Canada needs a strong well equipped Armed Forces. It really is a shame why Canada did not have its owns ships and planes to help in this crisis rather than having to go out on the open market in the height of the summer tourist season and try to charter them.
I also hope that the different poliical factions in Lebanon can somehow come together in the larger national interest and not allow Hezbollah to pursue just their narrow agenda against Israel. Peace will never grow if Hezbollah is allowed to be controlled by Syria or Iran because the interest of these two countries is not in my opinion good for Lebanon. But I am sure I am not telling you something that you do not already know.
All the best.
Take Care and Good Luck
Max Benatar" <
Subject: ctv news

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 00:47:16 -0400
As a Jewish Canadian, I want to tell you how much I was touched when I heard your interview with CTV tonight. Finally, I heard a voice of reason coming from an Arab and not the garbage I hear from Hezbollah and the Syrian government.
I am very sorry about your people in Lebanon. I know they are very kind people as I deal with a few of them in my line of work and I am originally from Morocco. I am proud to say we are fellow Canadians and I commend you on your honesty.
Max Benatar
From: "Lorraine St.Cyr"
Subject: Courage for the people of Lebanon

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006
To all
My heart goes out to the Lebanese Canadian who wrote with tears - I being Canadian from Montreal feel great sorrow for what is happening in Lebanon. I had met a very nice Lebanese man a few months ago, and this gave me the feeling of wanting to go to Lebanon to visit as a tourist.
I was sure that one day, I would go - I feel crushed that a once so prominent place to enjoy and visit would become a war zone as it has become in the recent days.
The Lebanese people I have met have all been very kind, decent, gentle and caring people, who deserve to have peace (not that other people don't) they just especially do - having been caught in the middle over and over again. I pray for the strength and courage of all the Lebanese people. May God give you strength in your moment of need, courage in your moment of desperation, and the ability to stand tall and demand peace of every inch of land of Lebanon forever, may no one ever take this away. Ever.
May you be strong enough to demand independence.
In the end - I really don't care about why Hezbollah is doing what it is doing - I care about, the children who died, I care about the soldiers that have lost an arm or a leg, or have died. I care about the Lebanese who are hungry waiting in the park. I care about the fear in which the Lebanese live right now as I am writing this, I care about the pain, I care about the tears, and I care about the dreams of the Lebanese people have lost.
May the Lebanese find the strength, to over come the pain, and still stay positive and resilient. One day may they have their state, and say -
We are Lebanese, and we stand for peace because we stand tall. Always.
All my love your Canadian friend.
From ." <>
Subject: RE: [Phoenicia] New lccc postings

Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006
Hello Elias
I do not know you but would like to tell you that I appreciate all those mails of yours very interesting stories though I never check forwards or mails I do not know. This story about the guy who lived in France has touched me so much that I decided to send you this email . I can assure you one thing that so many people are facing this same problem. We hope one day everything changes as we have a beautiful country but nobody would want to suffer by living there miserably ! Thanks a lot again, could you please send me the mail on my other address that I use all the time I know it is an automated mail just in case it is possible because you always have interesting stories :
Sent : May 25, 2006
To :
Subject : Does the Hezbollah leadership's vision

Does the Hezbollah leadership's vision of a Global negotiated peace in the Middle East includes the fate of the Jewish Babylonian community? Nasrallah, Hezbollah's General Secretary said the Hezbollah army is necessary till there is a Global peace negotiated in the Middle East I hope his vision of a negotiated GLOBAL PEACE includes the FATE of the BABYLONIAN JEWS . I mean all groups have put their heads in the sand not to discuss it: Jews as well as Muslims. As for Christians, they are so used to the created false non-existence of the Babylonian community because of their leaving Iraq and being legally forcefully
departed of their nationality they, the Western Hemisphere Christians, are generally ignorant of the situation.
Perhaps it's time for the deniers of the fate of the Babylonian community to know that this community is truly Middle Eastern for it feels for all the parties but cannot sustain the forced lie imposed by all parties. The Jews are Middle Eastern since more than 3000 years... their fate did not start in the Middle East with Hitler and his camps in Poland whether it pleases or not to the Jews of Poland or the Arabs and their fate in the Middle East has been continuous.. non stop... so please tell me where are the Jews of Iraq now called historically the Babylonian Jews? Have the Palestinians been departed of their nationality worldwide? I mean a Palestinian is a Palestinian for Arabs so why do they depart the oldest non-stop Jewish community of its identity.. isn't it
precisely because they can claim their Middle Eastern identity non-stop?
Is it because the Babylonian Jews did not fall into terrorism that they were not given an observer seat at the UN? Why they still not have a seat at UNESCO? Do they have to form an army like the Hezbollah after all what is the base of the identity of the Hezbollah in Lebanon? Language...religion ... history...and on which
Karole du Pont

From Elias Bejjani/LCCC webmaster
To: George Geagea"

Dear George
I am not sure which material you are talking about. Not even one issue that you mentioned was in the content of both editorials. Apparently you have read what you wanted to read. You are judging and sentencing both of us on mere intentions' basis. Habibi, read with a non biased vision. I personally focus on issues not on individuals.
God bless you
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
From: "George Geagea" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Two new Arabic editorial from myself & Dr. Hitti/On the lccc

Wed, 17 May 2006
Thank you for your e-mail. I am very concerned about both of your articles. Both of are asking for the same things the Lebanese Forces are asking. Yet you both hate the Lebanese Forces. Why it is easier for your General Aoun to reach a "working agreement" with a terrorist organization (in the eyes of the world community) yet finds it very difficult to build alliance with the Lebanese Forces. Why two highly intellectual persons you and Dr. Hitti, find it so easy to attack and promote hatred among Christians and call for a strong Lebanon. Why don't you reach out to your Lebanese brothers in a spirit of equal instead of superior mentality. I find it very hard to disagree on the major issues you are promoting, but I am at loss as to why you continue to alienate your Christian brothers and sisters.
I pray that one day we will be enlightened and start using more reconciliatory tone without abandoning our common principles.
Fro: Elias Bejjani, LCCC webmaster
To: M G
May 10.5.06

Dear:  Mr. MG
First of all, if in fact you were genuinely requesting an explanation on a certain issue, like our stance on Israel or any other matters, you would have at least used a normal language, a language that normal people usually use for what is called "human communication means" and not to say a decent one, if the term means any thing to you. Secondly, if really you belief in what you are alleging to defend and advocate for, you would had at least the courage to say who you are and mention your name... I will here leave the rest of the assumption for you to figure out!!
Apparently you suffer a tunnel vision type of political, national, sectarian and fundamentalism syndrome. Dear, people who fall in this in category, are completely fixed and tied to a one vision and doctrine. Usually it is a waste of time to engage with them in any kind of debate.
As I can sense from your letter, you have already decided who is right and who is wrong, and who is guilty and who is innocent. Here I wonder why even you bothered to ask.
My advice is: Look thoroughly again in the South Lebanon Issue and try to understand what actually happened during the last 30 years? Who is fighting who? Who betrayed who? Who Is defending a Lebanese cause and who is defending a non Lebanese cause?
Ask yourself why Israel left in May 2000 and what kind of deal its back than government forged with Israel, Syria, Iran and Hizbollah? Ask Sheik Sbhi Toufaily he will give you all the answers. (Read his statements that were issued few day after what you term as liberation.
Ask yourself who is now patrolling Israeli' borders with Lebanon and why and for what?
As far as Shaba farms, the big lie, I advice you to read my study on this matter on this link
Dear: I am sure that you will not bother yourself to search for the truth, because as I said in the beginning your tunnel vision limitation is hindering any logic, neutrality, or reasoning.
Thanks dear for your message, but we are who are and we strongly believe in our cause and in the way we handle our site and the material posted on it.
وبما أنك أتيت على ذكر قول للإمام علي فأنا بدوري سأرد عليك بقول له أيضاً وهو: "لا تكن ممن ينهي ولا ينتهي، ويأمر بما لا يأتي، ويصف العبرة ولا يعتبر. فهو على الناس طاعن ولنفسه مداهن. وفهمك كفاية.
You have quoted a saying for Emamoum Ali I will also respond with one of parables: "Do not advice while you do not take advices. Do not give orders that can not be implemented. Do not preach ideals when you are ignoring them and acting in a clear Hippocratic manner" I hope the message is now clear
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
LCCC webmaster
From: M G
Subject: Your website

Wed 10.5.06

I visit your website sometimes, but till now I did not see any section regarding Israel massacres, or  Lebanese detainees in Israel, or their occupation of shebaa farms, or the continuous invades of Israel airplanes to our sky THE SOUTH IS NOT AMONG YOUR CONCERNS? THE PEOPLE WHO DIED TO LIBERATED WAS JUST HARTAKET W KEZEBET EL MOKAWAMEH?! NO WONDER ISRAEL STAYED 25 YEARS HERE. AND BY THE WAY,
 ÇáÞæá ÇáãÃËæÑ ÇáÐí ÊÐßÑå åæ Þæá ááÅãÇã Úáí (Úáíå
ÇáÓáÇã) æ ÇáÕÍíÍ åæ " ÑÍã Çááå ÇãÑÁ ÚÑÝ ÍÏå ÝæÞÝ
 ÚäÏå" æáíÓ "ÊÈÇžž" ÝÇáæÞæÝ ÚäÏ ÇáÍÏæÏ æÅÍÊÑÇã ÍÑíÇÊ
æÍÞæÞ ÇáÎÑíä ÃãÑ ãÔßæÑ æãØáæÈ æáÇ íÞÇá áå ÊÈÇõ
I hope you dare and mention the massacres of Israel on your portal, and maybe a report about the  mines that Israel did implement in south Lebanon and still did not give all the maps. you say 10452, do you have a map for that? do you know the concerns of people in south and what they did suffer? actually all Lebanese did suffer from Israel, but in the south it was much more. so for the sake of truth, maybe you should mention Israel! instead of doing an interview with that racist moron of cedars guardians. He want peace with Israel that mother fucker! hizballah is a terrorist group? I wish him a jalta like the one who took maalmo Sharon.
Thank you for your time.
Subject: To Mr Elias Bejjani
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007
From: "Sassine Abou-Jaoude" <>

Dear Mr Bejjani,
I have so much respect for you and your work. I am not a Michel Aoun fan and never was. I have always been a supporter of the Lebanese Forces and for Dr Geagea. In the past during the staying of General Aoun in Paris , I used to visit your website on a daily basis, to get the latest news and to listen to your audio comments and read your written articles. I still do with the same enthusiasm. I would like to let you know that I do support your stand and your view vis-à-vis the Lebanese politics and mainly the Christian and Maronite issues.
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
For the record and for the history and for God, I expect you one day to write a couple of lines about Samir Geagea. I know you do not agree with everything he does or with his history; and that is OK. You know that as Christians, we do not have to agree on everything. We are not a one party or a one doctrine sect. But we have to agree on the principles for which our fathers and grandfathers lived and died. And that, by the way, is our issue and yours, with General Aoun and his current position and with everyone who behaves like General Aoun. I expect you, Mr Bejjani, and I am waiting, after all these years, to write a small tribute to Samir Geagea. Not because he is perfect (and no one is). And not because you are a fan of him and I know you are not. But because right now, he is raising the voice and he is speaking what the Christians in Lebanon always spoke and believed in.
And because of that, he has been attacked and butchered by all the puppet politicians on the Syrian side. As I have known you a fair writer, I will come to your website everyday, as usual, hoping that one day, I will read a couple of fair lines, giving tribute for the current position of this man and definitely not for his person (cause we do not follow persons, but we approve stands and positions).
Best regards,
Yours truly,
Sassine Abou-jaoudehe internet and unfortunately I do not have the Office Arabic software.
After reading Mr. Bejani’s article I couldn’t feel but to be unsettled, it wasn’t enough that he solely blamed the Liberators, Arab nationalist and the passing by but he also went on to demand the amnesty for ALL Lebanese living in Israel with no distinction between collaborator or not. So, unless I totally misunderstood what Mr. Bejani meant in his article, I think he owes an apology to all the people that suffered under the Lahed regime either inside the Lebanese occupied land or outside it. I do not want to remind Mr. Bejani of Sabra & Shatila as one of many examples of the atrocities they have committed. In addition to this playing the blaming games against the Arab Nationals is not an accurate one as everyone on the stage back then were guilty and you cannot pick and choose whoever you think is guilty and whoever you think wasn’t.
The 1991 amnesty accord was a necessity to get Lebanon out of the civil war point it was in, if there was a time for an amnesty it should have been back then not right now. I do not disagree with Mr. Bejani that any trial of these people would be a trial for all the Militia leaders in Lebanon, as all of them were guilty in that bloody war. The only difference is that their biggest leaders’ right now has acknowledged that Israel is our enemy while the South Lebanese Army members and supporters have not as of yet (I stand corrected). When and if they do there will be another discussion about their status. I welcome back all the families and individuals that did not participate or collaborate with the enemy; as for the ones that has I say to them: Justice must be served.
The beautiful thing about President Aoun’s supporters and movement is that they are from all religions and regions, those that are with the Arabic identity of Lebanon and those that are with other identities like Phoenician maybe or something; but in the end Lebanon always comes first for them: Sovereign, Free & Independent. And anyone that works against that country does not deserve an amnesty or even a welcome back.
Thank you,
Simon Lawand
From Elias Bejjani
April 16/2006
To: "alia m"
Dear: I am sorry that you understood my message this way. First I have mentioned the "missing" all those who are still missing, as well as the detainees in Syria and the exiled in Israel. And yes I did not mention what you stated as the detainees in Israel because no body is left there. They all were releases and those few who are still there, are prisoners for crimes they have committed mostly against their own people in South Lebanon. AND yes I am Christian, but Lebanese and a very proud one.
I hope that our people, all of them including perhaps me and you will be able one day to get out of their narrow perspectives, stereotyping thinking and most importantly out of the rejection of the other mentality, so they can clearly see reality as it should be seen.
One more thing: Just remember that when any person gives himself the liberty and legitimacy to kill others for the mere pleasure of killing or for religious justifications, he ought to expect the same fate.
God bless you
Elias Bejjani

From: "alia m" <
Subject: RE: [Phoenicia] Happy Eastern from Elias Bejjani/New LCCC Postings

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006
Well I would have appreciated if you mentioned the detainees in Israel and the "mafoudine" which my uncle is one of them since 22 years and they are not families exiled in Israel , they went their need to tell u why . I would appreciate it if you delete me of your contact list. I wish no longer to read any postings of yours. You just proved that you and your people can never see with two eyes. I am sorry to tell you that you are only Christian and not Lebanese ..your are not different from Lebanese Forces, but at least they are frank and say what they think loudly.
Enjoy/Best Regards

From: Ibrahim Atallah" <>
Subject: RE: New Arabic Editorials from Elias Bejjani
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006
Dear Mr. Elias Bejjani,
Your editorial is great!!! I believe it should not only reach the large public, but also and mainly our decision-makers in general, and our Christian leaders(?) in particular, including Patriarch Sfeir! Do you have a 'mechanism' (their e-mail addresses) by which you can send them your selected editorials? and/or a 'liaison' person who could do it? Keep up the good work, and God bless you!
Tue, 28 Feb 2006
From: "A Georges" <>
Subject: Freedom at a cross road
Freedom at a cross road

In General Michel Aoun Word "Any existence deprived of freedom is a form of death"
We will not stand by and watch our country destroy itself under mediocre leadership that drifts from one crisis to the next, eroding our national will and purpose. Our people deserve better from those to whom they entrust our country's highest offices, and we stand united in our resolve to do something about it.
We need a rebirth of the Lebanese tradition of leadership at every level of government and in private life as well. I do not believe that the "temporary majority" desires the presidency, what they desire is the fruits of the presidency and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines.
Where is the freedom in Lebanon? Maybe the freedom had turn to a game of word
Freedom is not the imbalance, freedom is not the one view and one idea, for liberalism is not so much a party creed or set of fixed platform promises as it is an attitude of mind and heart, a faith in man's ability through the experiences of his reason and judgment to increase for himself and his fellow men the amount of justice and freedom and brotherhood which all human life deserves.
What we need in the Lebanon is not division; what we need in Lebanon is not hatred; what we need in Lebanon is not violence and lawlessness, but is love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another.
Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: "to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world."
Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people.
Lets be Lebanese and only Lebanese lets be proud of who we are … Lebanese first and Lebanese Second and Lebanese Third. And what General Aoun said couple days ago on NBN TV lets be "Lebanese first and last" its time to stand up together Christian and Muslim under one roof the roof of Lebanon. Their lies, deceit and hypocrisy will not funnel our intelligence we love you General Aoun.
And lets me close by saying as long as we have people like General Aoun the fight must go on the cause of civil liberty must not be surrendered at the end of one, or even one hundred defeats.
A Georges
Windsor Canada
From: "S Lawand" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Elias Bejani's article titled: "Our Family's suffering in Israel, till when??
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 18:10:25 -0400
This is in response to Elias Bejani’s article titled: “Our Family’s suffering in Israel, till when??” & dated Sun Feb 19th.
First let me apologize to the readers for not being able to respond in Arabic as the only Arabic that I see where I live is on the internet and unfortunately I do not have the Office Arabic software.
After reading Mr. Bejani’s article I couldn’t feel but to be unsettled, it wasn’t enough that he solely blamed the Liberators, Arab nationalist and the passing by but he also went on to demand the amnesty for ALL Lebanese living in Israel with no distinction between collaborator or not. So, unless I totally misunderstood what Mr. Bejani meant in his article, I think he owes an apology to all the people that suffered under the Lahed regime either inside the Lebanese occupied land or outside it. I do not want to remind Mr. Bejani of Sabra & Shatila as one of many examples of the atrocities they have committed. In addition to this playing the blaming games against the Arab Nationals is not an accurate one as everyone on the stage back then were guilty and you cannot pick and choose whoever you think is guilty and whoever you think wasn’t.
The 1991 amnesty accord was a necessity to get Lebanon out of the civil war point it was in, if there was a time for an amnesty it should have been back then not right now. I do not disagree with Mr. Bejani that any trial of these people would be a trial for all the Militia leaders in Lebanon, as all of them were guilty in that bloody war. The only difference is that their biggest leaders’ right now has acknowledged that Israel is our enemy while the South Lebanese Army members and supporters have not as of yet (I stand corrected). When and if they do there will be another discussion about their status. I welcome back all the families and individuals that did not participate or collaborate with the enemy; as for the ones that has I say to them: Justice must be served.
The beautiful thing about President Aoun’s supporters and movement is that they are from all religions and regions, those that are with the Arabic identity of Lebanon and those that are with other identities like Phoenician maybe or something; but in the end Lebanon always comes first for them: Sovereign, Free & Independent. And anyone that works against that country does not deserve an amnesty or even a welcome back.
Thank you,
Simon Lawand
Thu, 09 Feb 2006
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] New Postings on LCCC

Dear Elias, I appreciate the attention you granted to my letter of Monday. However, when I wrote it, I had not yet in hands the complete Arabic text of that agreement (hidden under the hypocrite word "tafahom") concluded
between Aoun and Hezbollah. But, when I got it, and red it as a lawyer, I found that it was a trap in which Aoun was caught. The translation into English by Joseph Hitty is honest. But, when you isolate the paragraph. 10 and you read it thoroughly, (all the other mentions are of no importance, as practically agreed upon by anybody), you realize
that Hezbollah is given the total liberty to behaving as he is doing now. Moreover, it is stipulated that Hezb will keep its weapons until he has liberated Lebanese prisoners in Israel, and even, as long as it considers that Israel is threatening Lebanon, we shall rely upon sits weapons...
In order to fully understand that text confuse and sophisticated, I translated it to French (this took me more than one hour !)I used sometime that method when an Arabic text was too obscure. I am sending you herewith my French translation. If you show it to one French speaking friend, perhaps you would better realize the maneuver :
Aoun's people is presented a four- page text. He reads many things on which everybody is agreed. After 3 pages, when tired by reading useless and universal clauses, he arrives to the Article 10... Tell me, my dear, how many readers would be ready to decipher to true meaning of that confuse and complicated text ?
Document de l’entente « tafahom » entre le Hezbollah et le Courant Patriotique Libre.
10. - La protection du Liban
Et la sauvegarde de son indépendance et de sa souveraineté.
La protection du Liban et la sauvegarde de son indépendance et de sa souveraineté sont une responsabilité et un devoir national général garanti par les traités internationaux et la Charte de Droits de l’Homme, spécialement pour faire face à toute menace ou danger pouvant les atteindre de quelque côté que ce soit. Il s’ensuit que le port des armes n’est pas un but en soi, mais un moyen honorable et sacré que doit exercer tout groupe occupant un territoire, exactement comme il en est des procédés de la résistance politique.
Et dans ce domaine, l’armement de Hezbollah doit se présenter dans un apparentement total tombant entre deux bornes (ou tranchants) : la première borne est l’appui sur les justifications qui ont réuni l’unanimité nationale, et qui constituent les centres de la force pour le Liban et les Libanais pour conserver leurs armes ; l’autre borne consiste à définir les circonstances objectives qui pourraient conduire à la négation des raisons de porter les armes.
Attendu qu’Israël occupe les fermes de Chebaa, qu’il tient en prison les résistants libanais, et qu’il menace le Liban, il incombe donc aux libanais de faire face à leurs responsabilités et de participer aux charges de protéger le Liban et de sauvegarder son entité et sa sécurité et de défendre son indépendance et sa souveraineté par les actes suivants :
Libérer les fermes de Chebaa de l’occupation israélienne.
Libérer les prisonniers des prisons israéliennes.
Défendre le Liban contre le danger israélien en pratiquant un dialogue national aboutissant à la constitution d’une défense nationale sur laquelle les libanais se mettront d’accord, et dans laquelle ils fusionneront, en supportant respectivement ses charges et en bénéficiant de ses résultats.
From: "ALBERT SARA" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] CLHRF A/E Release addressing the savage Sunday riot
Tue, 07 Feb 2006 19:18:08 +0200
My dear Elias,
Yesterday, we attended, on the TV, the press conference where general Aoun et Hassan Nasrallah appeared together. Today, I have read carefully the text of the "Tafahom" between them, giving all my attention to the last paragraph. N° 10 entitled "Protection of Lebanon". Probably, you are supposed to have already noticed that this expression was used equally by both of them. However, before the "Tafahom", the general was keeping the possibility to plea that his understanding is that this expression ("protecting Lebanon") does not mean that the Hezb is entitled to keep its arms. But to-day, it is sure that the General understands "Protecting Lebanon" exactly in the same way as Nasrallah and, consequently, that he is agreeing upon the keeping of Hezb armaments, even after our recovering of Chebaa. This is a pity, a great pity, as he is giving to the Hezb a very big argument for keeping its armament, and to behavior with the same insolence as previously.
The Prefect and the Barbershop Mask
Lebanon Conspiracy and Reality!
By: Nicolas Hanhan
January 16/2006
In 1998 after Lebanese army commander General Email Lahoud was allotted as the Lebanese President, a Lebanese citizen called a local channel to thank the Syrian president “Hafez Assad” for choosing General Lahoud. "We thank president Assad for appointing our president" the call was not for gratefulness but as a signal for opposing a veracity that was accepted by various Lebanese political figures. For years Syria has dominated the political scene in Lebanon with no or little opposition from recognized politicians.
 Prime Minister Rafic Harriri apposed the selection, he was quoted that he is ready to pay half of his wealth in order to prevent Lahoud selection.  President Herawi on his way back after meeting with president Assad called from the boarder consoling various Lebanese politicians for their new president before the parliament met to declare the elections in a play that various politicians including the Harrir’s movement agreed to be involved in.
 The insult to the Lebanese continued during the last 15 years where Mr. Abdelhalim Khadam who was the responsible figure of all Lebanese questions governed Lebanon till the late 90’s. In his hand was the Lebanese file, for years he was known by the prefect (Al-Walee).  The one in charge had his way of insulting the Lebanese politicians that nearly everyone liked! One insult after another until the extension of president Lahoud term and the assassination of Prime Minister Harriri, The mask of brotherhood and coordination covered all insult.
Recently in several interviews Khadam assured that president Basshar Assad had threatened Harrri. Assad told Harriri "…We will jam any one that appose us…” this statement contradicts Dr. Assad speech to the parliament stating that Syria did not think for one moment that Harrri will be faded away from this world. Khadam accused president Lahoud & his security regime of spurring on Harrir murder, as if the Syrian regime needed a spur in order to commit this terrorist act. Did they need a spur to assassinate the Druze leader Kamal Jumblate in the 70’s or President Mawaad and others on the Independence Day in 1989? The Druze leader walid Jumblate accused Assad Regime of all the murders that took place after lahoud renewal. "My enemy is full of hatred and dupe,” he whispered. Is the divergence in occasion that lead him to forgive the murder in the past or the dissimilarity of a murder covered by the mask of Arabism who sat in 1977 with his victim for seven hours before giving the terrorism order to fade him from this world and another murder in 2004 who was uncovered by confronting his opponent for 15 minutes, not even giving him a chance to clarify his position before giving his order of terror, A sharp murderer in 1977 and a Dupe one in 2004!
Gamil Elsayed a pro-Syrian figure told Alhayat newspaper that the terrorist who plotted harriri’s crime is either Einstein or a dupe, if convicted Mr. Jamil would turn to be one of the dupes who plotted ex-prime minister Rafic Harriri on Feb 14 2005.
Another mask that uncovers the conspiracy against Lebanon is the Syrian witness "Hussam Hussam" first known as the "masked witness" who used to work as a barbershop in Lebanon during the last decade covering his real identity, which is working with the Syrian intelligence service that is a spy! Hussam came by his own will to international investigators giving important information about the terrorist act, to flee later to Syria withdrawing his testimony and turning to a daily superstar on the Syrian national TV.  The barbershop witness could be an attempt to make the international investigation distrustful. Several attempts were made, lately another witness by the name Gargoura is accused of misleading the investigation. It is significant to spot that the Syrian regime was not hurt by the murder of ex-prime minister Harriri but by the international investigation!
Mr. Khadam is said to be credible witness to the investigation but it seems that Mr. Khadam has a hidden agenda other than the truth! Planning to overthrow the Assad regime, he is to form a government in exile; will he use Lebanon as his road to Damascus? The prefect   pointed out that the statement that killed Rafic Hariri is: “Lebanon cannot be governed against Syria nor governed from Syria”. It is time that the Lebanese start turning this principle originally taken by Prime Minister General Aoun in 1988 into reality.  Most political followers considered the late confessions by khadam, as an earthquake that shall throw out the Syrian regime but for most Lebanese Al-Awalee did not confess a secret!  The metaphor is presently uncovering the barbershop mask by a Syrian who governed Lebanon in the name national Arabism and brotherhood for decades.   
The Syrian withdrawal Last April proofed once more that every occupation must come to end even if it is a wearing a veil

From: sparta" <
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Fw: Ltr submitted to NYT regarding the trial of Turkish author for insulting "Turkishness."

Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 17:04:50 -0500
I'm sending this to you just for your information. Just so you see what we Orthodox Christians are facing with regard to the Turkish genocide in Asia Minor that the Turks refuse to acknowledge and from the pro-Turkish West that keep ignoring that genocide. Now Turkey wants to join the EU - and probably will not have to face a veto on the genocide of 3.5 million Christians at their hands by the West. Furthermore, what is it about European Union that the West doesn't seem to understand? If Turkey is allowed to become an EU member, they should change the name to "The European-Anatolian Union." Only by writing letters and hoping that they will be published will we ever achieve justice.
As ever,Stella
Subject: Fw: Ltr submitted to NYT regarding the trial of Turkish author for insulting "Turkishness."
For your information, I sent this to my representative here in Pennsylvania, Todd Platts. The rest is self explanatory. I hope you all will contact your representatives as well over this issue. Stella
Dear Todd,
Following are excerpts from the book written by the Turkish author who is presently on trial for insulting Turkey's "Turkishness," with regard to the violence against the Kurds and of the Armenian genocide at the turn of the beginning of the last century that the author exposes.
Please read this carefully, Todd. I want to make sure you know just with whom we are dealing regarding the Christian genocide in Asia Minor by the Turks. This is part of a tragic history.
However, my biggest concern is that whenever there is talk about the Armenian genocide, and with which I am in total sympathy, totally ignored by most media and Congress is the fact that the Greeks and the Assyrians were brutally and systematically slaughtered as were the Armenians. My letter that I am submitting to the NYT follows.
After my letter to the NYT, you can read a few excerpts from the Turkish author for which he is being tried.
My best to you, your family and your staff for the coming New Year, 2006.
Your constituent,
Stella (Jatras)
Link to the NYT article to which I responded:
My letter to the NYT follows:
The New York Times
Letter to the Editor(s)
30 December 2005
Concerning the 30 December trial of the Turkish author, Orhan Pamuk, the article lists the violence against the Kurds and the genocide against Armenians, but where are the genocides of Pontic Greeks (Hellenes) and the Assyrians written? On the Washington steps of Congress in 1997, I attended the 75th anniversary of the "Destruction of the City of Smyrna," (9 September 1922) which honored the memory of the Christian martyrs who were murdered by Turkish persecutions from 1894-1923. Of the 3.5 Christians murdered, 1.8 were Armenians and 1.7 were Greek Orthodox Christians. I was later to learn that over 750,000 Assyrians were also martyred.
It does a disservice to those Pontic Greeks and Assyrian Christians who were also martyred by Turkish troops but are never included whenever the question of the Armenian genocide comes up. Turkey not only does not admit to committing this historic and well documented genocide, it even refuses to admit it ever happened. This is wrong.
Stella L. Jatras
Camp Hill, PA
Here, I am adding my "Hellenic Genocide: Was it a "Catastrophe," or a "Devastation?" to see the horrors that Christians suffered under the hands of our Turkish friends.
Chapter Nineteen, Page 170
Istanbul: Memories and the City, By Orhan Pamuk
Author of My Name is Red, and Snow
“Like most Istanbul Turks, I had little interest in Byzantium as a child. I associated the word with spooky, bearded, black-robed Greek Orthodox priests, with the aqueducts that still ran through the city, with Hagia Sophia and the re-brick walls of the old churches. To me, these were remnants of an age so distant that there was little need to know about it. Even the Ottomans who conquered Byzantium seemed very far away. People like me were, after all, the first generation of the “new civilization” that had replaced them. But as strange as Reşat Ekrem Koçu had made the Ottomans sound, at least they had names we could recognize. As for the Byzantines, they had vanished into thin air soon after the conquest, or so I’d been led to believe. No one had told me that it was their grandchildren’s grandchildren who now ran the shoe stores, patisseries, and haberdashery shops of Beyoğlu.” —Orhan Pamuk, Turkish author
Chapter Nineteen, Page 172
Istanbul: Memories and the City, By Orhan Pamuk
Author of My Name is Red, and Snow
“The Cold War had just begun, and Turkey, a member of NATO, did not wish to remind the world about the conquest. It was, however, three years later that the Turkish state deliberately provoked what you might call “conquest fever” by allowing mobs to rampage through the city, plundering the property of Greeks and other minorities. A
number of churches were destroyed during the riots and a number of priests were murdered, so there are many echoes of the cruelties western historians describe in accounts of the “fall” of Constantinople.” —Orhan Pamuk, Turkish author
Chapter Nineteen, Page 173
Istanbul: Memories and the City, By Orhan Pamuk
Author of My Name is Red, and Snow
“The bands of rioters were most violent and caused greatest terror in neighborhoods like Ortaköy, Balikih, Samatya, and Fener, where the concentration of Greeks was greatest; not only did they sack and burn little Greek groceries and diary shops, they broke into houses to rape Greek and Armenian women. So it is not unreasonable to say that the rioters were as merciless as the soldiers who sacked the city after it fell to Mehmet the Conqueror. It later emerged that the organizers of this riot—whose terror raged for two days and made the city more hellish than the worst orientalist nightmares—had the state’s support and had pillaged the city with its blessing.” —Orhan Pamuk, Turkish author
Chapter Nineteen, Page 189
Istanbul: Memories and the City, By Orhan Pamuk
Author of My Name is Red, and Snow
“For centuries, ruling Ottoman pashas had eyed all other rich persons—most of whom were themselves powerful pashas—as threats and would seize any excuse to kill them and confiscate their property. As for the Jews, those who were in a position to loan money to the state during the last centuries of the empire—they share with the Greeks and Armenians who gained prominence as businessmen and artisans the bitter memory of the punitive Wealth Tax imposed on them during the Second World War, paving the way for the seizure of their land and factories, and of the riots of September 5 and 6, 1955, during which so many of their shops were pillaged and burned.”
Orhan Pamuk, Turkish author
Joseph Howley" <>
To: "'Elias Bejjani'" <>
Subject: Jibran Tueni the Baptist of Freedom Assassinated by Herods of Damascus!

Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 14:39:00 +1300
Assassination of Jibran Tueni the Baptist of Freedom
A voice shouting in AN NAHAR, roaring in the parliament and crying out loud in the downtown Freedom square: “Prepare the way for the coming of freedom, clear the road for it. The valleys will be filled, and the mountains and hills made level. The curves will be straightened and the rough behaviors will be made smooth”. He was beheaded by Herods of Damascus because he lived for a great cause, because he fought peacefully for the freedom of his country. He was baptizing fellow countrymen by the grace of liberty until such time when he concluded and fulfilled his mission by getting baptized in his own blood. He wrote in ink and signed in his own precious blood.
A flag of freedom has been shot down; the word of independence has been silenced. Only today, because his spirit is in all Lebanese and his word can only get stronger throughout all fellow countrymen.
He was a courageous man, a man with a strong will and good deed, a man of wisdom and knowledge, a man of dignity and sincerity, a man with a vision and decision.
We must not cry for him because today is his birth, he moved from life to eternity! Today he becomes integral part of the Lebanese’s history, he is the corner stone of the house of peace and freedom, Today he joins his colleagues in his stand in the downtown freedom square where he will stand for ever.
We will deeply miss you “Jibran Toueni”
Question: An act of friendship or else?
If we asked Solenge Gemayal who assassinated her husband, our former president Bashir Gemayal, and our president Rene Mouwad, Jimblat, our prime minister Rafik Hariri, our MP Gebran Toueni, El Moufti, Dany Chamooun, Samir Kasir, George Hawi, the mass graves found in Anjar and Yarze and many more yet to be revealed etc…. and the assassination attempt of our minister Elias Murr, MP Marwan Hmadeh, May Chidyak and many more… What would their answer be?
If the president of Syria Mr. Bashar Al Assad is assassinated by a Lebanese, may God forbid a thousand times, what would the Syrian views of Lebanese government be. Would it be considered an act of friendship or else?
He who kills Lebanese cannot be a friend of Lebanon, and can only be something else!
Question 1: What is the difference between Israelis and Syrians towards Lebanon? If it is proven that they both killed Lebanese
Question 2: Why is one considered an enemy and the other a friend?
The Answer is because an Arab is killing an Arab. That cannot be considered an enemy!
Kind regards,
Joseph Howley
Lebanese Society of Auckland
Goodbye Dear Gebran
By: A Thankful Lebanese
December 16/2005
December 12, 2005. On this day we say farewell to a great Lebanese leader and thus declare that we, and the Lebanese Nation, are eternally grateful to you, Mr.Gebran Tueni, for showing us what true Lebanese citizenship is. We are indeed indebted to you for sharing your heroism and the epitaph of martyrdom with previous Lebanese heroes who paid the ultimate price for a free and sovereign Lebanon.
Our prayers, thoughts, and heartfelt condolences are with the Tueni family. God is merciful and may His love comfort you. May He give you all fountains of strength and embrace you with support of Gebran's new residence of heavenly peace and his heavenly mission. Your beloved Gebran is beloved by all who love Lebanon. Your beloved is our beloved because he spoke with love from the mind and soul of his Lebanese fiber. Lebanon and we will dearly miss him.
Those who were fortunate enough to have met him, or only knew him through his words, will remember the universal tears that brought us together. Those tears will eternally remind us to keep his Lebanese torch alive and to follow in his footsteps. We are indebted to you Gebran because you showed us how to live your solemn oath in loving Lebanon. We are deeply indebted to you because, by your example, you taught us how to be the perfect Lebanese role model of a writer, journalist, orator, champion, politician, law-maker, an advocate of freedom, patriotism, peace and truth. Most of all, you showed us how to love Lebanon, the Lebanese way.
Your soul is immersed in the character of the Lebanese Cedar. Your urgently-needed heavenly mission will light more candles for us to light the darkened road to a free, sovereign and peaceful Lebanon. Your words shall inspire the hearts and the minds of many Lebanese generations to come and in your heavenly peace residence, you will eternally be watching over your beloved Lebanon.
Your earthly absence threatens no more the existence of evil's sword on Lebanese soil but God is the final judge. He is watching with love and mercy. God is Love and His Love is all goodness that shall overtake all current and future evils. His Love shall conquer all evil doers for those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword.
We look up to heaven, and with more tears for our heroes' goodbyes, we see more Lebanese inhabitants, more Lebanese martyrs, more Lebanese heroes, more Lebanese Saints, and more candles for our dearest Lebanon. As we look up to heaven, we remain steadfast to eternally honor our heroes' bloodshed watering the holy Lebanese Cedar Trees.
Heaven exists to give us hope and to enlighten the soul. Heaven exists for us to look up and to remember God's unconditional love on the cross, the resurrection, the gift of faith and the spirit of hope in Christmas. Much like Christianity is a blessing to humanity, your soul is a blessing to Lebanon and to its identity. Your crusade and earthly accomplishments are not only needed for your heavenly mission but to also remind us how to remain resolute on the course of righteousness you designed for our dear Lebanon.
As we look up to heaven, we bid you goodbye, our dearest friend and compatriot. We pledge to uphold your oath in making our beloved Lebanon a Lebanon for those who truly love it. Your vision will forever be the foundation of Lebanese Lebanon.
From: Najla Misk-Malhamé
To: The LCCC web site
December 13/2005
Mes amis du Liban et d'ailleurs
Même si cet article n'est pas publié faute d'espace je vous transmets cet appel.
Toutes mes Condoléances pour la perte de notre héros-martyr Libanais Gebran Tuéni.
Ce texte ci dessous est un appel de la libanaise que je suis à mes concitoyens. Crédo des Libanaises et Libanais C'est un cri de douleur à mes compatriotes libanaises et libanais. C'est une prière, celle d'un combat à adopter pour toi,Gebran, notre Amour meurtri. C'est un Devoir de citoyennes et de citoyens auprès de toi et de tous les martyrs du printemps de Beyrouth.
Aujourdh'ui 12-12-2005 je propose à tous les femmes du Liban , mères, veuves ou orphelines par osmose de porter un deuil de 40 jours.
Aujourdh'ui 12-12-2005 je propose à tous nos hommes de porter haut le flambeau et de porter une cravate noire ou d'apposer un brassard de deuil 40 jours durant.
Aujourdh'ui 12-12-2005 je propose à tous les journalistes, écrivains, romanciers , peintres , sculpteurs, musiciens d'exprimer notre révolte et de démentir par nos écrits et nos oeuvres la machiavélique tentative de nous museler .
Aujourdh'ui 12-12-2005 Ceux qui prétendait "Nous avons brisé le stylo de Gebran Tueini, fermé sa bouche pour toujours et transformé An Nahar en une nuit très sombre", ne pourront pas assécher nos plumes ni déssécher nos pinceaux car nous diront tous en coeur et d'une seule voix :
Gebran, nous ne t'oublierons pas et ta flamme restera vibrante en chacun de nousAujourdh'ui Gebran et tous les jours , pour toi et pour tes amis disparus, nous répéterons après toi comme tu le scandais si bien "Nous jurons par le Dieu tout-puissant, musulmans et chrétiens, de rester unis jusqu'à la fin des temps en défense du Liban bien-aimé."
En mémoire de Gaby Gebran Tuéni
Najla Misk-Malhamé

George Bejjani <
Sent : November 29, 2005
To :
Subject : RE: FW: Re: From Elias

Accuse them he did not but that was not the point with which I took issue, I was only making the point that our holy men should not be included in the same line as their men of faith when discussing religion and state i.e. "the enslavement of religion". The whole article spoke of saving our people from the enslavement of religion or educating our people about the enslavement religion is and this is fine for the Dr to discuss, after all we live in highly secular societies outside Lebanon and love our countries, however throughout the article there was no clear line demarcating the sheiks who support the war on Israel/Infidels for any frivolous reason available and our priests who do not.
By stating that there exists "the enslavement of religion" and then qualifying the "Islamic ideologue" as one of those who enslaves, one naturally ponders who is inferred here on the Christian side. As both were mentioned as perpetrators and only one discussed in detail and explained, no clear line could be discerned by the reader. Yes their must exist a full separation of Church of State and yes the patriarchal order of society is a burden that the people in their entirety do not want or need, but a very clear majority still need and want religion and yet can excel in life and be exceptional people, (GEN. Aoun just discussed the valuable divine message of religion at the National Press Club)On the flipside one cannot be an Islamist and still excel and advance in society because they wish to revert to a dark age caliphate. Hence the 'shackles' of Christianity must be discussed separate to the 'shackles' of fundamentalist Islam.
George Bejjani

From: George Bejjani" <
Subject: RE: English editorial by Dr. Joseph Hitti

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005
Reading the latest posting I wondered how you could host such a bigoted article on a website whose main audience are believing and practicing Christians like myself. Yes Hizbollah are fanatics who serve the enemies of Lebanon, with that part I agree, but our priests never preach death as they do and neither does our church leadership wish harm to anyone. If it weren't for the church sponsored Schools and Universities the likes of Dr. Joseph Hitti would never have reached academia in Lebanon or once they emigrated. Free speech is fine but that does not mean to feed me the fish with its bones-cater to your audience, don't host articles that take us somewhere we don't want to go. Otherwise fine work uncle Elias, we love reading your insightful articles.
George Bejjani
Hijacking the Cedars’ March to freedom
 Anwar Wazen - Brussels

Oct 31/ 2005
 A fallacy has been promoted by Druze chieftain Walid Jumblatt, the Hariri family, their TV station and their other media outlets pretending that the crowds of Lebanese that flocked to Liberty square on march the 14th did so because they wanted to know the truth “Al Hakika” about the crime perpetrated against ex- prime minister Rafik Hariri.
 There is no doubt that the anger that motivated one and a half million Lebanese to gather in downtown Beirut was something more than the shocking crime. You didn’t need to be a Lebanese genius to guess who the suspects were in instigating, planning and executing this heinous crime. Judge D.Mehlis and his professional team confirmed what we suspected then.
 Syria’s baathist Regime and its thugs most probably had a hand in the murder of two Presidents of Lebanon, the Mufti and other religious dignitaries, Kamal Jumblatt who opposed the presence of the Syrian army way back in 1976, the outspoken journalists, polticians and other dissidents in Lebanon and Syria . The same Regime most probably burned off Rafik Hariri and 21of his comerades, bodyguards and other innocent pedestrians in a terrorist crime reminiscent of the “Godfather” movie . Rafik Hariri was no Saint, even though he was anointed as such by family and friends.
 The Cedars’ marchers had a message to convey to Hizbolla, the Amal movement and other pro Syrian mercenaries who flexed their muscles a week earlier in a demonstration they dubbed “loyalty and solidarity with Syria”.
 Few days after the murder of Hariri the father, Hariri the son was given the political mantel to “carry on his father’s project ” Saad Hariri is a newcomer to Lebanon’s political arena. He needed a political mentor, Walid Jumblatt obliged  W. Jumblatt is an ex “warlord” who never denied that he collaborated and profiteered for years from the same Syrian mafia that probably assassinated his father Kamal in 1977, and ruled Lebanon in the most brutal and oppressive manner for 29 years.
 Walid Jumblatt regretted in his eulogy to Syria’s mafia Don Ghazi Kanaan the” death of a man who did a lot of good for Lebanon” as usual Mr Jumblatt infatuated us and he was short of wiping one or two tears from his eyes whilst praising his old friend during that infamous press conference.
 Upon the demise of his father the young Saad Hariri a novice to Lebanese politics landed in Beirut in his father’s private plane and entered the political arena from the “big gate”. I meant Saudi money gate. He controls today the so called majority of the parliament . He nominated the prime minister of Lebanon who incidentally was employed by his late father and he appointed other ministers and MPs .
 When he travels he is received by Head of States, foreign ministers and good old Kofi Annan. He declared the other day from Jeddah , Saudi Arabia, that Hizbolla is his first and foremost strategic ally.
 It was Hizbolla the Iranian sponsored party of Allah that organised the March 8th demonstration to show loyalty and solidarity to Syria’s baathist Regime, the Regime that is unofficially still accused to be behind the liquidation of Rafik Hariri . Understanding this logic really beats me especially when we hear that Saad Hariri has committed to the international community the implementation of UNSCR 1559 sponsored by the US and Mr Chirac and in which there is a clause asking to disarm all militias in Lebanon .
 Hizbolla refuses to disarm and has always rejected UNSCR1559. Is it double talk from Saad Hariri or political duplicity, time will tell . “carry on Rafik Hariri’s project” Does Saad Hariri mean the project to defeat all the other Sunni voices in Lebanon by the power of the Greenback?
 Is he going to carry on the project of corruption, graft and bankrupting the State? Will the free voices that were forced into exile during Syria’s years of hegemony over Lebanon be allowed to come back and contribute in rebuilding a new Lebanon based on respect for human right , freedom of _expression, the right to a free education, healthcare and social welfare? or will they find themselves again in a jungle where they will be harassed by a neo- Syrian order.
 Will they be discriminated against and deprived of their basic rights?
 These are questions that we are not asking for the sake of embarrassing prime minister Siniora, we know that he is trying his best in walking the tightrope and we must admit that he has been thus far succeeding in his balancing act.
 We would like to hear from him on the case of our comerades in the Lebanese Kurdish Democratic Party . We hear that the Hariri clan is still pursuing a discriminatory policy vis à vis these brave fellows. Their Leader Abdulkarim Meho cannot return back to Lebanon due to a pending court order which completely ignores his right to free _expression.The case was doctored against him by the Syrian appointees in the Lebanese courts when Lebanon was under Syrian occupation . Mr Meho was one of the effective loud voices advocating from exile for Lebanon to be free from Syrian hegemony.
 What about the three members of the “The Guardians of the Cedars” party who were packed and put in prison ( and they still are) after they made a press conference in which they declared that Lebanon should withdraw from the Arab League . Is this the type of Democracy and Freedom that we were promised by George W . Bush ?
 At this critical juncture of our History, Lebanon needs Statesmen and politicians that should be accountable for recklessness , blunders, corruption and greed, nepotism and injustice.
 My humble advice to Mr Saad Hariri is to be vigilant in his promising political career and to avoid the pitfalls that his late father did not avoid willingly or could not avoid for a reason or another.

Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005
Subject: Re: [cadmous] New English editorial from Elias Bejjani/on the lccc

Dear Mr. Bijani,
One statement in your editorial that attracted my attention was: "sickening concepts in regards to the Arabic-Israeli conflict, the so called resistance against Israel" For years the LF and many other Lebanese right groups advocated similar " sickening concepts" to deal with the Syrian occupation of Lebanon . Why wouldn't the same concepts be valid when it comes to Israel's occupation of Lebanon? Would Israel have withdrawn from the Gaza strip if it wasn't for the costly occupation in terms of resources and human lives ? I absolutely refuse to believe that they would have left just for the sake of peace with the Palestinians . If Palestinians were benign when it came to the settlements and the occupation of Gaza , would Israel even consider leaving ? I don't think so. Same applies to the occupation of Southern Lebanon and the circumstances under which they left . Surely at the time Barak was more moderate and had different priorities . But if it wasn't for the internal pressure within Israel where people were fed up with the cost of occupying Lebanon ( again in terms of lives and other resources) , the Israelis would not have gone.
Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly denounce any violence no matter where it comes from , and advocate for a peaceful , and non violent form of struggle. But when dealing with a state like Israel ( and Syria for that matter) , seams like this is the only language they speak , and understand.
From: Tony Abbas <>
Sent : June 7, 2005 3:16:47 PM
To :

Your points are well taken about the elections in the South not being perfect. But bear in mind it has been only 1 month since Syria pulled out officially and it takes time to perfect the electoral process. Recall that America has been a democracy for well over 200 years, and in the year 2000 you remember what happened in Florida and how Bush stole the elections away from Gore. So we must qualify our concerns with some hope and praise.
I think what has people mostly upset is how Hizballah performed. Whether we like it or not, this organization has popular support and following in Lebanon. It must be disarmed soon, I am with you on that. But the West is funny and hypocritical when it comes to democracy. America preaches democracy for others, but when others follow the democratic process and elect people that do not see eye to eye with the western interests, then the US cries foul. Islamic organizations have a popular power base; Hizballah in Lebanon, Hamas in West Bank/Gaza, Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. The US should accept that fact and move on and establish a dialogue with these popular movements. It should ask itself the question, and many people in the offices of power in Washington have begun to ask this, "what is it that we do to the Muslim world that makes them hate us so much".?(i.e. support for Israel)
America can't have its cake and eat it too. If it wants democracy in the ME, then it has to face up to the fact that whomever the people elect may not necessarily have George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as their role models.
Form: "C Sawaya" <>
Subject: RE: [Phoenicia] Alf Mabrouk

Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 22:42:20 -0800
This is all true, that our patriots in Lebanon stood fast and courageous, but the reality is that the USA stand tall in freedom, self
determination and self esteem and free speech; on the other hand our so called European friends such as France did not, did not take a firm stand like the USA, because Jacque Chirac is a flip flop like some of our American leaders. Thanks to president Bush who has a backbone or rather some fat balls to stand tall to all aggressions in the Middle East and in the USA specifically the leftist anti American and Liberal Democrats who sides with the Uninformed European who forgot that the USA saved them from speaking German bologna "heil Hitler",and are enjoying all what Democracy provides to them. But never the less the truth will always prevails and THE USA WILL rejoice and FREEDOM AND LIBERTY AND SELF DETERMINATION. Long Live The USA and what it is trying to accomplish in The World. May GOD always help and protect the USA.
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005
From: "Anwar Wazen" <>
Beirut to Damascus road : crossing time two hours
The road is clear , no roadblocks and no check points all the way from Beirut to Damascus. Expected trip time is two hours . No need for a stop over in the Bekaa valley. The writing is on the wall . This is your last opportunity, so grab it while you can Bashar. If your eyesight still blurs go and get it fixed in Geneva . They have good ophtalmologists there , and while you’re at it you may want to consult with your investment advisor . The billions your family and entourage stole from Lebanon must have fared quite well all these years. Time is running out and you know it , but with the murder of prime minister Hariri it looks like someone else is incharge in Damascus . Your hard headed and brutal Intelligence lieutenants are reluctant to let go of the Lebanese golden goose. They are willing to murder whoever stands in their way . They want to drag their feet , use delaying tactics and other tricks from their morbid book . They might even consider revisiting your late father’s “Hama rules” , scourge the living and the dead if forced to leave Lebanon . They have already started their evil scheme by hiring mercenaries inside Lebanon and Syria . All they would achieve is ignite a fire here or there . Hizbolla’s leaders insinuated the other day that they are determined to stand aside in any internal armed conflict that you might engineer inside Lebanon . The people of Lebanon were magnificent in their unity and solidarity after the murder of prime minister Hariri . Bottom line :Anyone betting on a renewed civil war in Lebanon is going to lose the bet. It won’t work this time around . Besides, we learned yesterday that Mr Sharon accepted Zain el Abidin’s invitation to sip arabian coffee in the latter’s palace in Tunis. It looks like similar invitations from other Arab head of states are in the making .
Wheras globalisation fever, democracy and the spirit of freedoms are all catching in the Greater Middle East , Syria’s Leaders prefer to trample with brutality their neighbours and keep their own people living in the dark ages. Even the Sphynx of Egypt started to lose patience with you Bashar , just pack and leave Lebanon with some dignity. Your late father did overstay the invitation if an invitation there ever was. Syria's time is out in Lebanon.
Redeploying your troops here and there is a “déjà vu” ploy . In recent weeks the Lebanese opposition offered you , in the name of the “special and sisterly” relations what they called a “face saving” way out . Let’s be candid , henceforth there will be nothing called ”sisterly” ,“brotherly” or “special relations”. No more one way street and no more nonsense . Just pack and leave quietly . Lebanon and Syria will be normalising their relationship as two distinct sovereign nations . The Lebanese are Lebanese and the Syrians are Syrians . Let’s stop this one Nation in two countries “bulleye”. Both countries will be maintaining a buisenesslike and a mutually beneficial relationship like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain , Tunisia and Morocco , the UAE and Oman , Syria and Jordan , Belgium and Luxembourg . These and many more countries share common borders , common language , common traditions , they are all sovereign,
independent and they share diplomatic representation . We want Syria to stop for good interfering in our internal affairs . Throughout our history we never interfered with Syria’s internal or external affairs . Is it too much asking for mutual respect , genuine cooperation and diplomatic representation ? we are two neighbours and we share common traditions , the same language and similar heritage , and we want our children to enjoy a constructive and beneficial relationship . We will no longer tolerate arm twisting , bullying or trespassing . No need to wreck our house any further because if you do the free world will not stand by watching. If you elect to proceed with your plan to burn the field before you depart then it is fair to expect us at the tarmac of whichever airport you elect to disembark in . We’re going to be there welcoming you with no flowers or red carpet . We’re serious . You may want to entertain the friendly overtures and invitations for a direct dialogue from some Lebanese opposition leaders. As far as we’re concerned ,and for the time being , there’s nothing left to talk about . Just pack your bags and leave Lebanon .
If you still think for a moment that the international community has been complacent , then all you have to do is remember Milosovitch who is withering slowly in his cell . You may not enjoy growing green onions like Saddam is doing in the little backyard of his prison cell . Saddam is waiting for the verdict . Time is out please, the game is over . One more thing , on your way out please don’t forget your stooges behind . Take them with you .
Sorry for having addressed you a bit harshly, after all we’re neighbours , you have to understand though that we’re exhausted , we feel angry and cheated , and yes , we’re determined to liberate our beloved country.
Anwar Wazen , Brussels
26th Feb 2005

Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:08:31 -0800 (PST)
From: "Anwar Wazen" <>
Subject: For publication in the free opinion section

Lebanon : Help thyself God will help
When the Lebanese government stormed the oppisition’s TV station MTV on the 2nd of September of the year 2002  Lahoud was President , Hariri was prime minister and Walid Jumblatt had a couple of ministers in the Lebanese Government . This is what I wrote on September the 5th , 2002: I call upon all my Lebanese compatriots, Muslims, Christians, all of us, let’s raise up and turn the empty table upside down. We have all been cheated in a big way .We have been taken for an ugly ride. I call upon all of us to raise up and shout out the truth to the whole world who forgot that we even exist. For them, things have been quiet in Lebanon, so what if there is a kidnapping, an assassination here, or an arrest imprisonment and a torture there. Business as usual. No sweat. It happens everywhere right ? look at what is happening in Tibet, look at what happened to the Kurds look at Taiwan, we call it REAL POLITIKS, no dear it is wrong. Lebanon and Syria are after all two brotherly countries. Let them sort out their problems. Who cares No dear we have to care. You didn’t care before about a lot of injustices, human rights abuses and dictatorships; the free world was punished bitterly with 9/11. You better care this time around. When people come to a stage where they have nothing more but their chains to lose , then you better care .
When the litter hits the fan you will definitely get your share. So, I urge you: Do care. To my fellow compatriots I say: no other alternative is left: Help thyself, God will help. I have no doubt that Hizballah’s leaders are endowed with some wisdom, clear vision and national allegiance ( ! ! !). I call upon them to disarm their troops and deliver their arsenal of weapons - every single gun in their possession must be delivered to the Lebanese Army who should have the sole privilege of carrying guns on Lebanon’s soil - I call upon Hassan Nasrallah to prove to the world that the Lebanese are peace loving people. No, I am not dreaming, I want to make myself believe that my call would be heeded before it is too late.
I call upon our brave and oppressed Lebanese Army, all its soldiers, Lieutenants,Colonels and Generals, when the time comes, to utterly refuse to fire one single shot on the peaceful crowds and demonstrators marching for justice ,freedom and dignity all over Lebanon. Do not even shoot in the air. To the Syrian occupier, its soldiers, security apparatus and its appointees I tell them: Leave the House before it is too late. The wrath of the crowd, people’s will is beyond what you can handle or endure.
Dear compatriots we all took this dreadful trip. It lasted for too long. Let’s work it out ,all of us, let’s salvage this beautiful but drowning ship. There is no other way but one way. Raise up and turn the table upside down. What have we got left to loose except our chains ? Let’s all take this bitter pledge and march peacefully on the road to freedom. Let’s show the world and prove to our children that we deserve the Land of the Cedars. Lahoud is still president and the Syrian mafia is running amok with Lebanon . God bless the soul of Mr Hariri, and God save Walid Jumblatt from any harm.
Long live the Land of heroes , Long live Lebanon.
Anwar Wazen , February the 21st /2003

From : Bruce Balfour <>
Sent : January 16, 2005

In those challenging days of old, when the slopes of Mount Hermon were heavily forested with the biblical Cedars of Lebanon and other trees of importance, "Yahshua" made His way up the slopes with Peter, James and John to a divine meeting on the summit with Elijah and Moses. As you recall a voice was heard out of a cloud: "This is my beloved Son, hear him" (Mark 9:7).
On these same slopes of the Mount of Transfiguration a planting/redemption is being birthed to restore the biblical cedars and other appropriate species back in the soil. This planting will be the first time in history that such a biblical reforestation project will be undertaken on Mount Hermon.
The Cedar of Lebanon is described by the Creator, in Ezekiel 31, as the most beautiful tree planted in the Garden of Eden. Yahweh chose it to build His temple here in Jerusalem (ref 1Kings and 2 Chron), which has such deep meaning to the lover and student of "the Word". Solomon's house took twice as long to build, and was called "The house of the forest of Lebanon". It was probably the most awesome wood house ever constructed in the history of the world.
The Cedar is spoken of 72 times in the bible and rich meaning is attached to it, including comparing the Almighty to "The Great Cedar" under whose shadow all great nations dwell. In Psalm 92 it says: "The righteous one grows like a cedar in Lebanon for those who are planted in the house of Yahweh". In Isaiah 61 Yahweh says that it is "His planting."
Now the time has come to begin to redeem the land which the creator chose to be His forever alongside of our brother Yehuda. If the Almighty is drawing you in your spirit to be a part of this redemption please email me at:
The first planting is planned for Tu 'Bishvat (the "new year of the tree") 2006, late January, in cooperation with the "Jewish National Fund".
From: "Robert Jason" <>
To: "Bejjani,Elias(Cdn Lebanese)" <>
Subject: My letter in Winnipeg Sun (Sunday, January 9, 2005)
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005
Sunday, January 9, 2005

Have we gone mad?
As a man happily married to the same wonderful woman for 44 years and blessed with happy children and grandchildren, I passionately believe in the institution of marriage of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. The time-tested ancient traditional family unit -- revered in all cultures throughout history and sanctified by all major religions -- has been the bedrock foundation of civilization since time immemorial. The family consisting of man and woman and children provided stability and order to civilized society, it furnished the perfect milieu for the raising and nurture of children, and was the ideal vehicle for the perpetuation of the human race.
So, why are we tinkering around in Canada with such a basic, crucial and foundational institution that created our beloved country and made it great? Have we gone mad? Utterly insane?
In a civilized society such as ours, we must have an honest debate on such a monumental societal transformation. The first rule in any debate is to define the terms of the debate. What exactly do activists mean by "human rights" for homosexuals? "Gays" already enjoy civil rights and privileges equal to any citizens, in fact they are accorded special rights in many cases in Canada. Where did the "gays" get the notion that they somehow had the "human right" to same-sex "marriage"? The time-honoured institution of marriage has always been between a man and a woman and, like any other honourable institution, has some basic rules for admittance. You must be of opposite genders -- male or female. Only one man and one woman need apply, not more than one. No polygamy or polyandry, in other words. You must be of certain age. No blood relatives allowed -- no incestuous relationship, in other words. Only human beings are allowed (of opposite genders): you cannot marry your beloved canary. Perfectly sensible rules of a respected institution that has survived for millennia under these rules.
If "gays" wish to get married they can legally do so in Canada by playing by the rules: a "gay" man is always free to marry a woman and a "gay" woman (lesbian) is perfectly free to marry a man.
Robert A. Jason, MA
Fonthill, Ont.

From: Robert Jason" <>
To: "Bejjani,Elias(Cdn Lebanese)" <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 22:41:38 -0500
Subject: My letter (or article) published, thankfully, in some Niagara papers

Robert A. Jason
Published in Welland Tribune, & Pelham News, January 5, 2005
I ran into an old friend the other day in Fenwick. He asked me rather poignantly, "Robert, I miss reading your letters in the newspapers. I agree with your views 100% and I miss your letters. What happened?" I told my friend, " John, I'm now mighty busy as editor of my own worldwide daily e-mail service. We tackle social/moral issues that are much repressed in the politically-correct Canada" - except in such exceptionally brave & balanced publications as the Tribune & Pelham News etc.
However, looking at the virtually pleading face of my friend (he does not have e-mail - RJ), I resolved to leave aside my e-mail work for a while and once again plunge into letter-writing. So, here is one for you, John (and many others with your healthy beliefs!) As a man happily married to the same wonderful woman for 44 years and blessed with happy children & grandchildren, I passionately believe in the institution of marriage of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. The time-tested ancient traditional family unit - revered in all cultures throughout history and sanctified by all major religions - has been the bedrock foundation of civilization since time immemorial. The family consisting of man and woman and children provided stability and order to civilized society, it furnished the perfect milieu for the raising and nurture of children, and was the ideal vehicle for the perpetuation of the human race.
So, why are we tinkering around in Canada with such a basic, crucial and foundational institution that created our beloved country and made it great? Have we gone mad? Utterly insane?
It appears that some self-centred, narcissistic "gay" activists and their "out-of-touch" elitist allies wish to upend the social order. They want to indulge in social engineering by appealing to such dishonest, undefined, nice-sounding terms as "human rights", "equality", "tolerance" "diversity" and the like in order to confuse the Canadian people and make it easier to ram through their homosexual agenda.
In a civilized society such as ours, we must have an honest debate on such a monumental societal transformation. The first rule in any debate is to define the terms of the debate. What exactly do the activists mean by "human rights" for homosexuals? The "gays" already enjoy equal civil rights and privileges of any Canadian citizens, in fact they are accorded special rights in many cases in Canada. Where did the "gays" get the notion that they somehow had the "human right" to same-sex "marriage"? The time-honoured institution of marriage has always been between a man and a woman. The age-old institution of marriage, like any other honourable institution, has some basic rules for admittance: You must be of opposite genders - male or female. Only one man and one woman need apply, not more than one. No polygamy or polyandry, in other words. You must be of certain age: older men or women are not allowed to marry children. No blood relatives allowed - no incestuous relationship, in other words. Only human beings are allowed (of opposite genders): you cannot marry your beloved canary. Perfectly sensible rules of a respected institution that has survived for millenia under these rules.
If "gays" wish to get married they can legally do so in Canada by playing by the rules: a "gay" man is always free to marry a woman and a "gay" woman (lesbian) is perfectly free to marry a man. The "gay" activist would retort: "But we cannot marry the opposite sex because we are "born that way", we are born with a "gay gene". We can rightfully reply: "What proof do you have you were born that way? Please furnish us with any credible scientific documentation that you were born with immutable characteristics like the heterosexuals." I have been debating this matter for over a decade now and the "gays" still have not provided me with any shred of proof. Their act is all smoke and mirrors based on false assumptions and premises.
Thus, it is dishonest and disingenuous of "gays" to compare themselves to women & racial minorities like blacks or Asians. Women were born that way. Blacks & Asians & other races were born that way. There is no evidence that homosexuals were born that way. If we take blood samples or DNA from "gays", would that show us the "gay" characteristics of the person who claims to be "gay"? Of course not. All heterosexuals (including "gays") were born with male or female genitalia indicating that nature had designated us for the opposite sex. This is all commonsense and easily observable by any sane person. So, once again I challenge the "gay" advocates to come clean with your documentation to prove your "gay gene." If not, then forever hold your peace.
Robert A. Jason, M.A
P.O.Box 549
Fonthill ON L0S 1E0

From: Dominic Tse Personal" <
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Re: Release from 10 Canadian Lebanese Community groups/For publication

Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 23:25:32 -0500
Hi, Elias Bejjani
This is Pastor Dominic Tse, from the Toronto Chinese Christian Community, who participated in the Ottawa Rally in Aug. 2003. We look forward to network with you in this fight.

From: VanderMeyden" <>
To: "Elias Bejjani"
Subject: Re: Release from 10 Canadian Lebanese Community groups/For publication

Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 23:08:36 -0500
Thank you for the encouragement. May many other religious communities follow the example you have set.People of all religious communities and even those who claim to profess non-religion must wake up to realize that the redefinition of marriage will be destructive to the good order of Canadian society and therefore is detrimental to all Canadian citizens.How true it is: if we do not now use our freedom of speech and freedom of religion we will loose both.

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