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From: anwar wazen"
Re: A cry for help from Montreal article

I think we have a serious problems with the Lebanese churches and their leaderships.  I think they forgot what their purpose is.  They are suppose to bring people closer to God not away from God, they are suppose to teach love, caring, action etc.. they should set an example in compassion and charity.  Most do the opposite, they cause division and hate.  Partly it is our problem, we need to hold them accountable but we failed to do that just like we failed to hold the political leaders accountable.
I think we should boycott all Lebanese churches and find a place where they teach Christianity until they hear our cry.  Just because they wear a robe or whatever does not make them godly men, or that they are some semi gods or something.  the bible said teachers will be more strictly accountable and people will be judged on their action not words.  
I am sorry but I think the Lebanese Churches have not played the role they should play, and they are far from what God teaches.  I see more gossip, more hate, more arguments, more evil at churches than I do outside.  
They should have been the leaders in uniting people, on a national cry to the whole world.  There is a time for everything, they need to hold massive prayers for Lebanon where people can see them.  this would be much more rewarding than Sunday sermons with empty words.  how can we live such fake Christianity.  now I know why Gibran wrote such bad things about the church leaders.  I see nothing has changed Just like the politics, nothing has changed. Everyone bring his son into power to screw the Lebanese people and make their fortunes and the Lebanese are so gullible and accept that instead of holding them responsible.  Politicians should be public servants working for the people, they are not something special with permission to screw the country and the people.   until we Lebanese realize that, crying out to the UN or foreign government is of no use.  We need to clean our own house and our own hearts first.
From: Jess ."
I'm a Lebanese guy, a student, and a Worker at the same time! I really think that everything you're saying is right, and we should do something about it! I hope that we can unite together cause I'm sure that if we UNITE ALL TOGETHER no one will be able to arrest or harm any of us, and I hope that all the REAL LEBANESE people can read this and hopefully we can do it, and get our Lebanon back to us, even if we should do like others did (Sheik Bachir Jmayil etc..)...
From: Ghia Aweida"
Re: [cadmous] News English article from George Khoury
I totally agree with you that all terrorism is bad.  Especially when it takes away innocent lives.  You may have relatives living in the States.  As in every culture, there are good seeds, and bad seeds.  That applies to both the Muslim and non-Muslim world!  I have been following up on the news in BC.  and I know what is going on.  Peace and freedom has no boundaries whatsoever, and you will see peaceful and loving people in every country.  It is the few like the Hezbollah, and other like them (I will not mention who they are), for you know them as well as I do, who deserve to be disarmed, jailed, and even brought to justice for their actions.If I say that these troops should be given the death penalty, you are not eliminating the problem.  You must pray that they will one day face the wrong that they have done.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  I think that we should all follow Fairouz's example and stand neutral, not to take sides.  For as she has gathered us all together, we can come together, lay down our weapons, put our differences aside, and live together in peace.
Alardo lakom
Fa'alardo tabtahijo bemolamasat aqdamikom el3alia
Alardo lakom
Waantom tareeq
Date:Sat, 1 Dec 2001
Subject:From a Lebanese citizen in the USA

A message to minister Abu Jamra:
Dear minister Issam Abou Jamra
I am a Lebanese doctor in New York. I left Lebanon to continue my training in medicine in the United States few years ago. I always read your articles on the "clhrf" web site and I really appreciate the time you spend writing on the Lebanese issues, which shows how much you honestly and sincerely care for your country and how much Lebanon is always in your heart and mind. I used to be a fan of General Aoun when he was in power and I still am, although I don't always agree with all what he says and does now.
I like your articles because they're concise, straight, forward and strong. However I was reading this last article that you wrote on 11/30/2001, and I would like to make a comment hoping that it will change your strategy and your way in fighting for the Lebanese cause. We all know that the United States delivered Lebanon to Syrian in 1990. It's clear everyone knows that, but the question is why did this happen? One can't blame the USA. They would do what they think is for their best interest, and the best for them is to have someone who they can rely on. Someone who can take good control of the situation in the country and this someone unfortunately couldn't be a Lebanese. Since we were divided at that time, and we are still divided either because the Syrians are not letting us meet together or because we are so selfish and have no foresight. Starting from this understanding, our major focus and concern should always be our unity, at least in front of the international community, just to show them that we are mature people, who can handle their own fate. That's why I wasn't happy when the General openly and publicly opened fire on Gebran Tueni and Cardinal Sfeir. Although he was right in what he said, he shouldn't have done this. What would you do if you were an American and you see this happening?
You would say: I would never let these people take control of their country since it seems they can never agree with each other, and hence I can never rely on them for a favor and they will cause me trouble. I would look for someone more reliable. So number one is the impression that we should give to the superpower; that we are united, and that's what Syria is trying to destroy: our unity. Second how many fronts would you open if you were in a war? Even the United States doesn't open more than one: look at what is happening in Afghanistan, they won't start with Iraq until they finish with Afghanistan. So why do we have always to open two fronts? Why do we have to implicate Israel and Palestine in what's happening in Lebanon all the time? Are any of the Arab countries complaining about the killing in Palestine ? Not really.
How do you want to fight Syria, and Israel at the same time? Why do you have to find another enemy for yourself ? I agree with all what you said. but this shouldn't have been said. Who do you think made the USA put Syria and Hizbullah on the terrorist list? Us the Lebanese, you,General Aoun? I don't think so,  it's Israel. They know how to work and how to fight for their cause, and may be luckily and coincidentally this would be in the favor of Lebanon for the first time. For the first time there was a chance that Syria will be kicked out of Lebanon, so help it happen and do not reject it. Why to let them work against us. I'm not saying that we should support them but let's stay quiet. Otherwise they can screw us very easily and make another deal with the Syrians on our behalf like before. Isn't it time to learn yet?
It's time to do politics and quit poetry, you have to understand something about the general thinking here. They care too much about the way you talk to them, if you respect them or not. What you say about them, every a single word has it's significance for them. The only reason why I'm talking to you (and obviously to General Aoun) is because you're the only ones the Lebanese people trusted and will keep trusting. You are our last hope in a free Lebanon.
I hope you excuse me for being rude and I hope you will accept my constructive criticisms, and you will understand that all what I care about is to see Lebanon free from all occupations.
God bless you, and be with you.
Live long Lebanon.
Lebanese citizen
From: Sabine B" (
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 22:27:33 +0200
Six thousand years are gone and Lebanon is still in existence, and will always stay whatever happens. No matter who wants to erase our country or eliminate it, the land of the Holy Cedars will always be a Mission Impossible if we the Lebanese, keep believing in it. So, if you want to save your country from drowning there is only one way: believe in it the way it believes in you.
From: "Jon Boulad" <>
Subject: The Role of Saudi Arabia
Day by day, it is becoming clearer that Saudi Arabia played a major role in financing terrorism. This reminds me of a story told to me by my uncle : In April 1982, my uncle pays a visit to the Lebanese president, the late Elias Sarkis. "Mr. President, after almost six years of presidential office, could you tell me who is our enemy and who did to us the greatest amount of harm ?" Sarkis said (this is an exact transcription of his words) : "It is clear that Israel is our enemy, and they did lots of damages, there is also no doubt that Syria is our enemy and they have even done more damages, but the one who did the most damages and that has been the most harmful to us is Saud Al-Fayssal". (i.e the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia). Was Sarkis right ? Did he make the correct assessment ? What did he mean exactly ? Nevertheless, these words kept ringing in my ears for a long time. At the present time "they sound clear as a bell". These words are so meaningful nowadays and
fearful ...
Syria OUT
What we should do to Osama Bin Laden ?!
From: (
Killing Osama bin Laden will only create a martyr. Holding him prisoner will only inspire his comrades to take hostages to demand his release. Therefore, we should do neither. Let the Special Forces, Seals, Green Berets, etc., covertly catch him, secretly fly him to an undisclosed hospital and have surgeons perform a complete sex change operation. Then return "her" to Afghanistan to live as a woman under the Taliban.

n a message dated 10/9/01 1:15:20 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:
Syria opposes any "hidden agenda" in the anti-terrorism coalition the United States is aiming to build, Foreign Minister Faruq al-Shara said Tuesday. {HE OPPOSES THE US , PERIOD.  WE KNOW HOW THEY CELEBRATE EVERY TIME AN AMERICAN IS HURT} Shara, at a joint press conference with visiting German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, also urged the European Union to put an end to Israeli "state terrorism" and said occupation was the highest form of terror. {A SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM SHOULD NOT BE SPEAKING ABOUT TERRORISM,  HE IS CONVICTING HIS COUNTRY BY SAYING OCCUPATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF TERRORISM.  SYRIA HAS NOT ONLY OCCUPIED LEBANON , IT HAS RAPED IT AND RAPED IT'S PEOPLE"
"We should uproot terrorism by removing the causes of terrorism, and there must be an end to occupation, which is the highest form of terrorism," Shara said.{WHO BUYS THIS B.S.  , WHY IS HE EVEN INVITED TO TALK ABOUT THIS ISSUE.  IF HE BELIEVES IN THAT THEN HIS GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO END IT'S OCCUPATION OF LEBANON.  THEY SHOULD LEAVE LEBANON AND TAKE ALL THEIR SUPPORTERS AND TERRORISTS WITH THEM} "We are determined to help the international efforts to combat terrorism"   {HOW, BY SPONSORING TERRORISM}  in  the wake of the terror attacks on the United States, {IS THAT WHY HIS PEOPLE CELEBRATED THE INCIDENCE} he said, but the battle  against terror must be based on "accurate information and sharp evidence." Damascus opposes "any hidden agenda for any country," the Syrian foreign  minister said. { HOW ABOUT HIS HIDDEN AGENDA, HE OPPOSES TERRORISM BUT THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SPONSORED OF TERRORISM, MANY AMERICANS, SYRIANS, AND LEBANESE DIED BY HIS TERRORISM"We have to be frank and open about what we are going to do in the future."  {THEN WE NEED TO BE FRANK AND TELL THEM THEY ARE TERRORIST BY THEIR OWN DEFINITION OF TERRORIST} "We need determination and wisdom, and we should also think about political solutions for the conflict in the region, and not only about the coalition against terror," chimed in Fischer, who also met President Bashar al-Assad. The official SANA news agency reported that Shara told Fischer in a meeting earlier that Europe should "assume more its responsibilities to put an end to the policy of state terrorism practiced by Israel" against the Palestinians.  { HOW ABOUT SYRIA'S TERRORISM OF LEBANON, WHY DO THE EUROPEANS EVEN HAVE A RELATIONS WITH SUCH A TERRORIST REGIME.  ARE WE GOING TO DO THE SAME BUILD HIM UP AS WE DID SADAM AND BIN LADEN AND THEN THEY TURN AROUND AND KILL US WITH THE SAME WEAPONS WE GAVE THEM, THE BIGGEST MISTAKE US WILL MAKE IF SYRIA IS REMOVED FROM THE TERRORIST LIST AND IF SYRIA IS NOT TREATED AS  A TERRORIST COUNTRY.  WE CANNOT CLOSE OUR EYES AND SAY '"THESE TERRORISTS ARE NOT HURTING US THEY ARE ONLY KILLING LEBANESE CHRISTIANS, SO IT IS OKAY, AND THEN TURN BUT YET WE WANT SUPPORT WHEN THESE TERRORISTS TURN AGAINST US" He also said Europe should work "according to United Nations resolutions to put an end to the Israeli occupation"  {NO NO NO NO, FIRST THEY SHOULD WORK TO PUT AN END TO LEBANON'S OCCUPATIONS BY AN ARAB TERRORIST COUNTRY NAMED SYRIA.   Fischer, who has been playing a leading role in efforts to bring Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table, was to travel on to Lebanon for talks with Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.  { WELL HE NEEDS TO BE INFORMED THAT SYRIA SAID OCCUPATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF TERRORISM AND SYRIA IS OCCUPYING LEBANON, AND MEETING WITH SYRIA'S PUPPETS IN LEBANON IS NOT THE SOLUTION}    Syria condemned the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, { OH YES I WILL BELIEVE THAT, WHEN THE SKY TURNS GREEN, LET'S FACE IT MOST ARABS REJOICED EVEN ARAB STUDENTS IN US UNIVERSITIES WOULD WATCH THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WTC AND REJOICE AND CELEBRATE  "  while calling for anti-terrorist action to be spearheaded by the United Nations, not the United States. Damascus is calling on the UN to sponsor an international debate to agree on a definition of terrorism that excludes the "legitimate" right of peoples to fight against foreign occupation. Syria's Golan Heights were captured by Israel during the 1967 Middle East war and later annexed by the Jewish state. Damascus demands their return, as well as the withdrawal of Israel from the Palestinian territories and from the Shebaa Farms, territory also captured from Syria in 1967 and now claimed by Lebanon with Damascus' approval.

From: "Jon Boulad" <>
Subject: You were wrong Dear HENRY
In 1973, Mr. Kissinger sought a policy, which he qualified worthy of METTERNICH : "Give Lebanon to Syria and there will be peace in the Middle East" (ref. "Years of Upheaval" by H. Kissinger). A few years later, the great American strategist and geopolitical, Dr.Zbigniew Brzezinski declared on CNN that he would give a grade of D- to Kissinger for his foreign policy. In the process of swallowing Lebanon, Syria has sheltered terrorists and encouraged global terrorism. Therefore, Syria was and still is on the list of terrorist countries. Today, Syria wants to join the coalition provided it is no longer on this list. As in 1990 at the time of the Gulf War, the U.S are welcoming Arab countries to join the coalition. If this happens, it means that no lesson would have been learned from the terrorist acts of September 11.
Mr. President:
Please review all the terrorist acts conducted by Syria. You clearly said that America will go at war against all countries that support terrorism. Afghanistan is not the only one. Syria is a haven for terrorists, and unfortunately Lebanon too. Before accepting any of these countries in the coalition, they should be asked to first clean their own house. Mr. Kissinger:
Your policy was all wrong. You have been helping a terrorist country. It is such policies as yours that ultimately helped terrorists kill thousands of people. Not everyone can be a METTERNICH. I researched a lot about METTERNICH and guess what I found ? When METTERNICH was briefing his ambassador before sending him to Turkey; he told him : "Tell the Sultan, if there is war in Lebanon there will be war in the Levant; and tell the Sultan if there is peace in Lebanon there will be peace in the Levant". By the way, what were your grades in History and Geography?
Syria OUT

From Elias Bejjani
I don't think your vision is in general different from ours. But may I ask you a question: If you really believe in equality and human rights how could you support a priest in an action in which he deprived a certain group of its right to pray for the dead? My friend democracy is to respect the freedom of others, their thinking, as well their worshiping rituals and political choices. We can not accept for our selves what we deny for others.
I agree with you 100% that Lebanon should be a secular country with free and democratic system, but we can't not decide who is to be excluded from the leaders, or otherwise we would be forcing our opinion on others. Regarding Syria, we love Syria as long as Syria is in Syria not in Lebanon.. Yes we should have the best relations with Syria, but not a subservient kind of relations as the situation is these days.
For the Palestinian refugees, yes we should treat them better, but after the Lebanese government takes over the camps and forces its authority there.
Israel has withdrawn from the South and has implemented the 425 UN resolution. Now we should wait till all the Arab countries had signed a peace treaty before we take any action. We should be the last Middle East country to sign a peace treaty with Israel.
It seems you hold personal grudges against the Phalanges, LF and FPM, I advice you to look into the national issues with a different perspective. We have to accept others even if we don't share their political or religious views.
Have a nice day
Elias Bejjani
Subject: Re: Peaceful ??? Who's kidding who
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 23:51:08 EDT
You asked for my vision of Lebanon, here it is:
1- Lebanon is a free and democratic country where all citizens are equal under the law , regardless of their religious background.
2- Religion is not the determining factor of government jobs and any elected or appointed office . It is the qualification of a person that matters.
2b. Political parties in Lebanon attract people from all religions, because they stress service" to Lebanon, not "protection" for religious factions.
2c. Political parties have social agendas, not military objectives.
3- The punishment for government employees involved in corruption is a long prison sentence . People look down at corrupt Gov. employees.
4- There is no civil war immunity extended to mass murderers like Jumblat, Hobeika, Geagea, etc.
5- Lebanon's highest priority would be to provide education to all of it's citizens. They are the most precious resource of Lebanon. An educated population would make for outstanding citizens.
6- Maintain free economy and banking . Also adopt economic policies that make sense . For example, can't say non Lebanese can't buy real estate when there's 40,000 vacant flats in Beirut . Also, reduce spending on the military .
7- Look into the future for leadership. Need new blood. General Aoun , Hoss, Bashir, etc. are from the past that devastated Lebanon .
8- Partner with Syria instead of fighting with Syria. Lebanese are too smart to have a confrontation with Syria . Save the Lebanese energy for something better.
9- Recognize that Palestinians are not in Lebanon by choice. Provide them with the legal authority to work so they would stop working illegally .
10 - Israel remains an enemy of Lebanon till there's a comprehensive peace settlement. Lebanon needs to prepare for this day to be ahead of all the Arab countries when peace prevails.
11- Lebanese are peaceful people that value human life !!
This is just a few, I can think of a lot more that would make my vision of Lebanon.
This week we witnessed a great tragedy
Dear Brothers
By: George H

This week we witnessed a great tragedy.  This crime did not only effect the innocent people who died and their spouses, families and children.  This tragedy effected each and every one us .  It will effect our nation and the whole world.  This was not an attack on our country but an attack on democracy , freedom and our way of life.
Among this tragedy, I learned a great lesson in humility.   I have to admit that now I have even more respect and more pride for being an American.  How did the U.S. respond?  Did we resort to blind bombings? No, even though we are a super power.  Did we resort to militias and political parties to solve our answer?  No.  You see our president resorted to a greater power.  I am thankful that we have a Godly president.  The president called on every citizen to go into a house of worship and get down on his/her knees and pray for wisdom and guidance. Democrats and republicans, white and black, Christian and Jew , rich and poor, every one united, everyone praying together. At our church we held several prayers, and it was humbling to see our city leaders and pastors on their knees, with tears in their eyes crying out to God for help and wisdom.  
In contrast let's look at Lebanon.  The country was destroyed, occupied, many more death, much more destruction.  Every day Lebanon is being raped?  How did our churches respond?  how did our politicians respond?
Let's look at our churches in Lebanon. did they hold hands and pray, did they stand up to teach peace and love and caring? did they held hand and said enough is enough?  did they teach people that being a Christian is not belonging to a certain political party, or following a certain leader?  Did they teach humility?  I very much doubt that.  If they did we will not be in this mess.  In the future I will share with you how one little church changed the whole country of Uganda.   To this day I get messages from people with so much arrogance that is nauseating claiming that their party is in control and so forth?  I have news for you, only God is in control.  I meet people who go to church and say they are Christians but they do not know that first thing about Christianity.  It is time to resort to the greatest power on earth, we need to realize that we cannot take our next breath without the grace of God. You see our churches use the laim excuse  "we do not want to be involved in politics".  Since when caring about injustice and suffering is just a political matter?  I am not criticizing, I am stating what I see and I am humbly asking you to set an example and teach us to worship the Lord and make Him the center of our life.
How about our politicians?  did they ask the Lebanese to get down on their knees and pray for wisdom?  did they ask people to unite and save Lebanon?  oh, no each one of them wanted to be a chief and have his own flock of sheep to send to the butcher. They abused us, and now they want their children to abuse our children.  We resorted to the gun.  We butchered each other and handed our country to occupiers over on a silver platter.  Now we complain and cry.  It reminds me of the man who killed his parents and cried for mercy because he is an orphan.  Why are we so arrogant?  Somehow we think we are the greatest thing since the Beatles.  We are arrogant and think we are so important by the meaningless labels that we give ourselves.  We are ashamed to just say we are Lebanese. We have to say we are this or that.  In reality we are the joke of the universe, and let us face it, the whole world knows that.  That is why they do not take us seriously. How can anyone take seriously the people who cannot unite to save their country and families.  Even Arabs have jokes about the Lebanese.
This is your time to unite and point out the terrorism against Lebanon, do not wait till the sponsors of terrorism make themselves look like heroes.  I will quote Martin Luther king over and over "history will have to record that our tragedy is not what bad people did, but that so called good people stood by and did nothing"
God bless America
God bless our president Mr. George Bush.  

"From: Pierre Namroud"
To:>, <>,
RE: From Elias Bejjani/ What do you say? BRAVO!
Dear all,...
I think all of you pinpointed the problem at the right place.
Personally, I agree that we should address the problem of Lebanon, in a very clear way -as it is- a major attack against our Christian society. I agree that our churches (in Lebanon and Diaspora), are not giving the needed support for our cause; they pretend sometimes they don't deal with politics, and some other times they create different excuses, and so on....They always forget the role of the church in the history of Lebanon. What I think also, we have to stand up as you all suggested and show that we're still loyal to our country and our cause. We should take advantage of every single event anywhere in the world to address our cause and help to save our parents and our friends in Lebanon. They need our support ! Let us keep our major "Internal Problems" aside, and later we discuss the bill....Time is running. Let us join forces. That is the most important NOW ! Let us put the action plan for our movements. Let us not wait for the church leaders, They might not wake up ! We can do it without them, it is harder but, it is time or never. How can we cooperate to build together the action plan ? All your ideas are great and certainly there is some more .I add my voice to all your voices and say: we are stronger when we are united.
Pierre Namroud
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [
Thank you Ed for such an excellent email below and reply to Elias and Michel Kamel.  You mentioned about churches not allowing  political activities.    Actually churches and religious leaders have a responsibility to act and they have not even done 1/100th of what their responsibility is.   If they are true churches they should care about their people being killed and tortured, about their country being raped.  They should hurt for what hurts Jesus.   This is not a political cause this is a humanitarian cause about saving a nation and it's people.  It does not help us to have them preach love and caring when they are not practicing it. It is by our deeds we are judged not words.  The churches have failed us big time rather than set an example of caring, love and unity, they raised Christians who are apathetic who worship people rather than God, who stand up for political parties rather than unite and stand up for a great cause and for Lebanon.  I contacted 120 American churches and more than half replied and held special event and prayers for Lebanon.  I contacted about 80 Maronite churches twice and I got only one reply.  I am sorry but the churches have failed us just like our government and political leaders have failed us and abused us.  It is time we unite and become one. it is time to bring the Lebanese together to maintain our culture , to make friends and to lobby for freedom, peace and justice and certainly not for this or that party or this or that leader.  if a leader loves Lebanon then he should join us and serve us not the other way around.  Can you imagine the difference we can make if we are one united community??  Our symptom is Syria but our disease is lack of unity.
Dear Elias and Michel Kamei and all of a like frame of
mind, I AGREE WITH AND SUPPORT THE CONCEPT that a newspaper statement is imperative and urgent now.  An idea like that from Kamei is one whose time has come.  Signatures could be obtained from individuals and organizations,  particularly parishioners throughout the USA, Canada and anywhere there are Maronite, Malachite and Orthodox Churches WHICH ALLOW SUCH POLITICAL ACTION ON CHURCH GROUNDS.  (This is not permitted in one church at least which I know of.) DO WE CHRISTIANS OF LEBANESE BACKGROUND REALIZE THAT FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY WE GAVE ENTREE INTO THE USA AND CANADA AS WELL A WELCOMING ACCEPTANCE AND RESPECTABILITY HERE TO MUSLIMS FROM LEBANON AND THE OTHER ARAB COUNTRIES?     

 I wish I could include here our known fair, tolerant and familial Muslims, Druzes, and moderate Kurds, but I do not think that they would openly lend their names to anything which condemns and exposes Muslim persecution of Christians in Lebanon, the Holy Land, etc. I personally am convinced that we IN THE WEST MUST PUBLICIZE our pro-Christian, pro-Western  position and mention the negative reactions being felt when the extent of this persecution and its threat to America and Canada are explained to the people.   We must make this fact clear --openly for the first time-- to Muslim organizations in the USA,  like CAIRO (Council on American Islamic Relations).  We should inform the ambiguously identified and basically anti-Christian organizations like the
Why do we Christian Lebanese, or Christian Arabs of Palestine as they may wish to be called, allow our names, reputations and good status to be used in causes which exclude the Christians and ignore their welfare and God-given rights? Only the most significant offenses against Christians in Lebanon should be listed in such newspaper advertising.  I regard the following to be some of the most significant elements of religious persecutions and  violations of human rights:  foreign Muslim military and irregular volunteers in Lebanon; financial  assistance and military hardware to the persecutors, and military training for them (even from the USA and other Western Christian countries); the massacres of monks, nuns, whole Christian villages and destruction of churches and schools;  the arming of only one militia, Hizballah, and the expulsion and imprisonment of high numbers of Christians in Lebanon and Syria. That's all I have for now.
COME FATWAS, "HELL OR HIGH WATER!" THIS IS AMERICA, NOT AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, IRAN, INDONESIA, SUDAN, CUBA OR COMMUNIST CHINA!  Yeh and it is not Lebanon now, or Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq or any other intolerant land. I am not speaking here for the Knights of Columbus, nor for the Maronite Research Institute and its Journal of Maronite Studies of which I am an  editor; nor for any other group to which I belong. However  I will obtain individual signatures for the ad whenever the project takes shape.
Your fellow Christian,
Edward Brice

From: Michel <| (
Reg: Recent Events in Lebanon
Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your efforts in providing relief to the victims of political injustice and human rights violations in Lebanon. I would like to inquire about CLHRF's interest in joining a collaborative effort amongst American and Canadian NGO's to denounce the recent state-sponsored violations of human rights in Lebanon, and the violations of the Lebanese constitution.
At a time when intellectual and theological debates rage in the US over the right to life of frozen embryos, it is frustrating to see the blatant violations of human rights taking place in Lebanon.  Most alarming is the fact that the recent state sponsored violations, namely the beatings and arrests of peaceful civilian demonstrators by plain clothed juntas under the watchful eye of Lebanese army men, are trademarks characteristic of police states.  This coupled with the recent arrest of journalists, and the ban of political movements opposed to the Syrian presence in Lebanon are rapidly turning Lebanon into a military dictatorship, something it has never been. Furthermore, such events can only tarnish Lebanon's image in the world and scare away foreign investments, dealing another blow to the struggling Lebanese economy.  Thus it is of  vital importance that those responsible at all levels for the state-sponsored human rights violations be denounced and prosecuted.
Many Lebanese politicians, jurists and journalists have denounced the events of last few weeks and have called for those responsible to be brought to justice.  It is important for the Lebanese Diaspora to voice its objection and anger at the events that took place.  An effective way of offering support to those local figures who are denouncing the events, as well as to boost the moral of Lebanese residents and apply pressure on the Lebanese government is to publish in a Lebanese daily a full page open letter to the Lebanese president.  The open letter can:
1- State that Americans of Lebanese descent denounce the human right violations and the violations of the Lebanese constitution
2- Demand that all those remaining in detention be released immediately
3- Demand that those responsible for the human right violations be brought to justice
4- Demand the lifting of the recent ban on opposition parties
5- State that such actions can only tarnish Lebanon's image in the world and increase the sufferings of the Lebanese people
Lebanon's youth are already leaving the country at an alarming rate. The infringement on their dignity that we witnessed will only accelerate the depletion of Lebanon's brightest and most motivated, depriving the country from its only natural resource and its major asset in the reconstruction effort.
A smart open letter in a Lebanese daily will send shock waves in the Lebanese circles and a strong message to the government: Infringements on the dignity of Lebanese youth does not go UN-noticed and will not be tolerated by the Diaspora.  Any plans for economic investments and strong lobbying in favor of the Lebanese state by the Diaspora should be preceded by the effective practice in Lebanon of all the democratic principles enjoyed in the free world.
For the letter to be effective and representative of the Lebanese American public opinion, it has to be signed by a significant number of Lebanese American organizations. This will also reduce the risk of labeling the letter as the works of a single entity plotting to destabilize the government.  Having many organizations sign
the letter also reduces the risks of pinpointing the responsibility to one single organization, and putting the members of that organization at risk should they visit Lebanon in the future.
I would appreciate your feedback on this matter and would like to gauge CLHRF's willingness to be involved in the co-sponsoring of an open letter
in the Lebanese media.
Michel Kamel

I hope the following story inspires you.  The building block of a family, church, community or even a  country are people.  I am asking you as lebanese activists and church leaders to help us become better building blocks by being good citizens in our adopted countries and by caring for our mother country.  Godly men and women who are ethical, caring who believe in a good cause and in God rather than in an organization or a human being make great building blocks.  Today more than ever we need such building blocks or else we will perish forever as we have been slowly persihing for the past 25 years, each year lebanon and the lebanese culture is disappearig slowly.   Help us build a united people who can make a difference.
george h.


Greatness Of America
Alexander de Tocqueville
Early in the nineteenth century the French statesman, Alexander de Tocqueville, made a study of democracy in our country and wrote as follows...
"I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers, and it was not there.
"I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her fertile fields and boundless forests, and it was not there.
"I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her rich mines and her vast world commerce, and it was not there.
"I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her public school system and her institutions of learning, and it was not there.
"I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her democratic congress and her matchless constitution, and it was not there.
"Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.
"America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

Dear Mr. Hraiki
From: CLHRF secretary and Coordinator, Elias Bejjani

The mandate that governs all the CLHRF  activities focuses on  defending the Lebanese Human Rights in all domains. The first need for such a mandate is to witness for the truth and name things as they are without any camouflaging. Accordingly we believe strongly that the President, General Lahoud, as well as the whole installed Lebanese regime are all puppets and do not represent the peoples' aspirations or hopes. They are working to divide the country and give Syria the required justifications to maintain its occupation. The Syrian occupation is a Lebanese issue and concerns every and each Lebanese. The Syrian issue, becomes a non-Lebanese issue once the Syrian occupational Army is withdrawn completely from Lebanon and the UN Resolution 520 is implemented. Each Lebanese currently has an obligation in regards to calling for the withdrawal of the Syrian Army. From our side, we call on you to join the ranks of the patriotic Lebanese in a bid to liberate Lebanon and reclaim its confiscated freedom and independence.
Elias Bejjani
From:"Rahif M. Hraiki" <>
To: <>
Subject: Proposal
Date:Fri, 31 Aug 2001 06:31:17 +0300
Dear chairman,
I would like to propose to you to concentrate on the lebanese unity by recpecting the differences betwen them.All enemies of lebanon like to see us divided,all your articles and messages must focus on unity and the problems facing the lebanese people. Addressing these problems with this spirit is the most effective way to fight dictatership,and this was very clear during the historical visit of Patreriach Sfar to the mountain.Our president believe in uniting all lebanese for the interest of lebanon his job is very difficult because of foreign and local obstacles.
Addressing the Syrian problems in Syria is the responsibility of the Syrian only.
Loocking forward for a new and modern Lebanon, a home for all lebanese.
Rahif Hraiki
From: "Jon Boulad" <>
this is and has always been our creed. Our ancestors fought and died for it;
Our parents, and the parents of our parents endured many sacrifices to keep it alive;
Our generation is paying a heavy tribute for this sacred belief.
God, The Almighty, help us to resist for freedom is deep in our souls;
God, The Almighty, help us in our sufferings for nothing big can happen without efforts and pain;
God, The Almighty, help us to defeat evil with goodness;
God, The Almighty, forgive us when we are unable to forgive our persecutors.
From: Tony Shakar
Re: [Phoenicia] Press release from the CLHRF
Dear Elias,
this is not in defense of our beloved brothers and sister Syria, but the intelligence men in civilian clothes were NOT Syrian. they were Lebanese army intelligence. this is not the first time they appear: remember when we were protesting against what they did to Samir Kassir? there was a demonstration next to the Sanayeh garden, and the intelligence in civilian clothes, probably more than the demonstrators, came in and started beating up protestors real bad. these are the men of Raymond Azar, the head of the army intelligence, and not Syrians. and the red berets and security forces DID NOT smuggle the protestors away. far from it. they participated in that shameful event. on the other hand, I remind you that this regime started out as a MILITARY REGIME since its beginnings, since the day president Hrawi agreed to send in the army to crush "Aoun's rebellion". Rene Mouawad refused to do so and we all what happened to him.

Responses received
The Assassination of Liberty
By: Jon Boulad

"The people have denied its confidence to the authorities", said the people; "Change the people", said the dictator. Our Lebanon is at present worse than a banana republic. We are witnessing the very methods of fascism and stalinian brutal force: 150 plainclothesmen (Syrian Services S.S) beating up pacific demonstrators while the nearby army and police stood watching. This is what the Servants have learned from their Syrian Masters; the use of repression to assassinate the freedom of thinking and speaking. The arrested were then submitted to pretence trials and false accusations and beaten up again to force them sign papers without reading them. The result is an actual atmosphere of terror in the whole country. But what is the cause of all these arrests? Remember: It is forbidden for the Lebanese to UNITE. "Divide to rule", said the Lion to his Son. The reconciliation between the Druze and the Christian was forbidden. Syria cannot annex Lebanon if we are united.  But Syria's plan is to annex Lebanon with the help of its Servants. It is the traitors who should be judged and sentenced for HIGH TREASON, not
our good people who are fighting for their legitimate Liberty. These Black days will be written in the great book of History and will list the assassination of freedom and democracy savagely repressed by the Servants, Valets, and Slaves. Lebanese from all over the world, UNITE to recover our sovereignty, independence AND dignity, Revolt and rebel against the Syrians and their Servants. Let each of us "forward" this message to as many as we can. "LIVE FREE OR DIE" echoed the mountains.
Syria OUT
The demands by opposition groups have died down since the His Beatitude the Patriarch returned home from the North American tour.Even when he did come back nothing was changed except a few empty promises and a couple of pointless meetings. The puppet Lebanese government had played the game right in the last few months. Its Syrian-installed puppets pretended as the opposition groups were no threat and kept on ignoring and criticizing them alleging they are just a minority that serves the interest of Israel. The whole Beirut regime went along with this faked propaganda. Meanwhile workers' strikes' and   dangers of economic debts started to make headlines. They were successful in distracting  peoples' attention from major issues like the confiscated independence, corrupted regime, and Syrian occupation.
Things changed on august 7, 2001, The opposition could not be ignored any more, the Maronites and the Druze finally reconciled and the call for independence became stronger and stronger. The regime made a wrong move in dealing with this event. It  could have let this event go, just like the way they managed to ignore the arrival of the Patriarch from his north American tour. But instead they made a stupid move that can can cause uproars for month to come. This time not only few students were arrested, but also influential opposition leaders, although they were no threat to the country's security. The regime targeted both the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement after fabricating the routine false charges, treason and dealing with Israel. This charge is always there for those any one who opposes the Syrian occupation and the corrupted Lebanese regime.
This stupid move of arbitrary arrests will cause uproar for month to come and it can be the beginning of a massive resistance movement if the opposition groups plays their cards right.  General Michel Aoun said: "The current arrests remind me of the 1947 arrests executed by the the French authorities against Lebanese patriots who were calling for independence". The Lebanese Syrian appointed President General Lahoud and his puppet regime can rhetorically engage Lebanon in the Arab Israeli conflict as they wish, but the people are calling for independence and withdrawal of the Syrian occupation army.
Lahoud can no longer get Lebanon involved in the Arab and Israeli conflict while the rest of the Arab countries including Egypt, Jordan and even Syria have recognized Israel.
This game has now changed and the opposition groups shall not be threatened by these stupid arbitrary arrests, but rather they will become stronger and more organized. August 7, 2001 will be remembered as the actual day  the resistance started.
Long Live Free Lebanon
mike. D    
Jon Boulad" <>
Subject: Brave Lebanese
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001
"I am proud to have been arrested by the totalitarian regime", said one young man after his arrest. "I refuse to answer your questions or even tell you my name(although you know it)", said another young girl. "I am for the Lebanese Army, but I am against the Syrian army", said another man."I am ready to be arrested as many times as needed until total liberation", said one teenager. "I told them : Why are you arresting me ? They said : because you are insulting a friendly army. I said : if they were friendly I would not insult them, and I shouted again and again while they were pulling my hair:
Syria out, Syria out, Syria out", said this young women.
"When they took me inside the room, they said : we will beat you on the sole of your feet if you don't answer our questions. As I remained mute, a woman soldier took me into another room to beat me. Once we were alone she said : I am with you, I don't want to beat you, so start shouting to simulate as if I am beating you. I said : I won't shout until you start beating me!" said this brave young girl. The Liberation process is IRREVERSIBLE, it has started and it won't stop until Lebanon is free again. Free Lebanese,
Free Men and Women,
Free Brothers and Sisters from all over the world,
Revolt and rebel against the Syrians, their valets and servants.
"LIVE FREE OR DIE" echoed the white mountains and the green valleys.
Syria OUT

From: Mari Lynn
Hi Elias:

After reading the letter sent to Congress from the American Lebanese Institute, I find myself once again wishing that all of us who love Lebanon had an interactive web site with the express purpose of immediately updating the largest number of people possible, encouraging and guiding them to actively participate in Lebanon's fight for freedom, sovereignty and independence. If encouraged, and provided with specific guidelines or suggestions, most of us would readily write a letter, forward an e-mail, make a call, sign a petition or participate in a nonviolent demonstration.
If given 1) a person or persons to target, 2) a concrete and specific action to perform
2) a few concise talking points that need to be addressed, I have no doubt that the results would really be phenomenal.
Please let me know any thoughts that you have on this subject at your earliest convenience. If there is a form letter or request for others to add their voices on behalf of our detained and harassed brothers and sisters in occupied Lebanon, please send it to me at your earliest convenience. Hope all is well.
Thank you in advance,
Mari Lynn

To All the Lebanese in Diaspora
I hope that all of you got the chance to see the Lebanese students being kicked and beaten while the army just sat and watched.  I hope that you felt the pain I felt.  This is your opportunity to make a difference and it is not coming cheap it is coming with a price of students being beaten and humiliated in their own country and betrayed by their own government that cares more about Palestine and Syria and their pockets  than they do about Lebanon:
1- Rally , write or even throw eggs at the Lebanese embassy.  They need to know that we do not approve of such a government.  By doing nothing we have allowed this government to rape us.  We have allowed them to do this to our country and people.
2- Write your representatives, and the UN as well.
3- Get your churches involved.  We do not need religious leaders who have no love and do not act.  Even Jesus used a whip to beat up the merchants at the temple. Are these people above Jesus?  Wearing a robe and a cross does not make you a Christian.  It is your actions that show what you are.  They have the power to attract world wide attention and achieve miracles.  They sit and do nothing.  Words do not get results, action speaks louder than words.   I have asked about 100 American churches to mention what is going on in Lebanon and pray for the Lebanese this Sunday.  Most of them have several services and at least about 20,000 people will know what is going on.  
4- The American Lebanese should unite as one force.  We need to preach that to everyone.  we have had enough.  we cannot continue to be the joke of the world. How can we lobby for Lebanon and how do we explain that we have a 100 Lebanese Christian parties who killed each other and caused more death and damage than all foreign forces put together.  Let's look at the facts, all they accomplished was to kill our young men and to hand over Lebanon to Syria.  What guarantees do we have that they will not do the same again.   Every damn politician wants his own men so that he can send to the slaughter house for his benefit. Those who do not learn from history are bound to relive it. They all claim to love Lebanon yet they do now work together and be one.   which tells us that  they all put there parties and leaders ahead of Lebanon.
On your death bed you will reflect on what you did for your country and your people not what party you belonged too or what politician you worshiped.  Set a good example for your children and do not allow them to be like sheep. If we do not unite then you are making the decision to support the enemy which makes you an enemy and a traitor.  If you do not want to do anything at least tell send this message to 12 people and have each of them send it to 12 people and so forth. Please do something, do not just sit and watch your people get humiliated and your country gets raped.
From :
what should the church leaders do for Lebanon?
From George Corazon: what should the church leaders do for Lebanon?  Here is what the bible has to say: "what good is it, if man claims to have faith but has no deeds?   can such faith save him?  suppose a brother is without clothes or food, and one of you say I wish you well, keep warm and well fed. But does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?  Faith is dead if not accompanied by action. You believe that there is a God, even the demons believe there is a God. Faith without deed is useless.  A person is justified by what he does not just faith."  James 2:14-24.
Can someone tell me why is it that I can get American churches to have a prayer for Lebanon or to start a letter writing campaign or take action but I cannot get one Lebanese church to do anything?  How could they preach about love and care when they have no love and care?  isn't this hypocrisy?  years of war, thousands dead, thousands orphaned, pain, suffering, occupation , bad economy, people are leaving Lebanon now at a faster rate than during the war, there is no freedom and the list goes on.  How could they ignore that and not care?  what kind of ungodly men do we have for pastors and priests?  I say the church leaders in Lebanon should stand up for what is right, they should rally and demand a better government that cares about the people.  I say the churches in the US should hold prayers in front of the UN or may be in front of the white house.
They should show there concern.  If they cannot do that then they should be fired from their position and we should find true believer and not hypocrites. They have failed us miserably.  they should be the conscience of a nation, they should teach people about love and caring.  The only thing they teach Christians is to argue about whether you use 3 fingers or 5 fingers to pray.  How discussing , this is not even mentioned in the bible.   I say they have failed us and if someone is not for you , they are against you.  I say it is time we demand that they do something to turn Lebanon into a godly nation.  They should hit the street and have a nationwide prayer in front of the presidential palace.  This action will get the attention of world wide media.  By doing nothing they are teaching their church members about not caring.  Yes, they have failed us just like the government has failed us, just like the political parties have failed us , just like the Christian leaders such as Lahoud have failed us.
Subject:The Identy of Lebanon

The Identity of Lebanon
A great deal of debate has gone on regarding the identity of the Lebanese, many state that the Lebanese are Arabs and that Lebanon is an Arab state, whilst many argue that this is not the case, that the Lebanese are not Arab. In the Lebanese constitution the word Arab does not appear, the constitution only makes reference to Arabic as being the official language in article 11, yet this seemingly trivial matter was deemed of such importance that an entire sentence stating that Lebanon is Arab was inserted at the beginning of the Taif agreement in 1990. The contribution of the Arabs to the development of mankind cannot be ignored, as it was truly immense in its proportion. In almost every field the Europeans learnt much from their eastern neighbours. In medicine, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geography, mathematics, and architecture the Europeans drew heavily from Arabic books. In industry the Europeans learned of the processes used by the Arabs in paper making, leather working, and textile manufacture. It seems that it would be an honour for any country to be identified as Arab, however one cannot simply state that one is an Arab just for the sake of it, similarly one cannot state that an entire country is Arab just because he wishes to please his neighbours. In order to answer the question of Lebanese identity one has to look into the history of Lebanon so as to determine the origin of its inhabitants.
The earliest recorded texts refer to the inhabitants of Lebanon as Canaanites. Philo of Byblos claims that the Canaanites were autochthonous, i.e. born from the soil of a land, and so have inhabited Lebanon from the earliest times, and that they were not only men but also gods and that the whole human culture hails from their area. However many theories involving migration have been put forward as to Canaanite origins, which range form Eritrea, the Sinai, the Persian Gulf or as far away as Antarctica. Herodotus locates them on the Eritrean sea and Justin tells how they were driven from their original land by an earthquake and settled first on the coast of the Dead Sea and then on the Mediterranean. For migration theories to make sense they must presuppose that some kind of 'nation' must have existed for the Canaanites to migrate from before their appearance in the area of Lebanon, but there is no historical or archaeological evidence for such a 'nation' and so migration does not hold.
Evidence of human settlement in Lebanon dates back to the Palaeolithic period when man was differentiated from other animals by little more than the simple tools he was able to make. It was at the end of the last glaciation around 10,000 B.C. a period known as the Mesolithic, that mankind took an enormous step forward by cultivating plants and domesticating animals. Archaeologists have proven that this process began in what is known as the Fertile Crescent an area comprising the Nile Valley, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. It was around this time that small towns started to appear, the oldest in the world being Jericho in Israel and Byblos in Lebanon going back to at least 9000 B.C. as shown by carbon-14 dating. By 8000 B.C. these Canaanite towns had populations of between 2000 and 4000.
The Canaanites who lived in what is now present day Lebanon were later called the Phoenicians by the Greeks c. 10th century B.C. The Phoenicians are well known as having been great benefactors to mankind.
From the dawn of recorded history Lebanon has swung between independence and occupation. Long periods of independence were interrupted by Assyrian rule, then Babylonian and Persian rule, then by Alexander and by 64 BC Lebanon had become part of the Roman Empire. Throughout these years, the original native inhabitants of Lebanon were not displaced nor were they diluted, their Levantine, Canaanite origin remained intact.
It was in Roman times that a carpenter's son who was born in a stable was to forever change world. News of the teachings of this Jesus of Nazareth was to reach Lebanon early in his ministry and it prompted people from Lebanon to go and visit him (Mk. 3:8, Lk. 6:17), and he was also to journey to Lebanon where he healed the daughter of a Phoenician woman (Matt.15:21-8, Mk. 7:24-31) and attended a wedding. After the death of Christ, upon the martyrdom of Stephen, some of the disciples that were scattered abroad to preach went north to Phoenicia (Acts 11:19), through their works and the work of Paul, Lebanon converted. The pagan Canaanites, the early Lebanese, became Christian. Christianity flourished in Lebanon and by the close of the second century Tyre had become the seat of a Christian Bishop as has Sidon, whose Bishop attended the council of Nicea in 325 in which the Nicene Creed was formulated, furthermore in the year 335 a church council was held in Tyre. At about the same time, Frumentius, a Tyrian missionary introduced Christianity to Ethiopia. From early in the 5th Century and throughout the 6th, through the works of the disciples of St. Maron the people of Lebanon, the Phoenicians, joined the Maronite Church.
For many years the Maronite Lebanese worked the land, terraced the mountains built their villages and expanded their cities. Soon a human tidal wave was not only to change the demographics of Lebanon but was also to change the history of the civilized world.
In a little know area of a Byzantine province in 570 AD was born, to a camel trading father, a child known to history by his honorific name Mohammed, or 'highly praised'. The religion founded by Mohammed in Arabia was that of Islam, and he is regarded by his followers as a prophet. The book he, an unschooled man produced, was written by one of his followers and is considered by the Islam (Muslims) to be the literal word of God told to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel. By the time he died in 632, Mohammed had converted the Arabian peninsula, mainly by the sword, to Islam.
In 633, a year after Mohammed's death, in a valley just south of the Dead Sea, a group of Arabian Muslims fought their first battle outside of Arabia against the Byzantines. By 637 almost the entire Middle East had fallen into Arab hands. The victory of Islam was in three parts: Islam the state; Islam the religion; and Islam the language, Arabic.
Lebanon, however, remained a Christian island in a sea of Islam. It is in Lebanon that Islam the state did not govern, Islam the religion did not convert, and Islam the language did not take over from Aramaic Syriac for over a thousand years, and even then never as a spoken language but as the written one. In Lebanon today there is a huge difference between the spoken Lebanese and the written Arabic, Lebanese being a mixture rich in Syriac. A great part of the coastal population of Lebanon joined their fellow Christian countrymen high in the mountains out of Arab reach. The mountains offered no attraction to the desert Arabs, agriculture was considered below their dignity and and they knew little of industry and even less about maritime trade. The Arabs did not realize the strategic importance of Lebanon and they left it to itself and so opened the way for Byzantine naval raids. Such incursions were a prime reason why an inland seat of government, Damascus, was chosen by the Arabs. As a result of the coastal inhabitants of Lebanon refusing to convert and moving to the mountains the Lebanese coast was left undefended and so it became necessary for Muawiyah the Caliph, in 663, to transplant Persians and Arabians to the Lebanese coast so as to provide a measure of protection against naval incursions by the Byzantines.
By the end of the 7th century the Arabs and the Persians, newcomers to an ancient land, began to settle on the Lebanese coast and in the Bekaa valley and the native Lebanese moved deeper into the mountain.
The transplantation of outsiders into Lebanon in 663 was not the only one to occur in Lebanon's long history. Lebanon's refusal to be assimilated so infuriated the Mamluks that in the years following the departure of the Crusaders from Lebanon the Mamluks launched heavy military reprisals against Lebanon. In 1307 the Mamluks under al-Nasir Muhammad went so far as to occupy the coastal strip between Beirut and Tripoli and divide it between three hundred transplanted and newly introduced nomadic tribes from north east Persia. The Mamluks hoped that the settling of these thousands of pro Mamluk nomads would not only provide a measure of protection against Mongol attack or Crusader raids from Cyprus but they hoped that such a step would over time change the very orientation of Lebanon itself. These measures however failed to reorientate Lebanon and the Lebanese remained a thorn in the side of the Mamluk established order.
Over the many years that were to follow the Arab invasion, the religion of the Muslim and the mainly Maronite Christians, coupled with the Maronite siege mentality, kept the two peoples firmly apart as they had very little in common. The sea crossing and mountain dwelling Maronites share nothing in the way of culture with the desert Arab, even their language was different, the Maronites speaking Aramaic Syriac well into the 18th century. Marriage between the Shiite Muslim Persians and the Sunni Muslin Arabs was common but for the Christians of Lebanon marriage outside of one's own village was rare and marriage between Maronite and Muslim was non-existent, even today it is extremely uncommon. The Muslim and Christian blood lines thus remained pure, even the most modern of the Lebanese are still in touch with their ancestral village and have a good knowledge of their forefathers. The resistance of Lebanon to absorption ensured it maintained an individual identity and remained a separate entity.
The history of Lebanon as a separate entity from its neighbours began many thousands of years ago, long before the modern state was born. In fact it is doubtful whether any country in the Middle East apart form Egypt can claim such a long and continuos history as a separate political entity. Certain unique features had appeared as far back as the Byzantine Empire, but the modern Lebanese entity emerged in the late 16th century during the rain of Fakhr al-Din II when within its territory an evolving form of political authority continued without interruption to our own time, giving Lebanon and the Lebanese a separate and distinct identity and a strong sense of nationality.
The Lebanese have always been great travellers, and due to the many hardships the Lebanese have had to face over the ages, they have been forced to look outside their borders for the right to live in peace and so emigration plays an important role in their history. Today the majority of the Lebanese live outside of Lebanon, some 3.5 million living inside its borders and 14 million of Lebanese origin living outside the country. Of those living in Lebanon around 2 million are Muslim and of those living abroad some 12 million are Christian.
It would seem that any country with a dual Canaanite and Arab identity should consider itself truly blessed. Since Arabs are a Semitic people originally inhabiting the Arabian peninsular who spread throughout the Middle East, N. Africa and Spain in the 7th and 8th centuries A.D., its is clear that a large part of the Muslim population of Lebanon are of Arab origin. There is no doubt however that when the Arab arrived in Lebanon it was already inhabited by the Maronites who are of Canaanite origin and not Arab. The Canaanites had lived in Lebanon for many thousands of years before the arrival of the Arab, and Lebanon was touched by Christianity some 600 years before being touched by the Arab and Islam.


From: | 
Date: 17/7/2001
Subject: To be Lebanese

To be from Lebanon means you are from a place of refuge and tolerance. You share a country with people of many different backgrounds, cultural identities, and faiths. To make Lebanon like it's Arab neighbors is to deny her identity.Lebanese people are free to be what they want to be. If they thinks they are Arabs, than they are. If they think they are European or whatever it is they think, than they are. This is the beauty of Lebanon.  One should be free to be different. this is the essence of being Lebanese.
Syria appoints puppet leaders who don't know how to be free. They bring in puppet leaders and try to brainwash us like a bunch of little kindergarten kids by telling us freedom is wrong and we don't know what is best for us. They install puppet leaders and they try to tell us the cause of Bachir Gemayal  was a false. They allege our martyrs did not give their precious lives for a and a holy Lebanese cause and identity.  They stupidly claim that the Lebanese cause never really existed in the eyes of all the Lebanese.
You puppet leaders, if the cause of having a free, sovereign nation capable of making it's own decision is not a real cause, then why are we supporting Hizbollah to free Shabaa farms or why are we supporting the Palestinian people's  struggle for freedom and sovereignty. The installed puppet leaders have oppressed their own people by denying their freedom for the price of power they received and for the fake peace that we have had since 1990. We call on these leaders to be Lebanese Shiite, Sunni Maronite or any thing else.
The issue it about freedom and being free. It is about preserving Lebanon's distinguishable identity that Almighty God endowed to the Lebanese people. The Issue is independence, sovereignty, dignity and tolerance.
What is depressing and frightening is that out identity has been slowly and slowly fading away into the the rest of our Arab neighbors' milieu since October 13/1990.


From: tony shakar
Re: [Phoenicia] Article from Freedom Fighter
This time however, the Lebanese have learned their lessons well, and they shall not reject Israel's offer of genuine peace.
I personally have had it with these dammed Syrians. And I am eager to make peace with Israel and be its greatest Lebanese friend. And to hell with all the Arab Dictatorships and Sheikdoms if they do not like it.
Long Live Free Lebanon
Freedom Fighter. Been there, done that, and it didn't work.
This kind of talk means another war in Lebanon.
Thank you, but no.
Tony Shakar,
Subject: We all forget
They forget about us. Israel attacks Lebanon, it's in the front page news. They kill children in an ambulance, it is still in the news . They bomb a UN shelter killing 105 civilians, it gets reported. The fighting goes for a week , its gets moved back to page three. It goes on for two weeks , more people die, and its no longer news.
People forget. They forget who is Hafez Al-Assad-Assad. Americans and Lebanese puppet leaders forget that Assad have killed twenty thousand of his own people by ordering his air force to bomb the City of Hamma , a major Syrian city. They forget all the terrorist groups he helped to foster and export. They (the West and Israel) kept treating him (till the last day of his life) as as a major player in their new world order. They kept on portraying him as a sheriff in Lebanon, the sole keeper. The Christians too forget that they encouraged the Syrians to get involved in the Lebanese war and they later on fought them valiantly.
The Druze forgot that their spiritual and political leader, Kamal Jumblat was killed by the Syrians, while they are still on the Syrian side ready to fight their fellow Lebanese Christians. We all forget. We became pawns in a game we don't understand. We forget that Israel have used nail bombs in Lebanon, and the Syrians used 240 cannons to bomb the Lebanese civilians . We forget that the Syrians massacred hundreds of Lebanese soldiers in Baabda and Beit merri in 1990. The war stops and starts again and we forget. We forget how we watched Assad , Begin's, and Arafat's armies battling in Beirut in 1982 while they sat on the side line and watched Lebanese people die by the thousands.
we also forget that Assad kidnapped and tortured thousands of Lebanese people, many were killed and some still arbitrarily detained the Syrian notorious jails. We forget the the USA Secretary of State, Warren Christopher used to negotiate with Al-Assad We also forget that Perez kidnaps and tortures thousands of Lebanese citizens and Christopher use to kiss his ass. The Lebanese people keep forgetting who are their enemies and who are their friends. Most importantly they keep forgetting who are they and how they should be. We the Lebanese people have a very poor memory.


Ed Brice <>



Congratulations! Keep up the Honest Reporting.


Thu, 07 Jun 2001 12:25:19 -0500

Thursday 7 June 2001
Your web site is of great interest and importance beyond Canada. The audio is good. Is there a video site? I probably overlooked it. Naturally as a first generation, American-born Maronite, my concerns abroad are firstly for the continued existence of Christians --the Maronites and their allies in the vanguard-- in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.
I cannot be aware of the occasional realignments, divisions and disagreements which occur within the free Lebanon supporters in Lebanon and overseas (i.e. here in the USA). I do not belong to any of the various Lebanese Christian groupings or parties; in general I welcome or at least tolerate just about all of them (even the most politically unacceptable).
Basically, Patriarch Sfeir is my guide. Enough said!
I do believe in rebuilding the destroyed churches, monasteries, convents and Christian villages and the building of facilities in the Christian hearland --eg. hospitals and good schools for ALL Christian children whether or not they are privileged. I was enraged to learn that two Hizbollahis, who had no children in the Ayn Ibl Maronite Nuns' School, were able to force their will upon the Maronite nuns who then had to accept the wearing of the "hijab" by two girls and then made it the NEW policy for the whole school! They demand those same privileges and more here in America --Dar al-Harb-- and we Americans are succumbing! I guess most Americans believe that all religions are equally good.
I enjoyed the description of Najah Wakim as "eccentric", especially after his call to attack American interests. (Didn't General Aoun's troops besiege the American embassy? An aberration, I believe!) I have read some sensible Wakim statements reported in the Beirut Daily Star. So, you can see that I cannot keep up with these individuals' changes of policy and positions. The Tueini press and family have maintained a loyal, patriotic and consistent course, I have never been jolted or misled by their writings for decades.
I also appreciated the statement by the Israeli Druze minister without portfolio who "confessed some of the sins of the Israeli Druzes" against the Palestinians. I was pleased that by their own statements, others besides Christians can be demonized. The Maronites have been labeled "treacherous Crusaders" in the Arab, and especially Palestinian, media for decades. Something similar, not so blatant, happens here in America by most of the expatriate organizations (both the Muslim and some Eastern Christians) who receive great support from American Christians of Middle Eastern descent who only remember the war for Palestine in 1947-8 and don't care about the war begun in Lebanon in 1975 and which still has not ended --as far as I am concerned! The only way to avoid being demonized is to to surrender, apostatize, become Muslim and receive the approval of the Iranian, Pakistani, Afghani, etc. Islamists in Middle East and their apologists here in America..
My views are not necessarily those of the organizations to which I belong. I am an active Knight of Columbus and the Deputy Chief Editor of the Maronite Research Institute's (MARI's) Journal of Maronite Studies (JMS) < >
I would like to send you some material occasionally in the hopes that your site might be interested and supportive enough to publish.
Edward J. Brice
FAX: 703-527-0107
From: ziad sad" <
Subject: response to Eli Alam
Tue, 5 Jun 2001

first of all , thank you for your intelligent articulate response to my last email. Please allow me to disagree on the following points .
1-the greatness of  the Arabic language and culture apart from rival languages and cultures is that Arabic DOES make a race, Arabism is exclusive not diclusive
you can't call a person from Haiti French, because French - as a nationality - is referred to the European country (France) , and you can't call an American person English, because English is a nationality referred to the citizens of the European country England . on the other hand there is no country called Arabia ( Arabia is a European expression that refers to the Arabian peninsula ), so simply are all the people of the Middle East and North Africa who's native language is Arabic are Arabs? period .
2-Middle East; is a colonial European expression to partitioning the Arab world ( by disclosing mostly Arabic North Africa) and adding non Arab Turkey , Iran and Israel to the region .
3- If Lebanon is enough bond, what made its Moslem and Christian residents engage for years and years in a civil war, and made Moslem Lebanese ally with Moslem Palestinians and Christian Lebanese ally with French ? don't miss understand me, I am not trying to open old healed wounds, I am just pointing to a fact so that we face it instead of pretending as if it doesn't exist .
4-Yyou still didn't clarify your statement when you said that our evolution has surpassed the neighboring Arabs, I am proud of my Lebanese heritage, but we are not extremely surpassing in civilization the rest of the Arabs:We ddo not have extremely advanced industry and our national income per capita is in the same like our neighbors ,and our so called democracy is not phenomenal knowing .
Re: [LebaneseGroup] Thoughts And What Not
22/5/01 (This message was taken from the Lebanesegroup)
As far as I am concerned, Lebanon, the creation, existed well before 1916. Perhaps, yes, the contemporary state did not come into being until 1920. I believe the correct term is "The Republic of Lebanon" aka "Al Jumhuriyah Al-Lubnaniyah". This is the title of our country, not Arabic Lebanon :o) Whether you choose to believe that it is an Arab Republic or part of the Arab world, this is your right, no one is able to take it away from you. Being Lebanese is not something you are simply by being born there, it is a whole lot deeper than that. It is something we feel in our spirit and blood, and believe me, the spirit of Lebanon stems well back until the 3rd millennium BC. I believe at which time, Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos were highly active and dominate centers of trading. So in your line of thought, in 1920, the contemporary state of Lebanon came into being. In this year, France administered Lebanon as a League of Nations mandate and thus was established the state of Greater Lebanon. I am not denying you any of this. The fact remains, as a creation, it existed well before this time. I believe Lebanon was made a Republic in 1926 and then achieved independence in 1943. To continue with your line of thought, that Lebanon is part of the Arab world (which, I am not denying), we therefore share some of the cultural characteristics, but we have MANY attributes that differentiate us from our Arab neighbors. It is saddening to see, that some do not acknowledge Lebanon's existent prior to this time as the spirit of Lebanon has been eminent for a very long time. Why do you or anyone else for that matter bring in the concept of Mount Lebanon? I do not recall mentioning it. Why do people like to continue the segregation of the Lebanese? As you say, Lebanon has not been able to experience an ample amount of time with stability. The lack of stability, is without a doubt, due to the Lebanese people, but whether you choose to like it or not, the ARAB world has played no part in helping Lebanon, but only created more unstability in our beloved Land. You are an Arab Australian. Why do you not acknowledge your Lebanese identity? Why do you classify yourself as Australian? What makes an individual's identity? It is simply a citizenship or a place of residence? It is a sense of belonging and contentment within? What defines your identity? Or anyone else's for that matter? Does someone who claims to a Lebanese (but not an Arab) any less a person or less Lebanese? Then again, you do not even acknowledge your Lebanon, so perhaps I am directing my questions to the wrong person? Tell me, why is it "MORE THAN BEING LEBANESE"? Is this not Lebanon's greatest problem? Everything is more than being Lebanese, how do we expect Lebanon to continue to survive with such attitudes and mentalities?
Dear Diane
I was very happy to read your simple and straightforward response, a response from the heart, soul and mind. You have expressed the authentic feelings of many Lebanese, God bless you. It is true that Lebanon falls in an Arabic region, and it is true too that some of the Lebanese come from Arabic roots..But what mostly is more true, is that not every Lebanese is an Arab. What is also true is that Lebanon is Lebanon, this is its name and its identity. It is not an Arabic country and will never be. We the Lebanese respect our Arab brothers and neighbors, but this does not mean that we have to deny who we are to prove this. With respect to all Arabs and those Lebanese of Arabic roots, the reality is the Arabs invaded our country and forced on many of us not only their language, but also their religious belief. This is a historical fact and has nothing to do with love, hate, nationalism or treason as the narrow minded Arabs see it. The Lebanese are Lebanese, this is their identity. They can not be but Lebanese and you Dian expressed our feelings very well. Still we gave the Arabs and the Arabic language, that became our own, more then any Arab country. If it wasn't the Maronite monks and their monasteries the Turks would have wiped off the Arabic language. If it wasn't the Lebanese philosophers and writers the Arabic language would have remained without grammar or even structure.Again these are historical facts that make that the narrow minded Arabs angry and hostile.My dear Dian, let me add another given (gift) for being a Lebanese and here I stress loudly the fact that I mean every Lebanese, Muslims, Christians and Druz alike...Being Lebanese is a gift from God and a grace from heaven, this is not given to many, but only to the Lebanese.
God bless our holy Lebanon and forgive those who know nothing but hatred and spreading venom.
Elias Bejjani
Hi there, No need to thank me :)
It is just disheartening to see what happens here at times. One can not keep quiet all of the time. Sometimes we have no choice. What it comes down to, is ignoring the bad vibes and continuing to join together as a community, as Lebanese people, and try to protect Lebanon, our home, the Land which encompasses so much of our love. Empty rhetorics regarding Israel or Syria will get move us nowhere. You are right, it is time we stopped reflecting on the past mistakes and used it as knowledge to push us forward. Unfortunately, without people putting Lebanon first, this may be unlikely. Which is a very sad thing in my opinion. No other place I have been to in the world is like Lebanon. It just makes you blood pump and your heart thump. It gives the sense of solace and serenity and that anything can be accomplished should we strive to achieve it. Perhaps it is just me, but the simple thought of Lebanon gives me goosebumps and makes me feel alive. Take care and continue to keep the faith.
From My Home Lebanon site (
Ffor those who have no faith
Man is free at the moment he wishes to be. (Voltaire)
Soon, You will open your eyes and realize that you have been witness on a disaster that is going to happen to our country Lebanon. I feel such sadness for the situation our country is in. I still find it difficult to believe when any political party trying to protect Lebanese independence and talk about the Syrian existence in Lebanon, they simply called them betrayals. And they say that the existence of a 35,000 Syrian army in Lebanon is a request from the Lebanese government to protect us( Bullshit), they say too that this matter should only be discussed between the two governments and people should not talk about it, It seems if Lebanon is not our country which we must defend and they dare not tell us exactly what they re planning, because they know we will reject it.
To the Lebanese government and to the president Lahoud or better saying to our betrayals, I would like to tell you that you are only fooling yourself by trying to convince us with lies that you’re only good in it about the good relation between Lebanon and Syria, and about the Syrian help for Lebanon.
Just want to tell you that Lebanese people are much more mature than you think.
We all know that it’s a conspiracy on Lebanon and I don’t want to go into more details cause I’m sure everybody is aware of it.
To Lebanese people I address my words :
It is easy to postulate principles, but very difficult to put them into practice. Believing in freedom and independence is very well but the final step is putting into practice what we have learned or have begun to believe in. This final step is what eventually determines the quality of our lives.
Freedom is something that most of us take for granted. It must be fought for on a daily basis to insure that it shall never be taken from us.
If you go back In the history and you see how much Lebanese suffered to get a free independent country you will realize that its shame for us to witness for the loss of our lovely country.
Allow me to send my regards to all the heroes which they are working for the Lebanese case to regain a free and an independent Lebanon.
In conclusion, I would like to mention a quotation of Gebran Khalil Gebran :
Long Live Free Lebanon
By Man Of Honor
From :
Late response to "Farewell Lebanon"
Sorry for the delay in the reply. I read the original message and all the replies. As I said before I agree with the writer. I noticed many others agreed as well. It takes a person with great love to write such an emotional letter. Those who did not agree with him, also made it clear that they love Lebanon so there was no reason to attack someone who loves what they love as well.
Yes we are sick, yes we have problems. The first step in healing is to admit we are sick. yes we failed miserably, or else we would not be in this mess. Failure is not fatal but failure that could be revoked and changed. We cannot become what we ought to be by staying what we are. if we keep doing what we are doing we will keep getting what we are getting. We need a change. We need a revolution of thinking.
We are where we are because of our own doing and no one else's. There is no force in the world that would stop a united people fighting for a good cause. We are neither united nor fighting for a good cause. We are fighting for our own little tribe or foolish belief. We have a hundred parties they claim to love Lebanon but they each have their own agenda. IF they truly love Lebanon then they should unite and work for Lebanon. What good is it to have a hundred Ahrar factions and a hundred Kataeb parties or whatever if we have no Lebanon. I am amazed that with all the mess we are in , you see a grown man who has children adjusting his collar and bragging that he is LF or Ahrar or so and so, as if that label is what gives man a value. Our value comes from God and not from some stupid politicians or their parties. you cannot help but laugh and understand why Lebanon is in this mess. We are the true
Look at the Arab organization ADC or whatever , they are organized. A lot of Lebanese are raising money for that organization which has not supported Lebanon. They attract top notch speakers from Powell to Nader. but look where we are , there is not one single strong powerful organization working for Lebanon even though we have the means.
I know many American Lebanese like me who want to help but they get so confused about this party or that party and this politician or that politician. They give up and say Lebanon is not ready for freedom, these people cannot get along. The Lebanese worship politicians as if they are Gods. we need to stop that. if a politician cares about Lebanon he is only doing what is expected of him so do not make him a God. These parties and these politicians got us in this mess today. They had a responsibility to do what is best for the Lebanon. But instead they destroyed it and turned the Lebanese against each other and got our children killed, our women raped, and sold our freedom.
With all the discussions and with all the hundreds of parties and with all the hundreds of organization I still do not see any one working to get the Lebanese together , I still see no unity, I still see no plan for the future. My suggestion is to:
1- get people to bond by their love to Lebanon and not divide because of politician. Men become great because they believe in a great cause. We need to believe in a great cause not in some thieves .
2- Our country is dying , we need to get the thousands of organization to work together as one voice and the world will hear us.
3- We need to be sending daily petitions to hundreds and thousands of people. Not once a year but daily. If we are persistent even a wall will hear us. Even little drops of water will shape a rock.
4-We need to demand more of our religious leaders. We need to get our religious leaders on the street with the students. They are not doing any good in the church anyway, how can they be hypocrites and preach love when they do not have love and they are not helping their people. Jesus himself took a whip and went to the temple and got rid of the thieves. Are the church leaders that we have better than Jesus? Can you imagine if all religious leaders got on the streets with the students that would make world headlines. There are a million and one things to do but we need to want to do it. We need to be motivated enough to do it. If things divide us then they should be eliminated whether these things are a political party or a politician. What is wrong with having one political party called "Lebanese who love Lebanon" and want to save it. I am not too convinced that all those who claim they love Lebanon want to do anything to help. So if we do not want to help why should we expect Americans to help. I know many Americans who feel the same way, they say the Lebanese do not know what they want. if they unite they can help Lebanon. It is sad that we are losing our brain resources in Lebanon and here we are not working together and losing our resources as one community. All the emails and all the discussions have been repeated for 25 years , it makes me sick to read what this idiot leader said or what his son said and it is a repetition of what was said before. Why not discuss what we you want for the future. forget the idiot politicians. when we reach our death bed we are not going to say oh I am so happy I was LF or whatever alphabet you choose, we are going to stay what stupid idiots we were and what a joke we are as a community. what have we done to our country, our land, our women and our children?
From Rose Marie
"At the city gate and by your fireside I have seen you prostrate yourself and worship you own freedom, Even as slaves humble themselves before a tyrant (SYRIA) and praise him though he slays them.,Ay, in the grove of the temple and in the shadow of the citadel I have seen the freest among you wear their freedom as a yoke and a handcuff. And my heart bled within me, for you can only be free when even the desire of seeking freedom becomes a harness to you, and when you cease to speak of freedom as a goal and a fulfillment. You shall be free indeed when your days aren't without a care nor your nights without a want and a grief, But rather when these things girdle your life and yet you rise above them naked and unbound. And how shall you rise beyond your days and nights unless you break the chains which you at the dawn of your understanding have fastened around your noon hour?
In truth that which you call freedom is the strongest of these chains, though its links glitter in the sun and dazzle your eyes. And what is it but fragments of yourown self you would discard that you may become free? If it is an unjust law you would abolish, that law was written with your hand upon your own forehead. You cannot erase it by burning your law books nor by washing the foreheads of your judges, though you pour the sea upon them. And if it is a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.  for how can a tyrant rule the free and the proud, but for a tyranny in their own freedom and a shame in their own pride? And if it is a care you would cast off, the care has been chosen by you rather than imposed upon you. And if it is a fear you would dispel, the seat of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared. Verily all things move within your being in constant half embrace, the desired and the dreaded, the repugnant and the cherished, the pursued and that which you would escape. These things move within you as lights and shadows in pairs that cling. And when the shadow fades and is no more, the light that lingers becomes a shadow to another light. And thus your freedom when it loses its fetters becomes itself the fetter of a greater freedom.
To: Mr. Malek
Mr. Malek,
It is a shame to have someone like you paint a Giant like Gibran as a sectarian individual. Gibran contribution to greater Syria and the whole east is clear in every piece of literature he wrote. If had known that someone like yourself is going to confine his legacy into the farm mentality, he would probably opted to burn his writing. Gibran belongs not only to Syria, the Arab world, and the East, but to humanity at large. Those who would like to frame Gibran as a sectarian should be buried in the landfill of history. Those like yourself are the primary responsible for the current fate of the Maronite in Lebanon. For over two centuries, the Maronite intellectuals were the pioneers of progress and Arabism in the Middle East, until the famous Pierre Gmayel et al brought his fascist idea from Spain and destroyed the nation and well rooted community. Someone like you is more dangerous to the spirit and very existence of Gibran and the Maronite community in Lebanon that those who fought on the other
God bless you
From: Youssef Karam
Dear Lebanese fellowship
I decided to email you because I can feel that you are worried about the future of our homeland. We have become all the sudden from all over the world as a group that we believe in the same plan and we talk the same language at any time any where in the globe without knowing each other at all, that I will tell you about. We all know the past; some of us have contributed to it either for the good or for the bad, let’s start from here, confessing to our self first. Now who is to blame is not the question, the question is are we going to gain knowledge from our mistake?
The dream!!!!
The knowledge and the education to our people is the solution to our situation that is our job for as long as we leave we might never see it but you dam well know that you have done your bit to your own country. But you have to leave by example; if you want some one to do something you show him the way.With this attitude we are getting to know each and trust each other more and more every day, let me tell you, this is an iced ball made from the will of the people witch is the strongest chemistry on earth for the right of the individual and the community. We had a chance to feel and practice our right in all fields we have tasted the ultimate kind of freedom we think that is the best way to the road of recovery, I guess you have to tell your doctor what is wrong with you so he can give the right medication don’t you think so? We as migrants are prepared to work one day a week for free in our country, and help rebuild our homeland, donate a large amount of money to make the dream come true. On one condition that the government should be elected and voted by the new generation of Lebanon, that is you and me together without any influence at all including our parent if they do not believe in our dream, the dream that bring in a brighter future for our children. If we elected the government that we believe have the best plan for our affaires we will help them to implement the rule of the land, then if we succeeded and uphold the law above every one and I mean every one then we will have no worries about witch religion we belong to. That is the way to bring every one to justice and the free press that is washing like hawk. I will tell you a short story about how important is the individual in the land of the law, sometime I have a cigarette while I’m driving when I finish my cigarette if by mistake I decided to throw it on the road I look behind me and round me to see if any one saw me because I will be thinking what are they going to think of me? Then I decided that the easiest way is to put it out in the ashtray!!
Can you feel my dream???
Answer to Wael on Jubran
From Karim Malek
Finally some critical sense comes with Wael Masri.
He writes: "Gibran Khalil Gibran belongs to all of humanity, and I take offense at Tom Harb's letter below. Instead of celebrating the universal spirit of Gibran's beautiful works of poetry and art, Tom Harb apparently seeks to encapsulate Gibran with a narrow interpretation of his great man's identity based on sectarian grounds."Good attempted, but off the subject! Harb's letter doesn't aim at denying Jubran to anybody, just the opposite. It aims at resisting his hijacking by the American Arabist lobby in order to abuse his legacy by banking on it to serve their agenda. Jubran after all is an American-Lebanese author and artist and he must remain as he was and offered to the entire world as such, not repainted as an Arab-American militant and gain foreign aid to the PLO and Syria on his shoulders. We want the world to celebrate his universal spirit of art and poetry but we don't want the Arabist lobby to use his symbols to promote the agenda of 21 Arab regimes at the expense of Lebanon, Jubran's own ethnic community, and human rights in the entire region. It is not Harb letter that encapsulate the worldwide famous Jubrane but Zoghbi's machinations to abuse every single drop of Lebanese-American achievement to score points with the Administration.
Wael writes: Ironically, the Maronite Church in Lebanon was against Gibran during much of his living days because of his controversial writings (e.g., for his book: "Jesus, the Son of Man" and, to a lesser extent, for "The Prophet"), and now we are to believe that Gibran must be identified primarily as such I fail to see how this type of divisive, intolerant, sectarian language can ever bring the people of Lebanon together. We deserve better."
Answer: Yes sir you deserve Jubran to wake up and see the wealth exposed at that celebrating dinner. The sum of those Arab Multi National Corporation bosses, the representatives of the Oil-backed regimes, the Princes and Monarch in whose name (Arab League) the AAI is promoting Jubran. The man who wrote the "Prophet" will certainly boycott a dinner aimed at endorsing regimes oppressive of people, of writers and poets in their own countries. Yes you deserve to know what Jubran would have done had he was asked to praise the House of Saoud, the Dictator of Baghdad, the Massacrer of Hama or the Lockerby Bomber..
Yallah, "Jubran al-Arabi " is an open domain. Just because he wrote in Arabic, he is a Baathist. But he wrote in English, isn't he an imperialist too?
It is ironic to see Arabists celebrating Jubrane in Washington DC, while they use those political benefits to support regimes which are abducting, jailing, torturing and eliminating Jubran's grand nephews and nieces, his blood relatives and his own people in Bcharre, his native village. If Jubran' was present at the Washington dinner he would have blasted Zoghbi and the planners and told them to never ever use his name in association with regimes that are oppressing his people..
Karim Malek
Answer to N. Aboukhalil
From Karim Malek
Again, another Arabist to be!
Mr. Aboukhalil can "hear Ghibran shouting don't let me die twice, If I am a Maronite I happened to be an Arabic Maronite and proud of it." (Spell check is not an Arabist tradition but that's ok. It looks like the cyber Arabists translates all from the same 'dactylo'..:) So the man of the Broken wings is a hidden Maronite Arabist? Maybe he was a Baathist before the Baath, a Qawmi before Saade or a Murabitoun from Becharre. Let's go further. How about Jubran was not born in Becharre but in Taif, the city that brought those jewels to us. Abukhalil goes on: "Lebanon is an Arab country that is what we Lebanese decided on, in our constitution. Like it or not If certain groups of Maronites (not all) do not like that, It is their problem.and I hope they are enjoying Canada and the USA.
Answer: Lebanon's identity is not decided by the Syrian occupation nor by a bunch of Arabists who came with Syrian tanks and will leave with them on time. And this constitution sir is your constitution, which will be packed on Syrian trucks through the Bekaa valley. Our constitution is the one of a Free Lebanon, to be legislated by Free Lebanese. Yes, as Jubran puts it, Syrian Arab Lebanon is your Lebanon, and we have our own Lebanon, a pluralistic society where even Arab identity can be accepted, but not Arab colonialism. As for those groups of Maronites, well they are in the heart of Lebanon, they write graffitis right under your windows, all over Lebanon. And soon to be joined by all our brothers and sisters in the Lebanon of Jubrane, the Lebanese in the world.
Abukhalil goes on: "I will mention some facts and that is not intended to the true Lebanese Maronites Arabs like Khalil Ghibran or Niamma that is intended to the group who think they came from Mars." Strange that the Arabist-Qawmi cyberteams have the same rhetoric, almost the same style, perhaps this is just one operative doing all that noise. He goes: "First Your group has lost the war Like it or not Your group has destroyed the Christians in Lebanon more than their fellow Muslims. Your Group is the very minority in Lebanon today and there is nothing you can do to change that, Even more you scaring the Arab Christens in Lebanon and that is one of the reasons they are leaving Lebanon Your Group is forcing the economy in Lebanon to go from bad to worst. And the results more immigration from the Lebanese Christians first before the Muslims. It could be fashionable to be a hatred of the Arabs these days special in countries in the West but that will not change the olive color of your skin. or your religion or your culture or your language The Maronites Arab Lebanese were the leaders of spreading Arabism and wrote about that dream. Do not count on the True Lebanese who believe in Lebanon to stand or care for you I just bid you GOOD BYE from Lebanon
Answer: The translated Arabic is the same. Same guy with various screen names...Repeating the Syrian-propaganda non sense. Those who destroyed the Christians in Lebanon are those who manned the Stalin Organs and 122 mm over Beirut, Zahle and the north. The criminals of Hama, the massacres of Damour, Beit Mallat and Aishiye. Those criminals, who manipulated the killings of Sabra and Chatila and assassinated Presidents and leaders. Those criminals who will one day appear in the Hague when time will come. The Maronite Arab Lebanese are no where but in the imagination of the Damascus Alawi gangs who spread terrorism and drigg trafficking in the Middle East, instead of culture and renaissance. The Maronite and Lebanese Christian authors spread culture to the world, even the culture of their enemies. They master Arabic as they master French and English, while Syriac remains their identity. The Syrian operatives, they can type for ever..they will remain just that..
To the Cheb from Beit Chebab
From Karim Malek
Tahia Suria ya azizi..but of course the Aramaic-Syriac (Christian) Syria..The one we all long to, but was crushed under the Arab hordes in the 7th century and is ruled by Arab Baath elites, and supported by Syrian National-Socialists (Nazi) You write: "To the sectarian author of the article below: I am surprised that someone in the 21st century would dare to post such a low intellect. The fact is Gibran was a Syrian Lebanese. All his writing speaks to the Syrian cause and not to the shallow sectarian thinking of someone like you. Khalil Gibran was a great Maronite who belonged to the pioneers in the greater Syria before the colonists decided to carve Lebanon. The real Christian Arabs like Gibran, Saadeh, Rihani, Aflak, and many many others who started the modern cultural revolution in the Arab world would definitely spit on someone sectarian and isolationist like you. You belong to Pierre Gemayl school that inherited the Nazi doctrine and sunk Lebanon into a 20 years of civil war and marginalized the great Maronite community in the Lebanon. The writer of this letter lakes the courage to read Gibran's writing to know who is Gibran. I am sure that the writer is here to serve the goal of the Zionists and ignore the contribution of many great Maronite (like Gibran) to the Arbian renaissance in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you wish to sponsor something that represent your line of thinking, you should erect a memorial to your masters Gemayl and Geaga. With them you may be able to eliminate what left from the Maronite community in greater Syria.
Keep it up!

Answer: Besides the facts that this Syrian-Nazi (qawmi) operative doesn't even represent the highly intellectual elite of the traditional Hizb Qawmi Suri, nor does he use their methodology, he brings the respectable forum which we praise, to a despicable level of rhetoric. The "chab" is by his words a low level "azaar" who punctuates his sentences with "spitting" (read his message). A cyber taateer who lands on a respectable forum. That, is the responsibility of the forum hosts to handle. I will address his stereotype paragraph, cut from the propaganda charabia of his masters. Just for the the fun of it and to enlighten our US and Canadian born friends who surely are horrified by this drawling. A part from the fact that he translates from Arabic like a neighborhood zaim, he goes ballistic. Now "he" (the spitting chatter) is surprised to see the forum posting "such a low intellect." Our Qawmi guy say that Gibran was a Syrian Lebanese. Of course, Becharre is a Syrian town. You should tell this to the young men and women from Becharre who are suffering in Syrian prisons!.. Furthermore, "All his writing speaks to the Syrian cause and not to the shallow sectarian thinking of someone like you." says our az'aar. You can delect the vast Jubran literature which praised Syrian ideology, that is if you can find it..of course..Now listen to this, but do not laugh: "Khalil Gibran was a great Maronite who belonged to the pioneers in the greater Syria before the colonists decided to carve Lebanon." So let's understand the translation from Arabic. Jubran was a pioneer in the Greater Syria before Lebanon existed? So Jubrane was in Syria, or was Lebanon Syrian, or is it that Jubran was pioneering Syrian nationalism before he emigrates and pioneers Lebanese independence. Maybe Jubrane was Syrian and became Lebanese when he came to the States. or should we say that he was a Lebanese who was born in Syria and emigrated to America then realized that he was a Syrian born in Lebanon? You know the qawmiyee are something when they start their stuff..then comes the inhalation..
He goes: "The real Christian Arabs like Gibran, Saadeh, Rihani, Aflak, and many many others who started the modern cultural revolution in the Arab world would definitely spit on someone sectarian and isolationist like you." So the real Christian Arabs would spit? How about the unreal Christians. They don't spit? I dont' agree with the Christian intellectuals who were Syrian and Arab nationalists such as Saadeh and Aflaq, but I never read that they were spitting on people. But I am sure they would have spitted on someone like you who claims them as their spitting symbols..
He goes wilder: "You belong to Pierre Gemayl school that inherited the Nazi doctrine and sunk Lebanon into a 20 years of civil war and marginalized the great Maronite community in the Lebanon. The writer of this letter lakes the courage to read Gibran's writing to know who is Gibran. I am sure that the writer is here to serve the goal of the Zionists and ignore the contribution of many great Maronite (like Gibran) to the Arbian renaissance in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you wish to sponsor something that represent your line of thinking, you should erect a memorial to your masters Gemayl and Geaga. With them you may be able to eliminate what left from the Maronite community in greater Syria."
If we disregard the spell check, we have here a classical operative of the Qawmi neo Nazi online who inhale and type..Amazing that the qawmis are abandoning their Nazi origins. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer..You know the Fuhrer (Saade) is gone , the Reich is divided between Saddam, Assad and the others, and the Volk has rejected the qawmiyee from the Tigres to Junieh Bay..Haram..
Where can the qawmiyee survive..Thanks to Bill Gates..they can still live and build their Reich online..And online they will remain..
Tahiya Souriaa online..
To Murex
From: Karim Malek
Mr "Murex" (nice reference to Phoenician legacy and not Arab by the way)
"Leadership role for Lebanon in the region--I thought that a key Lebanon's prosperity throughout its long history was to play a leadership role in the region as a brain center of commerce and culture.Since geographically Lebanon is in the Arab Middle East, that would imply a leadership role among those modern Arab countries. By turning your back on such Arab countries, wouldn't you also be turning your back on the leadership role that brings prosperity to Lebanon To be a leader, you need followers. To be an important leader, you need many followers. No one wants to follow a leader that denigrates and insults him. By itself, Lebanon is too small to amount to anything isolated from the rest of the region. Swiss banking is what it is today not because of all the Swiss money deposited in Swiss banks but because of the money of the whole of Europe and the rest of the world deposited there. Regarding Khalil Gibran, why not be more generous and share him with the rest of the world, Arab and otherwise? "
This argument is fabulous. It summarizes the Lebanese Christian saga for a whole century. Many Maronite and Lebanese Christian bourgeois and mercantile elites have established this suicidal idea of selling out to the Arabs in return of financial retribution! What "Murex" is trying to say in weak words it was said to us for decades by many financial and political figures: Give the Arabs what they want, including your own identity and get their gold! Precisely, this is why the Lebanese Christian resistance went to war against Arab and Syrian domination of the country. No way! Murex's sentences reflects this ideology of reddition with strange terms. He says weirdly that 'Lebanon's prosperity throughout his long history was to play a leadership role in the region as a brain center." Well before prosperity comes existence. You must live first to prosper after. Lebanon's history was to struggle for centuries against all empires, including the Arabs and the Ottomans to maintain freedom. Ironically, Lebanon sacrificed prosperity to save freedom not the other way around. As for 'brain center', well you dont need to sell you identity to the others so they would recognize your intelligence. Actually its the other way around. You will become the brain center when you will be able to be free and prosper without selling out. We don't want to be leaders by conceding who we are. This is acting as followers not as leaders
Murex writes: "By turning your back on such Arab countries, wouldn't you also be turning your back on the leadership role that brings prosperity to Lebanon"! Well by claiming Jubrane as Lebanese we would be turning our back to the Arabs? Then let it be. The Arabs will have to accept Jubrane as he was -a Lebanese- otherwise they would be colonialists
Murex writes: "By itself, Lebanon is too small to amount to anything isolated from the rest of the region. Swiss banking is what it is today not because of all the Swiss money deposited in Swiss banks but because of the money of the whole of Europe and the rest of the world deposited there. " First this idea is wrong. Singapour and Hong Kong have much better economies then Egypt and Yemen. Besides it was proven economically that size is not the factor, its structure (but that is another discussion). Finally, who said that by claiming Jubrane to us , people who need our resources won't trade with us. If Kuwait won't buy our water and services because James Zogbi wants Jubrane as an Arab, then its Kuwait's loss not ours. Turkey won't care, Greece won't, and even Morocco won't fight for that. Let's not live by empty stereotypes
and spread them among Lebanese. As for Swiss banking, it was never said that the Swiss people had to renounce their identity to anybody else, neither Germans nor Arabs, to be successful in banking. Just the opposite, the fact that the Swiss have intensely acted independent and ferociously refused any concession on their identity and sovereignty, they got the respect of everyone, including Nazi Germany! Hitler himself thought twice before he invades the land of banks. It's perception sir. Just perception.
He wrote: "Regarding Khalil Gibran, why not be more generous and share him with the rest of the world, Arab and otherwise?" Is that a joke or not? Why dont you sell all your legacy and drive those nice Mercedes. That's what the politicians (most of them) have done in Taif . They "shared" all of Lebanon with the Arabs. Look were we are!
Then the letter gets weirder. He writes: "Consider Napoleon Bonaparte. Corsicans are flattered and proud that the French regard him as a great Frenchman." Yes, but Napoleon himself chose to be French. Had Joubran chose to be Arab Nationalist, then bon appetite!. He wrote "Consider El Greco. Greeks are flattered and proud that the Spanish regard him as a great Spanish painter.
Consider Pele. Africans are flattered and proud that the Brazilians, and the whole world, consider him the greatest Brazilian footballer Yes Mr. Murex. but the comparison is wrong. Immigrants to other countries are proud of the mother nation and of the host nation. Lebanese are proud of Joubran as a Lebanese and as an American. There is no doubt about it. But here we are talking about a third imperialist party. What on earth have the Arabs to do with him? He is Lebanese-American. a Lebanese contribution to the United States, and we are proud of both. Would the Greeks be happy with Turkish-Spaniards claiming El-Greco as Turk? Will the Africans be happy with the Japanese-Brazilians claiming the heritage of pele? Of course not. So, please don't divert the issue. We want to share Jubran with the whole world, including the Arabs. But we don't want the Arabs to steel our symbols and bank on them in the United States...
Murex writes: "Phoenician and Syriac/Aramaic genes--Before the Arab conquest weren't the people of Syria and Iraq also Syriac/Aramaic peoples? Didn't many but not all convert to Islam? Over time didn't they begin speaking Arabic as their primary language? Didn't the same historical process occur in Lebanon? How many modern day Maronites speak Syriac/Aramaic? Today, isn't Lebanese Arabic the language of the Maronites, even though their genes may be Phoenician or Syriac/Aramaic? Isn't the distinguishing feature of Maronites then their Christian religion?
Chaos reigns again..First in modern sciences, we don't talk about genes, but about ethnicity. And here's the chain of event. Yes of course the whole region (including Syria and Iraq) was Aramaic (and other) and spoke Syriac. But guess what? The ancestors of the Arab-American Institute (the Arab conquest) invaded and Arabized and Islamized the area. So, since the 7th century, you have Arabs and Arabized (Group A) and Aramaic who remained as such and maintained Christianity (Group B). True that in Lebanon, the Maronite-Lebanese-Christians resisted the conquest and spoke Syriac till almost the 19th century. True that Arabic started to penetrate Mount Lebanon.
But that in itself didnt make B become A. The Arabs in the region (A) remained Arabs, while the Aramaics in the region (B) remained who they were. The good news is that Jubrane was born in Becharre, Mount Lebanon, a Maronite-Lebanese-Christian area identified as B area. When he emigrated to America, and even if he spoke the language of the conqueror, he remained Lebanese from Syriac background.
Speaking the language of the conqueror, excelling in it, doesn't mean that you become one of them ya habibi. Leopold Senghor of Senegal was proud of being an African even if he was elected the President of the Francophone World. You can excel in the language of the colonial power, but as long as you don't decide to shift identity, you remain faithful to your historic identity. That is a matter that you don't sell, trade with, or play with.. He wrote: "Didn't Jesus teach us about love and charity?"
What on earth this total twisting of the Christian message has to do with Jubran. Jesus taught us to sell out our identity for 33 golden pounds? That was Judas sir, not Jesus. Love and charity starts with cherishing our identify, family and culture not selling I t out to whomever promises us money..
He wrote: "How to win friends and influence people--I don't think that anyone, be he Secretary Powell or Prime Minister Hariri, appreciates receiving nasty or insulting letters. That is no way to win friends and influence people." You seem not to distinguish between respectful letters which demands justice and insulting events which insult a community. In the United States, it our duty as citizens to write to our leaders and express our views. This is America not Syria by the way. This is the way to create respect of our identity and leaders have to know what citizens think. If we let this happen without writing, next they would call Lebanon, Syria!
He wrote: "The way the US political system works is money, votes and public opinion. To win influence over government policy, interest groups must organize so that they can deliver to politicians substantial campaign contributions and votes at election time, and influence public opinion in a positive manner.You don't mention how many active members you have in your AMU organization nor how much money it has contributed to US political candidates. Nor do you indicate what you have done to influence public
opinion, other than your press release." Well, thanks for the valuable teaching as how to lobby in the United States. You should join some college and teach advanced courses on the matter. We would sit and listen to your profound remarks. But irony aside, who are you to ask others to reveal their membership to you. You are just a screen name in cyberspace thats all. Who are you, and what have you done yourself and what is your own ideology. Have the decency of coming forward with any form of political expression, including press-releases. Just do something other then internet subversion. I apologize for the language but you brought this with your unwarranted attacks.
You wrote: "Ironically, it seems that the AAI has a better idea of how to cultivate favorable public opinion than you do--at least it sponsors the annual Khalil Gibran Gala and Spirit of Humanity Award." I agree on this one. The multi-million dollars AAI (backed by the entire Oil producing Arab world) was able to gather 750 guests and invite prominent leaders to their dinner. Bravo for them, for they know what to do, unlike us (the many like us as well) who have failed to balance the AAI. Jewish-Americans had Bush at their dinner, Arab-Americans had Powel at theirs. Lebanese (Christian) Americans had no dinners at all. Worse, many among them were at other groups dinners.
On that one, you're right...
You wrote: "It is clear that you have a deep love of country, which is to be respected and honored. However, you seem to be shooting yourself and the Maronite cause in the foot by sending a petty letter to a US leader. Jesus taught us to be "wise as serpents, but gentle as lambs."
Again, thanks for your clemency and for the advice. We hope our "petty letters" as you call them will put some brake on the landslide of surrender to the Syrian occupation of Lebanon and the Arabization of the Lebanese-American community. Jesus taught us to be wise and gentle. He didn't teach us to give the lamb to the serpent but to God..Amen
From: GangBang Joe"
Re: [Phoenicia] Messages sent to the group
original message
With my love to Lebanon and its multi-religious people and my respect to all the Lebanese that are in the Foreign countries working and studying to keep our Lebanon alive and our families back home, all I read hear in this Phoenicia group is Christian giving their thoughts and not one Muslim.But thats not a problem the problem is to much on Syria and you really dot know how they are ran. Like what I mean is I have read some baloney about that oh Hizaballah shouldn't hit >Israel and they withdrew from our land and we Muslims are to blame.No, first Israel was brought to Lebanon by you fellow Christians and we Muslims suffered thousands to kick the Assholes out and anyway I dont remember one Christian care whether the enemy was there or not. And if it wasnt for Syria it would never happen.Don't understand me I, myself what those Dictators out of my country but the Israelis first and they are not out and you guys keep saying the Sheeba Farms is not ours just because its a Muslim town and my grandparents remember that was ours so stop complaining too much about everything and Lebanon is fine its self and is getting improved every time I get there its just not doing it as fast as we like it because there is some things that need to be solved and it will take all of them to be done when one of them is first done.>Sincerely Yours,
Ahmad Harb
Response to the above message
From: GangBang Joe"
Re: [Phoenicia] Messages sent to the group
Dear Ahmad
You talk about... " What the problem is"... and whom we should blame For the suffering of Muslims. Why don’t you stop pointing fingers and deal with the real issue.You forget that it was the Christians who first took the Palestinian refugees in, and let them in our country for protection. You said that Christians never cared about the Israeli invasion.…Well where were the Muslims when the war broke out against the Palestinian rebellions in Lebanon. ("They were rebelling and it wasn’t even their country...go figure"). And yes I do think that Hizaballah should stop firing at Israel, because first of all Hizballah aren’t even LEBANESE , they are Persians fighting for an Islamic cause dictated by IRAN (Who is by the way the most fanatic Muslim country in the World). Yes Bashir Gmayle did let Israel in the country, but it was only to stop the Palestinian terrorism and rebellions. And when the Israelis decided to make the 14-kilometre barrier for their own protection, the Muslims who where driven out of there land slept in churches until they found a place to stay.... So stop blaming the Christians for the suffering of all Muslims.We also suffered, in this brutal war, the problem is not only the Jews or the Syrians, but some corrupted Lebanese who don’t give a S--T about Lebanon. One thing is for sure, Syria has to go, Hizaballah and Palestinians have to stop so that Israel stops kicking us around like a ball and the Lebanese government has to be recycled.I am a Christian, but to tell you the truth I don’t really care because it wasn’t my choice, I was born like this (ALL I KNOW IS THAT I FEAR AND RESPECT GOD) b'ism'l ab woua'l ibin woua'l rouh al koudoss ilahen wouhed Amin ... woua Mohamad rassoul allah ..........(I mean no disrespect for
any religion Christian, Muslim or Jewish. This is only my point of view.)Oh! And buy the way, for the person who said that Gibran Khalil Gibran is Syrian, ha ha ha that's funny!!!!!

Amessage from a Syrian Citizen
Dear members
I would like to share this message with you.
Dear sir,
I saw the article written by the person who spent 5 years in Mezzah Prison and was finally released (Thanks God).Sir, i'm originaly from syria, and i'm muslim and I support anyone who's against the actual syrian regime.I wanted simply to tell u that not only the lebanese are subject of extreme bad treatement in those under ground horrible and disgusting places where even a pig
would refuse to stay for one sec.
Sir, I want also to say that syrians in general are all against the dictatorial, animals, blood thirsty,uneducated, sons of low class coming from behind the cows and not knowing God "Alaouits". I'm saying that because alot of lebanese have the missunderstanding of judging all syrians for what is going on in and outside of syria. In reality we are as bad treated as they are and i'm sure u know that. Those Alaouite jailers in the underground Moukhabarat prisons are nothing but unhuman and crual creatures with no sense of pitty or fear from God all mighty. I swear on my mother's head that an animal is more pittiful than they are.Once again i show u my support and i invite u to view these two sites which u probably have seen b4, they are very interresting and they contain books written by syrians and none syrians who almost perished under the crualty of those unhuman alaouite moukhabarat.Also, i would like to mention that in the Syrian Human
Rights Committee site, there are two books written by survivors:
1-a jordanian man (12 years in Palmyre prison "Tadmor"and his story is just full of UNIMAGINABLE daily, and when i say DAILY i really mean it, Daily most cural Torture for 12 damn years.) title: "Tadmor, Shahed wa Mashhoud"
2-a syrian muslim young woman from Hamma who was told by the Moukhabarat that she was going with them for 5 minutes no more and ended up spending 9 years for absolutly no reason...NO REASON...!!!!!!!! (syrian human right commitee) (syrian resistance and liberation
org.) (syrian muslim brotherhood resis.)
Thank u very much for ur time.
A future Moujahed.....
With my love to Lebanon and its multi-religious people and my respect to all the Lebanese that are in the Foreign countries working and studying to keep our Lebanon alive and our families back home, all i read hear in this Phoenicia group is Christian giving their thoughts and not one Muslim.But thats not a problem the problem is to much on Syria and you really dont know how they are ran.  Like what i mean is i have read some baloony about that oh Hizaballah shouldn't hit Israel and they withdrew from our land and we Muslims are to blame.
No, first Israel was brought to Lebanon by you fellow Christians and we Muslims suffered thousands to kick the Assholes out and anyways i dont rememeber one Christian care whether the enemy was there or not.  And if it wasnt for Syria it would never happen.
Don't understand me I, myself what those Dictators out of my country but the Israelis first and they are not out and you guys keep saying the Sheeba Farms is not ours just because its a Muslim town and my grandparents rememeber that was ours so stop complaining too much about everything and Lebanon is fine its self and is getting improved every time i get there its just not doing it as fast as we like it because there is some things that need to be solved and it will take all of them to be done when one of them is first done.
Sincerely Yours,
Ahmad Harb

Dear Ahmad
Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, who have said otherwise? But they are not according to the UN included with the 425 but with the 242 UN resolution because they were occupied by Syria before 1967. We can and should liberate them but through the UN not through fight.The site is open for any Lebanese who supports Lebanon's sovereignty,independence and freedom and ofcourse the withdrawal of all foreign armies including the Syrians. I invite you to send articles in this regard and all of them will be published. We advocate for a secular Lebanon, not a sectarian one.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From Rose Marie
Can only understand what is happening to our Lebanese peole in the syrian jails, what they are enduring more and more after what I read in the message writter by a Syrian, himself subjected to prison because he is not an alaouite. I firmly believe that the day will come when all the Lebanese and Syrians (against the alaouite regime) will rise one day against these animals and show them that we have the courage and intelligence to overthrow these animals. As long as the Americans are behind them, we stand a little chance, but I hope that soon enough even America will fall down. In all the history books I read the greatest and wealthies nations all came to an end, look at the romans, greeks, ottomans, german, they are all eating themselves now and they are only but small nations without future. That day will come for America and Syria and I believe also that our day of freedom will come, I only hope it was yesterday and not tomorrow. Take courage my friend.
Addressing: Elias Bejjani's article "The dual conspiracy)
15 May 2001
Since that you are that clear in your opposition to the Syrian Army in Lebanon, I wish to read your plan for a future Lebanon. If the Syrian, and along with them all the Arabs and other foreigners, left Lebanon tomorrow, how would you magic wand woks to bring prosperity and dignity to all Lebanese?  Tell us about your plan for democracy, elimination of religious identity, and the establishment of the rule of low throughout the country. What kind of grass root system do you have in mind to rid the country of the entrenched feudal system, bribery, and the domination of the sectarian figures?  I believe that you agree with me that Lebanon, the old farm owned by the Al-Gmayel, Al-Salam and the rest o their piers is gone forever.  A new and a different Lebanon has been born as a result of 25 years of a civil war and 22 years of Israeli occupation.  I believe that you better put your new plan on the table, before the Syrian leave and a possible new civil war start. When more than 90% of the GNP of a country depends on giveaway from expatriate and Arab and foreign governments, it can hardly be called a country.  So far in Lebanon we have a farm that has been rented to the highest bidders, and when you raise several generations on this mentality, it is hard to think that this mentality can build a stable and long-lasting
country.   In closing, I am reminded by a quotation from Ziad Rahbani when he said that four Lebanese are not 4 but 1+1+1+1.  Good Luck

From Elias Bejjani to Abe
Dear Abi
I trust my people the Lebanese, all the Lebanese. We are not in need of foreigners to run our own affairs, we are not helpless or mentally retarded. We do not need the Syrians or the Israelis, but we need each other. The country will run smoothly with democracy, freedom and a secular regime. The farm is not going to come back unless we the people want it. It is very easy to accuse others and give them tags especially when a stereotype pattern of conduct is used. If really you want to address corruption and embezzlement you should read what happened since 1990 and is still going on. Trust your people they are more then capable to govern themselves...I am not saying magic will solve our deeply rooted problems, but we will do the job with good intentions and strong will.
Be hopeful and trust your people.

Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2001 12:46 AM
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Articl from Elias Bejjani
Good intention is good, but look where it got us. Where is the root of democracy in Lebanon for those who are still there to grow? Whenever I enter or leave the Airport, I see how every steps is accelerated by bribes. The same apply to every official and non-officials. When the Government put a bid for a capital project, there are only few connected individuals who get it and farm it out down the ladder. In most countries, people who steal from the public treasury are condemned and sent to jail. In Lebanon, they are called cleaver (Chatter, Shapeah, and Add Hallou!). When Amine Gmayel was a President, he paid $1 billion dollars from the treasury for weapons to be used, not against Israel or Syria, but against the Lebanese. He got his commission and bought those famous real estate on the French beaches. Soon after that, the exchange rate of the Lebanese Lira went fro 3 Lira per $1 to more than 2,500 per $1. He is one of many who took public money to buy real estate overseas. Lebanon now is under debts exceeding $25 billions. Considering the current and project GNP, It would take the country more than 100 years to pay them off. I trust your intention, but show me the roadmap? Democracy does not mature in few days or few months, especially when we those so called intellects is this Group, still digging into their history book for trash about Christian and Moslem conflicts. Let's rent the farm, maybe we can do better than running it ourselves!
Good Luck

Dear Abe
It is very clear that both of us agree on the diagnosis, but differ on the
kind of treatment needed. Some thing else clearly we do not see it eye to eye...apparently you do not believe or trust in your people, while I do. It is right that we have reached a fatal stage on all levels, but keeping the Syrian occupation to suck our blood more and more is not the solution. We need to joint forces and start the rescuing mission. This starts within each one of us. It starts in hope and good will. Lebanon has survived 6000 years and defeated hundreds of occupiers and by God's will this time would not be different. Let us start with ourselves and advocate strongly for a free, secular, democratic, multicultural new Lebanon...a Lebanon that is free from all foreign armies and influence. We the Lebanese deserve better, don't you agree with me?
Why we should leave the Syrians or any other power to enslave us, are we born to be slaves? No my dear fellow Lebanese..we will reclaim our freedom no matter what.
Be a believer and look in the future that we have to create.
Yours truly
The liberty son
The Habitual Game
I plead that we all realize the disreputable game that these neighboring countries are interpreting on our soil. We shall not plunge in the invariable trammel once again. We had enough of this ignorance. The Jews are not going to leave Lebanon! It is just a scenario that both countries are parceling upon to divide their share for what I believe another twenty years of grumbling our nation and disbursing it the way they gratify. Haffez Al Assad, had derived up his son where he passed on his delegation, the sudden resignation of the Syrian Parliament (a year ago) is not par chance, it has been altered for the necessity of changing all the regulations that could endanger the presence of the 'Al-Assad 'family as the absolute power in Syria as well Lebanon. The promises of the Israeli withdrawal wouldn't last long because they purposed well with the Syrians. The existence of Hezbollah and the Palestinians is for the sake of Israel definite pre-emptying Lebanon this time with a proficient t excuse, which is mostly familiar to us, "defending our nation from the Lebanese and Palestinian terrorists," and in the contemplates of the media, "they have the absolute right to protect themselves."Well, we can't blame the media for their resolution, if we don't react firmer, and besiege their aims.
To do so we must be: "ONE COHERED PALM FOR THE PROSPERITY OF ONE EXCLUSIVE LEBANON!" No matter what our religion is or sect, from East or West Beirut, we shall always be one, because we are Lebanese. We should act wisely in order to conserve our desperate mother "Lebanon." We shall compel the whole world to hear our one clamoring voice calling for "Freedom..." We have the right to be free because freedom launched from our land and God willing it shall recur on our peaceful rich soil. Unite people of Lebanon for unity leads us to "Freedom".
May God be with you all, and with our beloved Lebanon!
Long Live Free Lebanon
Cc:   Subject:  Fwd: Pope's Visit, Syria, Israel, Christians, Muslims
Sent:  Mon, 14 May 2001 00:01:46 EDT
Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release
Pope is welcome guest, Christians are friends but Recognition of Israel Raises Serious Questions They say: "Become Jews or Christians if ye would be guided (to salvation)." Say thou: "Nay! (I would rather) the religion of Abraham the True, and he joined not gods with Allah." (The Qur'an 2:135) "Give good advice to the one who seeks your advice, otherwise you have betrayed his/her trust." Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, hadith narrated by Abu Huraira, collected by Imam Abu Hanifa.
On April 6, 2001 the Pope who leads the Catholics of the world visited one of the oldest mosques of Islam, the Ummayad mosque in Damascus, Syria. Earlier, he was greeted by President Bashir Assad of Syria and welcomed at the mosque by Muslim clerics. The Pope's words seemed to be critical of the excesses Israel has committed against the Palestinians. He was also interested in visiting Quneitra, the Syrian town with numerous Christian inhabitants, which was destroyed by the Israelis house-by-house, after they ended its occupation years back. The Pope's visit should strengthen Muslim-Christian relations and is in that light a welcome visit. Islam considers Christians the friends of  Muslims. Islam is the only religion other than Christianity which reveres Jesus (pbuh). Islam has never encouraged Muslims to fight Christians. In fact Muslims have a duty to defend Christian places of worship. During the era of  the crusades too, it was the Christians who were the aggressors. When finally the Muslims, under Salahuddin, and later the Slave-Kings of Egypt, defeated the crusaders, they treated the Christians kindly and did not take revenge.The Pope's visit emphasizes the crimes Israel has committed against Palestinians, both Muslims and Christians. However, there are underlying problems with the Pope's visit which need to be addressed.1. This Pope reversed the entire outlook of the Vatican about Zionism and the role of the Jews in history. The Pope ended up recognizing Israel. With this recognition goes the assumption that Israel is a legal entity and that Muslim retaliation against this settler-criminal-terrorist state is not legitimate but is to be seen as "terrorism."1a. The Pope has recognized Israel in the face of the teachings of all his elders from the past. The Vatican was very disturbed when the British conquered Jerusalem from the Turks (through the treachery of Arab rulers). "The day after the British conquest of Jerusalem, (cardinal) Gasparri told (French representative Loiseau) that the Turks had been the most faithful custodians of the Holy Places and that their departure was liable to be a source of problems." He added that "The Zionists, to whom Balfour had presented Palestine as a gift, were likely to cause new strife." (The Vatican and Zionism by Sergio I. Minerbi, 1990.)
That was 1917. Until the arrival of this Pope, the Vatican was steadfast in its opposition to Zionism and Israel.
1b. If the Pope is guided by God (as the Catholics believe), on what basis would it be possible to claim that "God was wrong all those years" and it is okay for this Pope to recognize Israel?
2. ASSAD's REGIME represents a tiny minority, the Alawites, who have been ruling Syria through the ruthless use of armed force.In 1982, Assad's father destroyed the entire city of Hamah on the excuse of crushing the uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus the great majority of Syria, following Sunni schools of thought, are disenfranchised in their own country. 2a. Mufti Kaftaru, who welcomed the Pope on behalf of the Muslims of Syria, is a helpless puppet of the playboy dictator of Syria.He is totally unable to express the sentiments of the Muslim majority of Syria. In that context, where the Muslims are helpless, how can the Pope's visit be seen as valuable Muslim-Christian dialogue? The new Syrian president has released some political prisoners but thousands of Islamic prisoners, including women, are still in jail after having been tortured in violation of all international law against torture.. Despite Assad's rhetoric, the Syrian ruler's position vis-a-vis Israel is ambiguous. Recently Israel bombed Syrian positions, killing several Syrian soldiers in the process, for allegedly helping Hizbullah. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO SYRIAN RESPONSE. For 28 years, the Syrian regime has not fired a shot at Israel while it has killed hundreds of Palestinians. Only recently, the Syrians handed over an Islamist to the Jordanian king. He had mistakenly taken refuge in Syria. He faces death in Jordan.In these circumstances, the meaning of the papal visit to a mosque in Syria is opaque. It raises more questions than it answers. There is also a report that the Church might be preparing to make a claim that the 800-year old Omayyed mosque is built on the site of the shrine of John the Baptist. The Vatican needs to quash such reports, otherwise it would appear that the visit was not for fraternal purposes but for taking advantage of an oppressed Islamic nation (and Islamicworld) which is prostrate and helpless before the boots of Zionist and imperialist aggression both from within and from outside the lands of Islam.
WE URGE OUR CATHOLIC FRIENDS TO SPEAK OUT FOR THE FREEDOM OF SHAIKH OMAR 'ABDEL RAHMAN, IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN, AHMAD AJAJ and political prisoners in Jordan, Syria, Arabia, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. These are the people who represent the Muslim ummah's aspirations.The Pope is talking to non-representatives when the authentic people are in jail.
To: \
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2001 12:43 AM
Subject: Re: [cadmous] Open letter to Mr. Hariri
So where were you when Israel was in Lebanon , I guess you and others were silent ... what a shame?. It is not that I like the presence of the Syrian....  but ... lets be fair   OK!!
Dear Ghassan
Could you please let us know where you? Some thing else could you tell us what the Syrian army is doing in Lebanon when it is not able to defend itself against the Israelis and when our army is now around 100 thousand man. Let us be Lebanese and only Lebanese...Israel is an enemy, no one is arguing this fact, but its army has left and implemented the 425 UN Resolution. Now it is the time for the Syria to withdraw and implement the other UN resolution 520. If the Syrians want to fight and liberate their Golan let them go ahead and start doing so from their own country. Those who are calling on Syria to leave Lebanon are not Israelis or pro Israel, they are Lebanese and love Lebanon. They too want the best relations with Syria, but Syrian occupation to their country.
Yours truly
George Khoury
Writer of the open letter to MR. Hariri
Responding to MAU letter to US Secretary of State
Dear Mr. Harb:
Thank you for sending me a copy of your press release.  If you permit me, I would like to share some thoughts with you and the group.
1.  Leadership role for Lebanon in the region--I thought that a key to Lebanon's prosperity throughout its long history was to play a leadership role in the region as a brain center of commerce and culture.  Since geographically Lebanon is in the Arab Middle East, that would imply a leadership role among those modern Arab countries.   By turning your back on such Arab countries, wouldn't you also be turning your back on the leadership role that brings prosperity to Lebanon?  To be a leader, you need followers.  To be an important leader, you need many followers.  No one wants to follow a leader that denigrates and insults him.  By itself, Lebanon is too small to amount to anything isolated from the rest of the region. Swiss banking is what it is today not because of all the Swiss money deposited in Swiss banks but because of the money of the whole of Europe and
the rest of the world deposited there.  Regarding Khalil Gibran, why not be more generous and share him with the rest of the world, Arab and otherwise? Consider Napoleon Bonaparte.  Corsicans are flattered and proud that the French regard him as a great Frenchman.  Consider El Greco. Greeks are flattered and proud that the Spanish regard him as a great Spanish painter.
Consider Pele.  Africans are flattered and proud that the Brazilians, and the whole world, consider him the greatest Brazilian footballer of all time.
2.  Phoenician and Syriac/Aramaic genes--Before the Arab conquest weren't the people of Syria and Iraq also Syriac/Aramaic peoples?  Didn't many but not all convert to Islam?  Over time didn't they begin speaking Arabic as their primary language?   Didn't the same historical process occur in Lebanon?  How many modern day Maronites speak Syriac/Aramaic?  Today, isn't Lebanese Arabic the language of the Maronites, even though their genes may be Phoenician or Syriac/Aramaic?  Isn't the distinguishing feature of Maronites then their Christian religion?  Didn't Jesus teach us about love and charity?
3.  How to win friends and influence people--I don't think that anyone, be he Secretary Powell or Prime Minister Hariri, appreciates receiving nasty or insulting letters.  That is no way to win friends and influence people.  The way the US political system works is clear:  money, votes and public opinion.  To win influence over government policy, interest groups must organize so that they can deliver to politicians substantial campaign contributions and votes at election time, and influence public opinion in a positive manner.  You don't mention how many active members you have in your AMU organization nor how much money it has contributed to US political candidates.  Nor do you indicate what you have done to influence public opinion, other than your press releases.  Ironically, it seems that the AAI has a better idea of how to cultivate favorable public opinion than you do--at least it sponsors the annual Khalil Gibran Gala and Spirit of Humanity Award.
It is clear that you have a deep love of country, which is to be respected and honored.   However, you seem to be shooting yourself and the Maronite cause in the foot by sending a petty letter to a US leader.  Jesus taught us to be "wise as serpents, but gentle as lambs."
From: Wissam Najm
Mr Judemak (writter of Farwell Lebanon)who ever you are:
I am not gonna argue your point of view cause I agree with some of the things you mentioned and spoke about. In all your article you speak about the "disease", you speak about the "problem", you speak about the "lebanese" you speak about the infection. I have yet to read you speak about the Solution. Of course Lebanon is a destroyed and sick country. We've just gotten out a 20 year war. What the hell do you expect ? A brilliant full of business and opportunity Country that's flourishing and blooming?
My point is. Stop your degrading of Lebanon... Our Lebanon is a wonderful country and it is built upon the work and effort of the Lebanese. I agree with you that there are a lot of mistakes within the cadre of the people running the show but instead of putting everything down why did you elect them ? And if you say you didn't elect them then why the hell didn't you vote not to elect them. if you're gonna sit on your ass and just roll your tongue with words and statements putting us down you're not any better than the people who are destroying Lebanon for you are destroying the Morale of the lebanese. Either shut up or stand up and work. If you want lebanon to return to it's glory you need to step up to the plate and take the bat and it will not happen over night. if you don't want to do that then your opinion is useless. I am with positive and constructive criticism for it builds the country. Your criticism is destructive and I advice you to keep your opinions to yourself unless you're willing to do something about those opinions and propose a solution rather than just say it is sick country. Lebanese politics are full of opportuinists.... do you wanna change them or just talk about them ? Answer me in your next email which I will be waiting for...
From: Roger Harfouche
To Mr. Tom Harb and every member at Phoenicia;
concerning the email about Gibran;
God bless you Phonicia because you're spending very long hours on your computers, just to keep us informed;We lost some battles,but we sure will win the war with people like you! God bless you mr.Harb because your letter to the US secretary of state, expressed our very feelings! What you mentioned in your beautiful letter, are simply Gibran's ideas! Otherwise,why did 'Mary Haskel take all the trouble and spend a fortune just to fulfill Jibran's wish,by letting him rest in peace only in Bécharré?
How could on earth an american woman like Barbara Young, tell to the whole world that Gibran is not anything but Lebanese, if it wasn't for him to give her this information?
Here what she says in her book 'THIS MAN FROM LEBANON' :
...The ''Aramaic'' that Jesus spoke was Gibran's other language......for the first time since the writings of the Gospels, a countryman of Jesus writes of his words and deeds...But of course,Lebanon and Lebanese existed before history,even before Jesus,and of course before the Arabs.Didn't we all read in the Old Testament how many times Lebanon was mentioned.Especially in 'Song Of Songs', which is almost only about Lebanon;
Here's part 3:15 ''...His appearance is like Lebanon,choice as its cedars.'' mention for Syria  in all that !
I know mr Harb that you are -like every real Lebanese- a very busy man,trying to make a good living for your family, and at the same time still fighting for your country,exactly like our ancestors did for only 6500 years now!
So you will not insult yourself by replying to some emails written by a group who represent the very minority of the Lebanese people,when you can spend this precious time doing something better like having a good coffee!
You know what mr Harb, imagine that one day, some ridiculous Canadians will create a party with a weird name like''the socialist american party''!!? Will you think that more than a dozen of canadians will join them? I wonder. Especially if they try to write emails about how ...Canadian is Walt Disney..or Elvis Presly. Then again let's say with Jesus : ''The poor, is the poor minded''
Date: 12/5/2001
Subject: Messages: US evicted from UN Human Rights Commission
Isn't it interesting that the United States was not given a place on the United Nations Human RIghts Commission, this week?? Actually the US was evicted from the UN HR Commission. Although the Committee was founded by the Unites States 54 years ago and set before the world the language for the document on Human Rights ... we as a nation never signed the Declaration of Human Rights!What now will happen to children, and women and victims of war?
Date: 12/5/2001
Subject: Re: Opinions of Non Lebanese .
A person posted an email   that basically said this: " the opinion of non Lebanese is irrelevant, and their emails should not be posted" . I read this and laughed . It's such a typical attitude of another arrogant Lebanese . What are you afraid of ? And what's next? Only emails by Maronite Lebanese can be posted?
Well, I am a Palestinian and had sent some emails ( 2 were never posted). I take pride in having been born in Lebanon, and I love Lebanon more than you will ever know . Regardless,   I did not choose to subscribe to this discussion group, and it's no big loss if I was taken off.   Interestingly enough, I post emails on 3 Israeli discussion groups similar to yours, and no one there ever suggested that I be taken off .
Sons of Lebanon : You are not alone, and do not function in a vacuum !! Don't try to silence constructive criticism, do something about it!!   Your allegiance to Lebanon is not determined by your Lebanese passport, your religion,   or your birth place . Rather , it's your commitment to make Lebanon a better place for it's citizens . Contribute genourously to it's envinomental well being, and stand up to end it's wide spread corruption.
Response from the group owner
I am not sure what messages you pointing to.. I have posted every message that I received. Some times I have to delete certain words or setences that are not acceptable, but messages are always published.
Elias Bejjani
Date: 12/5/2001
Subject: an opinion...
Peace to All,In reply to all fellow Lebanese,
I'm proud to be Lebanese, but I'm not proud of the situation we created, so guys, especially YOU, living abroad, put your hands in ours, we shouldn't leave our country to... strangers... protest where you are, shout from your locations, we can still hear you and would definitely feel your support. We shall act as 1, from Brazil to Australia, from UAE to Canada, we should have 1 voice, 1 slogan & 1 goal. I don't care about Gibran or Nieymy anymore, I don't care whether I'm Phoenician or Arab, but I do care to stay Proud of being Lebanese, as it is the case for all of you... I hope.
(a hint: before we ask the Syrian army to leave, could we start by the Sukleen army and all the other armies?!?!?! Shall we act?!?! You list the
"PEACEFUL" action steps...)
Bless you All!
Response from the group owner
We have to accept constructive criticism from those who love our country, even if they are not Lebanese. Some thing else..we can reach our goals without using insults.
Elias Bejjani
From: Ali Ahmad
I have lived outside Lebanon for the past eighteen years, basically ever since my birth.   Every time my foot touches Lebanese soil I feel a sudden rush.  In a way this is ironic due to the choking polluted air and the sewage filled sea, as many of you have already mentioned.  Despite this harsh reality my love for Lebanon will never subside because I still have a faint glimmer of hope that we can change.  The nightmare our beloved nation has gone through cannot be blamed on anyone group of people.  True, we are to blame from allowing the sectarian cancer to destroy our fragile coexistence.   However the influence of outside powers should not be taken lightly.  Although a proud and resilient nation, the Lebanon of 25 years ago and the Lebanon of today is still an extremely weak power.  Unfortunately human nature is opportunistic and power hungry.  Thus it comes as no
surprise that the US, Soviet Union, Palestine, Syria and countless other nations took advantage of our self destructive nature.  All these factors created one large melting pot of hate and destruction.  For Lebanon to prosper, Lebanese of all backgrounds must unite and work towards strengthening our nation.    Unlike Judemak's analogy, " I am not proud of your Lebanon who after twenty years of war uses Christmas decoration in Achrafia and Islamic decoration in Hamra" I believe that Christians and Muslims of all sects can live together as one. I am a Shia Lebanese and I have friends from every sect and race.  Until all Lebanese can accept that the only path towards salvation is unity and freedom we will decay in our own pollution.  As a child (like most Lebanese) I was almost brainwashed by the same propaganda that Judemak speaks of.  And like Judemak I have traveled quit a bit.  Lebanon is NO LONGER the Switzerland of the Middle East, thats certain.  However I still believe it can return to its prosperous past.  I do not want to lose that rush...
To the sectarian author of the article below:
I am surprised that someone in the 21st century would dare to post such a low intellect. The fact is Gibran was a Syrian Lebanese. All his writing speaks to the Syrian cause and not to the shallow sectarian thinking of someone like you. Khalil Gibran was a great Maronite who belonged to the pioneers in the greater Syria before the colonists decided to carve Lebanon. The real Christian Arabs like Gibran, Saadeh, Rihani, Aflak, and many many others who started the modern cultural revolution in the Arab world would definitely spit on someone sectarian and isolationist like you. You belong to Pierre Gemayl school that inherited the Nazi doctrine and sunk Lebanon into a 20 years of civil war and marginalized the great Maronite community in the Lebanon. The writer of this letter lakes the courage to read Gibran's writing to know who is Gibran. I am sure that the writer is here to serve the goal of the Zionists and ignore the contribution of many great Maronite (like Gibran) to the Arbian renaissance in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you wish to sponsor something that represent your line of thinking, you should erect a memorial to your masters Gemayl and Geaga. With them you may be able to eliminate what left from the Maronite community in greater Syria.
Keep it up!
Dear Phoenicia-owner:
I can Hear Ghibran shouting don't let me die twice, If I am a Maronite I hapened to be an Arabic Maronite and proud of it. Lebanon is an Arab country that is what we Lebanese decided on, in our constitution. Like it or not If certain groups of Maronites (not all) do not like that, It is their problem.and I hope they are enjoying Canada and the USA I will mention some facts and that is not intended to the true Lebanese Maronites Arabs like Khalil Ghibran or Niamma that is intended to the group who think they came from Mars.
First Your group has lost the war Like or not Your group has destroyed the Christians in Lebanon more than their fellow Muslims.
Your Group is the very minority in Lebanon today and there is nothing you can do to change that, Even more you scaring the Arab Christens in Lebanon and that is one of the reasons they are leaving Lebanon Your Group are forcing the economy in Lebanon to go from bad to worst. And the results more immigration from the Lebanese Christians fist before the Muslims. It could be fashionable to be a hatred of the Arabs these days special in countries in the West but that will not change the olive color of your skin. or your religion or your culture or your language The Maronites Arab Lebanese were the leaders of spreading Arabism and wrote about that dream. Do not count on the True Lebanese who believe in Lebanon to stand or care for you I just bid you GOOD BYE from Lebanon
Wed, 9 May 2001
letter to US Secretary of State {about Gibran
Gibran Khalil Gibran belongs to all of humanity, and I take offense at Tom Harb's letter below.  Instead of celebratig the universal spirit of Gibran's beautiful works of poetry and art, Tom Harb apparently seeks to
encapsulate Gibran with a narrow interpretation ofthis great man's identitybased on sectarian grounds.  Ironically, the Marnite Church in Lebanon was against Gibran during much of his living days becauseof his controversial
writings (e.g., for his book: "Jesus, the Son of Ma" and, to a lesser extent, for "The Prophet"), and now we are to belive that Gibran must be identified primarily as such I fail to see how this type of divisive, intolerat, sectarian language can ever bring the people of Lebanon together.  We dserve better.
Wael Masri
From: Roger Harfouche"
10 May 2001
Dear Elias;
I was going to write you a letter asking you how do you allow non-Lebanese to give their opinion on a site named ''Phoenicia'' ? I say non-Lebanese because it was clear in your late emails for us,that there is few ''outsiders'' replying to you; This was clear from their hate to Lebanon; also from their names;and sometimes from their spelling for Lebanese cities. I was going to ask you to stop publishing their negative emails because they're bad influence; Until I read today the email of a Palestinian guy that made me so happy! Happy because he didn't hide his identity like the others! And yes he unveiled them! He is the proof for the positive ones,the likes of Sam,Flextone,Cederberg,and of course Rose-Marie and ElMurr, just to name few, that the opinion of ''farewell..'' and all the non(or half)Lebanese is not important!
I'm not saying 'they're' not important; they may be very respectable people; what I say is that their opinion concerning Lebanon is not important for us because it's obvious,they don't carry Phoenician genes in them,as much as I don't carry Arabic or Palestinian genes in me! Genes are like software.They carry information without our knowledge for- believe it or not- thousands of years!! But then,you ask,why they spend their energy hating Lebanon? Is it jealousy because Lebanese are getting back on their feet with smiles unlike us in N.America who only work we don't even see the sun..or one smile? Is it because Lebanese didn't starve or became.. ''beggars'' like you know who? or send their daughters to work as.. ''servants'' ? They pretend they don't know that the war was imposed on us by the government of Nixon to find a solution for the Palestinians? I understand them. It's called REMORSE !
How can you convince them that most of the big cities in the world are dirty? We all traveled all over the world -not just like...'' Dwayk'' who saw only Cyprus - and we know how are the streets of Amsterdam,New York,Miamy,Mexico city,Cairo etc. As much as we know that in order to see the real beauty of a given country,you don't go to discotheques! How can we convince them that in the US congress there is more fraud,sexual harassment,corruption(8 have been arrested for shoplifting!?!)...than anywhere else? By the way I'm not trying to defend the (Non)Lebanese government. Or that every 5mn there's a crime in the USA,and every few seconds there's a theft,a fraud or a rape? Should we remind them who tough us the art of torture ?or the nationality of all the prisoners in Lebanese jails? Maybe I should have listened to my brother who told me not to reply to these messages,unless I pretend to agree with them !? And when he saw me puzzled he explained himself :
It's simple,he said, agree with them and make them stay away from Lebanon,because when we will return back,we don't need the negative ones.They may affect our families,because they were raised in countries where dogs are more important than humans,where divorce,sex and drugs are the standards. What we will gain if we free our Lebanon and loose our values?
God bless him.
Group owner's response:
Dear Roger
We are open on all people, and respect others' opinions. This is exactly what differentiates us from other, our tolerance openness and respect even for those who oppose us.
If we are really sure who we are, then we should not fear any body and we are.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From: "Andre Barbour"

May 09, 2001
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Letter to US Secretary of State
Could you please spare me receiving E-mails from the Maronite Union.With all my respect to the Union. However I would like to keep receiving regularly E-mails about Lebanon, but not about ethnic and religious groups. Should my above request proves impossible for you to achieve, then please remove me from your mailing list. Thank you for confirming back.
Response from Phoenician Group Owner and webmaster
To: "Andre Barbour" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 200
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] Letter to US Secretary of State
Dear Andre
I respect your point of view. It does not mean that I distribute some  messages that I approve them, but I have to give a chance for all groups to express their stances. Have a nice day
Elias Bejjani

Andrew's reply:
Dear Elias,
Thank you for your prompt reply. Is this group an ethical or religious group? I had a feeling that this group would address only Lebanese issues.I wonder why the other ethical or religious groups don't organized their own groups at yahoo, which would include their own supporters of different religious and ethical backgrounds. It is not that I am against any of those,but I strongly feel that you are making me disengaged.As I mentioned before I would rather unsubscribe if this is the group
policy.Please let me know if there is a chance for you to accommodate people having similar stand points.
Thank you.
Phoenician group owner and Webmaster reply
Dear Andrew
You are right this a pure Lebanese group with a mandate to keep Lebanese people all over the world well informed from a patriotic point of view about the unfolding events in our beloved occupied Lebanon. It is a free arena for those whose voices are muffled in Lebanon and whose human rights are infringed on. It is the voice of the Lebanese detainees in Syria and the voice of the students who are carrying the Lebanese torch of liberation. It is the voice of any Lebanese who believes in Lebanon as an independent, sovereign, multicultural, secular free country. It covers all issues that relates to politics, ethics, identity, morals and religion when is it an issue of concern for some. There is room for every body, provided we can accept others and have tolerance. I welcome you again and welcome your aim is to engage you and engage other intelligent people like you, and not to disengage any body.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From: M.Hanna
Dear Elias,
I do not know if I am sending you this message or to all members.>I keep on reading the responses...It is great what you are doing, letting people express their feelings and opinions about Lebanon. Is this all we know what to do? just talk, and talk,and talk....... COMPLAIN........ATTACK each other.....and TALK...TALK.......OH! the Lebanese are the Masters of the "WORD" after all, the Phoenicians invented the LETTER!!!!!That what the Lebanese are proud of......Can the Lebanese stop talking for a minute and "THINK" for a change? Think about a solution for your frustration....
Dear Mr. Hanna
If you are writing to me only...I can assure you that I am not frustrated at all. I am a believer in Lebanon,its future, the potentials of its great people and the ultimate victory. I have a great deal of hope that forces of evil will be defeated and all occupiers and their puppets will be humiliated. By the way talking is not an ailment, but a healthy means of venting out. If you feel talking is not good let us know what you suggest and personally what are you doing to solve Lebanon's problems?
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Group owner/webmaster
Re: [Phoenicia] Letter to US Secretary of State
excellent letter, sadly in Lebanon we have a brain drain and in Diaspora we have a brain drain as well. Most of the individuals who contribute to the ADC or ADI or whatever are of Lebanese origin because we have no organization that stands for Lebanon. most stand for political parties or politician
From: Rose Marie Cobein
At last someone who has the courage of being proud to be LEBANESE.  Thanks
for your faith, you make me feel that there is still hope in the new generation.  In my days, we fought a bitter battle to keep Lebanon, the Proud, Lebanon the Dignity, Lebanon the Unique, Lebanon the Free...Unfortunately until now we did not succeed, thanks to the intervention of our BROTHERS!!!!  But let me tell you, even if I will be a thousand years old, I will still fight for Lebanon with any means I have.  I want back my Lebanon and I want it yesterday before today.  May all the
Lebanese Youths feel the same way and do whatever it takes to get it back. In any case, as you said and it doesn't matter how long it takes, we will drive our BROTHERS out and regain our Freedom again.  I know that and I am sure of that.  God Blessed Lebanon and it will remain the most Blessed Land
of God.
DATE: Wed, 9 May
SUBJECT: Re: [cadmous] Letters sent to the Webmaster
Subject: RE: [cadmous] What is your response to this message?
Date: 6.5.01
From: Joe Haddad
(writer of Farewell Lebanon)
Hi everyone....
just a little question on the margin of things and the article and responses of last week....why does everyone assumes that I am a guy??????I just thought it was funny....
From: Wissam Najm
Dear Fellow Lebanese:
I have kept my peace for a while listening and reading the responses provided by everybody on this forum. I feel sorry and sad for the way Judemak expressed his opinion. It is of course a valid opinion for we are a free country and supposedly allow different opinions. First of all, I don't wish to attack him for he's entitled to his own opinion. Second, there are some truth to what he is saying.
Lebanon is torn because its people are torn. I am and always will be proud to be Lebanese. To have been born on that paradise on earth that God created and we call Lebanon. I am proud to come from a line of people called the Phoenicians who always decade after decade risen after wars have torn our country and hurt our people. We're like the Phoenix we always rise from the ashes and build our country and restore our status. That sense of pride that we have is exactly what makes us resilient to destruction no matter what.
With all that said, we do need to wake up and stop to take charge of our country. We need to rebuild it. We need to restore it. We need to UNITE. The old crew that has been running the ship for the past 30 years NEEDS TO GO and the new generation should take care of rebuilding the country. That's You, Him, Her, and Me. We need to rise above the differences and look at the common ground of us all being Lebanese.
We shouldn't say Farewell to Lebanon. We should say We're back Lebanon. We're here to rebuild. We're here to Work hard hand in hand. Sweat, tears and blood for you Lebanon. Giving up on our wonderful country is the first step towards our destruction. We have made our mistakes. We let others lead us and guide us. We let them swerve us and take us away but it is time for all that to change. Is it gone happen within a night and day? Impossible. It is gonna take work... hard work and efforts from all of us. Let's let go of putting ourselves down and look at our good qualities. The mistakes of the past are there for us to Learn from. Why make the same mistakes our ancestors did when there are a million new mistakes to make and learn from. Hopefully, we will make more progress and have more success than mistakes. The first step is to be proud of our past and remember the good things within. Remember that we're ALL LEBANESE and that there's No other feeling in the world that comes even c lose to saying those words. I am Lebanese. Others might look down upon us and consider us terrorists. They might think we're hooligans. We're not. We were defending our right to live and survive. It is our job to correct their ideas and make them see how wonderful of a people we are. Show them our true nature. Show them our good sides. teach them about our values and our history. Make them understand that we're the best. And to do that we have to believe we're the best.
I know that this email has gone too long. I wish you all the best and no farewell to Lebanon but we're coming Lebanon....
Sam Najm
From: F. Doudar

I don't know who you are , but I like you already  !! 
You hit it on the head . I too am sick and tired of this "imaginary" Lebanon where nothing goes wrong, and if it did, it's someone else's fault .  As a Palestinian that was born and raised in Lebanon ( Lebanese mother, immigrated to US in 1977) , I have gotten used to this bull shit .I was there last December because my father passed away . I needed to process a number of documents through the government, and I was amazed as to how "cheap" these public officials can be bought.  How corrupt , and low can they get !!
Wake up sons of Lebanon, you have perfected the art , and have set new standards for corruption, theft, embezzlement, insurance fraud, terrorism and torture, and sectarian disputes .   Your beaches stink your forests have been depleted , and your water has been polluted.   Look around you, the world is passing you by ..... wake up and smell the coffee ...  
From: Hanna Bard
Response to the Farewell article, and to the other responses.
I must say , I do agree with every single word that  "Judemak" wrote... I do feel  his agree, his disgust...  I lived each word and each emotion that he was expressing...yet, I still say  it  strongly that I come from Lebanon, and   I stress on "Lebanon'" but not "Lebanese"... what is my nationality? I believe that is our main problem, we cannot define our own nationality... we never had one and we are still searching for one.....It is the nation who makes a country and not vise versa...In Lebanon, We do have educated  & uneducated people, ignorant & educated individuals, corrupted and straight forward minds....but, they all flow on the same boat , lost in the sea......
Ziad Makery, I know exactly what you are talking about, I come from the North and my brother was a candidate in the last election....
Victor cederberg,  you are absolutely right.. it is very sad to give up  a 25 years of war....but please inform me.. what was this war all about.. what was it for.. what did we learn from it what did we gain or loose  you have the answers?    The Lebanese mountains are not going anywhere,
they were present for thousands of years and they will stay there.... but where is the soul of a nation that once lived there??? or should I say just
people who lived there?
And you Rose -Marie, you have every single right to believe in the past , the present and the future of  "your" country, you do have to belong to one....can you though define what do you mean by " a Lebanese of Lebanon."
Gaby Tayoun, you said the magic word, "educate " people about being a nation... tell me all of you when it was the last time you heard of a Lebanese teacher in the school of Lebanon teaching about civism,  human rights, civil rights   etc.......
Elie el Murr, who are the "others'? did "we" contribute with the "others" in destruction.... or it is always easy to blame it on the "others"?
Don Boustany, you cannot  help it  but to be emotional whenever  you are angry, sad and lost about  when you realize that a whole nation is angry  and Lost?
Dany Osta, my last word is for you... I am very disgusted from the situation in Lebanon, I got to a point in where I do not believe in any future for this tiny place.......
YET, I see a luminary sign through OUR YOUTH........
Yes my friends, that is our only hope....they are the future, they are Lebanon's hope, they are the blossoms of a Nation.  They have to choose what Lebanon they want.... we have to let them think for themselves, decide what their future would be like.. Oue task is to  guide them and help them....... and not enforce past, our opinions, our hatred and our fundamental beliefs on them..... They have to learn how to communicate among themselves and with the rest of the world....
From: Benoit
Date: Tue May 8, 2001 7:38am
Subject: Re: [cadmous] Writer of Farwell Lebanon response
I cannot tell if I feel good or bad about the many responses that I got answering the little message that everyone is calling 'farewell Lebanon'..... let me first say that my message was a response to some piece that I got via the cadmous mail...I wrote what I did... not to please some people or to offend writings are usually a way of self therapy especially when I feel strongly about is not a political statement in any sort....for I refuse to discuss politics in general..and Lebanese politics in particular....first I do not know much about Lebanese politics and second I always remember my mom's words that she learned from her dad that two kinds of people are involved in politics in Lebanon..opportunists and idiots....I know I am not an opportunist and I hope that I am not an idiot... as I was reading the responses...both the ones that agree with my feelings and opinions and the ones that do not agree...I became more intrigued...I felt good that many of you share my feelings not only because it boosted my ego a little.ok..I am only human....but more importantly is that it gave me hope that gosh.. there are other people who feel that something is wrong and something can be know ...we only go to a doctor when we really feel sick...if we keep on convincing ourselves that it is a passing cold or it is only allergies and things will be better because we are strong and bla bla bla...we might never get better ..the remedy starts by accepting that something is wrong..if something is wrong it does not mean necessarily that it is just get help...and
done...that is how I feel about Lebanon...I am tired of hearing that Lebanon is the greatest country and the most beautiful country in the world...I am tired of hearing that Lebanon is Switzerland of! the east or Beirut is the Paris of the Arab world...or Lebanon is far superior to his Arab neighbors...because if we really still believe so then we will never go to the doctor and the simple cold will become bronchitis, pneumonia, or even a fatal cancer... I am in no mean trying to trash Lebanon...I would like to trash some of the Lebanese...sorry to say a lot of them...especially those who are trying to keep the common Lebanese from seeing the fact that something is wrong and instead brainwashing them with the myth that nothing is wrong in Lebanon..we Lebanese love peace..the whole war was imposed on is an international conspiracy....if they can make people still believe that..chapeau bas...and by doing this they
can stay in power and they can direct the common attention from their corruption and their injustice by blaming it on the foreigners and the is Israel one day..Syria the second..America another...but never us... to take you back a little back ..a teenager in an American summer camp..I had to do a project ...I chose Lebanon...why is my country of origin and I am proud...I spent couple weeks researching...collected info..and pictures and posters...and here was my exhibition..entitled..'give us peace and we will give you what
will astonish the world' was a clip that I read in a newspaper by president then Amin expose was a great success...well not because it was great but mostly because of the limited knowledge of American youth on international was not until college... few years later when I was going through some old boxes in the basement and I found the remains of my exhibition...I went through the box...and I started could I have done could I have said something that I really do not believe is true...we have nothing to astonish the world with...who am I kidding...we were killing each others..brothers..neighbors...innocent! cent kids...that is how we were astonishing the world.... well forget the is over and hopefully never to return... it is ten years later is the new Lebanon... the Lebanon of peace....the Lebanon of brotherly tell you the truth ...sometimes I wish the war was still on least we will know that something is wrong....I was there twice the past two years...what has changed war ..that is true....I looked around...who is in the government...oh my god...there are the same names that I used to read about as the major war lords or militia heads or to add insult to injury..their sons or grandsons.... for those of you who got offended by my initial letter I I am not proud of your Lebanon....I am not proud of your Lebanon Switzerland of the east...because simply it is is not even
clean...the water and beaches are a disgrace...and I have not seen a green tree in all Beirut...and I ask myself have these people been anywhere else..even Cyprus or Greece am not proud of your Lebanon that speak broken French and go out dancing and eat I am not proud of your Lebanon who stopped killing each other through guns..but the killing takes place everyday by other means...I am not proud of your Lebanon who after twenty years of war uses Christmas decoration in Achrafia and Islamic decoration in Hamra...for those I say keep your Lebanon and I will keep mine.... my Lebanon...a weak country ....a sick country...a place that has the potential to be the most beautiful place in the world...( ok I am lying ...sorry but I am a traveler and I have seen some heavens on earth ) correction ..a place that has the potential to be a beautiful place....a country that is being sucked to death by few opportunists (thank you grandpa for the word and the lesson)and I believe those opportunists are Lebanese ...not Syrians ..not Israelis..not Palestinians...not Americans....a country that is lost in the superficialities of the western world...a country where the education system is non existent....a country where so many things are wrong that it will take pages to list me... But in Lebanon is sick they he will get better...your Lebanon is perfect ...and you can only get worse....
From: Ziad T. Makery

I think he has a lot of reasons to write this..I have the same reasons to think like him...I was candidate to the parliamentary elections in north Lebanon..with pride I can tell you that between hundreds of candidates I was among the very very
rare ones who did not go to the Syrians..not because I consider them enemies...but because I am convinced that nobody has the right to interfere in Lebanese political actions...and you know? yes..all this political class doesn't have the courage to do the same, the Lebanese are the enemies of the Lebanese...he is right..history and beauty and poetry do not build a country..let us wake up..the future cannot be built with these will be built with all the Lebanese who have chosen to live and to struggle here, in the country...without being caught by the corrupted system, by the power game, by cowardliness..and by the loyalty to Syrians before Palestinians before Lebanese, to Israelis before Lebanese, to to tell you this..but it is the truth..and everyone must face it...
FRom: Viktor Cederberg -
Keeper of the Guardians of the Cedars website

I think it is sad to see messages like this. In my opinion it is written by a person who gave up on his country and his people. It is also written by someone who doesn't understand or believe that the situation in Lebanon for the last 25 years was forced upon us from the outside. The writer is proud of the Lebanese mountains, nature and beauty but beware, if nothing is done they will be gone too. We need to keep fighting because no matter how much we lost there is always something precious left that deserves our sacrifices. The love for Lebanon is a love that never dies.
Viktor Cederberg -
From: Rose-Marie Cobein

I believe in Lebanon, I believe in the past (history-wars-people) and every single piece of sand on it.  As you should know, Lebanon has always been the envy of the whole world, let alone out "brothers" the Arabs.  For me I would like to say goodbye to all of them forever,  I believe that if we are left alone, we will return as the most beautiful an proudest country in the world.  We will return to our roots and become "THE LEBANESE OF LEBANON" as they have always been, as I know them and for sure not as you know them.  My Lebanon does not need the kinds of you who are annihilists and try to kill any good feeling for Lebanon.  I will continue to do my best to free Lebanon from all outside infulences, to get back my Lebanon.  I believe in Lebanon and I am sure that the people who live there are our heroes and example.  Every single Lebanese who shed his/her blood is so precious to me that it makes it a sacred land for me already.  I believe in Lebanon and it's heroic people and I am so proud of being called Lebanese.  Anything I do in my life is trying to portray what Lebanon is, all my daily actions and prayers show what a Lebanese is.Please cry on yourself and leave Lebanon alone.  We do not need the likes of you.  Put us "the Lebanese" alone in Lebanon and see how you will coming back running to have a piece of bone from what Lebanon can become, without it's surrounding interferences.   Bye Cadmus and I hope never to see you in Lebanon and hope that you never call yourself Lebanese, because you are not worthy of such a sacred name.  Go make yourself anything but please stayaway from our Lebanon.
From: Gaby Tayoun

Both the original message and this reply are worthy of reflection: not on our past or pittyful present, but on our future and how to get there. HOW DO WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN SO WE STOP BEING ASHAMED, WE HELP RESTORE
PRIDE, HELP EDUCATE THE LEBANESE ABOUT "BEING A NATION" AND NOT INDIVIDUALS. Yes I agree with most of what is said in the message below .. but is the answer to really "farewell" and depart ? to keep sending mails and complaining and putting the blame on "the others" ? Or is it to accept that we sick, as a nation, and need curing ? If we accept the third reply, we are on our way forward. Then those individuals among "our once nation" who are healthy, should starttruly setting the base for a new country. REGARDLESS OF ITS POLITICAL POWER TODAY.
From: Dany Osta
We are PROUD of standing up for the Truth, and we are never giving up.We are Proud that we don't Criticise but we try to Change.Yes my Dear friend you can be proud of what the youth of Lebanon are fighting today.
From: GD
Well...whoever wrote this piece have a lot of sadness in him for loosing his identity..not only his country...his pride..his past..What we have to remember is that it is our collective positive vision that can give us lebanon back...we can't afford to
blame each other because in doing so we loose the doesn't matter what religion we are or which nationality we hold now,lebanese we are and we can never pretend not to be..I hope we can all find inner peace so we can accomplish peace for our country...and we can all strive to be better people so we can liberate our lebanon from us(the ignorants..etc....) I proudly always say i am matter what...God bless you all ,lebanese you call yourselves or not..
Date: 2/5/2001
Subject: Re: [cadmous] English article

Beautiful words.....Kind of gibranic.... But whom are you kidding.... One could lie to the whole world.. But how can one lie to himself.... and believe it.... Lebanese.. A word that defines and describes pride...are you kidding me.. Are you kidding yourself.....What pride are you talking about...the pride of 20 years of war...the pride of a Lebanese hating another because of his religion.... The pride of a Lebanese killing another because of his political beliefs...Lebanon.... The Biblical country.. The country of eternal cedar...the oldest country in the past pride.... You say.... Our pride lies in the past ...I say...unfortunately.... No one lives in the past.. Not you.. Not me.... You can hope as much as you want...but if you do not create your own might as well live in the past....
Yes.. I am proud of Lebanon.. Proud of its mountains and its sea...proud of its nature and its beauty.... Proud of the great people that he gave birth to...proud of gibran and Naimy...proud of Fairuz and Magida...thus.. Stops my pride....
I kind of envy you.... On your pride. I wish I could be proud of Lebanon of today.. I wish I could be proud of being of Lebanese descendants.....I really wish...
Farewell Lebanon.... Not because it is occupied by Syrians or Israelis or Palestinians...farewell Lebanon...because it is occupied by Lebanese themselves...ignorant...uneducated.... Egocentric... conceited...superficial...unworthy of Lebanon....
Pity the nation....
Pity Lebanon... pity you... pity me...

From: "malcom X" <
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 06:04:39 -0000
[LebaneseGroup] Libnien akbar min an yataksam wa azghar min an Youbtala3

Dear All,
I address all of you once again to look beyond your noses, to look for what reality is setting for us, and to proceed. Life is no more then right decisions or wrong decisions we as individuals take, and the more the rights the more we accomplish on a personal level leading to a national one. I am writing this piece of watery emotions with sorrow and disappointed, and from with in a corner of optimism we all seek. As Martin Luther King once said: In the dark we can see the stars. I want to see the stars of freedom shining, I want to sense freedom, and I am willing to dedicate my life to pursue such freedom to a nation we all sincerely believe in. A nation where people can live in coherence and civility, instead of inconsistency and incivility. As Pier Jemayel once said: Lebanon is no more then a spirit.I am not here to be a target but to persist an obscured target; I am not here to be a victim but to victimize a cause we all struggled for. In pursuit of honor and justice I will raise the voice of what partial justice means, what being a traitor means, and boycott any severe procedures our government is taking. I see no change regarding our attitude towards our beloved Lebanon and as I seek a pure governmental change I seek a route based on a better Lebanese society. It is time to enlighten our society regarding the political life in Lebanon and I mean by that all the monarchies, which are based on religious analogies and perceptions. It is time to oppose whats keeping us behind, and for that we all must unite under one phrase: RELIGION IS FOR ME AND LEBANON IS FOR ALL. Our culture is no more concrete because of thousands of Lebanese leaving Lebanon because of the economical break down. We see all these fundamentalists increasing because of foreign financial aids. Lebanon is not anybody's political card, will not be, and don't want to be. Our president talks about brotherhood and our people talks about refuting such a brotherhood which lead to a total economical collapse while on the other side of the river froze our political
Israel is a disease with only one cure available, which is peace. It is true that this disease is so harmful when we try to fight it but to struggle is always a better option. An elephant can't beat a snake, and we all must fight for our land so profoundly is any way that we find it convenient. Peace is no more then a kind of struggle.  I want and many Lebanese want peace, and that does not mean defeat but victory. I don't mind what Syria looses or gains as much as I care about our beloved Lebanon gaining. I support TAZAMOUN  EL MASARAYN AND NOT TALAZEM EL MASARAYN. No one is obliged to walk in a route full of dangerous unappreciated ordeals when on the other
hand a clean wide-open clear route is set for us. Israel is our enemy as long as she kills our people and occupies our land. Never stimulate your opponents because you become the victim.Syria since 1989 had been stealing our economy, thanks to all the political monarchies.
1- Syrian workers must pay taxes. Which will generate lost of income to the government.
2-Syrian cabs must pay an annual fee for ministry of transportation.
3- Syrian cotton must be distributed by Lebanese retailers, or must be licensed by the Lebanese government to protect our domestic market.
4- Oil distributors must be transformed to a private shares company. Not few gangsters.
5- Syrian troops must leave Lebanon, to regain our sovereignty and be independent.
6- Lebanese vegetables,fruits, and agricultural products must be protected from Syrian smugglers.
Lebanon is a state of mind and not a piece of land, to be Lebanese is to be faithful to what the green, white, and red stands for. I am a Lebanese Arab, I am a Lebanese American, I am a Lebanese X. Lebanese is a kind of nationalism which surpasses any tribal, monarchy, ethnic tie. Lebanism is
when you prolong an analogy based on civil equality and freedom of speech, and not religious ethnic terminology. Truly a paradise can appear whenever material progress and spiritual values can be properly balanced. (Malcolm X, 1964 AUB conference). . I look forward to see a government challenging all obstacles in a  fruitful way. It is time for us to set history aside because history is no more then a broken record. And use every drop of potential for a better Lebanon through a patriot movement willing to sacrifice for freedom of speech, and all other natural rights a society must have.
Samer Kabbara


Love your Lebanon
Subject: Our Shame
Sent: 17 Apr 2001
Date:Tuesday , 10 Apr 2001
From:Lion Mat <>  
Subject:Syrian occupation

I've been trying to convince myself that although the Moukhabarat is being heavily involved in the on going MASRAHIEH (play), I consider it shameful when an adult and/or an elderly admits immaturity in public with no reasonable explanation. Give us good reasons to believe that Syria is as good and needed as much as you're trying to make us believe, and I can assure you on my part and for that matter on the part of those FEW that our case will be rested ...On our side and we got enough of published and known reasons not to like the Syrian presence in LEBANON.
The rules state that to say NO, that NO being LIGHT or STRONG should be based explained and supported by facts, good reasons and alternatives, not PERIOD. It is not enough and shouldn't be acceptable to claim that the Syrian presence is still needed, again and again PERIOD, Hell we know more than just period. THAT DOES NOT WORK at least for us THE FEW. GIVE US GOOD REASONS and please do not repeat what MR. Berri, Mr.Sayyed Nasrallah or Sheikh Kabbani said because that wasn't convincing and to me that explained nothing, and for that matter I do not understand what and why people were and are cheering for. Again please GIVE US GOOD and convincing reasons and once that's provided, then accordingly, I'll be the first to join you and so those FEW . Can you ? will you ? To us it makes no difference where it came from just someone out there anywhere supporting the Syrian presence. Please elaborate. WHY ???
Please do not accuse me of any ties to Israel. I hate their guts.
Libnani Miskin belonging to THOSE FEW
I call myself:
Free Libnan
From: Antoine Harb (
To: Sheikh Nasrallah,
Dear Shekh
Your recent statements calling for the necessity of the syrian army in Lebanon was quite disconcerting to all Lebanese patriots. Your accomplishments in spearheading the freedom of South Lebanon should not be tarnished by an anti-sovereign, pro-Syrian stance! Their presence is not a legal one as you claim. The Syrian military presence contradicts every fundamental principal Lebanon was found on. As you know, our constitution protects us and our right to insist on 100% Freedom, Sovereignty and Democracy for ALL of Lebanon NOW!
You say that if Syria leaves, we will be endangered by sectarian conflict and war. Mr. Nasrallah, I ask you, who is it that will instigate this conflict? Is this how much faith you have in your people or how far you would be willing to go to protect an occupier who refuses to accept the sovereign state of LEBANON?
I express to you that if Syria stays - this will most definitely instigate sectarian conflict! I guarantee that it will pit those who stand committed to Lebanon's Soveregnity and Freedom, Lebanon's fundamental Pillars of Existance - against those who wish to betray Lebanon to an evil Master - those who are afraid of Freedom and Democracy - those who would rather betray their country, the country they fought feircely to liberate - liberate just to concede to another occupier!
I implore you Imam Nasrallah, to not let your patriotism for Lebanon die - but instead proclaim and crown your recent victory with an absolute victory of the Total Liberation of all of Lebanon! Syria has been here for over a quarter of a century and now it is time for them to go.We are waiting for you Sheikh Nasrallah - but we can only wait for so long before the March for Lebanon's freedom "will" begin.
At the Service of Our Lebanon,
Date: Friday, 6 Apr 2001
Subject: Nasrallah's Speech

Dear readers:
I was looking at the news today when I saw Shiek Nasrallah (Hizballah's General Secretary) talking in an irrational manner. What I heard him uttering loudly made me question if the man is really a Lebanese, and if his followers have any affiliation to Lebanon? is his party a Lebanese or an Iranian one playing a role in Lebanon ?I have never heard such stupidity and ignorance before in my life. He was talking like a prophet who has all the answers. The worst part of this rhetoric scene was the pattern the people chanted pro Syrian brought tears and sadness into my heart. I ask myself how this man who calls himself a Lebanese, a clergyman and a leader, can suggest that his people are immature and can not govern themselves or solve their own problems without the presence of the Syrian Army? I suggest that Mr. Nasrallah and his fighters move their basis and activities to the Golan Heights and fight Israel from there if they really like Syria that much. Lebanon is for the Lebanese, let the Syrians fight their own wars and from Syria, not from Lebanon. I believe Mr. Nasrallah has to declare if he is a Lebanese or a Syrian, because his last bizarre rhetoric stances does not make him a Lebanese. I am sure the majority of the Shiite Lebanese do not see things eye to eye with Mr. Nasrallah.
Yours truly
Mr. Flextone
Date:Wed, 5 Apr 2001
Dear friends:
I noticed that the issue of the SLA and their families has been tottaly forgotten by everyone, including Patriarch Sfeir. Narrow minded elements and bigots shall never forget and at best forgive. Any comments?
Thank you

Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2001
Dear Fadi:
After the defeat of the Arab armies in 1967, Abdul Nasser explained to " his great people" that he was expecting the Israelis to attack from the East, yet the bastards attacked from the West. The crowd cheered him and accused the Israelis of being deceitful. But Abdul Nasser promised them that, next time, he will be smarter and would meet and fight them in the west. He even became more popular. In Lebanon, Dr. Gagea, caused the defeat of the Christians in Mount Lebanon yet he was more popular, he did the same thing In the Sidon area and non of his followers questioned his actions. Again, he decided to support the annexation of Lebanon (Taif Accord) and fight the Lebanese Army in the process and yet his popularity never diminished, in Lebanon and abroad. We claim to be a religious people, yet we are far away from following the teaching of our religions, we claim to be freedom lovers yet we practice slavery in all shapes and forms, we claim to be open minded and smart yet we are narrow minded, short sighted and unable to think beyond our own pockets and plan for the long term. A clear example, I visited Lebanon 5 years ago during the parliamentary elections, supporters of different candidates quarreled, clashed and intimidated each others and of course not without some casualties. I thought to myself how on earth could these people so
easily forget that those candidates they are fighting for, are the same ones who have destroyed their houses, killed their children and sent them back to the jungles of the middle ages. I could go on and on with examples of such behavior but now I will let you figure out the rest of the story .
I totally disagree with you about the subject of unity. Let us be realistic here. The USA has recently sent strong signals that Syria is in Lebanon to stay as long as that suits their interests (USA). The first signal is the refusal of Powell to visit Lebanon which meant that only Syria can speak and decide for Lebanon, the second one is the refusal of the American Administration to meet with Patriarch Sfeir and the third one was made by Assistant Secretary of State Edward Walker to the House foreign relations committee of the American Congress in Washington "But in the final analysis, the conclusion of peace treaties between Syria and Israel and Lebanon and Israel would be the effective way to resolve the problem of a total Syrian pullout from Lebanon. Until then, we will be pressing for a de-escalation of Syria's influence."
We shall wait....So I believe that our cards lie in the hands of the Americans and unless we show them that we are truly united they will not change their plans. Getting Syria out of Lebanon first will not unite us, at least not for a long time. Getting Syria out will help but will not solve our problems which are rooted deep inside of every and each one of us long before Syria came in. And if history repeats itself we might invite Iraq, Libya, Iran, Israel and who knows, probably Siri Lanka too, to replace the Syrians. The kind of unity I'm talking about should not be based on emotions or even on history because it would be unsustainable, rather it should be based on solid grounds such as survival and good sound economics ( That's another topic for now ). That's the reason me and you are here in Canada today, I guess. So let us first clean our own backyard.
Date: Tuesday, 3 Apr 2001
From: paul moawad <
Subject: Unity
Dear Fadi & Jouhaina
I read your last message and I have to say, I disagree partially with you. For me the problem is not only in the Syrians. But also in the Lebanese people.We can't fully blame the Syrian, we did wrong too. The Lebanese people are a non-revolutionary people. They are a kind of people who follow their own individual interest. They don't stand as a group. I was avoiding this subject but let me tell you something: General Aoun was also part of the disaster. I always emphasize in my messages on rationality before emotionality. Dr Geagea and General Aoun inflicted on the Maronite community a fatal mistake that has never been committed during 1400 years in their history. General Aoun and Dr Geagea because and due to a certain personal conflict were blind to see the interest of their own people. Who is going to make up for the innocent civilians and the officers who died for a lost price! I don't want to go into details about General Aoun and Dr.Geagea because it is not the time. In summary, the problem fall also on Lebanese shoulders! What are the Lebanese people who left the country doing for Lebanon! I can't see an effort for our beloved land. Can you say ,that they are united? I am still observing friction and hate. I hope they will learn from the mistakes that happened before. Why we are not like the Greek lobby or Jewish Lobby or the Irish people? Just tell me where do you see unification? I am emphasizing more on the Christian side. Do you see a political Christian Leader now? let us face the problem my friends, if we keep on saying that it is the fault of the Syrians, we won't improve. We have to unify our ranks. I wonder what the Lebanese people outside Lebanon are doing for the country? Many Lebanese have reached success and made fortune, are they doing anything for Lebanon? I wonder...



"Fadi & Jouhaina" <>




unity & leadership.


Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:15:18 -0800

Dear Salim
I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for your participation in such a debate addressing critical issues related to our homeland. this shows how much you are still attached to our beloved Lebanon. Lebanon that we all, the Lebanese want it united, sovereign, independent and free from foreign troops. The question is, do we have to be united to liberate Lebanon, or not, and who is the leader that can unite the Lebanese? I can see one leader "the existence of Lebanon"as a perfect one, not to mention my leader (General Aoun).
We have been addressing the liberation issue for many years and we still do. We called on every Lebanese to help save Lebanon, we extended our hands in all directions, opened our hearts & still do, but we went no where. Why, because the problem is not merely in the Lebanese, but in the occupation that cripples the Lebanese potentials and divides them.   Accordingly the major real current obstacle for not achieving our aim (unity), is the Syrian occupation.  Even though  I believe in a solid, strong and good relationship between Syria & Lebanon based on mutual respect and equality.
Dear Salim as our proverb says: "My neighbor you are in your home, and I am in mine".  Syria is our neighbor and our brotherly country, but Syria should be in Syria and Lebanon in Lebanon as General Aoun once said.  Every time a Lebanese leader calls for straightening the Lebanese-Syrian relations he is tagged as a traitor and accused of being pro-Israel or the West. When his eminent Cardinal sfeir asked for the implementation of UN Resolution that calls for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Lebanon he was accused to be pro American, and when president Bush didn't receive him during his last visit to the USA it was falsely alleged that the Patriarch is not worthy for such a meeting.  The list goes on and on with similar mockery attitudes and behavior.
Dear Salim, I think the problem is not unity, nor leadership, but occupation. 
The courageous patriotic Lebanese will keep rejecting the current status quo till liberation becomes a reality. It is not long ago when the FPM students (5000 thousands of them) took to the streets and made the whole world hear their peaceful civilized protest against the Syrian occupation. In the same context two days ago more then 150 thousand Lebanese citizens went out to welcome His Beatitude Patriarch Sfeir and support his stance on independence, freedom, sovereignty and free decision making process. I am sure you agree with me that the great people of Lebanon are united on the independence and on the existence of Lebanon, and will know no rest before their country is again free and sovereign.
long live Lebanon

Subject: Unity
Date: Friday 30 March 2001

Dear Elias;
I must apologize to you and your readers for the harsh words I used in my past posts. But my heart is broken and I cry for our martyrs and for the miseries of Lebanon. I cry for the Southerners who were forced to flee their homes at the hands of the dark forces and became refugees elsewhere, thanks to our heroes at Baabda who decided not to send the army to protect them and instead to send over 6000 of their countrymen to prisons. What is really more insulting is their rational for not doing so.
I believe that the situation in Lebanon is different from that of any other country such as France during the II world war, the Spanish or the American civil wars. The Lebanese population are divided along so many political and religious lines and so many of them do not truly believe in Lebanon as an independent state. On the other hand, Lebanon is surrounded by many external enemies who want to take us back to the gahelia era , the same way they did to their own countries.This pathetic situation encouraged the great powers to abandon us, even to conspire against us.
I do not day dream, nor should anybody else. I realize that no leader can unite every single Lebanese behind him or behind a cause, but we need to realize that our nation is more important than any leader, than any other country or any religion and that freedom and dignity are more important than hollow words and ideologies.
Dear Elias, you have raised a good point. To those who are still day dreaming about Arabs, Arab unity and the COMMON CAUSE, I hope that oppression and humiliation brought upon them by the occupiers, shall finally convince them to accept the reality that Lebanon is unique and it is the only country in the Arab World that would guarantee them their human rights and a better future for themselves and their children. To Paul I say that I don't hold grudge against any Lebanese, only those who do not believe in Lebanon, in freedom and dignity. After all I'm not sure they should be blamed for their actions as this is the environment they grew up in.
On another point, I thank you Mr. Bejjani and I thank Patriarch Sfier for instilling back in me some hope and interest. I went back to review my history books about Lebanon and the Arabs, and it's amazing as to what I have learned.  To the SNNP members I say this: before you defend your ideology, learn your history first hand if you are interested , Iraq and Syria where never one nation, especially during the Islamic era, as the Moaeutes (the Sunnis) in Syria and the Abassieen(the Shiats) in Iraq fought and massacred each other for long time, and so on. For Lebanon, I could not find a single instant where it's land or people had anything to do with the fertile crescent. You might blame the current situation on the regimes, but let me tell you that in the Arab countries, there are 150 million dictators waiting for the opportunity to ascend to the thrown. The present   history of the Arab world is nothing but a continuation of their past (jahilia), that is, raiding and raping. The only difference this time is the oil and the big stick of USA. So please don't claim that the imperialists put up artificial walls between these countries. These countries were divided among religious and ethnic lines, except for Lebanon. On a final note, please go and liberate yourselves and the rest of the Arabs from their past they have drowned in, before liberating Palestine, because how could potato chips fight micro chips and how could they distroy a brotherly country in the name of saving another, probably more(?) brotherly country. Let's not forget that it was the Arabs who sold Palestine in the first place, so save yourselves first before trying to save others. By the way, I know the difference between the Arabs and Suriyya as you understand it.
After I wrote this article, I read Paul's articles dated Feb. 6 , 2001 and what followed and I totally agree with him on all issues. As I mentioned above I have read so far three books about the history of Lebanon, one of them written by Dr. Phillip Heitti and I could not find anything that supports Mr. Bejjani's interpretation of history. In any case, Mr. Alasmar brought up a good point when he said: "However, do not keep this Phoenician subject going on. The Syrians by your measurements are also Phoenicians.That will give them a strong reason to take over Lebanon. That something we do not need". To that I add the Maronites keep talking about the Phoenicians and Maronite Nation will only give the impression that you are not what you say you are. My advice? Keep the cause simple and focused on the issues. If these issues comes up again, I' m going to suggest that you guys should submit to a DNA test to determine your origins, so that we can close this debate once and for ever.
Yours truly
Salim Abounehme


Date:Tue, 28 Mar 2001
From: Paul Moawad <>
Subject: Unite
I read many statements, I shall add few comments:
General Aoun and Dr Geagea did big mistakes and brought the country into a disaster. But it is time to forget that. For the soul of every soldier and officer who was either executed or died in the battle field we shall: Unite, For the soul of every civilian we have to forgive, For the sake of freedom and dignity we have to fight Let us all unite, Christians, Moslems and Druz . But this message is specially for Christians. I want to believe that we can unite and fight together.Please unite. For a free united Lebanon
Dear Friends, I would like to salute Cardinal Sfeir for his patriotism and his effort to spread hope among Lebanese people. Cardinal Sfeir spoke about a general Lebanese concern : Freedom and sovereignty.
From: Elias Bejjani (
Subject: Unity & Leadership
Dear Salim
First of all let me hail your excellent rationale in approaching the leadership and unity issues, and on your logical analysis. Meanwhile I believe you are missing one important historical fact that has always proven to be the right criteria during occupation eras. It is a proven fact that during occupation the majority of the people in any occupied country side with the occupier due to many reasons that are beyond the scope of this response. At the same time a courageous minority assumes the leadership responsibilities and become the voice of the muffled and subdued majority. Lebanon at the present time is going through this equation. The majority of the people are subdued and not resisting the occupation actively  while an elite minority  is assuming the role of leadership in this domain despite the numerous obstacles and hardships. This minority is represented by the FPM and other political, non political groups and individuals, among which are the University students.
I agree with you that General Aoun does not have the support of all the Lebanese, but definitely the courageous minority stands solidly behind him and advocates peacefully for his national convictions that are idealized in reclaiming freedoms, independence, free decision making process and sovereignty. If any leader in Lebanon at the present time is capable to unite the majority of the Lebanese people, it would be General Aoun. He is not a sectarian, feudal or aristocratic leader. He has no criminal record, did not side with any foreign power including Israel and never ever compromised on his convictions. I am not claiming her that he can appeal to all the Lebanese, but definitely to those who are thirsty and hungry to free their country and reclaim its dignity.
You asked if a member from the Lebanese Forces would be willing to accept the leadership of General Aoun. Yes many will do and many are doing it since years. Still many previous LF members are currently active members in the FPM as well as members from the   Phalanges, communists and other parties. The FPM is not a political party, but a national patriotic current. Any Lebanese can be a member in the FPM if he/she gives currently mere priority for liberation and believes in the need for reclaiming Lebanon's sovereignty, independence and freedoms. You can be a member in any political party and still be an FPM supporter if you preach and practice respect for human rights, equality and tolerance.
No one can unite the Lebanese people, not General Aoun nor Patriarch sfeir or any other religious or political leader. This is a global communality and not applicable only to the Lebanese people, but for each and every country in the world. General Aoun has been able to unite the courageous minority that is the spearhead in the struggle for liberation...a role no other Lebanese leader was able to achieve. You might like General Aoun or you might hate him, but you can not deny that he is still the most popular leaders eleven years in exile. The majority of the University students in Lebanon support him, although they were 10 or 9 years when he was forced to go in exile.
Many people ignore currently the reality that most of the Lebanese are united...Yes united in oppression, poverty, infringement on their rights and humiliation. I believe we are at the end of the tunnel and the liberation day is not too far. Yes we can save our country and we will. But we we have to believe in ourselves and maintain our faith...we live on hope of resurrection, resurrection of Lebanon.
Let us all pray and work for liberation, but first liberate ourselves from fear, hesitation, selfishness and most importantly sectarianism and fanatism.
Our Lebanese proverb says: "Be hopeful and your wishes will come true". Dear Salim I am sure you are, as I am hopeful. Lebanon has been ours for the last 6000 years and by God's grace will our ours till the day of judgment.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
Subject:Unity & Leadership???
Date:Tuesday, 27 Mar 2001
Dear Fadi;
First of all I never said that General Aoun is a a religious leader. What I said is that the Christians, up until the "war of liberation", were still a force to be reckoned with, that is until General. Aoun and Dr. Gagea failed to reconcile their differences for the sake of the nation. What is important here is the end results, in that both men failed us for whatever reason(s), as all of us know what happened to the Christians and to Lebanon. I said what I said for only one reason. The point I'm trying to make is that as long as we are divided among ourselves and as long as we don't learn from past mistakes, I see no hope for Lebanon as an independent, free and strong country. I don't think that you disagree with me. Let's not kid ourselves, we are a fragmented society, and we are in dire need for a leader who can unite us and rally the troops behind him. All what I'm saying is UNITE, UNITE and UNITE, although I might have a different interpretation as to what the word unite means.
I might be wrong about my opinion of General Noun and I hope I am, but do you really think that he is the one who can unite us? Do you truly believe that an LF supporter is willing to work with him? Of course not, because leadership cult to them is more important than the cause and because the norm in the Middle East goes as follows; if you do not agree with me then you are my enemy. The same thing goes for the supporters of General. Aoun.
I have seen this, time and over again. During the student demonstrations in Lebanon last week, LF supporters choose to break ranks and stage a sit in rather than taking off to the streets with the FPM students. Can we ever agree on anything? To me, our current leaders and organizations represent nothing but divisions and feudalism, regardless of their intentions. I would have no difficulty supporting General. Aoun if he can proof and demonstrate that he is capable of rallying the troops and I mean all the troops, behind him.
The same goes for any other leader, whether it be Dr. Gagea, Mr. Chamoun, a Christian or a Moslem. Within this scenario, Patriarch Sfeir got my full support as well as that of so many Lebanese. Fadi, you claim that Lebanese are more united than any other times; am I missing something here? Yes I agree that some elements in Lebanon started to react against the Syrian occupation, but the waters are still murky and dangerous, as there are still many groups who believe that religion is more important to them than their country, so that it becomes acceptable to them that Syria destroy the country in the name of Arabism and the COMMON CAUSE.
Let us forget for the time being about the past, the history and the leaders. Let us look at the future and figure out what can we do to save our country. Unity is the most single, important and serious issue facing Lebanon today. In fact Lebanon's very existence is dependent on it. And before we start talking about liberation, this issue has to be solved first, once and for all. Patriarch Sfier made it clear throughout his visit that we should unite and forget our differences. If the Christians cannot unite together through these dark moments of the country, then how do you expect the Christians and Moslems to unite, and in the process save the 10452 km2? Considering the strong negative feelings among the different groups towards each other, don't you think that the time had arrived to create a common front for a common cause?
Yours truly

To all those who incite sectarian conflict for the benefit and will of Syria - be prepared to be held accountable for all your words and treacherous
To all those who criticize and threaten the honourable and eminent Cardinal Patriarch Sfeir - To those traitors in Akkar - To the Pigs who support the
presence of Syria in Lebanon - To the cowards, syrian Conspirators and sympathizers who threaten to come to the streets in protest against their
Lebanese Countrymen:
I say to you that we will meet you in the streets and we will triumpth with the strength of a Bear, the courage of a Lion, the will of our Phoenician
ancestors and the heart of a Lebanese - to chase your shameful presence back to Damascus were you belong!
Happy are the Proud and Patriotic Lebanese for - the Land, History and Legacy of Lebanon belong to you! Happy are those who are courageous enough to cross sectarian boundaries to confront the injustices against Lebanon and His people - your hearts are pure and Lebanon will be yours. Happy are the brave students whose will is strong and patriotic efforts magnificent and untiring - history will remember you as being the Liberators of Lebanon - your children will sing songs of your Brave patriotism and Heroic stance in the
face of injustice - you will Perservere!

From: "Fadi & Jouhaina" <> |
To: <>
Subject: Salim Abou Nehmee article.
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 22:41:33 -0800

From Fadi Nemr
to Salim Abou Nehmee
Dear Salim
I read the articles sent by you to Elias Bejjani, I would like to comment on some issues you raised.General Aoun never was a religious leader, never acted this way, so when you say "Christians were dealt a defeat at the hands of Christians". General Aoun was the head of the Lebanese government , he was re-establishing an independent state that was divided among two occupations. Enemy one in the south ,brethren one in most parts of Lebanon & militias in some parts, that made all of those united to fight this national free government for different purposes. As they controlled the media, they claimed that we ranged two massive wars, during those wars, we were defending our rights to have a free Lebanon & to liberate Lebanon,we called the war that they started "war el tahrir",against who ever ignore our rights of having an independent Lebanon for the Lebanese.
Another point you raised Salim,was the fleeing of General Aoun, no knowing that General Aoun left the Baabda palace to hold a meeting in the French embassy. He went under a heavy bombardment & shelling to his convoy on the way to the French embassy. It was a miracle that he made it alive,his family was still in Baabda & they got almost killed.
General Aoun is not enjoying being in France away from his land & his people,that land he defend it by all means.
Dear Salem, without digging deep through the history of Lebanon, Lebanon is a state that got its independence in 1943. It was among the first members of the "United Nations".Many crisis in the Arab world, Israeli Arabic struggle, our leader selfishness, and many other reason had a big impact on not having a healthy free Lebanon. Now after liberating Southern Lebanon, the Lebanese are more united then any other times, let us focus on how we can help & work with all the Lebanese in Lebanon and overseas to have our beloved Lebanon gain back its independence, freedom and sovereignty by having our brothers the Syrians leave Lebanon for the sake of the two nations.
God save Lebanon for ever.
Date:Wed, 23 Mar 2001
From: Sami Samra <>  | 
Subject: one electoral constituency
Such a law, if enforced, will establish the hegemony of one faction on others in the Lebanese pluralistic society. This has been proven in the elections held in 1992, 1996, and 2000 in the South, where the two prominent Shi'a forces: Hizbullah and amal silenced all other voices, Shi'a or otherwise. The defeat of democracy is will be total with such an electoral law. I am totally against it. To provide proper democracy in a pluralistic and culturally diverse society as Lebanon, the smallest possible constituency is to be adopted, with additional checks to prohibit "large" communities to take full control of the country.
S. Samra
Date:March 23/3/2001
From:Ed Brice <
Subject:President Bush and the Free World Are the Losers!
March 23/ 2001

Hi Elias,

I would appreciate your disseminating this to all your readers,
churches, local newspapers,
Sincerely, Ed Brice
The refusal of the President Bush (or even Secretary of State Powell) to hold a private meeting with Nasrallah Peter Sfeir, Maronite Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, is tantamount to refusing a meeting with the Dalai Lama of Tibet. If it is not like denying defensive weapons to Taiwan, it is behaving like England's Neville "peace in our times" Chamberlain and like ignoring the pleas to the defunct League of Nations made by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie before World War II. The diplomatic snub of this Eastern religious leader, who was in the United States for one month and who speaks for millions in the Middle East beyond his own world-wide flock, will prove to be much more than a footnote to history. It is ominous because there are consequences --about which he could have spoken from experience-- even now being observed by Western governments in Europe, the stepping stone to America for all tolerant or intolerant political and religious ideologies .
Patriarch Sfeir did not come to America with hat in hand for a bailout in American dollars. He sought to discourage a persistent, always anti-freedom hence anti-American, political-military oppression which sometimes wears the trappings of religion. It looms nearer than the horizon, moving slowly but determinedly ahead like an incurable, silent cancer. Could little Lebanon's human and ideological enemies have penetrated America's media, educational institutions and various governmental levels and spheres of influence? The 70-year Soviet threat was inferior to what Patriarch Sfeir and his predecessors have lived through and could describe and warn about because of centuries of first-hand experience by the Eastern Church. The Maronite Patriarch speaks not only for Lebanon's Christians but for other Christians, and non-Christians like the Baha'is, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, animists, pagans who deserve to live like all of us, and yes! for freedom-loving Muslims in Lebanon and beyond. To have ignored Patriarch Sfeir, whose Church of Antioch predates the Church of Rome and was founded by Peter, is like silencing Winston Churchill. He had warned the West of an ally-turned-enemy after World War II in his "iron curtain" speech. He openly revealed Soviet long range, hostile, imperialist and domineering intentions toward us and our free way of life. It would be catastrophic if there should ever be a nearly impossible alliance between Far Eastern dictatorship and Eastern religious fanaticism. This could prove fatal to the last islands of Western Civilization in a sea of Asian intolerance. These anachronisms, which could have gone the way of the dinosaurs, still remain as symbols of Western human rights and freedoms. I am speaking of still-free Armenia, endangered and rescuable Lebanon, and the destroyed Balkan barrier to an old Ottoman-like, smothering Eastern ideology and whose NATO-recued "victims" now carry out and spread the vices of "white slavery", prostitution, drug running and gangsterism and more. We Americans do not need Far Eastern nor Middle Eastern vices and ideologies to replace our Jeffersonian principles, Bill of Rights, and Constitution. The wrongs and evils which exist in China, places in the Middle East and Africa, and are knocking at the gates of Europe should be rejected by the West, once and for all. Bravely!
Perhaps, I should believe and place more trust in the words: "Do not
be afraid!" Viva "il papa" Sfeir and his courage!
Edward J. Brice, Knight of Columbus
Journal of Maronite Studies < > Deputy Chief Editor
Tel: 703-527-4588; FAX: 703-527-0107

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 06:41:56 -0800 (PST)
From: paul moawad <>  | 
Subject: Protest

Dear Friends and Readers,
Even though I decided not to participate in discussion on this web site due to certain major changes in my previous
statements, but i have one thing to say for the sake of Lebanon and freedom. I urge everyone who believes in freedom and fight, whether he supports  General Aoun or not to stand with his brothers and sisters in the protest against the Syrians troops. I urge as well that people go and protest in front of government officials' houses.. I see that protesting in front of the Lebanese officials houses more important. I believe the problem starts with some Lebanese who have lost their dignity. I am not an Aounist but I am a freedom supporter. I hope we can also do something in the states for backing up the cause. Discussion is good but we have to raise our voice. I invite everyone for suggesting intelligent moves. I am just a freedom seeker, we shall carry our fight peacefully. Hope to hear from every freedom seeker.
For A Free United Lebanon

March 9/2001
Dear Elias Bejjani,
I have been following the ongoing debate between you and some Lebanese citizens about Lebanon and the current political and economical situation which has been effecting the Lebanese population for the last 25 years. As we all know it is due to the Syrian occupation and its involvement in the Lebanese affairs.
I have to draw some of your site's viewers attention to the fact that the current conflict in Lebanon is not only between our Christian brothers and the Syrian occupiers and ofcourse not to forget their puppet regime. But the fact is, the patriotic stand led by various  political and religious Christian groups do represents the true face and identity of the genuine Lebanese people which as a Lebanese Kurds feel we we are part of it and we don't hesitate to defend it by all peaceful means. Any racist and chauvinist ideas ( which we are experiencing now by the Syrian occupiers ) are against the existence of Lebanon, and we believe that only the genuine principles of multicultural society based on true justice, freedom of speech under the law and order of the land will be the right path towards real unity and lasting peace.
Since 1976, our party has been under severe persecution due to our stand against the Syrian involvement in Lebanon. We have been jailed, tortured, imprisoned  outlawed, and  killed. But all these barbaric methods did not deter us from what we belief in and struggle for. These sacrifices made us feel stronger then ever and it gave us the strength and determination to hold and raise the Lebanese flag wherever we are, feeding and teaching our new generations the meaning of freedom, sovereignty and independence for Lebanon.
We at KDP - Lebanon, salute and support your organization political stands, hoping you concentrate more on the Lebanese political agenda, and to show the world that the vast majority of the Lebanese people, regardless of their race or religion, are unified for one cause, and that is, freedom to Lebanon.
best wishes and kind regards
Abdul Karim Meho
General Secretary
Kurdish Democratic Party - Lebanon
From: Mari Lynn
To: Elias Bejjani/CLHRF
Dear Elias:
I am writing this letter to commend and support your very courageous attempts to focus public attention on the restoration of the freedom, independence and sovereignty of occupied Lebanon despite critics' attempts to shift attention to epiphenomenal issues. By deflecting your attention away from exposing and eradicating the hitherto hegemony of the Syrian occupation regime, those who support the brutal Syrian tutelage can trivialize the occupation's detrimental effects on its Lebanese captive.  If your uneducated, uninformed, or uncaring critics complain that you have been for the last seven years addressing the same set of national, economic, environmental and human rights topics, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to discover why. While your articles may irritate some Lebanese, I encourage you to focus on these whose hearts are with you although their voice at present is silenced due to the atmosphere of harassment and persecution in which they must struggle every day. There are many in occupied Lebanon who would love to emulate you if only they were able. I would like to commend your indefatigable spirit, your patriotism, and your integrity. I have nothing less than the highest respect, and admiration for you and all those who fight for the restoration of the sovereignty, freedom and independence of our beloved Lebanon. Your road is not an easy one, yet you choose to traverse it for all those who at present can only dream of walking it for themselves one day in total freedom.
Your struggle is Lebanon's struggle........and mine. Keep the faith, Keep the fight.
Mari Lynn

From: "albani" <>  
To: <>
Subject: general Aoun speech
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 13:06:28 +0100

The General Aoun is right. The actual people in power in Lebanon have no juridical legitimate since they do not represent the Lebanese people but Syria. They are like the puppits in France who worked with the Nazis. Those who have signed the Taëf agreement and those who are working for Syria should be sent to jail for high treason.
Dr. Jihad Albani Professor of University and member of the Central committee of the Guardians of the Cedars.

Date: Fridar 2 Mar 2001
Subject: General Aoun's interview on MTV

In respond to your questions,
I do agree totally on what general Aoun said during the interview on MTV. I beleive that the ones who should be charged and tried are those who are in charge of the lebanese government starting with Emile Lahoud.
Eleftherios Athanassiou (F.P.M. Beirut)
From: Elias Bejjani (
To: Abounehme
Dear Abounehme

Losing hope is against all religious doctrines, especially Christianity. We the Christians live on the hope of resurrection. Resurrection is not limited to the day of judgment, but covers every day of our life. I have no doubt that you love Lebanon and even worship its cause, or otherwise you would not have fought and put yourself in danger and jeopardized your future. I also agree with you that most of our politicians and even most of our clergymen are corrupted, but not all of them. We still have few patriotic leaders who are honest, trustworthy, authentic and devoted to the peoples' cause. Personally I see General Aoun as one of those few leaders, although he was not successful in liberating the country when he was in power. At least he had the honor of attempting and believe me he did what any saint would have done put in the same situation and circumstances at that time.  I respect your point of view in this regard, it is your right to like or not to like a certain leader, but history will for sure put every one of them in the place where he belongs to. We can not lose hope, or otherwise we will be extinct, confused and marginalized.
Yes, we have tons of problems that range from feudalism to sectarianism, but this is our society at the present time, a very traumatic reality. Meanwhile taking an indifferent   approach is not going to correct or treat any of these problems. Life is full of problems and there is not one country in the world that is problem free. I personally believe we should look on the positive side and try to build on it instead of isolating ourselves and leave the corrupted leaders and foreigners control and run our live. Every Lebanese should be involved in politics...I remember this saying for the late Sheik Mohammed Shams-Eddine: "politics is our daily bread and the air that we breath. If we do not involve ourselves with its game , others will do and dictate on us their pattern of life".
We all know that our devastating chronic national problems are not going to be solved overnight, and definitely not through magic or miracles. We have to be make the miracles happen, if miracles are what we need. We should make them happen through devotion, sacrifice, faith, tolerance and hope. I might sound dreaming in my process of thinking, but why not, dreams after all are a kind of positive and hopeful thinking. It is clear that both of us share a great deal of  patriotic convictions, but the difference lies in the fact that you have lost hope, and I did not. I love Gobran's and agree with each and every word he said because he personifies the Lebanese mentality and life pattern.. But Gobran did not lose hope or otherwise he would not have painted or written any of his marvelous books. He identified the problems and proposed solutions for them. This is exactly what every Lebanese should do now. Believe me the majority of the Lebanese are patriotic people and would die for their country, although their perspective to what is Lebanon might differ. They all share their love for freedom and democracy. Look what is happening now in Lebanon, even Jumblat, Hussieni, Karami, Wakim, Hawi (all fought to destroy the State of Lebanon) are vocal against the Syrian occupation and are openly opposing the puppet Syrian installed regime.
I do not blame you for being frustrated and hopeless, but the country that you fought for in 1976 still needs you. Forget about all the leaders, they are not Lebanon. Lebanon is you, me and every Lebanese who wants to live in peace and yarns for self-respect and dignity. Let us join forces with the "silent majority" and create the kind of leaders we want, the kind of leaders that represent our hopes, ambitions and personify our dignity.
I invite you to put your thought in articles ( I will publish them on the LCCC and CLHRF) to enlighten others and open a dialogue with all the Lebanese who care and are looking for salvation.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Date:Thursday 1/3/2001
From:Sam Abounehme
Subject: Lebanon and its leaders
Dear Mr. Bejjani
Excuse me for being so blunt telling the truth as it stands. But you did not discuss the points and issues I have raised. All I hear is the nice and meaningless words from you and others. You asked me what did I do to my country and I will tell you that back in 1976 I fought with Tahan with the Lebanese Army, I was a supporter of the Lebanese Forces and Bashir, I was a big supporter of Mr. Aoun, I was a supporter of any thing that has to do with Lebanon. After I finished my studies in Canada, I went back to Lebanon to open a business there and that's when I started to dig out for the truth and reality. That's when I realized the things I talked about. I come from a small village which numbers about 300 people, half Maronites, half Catholics. There are over 5000 people of us living overseas. Up to this date even among the young generation both sides hate each other and they will do anything to hurt each other. When the slightest problem arises between themselves whom do you think they will call for assistance? the Syrians of course! When Hozballah invaded our village and occupied our houses guess who they ( Hozballah ) got assistance from? This is the mentally I was talking about and that's why I lost hope, but I have not lost my love to Lebanon. With the same token, Lebanon in general, Christians and Maronites in particular were dealt a crashing defeat which came at the hands of the Maronites. Let's call a spade a spade. Mr. Souki was the only person on this site who has stated the facts although I disagree with him about the notion of a Druze homeland . If we don't sit down and confess our sins and I repeat, what I said yesterday: If we keep on blaming everybody else but ourselves, my dear Elias WE ARE GOING NO WHERE. Enough sweet words about how much we love our beloved Lebanon. when we insist on destroying the nation in order to ripe personal benefits. We are a feudal society and feudalism is implanted in our genes.
I repeat, the Lebanon we know now has never been a true nation, and when I say that, I don't mean that I hate my country. It has always been occupied by one or more outside powers and every group in Lebanon was protected by an outside power and we loved it. And fighting among different sects was going on all the time. Mr. Bajjani, let's not deny that there is no cohesion of any kind between the different parties even among Maronites themselves, the Shiites themselves, etc, let alone among Lebanese. We have in Lebanon way more people who have sworn the legion to other countries than those to Lebanon. Those plaques on the Kalb river should serve as a wakening call to all of us, they should serve as a reminder to us that, as the Jews put it " never ever again ".  You can't build a future if you don't look at the past and learn from it. Gebran was no fool, he knew exactly what he was talking about. If you look at our culture, it is all imported, it is either Turkish, French, American, Arabian, Iranian etc or a mixture thereof, and there is nothing wrong with that. Did you know that our dabky is Turkish? It is always good trying to be the best, but not the worst. What have we been importing lately? That's what Gebran meant when he said "Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own winepress. "When the war between Aoun and Gagea erupted what did the Lebanese in Canada for example do? They split themselves along two lines, and they even brought their fight to our sacred church, without any body stopping to think that the two men might both be wrong and that they are who dealt the last and fatal blow to what was left of Lebanon and the Christians. By the way, when I say " we " I am referring to the society in general, and not individuals as you might have thought. In every society there good people and bad people although the ratios differ. And in order to understand what I am talking about just go back to Lebanon or any Arab country for that matter and live there. In my opinion a nation or a society that disrespect and mistreat its own citizens, deserves not to exist. One last thing, I am not trying to discourage you or anybody else from working for the cause of Lebanon, just thought that things should be looked at from a different perspective. And I must say Mr. Bajjani that you are doing a fine job, keep up the good work.

Subject: General Aoun's MTV interview
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2001

The first part of the interview did not impress me at all. I could tell that he is not coming clean about the money issue, specifically those monies that me and you sent to him. The other part is not so bad, but knowing politicians in general and Lebanese ones in particular, I have no faith in what he said, he lost my support long time ago, especially when he left his army behind to be massacred while he went on to enjoy himself in France. I have not forgotten his fiery speeches at the people's palace, only to see him fleeing with the sound of the first bullet buzzing by him. If he had then showed the same courage and determination as he did with Lebanese Forces ( I am no supporter of anyone by the way ) we and Lebanon might have been in a better situation right now.
From: Elias Bejjani (
To: Abounehme
Dear Abounehme

You sound very angry, frustrated and apparently lost hope. If you are really Lebanese in spirit and mind, definitely you would have looked not only on the dark side. The Lebanese are not angles, nor saints. They are human beings like every body else in this world. Yes they have committed a lot mistakes, but they were and still are fuel for the war of others in their country. I hope you read history a little more deeper...because if you do, you will find that the Lebanese gave the world more then any body else in every domain. We have 6000 years of rich history and deeply rooted civilization that you should be very proud of. At the same time it not true at all that Lebanon was never a was always a nation and a nation it will remain, by God's help, till the day of judgment. You should be aware of the fact that Lebanon and despite all the negative unfolding events since 1975 is still your country, the country of your grandfathers. Accordingly it is your duty, as a Lebanese to participate in its rescuing efforts. It is very easy to preach and quote from Gibran and others, but ask your self what did you do to change the course of disintegration that has been inflicted on your people? Being civilized does not mean that you should have no identity, no religion and negate you peoples' 6000 years of struggle and heroism. Still more being proud of your roots, be Phoenician, Arabic or Armenian, does not make you a bad Lebanese at all. The Lebanese proverb says: "if you do not have history, you can't work for the future, and if you do not have roots you can not sand in the face of storms"
Let us all free ourselves from the many false perceptions implanted in our minds by the Israelis and Syrian regime:
We are not responsible for the wars of others that ruined our country, we were its fuel,
Both the Syrian regime and the Israelis worked hand by hand to destroy our country and still do,
We are Lebanese of different roots, Phoenician, Armenian, Turkish, Arabic etc..We are not all Arabs and not all Phoenicians, we not of one origin. The Arabs want us to be only Arabs because the majority of the existing Arabic regimes do not represent their people and have no tolerance at all.
Lebanon was a nation before the Arabs invaded the region. The Lebanese have maintained their unique and distinguishable identity despite all the hardships, and will
struggle to do so as long as they can breath.
It is not true at all that we were taught lies...we learn what we choose to learn.
If some politicians are corrupted this does not mean that all of them are so. We have now, and have had great politicians and devoted politicians and leaders.
Feeling guilty is not a good remedy for Lebanon's problems...We should identity our problems and then join forces to formulate appropriate solutions for them.
The main problem at the present time is the Syrian occupation. This is where all the efforts should focus. I hope every Lebanese will ask himself what he/she can do to help in solving this devastating problem instead of being frustrated, angry and hopeless. Hope is the magic word, let us not lose hope.
God Bless you and bless all those who believe in witnessing for the truth.
Date:Wednesday 28 Feb 2001 1
From:Sam Abounehme
Subject: Lebanon and the Arabs
How shall I start and what shall I say?! How can I describe the fact that I belong to people proud of their past without being ashamed of their present, or worried about their future? People busy arguing which occupation army is better and which one is our friend! "
My friends and my road-fellows, pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion. "Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own winepress. "Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful. "Pity the nation that raises not its voice save when it walks in a funeral, boasts not except among its ruins, and will rebel not save when its neck is laid between the sword and the block. "Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking. "Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting, and farewells him with hooting, only to welcome another with trumpeting again. "Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation." Kahlil Gibran
If you study the history of Lebanon, there is nothing in particular to be proud of except the ancient ruins and the Kalb River.Is this what you want me proud of?? The land that forms Lebanon today was never a nation or a country. It always was and still is and will be for a long time a fragmented society let alone a nation, like the rest of the Arab world. As years and months pass by, our society, our religions, our notion of life, freedom and human values are leading us deeper and deeper into the dark ages.
I feel strongly that when Arab countries were under the mandate, they were a lot more civilized than they are now. We all still have the Bedouin mentality that existed 2000 years ago, and why not? all what we care about is raiding and raping our neighbors when the rest of the world is raping us. Damm any Lebanese think that we are more civilized than the rest of the Arabs. Expensive clothing, cars, houses Bonjour, Bonsoir do not lend themselves to civility. Don't look far to discover this. Our politicians had turned our country into a farm, into a dictatorship, they started distorting the country since the first day of independence. And who are the politicians? Their behavior, attitude and actions only is a reflection of ours.
For God's sake, if we could not build a civilized country in 50 years or so, why on earth will we build one now after we lost everything. I read the posted articles on this site and see that nothing had changed to our mentality. The Maronite nation, the Phoenicians , The Moslem country, the Syrians Etc. My dear friends, let me tell you something, and nobody loves Lebanon more than I do, that unless we change the way we think and unless we are taught how nations are built, unless we all come to reality and stop lying to ourselves and others, and unless we stop blaming everybody else for our miseries, except ourselves, my dear friends WE ARE GOING NO WERE, and better forget about Lebanon and the whole issue. I have never heard a follow Lebanese putting the blame on themselves. It is always the Israelis, the Syrians, the Americans, the imperialists!!! Never had any one of us stopped to think about the issue. For generations we have been taught lies and ignorance and selfishness to a point that they are part of our culture.
My fellow Lebanese, there is nobody else to blame but ourselves, who have sold the neighbor, the village in which they grew up, the nation we were supposed to build. Why would you blame Assad for doing good for his country and his tribes, why would you blame Israel for doing what it did when everything they did was for the sake of their country which by the way was established after Lebanon's independence. I come from Bekaa, and I want to tell you that the Lebanese Government never treated us as being part of Great Lebanon, the country they are proud of, or so what they tell us, the same thing goes for the south,
which they vowed to liberate from the Zionists,( good thing, we should thank Israel for reminding us that The South is part of Lebanon). Here we are still dickering whether we are Phoenicians or Arabs, or French at a time when we have no more nation to argue about.
God bless you all and please remember what Gebran thought of us.
From: Elias Bejjani
To: Antoun Haddad & Paul Moawad
I would like to thank you both for taking part in the debate that has been going on for few weeks. I believe we have covered all its aspects and explained our points clearly and in a lengthy pattern. It is now for the viewers to decide what to take, or what to ignore from all that was said. It is clear that Mr. Haddad who is a strong believer in The Saadi ideology is not going to join forces with me, the worshiper of the 10452km square concept, and vise versa. I really admire Mr. Haddad's perseverance that was exhibited...I am sure Mr. Haddad, you believe in what you preach, but the party that you are talking about does not exist in reality. The current SSNP is more Baathi, then the Baathi party itself, and more opportunist then the Syrian regime. I have read a lot about Saadi's and dwelled in depth in his  theories, and sorry to say they are all not applicable, although many people think otherwise. I am not going to go in details, but if you are an SSNP believer, you can not be a Lebanese. I mean a Lebanese who honors the 10452 km square concept, the distinguishable Lebanese identity or the deeply rooted Lebanese history. In fact the SSNP has assassinated the two most prominent Lebanese leaders, Riad Al-Soleh and Bachir Jomayel and most probably many others. This party has helped the Syrian sectarian regime to occupy Lebanon and still acts as its spearhead for subordinating the Lebanese people. It claims to be secular and still forms collations with religious groups and parties. The current SSNP has nothing to do with Saadi or his doctrines. It is a party that is taking advantage of the Syrian occupation and acting accordingly in every aspect. Could any body tell me what is the difference between the SSNP, Baath,  Najadi, Rabat Al-Shakeli, Munir Al-Hajj's Kataeb etc...There is no difference at all, they all work under the Syrian regime umbrella and take orders from Anjar. The SSNP has been an active member in all the Hariri corrupted governments and accordingly all Saadi's theories were negated and ignored. The bitter reality is that all the parties that collaborate with the Syrian regime are not working for Saadi or Bachir or Lebanon, they are serving the master that appointed them in their positions. In my modest opinion the SSNP has nothing to do with Saadi and  Great Syria is a big dream that will never ever become a reality. Saadi's Great Syria died with him and no body can revive it.
Dear Paul: I know you are angry, because I have changed certain sentences in your last reply, but believe me the meaning was not changed.  Accordingly I can consider Mr. Haddad's response  to be addressed to me and not to you. Dear Paul, You did very well and I hope you will be participating in future debates.
I am going to propose the Syrian presence or occupation, no difference as a new topic. Should the Syrians leave? Is there any danger if they leave? Do we need a new Parliamentary election to bring legitimate MP's? What will be the fate of Hizbollah?
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From: Antoun Haddad
To: Ongoing debate/Paul Moawad
Dear Paul

I haven't tried to evade your questions;  I've only made some assumption about your reasoning ability knowledge in domains of history, politics, sociology,etc Therefore, I've considered some of those questions as trivial and are used for the sake of the debate. Well, it seems I've been wrong.  However, before I give you some answers, I want you to understand something:  it is not good for an educated man (....) to drive judgements so lightly and so irrationally.  This have been the case with you when you linked Saadah to feudalism.  What Saadah has to do with feudalism?  What do you know about Saadah?  I want you to ask yourself these questions, think conscientiously and then convince yourself with the answers you've found.  Also, you consider that Saadah's ideology as obsolete; What do you know about Saadah's ideology?  It seems very little, because all you think of is great Syria, united Syria etc,..Saadah's ideology is a comprehensive one, based on his outlook to life and the meaning behind it.  The national and social issues dominates it, because of his belief in his people, its history, its ability and the great potential that it has.  He waked up to see that mentality of this people was torn apart by more than 500 years of the Ottoman domination and oppression.  That was why he thought of a way out and, therefore, ended in founding the SSNP.  I don't know how much you know about the SSNP history, but I encourage you to do that, because you might find yourself there.  As for the great Syria, the fertile crescent, Souria, or whatever you like to call it, is an geographical and historical reality.  This is what every professional researcher of history finds when he/she does an honest and comprehensive research.  This was what Sarah himself did.   He, the Orthodox, was not trying to flatter the Muslims in this region or to upset the Christians.  He saw the historical, sociological, anthropological, ethnological facts and built on them.  He was truthful with himself, his followers, and his people.  Because of this truthfulness, he chose to die instead of escaping despite the many requests from many of his close assistants.  He faced his death with utmost courage.  Yes, his party now doesn't look like the one he intended it to be; this because its members are from this people, our people, some are strong, some are weak and some are prone for corruption.  I am not fond of those who are in the leadership now.    They lack too many the things that true believers in Saadah's ideology would have.  The civil war, the money has corrupted some of them, but nevertheless, The majority of SSNP members are still honest, still leading the struggle in so many ways and still determined to continue it.  Yes, we are not effective to the degree of uniting our people and realizing our targets that soon;  but we still are in middle of the action in our country;
we still able to make so many vital contributions towards our cause.  As for Cyprus, I can tell you that it is a historical, geographical and, to a certain extent, an ethnological fact.  Nothing is a political fact in the whole mainland Syria now; so it is surprising that Cyprus is no exception.  We preach the unity of our people, but show me how it is united now? 
Sectarianism, localism, tribalism, corrupted individualism, nepotism, sadism(!) and all what keeps people apart, are dominating the soul of most of us now.  We know well what is ahead of us; we are not naive; so we will try to do our best.  We are not in a hurry; if our people wants to choose a way out towards a brighter future, it will find us here walking ahead of the troops.  It is the people's choice, and if we seek victory we seek it to our people and with it and against it.  So let's talk about uniting our people rather than worrying about Cyprus now.  As about Asaad Hirdan, I don't know what assassinations you are talking about; Asaad was a courageous fighter on many occasions, if you have something against him tell us about it.  I am upset with Asaad for different reasons; he is eluded by money,
palaces, political status; well, I and many of Saadah followers don't believe that we should have any part in this political business, such as having some MP's, or participating in a government. If governments are rushing towards the so called "peace", and if we are part of these governments, this means that we agree on what is happening.  This contradicts the very existence of the SSNP.  So, you see we have our differences in the SSNP, but Saadah and his ideology has nothing to do with that.  It is us; but we will keep fighting for a better performance from our part.  Paul, I don't thing you are serious about about this  trend of the world towards
parting, otherwise, in which category would you put the European Union?  We have the right to be upset, angry, bitter and even rebellious; but this shouldn't affect our rationality and judgement. In a previous posting you suggested that we change the subject of the debate; my dear, I don't like debating for the sake of it;  I know
where you stand; you know where I stand.  If I've participated in this forum it's just to show, first, that dialogue is possible and welcomed, and, second, to
emphasize some points.  So my participation in any further discussion in the future depends on how attractive the discussion will be.  Here, we need honesty, love, cooperation and plenty of courage; any contribution is welcomed.
From:"Antoun Haddad" <>   
The ongoing debate/ To Rayyan Souki
Date:Friday 23 Feb 2001
Dear Rayyan Souki
I have no doubt about your extensive reading; but it seems to be the kind that satisfy your sectarian appetite.  It doesn't matter if you read history or not, what matters is to understand history in a rational way.  The way you look at the achievements of many great Druze men will never diminish or negate the respect and admiration that most of our people have towards them.  I doubt you can find few Druze who agree with you on all matters you presented so far.  Apparently you did not comprehend that it wasn't the Druze population figures that made me predict their extinction. Meanwhile my prediction did not stem from any sectarian or hatred feelings too. The rationalization behind my prediction will become evident in the course of this message.
It is very untrue when you consider the Druze as an ethnic group.  Remember that some of the contemporary Druze have nothing to do with the rest of the Druze ethnic wise. For example the Jumblat family were not basically Druze (they come from a Turkmen Sunni family), and yet the Druze invited and accepted them to the Druze religion. The Jumblats never wrote "evidences" (contract) on themselves like what the rest of the Druz claim. This was simply because they had no existence in the region before they converted to the Druze faith.  Moreover the Jumblat family is leading the Druze today. Currently Walid Jumblat is the leader and his successor will be his son Taymour, although Taymour's mother is not a Durzi.  In facts, all Walid's wives are not Druze. Yes interbreeding was one factor for the survival of the Druze during the last 1000 years. But this is NOT  THE CASE ANYMORE.  If your name is what you claim it is, then I refer you to the many intermarriages among the Souki family.  Man, I  know people from Nakoura to the Large river;  I know what is going on.  There is a great number of such marriages that have resulted in thousands of such off springs.
The question is: Are they accept among the Druze religion or would be considered outsiders (....)?  Who can have a say in this on behalf of the "saluted and blessed Five Dimensions"?  Who can replace  the "Sir of  the Mind" in determining such things?  If you are ready to accept people from outside the religion, then you'll have no problem and forget about what I've said in my previous answer.  If not, then you have to start looking in my prediction very seriously.   Another thing; But PLEASE DO NOT EVER THINK THAT I AM TRYING TO OFFEND OR UNDERMINE ANYBODY HERE,  if  you look at the Druz clergymen, you see another cause for concern. Unlike the case with every other religion, the great majority of the Druz clergymen are not educated, uninformed and do not comprehend what is going around them.
I will leave the answer regarding your claim about Moses, the Jews, and how the Druze look at them to the Druze believers themselves to respond.  I am sure once they read what you wrote, you will have their appropriate reaction..
One more thing, I am sorry to say you seem superficial  in regards to how the Jews look at all other religions.  It it clear that you did not have any real actual experience with them. Listen to this anecdote from an actual witness:  In 1982-1983, when the Israelis (Jews) were pessimistic about reaching any peace treaty with Lebanon, they started to instigate Druze against Christians and vice versa.  for example in the Chouf region, A Druze village would be surrounded by Christian "enemies" and a Christian village would be surrounded by Druze "enemies". No one from either village would be able obtain a liter of kerosene or a bag of flour without the help of the Israelis who would show each group how nice they were with them.  The Israelis prepared very well for the spread of grudges that led to the armed confrontation later on.
Another example: A Lebanese Forces military vehicle was shot one night at the Choueifat town. The militia members left it, and managed their way out safely to the near by Kfarsheema. In the morning, the Druze militia found the vehicle and burned it in the middle of the road.  As it was burning an Israeli jeep and tank passed by and witnessed what was going on.  When they reached Kfarsheema, the Lebanese Forces militia members asked them if they have seen their vehicle.  They told them that they did, and asked them to go and tow it back.  Five of them drove another vehicle and headed to Choueifat, when hen they arrived there, they knew what fate the Israelis wanted for them. 
No, do not conclude, that the Israelis (Jews) hated Christians and loved Druze, listen to this.  When the Israeli forces withdrawn from Alley region, the last Israeli car left Choueifat  at 5:15 am sharp.  They were ready also to withdraw from  the Chouf region at the same time, but they didn't. you know why?   Because they wanted to make sure that the Druze fighters in the Chouf region would not be able to help their fellow fighters in Al-Shahhar Al-Gharbi, where they planned a massacre in Kfarmatta. 
At 5: PM the same day the Israeli withdrew from the Chouf after they were certain the massacre had actually occurred.  They new well that blood beseech blood.  The devastating confrontation started and as you can see it was instigated, orchestrated and executed by the Israelis (Jews).
I hate to find myself dragged to this kind of debate.  The issue here is not the Druze, the Christians or any sect.  It is the decent survival of all of us, our freedom,  dignity, self-esteem,  respect and sovereignty.  That is why I'll highlight these  facts:
1.Yes, the USA is the world's supper power and can destroy any country it wants..
2.Yes, Israel is a nuclear country and can destroy all the Arab world, but I wonder how the Israelis will survive after that.
3. What I want you to know, that we have our dignity, our self-esteem and we will keep using our flesh to fight until either we reclaim all our rights (all Palestine) or die.   At least you still have your dignity and self-esteem. We are here, will stay where we are and we shall do our best.
Antoun Haddad


Date: Tuesday, 21 Feb 2001
From: paul moawad <>  
Subject: Dear Antoun Haddad

Dear Antoun
Thanks you for your reply, although I do not agree at all with its twisted content. Dear Antoun it very clear that you read a lot, but definitely you retain and understand what you want only, and what suits your ideology. I am unable to understand why you are bringing issues that I didn't raise, and still not responding to numerous questions you were asked . First, does your ideology teach you to be evasive and manipulative and answer questions with non related questions when asked what links Syrians, Lebanese and others? Second, you didn't address the Cyprus entity in your ideology, are you unable to defend it?
Moreover, I didn't say that Saint Maroun wasn't from Syria, and so what is your point   (stay rational and professional rather than emotional).
Open your eyes, do you believe Syria made a favor by defending the Christians, and by the way who told you that? No body defended the Christians, they fought for themselves. Syrians cane to Lebanon to serve their own expansionism agenda. Late president Assad declared this face himself in one of his speeches. He said: "we entered Lebanon without asking any body to protect the Palestinian revolution and to safeguard Syria (Assad's speech at the Damascus University) In Politics there are no Favors, only personal interest. I believe others already explained this matter, refer to Mr. Bejjani's or Mr. souki's responses.  I asked you about the assassination issue related to Mr. "Assaad Herdan", you didn't answer and pretended as if the matter was not raised!!! .What is your problem?
In regards to the foreign labor, no body would be against it where it is legislated and controlled as the situation in all countries that abide by the law. Do you know that the 1.5 million Syrian workers do not pay any taxes while the Lebanese do? Still these workers who invade every section of Lebanon's labor market, utilize to the maximum and even abuse all the Lebanese services? For heaven sack, use your senses and be honest at least with yourself, who could tell the Syrians workers to leave while their regime occupies the whole country and appoints our officials including the three presidents, Parliament, Ministers, Army leadership, etc?
Mr. Antoun, how could you still believe in your ideology, don't you see that it is obsolete and outdated. None of the old Political Ideologies are applicable in Lebanon, not Great Syria, Federalism, Maronite State, Druz state or others . The world at the present is driven by one force, and that is Economy. 
Finally how come you allege I see only a small part, while you see the whole image? How could this be possible when you are a prisoner of your outdated ideology  when I am free, open minded and not affiliated to any political ideology, and not worshiping as you do, political and feudal figures like Antoun Saade and others?
You live in the past, blinded to what goes around you, ignoring facts, phatasizing and day dreaming because you still strongly believe that "Great Syria" is a logical and applicable objective to pursue.
My Dear friend, no body does favors in politics for free. No one is asking for a Maronite or Whatever nation, I never mentioned that, and it is time to wake up and detach yourself from everything that was taught to you. I respect your ideology, but it is obsolete, open your eyes, we are in the 21st century. You ought to stop believing that your party, that has become many parties, and abandoned Saadi's doctrine totally, can unite the fertile crescent countries. Any sensible men would laugh when  you still delude yourselves that Cyprus, the Crescent's Star"  is still included in your unification dream.
Mr. Antoun you are right about one thing, we all have to stand up and fight for Lebanon, but let us identify the enemy and list our fighting priorities. Now after Israel has withdrawn from the South, and soon will leave Shabaa Farms, don't you think that we should join forces and make the Syrians leave also, and put an end to their savage  hegemony over our people and country? let us deal with this priority. Meanwhile every man is entitled for freedom and respect... The struggle will continue till our country is independent and free again. Be Lebanese and only Lebanese.
Yours truly
From: "rayyan souki" <>
Subject: CONCERNING THE DEBATE..My response to Mr. Antoun Haddad

Dear Mr. Haddad:
First of all, I was expecting a decent reply supplemented by examples and evidences on my posting, but I didn't receive that.
I will try to answer the questions that you have addressed:
1-The Druze will survive.They have been living in the region for more than a millennium. If you look at the Druze population figures living in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel you will see that they have been increasing. The proof for this goes as follows:
Druze population in Syria:  440,000(1996) 3% of population Source: 1997 Britannica Book of the Year. Pg. 781-783
Druze population in Lebanon 250,000(1996) around 7% of population Source:1997 Britannica Book of the Year. Pg. 781-783.
Druze population in Israel & the Golan: Around 100,000.  So the TOTAL is around: 790,000. The Catholic Encyclopedia puts the total number of Druze at 750,000.
You can compare these figures with other sources such as CIA  Fact book 2000, and The Library of Congress Publications. According to the latter source, the population of Druze in Syria was 318,000 in 1988......I quote: " In 1988 there were approximately 318,000 Druze citizens in Syria and 182,000 in Lebanon. Including the Druze population of the Golan Heights, annexed by Israel in December 1981, there were about 72,000 Druzes in Israel. This number represented a large increase from the 1948 population of about 13,000. Besides the Golan Heights, in the late 1980s Druzes lived in seventeen villages in Galilee and around Mount Carmel. Of these, nine were all Druze and the rest mixed, mostly with Christian Arabs."...end quote..
So as you can see,we have been increasing. The demographic problem is not with us, but with the Christians (all denominations) who were estimated by the CIA Fact book 2000 to make 30% of the Lebanese Population.. I don't know the source of your information, but I guess you are not more Knowledgeable than the CIA, Library of Congress, and the Encyclopedia Britannica!
2-Druzism is not only a religion. Its an ethnic and racial identity. Because of inner breeding and the reluctance to intermarry with outsiders,The Druze faith was transformed into an ethno-religious entity. We have become a big extended family sharing the same gene pool. For this reason, we are able to resist extinction. (The Jews share a similar view of themselves).
3-It is true that  we have been a minority all our lives. We lost politically in Lebanon because the establishment of "Greater Lebanon', which included 4 districts that weren't part of the "Mutasserifia", altered the demographic and religious balance in the country in favor of the Sunnis and Shiis. Moreover, we were separated from our brethren in Syria and Israel. Another factor that caused our political "retreat" in Lebanon, is our lack of a foreign  "outside" supporter.  The Maronites have France (the beloved Mother) and the Vatican; The Metwalli Shiis have Iran; The Sunnis had first the Ottoman Empire, then Egypt, and currently Saudi Arabia with all its petrodollars. We have no one. There is a saying among the Druze that really explains this point very clearly: "We always win the military battles but lose the political ones."
4-Its true that the the Israeli Druze were mistreated by the Sunni Muslims. The Sunnis consider us as "heretics".We also don't have a very favorable view about them. Many elements actually drove the Druze and the Jews together, among them :
a-We, as Druze, never fought with the Jews. We have battled,through our long history, the Sunni Ottomans and their Lebanese and Syrian cronies, the Metwalli Shii (We expelled them from Jezzine, for example.), the Christian Maronites and their French Protectors,and the Egyptian Army of Muhammad Ali Basha.
b-Both the Jews and Druze consider the Sunnis as a mutual enemy. The Sunnis, according to their religious tradition, believe that when the day of judgement comes, the Jews will hide behind rocks. The rocks will speak:"Oh Muslim! A Jew is standing behind me, come on and Kill him!!" They also believe that the Druze should be treated as infidels. So we follow the golden rule:"My enemy's enemy is my friend."
c-The condition of the Druze minority in Israel under the rule of the Jews is one million times better than their condition under the rule of the Palestinian Sunnis.
d-The Druze are rationalistic. Israel was established to stay. Forget all about the Muslim rhetoric about throwing the Jews in the Mediterranean sea. The Zionist state, that is an atomic country can finish all Arabs and Muslims and transform their residential and industrial centers into "sand powder". The Israeli acquisition of atomic, thermo-nuclear,and neutron bombs has altered the confrontation nature in the Middle East. Now, its the 
"generosity of the Jews" and the "Oil interests of the US" that is keeping the Arabs well and  alive.
e-There are many "circumstantial" similarities between Jews and Druze, like:
1-Both are minorities and have been exposed to persecution.
2-Both left Egypt (Jews with Moses and the Druze after the Fatamid rule of Al-hakim) and entered the Promised land.
3-The Druze look at Jethro (Moses's father in law) as one of their major prophets.
4-The Druze respect a lot the prophets of the Old Testament: Job(whose "maqam" is in Niha-Chouf),Solomon, David...etc
f-The Druze don't  pose an "existential" threat to the Jewish State.They have proved to be loyal and well disciplined soldiers.
g-If the Jewish state falls, both Druze and Jews will suffer from Sunni retaliation.
5-Sultan Basha Al-Atrash fought the French because they violated the internal autonomy of Jabal-Al-Druze in Syria. After The death of Salim Al-Atrach,  The Druze weren't able to agree on a successor, so the French appointed one of their officers as a governor.This arrogant officer,tried to rule the Jabal directly denying the Druze the autonomy they enjoyed. This action and the mistreatment by General Sarraille of the Druze delegation, led to the 1925 war in Syria. In 1941,The victorious British decided to back King Abdullah of Jordan and asked Sultan Basha to join Syria. Sultan accepted because the British were secretly supporting him. This is the story of Sultan Al-Atrash. (BTW,when the Druze attacked Damascus during their uprising, the Sunnis declined to help them in their struggle saying:"Its a  war between the Druze and the French. Let them Finish each other.!"
The Maronites in Hasbaya and Rashaya sided with the French and murdered many Lebanese Druze who were helping their brothers.
6-Kamal Jumblat died because he didn't understand the Syrian involvement with the Americans. He wanted to achieve a military victory over the Kataeb and take the presidency. This position wasn't permitted by the US because America didn't want to see a leftist (and a Soviet Union sympathizer) as  president. The USA didn't  want also to see the Palestinians make Lebanon a base that can be used to sabotage their strategy in achieving an Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Jumblat crossed the red line when he started to instigate the Sunni Syrians against the Alawi regime. Hafez  Al-Assad retaliated with "Brute Force" as Patrick Seal (Assad Biographer)puts it.
7-No, I Don't  see that Kamal Jumblat, Antoun Saadah, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Shiek Hassan Nasrallah,  Sheik Mohammed Fadlalah, and many others as strong examples for positive change.What I see is more and more sectarianism and religious fanaticism.
8-BTW, the Shii and the Alawis are the closest friends. During the late 1970's, Hafez Al-Assad asked Musa Al-Sadr,the Shiite Iranian-Lebanese cleric,to issue a "fatwa" saying that Alawis (who worship Ali) are part of the twelver Shiism. Assad wanted that in order to confront the "Muslim Brotherhood's" claims about the Nusayri (Alawi) faith. As-Sadr approved and issued the "fatwa". Since then, a special relationship was established between the 2 groups.This explains why Berri has always been appointed speaker of the house since the beginning of the Taef era, and why the Metwaali Shiis have been living their "Golden times".
If the Syrians withdraw from Lebanon, (this is highly un-probable unless the Alawis loose power or the Americans threaten to use their big stick), the Sunni, Maronite, and Druze will try to change the "status-quo" and this might lead to a new civil war.
9-The Arab world, as I have said before, is divided across racial, ethnic,and religious lines.This is the reality. All the other theories are baseless. In Lebanon which was described by a western reporter as the "only remaining satellite state in the world", the Shiis, Sunnis,and Maronites(and to a lesser extent the Greek Orthodox and the Druzes)are fighting for political and economical privileges. All differences are resolved by the Syrians who are the real power brokers in the country.
In Syria, the Alawis who compromise 12% of the population are dominating the country.They have done so by bloody and violent means. More than 25,000 Sunni Moslems were massacred in Hama during the Muslim Brotherhood uprising in the early 1980's. The Alawi iron fist is still strong but no one knows how will the Sunnis retaliate if the regime collapses. After all, the Alawi presence at the top of the country for more than 30 years is exceptional and, in my opinion, temporary. One western reporter commented on that by saying"For an Alawi to become president of Syria, is the same as an untouchable becoming a Mahraja in India or a Jew becoming the Czar of Russia!"
In Iraq, the elitist Sunni Arab minority, that compromises 15% of the population dominats the Arab Shii majority that make 60% of the population and (freedom seeking Kurds) the Kuds  that make 20% of the population.These policies have been implemented through brutal means. Gassing, bombing, shooting and torturing political dissidents is the norm in Iraq.This country, with its ancient civilization, always breeds dictators of the Nebucazznasser type.
In Sudan, the Sunni "Arab" are subjecting northern Sudani atheist and Christian to all types of inhumane measures such as: forced starvation, rape, enslavement, bombing, and coerced conversion to Islam. Since the early 1980's, two million Sudanis were killed in the on going religious conflict.
In Saudi Arabia ,the corrupt, Wahhabi Saudi royal family,dominates the riches of this vast oil-rich country. All political opposition is crushed with no mercy.The Shii minority ,that lives in the eastern region , is subjected to all brutal types of oppression.
In Algeria,The military junta, headed by brutal and despotic Generals, sends the "death squads" to punish any person who sympathizes with the fundamentelistic,Islamic movements. Massacres are committed in the most heinous ways and "opposers" get mutilated, burned,shot or slaughtered. The number of people killed is in the tens of thousands.
In Kuwait, an oil company that is "owned" by the Sabah clan who are known for their lavishness life and nepotism,  are subjecting more than 100,000 "Bedouin" (without an ID)to all types of discrimination and oppression.
In Yemen, the Zaidi sect incollaboration with the Ahmar and Hashed clans, control the country with an iron fist. After unification, the southern Shafii Sunni Muslim and their co-religionists in the north, were disposed of all political powers.
In Morocco,the brutal Alide dynasty rules the country with extreme force. In addition to denying the "Amazeeg" their cultural and linguistic rights, the regime frequently resorts to illegal arrests and torture of political opponents. These actions are undertaken in desert jails where the basic necessities of human life are absent.
In Oman, the peacock-like Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed controls the country with his Ibadi (Khawarej) Muslim brothers.The oppression in this "Sultanate" is directed towards the Sunni Muslim minority of Dhofar. In the 1970's a leftist-Dhofari-Sunni rebellion was terminated when the Shah of Iran Mohammed Reda Pahlavi sent his troops to finish the Job. The Americans where the ones who sent their "Iranian Boy" to the rescue of the Sultan.
In Egypt,the Coptic Christian minority is under continuos religious and social pressures from 2 sides:the central government and the fanatic Muslim fundamentalists.The building of churches, the conducting of missionary activities, the conversion of Muslims to Christianity are all prohibited. In addition to that, the Copts are subjected to frequent shootings and killings by Islamic movements in the Saeed region.The Coptics are not the only ones suffering. Any opposition against America's puppet, Hosni Mubarak is dealt with in "the most radical  ways." The list goes on and on.....
I think you should wake up and be rational. This is the 21st Century and these are the facts. Are you willing to open your eyes and see?
Finally Iwould  like to say that there is nothing called a "Syrian Nation".    Antoun Saade, who was influenced by the hocus-pocus Nazi ideology of the   1930's, tried to formulate a "social" ideology that would bring the people of the fertile crescent together. He couldn't play the racial card like Hitler (the "feurer" or "Al Zaeem") in a multi-racial region like ours, so he used the "environmental and social belonging to the land theory". His main aim was to try and secure a "non-dhimmi" status for his Christian people. But, Guess what. He failed! The Christians are migrating from the Middle East by the thousands each year. Islamic Radicalism is the norm these days, and the hijab has become the imposed dress for many Muslim girls and women. As for ,us, the Druze, I believe we will stay in the Middle East for a very long time. We stayed in the Golan when the Sunnis left. We stayed in the Galilie and the Carmel when the Palestinians fled. We remained in our Chouf mountains when Christians were forced to leave.
Rayyan Souki
From: Antoun Haddad"(
Subject: The ongoing debate, To: Rayyan Souki
Date 18/2/2001

Dear Rayyan Souki
Congratulation on your reading of history;  but it is a disappointment that your pitfall is your lack of understanding of history and the lack of rationality when analyzing it. However, the greatest disappointment stems from the fact that you consider your self as a "Durzi" rather than a Lebanese, a Syrian or an Arab,this is very awful.  How can you face the great  Druse who contributed to our struggle against all foreign interference in our country?  Don't you feel (....) of yourself when you read about Sultan Basha Al-Attrash, Kamal Jumblat, Shakeeb Wahab, Saeed Faker-Eddin and the rest of these great heroes?  I understand very well the   Palestinian Druse situation. They were victims of sectarian hatred that the Ottoman empire encouraged and fueled.  The Druse before 1948 were very much hated and oppressed by the Sunni yes.This explains why instead of fleeing their villages in 1948, like their other fellow Palestinians, they preferred to stay.  They thought the situation would not be worse off with the Jews than it was with the Sunni majority.   The Jews were very smart and took advantage of this bitter reality and used it to the utmost. This is  understandable,  but how can you justify your belief that you stated?  Is this how Walid Jumblat and the rest of the Druse political and spiritual leaders think?  Definitely, not.  Besides, can you see any extended future for the Druse as a belief?  I can't see that they will survive for more than 50 years. If you want evidence about this matter, please e-mail me at and I will provide you with all you need. I genuinely don't wish this to happen and do not advocate for its occurrence. 
Wake up my friend and be like your great ancestors whose names are link to great national achievements and deeds.  Ask the wise people in your town Choueifat, about this and they will tell you the whole story.  I wonder if any of them agree with your beliefs. Yes, it is true, we are not yet recovered from the ill-effects of the Ottoman, French and English occupation eras, but the recovery process is taking place. Yes you still see differences in how our people from different sects act and perform their
affairs, but at the same time there are too many good things happening. This kind of debate is one of them.
The heroism that has been displayed by hundreds of Lebanese,  from all sects is another one. Don't you see that Kamal Jumblat, Antoun Saadah, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Shiek Hassan Nasrallah,  Sheik Mohammed Fadlalah, and many others as strong example positive changes? Don't you see the changes among the Kataeb leaders and thinkers, don't you see how they are trying to distance themselves from the Jomayel family domination on the party from?  Open your heart and mind my friend and see the truth; you can't live only with your fellow Druse but you need all of us; we need each other. 
From: Elias Bejjani/CLHRF webmaster
To: CLHRF, LCCC, Phoencia Group members
Dear members:
I received a lengthy message today, I prefer not to post it because of the kind of language it used. The writer of the message believes that we in Lebanon Muslims and Christians hate each other and there is no way we could continue to live together without the on going Syrian occupation. My response is the following:
No body could claim that the Lebanese are angels, living in heaven, and have no problems. But tell me which people or country in the world are problem-free. To be able to solve these problems, we have first to identify them.
Do we know our problems? This is a question I would like to put for debate.Personally I believe that the people who survived for 6000 years and were able to maintain their identity, by God's will shall continue to do so.
Although our country is composed of 19 different communities with different cultures, religions and roots, still we all all Lebanese, breath the same air and face the same destiny and fate, we like it or not. We need to identify our enemies and personally I believe they are Israel and the Syria regime currently. When I say the Syrian regime I do not by any way include the Syrian people because the regime does not represent them.
We need to recognize too and this is extremely crucial, that the installed puppet Lebanese regime does represent the majority of the Lebanese people, both Muslims and Christians. As one politician has said: " the worst Christians and worst Muslims are Lebanon's current officials".We do not hate each other, no way..this fact is exhibited very well in Diaspora where Lebanese from all religions and ideologists are friends and work together for the liberation of their country. I am not dreaming, no, not at all. I am a member in the FPM where the majority of those working for Lebanon's freedom and liberation are not Christians, and not Maronites in particular.
Let us not fall in the Syrian media net and be a naive prey...we are Lebanese and Lebanon is for us not for any body else.We are not responsible for the wars of others that devastated our country, but unfortunately we were its fuel and still are.Any humiliation or isolation for any Lebanese community is humiliation and isolation for the other communities. We must be aware of the imperialistic strategy followed by our enemies and occupiers, "divide and conquer".Again we do not hate each other, but we have our differences and this is life..God created men to be different or otherwise as the holy Koran says, "If God wanted, would have created us all in one nation".
Let us focus on the problems, identify them and then put our heads together to propose solutions.
The beauty of Lebanon is in its mosaic multi-cultural society, let us not ignore this given and grace.
Let us preach love and tolerance not hatred and fanaticism.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From: Elias Bejjani
To: Mr. Rayyan Souki

Dear Mr.: Rayyan
Thank you for participating in the debate and for visiting the CLHRF site, please visit our other site too, the LCCC ( I am sure your contribution will enrich the diversification of opinions, open new horizons and give the debate more focus on actual facts, not theories and ideologists. Although I agree with you on many facts you have enlisted in regards to Syria's role in Lebanon, still it seems your knowledge in Lebanon's history is biased. I will address the so-called historical facts you raised in a detailed response very soon. Meanwhile I invite our viewers to respond to your well written and well organized point of view, especially that it comes from our beloved occupied Lebanon.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From: "rayyan souki"
Saturday 17/2/01

Dear CLHRF members
I "discovered" your Webster by accident ,and I'm very much interested by the "debate" that is going on. I am a Druze living in Lebanon, and I would like to comment on certain issues that were discussed in the forum.
First there are certain historical mistakes that were committed that should be addressed and "corrected":
1-Lebanon, in particular, and the Middle Eastern region,in general, have been continuously inhabited since tens of thousands of years.The anthropological evidences are numerous, especially "cave man"  remained discovered in Byblos and  evidence found other places.
2-Historical written evidences show that Lebanon was subjected over the years to several conquests by different peoples like:
the Cannanites,Ancient Egyptians, Hitties, Babylonians, Arameans, Israelites, Assyrians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs Assyrians, Assyrians,Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs, Mamlukes, Crusaders,Turkseetc.. So the Lebanese are a combination of all of these people..
3-The theory of an Arab nation based on a common language is a hoax that lacks any credible scientific foundation.The idea that people who use "close" languages, must have originated from one ancestor was first propagated by a German sociologist called Wilhem Marr. According to this theory, Jews, Arabs, Arameans, Assyrians, all belong to one group of people, the Semites. Similarly,the people who speak Germanic, Slavic, Latin and Hindi languages belong to the Indo-European race.This theory was discredited by other sociologists who believed that language,unlike race, is learned and acquired by experience.
It is based on environment and not on heredity and genes.
Based on this,we can say that the "Arabs" lack racial homogeneity, although they speak one language.The examples to explain this are many.The Egyptians who belong to the Eastern Hametic stock are racially different from the Lebanese who are a mixture of many races although both speak Arabic. Moreover, there are a lot of people who live in the Arab world who don't  speak Arabic. For example, the Berber who make more than 30% of the Greater Maghreb population. They don't use the Arabic language as their mother tongue.The Kurds who inhabit parts of Syria, Iraq and Iraq still use Kurdish and not Arabic as a main language. In Sudan, millions of southern Sudanese don't even know what Arabic means.They use their own indigenous languages and dialects to communicate between each other.
4-The real "divide" between the Lebanese has been and will remain to be religious in nature. Sectarianism and religious intolerance are the two main characters that define and describe the Lebanese society. I would like also to point out that the religious divide is not only between Christian and Moslem. Its between Shii and Sunni, Maronite and Greek Orthodox, Druze and Christian and so on. If we look at history, we see that the peoples of Lebanon have always been fighting among each other. The Phoenicians ,for example never built a unified nation.They had a confederacy of city states with separate Gods and Kings. At times,they even fought each other.The Sunni Mamluks murdered thousands of Shiites in the Kesrouan region in the middle Ages (The Ftouh Kesrouan derives its name from the battles that the Mamlukes fought against the Shii who were accused of collaborating with the crusaders.). The Druzes and the Maronites fought many wars against each other in the following years:1840,1842,1860,1925.1956,1983..The list can go on and on.
5-There is nothing called a "Maronite Nation".The Maronites migrated from Syria to the Orontes river region in the Bekaa Valley to avoid persecution from their fellow Christians who accused them of heresy because they adopted the doctrine of the Monophysites. After that, they moved to northern Lebanon where they sought the protection of the high mountains. In the 16th Century, many Maronites migrated to the region inhabited by the Druze in the Chouf mountains.That region ,which was called the "Mountain of the Druze", was a semi-autonomous region under the Jurisdiction of the Ottoman Turks.The Maronites worked as servants and farmers in the lands that were owned by the Druze feudal lords.When their numbers increased,they tried to evict the Druzes and take their place.They failed and lost the 1860 confrontation sustaining heavy casualties. The French,who had strategic interests in the assets of the ailing Ottoman Empire, intervened on behalf of the Maronites and returned them to the places they left during the war. After that, the "Mutassarifiah"system was established. In 1920 and after WWI, greater Lebanon was created when four "districts" were taken away from Syria and added to the new "Greater Lebanon". The Maronites, through the help of the French became the rulers of the new country.
5-Syria intervened in Lebanon in 1976 after taking a "green light" from the Americans.The US  was preparing a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel after the 1973 war.The American position,which was based on Kissinger's "step by step policy", based their strategy concerning the Syrian intervention on the following points:
a-To control the Palestinian resistance so it won't sabotage the peace process between Egypt and Israel.
b-To involve the Syrians with the Lebanese problem and hence to minimize their ability on objecting to an Egyptian-Israeli agreement.
c-To control the leftists' movements who were considered by the Americans as natural allies of the Soviet Union.The Syrians had their own interests when they entered Lebanon and these were:
a-The Syrians were afraid that a Palestinian-Moslem-Leftist victory over the Kataeb Party would force the Israelis to intervene and eventually drag Syria into a war that it didn't seek.
b-The Syrian Alawi Regime wanted to divert the attention of the Sunni majority from the internal and domestic problems they were facing . By intervening in Lebanon, they hoped to take advantage of Lebanon's economic potentials and to correct the historical mistake that many Sunni Syrians believed was made when parts of  Syria  were "annexed" by the French and added to Mount Lebanon.
Israel approved of the Syrian intervention after taking guarantees from the Americans that
a- The Syrian Armed Forces will not cross Sidon towards the northern Israeli frontier,
b-That Syria won't introduce certain types of weapons such as SAM-5 missiles,
c-That Syria won't fly its air force over Lebanon.
This agreement was verbal and it became to be known as the "Red Line Agreement". The Israelis were happy to see that the PLO activities were under control and that the Syrians were doing the job.They also wanted to help consolidate the Alawi grip over Syria. The reason behind this position was that an Alawite regime wouldn't pose an important military threat to Israel because it has always to face the ever present internal enemy (the Sunni majority).
A minority regime will  have to keep a potent intelligence apparatus in addition to two armies:
a- An ill-trained, lightly equipped regular army,
b-A well trained, heavily equipped, well paid special forces.
The Special Forces duty would be to protect the regime from it's internal enemies(The Sunni Muslim majority in this case)while the regular army will focus on external enemies (Israel in this case).
6-Syria remains in Lebanon because with American blesses. In 1987 they returned to Beirut after receiving an Israeli-American "OK".The price they paid in return was to help release the Western hostages that were held by the Iranian backed Hezbollah.
In 1990 they were permitted to finish Aoun and to capture the Maronite enclave.The price they paid the Americans was their participation in the operation "Desert Storm" against Iraq.
The present "mission" that the Americans want from the Syrians is a peace treaty with Israel and an aggressive involvement in disarming Hezbollah and the remaining Palestinian "feda'eyeen".The prize they'll be expecting to receive in return is an extended stay in Lebanon.
7-I believe that if the Alawi regime falls in Syria, a civil war would break out between Sunnis, Alawis, Christians, Druze and others.This might lead to the partition of the region into religious and sectarian "cantons" in both Lebanon and Syria. I believe too that this might take place after the signing of a peace agreement with Israel.
8-Finally I would Like to say that:
"I consider myself not to be Lebanese, but rather a Druze person who happened to live in Lebanon. I truly don't believe in any thing such as an Arab, Syrian, or Lebanese nation.My soul identity is being Druze.An Israeli Druze individual is closer to me than a Christian Maronite, Moslem Sunni, Metwalli Shiite,or Greek Orthodox Lebanese person"
I hope that the  Lebanese entity will eventually disintegrate and we, as Druze, will be able to erect a separate fully independent Druze state.After all, a proto-type of this project was established in the Chouf area after the 1983 "Mountain War".And guess what, it worked! We proved that we were the most civilized  among the other Lebanese factions.Our regions are icons that really show how much the Druze people cared about preserving the historical and environmental heritage that they have.
To tell you the truth,a person doesn't need to be a genius to discover the nature of the different Lebanese sects. If you take a drive in your car from "A'reedah" to "Nakoora",you will be able to differentiate between the Lebanese people based on the general outlook of the regions they inhabit. For example,Tripoli, Sidon, Akkar and parts of western Beirut would put you face to face with the mercantalistic Sunnis.The Southern Suburb of our beloved capital (known as "Daheyya Al Janoubbya"), Hermel, Ba'lbeck, and South Lebanon will surely introduce you to the (...) I Iranian styled, backward Metwalli Shi'a. The regions of  Keserouan, Jounieh, Ashrafieh   and the rest of the so called Christian enclave with its numerous ars,massage palors,exotic and bustling night clubs offers you a clear idea about the Christians and their "French Styled" way of life. On the other hand, the nature loving, clean, simple and closely knit mystical Druze who live in Chouf, Aley,and the Upper Metn can be clearly distinguished from the rest of the Lebanese.
Finally,I would like to say that we live in an era that is marked by the "end of ideologies".Communism, Arab, Syrian, and Lebanese nationalism have failed. The only true reality is that Lebanon and the rest of the so-called Arab World are divided across racial, ethnic and religious lines. The Middle East, the region to which we belong has been living continuous religious wars, or as one prominent politician, Charles Hellou, puts it: "In the Middle east We are witnessing the wars of the Gods on earth." This has been going on since the times of El,Jehovah, Isa, Muhammed, El-Mahdi, and Al-Hakim Be Amr-Allah....
Rayyan Souki....
From:"Antoun Haddad"(  
Subject: free opinion
Date: Saturday Feb 17L 2001 (Received on Friday 16)
Dear Paul Mouawad
I haven't chickened out for not answering the questions you posted; I've just chosen to address few points knowing that this kind of questions is trivial and can be answered in the due course. The problem with this debate is that it is  between people who believe in Lebanon as an unique entity, distinguished and different from its surrounding and those who believe otherwise, like the SSNP. This issues has been going on even before the WWI. As an answer to your question about what is common between "Syrians, Lebanese, etc", I would ask you to, please, please, tell me what distinguishes them from each other. Don't be confused by the educational differences and the ethnicity differences.
Remember that this whole region was subjected to 500 plus years of Ottoman occupation. I assume you know how bad the Ottomans were. Beside, the point of view that you represent, consider the Phoenicians and Canaanites as the main roots of the Lebanese people; while this basically is true, you should remember that Phoenicians and Canaanites occupied the whole Mediterranean coast from Palestine south to the north of present Syria. Also, you remember that Saint Maroun was not from Lebanese Mountains but he was from present Syria; this is if you don't want to deny this historical fact.
Remember that the great advocators of "Great Syria"  were mainly from the Christian faiths; those include Teacher Boutros Alboustani, Gibran Khalil Gibran and Antoun Saadah. Where you put these when you hold to your present political beliefs, is something that puzzles my understanding. YES, there are differences in the political regimes between these states; yes, most of these regimes are nothing but dictatorships that are very much hated; yes, there is, as a result of these oppressions, some difference in the mentalities between the different groups of people in these states. But to cancel what basically unite them is not a wise way of thinking.
Now, about the Syrian role and presence in Lebanon; it seems that you don't understand this presence or you don't want to. First, I have mentioned before that, if it wasn't because of the Syrian army, no body knows where most of our Christian citizen would be now.. If they haven't one nothing but this rescuing favor, it would be more than enough to thank them.
As for the Assassinations you have mentioned, the Syrians could be behind them  or could not. Even the killing of Kamal Jumblat is not certain that it was them, although every body points at them. (read "Kamal Jumblat", a new book by a Russian writer, sorry I don't remember his name). Also, the Syrians helped in preventing the Israeli-Jomayel treaty, which is the sweets achievement of them all. Believe it or not, they also stopped the sectarian fighting.
However, I insist that the major problem lies in the Lebanese themselves. People in Lebanon  in their majority, are nothing, but some kind of flocks: sectarian flocks, partial flocks. The corrupt politicians manipulate the people, and people follow blindly. A "politician" like Al-Hariri is able to buy most of Lebanon, people and land. He certainly bought most of Beirut.
Don't tell me that the present parliament is the result of an undemocratic election; yes, it is the Lebanese democracy. Remember that Al-Hariri was leading the "opposition" groups in that election and the Syrians did not support him. Another thing, the thousands of Lebanese that are leaving Lebanon each month, are not doing so because of the Syrians, but because they can't find work in Lebanon. This is not because there are 3 million foreign worker in Lebanon, but simply because of the bad economy that has been burdened with a huge and suspicious process of borrowing that has dramatically increased our public debt.
Because of this debt the Hoss government was not able to make any improvement except stopping the process itself. It is not for long before you see Al-Hariri fail and sink in his wrong doing; because, as it appears now, he was not spending from his own money and not prepared to do so. Ultimately he will disappoint the people, shut up and resign. He can do the Lebanese people much good if he returns the money he made (stole from the public burse and public properties: read "the Black Hands" by Najjah Wakeem) during his first term in government.
The 3 million workers that are in Lebanon are not taking any job that is useful to those who leave Lebanon  They work in sectors like the building and market gardening or labor market; besides these we have a lot of Philippines, Srilankans,etc. 5000  garbage collectors are from the indicated countries. Some of the Lebanese that their jobs are taken by the Syrians workers are not among those who leave Lebanon. These are mainly   farmers that, YES, they are suffering because of the Lebanese politicians' and the Syrian regime's ignorance and stupidity. To cut the story short, yes, I am like you, " Iwant to eat grapes", but never have the intention to "kill the guard" (Natour)".
I want relations between Lebanon and present Syria to be based on mutual genuine interests. If I believe the people in these states are one people, this doesn't mean that I am rushing, nor dreaming, neither willing to immediately unite them in one state. This is an n educational process that needs a long time to achieve its goals. Antoun Saadah was not naive; we are not naive; we know what it takes to get their. I assume you know about all the sacrifices that members of this party have made, and about the difficulties that the party has faced and tolerated. The good news is, we are ready to sacrifice more and more and we always are creative to make our sacrifices effective.
PLEASE REMEMBER, WE HAVE NO INTENTION TO ANNEX LEBANON TO SYRIA; UNITE THEM IN THE FUTURE AS A NATURAL RESULT FOR EDUCATING PEOPLE BASED ON MUTUAL INTERESTS, YES; BUT ANNEXATION, DEFINITELY NOT. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T BE NAIVE AND ASK ME TO LEAVE BEIRUT AND GO TO DAMASCUS, because adamant to stay here, fight for what is right from here, and I strongly invite you to come and fight from here beside me, hand in hand to build the state that we want and we deserve.
The difference between you and me is that I see the whole picture, and you insist to see only a small part of it.
(Paul, you have my Apology here because it was Elias who asked me to go to Damascus. I had the intention to write to Elias, but my apology, I am running out of time; but I will late
Yours truly
Antoun Haddad
From: Elias Bejjani (
To: Liz Duchese
Dear Liz
I appreciate your interest in the on going discussion, and appreciate more you constructive participation. Meanwhile it is not only important, but crucial and vital for every Lebanese to believe in Lebanon as an independent entity, distinguishable identity, rich and deeply rooted heritage, history, freedom, democracy, human rights and tolerance. I have no problem with an atheist if he chooses to be so because Almighty God judges him not me. But I have a big problem with a Lebanese who does not believe in Lebanon and advocated for another country or ideology e.g , Great Syria, or one Arab Nation.
Dear Liz any citizen, no matter what is his/her religious affiliation, can't be a real Lebanese when he/she is trying to destroy Lebanon and annex it to another country. He/she can not be Lebanese when does not believe in Lebanon's identity, and still can not be Lebanese when  giving priority to Syrian, Egyptian or Israeli interests over those of Lebanon. It is true we all should be open on each other and respect each others opinions and trend of life..but this does not apply to nationalism issues...One has to be a Lebanese or not. Being a Lebanese has nothing to do with religion, although religions are the foundation of Lebanon,  the secret behind its success and the reason for its existence.
It seems that we always forget the bitter fact that we live in an Arabic, Israeli neighborhood dominated by dictators, military regimes and fanatic governments. We have to be open minded, but not with open borders and no restrictions what so ever, as is the current situation in occupied Lebanon. We have to cooperate with our neighbors, but not to allow then to enslave us as the current situation with our brothers and sisters the Syrians!!!, we have to understand and accept other ideologies, but not to allow them to destroy our identity, eradicate our roots and force on us a new identity. We have to respect the roots and history of others, but not to allow others to negate ours and tag us as traitors for being proud of our Phoenician, Armenian or Assyrian descendents. Dear Liz, it is perfect to be open, but openness without immunity is fatal. We have to be Lebanese first and then anything else.
No body have advocated for a Maronite Nation in Lebanon, but this does not mean that the Maronites did not have their independent country in Lebanon and in the neighborhood back in history. We can not forge history because some Lebanese are sensitive to the Maronite culture and heritage. No body too have said that the Maronites are Lebanon, although they were its founders with other communities e.g, the Druz. At the same time no body can ignore the fact that the Maronite people (10 million) exist, have their own deeply rooted history, their own identity, culture, heritage and religious distinguishable rituals. With the same token no body can ignore the Druz, Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, or any other   Lebanese community.
Reconciliation is a noble thing to do, but even Almighty God could not achieve it heaven.. He had to oust the devils and their leader "Balasaboul" and create for them a special home (hell). Yes Liz we have to accept each other and try to live with each other, but we can't do that unless all of us believe in the one, united, multi-cultural, democratic, mosaic, Lebanon and honor the Lebanese identity that we hold.
The unwise openness policy has left Lebanon with no doors, a heaven for criminals, terrorists and fanatics. While the Lebanese naive forgiveness has led to the emigration of half of the Lebanese during the 20 and quarter million since 1990 under the flag of the Law and freedoms!!!
yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From: Lis Duchese (
To: Elias Bejjani
This forum is free opinion for "all" Lebanese to "discuss" our identity and concerns for our nation. As a board member you should understand this and help other overcome their difficulty, not add to it. One language or three national languages........our hearts should be first and foremost for the preservation of Lebanon and Lebanese. Holy and ultimate homeland?????  As holy as any land that God created on the earth.  It is our homeland, was and will be.  Why the "ultimate" as if it is not already?  A lot of us have for financial or political reasons chosen to live outside of Lebanon till the situation becomes more hospitable for us "all".
Getting Syrian soldiers out of Lebanon is something we all can benefit from.changing our political leadership is also up to us.  We need to be more active in our government by using our brains not force of arms.
Greater Syria is as much a pipe dream as a "Maronite nation of Lebanon".   Both are "anti" Lebanese.  We are not one or the other, we are a mosaic of  shades and ideas and culture and flavors and theologies and history and ancient origins and languages etc. Take one away and we all become less as a whole. You also need to realize there is a growing segment of Lebanese that are stepping back from or totally rejecting religion.  Considering it a part of the problems of division amongst our people.  People who do not believe in God(s) are no less Lebanese that those that do.  Christians, Moslems, Jews (yes they still exist), Wicca, Deist, Atheist, or even one of other faiths, WE ARE LEBANESE.  We have to deal with and be willing to discuss openly issues that effect us and our Lebanon.  Anyone that has difficulty with "that" is un-Lebanese.  Diaspora or living in our homeland we still need to interact in a positive way for the sack of all of us.
Liz Duchess



Date: Thursday  15 Feb
From: Lion Mat <> 
Subject: The DEVIL

Dear Lebanese,
The fact remains that: SYRIA IS THE DEVIL OF ALL DEVILS. Everything else is debatable.
From: (
Date:Thursday, 15 Feb
Subject: (Lebanon's identity)
Yes, there is a Lebanese identity and culture.  Lebanese do have history and culture.  This question seems so pointless.  
We will preserve the LEBANESE identity.
Yahish Lubnan


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001
From: paul moawad<>  | 
Subject: To: Antoun Haddad Regarding Lebanon

Dear Antoun,
I believe we all have work to do, but it is not wise to start your discussion by saying: "I will not be able to write a well constructed response". anyway,
regardless of your ideology, even though I strongly opposite it. I wonder why you didn't answer any of the that were asked, like :
What is common between Syrians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and ofcourse "Cypriots ". ..Cyprus the star of your "Great Syria!!! It is a big
dream, even more a big fantasy to include this island into your party's ideology!!!.

How would you evaluate your Party now, when you already know it was headed by the # one criminal and assassinator?
During the War of others many individuals and groups in Lebanon have committed murders, unforgivable and harsh at times. We all know that such
atrocities unfortunately occur in every war, especially when the conflict is camouflaged with a civilian tag.  Definitely this not an excuse,  but a  bitter
reality. I believe all war criminals should be tried and punished one day when Lebanon reclaims its sovereignty and its judicial system becomes again
a free one. Meanwhile priority should be for national reconciliation and reclaiming both the confiscated independence and free the decision making
Quite frankly, your approach in analyzing the Syrian role and problems Syria caused in Lebanon is naive. There is no doubt the Lebanese are to be
blamed too for the war and its consequences, but as you know numerous prominent Leaders, dignitaries, journalists, clergymen, Presidents and many
other Lebanese  from all walks of life were assassinated by the Syrians in a bid to muffle any opposition for their occupation. It is not a secret that the
Syrians are draining Lebanon's Economy and endeavoring frantically to invade its educational System.
The question is: How can you put the Lebanese and the Syrians in the frame of one System, when they are different in almost every aspect, economy,
democracy, freedoms, general mentality, education, banking, human rights, culture, roots etc.
My Dear friend, the whole geopolitics in the world is heading towards parting (ionizing)rather than joining. The Great Syria plan is outdated and leaks.
Why you don't start to change the mentality in Beirut before Damascus as a priority?
What you shall do with the Islamic fanatic people or The minorities who oppose your ideology like "Maronites, Druz, and other..." and how you will be
able to get Cyprus into your "Great Syria" ?
Lebanon is a Sectarian country , thus politics and religion unfortunately can't be separated.
I agree with you that a free-religious independent regime has to be formed, but your Ideology is dead, the federalism is dead, the recent System is a
failure. The only option for Lebanon, is ECONOMY. This is the new ideology that shall unite the Lebanese. I will not focus on other countries for the
time being, Lebanon is my priority.
If You believe in "Greater Syria" and you are worried about Damascus, why don't you go and live there. Follow your Ideology and be brave in
accomplishing it. Don't sit in Lebanon and preach ... move to Syria, Live there and learn in its colleges. I am not sure if you are aware or not of the
fact that your party is not licensed in Syria yet, and does not have even an office in Damascus. The new young Syrian President lately met with your
party leader and promised him a party status (I am not sure what happened after that) I hope you shall be at least honest with your self... have you
heard of the Lebanese proverb: " do not drink from a will and then throw stones in it"?
Finally I believe it is important to start a new debate...I propose the following issues :
The Detainees in Syria,  Lebanese officers executed by the Syrian regime, solutions for Lebanon's problems, Lebanon's future in case the Syrians
refused to leave etc  (I know it is a dream , but dreams come true).
For  a Free united Lebanon

From: Elias Bejjani
To: Antoun Haddad

It is very difficult to discuss the distinguishable Lebanese identity or Lebanon's 6000 years   history and civilization with a fellow Lebanese, whose  ideology negates every thing that is Lebanese. Not only that, but an atheist. Don't  you agree with me that we speak two different national languages,
although we both hold the same Lebanese citizenship. Lebanon for me is holy and an ultimate homeland, although I am currently forced  by the installed Beirut regime to live in Diaspora. For you Lebanon is a part of the so called "Great Syria" and not an entity of its own.
I respect your ideological beliefs, although I don't agree with them at all, even more I consider them anti-Lebanese and see those who hold them as enemies to Lebanon's independence, sovereignty, identity, history and future.
You did not answer any of the many questions that I raised in my previous response in regards to the Syrian occupation and its devastating effects on each and every Lebanese aspect. Instead you tried to play the religious sectarian game by citing certain events that took place during the war of others in our country.  I am not going to say that these events did not happen and defend those who were behind them...but I can assure you that there are hundreds of similar incidents, even worse, that were committed by the groups that affiliate to. Murder and Crime have no religion or identity and criminals are criminals no matter who they are.
The war of others that started in 1975 was against all the Lebanese and its instigators are well know, Syria and Israel. Our people were used,
and abused in that dirty war game and paid a very high price. Lebanon because of certain non-Lebanese etiologies, like the one you follow, has become an occupied country and an arena for terrorism fanaticism and Mafiosi.
No matter where I am forced to live, my heart, soul and mind will always be in my beloved Lebanon. I will always advocate for the 10452 klm square
Lebanon, and serve its cause.
I am a Maronite who is very proud of his roots, but proud more for being a Lebanese. I strongly believe that being a Lebanese is a grace from Almighty God.
Elias Bejjani
From: "Antoun Haddad" <>
Subject: Sryria, Maronite, etc
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 06:17:45 -0000

Dear Elias and Paul
I am so sorry that it is difficult for me to write separate answers for each of you, because of time. I hope that you don't mind. Even in this answer I'll not be able to write a well constructed response dealing with all issues on hand; but I'll only try to answer some of your questions.
1.Yes, I believe in and work towards a "UNITED SYRIA" of which Lebanon is a part; Antoun Saadah is my inspiration in this respect.
2.Yes, I am an Atheist; but here let me correct some misconception: ethics, morals and values are not a monopoly of religions. In fact, we have incidents from history where religious groups show no morals at all.It is ironic that I've just finished reading a chapter of a book tilted "Kamal Jumblat" by a russian writer; in this chapter, it is mentioned that,in 1926 a group of pro-france maronites led by Boutros Karam, in the village ofHasbayya tied twelve DRUSE persons to trees and cut them in halves withsaws. We have similar scenes from our recent history; during the civil war such scenes have been frequent: "The Black Saturday", KfarMatta, Sebnay, Mazraat AlShouf, let alone Sabra and Shateela. These are only few  examples on the atrocities that the believers, on both sides of the "politics" have committed. Don't tell me that this is moral and ethical or justified.
I as an atheist, have my own ethics and morals, honesty and values that I always respect no matter what; this is for one reason only: I know what
ethics, morals an values are.
3. No, I don't have problem with maronites or any religious group for that matter; you practise whatever belief you like, go to church (HOW OF
THESE ARE THERE?), go to mosque(ARE THERE ONLY 2 OF THESE?), pray, preach, this is your right, but never think that religions and politics can any more mix if you desire to build a democratic, powerful country that can respect human rights and based on equality and fairness. I am proud of the good achievements of all good individuals who contributed to our culture. Many of these are maronite. The issue is not maronites, or any sect or
religious group; it is that you can't build a nation based on compromising sects.
4. Yes, I might have problems with individuals from different sects, but these I(we) know how to deal with them, so that they can't cause problem to
anybody, anymore.
5. As for the "Syrian", yes, they have their mistakes, yes, they are wrong in handling many issues, but the misery that has been mentioned in your
response, is not basically due to them: A corrupted smart arse, who has been sent to Lebanon excute the plan of palestinian placement in Lebanon,
who tried to outsmart the "Syrians", borrowed 24 billion dollars, and led to this miserable situation in Lebanon. Yes, he bribed the "Syrians" to keep
them silent and busy in gaining money, but he also bribed most of those that are called Lebanese politicians. Do you know Birri, Al-Herawi, Jumblat? Do you realise the extent of corruption in Lebanon? Why don't you read "The Black Hands" by Najah Wakeem?
6. I want the situation in lebanon to be rectified, corrected and changed, as much as you do, to say the least; but I want see us working towards
educating our whole people, not only the lebanese. I want to change political mentality, especially in Sham. If we are so enlightened, why shouldn't we spread enlightment to include all our natural environment?
7. If you think that you can achieve much by working from Canada, having time to worry about how archbishop Yousef Khoury(?) carries his business,
then you are wrong, my dear. Revolutionising a country, and setting the record straight in it, needs a lot more than this. This comes from I lot of
experience which I have it on my side.
8. I'll keep reading your postings, but I am not sure that I'll be able to participate anymore, because setting the record straight needs a
lot of carefulness and details; this needs a lot of time that I don't have.
My best wishes and regards
Antoun Haddad

PS. This message was sent yesterday; to my surprise, it didn't reach its distination because somebody who believe in free opinion chose to block
my address. The above still applies strongly.

From: Sami Samra (
Dear Debaters:
I took a few minutes to read your postings. I am pleased that we can still discuss differences academically and rationally whether we agree with each other or not. However, may I point out a couple of shortcomings which I hope all participants keep in mind:
1. Whenever a certain "fact" or statistical figure or quotation is referred to, could the writer please specify the source by naming the author, the publication, the publisher, the year and the page.
2. It would be easier for us to read text that is not BLOCKED. BLOCKED TEXT SOUNDS LIKE SHOUTING. It achieves no other communicative purpose.
3. Although we sometimes feel that we should express our love and emotions towards our motherland, especially regarding recent issues, could we please try to avoid generalizations and stereotypes. These statements distract from the credibility of our argument and weakens our position. That the Maronites are "superior" or that the Lebanese are "one nation", for example, are opinions that should be stated with a lot of caution, and definitely not as bases for intelligent debates.
Thank you and God bless.
Sami Samra

Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2001
From: paul moawad < 
Subject: Dear Antoun Haddad

Dear Antoun,
I read your reply and I appreciate your interest. Anyhow, many of the issues you addressed at, weren't in the discussion or even raised, like,
the Maronite Nation. No one was talking about having a Maronite Nation, it is a   historical and not a sociological discourse. It is a historical
discussion based on historical references. I wonder where are your references? unfortunately, I believe you have understood the discussion in
a wrong  way.
On the other hand, I wonder about the sentence that you wrote "forget about history and sociology and let's be realistic". This is a controversial
sentence by itself, based on emotion rather than on rationale. I would have appreciated it much, if you were able to support the argument you
initiated, but unfortunately it definitely stems from a certain political ideology that you follow emotionally.
My dear friend, Not every Christian or Muslim lie to each other, this is a subjective statement. I ask you to support it by substantial proves if you
can. Furthermore, if you are really so knowledgeable in the region's history,   geography and social structure, you should have been realistic in your
thinking. You should have understood very well that in Lebanon politics and religion (or sects) go along, hand by hand. This is the social and
sociological structure of our society (unfortunately), and accordingly religion and politics can not be separate. You might ask why?,
The answer is very simple: The Lebanese society is made of several religious and sect groups (19 are recognized by the state). This is not a minus,
but a plus, and here lies the beauty of Lebanon. Further more Lebanon's constitution and every day life is based on this reality.
This the common living that every body talks about. This the reality on the social and popular level. We all know our leaders back then in the past
and now, it is ok to be straightforward my friend.
Could you please answer this question: Why you are allergic to the "Maronites"????Your argument fuels a lot of hatred and exhibits an emotional
package of non-Lebanese ideology!!!.
I shall continue the debate on one issue, always raised "the Syrian": The Syrian were already in the Lebanese territory before anyone asked them
formally to intervene.
Don't be brainwashed by the state controlled media.  Abdel Haleem Khaddam,   Syria's Foreign Minister in the 70th (now  Syrian's vice president)
had stated officially many times, specially in his famous statement published by "Le Monde" back in the 70's:  "The Syrian troops entered Lebanon
because of a Syrian decision and accordingly will leave when the Syrian government decides so, and not any body else".
To be rational, yes they did help us, but not as Syrians,  rather as Arab deterrent force (even no Arab support was  provided). The Syrian do not wish
to see a Palestinian state being erected,  instead they want Lebanon to become this state and ofcourse under their full control. Don't think they are
St Vincent de Paul! is not  true that Syria is governed also by a minority?
Finally yes they helped us for a while, but we didn't ask them to stay for almost 25 years and more. We didn't ask them to suck our energy and
economy...anyway that is a different debate.
Finally LEBANON without Christians and the Maronite presence will be totally different, it will be like any other Arab county. The Beauty of
Lebanon lies in its Diversification. if the Christians are out (and they are now, I believe you are happy because of that, unfortunately) the whole
political and social aspect (that now you are enjoying, but taking it for granted) would change!
My friend, history and present wise, what is common between Syrians, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Jordanians?
What do we have in Common!? Burning flags!shouting! almost nothing.
Mr. Antoun, please Next time do organize your argument better, because you have totally deviated from the core of
the discussion we were having. No one was talking about having a nation, or talking about religion as a fuel for war...It is a historical discussion
only. Please take your time to read more profoundly next time and be rationale in your reply, and also honest.
You are speaking emotionally from a certain political  ideology that we all know.
Best regards,

To: Antoun Haddad (
From: Elias Bejjani
Dear Antoun
I am not sure what is your problem? is it Lebanon itself as an independent entity, the Maronites and their history,
the religions, in general, General Aoun, Shiek Bachir, Mr. Hariri or what? Mr. Antoun, it is really difficult for me
whose whole struggle in life is based on sacred religious beliefs and solid patriotic convictions to engage with a
fellow Lebanese who as you said do not believe in any God. The whole argument with an atheist, if you allow me
to say so (you declared this about yourself) will be very difficult because our criteria for what is right and what is
wrong would be extremely different.
When I quoted from Father B. Daou that a nation needs four pillars to be erected, (land, people, political
independence entity and civilization) I did not come with a new theory This is a proven historical and sociological
fact. I said:  The Maronites in the past, before the Arab invasion to Lebanon had their independent entity because
they possessed the four pillars needed to erect a nation, but currently the Maronites are an active and basic
component of the Lebanese nation. The Maronites do not want, and never wanted to erect a religious regime in
On the contrary they opened Lebanon's borders to every persecuted in the Middle East and with all
the communities that took refugee in their stronghold mountains founded the Lebanon that exists at the present
time. The Armenians, the Druz, the Assyrians, the Kurds, the Shiites, the Christian Catholic Melkites and
Orthodox, the Copts, the Maradas etc. They did so because of their strong belief in equality, human rights,
freedom, tolerance and most important of all, their love of God and their commitment to the Bible teachings.
They had a glorious history, no body can ignore or deny that, but they are not prisoners of their past.
They are very ambitious, open-minded, deal with reality, know very well their capabilities, belief in themselves
and respect others, even their enemies.
If you read Lebanon's recent history, you will find that the Maronite Patriarch, Areda, was the Lebanese dignitary
that with consensus of all the Lebanese negotiated the French for independence and succeeded in his endeavor.
The Maronites were the first in the Middle East to adopt the Arabic language, protect  and develop. Go back to
your history books and you will find that during the 400 year Ottoman occupation, the Arabic language was kept
alive in the Maronites monasteries and churches.
Who can ignore the great role that Boutrous Al Boustani played in developing the Arabic language and putting its
grammar books? Look well in history and you will find that there was not a national movement in the Middle East
that was not led or adopted by a Maronite. The Maronites are Lebanese, but they are not Lebanon..Lebanon is all
its people.
Look what is happing now..the only religious seat that is carrying the torch of liberation openly is Bkerke. Do you
remember the Maronite Bishops' statement few months ago that called for the Syrian withdrawal? do you
remember who supported the statement? let me refresh you memory, Walid Jumblat, Omar Karami, Hussien Al
Hussieni, The Orthodox Patriarch, the Catholic Patriarch, the Armenian Patriarch, Kamel Al Assad and hundreds
of leaders and politicians from all religions and political parties. Bkerke, my friend, works for all the Lebanese,
and for all Lebanon.
this is a well known fact that all the Lebanese who believe in Lebanon and its independent entity declare openly in
every occasion. I am not sure why you are against the Lebanese who are proud of their roots and heritage?
What is wrong when a Maronite, Armenian or a Druz talks about his history and study it. Does this make him a
bad Lebanese, or threatens national unity?
Wake up we are living in the 21 century. The Soviet union fell down and after 75 years of persecution all its people
are back to what they were, they reclaimed their identities. God (which you do not belief exists) could have created
us all, one people, but he did not do so.(Lao Chaa Rabokoum la kalakakoum oma waheda)
I really question the authenticity of your statement in which you said, a strong society must be built on freedom,
democracy and individual self respect. How you could practice what you preach if you want to confiscate the right
of others from having their own briefs, history, culture and religion?
I have never advocated for a Maronite state or a religious one. We in the FPM advocate for a secular Lebanon
where all religions are respected and protected. It is true religion should be separated from the state, but we don't
call for destroying any religion. The people of Lebanon are in  religious people in general, and their life revolves
around their religions. The majority including myself are religious, but not fanatic.
Sheik Bachir and General Aoun whom you do not like, are Lebanese leaders who served their country and tried to
protect its independence..they never called for a Maronite state, on the contrary their main focus was (and for
Aoun still is) to build a secular, strong, united, independent free democratic country. You have the full right to like
or not to like them, but you can't force other Lebanese to follow your train of thoughts and pagamistic doctrines.
Another sensitive issue you addressed: "The Syrian presence". Please tell our viewers why you think the Syrian
army should not leave Lebanon after the Israelis withdraw from the South? then we can continue the argument
based on your reasons, because the majority of the Lebanese, as far as know, would like to see Lebanon again
an independent country, free from all foreign or brotherly troops, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians etc
My dear friend, the Lebanese people did not start the civil war in 1975, although they were its fuel and tools.
Study your history well in an impartial mentality and you will discover this plain truth that every patriotic Lebanese
knows. Syria, Israel and the Arab regimes instigated the war to protect their interests and maintain their
monarchies and military regimes. Lebanon was a threat to them all, it was an oasis for freedom and a heaven for
liberation movements working to change the corrupted Arabic regimes. Israel had also a great interest in
destroying the Lebanese multi-cultural regime that contradicts the essence and foundations of its existence.
All of them worked together, and still are, to destroy Lebanon the state of freedoms and democracy.
Yes some of the Lebanese asked Israel for help during the war of others that started in 1975, but the rest were
not angels and got help from foreign countries too and even from Israel itself.
My dear Antoun, if in fact the Maronites and the Lebanese regime, the pre-Taef one, were behind the war and
the massive destruction inflicted on the country and on its people, why the misery is still going on after Syria and
its allies took full control in 1990.
Could you tell me why 16 thousand educated Lebanese men and women are forced to leave Lebanon every month?
Could you tell me why the Syrians are appointing our presidents, MP's and controlling our whole regime?
Could you tell me why one million and 300 thousand Lebanese emigrated from Lebanon since 1990?
Could you tell me why Lebanon's foreign debts reached 24 billion dollars (it was less then a half billion in 1989)?
Could you tell me why we have 75 thousand army troops when this army is allowed to guard the country's border
with Israel or Syria?
Could you tell me why two thirds of the Lebanese currently live under the line of poverty (according to the UN
Could you tell me why the Lebanese middle class was destroyed?
Could you tell me why the farmers in Bekaa, north, south and mountain  are demonstrating and complaining?
Could you tell me why the factories in Lebanon are forced to close and declare bankruptcy?
Could you tell me why Lebanon's foreign diplomacy is crippled?
Could you tell me why Lebanon should keep fighting Israel when Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the rest of the Arab
countries have already recognized this Jewish state or on the way to do so. and the list goes on and on.
Definitely you can't blame the Maronites in particular or the Lebanese pre-Taef regime for all the above, because
as you know the Syrians and their allies are in power since 1990.
My dear Antoun why you do not listen to what is being said by Najah Wakim, Omar Karami, George Hawi,
Jumblat, and other leaders who fought to destroy the pre Taef regime? Wake up, the problem is not with the
Maronites or any other Lebanese community, it is the Syrian regime's and the Israeli's schemes against Lebanon
and its people.
We should never forget an important historical fact: Lebanon survived for 6000 years and by God's will, shall keep
to do so up until the day of judgment. My dear Antoun, the Bible says: do not judge others, but according to the
same criteria you will be judged.
Long live the 6000 year history and civilization Lebanon
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
From Alec Youssef (
To: All CLHRF, LCCC viewers and Phoenicia group members
I just don't understand what some of us are doing here, talking about religion all over again, as if we are back to
1975-76. 26 years of struggle,weren't enough to teach us a lesson?. We all are LEBANESE, that is it, and
LEBANON should be the only country that we believe in and work for.
As for what we are, yes, we are Phoenicians, and not Arabs, didn't we see what had been done to us in the name
of Arabsim? I urge every Lebanese to think about our beloved homeland and about our unity first, let us get
strong and stand up together and for each other, than we might think about our surrounding if the Arabs are even
worth to be affiliated to.
People, we are Lebanese and only Lebanese, wake up. 
Until then!
Alex Youssef

From: Antoun Haddad (
To: Elias Bejjani (

Dear Elias Bejjani
I really wonder where from I should start this posting.  There are many  issues that are needed to be addressed and straightened.  You resort to sociology and history to support your point of view and you do that very lightly.  What does sociology and history say about a nation?  You should explain that so we know that you have your own sociological and historical opinion about the matters that you discuss.  The reason I say that is because I have my own understanding of sociology and history -  many other people might also have - which contradicts what you are claiming. 
1.  For the sake of argument let's suppose that what so called a Maronite Nation did exist at some stage.  WELL, THE REALITY OF THINGS IS IT does not ANY MORE.
3. We always talk about the need for unity of the Lebanese people; this means that this unity does not exist and we really are divided about almost every issue.  People in Lebanon try to be smart when they address each others.  A Christian might say to a Muslim, or vice versa, you are my brother, when he doesn't really mean that; they lie to each other.  UNITY CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED OUTSIDE THE SECTS; SECTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE DECISION-MAKING OF OUR LEBANON.  THE COUNTRY SHOULD ONLY BE LED BY POLITICAL BELIEFS NOT RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.  RELIGIONS AND POLITICS ARE NOT RELATED;  IF THE SO CALLED RELIGIOUS PEOPLE SUCCEEDED IN THE PAST TO INTERFERE IN THE POLITICS OF THEIR COUNTRIES, THIS SHOULD NOT ANY MORE  BE THE CASE.
5.   As for the Syrian presence in Lebanon, you should remember that their interference in Lebanon saved the total Christian community from a terrible disaster no wise person wished it happen.  The present situation hasn't been created by the Syrians as much as by the Lebanese themselves, especially, those suicidal Christian leaders like Bashir Jomayel and his team.  Yes, Lebanon is experiencing difficult circumstances now;  this not because of the Syrians:  This was started by the cooperation of the Lebanese Forces (I don't want to say the Maronites) with Israel, continued by emptying and stealing the Lebanese treasury by Amin Jomayel, enforced by (....) Aoun, and culminated by  (....) Rafic Al-Hariri.  Yes, the Syrian used these kind of actions, whether treachery or corruption or smart-assign, to relax more than they should.  They reacted to this stupidity, by trying to be so smart. 
What would result if this doe not happen? Anything, but a Maronite state in Lebanon.
(I have non myself, I don't believe in any God (...)  and our existence as a society. 
Antoun Haddad
From: Elias Bejjani (
to: All LCCC, CLHRF viewers and Phoenicia Group members
Dear Paul Moawad, Dear Ismail Elasmar, My dear group members,
You reply is excellent, it shows your extensive historical knowledge, which is not strange at all for a Lebanese proud of his heritage and roots. I agree with you on almost every argument you presented, but not on the one in which you said: "The Maronites are not a nation, but a Christian sect".
Dear Paul, It is true the Maronites are a Christian Catholic denomination, but at the same time they were a nation by every known criteria. According to sociology and political science, the four pillars needed for the erection of a nation are:
land, people, civilization and and independent political entity (Maronite history-Fr. Boutrous Daou, page 389).
The Maronites possessed the four pillars and accordingly founded a distinguishable nation. The Maronites are not a nation at the present time, but are an important pillar of the Lebanese nation. They had the honor to be the founders of this nation to which they gave every thing they owned and because of their sacrifices and on going struggle it remained to exist despite hardships, persecution, occupation and endless massacres. At the same time, the Maronites are not only a Catholic denomination, but a people, 10 millions of live all over the world. For your own information there are almost six million Lebanese living in Brazil.
In regards to the Britannica Encyclopedia's definition for the Maronite, it is not accurate and based on one side resource information. The Maronites were never ever followers of the "monothelites" doctrine. This fact is documented in many historical respectable resources. Professor Antoine Khoury Harb, in his book "The Maronites" page 50 , stated:
"In 451 A.D., the fourth Ecumenical Council was convened at Chalcedony and professed the dual nature (human and divine) of Christ. The Chalcedonian dogma confirms Christ's humanity i.e. His incarnation in time. This led to a schism in Church.
On one hand, there were the Pope in Rome, the Western Church in general, the patriarch of Constantinople and
Byzantine Romans, and the Melkites, known today as Roman Catholics and Orthodox, and the Maronites following
the Diocese of Antioch. On the other hand, there were the Monophysites or Jacobites, Copts, Abbyssinians, Syriac
Orthodox and Armenian Gregorian. This schism was not only ideological but also political underlying the struggle over power between Constantinople, the new capital of the aspiring Roman Empire, and Alexandria which was considered as the second seat of Christianity after Rome".
Another false fabrication spread by he Syrian occupation, is that "all Maronites came to Lebanon from Syria".
This is not true at all, Mar Maroun and many Maronite monks with some followers took refugee in
Lebanon to escape persecution in Syria. While the majority of the Maronites are Lebanese, the original inhabitants of both the mountains and the coastal cities. The Lebanese Christians and the Lebanese pagans converted to the
Maronite rite and all together formed the Maronite nation that was independent for years. The Lebanese or at least the majority of them, the original Lebanese are Phoenician-Cananites and had nothing to do with the Arabs. Professor Antoine Khoury in his book, "The Maronites" pages 16 and 17 delineates this historical fact. He states: "Jesus' disciples carried the promise of salvation to the peoples of the earth. The Lebanese were the first to receive the promise of salvation which originated in Palestine. There were three reasons for this: Geographical, Historical and cultural. Christ grew up, preached, and performed most of His miracles in "Galilean". The "Dictionary of the Bible" defines Galilee as the region between Akka and Carmel in the south, Try and its region in the north, Tiberias and Jordan in the east, and the coastal plane in the west. this area was called the "Galilee Of Nations" because of the dominance of the Can'anite-Phoenician race over the Jewish race since days of Isaiah, i.e 8th century B.C. Moreover, the Evangelists mentions that Christ addressed the Lebanese directly, especially the inhabitants of Tyre and Sidon and visited those two cities, where he cured the daughter of "a women of Can'an", and performed His first miracle in Cana of Galilee, 12 klms from Tyre".
Christianity was not alien to the inhabitants of Lebanon and was not drastically different from some ancient Lebanese beliefs. Divine incarnation, self sacrifice, resurrection, the principle of triad and the necessity of human bondage, were the cornerstone of the ancient Lebanese creed. They understood these principles in a slightly different way from that of Christianity. This explains the intellectual and confessional affiliation which the Lebanese felt first with Christ the Man and God and then with his disciples. Dwelling into historical books shows that the Lebanese people, the Can'anes-the Phoenicians have been living in Lebanon for the last 6000 years. I have no doubt that the current Lebanese are not all Cananees and Phoenicians, but the majority are while the rest come from different descends, Armenians, Arabs, Turks, Assyrian, Copts, Europeans, Persians, Kurds etc. Another historical fact that should not be ignored is that Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Libia, Jordan, Iraq, are not originally Arab countries, but were arabanized and islamized by the Arabs and Turks.
The Maronites are committed to their historical role in fulfilling the message of their ancestors, the Phoenicians, in the operation of getting the East closer to the West and open-mindedness to all sources of mind and spirit. The Maronites worship the Soil of Lebanon, they always did and forever will continue to do so. The Maronites believe in common living, multi-culturalism, tolerance and forgiveness. The Maronites are Lebanese, only Lebanese and nothing else. They are very proud of their history and roots, but at the same time honor and respect the roots and history of other Lebanese. Lebanon is for the Lebanese, all the Lebanese and accordingly it is their duty to end the Syrian occupation and make Lebanon again an oasis for freedom.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani


Date: Friday 9 Feb
From: paul moawad <>  
Subject: TO Ismail and Elias"

TO: Ismail Elasmar and Elias Bejjani
Dear Friends,
I respect your replies. On the other hand I believe you have to read and check history more profoundly. The
Maronites didn't come from Syria or Whatever. They weren't a Nation, they were and still a "SECT" From
Christianity that have its own rituals, traditions, and language "Syrianic". They even started into developing a
certain characteristic art and architecture language. St. Maroun and St. Yohanna Maroun, with other Maronite
monks came from Syria (Antioch). They escaped persecution and took refugee in what we call now "Mountain
of Lebanon", and in other Lebanese mountainous like:Ehden, Jebeh, Quannoubine
Valley, Bcharre etc.
People in these regions lived long before they converted  to the Maronites rite, they did not come from Syria.
They were atheist, many archaeological sites dicovered in these regions prove this fact. Moreover, they were
living in Lebanon long before the Islamic religion came into existence. These people were persecuted by many
invaders and religions, this is why we see a certain Military Architecture in their history. When you go to
Quannoubine or Khoshaya Valley, you will see convents carved in the grottos, (Kohoof-Mukara) you may see
also architectural features in old houses i.e: the height of doors.
Later a Maronite army was formed in order to defend and put an end to the the persecution wave, not to attack.
Thus "AL jarajimah" and "Almarada" existed, and they both came from different regions other then Lebanon.
No one saved or had any favor on the Maronite people. I can't elaborate more or it will be a book.
Therefore to be more rational in my analysis, I shall give you two references :"L'histoire des Maronites"
By P. Boutros Daou and another International reference :" Encyclopedia Britannica". You search for the definition
of the Maronites, And you shall see this description:
"Brave people who Fought For their Freedom"
Anyway take a look in this World wide based reference before you reply, I insist for the sake of the discussion.
Last but not least, I shall repeat this, we are Lebanese now, what makes Lebanon and Lebanese Identity
is its diversification, let us not waste our time by searching or, one say I am Phoenician and the other Arab, or
for us to have this it means we show a  lack of Identity.
To stand together and reclaim our occupied beloved Lebanon again we need to believe in Basic concepts of
finally I shall say that my above statement is from a historical point of view with references, but it doesn't carry
Footnotes , for it is not a paper.
For a free united Lebanon
Paul Moawad

From: Elias Bejjani (lccc@10452lccc,com)
To: Paul Moawad (
Dear Paul
This is some of the truth, but not all of it. The Maronites have never been among the followers of the Monothelitic
odd doctrine. This doctrine alleged Jesus, the son, was not  divine as the Father, the God, and accordingly lower in
rank (the heretical doctrine of Sergius).
This historical fabrication was attributed to the Maronites falsely.
All Maronite Writers, philosophers, researchers and historians (Antoine Khoury, Fr.Boutous Daou, Fouad Afram
Al Bustani etc)  denied this lie. I will post soon many historical documents to support this fact.
Thank you Paul for sending this quotation from the Encyclopedia Britannica ..our debate will be based more on
historical facts, the right ones.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani

Fri, 9 Feb 2001
paul moawad <>  
Encyclopedia Britannica

This Document has been saved from Encyclopedia
Britannica and forwarded for this room of Discussion.
Maronite Church
one of the largest Eastern-rite communities of the Roman Catholic church, prominent especially in modern Lebanon; it is the only Eastern-rite church that has no non-Catholic or Orthodox counterpart. The Maronites trace their origins to St. Maron, or Maro (Arabic Marun), a Syrian hermit of the late 4th and early 5th centuries, and St. John Maron, or Joannes Maro (Arabic, Yuhanna Marun), patriarch of Antioch in 685-707, under whose leadership the invading Byzantine armies of Justinian II were routed in 684, making the Maronites a fully independent people.
Though their traditions assert that the Maronites were always orthodox Christians in union with the Roman see, there is evidence that for centuries they were Monothelites, followers of the heretical doctrine of Sergius, patriarch of Constantinople, who affirmed that there was a divine but no human will in Christ. According to the medireview bishop William of Tyre, the Maronite patriarch sought union with the Latin patriarch of Antioch in 1182. A definitive consolidation of the union, however, did not come until the 16th century, brought about largely through the work of the Jesuit John Eliano. In 1584 Pope Gregory XIII founded the Maronite College in Rome, which flourished under Jesuit administration into the 20th century and became a training centre for scholars and leaders.
Hardy, martial mountaineers, the Maronites valiantly preserved their liberty and folkways. The Muslim caliphate (632-1258) could not absorb them, and two caliphs of the Umayyad dynasty (661-750) paid them tribute. Under the rule of the Ottoman Turks, the Maronites maintained their religion and customs under the protection of France, largely because of their geographic isolation. In the 19th century, however, the Ottoman government incited a neighbouring mountain people of Lebanon, the Druzes, against the Maronites, a policy that culminated in the great Maronite massacre of 1860. As a result of this incident, the Maronites achieved formal autonomy within the Ottoman Empire under a nonnative Christian ruler. In 1920, following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Maronites of Lebanon became self-ruling under French protection. Since the establishment of a fully independent Lebanon in 1943, they have constituted one of the two major religious groups in the country. The government is run by a coalition of Christian, Muslim, and Druze parties, but the president is always Maronite.
The immediate spiritual head of the Maronite church after the pope is the "patriarch of Antioch and all the East," residing in Bkirki, near Beirut. The church retains the ancient West Syrian liturgy, even though the vernacular tongue of the Maronites is Arabic. Contact with Rome has been close and cordial, but it was not until after the second Vatican Council that the Maronites were freed of papal efforts to Latinize their rite. French Jesuits conduct the University of St. Joseph, at Beirut.
Maronites are also found in southern Europe and North and South America, having emigrated in the 19th century under the pressure of persecutions. The émigrés keep their own liturgy and have their own clergy, some of whom are married, but are subject to the local Latin-rite bishops.

From: Liz "Duches" (
To : Mr.: Ismail Elasmar (Phoenicia group
Dear Mr.Ismail Elasmar
I just wanted to remind you of an important historical fact. You mentioned Maronite nation in your reply to Paul. There has never been a Maronite nation in history. And Maronites are not Phoenicians. Maronite is a religion.  Phoenicians can and did convert to the Christian religion.  You do not give up your past or heritage because of how you pray.
They were still the inhabitants of the land, the people of which the Lebanese descended from, our ancestors.Phoenician was not a religion but a people, a union of city states working together as a nation.  Each city had it's own God or Goddess but allowed all other to be worshiped.  I don't see Lebanon as being so different today.  We have our local leaders, our differing faiths, but we need each other, we work together as a Lebanese people, as a nation.  We cannot survive alone, divided.Our nation and our people are of many faiths.  Our concern, beyond that of be caring human, should be for our country and our fellow Lebanese.  It should be for stability and peace so that we may all live the fullest lives, love our families, provide for them, and hopefully prosper as people in wealth and knowledge.
Maronites are Phoenicians, they are also Arabs (as many converted to the faith and settled in Lebanon), they are Greek, they are European, they are American/Canadian...........It is faith, a philosophy, as flexible and applicable as any other to a given situation, to be used with common sense.  It is not a genetic code in our DNA.
Maronite is not a nation, nor should it be used to create one.  You render to you country and the protection of the people your lives, you render you hearts and spirit to god.  Separate but equal.  man governs the laws man and country, god how we treat each other morally as human beings.  They work hand in hand but should not dictate to the other.Lebanese constitution was designed to share and represent the many faiths working together as a single people.  A cooperative of thoughts and ideas.   It
represents our varied and mutual history and geographic needs.
We may all find new ideas and faiths one day, but will that no longer make us Lebanese?   NO!  Lebanon is our home, our land. Maronite is a particular orthodox sect of the Christian faith that many in our isolation followed.  We have turned to the protection of the mountain when our cities were destroyed by conquerors, and returned to rebuild time and again.  We also have been interdicted to many variation of Christianity and other faiths thanks to the many visitors(?) to our land.  Phoenicians too shared what they knew with the world and in turn brought back new knowledge to our people, it was part of developing civilization, a trade in ideas as well as good on which we prospered
Yours truly
Liz Duches

From: Paula (
To: Phoenicia group (
This is crazy .......... why do we have to discriminate the Syrian people for what their government does? We are all equal, why we don't we try to live together instead of having a stupid war. Look at Israel and the Philistine facts.
Love, love, love, nothing else matters. They teach us how to read, write, count and subtract in school, but why they can't teach us about sharing. Being nice, love, enviously the world needs it.   T. L8TRZ IM SO NOT UP TO IT RIGHT. NOW. PEACE LOVE UNITY.


From: Elias Bejjani (
To: Ismail Elasmar

Dear Ismail
As I have just wrote to Mr. Paul Moawad, I am more then pleased that we share the same concept in regards to the dangers of the Syria occupation. It is extremely positive and hopeful for Lebanon's future when the Lebanese start to share patriotic affiliations, and give priority to Lebanon and not to any other country or sect. I congratulate you for such nationalistic stance and by God's will, Lebanon shall reclaim its confiscated independence, sovereignty and freedoms. Lebanon was and should be again an oasis for all those persecuted in the Middle East. It is true that factors and element that keep the Lebanese together are much, much more then those that separate them. Imam Mousa El Sader said in the early seventies: "Lebanon is bigger then to be swallowed and smaller then to be divided". Almighty God bless his soul, he believed in the miraculous distinguishable Lebanon. His love to Lebanon was behind his death.
Salim Lowayzi, Riad Taha, Mufti Hussein Child, Kamal Jumblat, Bachir Jomayel and other 200 hundred thousand Martyrs believed in Lebanon and scarified them selves on its altar, so we the people can live with dignity, freedom and independent. Let us join our forces and give priority for liberation, we are not handicapped or children to allow the Syrian regime or any body else to control our country. As you see we we share a great deal, but it seems we do not agree on historical issues.
I am not going to dwell in history at this time, because we have to build on what we agree on, join forces and liberate our beloved country.
A small historical reminder in regards to the Maronites. Yes they have had their nation and their independent entity for hundreds of years
(read Boutos Daou's series of books on Maronites' history).
The Maronites had their independent nation (In Lebanon) before Islam and had fought Moawea and forced on him a daily (Fedia) tax (Boutous Daou-Maronite history). It seems you are confusing the Maronites who emigrated to Lebanon and the original inhabitants of Lebanon. It is true that some of the Maronites came from Ontakia to escape persecution, but the majority of them were Lebanese and converted to maronitism. Lebanese, especially those living in Tyre, Saidon, Tripoli, Jobirel, Beirut converted to Christianity in year 30 AC. All these Lebanese became Maronites and established an independent entity in Lebanon. The Arabs did not protect the Maronites and could not defeat them for years. They were able to do so only when Bezantia betrayed them and ordered the Marada army to withdraw from Lebanon. If you are really interested ion this part of histyory I can recommend many respectable historical resources.
The majority of the Lebanese, Muslims as well Christians come from Phoenician roots, although many Lebanese have different roots.My dear Ismail, what is wrong that your and my roots are Phoenician, or Arabic or even Barbarian. Let us be Lebanese and only Lebanese while respecting each others culture, roots and heritage. This colorful, mosaic aspect of Lebanon makes it distinguishable. Let us defend this aspect and try to build on it.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani

From: "Ismail Elasmar" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 2:26 AM
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] invitation for a debate

Dear Elias,
I just wanted to remind you of an important historical fact. You mentioned Maronite nation in your reply to Paul. There has never been a Maronite nation in history. And Maronites are not Phoenicians. They are people from north Syria and south Turkey (Byzantia). They were being terminated by the Catholic Church in the 7th century, when they were saved by Arab Muslims and brought to Lebanon during Imam Ouzaai era. They were given a small area of land by the Islamic Khilapha of that time and were given self rule in addition to safety from any aggression from the Catholic church and freedom of thought and worship.
There, for you should be thankful to the Arab people that kept your faith from termination. And you should remember that you are not of any Phoenician or Arab origin. You are may be a Byzantine or Syrian. Lebanon is not Phoenicia. It was part of a great empire called Phoenicia 6000 years ago which seized to exist by Greeks and Romans Just like the Pharos who vanished. There is no one in Lebanon today that speaks Phoenician or worships Baal. I addition, the Phoenicians are and I quote from my Lebanese history book " Shepard people came from the Arabian Peninsula Desert 6000 years ago looking for a fertile land and inhabited the land of Damascus or Bar Eshaam (Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan).
Does that mean that Phoenicians were Arabs before the Arabs were even known?
As for the Maronites they are from where I mentioned above per history's account.
Today, we can only speak of that great nation as part of our history just as the Greeks, the Babylon, the Assyrians, and the Romans. For now as long as there is an Arab world we are Arabs (except you and those who want to reject the favor the Arabs have gave them).
As for Syria, Yes I agree with you. They have destroyed our country and we have to free Lebanon of that parasite.
However, do not keep this Phoenician subject going on. The Syrians by your measurements are also Phoenicians.
That will give them a strong reason to take over Lebanon. That something we do not need. Let just keep them as our Arab brothers that they have their own home and we have ours.
We will eventually kick them back to their home and we hope your Maronite leaders do not bring them back to Lebanon again. Please, do not try to change history. The Jews tried and still trying. Do not be like them. You do not have the Western world, the money, nor the Maronite majority to do so. I know you are smarter than that.
Ismail Elasmar

From: Elias Bejjani (
To: Paul Moawad

Dear Paul
I am happy that we see the Syrian occupation eye to eye..This factor is important these days because if the Lebanese do not unite and force the Syrians to leave, there will be no more Lebanon, but a Syrian "Muhafaza". It seems we also share the same stance in relation to the corrupted Lebanese Syrian installed regime. I command you for having a holistic concept and for recognizing who is actually destroying our country and forcing its people to emigrate. It is worth mentioning that more then 16 thousand Lebanese, mostly educated young men are
emigrating from Lebanon every month, and that since 1990 one million and 300 thousand Lebanese citizens left Lebanon. Meanwhile more then 1.5 million illegal Syrian workers conquer the country and control its labor market.
I don't agree with you about the identity issue at all..I advice you to read Lebanon's history. If any people in world has a rich deeply rooted history it would be the Lebanese. Have forgotten that we are Phoenicians, or at least the majority of the Lebanese are?
Have you forgotten that we, the Maronites have a history of 1600 years characterized by struggle, faith, perseverance, endurance and sacrifices?
It is true that Lebanon is a multi-cultural country with 19 different cultures, but still the majority are the Phoenician ancestors. This does not mean that I underestimate others, on the contrary I respect the cultures and roots of every Lebanese community...This is our richness and this is what distinguishes Lebanon from other countries in the Middle East. The Armenians, the Druz, the Assyrians, the Kurds, the Maronites, The Catholic Malkites, the Arab Lebanese all have their own cultures, but all have one identity...The Lebanese one.
Accordingly, I am not an Arab, nor an Egyptian or a Syrian, I am Lebanese and only Lebanese. Why should a Lebanese be an Arab or any thing else..being Lebanese is more then enough. I am Lebanese of Phoenician roots, other Lebanese come from Arab ancestors, Armenians from Armenia etc, but all of us are Lebanese and only Lebanese. Being proud of your roots is not a crime and my roots are not Arabic.
I am currently living in Canada and hold its citizenship..which makes me a Canadian citizens of Lebanese roots. The same principle applies to all the 4 million Lebanese living in Lebanon. They are Lebanese with different roots. By saying I am not an Arab, does not mean I deny that Lebanon is located in the Middle East, surrounded by Arab countries, a member in the Arab league and its people speak the Arabic language.
I am proud of my my heritage and expect all the Lebanese of Arabic and others to do the same. I can't be what I am not. If Almighty
God wanted all the people to be from one country and speak one language he could have done that easily. Again and again tolerance,respect of others and accepting them as they are is the formula for a successful common living. This what we need in Lebanon, we need to believe in our Lebanese identity, respect each other, accept our cultural and religious differences, focus on Lebanon only, and stop preaching one thing and practice some thing else.
My dear Paul: The Moawad Lebanese family, are the ancestors of the Marada,  great fighters who became Maronites and helped establishing the Maronite Nation. In regards to the Leaders' issue, I respect you point of view, but can not agree with it. I admire His Beatitude patriarch Sfier, but also there are many politicians and leaders including the ones I listed in my previous response that I trust and respect.
My dear Paul, a man without a national identity is  man with no soul.
With my best regards
Elias Bejjani

Date:Tue, 7 Feb 2001
From: Paul Moawad
Subject:To Elias/
Dear Elias,
I appreciate your reply. I believe you misunderstood the Lebanese ID, anyway I just want to tell you that I am a Lebanese and I believe in freedom and freedom for all countries. I don't agree with you my friend, if you check the history, you can't describe or specify a Lebanese civilization or track a so called Lebanese people in history i.e: you don't have a Lebanese architecture, Lebanese art, Lebanese heritage...But yes sure we have Lebanon now and we shall fight for it! Back in history , and the near history you had Mount Lebanon, and on the other hand, you had many people coming from different countries. Lebanon is more defined or easily defined as a place of gathering of different people who developed a country called Lebanon, and this is not Negative my friend i.e: United states (on a different level though).
Every religion has its own ritual and tradition, from The Maronites to Druze....they had their own languages and even art through history...It is a long , discussion, I would rather make it one day face to face, it is an interesting discussion, I am Maronite and I believe in the Maronite History and Identity, but on the other hand I believe in Lebanon too,because what make Lebanon is this diversification. I believe that the only solution that could gather Religion and People is Economy.
Why you don't consider yourself Arabic Elias?
Answer in a rational way. If you are not Arabic what are you? I hope you shall elaborate on that. On the other hand, I see that you were mistaken by labeling some people as leaders, because I don't see anyone of them as a leader and specially Ministers Abou Jamra and Maalouf.
I don't have hate for anyone, but I believe that General AOUN and others too, (I don't stand for anyone)  were a major cause for Lebanese Diaspora and the fall of the last portion unoccupied by the Syrians.  The only person that I can respect now is Cardinal SFEIR.
I appreciate Mr. Tuieni as a journalist (voice) and of course MP Moukhaiber. But I am not here to tell and re-dig the past, we have now to join forces and forgive. I just want to tell you that there is no leader who was clean and Sincere to his country. They were all, and I say all corrupted by the Syrians, Money or a " Maladie the pouvoir".
I now stand perfectly with Cardinal SFEIR, simply because he is speaking the truth out-loud.  I shall tell you one thing Elias, that I believe in those officers detained in Syria, or the officers who were killed  bravely or been executed . I believe in a group of Elite officers and other civilians who were sincere to Lebanon and fought and paid the price, either in their family or other things , but they kept their dignity example:
many officers in the Lebanese army , Brigadier General Maroun Moawad, General Edmond Khoury,  Brigadier General Nassib Eid, Col Mazloum...and other officers who fought bravely from Gaby Chamoun to Kairuz, to Kaytel EL Hayek, to Officer Yammine...
Many of them are my Friend, these have to be highly respected, because they stood up and did not leave! Leaders are who Fight bravely and don't fear consequences, now only our force together can make us as a "Leader", we have to join force and make the impossible to get the Syrians out with this corrupted government, I believe we agree on many stuff Elias.ONE ADVICE IF ONLY LEBANESE PEOPLE WOULD SEE
OVER AND OVER AGAIN "BRAVE HEART". I am serious about that.
Best Regards,
Paul Maroun Moawad
For a free UNITED Lebanon
From: Elias Bejjani (
To: Paul Moawad

Dear Paul:
Thanks for your quick response. Definitely, I  strongly agree on most of what you have said in regards to
the urgent need for unity. Yes, all our people must unite, join forces and put their differences aside. They have to focus on the Syrian merciless, devastating occupation that is dragging the country and its people into the stone ages' time. All the Lebanese should wake up and start their holy peaceful opposition, and if needed  initiate an organized civilized kind of resistance.
The Syrians must leave Lebanon, so we can reclaim back our confiscated freedom, independence, free decision making process, democracy and common living. Lebanon and its people are hostages, while the Syrian regime is the kidnapper. They are using  and abusing us as cheap chips in their dirty, endless aimless and non sense rhetoric war with Israel. I say rhetoric because in reality they are allies supporting each other and
protecting each others interests. They have never ever confronted each other militarily in Lebanon????
Any Lebanese who does not realize this shining fact by now needs to see a psychiatrist.
When I call for the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, I do not mean by any way that Syria is an enemy. On the contrary the Syrian people are our neighbors and brothers...we share with them culture, heritage, language and even the same air!!!! but all these factors do not give their regime to occupy our country, destroy our identity, kill our leaders, imprison or send them in exile. They do not have the right to arbitrarily detain our patriotic
men and women in their Nazi-like jails. They do not have the right to destroy our industry, economy, environment and society. They do not have the right to keep our south region an open arena for terrorism and fanaticism or prevent the national army from taking control of the whole region there. and the list goes on and on.
We call for the best  relations with Syria, provided Syrians stay in Syria and the Lebanese in Lebanon..These relations should be based on mutual respect, equality , consensus, and not  infringe on of the independence of Syria or Lebanon. Lebanon is a multi-cultural society...this reality should not be ignored in any agreement reached or to be reached with Syria.
You asked what the leaders that I am affiliated to, are doing? Well my friend, Patriarch Sfier, Bishop Elias Audi, and other Bishops are loudly and peacefully advocating for the end of the Syrian occupation. The same stance is
adopted by General Aoun, Dr. Albert Mukieber, Walid Jumblat, Mohammad Mukraby, Kanmal Chatila, Pierre Raffoul, Minister Issam Abu Jamra, Minister Edgar Maloof, Gobran Tueini, The FPM, Lebanese Forces, Liberal party, President Jomayel, Guardians of the Cedars, National Block party, and many others like Kamel Assad.
My friend although I am an active member in the FPM, but my sole affiliation is for Lebanon and for its prosperity. Any Lebanese who believes in Lebanon's identity, heritage, culture, history and distinguished identity is my brother and even my leader.
worship Lebanon and pray that all Lebanese would do so.
Dear Paul, I do not agree with you that there this no Lebanese identity and that there was no Lebanon before the Arab invasion.
This is not an opinion, it is a fact, an historical one. Lebanon is mentioned in the bible 75 times as well as its cedars. Lebanon was a state, an independent one many times in remote and recent history...its borders at one time stretched from Turkey to Jerusalem. The Lebanese identity is deeply carved in history and would be questionable for any Lebanese not to recognize these substantial fact.
It is impossible for any Lebanese who do not honor his holy Lebanese identity to fight for Lebanon.
Why should a person die and sacrifice for a certain country if he does not honor its identity and worship its soil?
Our history is deeply rooted in our holy land, it goes back to more then 6000 years, let us be proud of this rich heritage and do our best to maintain it and rear teach children on its love an appreciation.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani


Date:Mon, 6 Feb
From: Paul Moawad

Dear Friends
Well I am happy that the last two opinions were professional in a way. I appreciate Elias and Dr. Abu Khalil's opinions, they both work along mostly. On the other hand, I am wondering why we still have to fight now, and specially now on the Lebanese ID. in fact Yes it is true that Arabs invaded the area and before that time there weren't an Arab people in most of the Middle East and minor Asia area..
this is before the seventeenth century. On the other hand there wasn't such called Lebanese people before Arabs came, and I amnot going to go in a historical debate. I just want to say that we have to focus on one problem here , Lebanon is formed of different religions and sects, and these groups define Lebanon, but there isn't such as a Lebanese identity or historical background. Every religion or group of people relate to a certain background by taking his religion or sect as a bench mark. the issue, that we are a group of people where we have to live together and fight for a free country.
We face now, and I say now, two major problems" the Palestinian" problem where it could be resolved on Lebanon sovereignty sake and specially "THE SYRIAN DOMINATION", it is not the Syrian army presence only, they are eating the whole country, and we have to face that together, Muslims, Christians and druze...Unfortunately and I insist on that. I am not "fanatic" but only a portion of druze and a portion of Christians are speaking loudly about this issue. I know that a lot of civilians like you Doctor ,are against Syrians, but it is time for most of the leaders to speak loudly. The other Christian side who are backing up Syrians are puppets and corrupted.
Unfortunately politics in Lebanon is based on Political leaders, parties and feudal Leaders (Family...).The people in most of the case follow them emotionally. This is why a collective group of Leaders from all religions and sects have to stand up, and criticize together the Syrians occupation. Moreover Elias and Dr. Abu Khalil, ( I won't state what I think I am, this would be out of the main subject), you have to convince people, how Non-Lebanese and Arab Countries have and are helping Lebanon now or even before.
NB: no emotions please, keep it rational. one question for the Doctor :
What is the ARAB LEAGUE doing to help in solving Lebanon's crisis with Syria?.
and to Elias : where are the non-Arab countries and why they are not helping Lebanon?
And a general question Where are the political leaders that you are affiliated to for, what are they doing to save Lebanon?
I believe we have to join our force now more then any time before, because the problem lies with us, the
Lebanese more then any body else.

From: Elias Bejjani
To: Dr. N. Abu Khalil

Dear Dr. N. Abou Khalil
I am happy that an educated individual like you, a Dr. is actually able to find time and to have interest in national issues. Even more to visit the CLHRF and the LCCC home pages, that you have tagged as pro-Israeli and anti-Arab. I am not sure what is the source of your information, because there is nothing on our two home pages that advocates for Israel, and I personally have never ever stated in any of my weekly articles that Israel is a friend. We do not spread hatred, on the contrary we call for peace, democracy, freedom and respect of human rights. We are not sectarian by any means, and for your own information half of our members are not Christians.
Please could you be more specific and let me know exactly, what is on our both sites that is pro-Israeli and anti-Arab? It is very easy to accuse others and give them certain tags, but to have credibility in your claims, you need proves, substantial ones.
Dear Dr. I challenge you to tell me which one of my articles spreads hatred and which one states that our group is advocating for a Christian State. Unfortunately it seems that you are a victim of the pro-Syrian media in Lebanon. This media and for the last 10 years has been spreading its poisons among the people and classifying them in two categories...One pro-Syrian and one pro-Israel.
Dear. Dr. The majority of the Lebanese, both Muslims and Christians are neither pro-Israel nor pro Syria, they are pro Lebanon, and only pro-Lebanon. The Lebanese people are not babies or mentally crippled to allow the Syrians or any other country to occupy Lebanon and run their affairs. You should be very proud to be Lebanese, your ancestors were able for 6000 years to maintain their identity and dignity. They taught the whole world not only navigation, trade, science, but also ethics and faith... Where is your faith?
Have faith in your people and forget the Israeli tag of treason, it does not work any more. All the Arab countries have recognized Israel overtly or covertly, including the Syrian regime. We do not defend the Israelis or the Syrians, we defend our beloved Lebanon. Be Lebanese and only Lebanese. Let the Syrians and the Israelis take care of their own affairs. Any Lebanese Christen, Muslim, Dorzi, Armenian, Kurdi, etc is Lebanese only, if he believes in Lebanon as an independent, sovereign, free, multi-cultural country, honor its distinguishable identity and respects its citizenship.
We call for this Lebanon, do you belong to it?
Lebanon is a global country, although it is called currently an Arabic one after the Taef Accord was forced on its multi-cultural people. Lebanon is global but geographically located in the Middle East and surrounded by Israel and the Arab world. Many of the Lebanese come from Arabic roots, but not all the Lebanese are Arabs. Lebanon my friend was invaded by the Arabs in the seventh century. The Lebanese were in Lebanon before that invasion, remained there after it was over, and will stay there till the day of judgment. We have nothing against the Arabs or against the Arab Lebanese, but as I said not all the Lebanese are Arabs.
Forcing the non Arab Lebanese to forget their roots, culture, heritage identity and be Arabs, does not portray any respect for human rights, freedom or democracy. My friend you can force a person to wear a certain attire, but you can't force him to change his faith, roots, blood and beliefs.Tolerance my friend, tolerance is what you should learn.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani

From: Dr. N. Abu Khalil  
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 01:51:52 EST
Subject: Disappointed Ture Lebanese

Lebanon, if it was a Human it would had cried today. If it is a country for the Christians or Muslims only, I would had cried today It is shameful to cross such a hatred group like yourselves, who puts on masks to hide behind Democracy and freedom when you talk about Lebanon is it all Lebanon or the canton of Mount Lebanon where would I fit if I am not a Christian. If you think Lebanon was a Glory when the Christians were in power and you want that Lebanon Back or forget Lebanon. and for that you hide behind Syrian and Palestinian issues and
when you talk as Israel a friendly Country because it stand behind democracy and freedom where it is the root of our problems, it is the reason we have Palestinian and Syrian in Lebanon today. You have to understand Facts Lebanon is an Arab country regardless if you like or not it is for Christian and Muslim and Druse and Armenians Lebanon future is not to leave it, whatever the causes are. Lebanon is for all of us and you should have your website advocating unity, finding common ground to all Lebanese starting by ending secretarian politics and find an understanding of what kind of Lebanon we need for the future. If you and the few others like you will keep the campaign of terror by scaring other Christian to leave Lebanon by losing their trust in the future of Lebanon. if you continue ,the Palestine will take your Place and you can enjoy Canada.and I do not wish that  Dear Lebanese I do not want you to leave Lebanon, we built Lebanon together and we should continue to do
so Lebanon has no one but the few of us. walk up believe in Lebanon not your Religion
Dr. N Abou Khalil

From: Elie Moukabed"
Dear Elias,

I thank you for the translation of my message to English.
Let me clarify some point that the meaning may be altered during translation.
Saying "It is necessary for every Lebanese to distinguish between the right of the Palestinians to live in peace in
Lebanon" doesn't mean that I agree that they stay in our country forever. I read some statistics saying that the highest density of population in the Middle East is in Lebanon. I rely on this argument to say, Palestinians, Syrians must not stay in Lebanon. I agree that we need some workers for the jobs that the Lebanese normally don't do, but these workers must be legally here, the state must control their numbers, they must pay taxes like foreign workers in any other country. But what's happening now (and I know because I see it) is that we have an overflow of illegal Syrian workers.A short trip to Beirut’s streets shows clearly the high number of Syrian workers waiting for jobs, they're not working but waiting for a job, this is clear that their numbers are much more than the market needs.
The number of rubbers is escalating, because of the high number of Syrians without work.
By taking a quick look to the latest pages of newspapers shows that 99% of the rubbers are Syrians.
I don't want here to talk about my own experience with them, and I have too much, but believe me, they're here
to destroy the country. That's what some of them say, and what all of them do. I repeat that what I say is coming from experience, Any individual who resides in Lebanon, can tell what is going on. Some might say: “they are helping us against Israel”, but this not my point of view. The reality is they are abusing our country and underestimating its people. They act like invaders and not like workers looking for job.
Going back to the Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon (almost half a million), if Israel refuses to allow them to return back to their country, I wonder why Saudis and other Arabs do not provide them with a permanent home in their countries. They have a low density of population and much less problems then Lebanon.
Saying "We call on Lebanon's leadership not to commit the same mistake of the "Cairo Accord”. " is not exactly what I meant. I would call on the real Lebanese people and not for the country’s shadow leadership. I'm sure that the decision is made in Damascus so I'm not going to address my message to the actual Lebanese leadership, they don't deserve that.
Best regards
Elie Moukabed

Elie Moukabed" <>  
Date:Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:36:03 +0100

I am against Palestinians attacking Israel through Lebanon's borders. Intelligent people are not only those who commit no errors, but also those who can benefit from their mistakes and work hard not commit them again. It is  very clear that Palestinian attacks against Israel  in the mid seventies were the principal cause that lead to the Lebanese war.  I think the declaration made by Minister Marwan Hamadé in his recent interview with the L:BC  is a courageous one and addressees this crucial issue. It is necessary  for every Lebanese to distinguish between the right of  the Palestinians to live in peace in Lebanon, and the taboo for them to destroy the country by instigating Israel and give its army reasons to attack and target Lebanon's infrastructure. We all want the Palestinians to lives in peace, and return with honor to their country. Lebanon had enough and offered sacrifices much more then any Arab State. We call on Lebanon's leadership not to commit the same mistake of the "Cairo Accord" . Palestinians should not be allowed to attack Israel from Lebanon under any given circumstances.
Elie Moukabed 
From Elias Bejjani (
To: Mr. Ismail Alasmar

Dear Ismail
I agree with almost every word you said, but we can not focus only on the war of others on our land that has been
burning our country since 1975.All parties did commit crimes and atrocities, and accordingly all those responsible should be put on trial through an international tribunal when Lebanon reclaims its confiscated independence. The past is over we can not revive it, but we can learn from it and try to avoid all the mistakes committed. In regards to Lebanon's area it is not only 10452lccc or 10734 Km, but ten times more. Lebanon according to the bible and
numerous historical documents stretched to the Turkish borders and to Jerusalem, but we are satisfied now with the
10452lccc km.Patriotic Lebanese who advocate for freedom, sovereignty and free decision, do not consider Syrian
people as enemies, although they consider Israel to be so. The problem in occupied Lebanon is that people are brain washed and fed false concepts and meanings for fraternity, nationalism, Arabism and history. The puppet controlled Lebanese media classify the Lebanese in two categories: with Israel or with Syria.
The reality is: the majority of the Lebanese are not with Syria nor with Israel, They are with Lebanon, the holy land of 6000 years of history and civilization. Patriotic Lebanese do differentiate between the Syrian people and the Syrian regime. The Lebanese are not fighting the Syrians in Syria, but in Lebanon. The Lebanese and Syrian people are more then one family, but this concept does not apply to the Syrian regime. Still brotherhood doe not give the right to one brother to enslave his sisters and brothers. Israel has already ended its occupation to South Lebanon, while the Shebaa farms' conflict could be solved through the UN and through peaceful means. Syria is an occupier in Lebanon not a fraternal power.
It is destroying every thing that is Lebanese in a bid to annex the
whole county in the near future.The Syrian regime is the enemy and not the Syrian people.Lebanon with its rich multi-cultural background can help effectively in spreading democracy in the region and will be again a factorfor stability in the region once the Syrian regime ends its occupation.It is a grace from Almighty God to be Lebanese, let us appreciate this Godly endowment and work together to rebuild Lebanon and free its holy land from all occupiers and puppet officials.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani

From: Ismail Elasmar
TO: Elias Bejjani

Dear Elias,

Thank you for your reply. I hope that I can explain my opinion in a clear manner. And I hope you understand my point. When I said you, I meant every one from today and for the past years of the war in Lebanon as policies, Leaders, Army officers, and warlords, etc..., and there are too many of them that still are selling our lives in the name of everything except the normal poor citizen. I do not know why every one in Lebanon including you still calls Lebanon the 10452km while I still remember from my childhood 25 years ago elementary and intermediate school geography books that Lebanon is 10734 km. What happed to the 300 km?Who sold this? Is Sheba-a Farms not part of Lebanon any more. Or does the Israelis have the right to steal our land without us saying anything or doing anything about it. Everyone we entrusted our lives and freedoms for the past years was working on a secondary salary from a foreign government. Syria is Occupying Lebanon but Syria knew how to destroy our country to control us. This would not have happened if it was not for the leaders that wanted to have others in control of our destiny. I do not think that Lebanon was free before Syria or the war. We were still under control of France because our Christian leaders wanted that. Then they wanted Israel as if Israel is our beloved friend.
They committed massacres in the name of freeing Lebanon from foreigners while they were walking side by side with Israelis. Syria committed as much devastation and massacres as others and more. However, we should not forget that they also did this to their own people in Hamah and Hemus in Feb. of 1992. Should call these people (Syrians) our brothers because there is no part of Lebanon but have some relatives that are relatives and were separated from each others when the colonists separated us from each other. We should not just fight and call for the liberation from the Syrians as much as the destruction and overthrowing the regime in Syria itself. If the Syrian people are free and Syria was democratic, then we will have no problem any more because then we will have our freedoms and democracy too. Then, we will be able to have a mutual relations with them on the basis of equality and respect to each other. Also, in Lebanon we cannot leave those responsible for the misery that is bringing
us to the brink of termination as a nation.
We should hold those accountable and punish them form what they did and are doing, not reward them with ministry positions and high government jobs for them and their families. We all people of Lebanon should respect for we have diversity. The Christians should respect the Muslims (and vise versa) andnot each sect force laws and habits that hurts the feelings of the others on each other. And last but not least, we should aid our brothers the Palestinians in their cause. Yes there are Lebanese families that have Palestinian relatives that live under oppression. We should remember that one day and for thousand of years we were one big country with no borders. The Phoenicians were not only in Lebanon.
Phoenicia was Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus, and yes Lebanon was the center and the capital of this great civilization. And we stayed one country during the Greeks, the Romans, and the Arabs. We were forced to be divorced only few years ago when the Europeans wanted to rob our land and they have succeeded because few wanted to be a realtor (samsar) sell us to them and run. I believe in one free, democratic Lebanon. I also believe that we should feel with our families that the west separated us from. And I hope all the countries in the middle east becomes free, so we may join each other again as one strong nation with different states, ruled by what the people ineach state believes in with respect to each other and we the Lebanese people be the Leaders in bringing this freedom to all.
Ismail Elasmar


Dear Ismail Elasmar

From Elias Bejjani (
I respect your opinion, but God help a nation if its people cry for slavery and work hard to keep foreigners in control of their affairs. When you said "you", do you mean the people or the regime or a certain religion or group. We in the FPM represent the people of Lebanon, from all religions who believe in equality, freedom, democracy and secular regime. Have a nice day
Elias Bejjani

From: Ismail Elasmar
To: Elias Bejjani

Talk, talk, talk.
The situation in Lebanon is terrible. However, It was worse and bloody when it was in your hands. When you bombed and killed innocent people in their homes and sniped at innocent civilians (women and children) in the streets. I still remember the massacres you created by shelling civilian crowded neighborhoods. Not to mention you put your bloody hands with another bloody hand, our eternal enemy, Israel. We do not just hope and strive to kick the Syrian ass of Lebanon, but we hope that the entire regime in Syria is paid the price. In addition, do not think that you will ever be entrusted in our lives and freedoms again.
From Cederland
In the comic tragedy that is Lebanon
It seems that just about every layer of society is being in some way harmed by our neighbor states. In one of the
many ironic events that crop up every now and then in Lebanon, Lebanese farmers, many of whom are amongst
the poorest of citizens, are being hurt economically now more than ever. They are unable to sell their produce as
a result of inferior Syrian products being brought in across the border and also due to cheap imports which are
imposed upon the country.
Those farmers that are being affected the most are in the extreme north of the country, in the Bekaa, and in south
Lebanon. In a strange twist of fate, the very people who claim to politically represent many of these farmers favor
Syrian presence in the country. Even some of the religious leaders these farmers defend this Syrian presence.
In the past when Lebanese students tried to sell Lebanese produce they were beaten and arrested while citizens
of our sister country are allowed to sell their goods in Lebanon unmolested. How very strange indeed.

From Cederland
In Lebanon, while it is perfectly alright to have a picture of Hafez al-Assad, Arafat, or Hitler it appears that it is a crime to possess a picture of a Lebanese prime minister and you run the risk of being arrested. I found this rather sad article in today's Daily Star:
FPM followers detained for ‘possessing Aoun picture’ The Free Patriotic Movement complained Wednesday that the army detained and interrogated two of its supporters in Jbeil for more than an hour. The army’s orientation and guidance department told The Daily Star that it had no information on the incident. A statement released by the party said that the men, Siham Younes and Marwan Saliba, “were arrested at an army checkpoint in Jbeil on Tuesday and then detained in the army barracks for more than an hour.” The two activists were allegedly
arrested “just for having a picture of General Michel Aoun on their car,” according to the FPM. “We can only interpret these activities as another sign of the authorities’ confusion and fear every time the possibility arises of General Aoun’s return to Lebanon,” the statement said. In a separate press release, the group said a team of lawyers was preparing to file a lawsuit against “unknown sources” who have been
allegedly fabricating and spreading false news related to Aoun.

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