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New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Demagogue Aoun
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008

To demagogue Michel Aoun,
You should be the one to apologize from the Syrian regime and from the Lebanese people. Your crazy decisions and your speeches about breaking the head of President Haffez Assad and judging the Syrian terrorist regime in a trial (like Nuremberg) for their crimes got the Lebanese people in more troubles with this regime. This regime never trusted you before and will never trust you in the future. All what they need is to use you as a tool to get to their goals. Now that the crude oil price is down and Iran will not be able to support Syria and Hezbollah financially, the Syrian terrorist regime and Hezbollah (Hezb Evil) are looking for other resources. They know that Lebanon is the right place for new resources and you can be used as a bridge for this regime to take over the power and the resources of the country. It is time for the patriotic leaders (march 14 alliance) in Lebanon to take a bold decision and go into direct peace negotiations with Israel in the presence of Turkey, Egypt, the United States and the EU. The whole world will support Lebanon in these negotiations. This is the only choice these leaders have to save the country; otherwise, they have to know that Iran and Syria will make a deal at the expense of the Lebanese people.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: FW: General Kahwaji
December 4/08

To General Kahwaji,
Your visit to Damascus was a political visit.
It would have been a professional visit if you did not meet with President Assad.
When Ghazi Kanaan, the chief of the Syrian Secret Service in Lebanon (governor of Lebanon) nominates someone for a high political position in Lebanon, President Hafez Assad asks Kanaan to arrange an appointment. Then President Assad meets and evaluates this person after reviewing his profile, the same way you have been evaluated when you met with President Bashar Assad. If the person is patriotic, honest and smart, he would be rejected by this regime Like Fouad Boutros or Killed like Emam Moussa Al-Sadar, Bashir Jemayel, Renee Maawad and Dany Shamoun. If the person has low intelligence, uses his instinct to get power and money and does not care about his country, he would be accepted by this regime the same way Emile lahoud and Elias Harawi were accepted. dear general, the warm receiving the demagogue Aoun had in Syria shows how skillful this regime is in using people to serve their interests. this regime does not trust Aoun and does not support him to get any position in Lebanon, but he will be used to eliminate their enemies. The Syrian regime would like to use all the Lebanese people in order to get his trusted people only to power. Their people, if they take over the power in Lebanon, will have a mission to kill, put in jail and immigrate all the patriotic leaders.
Raymond Eddeh had a choice between the presidency and his patriotism and he chose his patriotism. In case your instinct to become a president is driving you, we hope you are smart and you choose your country and your patriotism.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: TV interview
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008
To Mr. Suleiman Frangieh,

In your Television interview this week, you mentioned that you did not make any illegal deals when you were in power and you only made money from your own business. It was a joy to hear that someone from President Frangieh's family works. Can you tell us if the Lebanese Lottery, the fake invoices in the ministry of health and the not qualified medicines that you allowed to distribute in Lebanon are what you call a business? Do you mean the gasoline or petrol shipment you were bringing from Syria for ten years and causing the Lebanese government 30 millions Dollars monthly losses is your business? If you have a successful business, can you explain to us what is the reason you do pay taxes to the Lebanese government? Would you tell us where did you get the capital to establish your business?
Can you tell us what scientific qualifications you have in order to establish a business similar to what Michel Eddeh's children did? By the way, you should know that the Boss in the Middle East region made the first contact with President Hafez Assad through Turkish mediators from Iskenderun area. They made a deal to support Hafez Assad in order to take over the power in Syria and their condition was for Assad to follow the below mission:
Either to exile, kill or put in jail all the patriotic politicians and intellectuals. At the same time bring to power only traitors and low life people as these people can be under control. When the Boss in the region agreed to Let Hafez Assad take over Lebanon, Assad was asked to apply the same mission agreed on previously.
Based on this I can list few examples. Raymond Eddeh was in exile, Kamal Junblat, Bashir Jemayel, Rachid Karami and Dani Chamoun were killed and Samir Jeagea was in prison. At the same time, Assad brought to power only traitors and low life people. Mr. Frangieh, I know that the Axis of evil still has the same plan for Lebanon. If the patriotic leaders (march 14 alliance), Bkerki and the intellectuals in Lebanon do not have a clear plan to save Lebanon, their fate will be either the exile, death or prison.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: to Demagogue Aoun
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008

You are telling us that in sixth months we will see the outcome of your visit to Iran. I'm wondering why do you have to wait sixth months to let us know. If you are a political leader you should be able to tell us now. In any case, I will tell you what are the sixth months. First, the Iranian Regime is providing you with financial support to win the elections in the Christian areas and is also offering you protection. They promised to give you money in order to prepare for the elections and win the Christian areas from Zgharta to Baabda. Also, just before your visit to Iran the Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah Intelligence services were spreading the news that the the Lebanese forces can wipe you out by force in a matter of hours. This was meant to scare you and offer you protection at the same time. They assured you that Hezbollah can invade the Christian areas if you or your ally Suleiman Frangieh are in any danger and need protection. Second, the Iranian and Syrian regimes are asking you to attack Walid Jumblat. Their plan is to kidnap Jumblat ,if they can, and throw him in the Syrian jails because they do not forgive him for being patriotic. As for you, the Syrian regime will not forget or forgive you for offending President Hafez Assad when you were still in Baabda Palace. They are just using you and you are only serving as a cover for their plans. Third, the Iranian regime explained to you that the War in the region will not affect their power and they will rise stronger than before if it happens. At the same time, they explained to you that they will be even more powerful if war does not happen as they will make a deal with the Americans and the Israelis. In this scenario, Hezbollah will be in control of Lebanon and you will become the president of Lebanon. What you are missing in this scenario is that they will not accept a demagogue to be a president as they do not trust you even if you are a dummy in their hands. I feel very sorry for the few Christians who keep on trusting you and I appeal to the General Prosecutor in Lebanon to open an investigation on what surprises will the next sixth months bring to Lebanon and the Lebanese people.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Another evil plan
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008
At the Lebanese presidential palace, we have seen in the news the historic picture of the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman laughing with the US Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and the US ambassador in Lebanon. Also, after the visit of the Lebanese President to the White House and warmth he was received with, the axis of evil couldn't accept it and we witnessed few explosions in Lebanon. Is it possible for us to believe that the Syrian regime will accept to see freedom and independence in Lebanon? It is not a coincidence to hear few days ago in the news that the Syrian regime arrested in Syria Shaker El-Absi and the key people of his organization. All these members of this organization used to take their orders directly from the Syrian regime. It is also not a coincidence to see the Lebanese Intelligence arresting members of El-Absi organization who executed the terrorists acts in Lebanon and who take their orders from Chaker El-Absi only. They do not have any direct relationship with the Syrian regime and they can not mention any involvement of this regime during the investigations. As for the Syrian Army groups at the northern borders of Lebanon, it is meant to be used for another proposal from the Syrian regime to the western countries.
The plan is the following:
The Syrian regime is trying to convince the western countries to allow them to enter North Lebanon in order to stop the Sunni from forming a canton.
At the same time, they can give a reason for Israel to invade south Lebanon, protect their northern borders and control the Litani water.
The Shiite in this scenario will move to the Bekaa valley where they form their own canton.
The Druze have already their canton ready.
In the north, the Syrian will arrange mercenary troupes to fight under El-Marada (Suleiman Frangieh's movement) and Aoun's movement and to invade the Christian areas. They know that the Christians will not participate in the fights.
For the Christians the Syrian will set up canton ruled by their agents Suleiman Frangieh and Michel Aoun.
In this plan, if the patriotic Christians can secure their areas they will be able to keep the independent Lebanon and this is what the Syrian regimes does not want to happen.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To all Lebanese Patriots
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008

During the funeral of Youssef Frangieh, who is considered as "the Martyr of El-koura" based on the Syrian agent in Lebanon Suleiman Frangieh, sophisticated weapons were shown publicly. The type of weapons carried by the Military. For sure, these weapons were offered to Al-Marada militia by the Axes of evil. First, I would like to warn the Lebanese patriots that these weapons are for the internal use in Lebanon. Second, I would like to warn the people of Zgharta that these weapons will be used against them. The Lebanese army is supposed to disarm the militias and take over these weapons. It would be more helpful than asking the other nations to provide the Lebanese army with weapons. If , for whatever reason or regional circumstances related to the axis of evil, the Lebanese army can not disarm these militias then all Lebanese patriots are supposed to carry weapons in order to protect themselves. At the end when the government becomes strong, these patriots can offer these weapons to the Lebanese army as a gift. I will repeat what I wrote previously to the Syrian agent Suleiman Frangieh that this game of weapons is much bigger than what he can handle. By the way, the kidnapping of the two American Reporters in Lebanon and their appearance in Syria reminds me of what Karim Bakradoni wrote about the Syrian regime in one of his books. He described this regime as someone who creates the lunatic person and then goes to the western countries and offers the hospital to keep the insane and protect the west from his insanity.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Lebanese Presidency and the syrian agents in Lebanon
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008
It is weird this issue of the Syrian agents in Lebanon, they always try to use the presidency as a red carpet anyone can step on. We do not understand what does the presidency has to do when in comes to a conflict between individuals. They do not understand that the presidency gets involved only in national issues and does not deal with individual conflicts. The conflict between Hezbollah and El-Mustakbal Movement was resolved in between them and without the intervention of the president. The same also happened between Hezbollah and the Druze. If someone is looking to resolve a conflict with another individual, it is shameful to try to use the presidency name for his own interest. The battle in Lebanon is similar to what Professor Elie Weisel described in his book "The Night". It is a battle between the doubt and the faith, a battle between desperation and confidence, a battle between forgetness and remembering. The Syrian agent Suleiman Frangieh wants us to forget that his party killed 1150 innocent people after the 1978 incidents in Ehden. The demagogue agent Michel Aoun wants us to forget that he slaughtered the Christian area of Beirut and offered it as a present to the Syrian regime. Both of these agents want us to forget what the Syrian regime did in Lebanon, from slaughtering his people to taking over the resources in the country and ending up killing the patriotic leaders. Let us remember our patriotic heroes and our Lebanese martyrs and all those who died in Syrian prisons. You fought alone, you suffered alone and you lived alone but you did not die alone because something in all of us died with you. They want us to forget but we will never forget.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Letter to Ex Minister Suleiman Frangieh
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008

Mr. Suleimna Frangieh,
After the explosion that happened in Damascus today, I suggest you calm down and stop offending other people. your Uncle Robert is distributing monthly salaries to some young kids and asking them to curse Hamid Frangieh, Rafik Hariri and Omar Ben Khattab in public places in Zgharta. Even if you have the freedom to curse the patriotic leader Hamid Frangieh but it is disgraceful to do so. As for cursing Rafik Hariri and Omar Ben Khattab, you are bringing trouble to yourself and asking the Sunni to kill you. You and your uncle Robert think this is a smart move from your side to win the sympathy of Iran and the Shiites. you are also cursing the USA for the same purpose. I do not believe that you realize how small you are in this political game. Iran and the Shiite need the USA and are trying at the same time to make peace with the Sunni. Do not think that you can use the Shiite to protect your interests in Chekka, Lebanese Lottery, and all other illegal money sources. If your masters in Syria can not handle an explosion in Damascus, why do you think you would be able to handle an explosion in AL-Abi (Frangieh's neighborhood in Zgharta)?Please do not bring trouble to yourself and your supporters. You are not up to this game and can not handle the death of 200 people in an explosion.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Politics
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008

Politics is about stories- the personal story of how a leader was shaped, the national story of how America's long saga has led to today's dramas. Your personal story needs no work at all . Dwight Eisenhower was the last president to enter office with a worldwide image of competence, though obviously his achievements were military rather than technological. But we have work to do on the national story. If Fidel Castro dies before the election the Cuban immigrants (for the first time since 1996 ) will vote for the Democrats. As for the Republicans, fifty years have shown they can't govern without destroying the economy. Starting with Richard Nixon , every Republican president has left the dollar lower, the federal budget deficit higher, the American trade position weaker, and the U.S. manufacturing work force
smaller than when he took office.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
An appeal from the heart
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008
Dear Frangieh family,
This letter that I'm sending is a cry from my heart and would like to know why either the assassin or the victim are always from the Frangieh family.
Dear Frangieh family for a long time, I have been tracking the political process in Zgharta and I got the chance to know your grandparents and your parents in the past. I have seen how much they sacrificed in the past to build the name of the Frangieh family and they end up having no benefits at the end. Only few non-frangieh families like Saadeh, Yamine and Araijy reaped the benefits of your grandparents and your parents sacrifices. Why it is always that the assassin or the victim are from the Frangieh family? What is the reason, not even once the assassin or the victim are from the Saadeh, yamine or Araiji families? What is the reason these families live in peace and build their wealth on the blood shed of the Frangieh family?
You have Jubran Bassil as an example in front of your eyes. He married Aoun's daughter and he is amassing an enormous wealth and power. Anyone of you can also be another Jubran.Why do you have to choose another path? What is the reason you do not live like the children of Joseph Araiji, Joseph Abou Haroun and Abou Chakkour.
Dear Frangieh family, blood only brings blood and wealth brings wealth. the same as your grandparents and your parents died, you will also die. Why do you have to mark your history with blood for few people from Saadeh, yamine, Abou Haroun, Abou Chakour and Araijy families to reap the benefit and build their wealth? I urge to stay away from the blood shed. Please leave it for whoever used your name in the past and built their wealth , to hold weapons this time. Dear Frangieh family, why the assassin or the victim are always from the Frangieh family?
The next period is critical, please do not let them use anymore for the blood shed. On November 7, 2007 I wrote the following letter to Ex-minister Suleiman Frangieh and I would like to remind him again of the content: "I would like to remind Mr. Suleiman Franjieh that the days when the members of his militia imposed themselves by force upon people in el-koura area, where they used to ask the girl to go out of her house for an hour so they can have an affair with the mother or they ask the mother to go out so they can have an affair with her girl, are gone."

From: Garry Knights
Excellent article....but
August 24, 2008 7:35:08 AM
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
c.c. Judi McLeod, CFP
An excellent article, trying to explain to the sheeple of the "free world" what goes on in Syria as well as Iran and other countries run by thugs.
Thanks to Canada Free Press for printing your article. They are the best source of information in Canada. You sure won't get the info they put out on the communist CBC and the rest of the useless Lib media. My question to you is this: Just what would you expect the UN to do about Syria, a stinking rotten corrupt crooked organization that is run by people in power put there by terrorist nations and nations that are run by dictators (thugs). The only solution is to invade countries such as those that mercilessly imprison, torture, rape and kill people. Those dictators and terrorists must be eliminated an any cost. You and I both know that will never happen. It's the "not in my back yard" syndrome. Why aren't free people around the world demanding the UN send fighting forces to help eliminate these dictators and thugs? What has the UN done to protect Israel from terrorism? Nothing! All the thugs at the UN do is criticize Israel for protecting it's own people.
Your answer is right here in Canada and across the border where President Bush has done the right thing in eliminating Hussein, and Al Qaeda, all the while the "loony left" in America say, "he was wrong", after saying to him, "go for it"! Just like in Canada and elsewhere in Europe. Liberalism will be the death of the free world. As Michael Savage says, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder! The Liberal scum don't care about our freedom. They just care about being elected.
I thank God, as a retiree, I don't have much time left on this great ball of dust. Hey, even "free speech" is "banned" in Canada. The Islamofascists will rule the West before our children are gone. And that's a fact. They are operating freely in North America and nothing is being done about it. At the worst they might be brought before Liberal judges. Now that's real scary. You can't fight terrorism in the courts. Terrorists plotting to harm us should be tried by military tribunals and, when found guilty, shot. But that won't happen in Canada. That's why Canada is done, thanks to Trudeau and his traitorous charter of rights (wrongs), the worst Prime Minister ever. But what would you expect from a frenchman. The French couldn't care less about the rest of this country, let alone what happens in Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia, and all around the world where innocent people are murdered by the Islamofascists and thugs like Mugabe.
all the best,
G Knights
Vancouver, BC
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: LEBANON
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008

DR MARWAN ISKANDAR Please I read your article on FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC , The Chairman and the board of directors of the two companies have personal assets of less than $10 Million . So , my question to you is , why don't you write about the four or five famous banks in Lebanon and what they did to make their fortune ? also why don't you write about the Mikati brothers ? you know very well that Rochfeller and Rotshild can't make what the Mikati brothers makes in 5 years. Why don't you also write about the President Frangie whose grandson didn't even graduate high school but who has $ 1 billion in the banks in Europe? The biggest Chairman in America don't have houses like the one that Frangie has. My last question to you is why don't you write about the Fed in Lebanon and it's dealing with those who want to open dealing rooms ? why don't you investigate their qualification to open dealing rooms?
DR Iskandar The Arab oil money made LOW-LIFE people in Lebanon Senior and the Syrian occupation to Lebanon gave the Lebanese gangsters the Power . My respect lawson
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: irresponsible speeches
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008

To Ex-minister Suleiman Frangieh,
The way you talk and attack the Lebanese Forces shows a lot of hostility. It is similar to telling the Lebanese Forces that you will kill their leaders and whoever surrender will join your political party or will have join Fares Bouez. Mr. Suleiman Franjieh, the way you talk is very aggressive and as if you are telling the Lebanese Forces that you kill their leaders or they have to kill you to save themselves. This is the speech of an illiterate and criminal person. This is unacceptable in politics and especially in the situation we are going through in Lebanon. I'm not afraid, like the people you surrendered yourself with, to tell you this truth.  These people who made millions of dollars and abused the resources of our country. I'm holding you responsible for your words as the outcome is catastrophic and I will distribute this message to the international media.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: coincidence?
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008

The Chairman of the PLO Yasser Arafat asked once for an urgent meeting with King Al-Hassan of Morocco.
When meeting with king Al-Hassan, Yasser Arafat told king Al-Hassan that he is having difficulties in the negotiations with the Israelis and requested the King urgent intervention to help in the process. King Al-Hassan said to Yasser Arafat the following: "Yasser, we have to admit that these people are very powerful and you have to ask yourself what they did for you. They were able to change your image in 24 hours from a terrorist to a peace maker who can enter the White House , can have dinner at the United States Department of State, then have lunch at the International Bank and have tea at 10 Downing Street (the residence and office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)" After hearing this story, too many questions came to my mind about Arafat’s role in the Palestinian situation and what goes on behind the scenes. As for the Lebanese and Israeli conflict and during the election year in Israel, Ehud Barak stated clearly that he will withdraw the Israeli army from Lebanon if he is elected as Israeli Prime minister. After the elections the Israeli army withdrew from Lebanon.
Was it a coincidence that the Israeli army gave up their allies in Lebanon (South Lebanon Army) and made of Hassan Nasrallah a Lebanese hero without any effort from his side? In the 1967 war between Israel and the Arab countries, the Israeli army defeated all the Arab armies in 6 days; whereas, in July 2006 the Israeli army prolonged the war on Hezbollah which allowed Hassan Nasrallah to become a Hero.
Was it another coincidence? After the Doha agreement between the Lebanese political leaders, Israel started with Hezbollah the process of exchanging dead bodies and prisoners and Hassan Nasrallah will emerge as a hero after this process.
Is it also another coincidence? In all the free and democratic countries Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah are considered now as terrorists.
Will it be a coincidence to see one day Hassan Nasrallah entering the White House , having dinner at the United States Department of State, then having lunch at the International Bank and having tea at 10 Downing Street the same way Arafat did in the past?
It is very important for us as Lebanese patriots not to leave a reason for the Great seven countries treat us one day as a country harboring terrorism.
New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: The Syrian message
Date: Thu, 19 June 2008

In the nineteen seventies, Henry Kissinger was the US Secretary of State and he was one of the most powerful politicians in the world. The international media used to cover all his visits and you used to see his name daily in the news around the world. Syria was one of the countries he visited and the Syrian Secretary of State Abdel Halim Khaddam received him at the airport. The media covered his arrival at the airport and how Abdel Halim Khaddam received him. Then, Khaddam accompanied Kissinger to the presidential palace to meet president Hafez Assad.
During this time, one of the intelligence service officers got into an argument with Khaddam's son Jamal at the military club and humiliated him in front of everybody. This argument was instigated at the request of president Assad directly.
At the presidential palace, Khaddam stayed with Kissinger and Assad for few minutes. Then, he was excused and the meeting was held between Kissinger and Assad. While waiting outside of the president's office, Khaddam's wife called him and told him that their son Jamal was humiliated at the military club by one of the intelligence service officers. After the meeting was over, Khaddam accompanied Kissinger to the airport and returned to the presidential palace to tell the president about what happened to his son Jamal. President Assad showed Khaddam that he was upset when hearing the story. President Assad called the chief of the intelligence service and ordered him to put the officer in jail, who humiliated Jamal, and never let him out.
The same night, the officer was seen at the military club where he had dinner with his friends.
Khaddam understood the message. President Assad wanted him to understand that he is only an employee for the Syrian regime even if he meets and takes pictures with one of the most powerful politicians in the world.
The Syrian strategy never changed and it is still the same. Six hours after the picture of President Michel Suleiman and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was seen in the news, the Syrians destabilized the security situation in west Bekaa in order to send a message to President Suleiman that they control the security in Lebanon. On the second day, they requested from their Christian agents in Lebanon to hold a meeting at Aoun's house. The message is for the patriotic leader President Suleiman to understand that Syria can destabilize the Christian area with the help of their Christian agents in Lebanon.

New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna

Subject: History repeats itself
Date: Sat, 14 June 2008

In the past, Suleiman Frangieh, Camille Chamoun and Pierre Gemayel formed the Lebanese coalition against the alliance of Kamal Junblat and the Palestinians.
This alliance was going to overthrow the regime. At that time, this Lebanese coalition chose to go into a war to protect their interests and the regime.
All the intellectual Christians who did not agree with their project were eliminated from the political scene. Their project was to keep the regime 'as is' in order to protect their interests; otherwise, they were going to form their own state and the borders would be from Zagharta in the north to "Tarik Al-Sham" in the south.
Currently Hezbollah is confronting the Parliamentary majority, the same way the Lebanese coalition did in the past, and prepared an alternative plan of forming their own state if things do not fit in their interest. The philosopher "Ibin Khaldoun" once said that every strong and organized fanatic movement eliminates all the other fanatic movements. Now Hezbollah is the strongest fanatic movement in Shiite and represents ninety percent of the Shiite.
At the time of the Lebanese coalition, the Kataeb party had around three hundred thousand subscribers and represented ninety percent of the Christians,
whereas the political movement in Zgharta was the weakest of the Christians but it was strong in Zgharta. This political movement was concerned about the interests and used their force to stop the Kataeb from expanding in Zgharta. The Kataeb party did not put an effort to resolve the situation in a diplomatic way. They tried to take over Chekka which represented the financial source for Frangieh family (Zgharta political movement). They also reacted by using force the same way the political movement in Zgharta did with the people in Zgharta area. As a result the Ehden 1978 incident happened between the Kataeb and Frangieh family. There is no plot or intervention of other countries in this incident as some people from the Frangieh family pretend. It is all about fanatic movements and a power struggle where the strongest wins. Today Hezbollah is a reminder of the Christian fanatic movement in the past. Their attempt to take over the Muslim area of Beirut is similar to what happened with the Christian fanatic movement by taking over the Christian areas. In the past, it was a strategic mistake and because it was not resolved in a fair and diplomatic way, the outcome was very painful for all. If today's strategic mistake by Hezbollah does not get resolved in a fair and diplomatic way, the outcome will be disastrous for the country. I feel sorrow over the mistakes the Lebanese keep making. I can see clearly how history repeats itself and no one is willing to learn from other people mistakes.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: assassination of MP from the north
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008
To all Lebanese Patriots,
Based on my sources, what the axis of evil tells people is false and does not reflect their true intentions. they are lying and cheating everybody.
They are planning to win the elections and take over the power in Lebanon. If their plan does not go smoothly, they have a substitute plan of assassinating the members of parliament from North Lebanon. The execution of the assassinations will be handled by small groups of Lebanese agents, who were trained by the Axis of evil, and accompanied by members of the axis of evil for back up and motivation. It will be similar groups to the one who assassinated Dany Chamoun. At that time, the Lebanese agents did not execute properly the assassination and the axis of evil members had to interfere the last moment and assassinated Dany.Then, they asked the Lebanese agents to kill everyone else in the house. All the members of parliaments from the North should take extreme precautions as their lives will be in danger and they are subject to assassinations. Please be aware.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008

Right now AXES OF EVIL , IRAN and FRIENDS have a strategy that has produced leverage for them , is built on five principles:
PRINCIPLE NO 1 : Always seek " control without responsibility." In LEBANON , Gaza and Iraq, AXES OF EVIL have veto power over the politics, without being held fully responsible for the electricity. the Patriots , by contrast , tend to have " responsibility without control. "
PRINCIPLE NO 2 : Always insist on being able to both run for political office and bear arms. In Lebanon , Gaza and Iraq, America's opponents are both in the Government and have their own militias. PRINCIPLE NO 3 : Use suicide bombing and targeted assassinations against the Patriots who get in your way. In Lebanon, Syria is widely suspected to have been behind the spate of Killings the Patriots journalists and Parliamentarians. One suicide attack on a major official in Iraq can neutralize superior U.S. power .PRINCIPLE NO 4 : Use the Internet as a free command and control system for raising money, recruiting and operations. PRINCIPLE NO 5 : Cast yourself as the " RESISTANCE " to Israel and America, so any opposition to you is equal to support for Israel and America and so no matter how badly you are defeated the mere fact that you " resisted " means you didn't really lose. ARTICLE BY THOMAS FRIEDMAN in NEW YORK TIMES of Today Sunday JUNE 01-08
From: gerginio el-khoury (
Sent:May 28, 2008
To: Elias Bejjani (

Hi Elias I listened to your audio nice comments.. I have too many comments but I am a very busy man to amend them to you.. But I have one remark if you wish to listen to me. You label people and your responses are extremely opinioned to what people are.. Although I am not and never been part of any political party I have the right to put my trust in a person that I believe is doing the right thing to my country.. Finally, it would be nice if you'd read the Synodos for Lebanon then you might understand some things PS: Only naive pal read the lines and do not read what's behind the lines. Bil 3arabi iza fi tafehoum ma3hezbollah mish yi3ni mish jeyi yawmoun3a kill hal Allah ywaf'ak.. I respect your opinion at least you are loyal to what you believe in, doing it for no money (I hope) but for a genuine cause Lebanon which should be above all of that.. Hope we meet one day.. let me know if you come to Sydney..
Cheers mateGino El Khoury
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: distributing weapons
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008
To Ex- minister Suleiman Franjieh

Now that the Lebanese leaders reached an agreement in Qatar, I ask you to pull the weapons you distributed in Zgharta previously. I feel sorry for you that you are involved in killing and destroying the country instead of preparing yourself for a visit to the white House and being received with hospitality like all other Lebanese patriotic leaders. When I heard you talking badly about Samir Geagea who is a patriotic leader, I can tell you that what you are saying is not true and the Lebanese people will show you in the parliamentary elections who Samir Geagea is and how many supporters he has in Lebanon. As for the MP Jawad Boulos, I can tell you that there is a possibility that you will see him one day as a president in Lebanon. And as a Zghortiot, I will not be surprised if I see you trying to get close to him if he becomes president one day as we saw you previously how you follow your interests. Again, I'm not defending Geagea but you have to understand that Geagea is not the primary responsible for Edhen massacre. You have to know that your aunts, and when all the Lebanese people were following Bashir Jemayel, are the primary responsible for your parents death because they kept pushing Bashir and created too many conflicts with him. On top of this, your grandfather's answer (humiliating the Lebanese Forces) to Nassif Jabbour is similar to the answer Yasser Arafat gave to Jordanian king in September 1970. Your grandfather is also the primary responsible as he made a strategic mistake. We all learned from history when leaders do strategic mistakes, the result would be a disaster.
From Elias Bejjani
May 22/05/08

To: "gerginio el-khoury" <>
Dear: It is impossible to debate with any person logically if he worships people and even more difficult to do so when he speaks the divine Hezbollah language. Unfortunately you fall into this category. I advice you to listen to this audio response that I sent recently to a civilized Aounists residing in Lebanon
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Click here to listen to Elias Bejjani's detailed Audio Response on why he had supported General Aoun in Baabda and exile era, and on why he has been opposing him after signing the paper of Understanding with Hezbollah/Windows Media Player
and I also ask you to read this response that I sent  on May 21/05  to Toni Faddoul (USA), who shares your Aounists' sickening detachment from reality and logic:
Ya Tony: Ya Habibi, Haram, Ya Haram!! are you really sane? You sound very sick and the prime symptom of you mental problem is that you are fully drawn into projection. I hope you look in any psychiatric book what this term means.
Wake up and stop deceiving yourself. I am saying this on the assumption that you a real patriotic, I hope that I an not mistaken.
If you are actually a patriotic and still see General Aoun as a genuine Lebanese Christian leader, my advice for you is to check immediately with a psychiatrist for treatment, or better to visit the closest priest for help in asking for God's forgiveness and  for the offering the right penances.
I hate to say that you are politically very naive and extremely superficial, and better, very childish.
If your blind eyes and numbed discretion and polluted mind tell you that I support any Lebanese Leader, than really you are in a pathetic status.
Ya Toni, I support our holy Lebanese cause, and only the cause. And for sure do not worship Aoun and never did, as you apparently do.
Shame on a Lebanese who is an American citizen like yourself who blindly side with a Leader who became a mouthpiece for the axis of evil.
Toni, Are you real American or just living body wise in the states while spirit, mind and stupidity dwelling in Iran.
Shame on your political stupidity and blindness. Alla Yechfiek
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
Thu, 22 May 2008
From: "gerginio el-khoury" <>
Subject: Please Read
Hi Elias
Don't you feel ashamed of yourself now. I don't blame you. I live in Sydney and I understand the damage caused by LBC to the Lebanese Community. G. M. Aoun has proven to every one that he is the true Lebanese and Christian Leader. The only one who did not lie to us over the years and the only one whore turned to the Christians their rights. Go back to your roots. It is never late to admit to a mistake.
Gino El Khoury
Alfa Omega Consulting & Engineering
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008
From: "Tony Faddoul" <>
Subject: Re: [Phoenicia] New LCCC Posts/on the LCCC Web Site
Dear Elias,
are you still sticking to your new religion of worshiping Hariri? or, are you just jealous because the Aounists remained Free and refused to join your religion?
I see that you dedicated your website and life for worshiping your new gods, you certainly represent the faithful slave, May the wealth of your new god bless you.
From: Elias Bejjani
To:  "Tony Faddoul" <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008
Ya Tony: Ya Habibi, Haram, Ya Haram!! are you really sane? You sound very sick and the prime symptom of you mental problem is that you are fully drawn into projection. I hope you look in any psychiatric book what this term means.
Wake up and stop deceiving yourself. I am saying this on the assumption that you a real patriotic, I hope that I an not mistaken.
If you are actually a patriotic and still see General Aoun as a genuine Lebanese Christian leader, my advice for you is to check immediately with a psychiatrist for treatment, or better to visit the closest priest for help in asking for God's forgiveness and  for the offering the right penances.
I hate to say that you are politically very naive and extremely superficial, and better, very childish.
If your blind eyes and numbed discretion and polluted mind tell you that I support any Lebanese Leader, than really you are in a pathetic status.
Ya Toni, I support our holy Lebanese cause, and only the cause. And for sure do not worship Aoun and never did, as you apparently do.
Shame on a Lebanese who is an American citizen like yourself who blindly side with a Leader who became a mouthpiece for the axis of evil.
Toni, Are you real American or just living body wise in the states while spirit, mind and stupidity dwelling in Iran.
Shame on your political stupidity and blindness. Alla Yechfiek
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Hitler, Staline and Iranina regime
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008
I would like to welcome the Arab delegation in Beirut. Dear delegation members, I beg you to understand the depth of the history in order to understand the events. This is why I will not write about the far history and I will explain only about the recent history. Hitler raised generations on evil Ideologies and made the German people believe that they are the best and they should rule Europe. Any German who rejected Hitler ideas was killed.
The communist party in the Soviet Union raised generations On Marks Ideology (it was written originally to be in Germany) and made people believe that this ideology will bring them happiness. All who rejected these ideas were killed. In Russia alone Joseph Stalin slaughtered twenty million people. The Communist party claimed that all these people were killed for the purpose of protecting the revolution. At the end, the free democratic nations were forces to go into a war with Hitler in order to defeat him. Also they were forced into a 50 years Cold war with the Soviet Union in order to get this communist and totalitarian regime to collapse. Dear Arab delegation members, this is the depth of the history. And now, the Hitler and Stalin role model Ali Khaminy set up his ideology and convinced the Shiite that they are able to rule Iran, Bahrain, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. At the same time the Iranians convinced the Alawit in Syria that they are from Shiite origins. I'm not quite sure what is the benefit of the Arab league delegation in Lebanon now. The Iranian regime will not change his Ideology from Tehran to Beirut and will assassinate all who reject their ideology. After Lebanon will come Kuwait turn and then Bahrain and Eastern Saudi Arabia. All who rejected Khaminy ideology were killed. In Iraqi, they killed the Shiite army officers who belonged to Baithi Iraqi and they are killing the American soldiers and claiming that all what is done is for the protection of the revolution and the resistance. In Lebanon, all the leftist Shiite and supporters of Mohsen Ibrahim were assassinated and the regime claims that this is done to protect the resistance . This is the depth of the current events. In his article in "New York Times" on may 14, 2008, Thomas Friedman said that the free nations are eventually going to be forced to go into a war in order to stop this totalitarian regime in Iran. I agree with him and regardless how much this war is postponed, at the end it will happen. This is how the history is repeating itself.
Messages From Caroline Ibrahim And Elias Bejjani's responses Text/Audio
May 15/08
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Click Here to read the two Arabic messages sent to Elias Bejjani from Caroline Ibrahim addressing his opposition and harsh criticism for General Aoun and also to read Elias's response in English

لماذا فقدت الثقة بالعماد عون/19 أيار/08
اضغط هنا للإستماع لرد الياس بجاني/20 دقيقة/على مواطنة لبنانية سألته لماذا يعارض العماد عون الذي ترى فيه مخلصاً/Windows Media Player

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Click here to listen to Elias Bejjani's detailed Audio Response on why he had supported General Aoun in Baabda and exile era, and on why he has been opposing him after signing the paper of Understanding with Hezbollah/Windows Media Player
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: new Axis of evil plan
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008

To all Lebanese Patriots,
I had a Dinner last night with a diplomat in one of the Great seven Nations.
While chatting, he asked me not to trust the axis of evil agents in Lebanon Hezbollah, Berri and Talal Irsalan.
The Diplomat said that the whole story, that is going on in Lebanon, is about disarming the patriotic people in order to defeat them at a later stage.
He mentioned to me the details of the plot the axis of evil is preparing to overthrow the government in Lebanon. the axis is arranging the plan through the agents Nabih Berri, Talal Irslan, Omar Karami, Salim Hoss, Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh. Franjieh is the only agent who knows what the real plan is. He kept talking about the details and listed the following:
The role of Berri is to arrange for the round table and to call for meetings. the list of people to be invited from the majority and the opposition is already prepared and Berri's role is to send the invitations and make sure the majority and opposition are present. he also holds the magic solution.
Irslan role is to cheat Jumblat and the Druze in order to disarm the Druze and eliminate any resistance. Karami and Hoss role is to calm down the Sunni people and cheat them by making them believe that Karamu and Hoss are the guarantee for the Sunni and they have the solution that satisfies the Sunni. Aoun's role is to reject, in the presence of Arab committee mediators, any solution proposed by the majority during the talks with the majority.  His role is to be a very tough negotiator and rejects all solutions. After Aoun rejects everything, Berri will proposes a medium solution to the Arab Committee who might adopt. If the majority rejects Berri's solution, Qatar foreign minister will announce that the majority is rejecting solutions.
This will give Hezbollah a reason to resume the war on the majority. As for the solution from Berri, it consists of few points.
*The formation of a government and the appointment of Army Commander Michel Suleiman as a prime minister for the temporary period. at the same time Berri cheats Michel Suleiman and makes him believe that he is the next president. *The request from Michel Suleiman to appoint, from the opposition party, the ministers of interior, finance and foreign affairs. The opposition will leave the justice minister for the majority to make them believe that the opposition is not concerned with the international tribunal.
*A parliamentary election law that fits the opposition needs in order to become the majority in the next elections.
In case Michel Suleiman does not accept the post of prime minster, Berri will suggest a 2 years presidential term.
The diplomat resumed and said that after the parliamentary elections and the winning of the opposition, they will elect Michel Aoun as president if he proves to be the strongest in the Christian areas. if not, they will elect someone else. after the presidential elections, the current opposition will merge the Hezbollah militia, some of the Iranians security forces who speak Arabic and some of the Syrian intelligence with the Lebanese security forces.
Then the new security forces (Iranian and Syrians) will assassinate the patriotic leaders the same way they killed the Iraqi Shiite officers who used to be in Iraqi Baiith party. At the end of the dinner, the diplomat told me that the next time we meet for dinner, he will tell me about the axis of evil plan to kill and eliminate the Lebanese forces.
From: joe selfani" <>
Subject: RE: [Phoenicia] From Elias Bejjani/My new Commentary/On the LCCC
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008
Dear Mr. Elias Bejjani, I have been receiving and reading your articles since 2001, and for all the these articles I am thankful. I have come to realize that the biggest lie that have ever lived in the Christian community was Michel Aoun. If we go back in time we see that Michel Aoun took side of whomever he thought can promote him for presidency or for higher positions. He was with Sheikh Bachir when Bachir was the most powerful and promising man. He made several connections with the Syrians after the withdrawal of the Israelis when Syria became the most powerful and influential player. Many persons have revealed their many attempts and meetings with the Syrians to promote him (it goes without saying that Michel Aoun was sending them or at least having his approval). After the Syrians let him down by backing Sleiman Frangieh than Mikhael Daher for the presidency, he lunched in 1989 a destructive war against the Syrians with no equilibrium of forces costing the Christians and the free eastern regions to loose the status co established that time despite the difficulties the Christians had faced since 1975, knowing also that the eastern regions were relatively enjoying a better life than their partners in the western regions. In addition, the eastern regions were increasingly developing more organized resistance and getting more sophisticated weapons which allowed to establish a kind of equilibrium with the other parties backed by some 13000 Syrian troops. This war with its destructive results led to Taef agreement. As oppose to face the new facts he tried to deviate the Christians with different issue, the Lebanese forces. In 1990 he fought to eliminate the LF the only Lebanese resistance that time to the Syrian occupation to come in 2006 to ally with the only Lebanese militia backed by the Syrians and resisting to establishing a democratic and free Lebanon. Having also in mind that Hezbollah is a fundamentalist Islamic jihadist group having one nation, much bigger than Lebanon, the Islamic one. I would like to ask you to reconsider your previous opinion regarding the 'old' Michel Aoun, and only that time you will understand his current behavior.
Joe Selfani
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Message to General Suleiman
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008

General Suleiman
General Suleiman, the statement I listed above was the subject in all newspapers in the free nations around the world. General Suleiman, after the strike that took place in Lebanon on the 23rd of November last year and the attempt by some Lebanese army soldiers to assassinate Doctor Fares Saaid, I sent you a post card and wrote the following: "In 1976 Dean Brown gave Raymond Edde a choice between his patriotism or becoming a president, Raymond Eddeh chose his patriotism".
General Suleiman, I believe you did not read my post card and I can tell you that you gave up your patriotism for the gangster of the party of evil and you know very well that they are arresting and killing people in their secured areas. When asked about the arrested people, their answer is that these people surrendered to the Lebanese army. Michel Suleiman, you are covering these gangster who are killing innocent people in Lebanon. You will also cover their attempt to kill the patriotic leader Walid Jumblat. Michel Suleiman, the blood of the innocent Sunni people that was shed in the streets of Beirut will get to your house one day. Michel Suleiman, I would like to remind you that General Pinochet in Chile and General Diya Hakk in Pakistan were much more important than what you are right now and we all saw what happened to them.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Questions by a journalist
Date: 6 May 2008

Dear All,
A friend of mine visited me last week with his family and I want to share with you what he told me. He is a journalist who worked for a long time in the Middle East and he is familiar with the political details of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He was a reporter for international magazines who lived a long time in Lebanon and the Middle East region. He told me that it is strange the story of Lebanon where you find gangsters and terrorists in the streets of Beirut who claim that they are Lebanese resistance. He was one of the international journalist who were listening to the news when Ehud Barak, the nominee of the labor party in Israel, was saying that he will withdraw the Israeli army from Lebanon if he wins the elections. This Journalist resumed his talk and asked what is the role in this case of these gangsters (Hezbollah), who represent the Axis of evil in Lebanon, in the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Lebanon? These gangsters are in control of too many Lebanese institutions and in between these institutions is the Lebanese postal service where they take all what they need when it arrives at the airport and after they filter it, they give the rest to the Lebanese postal office. He also added that everyone knows that the Syrian regime awarded Taha and Najib Mikati the contract of the Lebanese post and telephone. This journalist gave me an example on how powerful Taha Mikati is in Lebanon as he was beyond the law and he was able to appoint his brother as a minister for few times. He continued saying that in one of the Parliamentary sessions, former Prime minister Omar Karami accused Najib Mikati of stealing and lying in the presence of the government and parliaments members. As a result, President Assad was upset with Karami and the Syrian secret intelligence service in Lebanon worked against karami in order not let Karami win the next parliamentary elections and to humiliate him.
If at that time the Patriotic leader Walid Jumblat did not stand by Karami, and supported him, it would have been a big problem for Karami and he would have lost the elections and you would have seen him in Jail. My friend resumed his talk and asked few questions. He asked who would be able to return the journalist Nouhad Al-Mashnouk to Lebanon, after being forced out by the Syrian regime to leave the country, except for a powerful and influential man with the Syrian regime like Taha Mikati (Nouhad thanked Taha few times afterward)? How come a person with that influence in the Syrian regime, and has a lot of control over what he needs in Lebanon, was not interrogated by the international tribunal and asked how many times he had conversations with President Assad and few Syrian leaders about Lebanese patriotic politicians and especially Sunni Politicians? What are the subjects covered in these conversations? He said, for sure Taha Mikati thinks, with the money he made in corruption, that he can buy the conscience of few Lebanese.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
War in Lebanon
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008
The ex-president Emile Jamil Lahoud is telling his visitors that there will not be a presidential election in Lebanon and not even parliamentary elections in 2009, but there will be war in the Middle East and the Axis of evil will win this war. Mr. Nasrallah, I hope you do not take a risk and participate in this war because you are going to lose. The reason you will lose this war is very simple. They have the new military technology and they know how to use it.
As for you, you have the old technology and you don't know how to use it. Mr. Nasrallah, if you participate in this war, you will destroy Lebanon and you will cause more immigration of the young generation. There is no reason to participate in this war if it is going to be for the purpose of helping the corrupted gangsters like Emile Lahoud to go back to power and abuse the government like they did in the last 30 years. Mr. Nasrallah, your missiles will not reach Israel this time because the new military technology will destroy them before they reach Israel. If you participate in this war, they can take all your militia's front line people as prisoners of war unless their strategy is to let your militia go back to Beirut where you can celebrate the divine glory after your get defeated. Mr. Nasrallah, please stay away from Ali Khamany's strategy because it is a destructive strategy for Lebanon and Iran. Please follow the strategy of Imam Moussa Sadar, who is in the image of the Holy Imam Ali, in order to save Lebanon and Iran. I would like to remind you that in the modern history of France and when France was in danger, Raymond Pointcarre called Clemenceau and said to him:" you know very well that I hate you but I'm calling in order to cooperate with you and save France". Mr. Nasrallah, please take the initiative to cooperate with March 14 movement in order to save Lebanon and Iran.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
To Shiek Hassan Nasrallah
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008

Mr. Nasrallah
I believe you watched TV recently and you saw how the media around the world covered the visit of Pope Benedict to the USA. You also watched how the media covered Dalai Lama previously. As for you, you live in hidden places and no one covers you. If you are interested in knowing the difference between them and you, I can tell you. The holy Pope and Dalai Lama relay a message of hope, peace and life when they talk. You talk only missiles, war and death because you are an image of the regime Ayatollah Khaminy established. You have nothing in common with the holy Imam Ali Khaminy's regime represents 15% of the people of Iran. The Iranian people are looking for a message of hope and life. The political strategy of this regime affected the economy and the welfare of the Iranian people and now 10 out of 40 millions live below the poverty level. This strategy gave Qatar the opportunity to produce gas, become wealthier and much more developed than Iran. And now the people of Qatar live a much better life style than the Iranian people. In return Qatar supports Iran, Syria and Hezbollah financially to buy missiles and keep the same war strategy in order for Iran not to have the opportunity to ask the western world for any technological help to produce their gas. Mr. Nassrallah, this political strategy of missiles and death destroyed Iraq and killed the Iraqi people and those who are still alive, they live in misery. This strategy is also affecting the Lebanese people and they are poorer now and their hope in life is being eliminated. Mr. Nassrallah, your missiles will destroy Lebanon like Iraq and are only protecting some corrupted politician.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Message to MP. Elie Skaf
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008

Mr. Skaf: One day I will write what your Father told me in Paris before his death. Today, you said you don't know where the killers are. I will tell you where they are: They are in the area of Hezbollah in Bekaa, and are protected by them. May be after they will move them to Syria, like they moved the killers of the two people in the North. Mr. Skaff you don't ask your self why the services of  killing of the Axis of Evil, Iran - Syria - Hezbollah give to you the Money, it is clear why they give to you money: it is to kill more Christians. Now the blood is in your home, and the family of the two martyrs for Lebanon either will kill you or they will kill your children. Mr. Skaff may be you don't know blood, but I know because I am from Zghorta . If you begin by Blood you will be finished by Blood. Please don't let this happen to you
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008

Please look at the picture in today 's (09 April 2008 ) ALMUSTAQBAL . The Patriarch Sfeir is sitting with the Ambassador of the Axis of Evil (Iran). In the picture, the Patriarch is holding the cross in his right hand to protect him from the hypocrisy and lies that he is listening to. God bless all the patriots in the world who believe in freedom and democracy. TO THE PATRIOTS OF LEBANON: BE NOT AFRAID! ALL THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES IN FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY SUPPORT YOU.TO THE PATRIOTS OF LEBANON: If there were an Olympic contest in Hypocricy then the Axis of Evil( Iran, Syria Hezbollah) would win the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Lesson to be learned
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008
To some people in my Town Zgharta, (North Lebanon)

During the Syrian occupation, the corrupted political leader in Zgharta was abusing the public sector. At the end of the day, only few of his supporters were given a small portion of what was taken from the government and they felt as if they are much better and more important than the other people who live in dignity.
I would like to tell you the story of a friend of mine called Chuck Feeney who worked hard all his life and made a fortune. When we used to go out to dinner, we used to split the bill and he used to pay only his share and never let his ego drive him. He never showed off or acted in a way to let anyone feel that he is better because of his money. Chuck established a foundation called Atlantic Philanthropy and donated all his money (8 billion dollars) to this foundation. He was so humble that he did not accept the foundation to be named after him. He donated hundred of millions of dollars to hospitals and universities and refused to put his name on any sign showing that he donated the money. Here's how some of Chuck Feeney's $ 8 billion dollars are distributed. He is giving away every year $ 400 million to charities. He gave away $1 billion to education in Ireland, the land of his forebears. He donated $588 million to Cornell University,$ 125 million for the cardiovascular center at the University of California in San Francisco and $ 60 million to the stanford Biomedical Center. I hope you can learn from this story. Stop to show off . You could feel better when you have few dollars in your pocket. Don't let the corrupted leader train you to hurt or offend the dignity of other people in Zgharta
Iraqi Christians
From: Robert Karcher (
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Sent:April 7, 2008
To: Bejjani Elias (

Dear Mr Bejjani
The "civilized world" under the supposed "leadership" of George Bush appears to be in full retreat from all moral clarity and championing the human rights of Christian minorities. I'm sure you're familiar with the current situation in the Balkans where the Islamists are in the process of seizing sovereign territory from Serbia (Kosovo) and "cleansing" it of all non-Islamic peoples all with the support of the supposed leader of the free world, George Bush. Even now he (Bush) plans to supply the Islamists with additional arms so they can more efficiently carry out their genocide against Christian and other non-Muslim peoples. I won't speculate as to why we see the leader of the "free world" basically conducting genocidal policies against Christian populations of small free nations except to note that either he has gone mad, he is on drugs or mind control substances, he is under control of a handler or some combination of all three of these. Bottom line. Two things are clear: (1) America has totally lost control of its government, and (2) the Christian world and especially the Christian populations of Iraq, Lebanon and/or Serbia can expect very little in the way of help from Bush. And looking at the possible successors to Bush in 2008, the same will be true of the next administration.
Bob Karcher
Killing of Father Youssef Adel
From: auanewswatch (
Sent:April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008 – With deep sadness the Assyrian Universal Alliance received news of the heinous crime which claimed the life of Father Youssef Adel of the Syriac Orthodox Church. The Assyrian Universal Alliance condemns in the strongest terms possible this vicious and cowardly act of terrorism perpetrated against the Christian clergy and innocent civilians of the Nineveh plains and Baghdad. This is an inexcusable act of cold and calculated murder. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the immediate family of Father Youssef, his parishioners, the Orthodox Church, and the Assyrian nation worldwide. May almighty God rest the soul of this latest martyr who walked the path of peace shepherding our people. Let his martyrdom be a reminder to our people, particularly our churches, to stand shoulder to shoulder in defending our nation.
Executive Board, Assyrian Universal Alliance
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Iraqi Christians: Exodus, Ethnic Cleansing & Identity Annihilation
From: Sami Joseph (
Sent:April 7, 2008
Iraqi Christians: Exodus, Ethnic Cleansing & Identity Annihilation

I share your concern for the future of Christianity in the Arab World, but not your assessment of who are the real culprits behind all the ongoing sectarian strife in the region. The war on Iraq is at Israel's behest. The real aim is to destroy that country and weaken it so that it poses no security risk to Israel. One way of ensuring that is through sectarian divide using the tried and tested method of "divide and rule"; hence the ongoing Shia/Sunni sectarian violence and its bi-product the targeting of Christians. I, myself, am a Christian Arab who deplores all acts of inhumanity not only against fellow Christians but all other innocents. To understand what is really going on, I suggest you read the text at the following link: The plea for help to Christians from non-Arab countries who are nominally Christian will fall on deaf ears. Trust me, these countries are controlled and its rulers couldn't care less. The so-called moderate Arab countries are not interested in anything other than the preservation of the rulers and the clique directly benefiting from the regimes. Without wishing to prolong this message, the salvation of indigenous Christianity in the Arab world rests with those whom you least expect.
God bless, Sami Joseph
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To Ex-minister suleiman Franjieh
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008

I watched your interview on LBC and I have few questions to raise.
1- you are setting up a security system around the area where you live.
I'm wondering if the Axis of evil already asked you to protect yourself and be ready for any troubles they are preparing for Lebanon.
2- you asked why Abdel Halim Kaddam does not tell us who killed President Maawad.
how come that someone like you who knows how the Syrian regime works is asking this question?
you know that President Hafez Assad set up a structure where none of the military departments can communicate with each other or with the politicians or the intelligence.
each of these departments can communicate only with President Assad.
It is president Assad who ordered the Syrian intelligence to assassinate President Maawad and it was facilitated by their agents in Lebanon.
3- You are defending the four officers, who are being held in jail for their involvement in the killing of Prime minister Hariri, as if each one of them is Mother Teresa.
I'm wondering what will happen to your credibility if the international criminal tribunal accuses them?
4- you are defending the Syrian regime.
I'm wondering what will happen to your credibility if the international criminal tribunal accuses this regime?
5- you talk about your friendship with Prime minister Hariri and at the same time when you were asked, in one of the funerals in Zgharta, who killed President Maawad, you replied that the Saudi Arabian Regime killed President Maawad because the Saudi regime wanted Hariri as prime minister and Maawad refused.
6- you say in the interview that your political opponents are bribing people and you are encouraging people to take the money as it is their money and it was stolen by these politicians.
I would like to ask you where did you get all the castles and the big housed you live in from? where did you get all the money you have in the banks?
7- you are saying that you asked your friends for support you in order to buy fuel and gas and distribute to people.
it is strange that you are talking about friends and not about supporters.
since when you have friends and not supporters?
Do you consider the money you get from the Lebanese lottery, bingo, Cheka cement company and the from the fake invoices in the ministry of health as money from friends?
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Open Letter to Ex-minister Suleiman Franjieh
Date: April 02/08
Dear Mr. Suleiman Franjieh
what you said today about Samir Geagea is not true. Geagea proved to be a prominent Maronite politician and one of the important Lebanese leaders in the history of Lebanon. Now that you are using and abusing the name of "al-Marada", I would like to remind you when "al-Marada" were founded in Antelias (Beirut), your family was still not in Lebanon at that time. Now that you are using the name of Patriarch Doueihi, I would like to remind that your family did not exist during the days of the Doueihi and you came to our area a long time after the death of the Patriarch and you do not have anything in common with the Doueihi.
You have to know that you and the demagogue Aoun caused the death and the immigration of a larger number of Christians than what the famine during the first world war did in Lebanon.  you know and Omar Karami knows and at the same time all the free people around the world know that the Syrian President Hafez Assad took the decision to kill Rashid Karami and Danny Chamoon. this decision was executed by the Syrian intelligence with the help of their agents in Lebanon.
I would like you to know that the patriotism of the Lebanese Forces and their belief in Lebanon was the shield that helped to protect Lebanon and the Christian area from falling under the control of the axis of Evil (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah) when they used the demagogue Aoun as a political cover.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Nabih Berri
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008
To: Mr Berri,

In the year 1958, Kamel Al-Assaad was advised to go to Syria same as other political leaders in Lebanon did. His answer was " I'm Lebanese and Lebanon is my country and I have three options, I will either live in my house or go to jail or die but I will not leave my country". Mr Berri, I would like you to know that I'm coming from a generation who had a dream to see people like Nabih Berri, Ali Al-khalil, Abedilmajid Alrafeih, Yacoub Sarraf, Hassan Alrifaeh, Habib Sadek, Ahmad Sweid, Mohsen Ibrahim, Albert Mansour and Samir Franjieh as members of the Lebanese Parliament. It was a dream for our generation to see these people in the parliment working on new legislative laws that can help to build a better future for generations to come. Mr. Berri, what you are doing now will not be forgiven by the new generations especially that there are thousands of Lebanese people using the web to spread the news around the Globe. All the news will be archived in the libraries of the universities and people in the future will read about you are doing. The new Shiite generation will not be satisfied with what you did and they will curse the time when they see what you did for Lebanon and for the new generations.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Bishop Boulos Matar
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008

Dear Bishop Matar, I read in the newspapers that you met previously with demagogue Michel Aoun. I also read that you met again today with the axis of evil agents Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh. Dear Bishop, I would like to tell you that the Syrian regime sent previously Mr. Jean Obeid to meet Patriarch Sfeir. Mr. Obeid used to pass the message to the Syrian regime about the Patriarch point of view. The Syrian regime found that Patriarch Sfeir is a true Lebanese patriotic and loves Lebanon. This does not help to serve the Syrian interests in Lebanon and they ordered their agents Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh to start a campaign against the Patriarch in order to put him in a bad situation and get him to resign. What you have to know dear bishop is that the axis of evil strategy in Lebanon will not change unless the Iranian regime changes. Aoun and Franjieh are only the messengers and all what they say is coming from the Syrian regime who knows already from Mr. Jean Obeid the Patriarch point of view. all the countries who believe in freedom and democracy know that the axis of evil set recently a financial budget to buy the conscious of some Maronite leaders who will have to request from the Patriarch to resign and retire. the Axis of evil has plenty of financial resources that can be used to buy people conscious. for the axis of evil, the decision comes from Iran who asks Syria to order their agents in Lebanon to do what is needed. in another word, talking to the agents Aoun and Franjieh does not have any value. Dear bishop, the axis of evil plan is to eliminate Lebanon and it is required from all the patriotic leaders and people to work together as a team and protect Lebanon from the storm when it comes.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Message to Nabih Berri
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 02:38:19 +0000
To Mr. Berri
I watched the news today and I heard your speech. It is not acceptable for you to talk about something you are not convinced that it is right.
you know that you are not convinced but you are supposed to say what you said. if you think that the Shiite-Sunni battle will happen, you should also know that the Sunni are not afraid and 20 millions Sunni will come to Lebanon to fight this war. If you think that the Shiite-Christian battle will Happen, I can assure you as a Lebanese Christian living abroad that there are 2 millions Christians from around the world will come and protect Lebanon.
Tomorrow Mr. Hassan Nasrallah will continue the same thing as you did today even if he might not be convinced of. Don't think that the demagogue Aoun or the corrupted Suleiman Franjieh can be your Christian cover anymore. Mr. Berri, you have to know that the only way for us in Lebanon to sort out our differences is to sit and talk to each other. Lebanon is for all of us, Shiite, Sunni, Druze and Christians. I feel sorry for you that you speak this way on TV.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Subject: Lebanon future
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008

A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: The Lebanese council of state (Conceil d'Etat)
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008
Dear all, Neither the new generation in Lebanon, nor anyone who believes in freedom will forget about Rafik Hariri. There is no doubt that Rafik Hariri is one of the pillars in the independence in Lebanon. He died for his country and for democracy. All Lebanese around the world are grateful for Rafik Hariri who is one of the Heroes who died for freedom and democracy. During the Syrian occupation, the Lebanese government signed a contract with "Hairri institution" allowing this institution to create an artificial island in the sea facing the Normandy Hotel in Beirut. The Lebanese Council of State (Conceil d'Etat) has to terminate this contract between "Hariri institution" and the Lebanese government as it happened during the Syrian occupation and does not represent what Hariri believes in. During the Syrian occupation also, the Ex-minister Suleiman Franjieh used his influence to award a contract of the Lebanese Lottery to one of his supporters. this supporter is used as a cover because the main share of profits is going to Mr. Suleiman Franjieh. The Lebanese council of State has to terminate this contract as there is no country that awards such contract for seven years and without any bidding process. The council has to confirm that the government is getting the returns.  At the same time, the Council has to confirm that the holder of the contract is paying all the Taxes due. This is the responsibility of the Council of State.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Freedom has a Price and does not come for free
March 03/08
to all Lebanese patriots, Iran is proposing to the western (G7) countries and to Israel a deal in which Iran is willing to do anything for these countries if they accept Iran to be the military force of the middle east.As an example, Iran is offering to Israel in this deal the Golan heights, "Jabal Al-cheik" and the water of Litany river, any parts of south Lebanon in addition to creating permanent Palestinian settlements in Lebanon and Syria. In return, the Iranian would like Hezbollah to be in power in Lebanon and Hezbollah's army to replace the Lebanese army.Based on my readings, I'm confident that the western countries who believe in freedom and democracy will not accept this deal.In any case, let's assume that the countries who believe in freedom and democracy accepted this deal even if I'm quite sure it will not happen. The plan of the axis of evil in Lebanon is the following if this deal goes through: they will not accept Mr. Michel Aoun to become president in Lebanon because of all the reports they get from psychologists about his personality. they know that he is a demagogue and can not be trusted. at the same time the axis of evil is controlling most of the members of parliament belonging to Aoun's political party either by the mean of money or by promising a certain political power. they will get to power a president who will persecute, kill and detain in prison the patriotic leaders in Lebanon. their presidential candidate is Mr. Suleiman Franjieh, but according to my readings, President Bashar Assad will not do with Mr. Suleiman Franjieh the same mistake when he appointed him the minister of interior before the Assassination of Prime minister Rafik Hariri.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: For The Purpose To Go Back To Power
February 21/08

Dear all, From time to time, we see the little agents of the Axis of Evil in Lebanon, Talal Ersalan, Emile Emile Lahoud & Suleiman Franjieh informing us that they will use Hezbollah's weapons to destroy Lebanon. This is all done for the purpose of going back to power and to go back to the corruption in the government sector. We all have witnessed the corruption when they were still in power and how much money they made from the public sector, from the Lebanese Casino, lottery and bingo, from Chekka Cement company and by controlling also the energy sector. In order for these agents to prove their good intentions with the Shiite sect in Lebanon, and instead of using Hezbollah's weapons and the children of Shiite to destroy Lebanon, why they don't transfer the money they deposited in European banks to Lebanon and help the Shiite children? Why they do not ask their leader, the demagogue Michel Aoun, to transfer also his money from the European banks to Lebanon for the same cause?
From A.I
tolccc of Canada <
Feb 15, 2008

Re: From Elias Bejjani/My new Editorial/for publication
Dear Elias Beijani,
Great thanks. I published this. There are many rumors and theories (it was a work accident). I know that Daily Star also thinks that Syria killed him because they are tired of him. But they are not tired of living and Mughniyeh was Iran's property. Bashar is in so deep with the Mullahs by now that he can't get out. Also Bashar and family are not such big altruists. They have a lot of useless and dangerous terrorists around that they don't kill. Nazis don't kill their attack dogs. Iran will investigate. Unlike the UN, if there is something to find they will find it. They don't worry about laws against torture and so on. Assad knows this. If he whacked Mughniyeh, he will have health problems. Big health problems. The car bomb method, "according to foreign sources" has been used by the Mossad in the past.Of course Israel denies any knowledge, but Meir Dagan, head of the Mossad will probably get his term renewed for another year according to Israel TV. Also when Ehud Barak got back from Turkey he was a in a very good mood, grabbed the megaphone in the airplane and congratulated everyone on landing in Israel. Maybe it doesn't mean anything, right? Who knows who killed this guy, but why give Syria the credit? Claim the credit for your group. FBI offers $ 25 million reward.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Few mercenaries in Zgharta
Date: Tue, 12 Feb/08

To the few mercenaries in Zgharta, I got information that the Syrian agent in zgharta is recruiting mercenaries in his preparation for an armed conflict.
To these mercenaries, I would like to say that taking part in an armed conflict in Lebanon with the desire to gain $500 to $600 each month and not knowing the consequences of your actions is a big crime. Even if you think that you are strong enough to kill more people from the other party, still a lot of you will be killed. did you ask yourself what will happen to your wife, children and parents after your death? did the Syrian agent in zgharta who is recruiting you guarantee for you that he will look after your family after your death? are you sure that this agent will not die or go to prison? I would like to ask you before you get involved with this agent in his war against the patriotic people in Lebanon and before your put your family in a humiliating situation, to visit the houses of his followers (who will not fight) the few people who will benefit from your death and see in what luxury they live. if you are still convinced that you have to take the job of the mercenary, I would like to tell you that the war will most likely be similar to the war in Iraq where your family along with the families of the other party will suffer and no one will be safe. I hope you take my advice into consideration and think well before you accept to fight for the desire to gain few dollars.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: To the Lebanese military attorney-general Jean Fahed
Date: Tue, 12 Feb/08

Mr. Fahad, I read in the newspapers the prosecution against the Lebanese army officers and soldiers. All the Lebanese people in and outside the country know the truth about what is going on in Lebanon. We understand your situation and that you have either children or parents to look after in a country where the axis of evil (Iran-Syria-Hezbollah) is planning to destroy. All the Lebanese people understand your situation and it is not easy to say your opinion in a country where axis of evil kill the innocent people. I would like to remind you that in the past, the axis of evil killed the United States ambassador in Lebanon who had children and parents to care about but he was not afraid of the axis of evil. We all know and you also know that axis of evil and their militias destroyed the American embassy in the past and all the innocent employees in the embassy have also children and parents like you. We all know and you also know that axis of evil and their militias destroyed the US Marines building in Lebanon and all these soldiers who died have children and parents like you. It was much more appropriate for you to prosecute Hassan Nasrallah and his militia, as they are behind the recent problems in Lebanon, than to present a case against the Lebanese soldiers who are trying to protect their country. My respect to all these soldiers you prosecuted as they are baring much more than what they can handle.  you know that they are all innocent same as you are. it is much more appropriate in this case for you to resign.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Destroy Lebanon but avoid Sunni and Shiia confrontation
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008

Dear All, Iran is ordering Syria and Hezbollah not to create any confrontation between Sunni and shiia in Lebanon as this will produce hostility toward Iran in all Sunni countries from Asia to Beirut. Iran is telling Hezbollah to either take over the power in Lebanon or destroy the country. Now Hezbollah is trying to go into a confrontation with the Christians in order to destroy the army and the country because they it not allowed to fight the Sunni (as Iran suggested). Hezbollah's plan is the following: What happened last Sunday is that Hezbollah sacrificed few children members of the Shiite community in order to accuse the army and the Christians of their killing. once they go into any fight with the Christian community, Hezbollah and Syria will ask their Christian allies Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh to kill people in the Sunni community. this will give a reason for Hezbollah to use the instinct of the Sunni community and get them to cooperate in order to form a military alliance to protect the Muslims in Lebanon. If the plan works for Hezbollah and confrontations between Muslims and Christians escalates, the next step would be to kill the Christian patriotic leaders and at the same time kill the Sunni patriotic leaders using Michel aoun and Suleiman franjieh as a cover. Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh are aware of these plans and started to help already.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: More Evil Plans
Date: February 02/08
Dear All, After reading in the newspapers that Iran is stealing the Iraqi oil and using the help of the shiite in Iraq who belong to the axis of evil, I have a feeling that Kuwait is in danger. Iran will most likely try to create problems and destabilize the state of Kuwait in order to steal the Kuwaiti oil, especially that oil is located on the borders between Iraq and Kuwait where there are a lot of Shiite who are Iran's allies. These Shiite were supported financially and had military training in Iran at the time when Saddam Hussein was still in power. I'm worried about Kuwait's future. by the way the axis of evil agent in Lebanon Suleiman Franjieh is telling us that he will open offices for his political party in all the Christian areas. these locations will be actually for the axis of evil under the name of "El-Marada" movement who will serve as a cover. you will see Hezbollah and Syrian militants using these locations. Hopefully the people in the Christians areas are aware of these plans and they should not rent out any place to El-Marada movement.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Qatar and syria
Date: February 01/08

Dear All, some people are wondering what is the reason the prince of Quatar is serving the Syrian interests regardless if they are fair or not. The story is very simple and it is about returning favors. The current ruler, prince of Qatar seized the power in Qatar when his father was out on a visit to Europe. The Father (previous ruler of Qatar) planned to return to power again. Accompanied by one of his top assistants, he visited some Arab rulers and tried to get some support. As usual, The Syrians regime tried to sell the father prince and notified the current prince of the plan. At the same time they promised the father to help. the Syrian played a dirty role by setting up a plot to deliver the father's top assistant to the current Quatar authorities. they called the previous prince to send his top assistant to Syria in order to discuss a plan to help. Once the top assistant was in Syria, they convinced him to visit Lebanon. In Lebanon, the previous president Lahoud delivered the assistant to the Qatar authorities.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Arab league meeting in Cairo
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008

To all Lebanese Patriots and Media,
Now that the foreign ministers of the Arab league are going to meet in Cairo this Sunday to discuss the Lebanese issues, we hope they take the decision of sending Turkish, Jordanian and Egyptian armed forces to Lebanon in order to protect the Lebanese people from the terrorism of the Axis of evil and his allies. we want these forces to protect the democracy in Lebanon and facilitate for a Lebanese president to be elected (General Michel Suleiman) by the majority. If for any reason the axis of evil (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) is going to resume the killing of the patriotic leaders and block the elections, we hope that Turkey and Jordan would allow the smuggling of weapons through their borders to Syria so the Syrian people can confront the Syrian terrorist regime and knock him down.
A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: The poor people of Lebanon
17 Jan 2008
To Mr. Hassan Nasrallah and Mr. Ibrahim Al-Amine, If you really feel with the poor people of Lebanon and especially the Shiite, I would like to ask you to have the courage to request from all your corrupted allies, Mikati, Franjieh, Aoun, Dalloul and Murr, who took the money from Lebanon and sent to European banks, to return it back so you can distribute on the poor Lebanese. Please ask these allies, whom you are protecting with you missiles, to offer their palaces to the poor shiites so they can stay warm during the cold weather. Please show the world that you really believe in Imam Ali and that you have read the book of "Nahj Al-Balagha" and the whole world will call you Heroes.

A New Message from Lawson Kass Hanna/
Subject: Explosion in Beirut
 Wed, 16 Jan 2008/
Dear Patriots: The Axis of Evil (Syria, Iran and Hezbollah) is behind Tuesday's explosion in Beirut. The Axis of Evil planned and Hezbollah executed . The Terrorist Sheik Hassan Nasrallah asked M.P, Michel Aoun a week ago to attack the Americans in order to cover what his terrorist organization (Hezbollah) wants do. Due to the fact that Nasrallah was not brought to court in the 80's after his terrorist attacks on the USA Marines and American Embassy in Beirut, He is now deluding himself that he can hit the Americans again and again anytime he likes. I can assure you that this time Nasrallah will be brought to justice. Meanwhile the Demagogue and derailed Michel Aoun will ultimately face the same fate of General Boulanger , who too was a demagogue like Aoun. Boulanger finished up (by the end of the 19th century), exiled to Belgium where he died
A New Message From Lawson Kass Hanna/Subject: Lebanon/Subject: Karim Bakradoni
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008
To all Lebanese patriots: It will be a long way before the Syrian regime stops the evil plans in Lebanon. Please be aware of the new plan. Now that Mr. Michel Aoun is having problems in getting the Christians to support him, the Syrian regime is asking Mr. Karim Bakradoni to get involved and help Aoun. The Syrians know that Mr. Bakradoni is a smart and experienced politician who can help Aoun. you will most likely see Mr. Bakradoni visiting Bkerki in the next few days and giving rhetorical speeches about the unity of the Maronites, the Leadership of the country and the salvation of the Christians in Lebanon. He will try to play on the feelings and instincts of the Maronites. We would like to ask Mr. Bakradoni to tell us if Mother Teresa came to him in his dreams and asked him to come for help or it was the Syrian regime asking him to support Aoun. We appreciate if Mr. bakradoni would focus his efforts onuniting the Armenians in Lebanon and leave the Maronites in peace.
A New Message From Lawson Kass Hanna
/Subject: Lebanon

Jan 11/08/
To all Lebanese Patriots: The axis of evil (Iran-syria) is proposing a plan to the USA and the western countries in which the Palestinian refugees in Lebanese camps would permanently settle in Lebanon. In the proposal, Hezbollah has to take over the power in Lebanon in order to guarantee the settlement. When asked about the Christians opinion and Bkerki's opinion about this plan and if they will agree, Iran is explaining that Michel Aoun who represents the majority of the Christians would be the cover to this plan. Iranian regime guaranteed that Michel Aoun is under their control. Please be very careful of these evil plans
Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Distributing Weapons
Wed, 9 Jan 2008

I heard that the Syrian agents in Zgharta are still distributing weapons.I would like to ask the followers of the Syrian agents in Zgharta not to get involved in this war as it will mark their end. If someone convinced you that you will win this war, and actually you can't, the only result would be to open the door again for the thieves of Chekka, Lottery, Hhealth ministry to go back to the institutions and increase their wealth. as for you, you will stay in the same situation of poverty as it happened in the past when they amassed their wealth. If you lose this war, the result for you would be catastrophic because you will lose your loved ones. As for these thieves ,who used you in the past to make money, will not be affected. they are not in need anymore for Issam Fares and Gilbert Shagouri's help. They have a lot of money in foreign banks and they can live in luxury at he French Riviera beaches.
Lawson Kass Hanna
Subject: Iranian tactic
Tue, 8 Jan 2008

To all the Lebanese patriotic people, The axis of evil (Iran and Syria) is facilitating the process for the Arab ministers in order to elect a Lebanese president. they are facilitating with the intention to buy some time and to show the western world that they have good intention in Lebanon. at the same time, they are asking Hezbollah and their allies not to accept any resolution and to keep things moving in a viscous circle. the whole issue is about time. the axis of evil is counting on the time when the western world will be desperate after seeing that the Lebanese people can not resolve their issues. if this works, the western world will have much more interests to deal with Iran to resolve these issues. that's why it is important for the patriotic leaders in Lebanon to have a plan and work only according to this plan. they should not trust any word the axis of evil is saying. the patriotic leaders should have a clear plan on how to protect the Lebanese people and the government. they can not be a reaction.
From: Sami Karam (
Sent:October 15, 2007 2:44:02 PM
Cc: Elias Bejjani (

Dear Dr Chadi
Thank you for reading the analysis, and your feedback. You mention that I have a party or am affiliated with a party. I would first like to state that I have no affiliation to any party regardless of what you may think. I mentioned Samir Geagea and Aoun as they were the condemned Christian leaders after the end of the Lebanese war and they both returned to the scene after the Syrian withdrawal. As you well know, one went to prison and the other into exile. And just to add, just as Dr Geagea was convicted, so was General Aoun. He was convicted in abstensia. One note that often goes unmentioned, is that the Hariri empire was built long before he was Prime Minister. He was a billionaire before he was a Prime Minister. I do not disagree that Hariri was a party to the Syrian occupation for a long time, yet I can also see from reading the evidence that he had changed his course post 2004. Unfortunately the opposite stands true for General Aoun. He fought the Syrians in 89 after a deal could not be made in Tunisia. The Lebanese Forces, whether led by Gemayel, Abu Nader, Fadi Frem Boustani or Samir Geagea, at one point or another, fought the Syrians for 14 years. Aoun lasted only a few months.
If General Aoun is free of Hizbullah and Syria, then I hope that he will go to parliamentary elections on October 23rd and let democracy take its course. One main point I hope that you understand from my analysis is that my position states Aoun is like all politicians in Lebanon, trying to gain the upper hand and dominate. Don’t all politicians try to do this? I have simply stated what I feel his rationale is, and if that rationale is calculated correctly. As I clearly stated, he has backed a certain course of action. And if that action brings him to power (although I feel it is unlikely) then I will be the first to congratulate him. It is just politics.
I hope that you can understand that to truly know what people’s intensions are, you must remove emotion from your perception. Again, thank you for your feedback. I hope this finalizes our small discussion.
Sami Karam
From: Add to Address Book
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 20:27:39 EDT
Subject: A Rock and a Hard Place: The Seduction that Threatens Lebanon€¦Again! By Sami Karam

Again a very poor analysis. It is a shame that you cant even speak of your achievements but you can find a twist to reality in others who have done a lot more than you. Just few points downtown would remain close until we get what we want. because 45 billions dollars stolen to build a Hariri empire no one has asked that is had affected us and our children and grandchildren economically. General Aoun fought his dreams and his people dreams other dreamt of fighting the Syrians but couldn't. Aoun makes his own decisions and doesn't go in the open like others to get their orders. At least the Iranian have supported Lebanon militarily and financially even to one group that is ok because they are Lebanese. Tell me who sent missiles to Israel in July to bomb our people Christians or Muslims I don't care they are both Lebanese. We all know how the election was done so if you don't want the Syrians you shouldn't have accepted that election. I wonder why you supported Hezbollah in Alay election. Don't you think your party has betrayed that group after you got your votes. For Mr. ga3ga3 don't need to say much except I think he is convicted since when we defend a convicted criminal and killer. The whole world admits the defeat of Israel in that war except your party admits to our defeat. That is a shame. if we don't get a man to hold that country with an arm of steel Lebanon will never become what we dream of. So please stop telling us that Aoun stood by Hezbollah for the sake of presidency and the Iranian Syrian shee3a plan. Really we are sick of that stupid and lame information you give to people. But the Americans and the new middle east will never happen as long as people like us are present.
Dr Chadi Haddad
PS is there a way we can post our comments on your website. Or you don't have democracy for other people opinion?

From: Add to Address Book
 Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007
 Subject: thanks
I cant even believe that Mr. Elias Bejjani can write something like this and have a conscious and believe what he is writing. the first that come to my mind is why would you want to make someone look bad in order to make yourself look better. General Aoun still have his supporters I wonder what supporters you have.
 I am not sure how you go to the past and forget other people past. What I mean is tell me what did Mr. Jumblat do. You are going to say well he regrets what has happened. I tell you it is like two guys living on this earth one with good deed and the other a horrible life and the horrible guy two days before his death he repent and ask for forgiveness. Does that make the two guys equal. And I am sure you know lots of what has happened in Lebanon and no one is clean and pure. I was in Lebanon during that war and the USA sold us to the Syrians in order to get the help in Iraq.
I would never say the Syrians didn't damage our people and our country. But if General Aoun states we have to make decent communication between Lebanon and Syria for economical and political and geographical reasons he is a traitor. But when MP Boutrous Harb states the same thing he is patriotic. And please don't blind people with wrong information who supports general Aoun. Look at the US history supporting bin laden and than hunting him down supporting Saddam Hussein in Iraqi Iranian war and than killing him. selling us to the Syrians and now against the Syrians. how many times do we have to do the same mistake. maybe the Iranian have sent Lebanon military support to defend Lebanon against the Israelis. I think that is more noble than Mr. Hariri stating on TV that the US has supported us during the July war. But I am sure you know who was sending the missiles to Israel if not it was the US through England than Israel.
As you can see in my letter to you I haven't mention religion because I know if you respond u will bring the issue about Hezbollah. But guess what it is a fact that they are over a million Shiitesa in Lebanon and they will always exist like the Sunni and Druze and Christians. But I guess your party has no problem dealing with Muslim Sunni but General is forbidden of dealing with Muslim shee3a. The people who dealt with Syria are the people who stole the country during their presence including Hariri and what he has done in Solidere and they are the people who are in the current government. And now they want to be puppets to the US government so they can stay in power and steel more. Have some reason and conscious in what you write.
Thank you
Dr Chadi Haddad
Freedom, independence, sovereignty since 1989.
From : Ruth & Tim <>
Reply-To :
Sent : July 27, 2007 6:52:28 AM
To :
CC : "Media Action (E-mail)" <>

Subject : Re: your article-"Hezbollah's delusional victory and the facts"
To Mr Bejjani
I am a Canadian Christian, and a Jewish friend emailed a number of other folk including myself your article. With the intent to encourage, I want to thank, you with a gratitude that I am confident is shared with others, for the courage you showed in what you wrote. It is not easy to stand firm against a vortex of politically motivated opinion, a stand that can even put one’s personal safety at risk, but you stood and for that you deserve full credit.
Thank you and God bless you.
Tim Kilgore
Subject: To Mr Elias Bejjani
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007
From: "Sassine Abou-Jaoude" <>

Dear Mr Bejjani,
I have so much respect for you and your work. I am not a Michel Aoun fan and never was. I have always been a supporter of the Lebanese Forces and for Dr Geagea. In the past during the staying of General Aoun in Paris , I used to visit your website on a daily basis, to get the latest news and to listen to your audio comments and read your written articles. I still do with the same enthusiasm. I would like to let you know that I do support your stand and your view vis-ŕ-vis the Lebanese politics and mainly the Christian and Maronite issues.
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
For the record and for the history and for God, I expect you one day to write a couple of lines about Samir Geagea. I know you do not agree with everything he does or with his history; and that is OK. You know that as Christians, we do not have to agree on everything. We are not a one party or a one doctrine sect. But we have to agree on the principles for which our fathers and grandfathers lived and died. And that, by the way, is our issue and yours, with General Aoun and his current position and with everyone who behaves like General Aoun. I expect you, Mr Bejjani, and I am waiting, after all these years, to write a small tribute to Samir Geagea. Not because he is perfect (and no one is). And not because you are a fan of him and I know you are not. But because right now, he is raising the voice and he is speaking what the Christians in Lebanon always spoke and believed in.
And because of that, he has been attacked and butchered by all the puppet politicians on the Syrian side. As I have known you a fair writer, I will come to your website everyday, as usual, hoping that one day, I will read a couple of fair lines, giving tribute for the current position of this man and definitely not for his person (cause we do not follow persons, but we approve stands and positions).
Best regards,
Yours truly,
Sassine Abou-jaoudehe internet and unfortunately I do not have the Office Arabic software.
After reading Mr. Bejani’s article I couldn’t feel but to be unsettled, it wasn’t enough that he solely blamed the Liberators, Arab nationalist and the passing by but he also went on to demand the amnesty for ALL Lebanese living in Israel with no distinction between collaborator or not. So, unless I totally misunderstood what Mr. Bejani meant in his article, I think he owes an apology to all the people that suffered under the Lahed regime either inside the Lebanese occupied land or outside it. I do not want to remind Mr. Bejani of Sabra & Shatila as one of many examples of the atrocities they have committed. In addition to this playing the blaming games against the Arab Nationals is not an accurate one as everyone on the stage back then were guilty and you cannot pick and choose whoever you think is guilty and whoever you think wasn’t.
The 1991 amnesty accord was a necessity to get Lebanon out of the civil war point it was in, if there was a time for an amnesty it should have been back then not right now. I do not disagree with Mr. Bejani that any trial of these people would be a trial for all the Militia leaders in Lebanon, as all of them were guilty in that bloody war. The only difference is that their biggest leaders’ right now has acknowledged that Israel is our enemy while the South Lebanese Army members and supporters have not as of yet (I stand corrected). When and if they do there will be another discussion about their status. I welcome back all the families and individuals that did not participate or collaborate with the enemy; as for the ones that has I say to them: Justice must be served.
The beautiful thing about President Aoun’s supporters and movement is that they are from all religions and regions, those that are with the Arabic identity of Lebanon and those that are with other identities like Phoenician maybe or something; but in the end Lebanon always comes first for them: Sovereign, Free & Independent. And anyone that works against that country does not deserve an amnesty or even a welcome back.
Thank you,
Simon Lawand

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