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Syria: No More Carrots, Time For Sticks
By Anwar Wazen

After the deadly attack of December 21, 2004 on a U.S. base in Mosul where 22 soldiers were massacred, an American official declared that sanctions are likely to be implemented against Syria, where the attack was likely organized. The Najaf attack a few days later was also coordinated from within Syrian borders according to the city's police chief. It certainly looks like the Syrian Mokhabarat has been quite busy.
Syria is becoming a safe haven for Arab, Chechen, Afghan and other Islamist insurgents . Upon Saddam's fall, trucks loaded with the loot from the Iraqi central Bank crossed into Damascus and were laundered through the Commercial Bank of Syria. "Damascus became a financial conduit supporting the movement of foreign fighters into and out of Iraq," said Lt.Gen. Lance Smith, deputy chief of Central command. The Coalition Forces and the newly trained Iraqi security forces became easy targets, "sitting ducks" waiting to be picked off.
Cross border military action is still a matter of discussion within the U.S. administration and it looks like a military incursion into Syria is still "premature" ... or is it not?
"The question of what should be done with Syria has yet to be resolved. But for the first time, there are inter-agency discussions that take into account a range of scenarios," said Richard Lee Armitage, the Deputy U.S. Secretary of State. George Casey , commander of the Multinational Force in Iraq, admits that the Syrians are making some efforts on the border, "but they're not going after the big fish, which is really the people that we're interested in".
Casey is targeting the number one fugitive among Saddam's loyalists Izzat el Douri as well as other Iraqi Baathists who are still on the run and operate Iraq's resistance movement out of Syria. Day in and day out the U.S. led Multinational Force has been suffering casualities in Iraq. At a time when the intervention in Afghanistan is unfinished and the war in Iraq against insurgency is far from over, the U.S. military strategists seem to have opted to withhold from a military confrontation with Syria because it looks like the diplomatic and Congressional efforts prodding Syria into cooperating so far fell on deaf ears.
Syria has been turning a blind eye on controlling its borders with Iraq, freezing financial assets of Saddam's loyalists and arresting the insurgency leaders that took refuge within Syria proper. Syria has managed to outwit Secretary of State Colin Powell and ex-chief of the CIA George tenet. Tenet is out and Powell is leaving his office in few days. Richarge Armitage, meanwhile, seems to be planning his last hurrah in his forthcoming visit to Syria.
Having witnessed throughout three decades of brutal Syrian occupation the vicious torture, criminality, intimidation and subjugation of the Lebanese leaders and people alike, the loud voices of Lebanese activists in the diaspora issued right from the onset of the war in Iraq clear warning signals on Syria and Iran's intentions in Iraq. They were both determined to thwart the Coalition's efforts to bring freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people. It was clear then, and it is even clearer now that a free and democratic Iraqi federation would send chills down the spine of Syria's dictatorial regime and the mullah-imposed Shi'ite fundamentalism in Iran.
When Saddam fell, Syria and Iran embarked covertly on an ambitious and carefully planned project to vanquish America's presence in Iraq. In 1983 , they succeeded by proxy by bombing the U.S. embassy and the U.S. Marine Compound in Beirut (270 young innocent Marines and American personnel perished in the two terrorist attacks). Syria and Iran are sabotaging Iraq, again by proxy. Syrian and Iranian smoking guns were evident in Beirut in the eighties, they were evident at al Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia in the nineties, and in Faloujah, Najaf, Karbala and Mosul in 2003 and 2004.
Somehow, when it comes to action against the unfathomable Syria, the U.S. diplomacats and even some hawks at the Pentagon have been, in their inaction , loyal to the Turkish adage "too much talk , too little action".
How much more blood do we have to witness in Iraq and elsewhere before Syria is put in check! Carrots never worked with rogue states. The Assad dynasty in Syria is resilient to anything short of a stick. A case in point is Turkey's military ultimatum in September 1998 to cease support for the subversive PKK and deject Apo Ocalan. Hafez el Assad, father of the current President of Syria danced to the Turkish tune when he sensed that Turkey was serious about curbing terrorism. Syria is again trying to buy time. Dick Armitage will should warn the Syrians to dance to the texas jazz tune. But will he?
Anwar Wazen studied at St. Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon, earning a Master's degree in Economics. He lived in several countries in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, working on country risk exposure for American and Arab Banks. In Brussels, **Mr. Wazen became an activist and lobbyist for the Lebanese cause and contributed many articles promoting freedom of Lebanon from the Syrian occupation, which were published by political web sites and Lebanese newsmedia. He speaks Arabic, English and French fluently.

To: Peter Davis"
From: Elias Bejjani

Dear Mr. Davis
We are 100% for giving all citizens including the Homosexuals and labsbians their full rights. Meanwhile it is up to them to live together and even raise adopted children. No doubt, they should and must enjoy their full rights...But they do not have the right nor the courts to destroy the marriage foundation, the most productive, stable and Godly institution, the marriage. Destroying the family is destroying the nation and its society. We should take  examples from History...There is not one big or might nation   that was defeated by foreign enemies. They all were destroyed from inside because of corruption and killing of values and norms. I am prying that our Western society would not face the same punishment that Sadom and Gamorrah did get.
Elias Bejjani
Peter Davis" <>
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
CC:, "Peter Davis" <>
Subject: RE: Release from CLHRF/for publication

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 09:17:11 -0500
Elias: I got your email regarding the defintion of marriage. I understand that there will be a debate in parliament after the supreme court decision. My opinion is that religious groups or other private organizations are free to define marriage in accordance with their moral beliefs. The role of  the government should be restricted to upholding legal contracts through the judicial system, including those that deal with cohabitation agreements between any consenting adults. Because the traditional understanding of   the term "marriage" includes the union of a man and a woman as well as the expectation of a family with children, it is wrong for the government to try to impose a new meaning to the term. I agree with your sentiments here.
Leaving this to religious organizations and other private groups does not necessarily mean that the government is abdicating its role in furthering the cause of morality and ethics in society. Our entire legal system is grounded in basic moral principles. In most western societies, this is based on the Ten Commandments which, in its simplest rendition, says: DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS THAT WHICH YOU DO NOT WISH THEM TO DO UNTO YOU.
Because many people feel strongly that it is wrong to equate a traditional marriage with a same sex union, it is wrong for the government to impose such a definition on society. It is the duty of the government, however, to protect the rights of same sex couples to live freely and enjoy the full protections that are available to all members of society. This distinction seems straightforward to me. I hope the debate in parliament serves to clarify the issue. Although this issue deals
with how a government sees its role in a democracy by acting on its policies and interpreting its mandate, I personally feel that the CCD should not get involved in it because it would dilute the impact that we are trying to achieve with our existing initiatives.
Peter Davis

From Elias Bejjani,
To James Kassouf

Mr. Kassouf:
I am not sure what facts you mean, and which Lebanon you are talking about. Your and my country, the beloved Lebanon, is an occupied nation, ruled by mercenary puppet officials and run by Mafiosi. If you are unable to recognize this bitter reality, then you are either detached from reality or the majority of the Lebanese people are. Just please name for me one domain where the Beirut regime is doing well.
Take a note that your Lebanon is going to be declared bankrupt soon if the Syrian occupation does not come to an end.
For your own information 2/3 of the Lebanese people according to the UN are living under the line of poverty.
Just remember before you advocate for the Beirut current regime that 1.5 million Lebanese Citizens have left the country since 1990, and that 1.5 Million Syrian illegal workers are invading our country and depriving our oppressed people from not only work, but also from clean air to breath.
I am not sure how you envisage the security criteria that you are hailing!! does this criteria include the status in South Lebanon where there is no state authority, but a Hizbollah independent State, or in Southern suburbs of Beirut where the region
has been turned into an Iranian state in side the state, or in the 12 Palestinian camps that have flourished to become exporters for fanaticism, terror and terrorists.
I am not sure if you are aware that there are still, hundreds of innocent Lebanese patriots imprisoned in the Stalinist Syrian jails without any kind of trial, deprived of all their basic rights. In the same context are you updating yourself in regards to the atrocities committed on daily basis against the Lebanese people on the hands of the Beirut regime and its masters the Baathists? Wake up man and have mercy on your people.
Still what about freedoms, elections, education, identity, culture, health services, old age pensions etc etc.
Your people in Lebanon are enslaved and there is no other term to describe the status quo that is imposed on them.
Wake up and witness for the truth, because those do, truth saves them.
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani

From Kassouf <>
Sent : December 1, 2004
To : Elias Bejjani <>,
Subject : Re: Ex Minister Abu Jamra addresses the Syrian demonstration in Beirut

Dear Elias
Your e-mail is a distortion of the facts.Please take me off your mailing.You have missed the real object of what is really going on!The big picture which many Lebanese have miss in the past and aloud Israel to create a civil war that last almost 15 years .Many people like yourself fall into the same trap again.This to dived and weaken Lebanon so that they will be forced to take the Palestinian refugees and always have a section of the populous that can be manipulated by the Israel and cause havoc at any
time.I have lived here in Lebanon with my family for over 3 years and have found this country far safer then the USA and one of the safest in the world,which was rated last year as one of the most safest places in the world by Interpol!Why do you want to change this???

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004
Subject: Maronites to remember
For the Maronites to remember,
-The Maronite church has a history and this history is limited to a geography, if we ever forget the geography we are going to lose the history.
-Lebanon for the Maronites is everything they have created. We did not afford to build huge Cathedrals as those of the Vatican's, Lebanon's caves were our cathedrals.
We did not have the chance to write enough books like the great orthodox philosophers (We were planting and maintaining our fields), it is from Lebanon's nature we have known the philosophy and the beauty of GOD. For us, Lebanon is the cathedral, and the stones of Lebanon are our books.
- One day, Lebanon is going to be only one page of our church's long history book, but this page will always remain the most important, because it is the first and from this page the Maronites have started their church.
-This is our history, Lebanon, without it we certainly will have a future, but we will be without a past or at least a past that we dont own anymore.
Dory Asy
From: Edgard Barakat" <>
To: Cadmous email

Dear Sir
Your article: Open Letter to Father Semaan Atalah is a total lie and a fabrication of entities that do not possess the minimum of dignity nor common sense for the following reasons:
1) How could the Syrian jailers relay a letter from 2 priests that they deny their existence in Syrian jails?
2) How could you or anyone have excess to the alleged letter? Where you able to break in Mar Roukoz Convent? Or do you claim to have a spy within the convent?
3) All said and done, do you think that you are serving the Lebanese cause or the fate of our beloved brothers Fr. Albert Sherfan and Fr. Sleiman Abi Khalil?
4) We ask you in the Name of God Almighty to IMMEDIATELY stop all such maneuvers that are only a service to the enemies of Lebanon.
We the friends of the two jailed priests know very well their integrity and their submission to their order. Honestly, they know very well that neither Abbot SEMAAN ATALAH, the members of the Antonins Maronite Order, their families nor their friends have given up on them or the Lebanese cause.
Finally, you have no right to meddle in someone else's business. No one appointed you as a representative of the two priests cause. We do have a leader who is defending properly our rights and the rights of those who are imprisoned: Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir the head of the Maronite Church may God bless him and protect him.
May God be on the side of all those who are suffering (imprisoned or not) because they are free and honest citizens of Lebanon
The Great.
Edgard E. Barakat
Friend of the Antonins Maronite Order since 1960
and a personal friend of both priests
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004
From: "Glenys Sugarman"
Subject: re Damour

Dear Sir - this morning before leaving for work I wrote to a colleague in Jerusalem asking him why it is that no one has mentioned the hosting of terrorist gangs like Baader Meinhoff and the Japanese Red Army in the town of Damour in Lebanon during the civil war, where they were taught the "niceties" of urban warfare, courtesy of the PLO. When I got to the office I found your mail with the article by Joseph Hitti. Unbelievable.
I walked through the streets of Damour in 1982 - an experience I will never forget. The remains of a little town that obviously had been standing for generations in a beautiful setting, empty gutted and silent. It was the silence that I will never forget, there was'nt even a bird to be seen. And the beautiful church at the top of the village, desecrated with burn and smoke marks covering the inside, since it had been used as a kitchen for the student terrorists. My blood ran cold at the thought of what had happened to the people in this town.
About two years ago in the midst of the current intifada I was asked to write an article about an event in my career as a radio correspondent for SABC ( South African Broadcasting Corporation) that had left an indelible mark on my memory - I wrote about Damour.  I could only wish that someone would turn it into a real life museum to show the world what terror can and will do if it gets the chance to thrive. There are no words that I know that could comfort the few survivors of Damour, but I for one, will never forget them.
**Glenys Sugarman, (formerly SABC), Radio Kosmos online, Radio Jakaranda Pretoria.

From: "Richard Atme" <>

Subject: Congratulations
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 12:51:31 +1000
Dear Mr. Bejjani
My name is Richard Atme, Lebanese by origin, living in Melbourne, Australia.
This might be a bit late (as they say; better late than never)
Just a quick message, (first one from me); I would like to congratulate you on an excellent and very impressive stand you took when participated in (Kalaam EL Naas) it was on air via LBCI, June 27, 9:30 pm Aust. time.
It really shows that those who are true believers in their cause and have no fear of any external influences, are always right, and without any doubt are the most convincing. Most of the other participants were not as forthcoming/direct or as convincing as you were. Their way of analysing things were from a very narrow point of view and very shallow thinking. With one exception; Dr. Aoun.
For sure your extensive knowledge and sheer determination made a major contribution as well.
I just would like to congratulate the Lebanese community in Canada as well as the Lebanese people all over the world, and particularly in Lebanon, for having such true believers and defenders. A job well done (you might feel it is a duty rather than a Job) I hope that one day you will be able to participate in such forums on a larger scale, and more Lebanese will have the opportunity to listen to you.
I always look forward to receiving your informative e-mails, keep it up.
God bless you, keep the good work, and take care.
Sincerely yours;
Richard Atme

George Bejjani" <>
Subject: the only solution

Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004
Dear Elias Bejjani,
The only solution for Lebanon’s problems will invariably require many things. Of these, power, heart and intellect are paramount. The latter two we in the Diaspora have an abundance of; what then of power/influence? For those who left or were born outside of Lebanon, the love of their country will ultimately motivate them to return home, or, eternally worse mourn the freedom and life lost incessantly, but with no tangible outcome in Lebanon’s greater good. Tell me what is better- a
well off citizen in the USA, Australia or Canada or a poor Lebanese in Beirut.
Both ultimately serve Lebanon little good in ridding it of the Syrian parasite. The only solution that will yield real tangible dividends is for the greater Lebanese Diaspora to excel in their chosen field or community, reach positions of prominence/respect to ultimately raise awareness of the Lebanese citizen’s real situation. If we are to return to our homeland let us return to a free and sovereign nation to build it and its citizens, our family and friends, with the knowledge gathered and bought through hard honest work in our countries of refuge. Because refugees we are and will remain as long as our homeland promises to exact a harsh and unjust revenge on us if we return through incompetent financial management, farcical
attempts at provision of essential services and the sale of our nation to a foreign corrupt power. I will not return and leave a country that has taken me and my family in, allowed me to excel, given me the sweet taste of freedom both of choice and word; only to return and be stunted in my endeavors. The return of those in the Diaspora should only be heralded by sweeping political and sectarian change. Social change will follow, and Lebanon free once more will be a reality truly realized by all. I wish all my brothers and sisters to work, learn and excel before attempting a life in Lebanon- it is not easy and heartache follows those who do not calculate. Why return and become the same person you would have been if you had of remained throughout the war. The opportunities outside are valuable and only upon maturity of our mind, spirit and ideals will we help free our nation from the grip of criminals.
Sincerely George Bejjani

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 00:13:41 -0400
To: "Elias Bejjani" <>
Subject: Re: [cadmous] New (Arabic-English editorial from Elias Bejjani/for publication

Dear Mr. Bijani ,
Well , you also bring up interesting points. Where we probably disagree is in the priorities vs the strategies. Your strategy is obviously to get the Syrians out of Lebanon . But your group does little to address the daily suffering of the Lebanese people which is the priority to the average man. Boycotting established institutions and elections and labeling most of the elected officials as puppets or traitors will not get you anywhere. These puppets are providing solutions ( albeit temporary) to problems that people face on daily basis , where your group doesn't . The people elected these officials , and even though they are
corrupt , the average person doesn't think of them as puppets to Syria. They may be thieves , but not necessarily puppets.
You describe slaves in a very liberal manner . Let me tell you what I observed while in Lebanon . There are tens, and maybe even hundreds of thousands of workers from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Sudan in Lebanon doing everything from housework, waiting tables, collecting garbage, and even prostitution . And the Lebanese treat them like slaves . Even my own mother - she has 5 working for her , and I feel that she treats them like slaves for less than $120 per month. Have you
ever wondered what the punishment is for a Lebanese that rapes , beats, or even murders a foreign maid? NOTHING ! If they ever run away, they are forcefully returned to their abusive masters, and a master only needs to pay to ship the body of his maid to her native land if he/she died/killed . The reverse is obviously not true. Point I m making Elias is that before you accuse the Syrians of treating the Lebanese like slaves, you might want to look at how the Lebanese treat others and compare
Real Estate My late Palestinian Moslem father amazed a fortune in real estate in Lebanon, buying lots of real estate in the late 50s and early 60s. He left us with over 70 pieces of RE all over Lebanon. Some are worthless, others are priceless. Some developed, others still raw land. Not bad for a refugee that became a Lebanese citizen only 2 years before he died. All the holdings are in my Lebanese mother's name . My 2 siblings and I never became Lebanese , and we all live outside Lebanon. Managing the developed properties that has tenants is an extreme headache ( see below) for me and my mother , tha's why we are selling some. It is strictly a necessity .
The Jamhour property - an interesting story I never ever stepped foot in this 3 story building with 7 tenants that my father owned forever . Around 1976 , the tenants decided that they will not pay rent or renew the lease to the Palestinian landlord . Not much my father could do. In the mid 1980s my father took the tenants to court and found out that they had falsified records to show that the properties were individually sold to the tenants. It took 10 years to prove that the sales documents were forged and obtain eviction judgments . But no Palestinian with his right mind will go to the local police in that area and ask
them to evict the Christian tenants. So the tenants stayed , and were adamant about leaving. After the eviction judjment, few offered to sign a new lease, but this time my father said no. He died in 2000 . Two years ago, a local person offered to buy the entire building , and deal with the tenants himself. By now, the building became an eye sore in
the middle of prime commercial area. We agreed to sell him and that's when the tenants started really begging us to sell the apartments to them individually . They even offered to pay all the back rent . We refused, and some of them put liens on the property to force us to deal with them. That took another 2 years and $20K to resolve . Up till the day that we closed on this property last month, the tenants were calling asking for reconsideration. The person that bought the building is also a Mr. Bijani, but he put the building in his wife's name.
You think this was a headache ? Other properties that we own were taken over by mosques, farmers, adjoining businesses, and even local governments. Some are difficult to resolve, others are impossible to resolve and not worth the fight.
Have a good evening .

From: Elias Bejjani

Dear: You are 100% right in all of your stated observations, but be sure our peoples' priorities were, are, and will remain much more then to eat and pay bills, although those who look superficially on how they live might think so. Meanwhile my editorial has addressed a vital Lebanese Diaspora concern in regards to the many heretic projects targeting their rights. As I understood from the   message, you are selling your family's real estate in Lebanon. My question: Does this matter bother you or not? Why should you sell and not buy? Simply because of the kind of corrupted regime that is controlling the country !!!!. Who has installed this regime and protects its thieves? You know as every body else that the Syrian-Baathists do. You are right the Syrian soldiers are rarely seen on the streets. Did you ask yourself, why? it is because they are in the Baabda presidential place, in Ain Eltena, in Qraietem, in Nejmi Square and in every ministry and institution. They control the whole country and are leading its people towards complete bankruptcy. Our priorities are, and will remain the same: Freedom, Independence, Sovereignty, peace and respect for our human rights.
Slaves eat, sleep, pay bills and do not bother about freedom and rights. Free people with honor and dignity ask for more that the slaves do. Our people are free and will never accept the occupation or its puppets. They will keep peacefully lobbying for salvation of their beloved country, Lebanon. We live on the hope of resurrection, resurrection of our beloved Lebanon...
Let us be ready for this coming day
Yours truly
Elias Bejjani
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 00:13:54 -0400
Subject: Re: [cadmous] New (Arabic-English editorial from Elias Bejjani/for publication

Dear Mr. Bijanai ,
I have a lot of respect for your cause , but often wonder what are the priorities of your group and how well are these priorities in touch with reality .
I don't know when the last time you were in Lebanon , but if it has been a while, I urge you to visit , because you all need to see the prioities of the common Lebanese, regardless of his religion or background. Your group will have much more support if you can relate to the common man and his issues. It will also earn you much needed credibility .
I just came back from 3 months in Lebanon where I was selling some of our real estate . My family owns property all over Lebanon . Real Estate that ranges from worthless land in Tyre to prime real estate in Rabieh ( also a building in a city called Jamhour near Kahale that we sold to another Mr. Bijani ... more on that interesting story later ..). I had interactions with government officials ( including elected ones) , tennants, developers, brokers, cab drivers, cousins, etc. Strangely, I
only saw two Syrian soldiers near Zahle. Where did the rest of the occupiers go?
People seem to be more worried about paying the school tuition for their kids. They are scared that they may get sick becasue medical care is expensive. And they hope that more tourists will visit this summer because "we are so much in debt" ..."our country is broke" . Government employees continue to be the scum of the earth and can be bought for dirt cheap, and I bought many. They don't care less if the Kataeb participated in the election or not, and they don't seem worried that Lahoud and
Hariri don't get along. No one seems to care about the Syria Accountability Act . To them , Israel is behind it , not the Lebanese Diaspora .
Those that have the means are more focused on making more and screw every one else. The parity between the haves and the have nots have grown ever bigger than before . If you ask , you'll find out that the 'TVA' tax is stressing people more than the 'Syrian Occupation' . People are numb, there is a major scandal over the cellular phone contract, Public Works contracts and people are only wondering who is Nancy Ajram dating . The most beautiful beach I saw was in Isterahet Sour right in the
heart of Hizbullah land. Go figure...
More later my friend..
From: "anwar wazen"
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004
Reply to Miss Shaaban 's op-ed which appeared in the Daily Star on june 5th.
Buthaina’s lessons in Human rights …
Before you accuse the US and Israel of targeting and massacring Arabs take a deep breath Miss Shaaban and ponder upon the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Syria’s baathist regime against the Syrians and the Lebanese. When your house is made of glass you should not throw pebbles on other peoples’ dwellings. Lying , bluffing and faking crocodile tears is becoming nowadays the trademark of the defenders of the Syrian totalitarian and ruthless regime.
Having been snubbed by the US media and having failed to secure meaningful meetings with the US lawmakers Buthaina Shaaban was full of fury and admitted the other day on a Lebanese satellite channel that she is quite frustrated and disappointed with the ineffective Arabist lobby not only in the US but in Europe as well . As a matter of fact , her European tour was a flop . She was scheduled to give a speech at a gathering in Germany and as soon as she got to the podium an angry crowd jeered, booed and derided her.They were a group of Syrian Kurds dressed in white shirts tainted with blood to remind her of the harsh and brutal repression of their brethren in Qamishli.-Syria . She was rushed out from the back door.
You want to talk about war crimes Miss ? let’s talk about Hama* . You used strong terms about the US forces in Iraq “ethnic cleansing” , “hidden graves ” etc… It was a Tuesday , February 2,1982, 1:am . That was the time set by Hafez El Assad for the “clean up” operation to commence in Hama . As the day broke thousands of Syrian troops surrounded the city *… You should know the details of this massacre better than us , an estimated 22000 dead , most of them innocent people, massacred and dumped with bulldozers in pre-dug pits then covered with earth and left unmarked * Allow me to correct you Miss ,when you say that “ …where in the 21st century the Arabs have been officially chosen as the new victims… the falling victims to hatred, killing , ethnic cleansing ,torture and massacres” you’re forgetting that in the 20th century the Syrian baathist regime had already obliged humanity with worse crimes against the Syrian and Lebanese Arabs . Needless to tell you that You are utterly insulting the American Media when you write- quote:
“ would the American media keep the crime in total blackout if the victims were not Arabs?” Enlighten us instead about the free Syrian media . By the way , what ever happened to the voices advocating reform in Syria during the Spring of Damascus ? Arif Dalilah, Riad Saif, Riad el Turk, Mamoun al Homsi,Aktham Nuayssa and the hundreds of other outspoken critics of the Syrian regime? Are they still rotting in the Syrian 5 stars prisons ? You accuse the US of violating people’s right and sovereignty and you also accuse them of violating international legitimacy . Why on earth the state of emergency is still in force in Syria since 1963 ? Why internal opposition is banned and retaliation against families of Syrian dissidents living abroad is still commonplace in your country ? Why are you still suppressing the Syrian Kurdish minorities ? Why have you been wrecking havoc with Lebanon since 1973 ? Haven’t you stolen enough tens of billions of dollars from our country to finance your WMD arsenal? Don’t you understand that with a national debt exceeding 200% of GDP we became technically broke thanks to you guys ? What have you done with the hundreds of Lebanese prisoners of conscience that you kidnapped and tortured in Mazze and Sidneya dungeons? You have guts as a Syrian official to write about human rights violations at the Abou Ghraib prison . You really have guts to talk about violating peoples' rights and usurping sovereignty . Syria has been occupying my country in clear violation of UN resolution 520 and you think the world is buying your call for safeguarding international legitimacy in Iraq ? Pity the free world for chosing to look the other way for 27 long years .The Syrian thugs were left unchecked to plunder Lebanon's resources , hold a free country hostage and blackmail with their terrorist proxies the whole world. Do me a favour dear , inform your boss that the clock is ticking . He is in the crosshair . His manoeuvring tactics have been exhausted . He is not left with too much yime , neither Europe nor China and certainly not Cuba will be rushing to his rescue.
Anwar Wazen
Brussels June 5, 04
* From Beirut to Jerusalem –Thomas Friedman

N.B: Below Is Bouthaina Shaaban's Editorial
The neo-anti-Semitism of the neoconservatives
By Bouthaina Shaaban
Special to The Daily Star
Saturday, June 05, 2004
Politicians and the media exchange statements and articles about what happened and what is happening in Iraq, and whether it was possible to avoid a war that has proved to be disastrous on all levels, as well as unjust for Iraqi people.
Perhaps most important in this regard was the US Secretary of State Colin Powell's declaration that the information he received about weapons of mass destruction and the alleged mobile chemical laboratories in Iraq - on which he based a detailed survey presented to the United Nations Security Council early in 2003 - was not accurate.
But the important question that should be pondered in such a case is who are the people who deliberately gave misleading information and what were their objectives? Is it not highly likely that they could give other misleading information about other issues and other countries, and thus lead the United States toward further disastrous ventures incurring more calamities on the world? It is not a phenomenon that can be bypassed. When misleading information is delivered to the decision-makers of the world's military and economic superpower - deliberately or not - and is adopted by that sole superpower's administration as a basis to wage wars against nations, occupy countries, consequently commit war crimes, violate people's rights and sovereignty and violate international legitimacy, such a phenomenon should be questioned and investigated. Otherwise the whole world will be in real chaos.
One media event that is close to Powell's declaration in terms of implications is The New York Times editorial published on May 26, 2004, and entitled "Time and Iraq." In their piece, the editors admitted that a lot of the information they published about Iraq before the war was taken from secret apparatuses that depended on defective information. Such defective and inaccurate information however found its way to a powerful and reliable media.
There is no doubt that the US secretary of state's statement, along with what he declared about the media pre-coordination between the Bush administration and media institutions to pave the way for invading Iraq, shows that there was a previous plan hatched by the neoconservatives to wage war against the Arabs - and whose ultimate victims were Iraq and Palestine. Trumped-up information and intensive media coverage were prepared to create justifications for that war, even though experts insisted that such information was false and unfounded.
Most dangerous of all is that this very pattern is repeated before our own eyes, whether through the systematic physical torture that Iraqi prisoners are subjected to in Abu Ghraib and other prisons, the killing of innocent civilians at the hands of mercenary foreign snipers in Fallujah, Kufa and Karbala, or the bombing of a wedding in a desert village. The pattern continues with the raping of Iraqi captives in front of their husbands and brothers, torturing Iraqi scientists to death, destroying thousands of Palestinian houses, killing hundreds of innocent children and women, assassinating civilians, displacing families and imposing a murderous tragedy on a whole nation.
Thoughtful observation of events in Palestine and Iraq show that the real issue is not one of faulty information sources, because US Intelligence and the US administration are not that naive. Neither is it a failure in media courage and verifying facts, because the US media apparatuses are not that feeble. The issue is deeper and more dangerous than this. It is a phenomena where Western anti-Semitism is transforming from its conventional form into a new one, where in the 21st century the Arabs have been officially chosen as the new victim, one country after the other, one people after the other - falling victims to hatred, killing, ethnic cleansing, torture, and massacres under the pretext of a multitude of reasons and justifications, including terrorism. They are not much different from the pretexts used in the past, and cannot conceal from the observant researcher that at their very essence they are but different expressions of anti-Arabism and hostility to Arab culture and existence.
It has been proved to all that exercising torture in Iraqi jails is not an individual isolated case. Nor are those responsible just a few. Rather it is a policy in which everyone was involved, and where everyone has taken a part in covering up, denying it as a war crime, and hiding other sides of it, such as the destiny of thousands of prisoners whose names were not registered, and whose bodies were buried in hidden graves. Such policy arises from a racist, condescending view of Arabs, and therefore does not consider Iraqis as human beings equal in feelings, comprehension and sensitivity to Westerners. There is no doubt that those who prepared and misled their people to wage the war against Iraq are the same people who believe in that racist view toward Arabs and are waging a war of eradication against Palestinians, and supervising the persecution methods secreted by the neo-anti-Semitism in its campaign against Arabs. Would the Bush administration adopt a similar policy toward any other nation in the world? Would the American media keep the crime in total blackout if the victims were not Arabs?
It is no coincidence at all that the image of an old Palestinian woman searching the ruins of her house for her medication reminded Israeli
Minister of Justice Yosef Lapid of his grandmother as a helpless old woman during the Nazi's persecution of the Jews. This image not only applies to that of the minister's grandmother, it is the reality of thousands of families in Palestine and Iraq who suffer the tragedies, cleansing, and racial discrimination that has nothing to do with the "war on terrorism" or with the security of this side or that.
Into this campaign of hatred fall all the racist points of view such as those expressed by Benjamin Elon, the Israeli minister of tourism, on May 26 in The International Herald Tribune: "There is no land for Palestinians here, let them leave to Jordan." Another is Douglas Feith's - US undersecretary of defense for policy - call for Israel to deny Oslo and keep the Occupied Territories.
In the same line of thought falls the US president, administration, and war generals' denial of the war crimes being committed. This includes Bush's continuous justification of Israeli crimes against Palestinian children and the demolishing of Palestinian houses being described as an act of "self-defense." All of this, and many other similar sayings and acts, are nothing but part of a mentality and a policy of a neo-anti-Semitism targeting Arabs. It is a mentality and a policy that is waging a war of elimination, committing massacres, torture, rape and punishments in Palestine and Iraq systematically and in harmony with this new campaign of hatred. Most important of all is that the true nature of the so-called free press has been revealed. Now it is imperative that the media should return to reality and discover by itself the victims of neo-anti-Semitism and the systematic criminal campaigns of torturing Arabs, eliminating them, violating their rights and lands, and distorting their history and culture.
***Bouthaina Shaaban is the Syrian minister for expatriate affairs, she wrote this commentary for The Daily Star

From: "anwar wazen"
Subject: IMF:Lebanon's debt alarming
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004
The IMF article to which the reply was made
Below is the comment which appeared in today's Daily Star under the section : opinion/readers' letters
Osama Habib "IMF: Lebanon's debt alarming" (May 18)
In today's hi-tech age, an administration that is unable or maybe unwilling to publish accurate figures with regards to the public debt and the country's GDP is dangerous, politically impotent and should not be entrusted with the country's finances. Can anybody guess Lebanon's real debt figures?
If the officially published debt stands today (as they pretend) at $33 billion, why do we keep hearing in the local press and from other unofficial sources that the real debt has already surpassed $40 billion? Why can't we have anaccurate figure on Lebanon's GDP? Is it $17 billion or is there an oversight of 20 or 30 percent?
I am sure Finance Minister Fouad Siniora is aware that even Zimbabwe applies international standards and other universal statistical conventions to eliminate distortions and achieve accuracy. As for Siniora's boss, he should realize by now that the Lebanese have had enough with excuses, false promises and deficiencies in governance.
The Paris II donor conference was a golden chance for Prime Minister Rafik Hariri to reclaim his lost credibility and treat the rot in his administration. His failure in doing so, no matter what excuses or false promises he still insists on giving, will not make him eligible to remain as premier and kick off the Paris III conference in 2005.
Anwar Wazen
Brussels, Belgium

From: "anwar wazen"
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004
Herebelow please find Mr E.Saab's reply to my earlier comment re the "Syria accountability and Lebanon's sovereignty restoration Act"

Dear Anwar
Thank you for your mail dd May 14.
Your comments about our skepticism toward the American regarding the S.A.L.S.A law is based on a long observance of the American policy in the region. When I say long, it means for half a century, and I focused mainly on the arrangement made by the Americans in March 1976 to allow the Syrians troops to center Lebanon and camp on its territory for more than 30 years, and the need that the Americans showed now that Syrians should leave Lebanon under the pressure, we have to admit it what we called Lebanese lobby, and we are proud of that. Skepticism make us a little bit douting hat Americans, who believed in interets more than value and idea may reach an agreement with the Syrians, because both have more interest in Lebanon
But what I stressed on in my article this time is that our people in the lobby would go straight to the Shebaa issue and convince he Americans to talk to the Israelis in order to end the occupation of Shebaa, regardless of its identity, with the Syrians or Lebanese. We want both Syria and Israel to leave our land.
If the Americans believe to do it, it will be a triumph for our people, and we, from that point may hope as you mentioned that "high ranking officials and congressmen stressed also among other things on the fact that the full restoration of Lebanon's sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity was in the interest of the United States".
For sure I will publish your reply, hoping to hear from you always.
Best regards
Edmond Saab
From: "anwar wazen" <>
Subject: Your Editorial in today's Annahar
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004

Dear Edmond Saab
It always gives us a great pleasure to read your op-ed every friday morning in Annahar . You addressed today the Syria accountability Act and you asserted that:
quote- "in the event Syria complies with two demands that concern the security of Israel and one demand that concerns the US occupation of Iraq the restoration of sovereignty of Lebanon mentioned in the Act would be put on ice because this does not relate to the American interests nor does it relate to the US national security interest .." unquote.
For the sake of the record may I draw to your kind attention that Section 4 paragraph 5 of the Syria accountability Act presented to the 108th congress under HR 1828 IH states the following :
-The full restoration of Lebanon's sovereignty ,political independance and territorial integrity is in the national security interest of the United States.
Furthermore , allow me to refer you to the May 2000 document ( precursor of the S.A.L.S.A ) "Ending Syria's occupation of Lebanon : The US role" prepared by Mr Ziad Abdelnour and Dr Daniel Pipes and co signed by over 30 scholars , US government high ranking officials and congressmen stressed also among other things on the fact that the full restoration of Lebanon's sovereignty , political independance and territorial integrity was in the interest of the United States. we would highly appreciate your publishing this reply in your esteemed Newspaper
Anwar Wazen
The World Lebanese Cultural Union ( of the committee for international relations
From Elias Bejjani
Arabism & Lebanon
Dear Naufal

We do not see any problem for any one of us to be what ever he is, and no matter what his ethnicity would be. Who ever you are, this is for me perfect and you should be respected for that. But the problem lies in denying others what they actually are. Lebanon never was an Arabic country and the Lebanese in general are not Arabs. The Arabs were invaders who like many others invaded and occupied Lebanon for a certain period of time. It is true that some of the Lebanese come of an Arabic descent, but the majority is not. It is a crime to rip any people of their identity, roots, history and culture and try by all means of oppression to make them be what they are not. Imagine if the same scenario would be applied in England, Canada, Australia and the people there would all be forced to be English and only English!!! Look what happened to the Iraqis after toppling Saddam. Did you find that they were proud of what used to be the Arabic Iraq? How could some one force the Kurds, Turkmans and other non-Arab Iraqis to be Arab. Let us be fair and human, let us respect people for what they are and deal with them accordingly. No body can change my skin or heart or yours!!!
For one I am Lebanese and only Lebanese.
Elias Bejjani/ Phoenia group webmaster

Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 -
From: "naufal ban" <> Add to Address Book
Subject: Lebanon
Lebanon. Why so much fast about being Arab?
An Arab is a Semite ( Christians,Moslem and some Jewish) who speaks "Arabic" with various dialect that is influenced by their own native Semitic dialects.
What will happen if all "Arabs" wants discover their old roots? There will be no Arabs left except for the Hashemite Family, Western Saudi natives , Northern Yemeni and Bedouins roaming the deserts. We are Semites who are at one time Babylonians, Akkadians,Phoenicians, Canneries, Edomites, Arabians, Sabeans (Southern Yemeni), Hebrews among other Semitic tribes.
Like it or not we are all bonded by blood.
EU has Economy and one passport BUT we have one formidable weapon united under one language "Modern Standard Arabic" and bonded by our Semitic roots and blood.
We should all be proud to be from various Semitic tribes who speaks "Modern Standard Arabic" as a our lingua France.
An Iranian or Armenians who speaks Arabic could never be "Arab" simply because they are Indo Europeans Aryans but a Syrian or Lebanese can because we are all related.
I am proud to be a Semite who speaks various "Arabic" dialect. any one point of time my ancestors smells of desert camel dunk! I am proud.

From: "anwar wazen" <> Add to Address Book
Subject: readers' feedback
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 14:04:35 +0200
Dear Elias
Allow me to commend you on your efforts and your candid approach to the sad realities affecting our national cause. Your latest Op-Ed on the unfair ,skewed and unlawful 1994 citizenship decree should ring the alarm bells in the ears of the traitors who sold our country for a fistful of dollars .
The said decree which was promulgated by a derelict and corrupt team of traitors i.e the then Lebanese Syrian appointed and debile President Elias Hrawi (who was on Hariri's payroll by the way) , Hariri himself and Elias El Murr the then minister of Interior , was a flagrant fraud of international dimension. As you rightly said in your Editorial , whoever was involved in this fraud will have to answer justice when the time comes. So far ,We have not gotten a straightforward answer as to how many individuals/families took advantage of this fraudulent decree. Is it 150000, 250000, 400000 or more ? after 10 years we still do not have the exact figure of the naturalized . I have no doubt in my mind that there is a minority among the naturalized that deserved the honor of acquiring the Lebanese citizenship.The Syrian appointed Lebanese government has been dragging its feet all these years and failed to rescind this fraudulent decree when the Maronite League rightly tried to block it in 1994 with the higher judicial council.The nagging question today has been exasperated by 10 years of stalling and inaction by the Judicial authorities. The Syrian appointed Government is finding it hard to strip out the citizenship from somebody who has claimed to hold it for 10 years albeit fraudulently . I am sure that when Lebanon regains its sovereignty and Independence the local judicial system will find its fair procedural mechanism to address this serious national impasse . Let's have faith and hope that one day true justice will again prevail in the land of the Cedars . Only then ,The corrupt politicians , other traitors and their "brethrens" will have to pay in a way or another the price of their misdeeds .
Anwar Wazen
Brussels , 30th April 2003

From : Walid Haddad <>
Sent : March 6, 2004
To :
Dear Mr. Abboud,
I was going through the embassy website, the section about culture, and was surprised to notice that you declare that "Lebanon has an Arab culture colored by Western influences".
This is a manipulation of the realities and history, Lebanon is an "Arabic-speaking" multi-cultural country with Phoenician heritage and Mediterranean (Western) influences. The Arabs are among many that passed by our country and left their marks. In your listing of these civilizations, "Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans" you have missed to mention the Arabs before the Ottomans.
Stating that our culture is Arabic helps only to dilute Lebanon's specificity and reinforce the image that people have of Lebanon as being an Arab/Islamic country (65% of people surveyed), a country with deserts (45% of people surveyed) and petrol-rich (28% of people surveyed). The starting point of documented Lebanese history and civilization is certainly Phoenician colored by the many civilizations that passed by since that time.
Looking forward to work with you in order to improve and promote the genuine image of Lebanon, we look forward to seeing the necessary steps to amend these misleading information has been taken.
Walid Haddad
Committee for Genuine Lebanon
* The percentage referred to earlier has been taken from a survey conducted in Montreal. Some 150 persons from 32 nationalities participated in that survey about Lebanon’s image.

From: "anwar wazen" <> Add to Address Book
Subject: Daily Star feedback on Edmond Naim's assertion that we are arabs
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004

the following answer to Edmond Naim's definition of the Lebanese Christians appeared in today's daily Star Reader's feedback section- March 5th
Nayla Assaf’s article “Jumblatt’s call for referendum on Syrian presence draws no interest” (Feb. 28)
Although I respect Dr Naim’s opinion I disagree with his definition of the Lebanese Christians’ identity. The Lebanese Christians’ identity is not an Arab one. It was the Maronites who fostered what is known to be the revival era of the Arabic literature and language. We were then under the Ottoman Empire’s grip. The Maronites contributed in safeguarding and rescuing the Arabic language from oblivion because the Turkish language had started to invade the Arab countries. The Arab nation should always be grateful to this major contribution of the Maronites. However, make no mistakes the true identity of the Christians of the Orient and more specifically the Lebanese Christians is Aramaic/Syriac. We spoke the language of Christ until the 19th century. We still use the same Aramaic/Syriac language in our church’s liturgy. To appease the Arabs, our Christian political leaders were unfaithful to our identity when they accepted this caption in the 1943 constitution: Lebanon has an Arab vocation. I wouldn’t be surprised if within a few years the current corrupt Lebanese Christian politicians (or their sons and daughters) will rubberstamp ­ for 30 silver quid ­ the Arab Islamic Republic of Lebanon.
Anwar Wazen
Brussels, Belgium
From: "anwar wazen" <>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004
Urgent call
« We are the heirs of the tradition of liberty,defenders of the freedom , the conscience and the dignity of every person … for too long ,American policy looked away while men and women were oppressed ,their rights ignored and their hopes stifled.That era is over . »- George.W Bush , 24 feb 2004 speech at the Library of congress.
Nabil Fayad a Syrian scholar and free thinker is facing physical liquidation on the hands of the Muslim fundamentalists and their Syrian secret agents. His crime was to write in bold terms about the practice of chauvinism and discriminatory exactions against members of religious minorities.He was blamed by the Syrian authorities and their fundamentalist clerics for inciting sectarian hate.In fact Mr Fayad deplored in his writings the disrespect for basic human rights in Syria . He was harassed and terrorized on more than one occasion by Syrian secret agents loyal to taliban style Islamic precepts and die hards wahhabis. He opted to stay the course and not to waver or give in .
We call upon the freedom lovers , the worldwide human rights defenders and the advocates of freedom of _expression and thought to show resolve in demanding the Syrian authorities to divulge without delay the whereabouts of Nabil Fayad . We hold the Syrian authorities fully responsible with regards to the physical safety of this Human rights militant and to exercise henceforth restraint in their oppressive tactics .
March the 2nd, 2004
Anwar Wazen
From : <>
Sent : February 28, 2004 6:40:11 PM
To :
Subject : Re: [cadmous] LCCC, Letter the British PM, Mr. Toni Blair & his Foreign Minis...
Thanks Elias, I am fine and hoping to visit Lebanon and Turkey in a couple of months .
I need to stress that your cause is absolutely worthy although we may disagree on the approach. Regardless, I admire your resolve and keeping hope alive. It reminds me of all the time that I used to spend advocating for the Palestinan cause in the US. Way too much energy would go with little to show for. Still, I would not have changed a thing I did in the past.
Regards, FD
From: Elias Bejjani , LCCC Media Chairman

Thanks for your interest and concern. My friend, it does not mean because our country is occupied by an occupier who is supported by big powers in the world, including Israel, the we have to give up and surrender. Look how much the US foreign policy is different now, although it not yet where it should be. You know the Arabic proverb "No right will die as long as there are those who cling to it. My friend we live on hope and you surely know those who don't end suffering depression and despair. I am sure that one day, Lebanon will be back an independent and free country. I might not see it happening, but my children or grandchildren will.
Elias Bejjani

From : <>
Sent : February 28, 2004 3:21:56 AM
To :
Subject : Re: [cadmous] LCCC, Letter the British PM, Mr. Toni Blair & his Foreign Minis...
Dear Mr. Bejani ,
As much respect that I have of your cause , I often wonder if Blair, Bush , Annan, and other world leaders that you have sent letters to in the past ever responded positively , or invited the LCCC to a meting to discuss further .
Face it . Wheather in Europe , the US or in China , the Syrian presence in Lebanon does not appear to be on the "radar screan" of any major government . Not because the cuase is not worthy, but because there are more pressing issues for these leaders to deal with .There needs to be somoething in it for Syria to leave Lebanon , and this needs to be recognized . Don't know what that could be . Money, few acres of land, less casualties or more realistically, better economy to feed their miserable masses and lay off Lebanon. I feel your frustration , and this SAA isn't really going to change things either .

From: "anwar wazen" <>
Subject: 15 years hard labor for A.K.Meho : what a farce
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 20:48:53 +0100
TO: Hon. Judge H.Madi : Many thanks indeed
Somehow your court order against KDP secretary General Abdulkarim Meho did not surprise us at all . 15 years jail with hard labor on two accounts :
1) for slandering in articles published on the internet the Syrian appointed Lebanese President Gen.Emile Lahoud
2) for disturbing the special relations with a sisterly country ( i.e Syria)
On behalf of my Lebanese compatriots , the freedom lovers and the thousands of martyrs who fought hard to safeguard their human rights , I would like to thank you honourable judge . Why ? simply because by cooking up this unfair judgement you have proven us right. We , the free voice of opposition ,free because we are outside our oppressed country the Lebanon, have been shouting out loud for years that our Government and its Institutions including the judiciary are completely under Damascus rule and control. . Before the Syrian invasion in 1976 Beirut was not the most democratically mature capital in the world may be but we were happy and proud to have freedom. Today , in your desperation you have made it easier for us to convince the western world that change must come soon to Lebanon.
Although a number of judges in Lebanon have all our sympathy for being subjugated to all kinds of pressure and at times to outright threats however, we always maintained that being sworn as a judge confers to whoever takes this oath the required immunity that protects him against outside interference. The rule of Law shall prevail anytime and anywhere and shall be applied even-handedly on everyone no matter how high his position is within the political sphere or other places. If and when the stress of pressure or even threats start to wear him down , the judge should show nevertheless the resolve and determination to carry on serving justice . It is regretful to say that some Lebanese judges have preferred to abet the corrupt Lebanese political system instead of exposing its lies and vicious manoeuvres.
I am sure that you agree with me that human dignity is inviolable, it must be respected and protected . You do agree with me I am sure that torture is inhumane and prohibited and so is the case with degrading treatment or punishment . You know very well judge H.madi that torture and degradation of human dignity has been common place for many years now in the Syrian and Lebanese jails . Do I have to remind you that freedom of thought, conscience and religion is sacrosanct in today’s world ? Do I have to remind you judge H.Madi that the right to freedom of _expression shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and import information and ideas without interference by public authorities and regardless of frontiers ? Did you know that the freedom and pluralism of opinions shall be respected especially through the Internet ? you may be aware of all of this … You and some of your colleagues may be aware of a lot of other wrongdoings committed by Lebanon’s Prosecutor-General Adnan Addoum and some other Lebanese judges who became rich through corruption. And yet , you still find the time to indict people who exercise their basic rights in telling the truth and exposing corruption in high places . The Syrian regime over thirty years of occupation of a “sisterly” country called Lebanon committed atrocities that are reminiscent of the ones committed by Pol Pot and Saddam . I will refer you to two website addresses that elicit the dates and crimes committed against humanity by the Syrian baathist regime.
As for President Lahoud ,Speaker Berri and Prime Minister Hariri’s outright failures and dark records of governance I refer you , just to name a few , to the pending cell phone saga scandal , the hundreds of millions of US dollars siphoned by Speaker Berri and his Syrian protégés from the electrical and other public utilities , the Medina Bank money laundering scandal in which President Lahoud’s son was involved it seems . We hear that Lahoud’s son was caught recently red handed in the oil for food grafts awarded by Saddam. the Kotuno Benin air disaster scandal is being stiffled like the quaries and Solidere scandals. The ballooning public debt which surpassed 200% of the GDP is nothing but the result of outright thefts, mismanagement and plunder by the Syrian baathist mafia and its security agents and apparatus in Lebanon. You are not going to tell me judge H.Madi that you and your colleagues are completely unaware of all of this . It looks like you are impotent when it comes to holding the real culprits accountable for their crimes I know you want to keep your job but if I were you I would have resigned from my job and protected my dignity.
You know how to show bravery in executing orders to attack the honest and freedom demanding voices .There will come a day and that day is near when true justice will once again prevail in the Land of the Cedars.
With all due respect
Anwar E.Wazen/Brussels
Check this out judge Madi
check out : chronique du crime organise au Liban with all the dates of its exactions.

From:   <>
Subject: THANK YOU Mr. Bush
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003
We at Canadian For Lebanon would like to take a minute of your time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We also thank you and all the freedom lovers for signing the Syrian Accountability Lebanese Restoration Act. The means a lot to Lebanon's freedom fighters, democracy and peace. Thank you Mr. President and may the Lord bless you.
From : Ghazi Aad <>
Reply-To :
Sent : December 2, 2003 12:00:00 AM
To :
Subject : [Leb] Reply to Stephen Zunes' analysis
Dear Mr. Zunes
I represent a group working on the file of the thousands of Lebanese who were and still are victims of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances at the hands of the Syrian forces in Lebanon. From a Lebanese perspective, allow me to start by saying that your analysis on the Syria Accountability Act made me very furious at the beginning, but a thoughtful reading of your analysis showed beyond any doubt a considerable lack of information which eventually led to a biased assessment.
I will try to point out the things that you had wrong in your analysis especially with regard to Lebanon:
-General Michel Aoun did not ‘… seize …’ power as you have mentioned. The word ‘seize’, deliberately or not, implies that he assumed power in a coup d’etat which puts in the shade the fact that he was officially appointed according to the Lebanese Constitution by President Amin Gemayel as the head of an Interim government. The Syrians rejected his government and forced the existence of another one, which was completely unconstitutional.
-In March 1989, the Syrian forces, in an attempt to kill General Aoun, bombarded the office of the Commander in Chief of the Lebanese army and forced a blockade on the eastern enclave of Beirut. After months of heavy clashes, the Arab League formed a ministerial committee to look into the problem. The committee, after meetings in Tunisia, concluded that Syria was the party responsible for the current turmoil in Lebanon. Once again, Syria rejected the findings and a second committee was formed. The second committee led to the meetings in Taef, Saudi Arabia.
-General Aoun did not ‘… block …’ the Taef accord. He allowed the Lebanese parliamentarians to travel to Saudi Arabia to participate in the political discussions. In a meeting with the MPs before their departure, he emphasized on the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon as a red line in any discussion. Later on, he rejected the accord because first and foremost it did not specify a clear and decisive timetable and mechanism for the withdrawal of the Syrian forces from Lebanon.
-Saddam Hussein was not the ‘… chief foreign backer …’ of the Aoun government. The weapons that came from Iraq were delivered to both the Lebanese army and the Lebanese Forces militia during the presidency of Amin Gemayel to be used against the Syrian forces. It is worthy to note that a good part of these weapons were used by the Lebanese Forces to promote the Taef accord.
-The legitimate government of General Aoun was overthrown in a ruthless military onslaught led by the Syrian army and not the Lebanese army. The pictures of the Syrian tanks in Baabda presidential palace and at the Ministry of Defense are a vivid witness to the fact that the Syrians were the attacking force and not the Lebanese army.
As a Lebanese I ask you:
What do you know about Syrian violations in Lebanon?
Do you have any slight idea about how the Syrians destroyed this peaceful country?
Do you know how many politicians, journalists, religious figures and men of knowledge were assassinated by the Syrian intelligence apparatus?
Did you know that Syrian forces heavily pounded civilian populated areas using 240 mm, 160 mm, 152 mm, 130 mm and 122 mm heavy artillery in addition to BM 21 multiple rocket launchers?
Did you know that there were 258 car explosions in Lebanon that killed, injured and maimed thousands of Lebanese civilians?
Can you give me an answer about the fate of the hundreds of Lebanese still detained under the worst conditions you can imagine in Syrian secret detention centers?
It is true that since 1986 there has been no report of a direct Syrian involvement in any terrorist activity but it is also true that the Syrian regime was conducting its policy of terror and intimidation by proxy through organizations like Islamic Amal, Hizbullah and other Lebanese fundamentalist groups. Let’s not forget the foreign hostages crisis at that time and how the Syrian regime exploited the crisis for political gains by playing the role of the savior who can rein in those terror groups. Let’s not also forget that the Syrian regime uses Hizbullah and pro-Syrian Palestinian organizations to escalate tension on the Lebanese-Israeli border every time it feels politically isolated.
Whatever the political reasons behind the overwhelming vote on SALSRA in both Houses of Congress are, it is an opportunity of historic proportions to see the United States, who acquiesced and tolerated the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, is helping now the Lebanese people to regain their independence and sovereignty after three decades of ruthless and horrible Syrian occupation.
The irony is not in the U.S. Congress and Administration revising its policy towards a pariah state like Syria but rather in an academic scholar who is in a direct manner defending a Syrian occupation of Lebanon and trying persistently to overshadow the demonic nature of the Syrian regime.

From : Abdo Jeha
Boston, MAssachusetts
In comment on the Daily Star article (November 25, 2003) about warnings by the recent assembly of Lebanese Catholic patriarchs and bishops as being alarmed at the de-christianization of Lebanon, I would argue that it is the failed policies of the Maronite Church in particular, and the Church in general, over the past quarter of a century.

(Read first the report posted below this letter under the title: the Lebanon Risks Losing Its Young People Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops Sound a Warning)

1. The Church stood on the sidelines, ignoring the long term effects of its inertia.
2. The Church then reactively colluded with the ruling regime and Syria in acquiescing to the Taef Agreement for so-called pragmatic reasons, when the reality was that the Church did not want to see its role eroding to the more secular forces unleashed by Prime Minister Aoun. It therefore went into the Taef deal to maintain its privileges like the feudal families and the
political establishment did. Even today, the Church continues to identify the causes of this "hemorrhage of human resources" as the lack of "appropriate and faithful" application of the 1990 Taif agreements, when the Church knows very well that the Agreement itself is the cause of the hemorrhage and that it made a mistake in sanctioning it. The Church must denounce the Taef agreement as a failure, reject it officially and publicly, and call for a substitute agreement between the Lebanese that begins by demanding the departure of the Syrians from the country.
3. The Church had no visibly coherent foreign or domestic policies. It never used any leverage it claims to have with foreign powers and decision-makers; it never took any risks in voicing its opposition to the Islamic threat as posed by Syria and Hezbollah.
4. It allowed the loyalist patriotic forces in Lebanon to be banned, exiled, dismantled, and annihilated, while Hezbollah, a fundamentalist Islamic organization was allowed to thrive under the Taef Agreement.
5. The Church never used the leverage it has with the Vatican to demand a cessation of hostilities against Lebanon's peopl, Christian and Moslem alike. The Vatican has completely abandoned its moral standing by abandoning the only thriving Christian community in the Middle East. Pope John-Paul fought hard against Communism and rescued Poland, but sold Lebanon to the Arabs.
6. Where is the Maronite Batrak to stand up and publicly denounce - at a large press conference to which the entire world press is invited - the Syrian occupation, announce the death of the Taef regime, and call his people to civil disobedience until specific demands and policies are met and implemented to slow down, and eventually stop, the drain of Christians and non-Christians from Lebanon?
7. You hear one message from the Batrak in Beirut, then another when he is outside Lebanon. In speaking from both ends of his mouth, the Batrak is playing a game. He is being a politician. He is not a statesman (if he wants a political role), and he is not a leader (if he seeks to be a moral leader).
8. The Batrak is a total failure who is overseeing the decline of the last standing Christian community in the Middle East, and his complaining and lamenting about it won't help. Before it is too late, he must have the courage to demand it, even if it requires political theater and even if he must blackmail the Vatican into doing something about it. Otherwise, he and Pope John-Paul will be held responsible for the annihilation of the Christians of Lebanon and the Middle East. They will be the ultimate traitors to their own people and their own cause, and their people will never forgive them.
For those reasons, I, a Maronite, hereby call for a conversion en masse of the Maronites and other Christians of Lebanon into Protestantism, and seek the protection of the Anglo-Saxons instead of the Latin French and the Vatican who, under Chirac and John-Paul, also sold the Christians to Hariri, Nasrallah, Syria, and Islam. As we speak, there are ongoing negotiations
across the US with several Protestant churches to lay the ground for a long-term sustained program to establish Protestant schools, churches, and colleges in Lebanon, and begin the process of anglicizing and de-Latinizing the Christians of Lebanon into a Protestant stronghold in the Middle East. That is our only way to remain alive in the region, and is timed very well with the increasing penetration of the United States in the region.
The Church has directly caused the exodus of the Christians of Lebanon. People stay when they have leaders to lead them. People leave when they feel they are alone and abandoned. The Christian community of Lebanon has lost and will continue losing ground in Lebanon so long as the Church is part of problem, part of the political establishment, and tries to maintain its privileges by making political deals and alliances with those it knows will hurt Lebanon and their people on the long run.
Lebanon Risks Losing Its Young People
Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops Sound a Warning
BKIRKI, Lebanon, NOV. 25, 2003 ( Economic and legal difficulties and social marginalization are forcing young people to leave the country, the recent assembly of Lebanese Catholic patriarchs and bishops warned.
The assembly's final document said emigration by young people has reached alarming levels in recent years. The phenomenon could "empty the country of its youth," the bishops lamented.
Lebanese people have always been travelers and emigrants, the Web site said in its report on the assembly. What is new now is that young people are leaving the country with no intention of returning.
When identifying the causes and proposing solutions to halt this "hemorrhage of human resources," the assembly called for an "appropriate and faithful" application of the 1990 Taif agreements, which sanctioned the end of the civil war that bloodied Lebanon since 1975.
The assembly, which was held in Bkirki, headquarters of the Maronite patriarchate, brought together Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Butros Sfeir; Armenian Patriarch Nerses Bedros XIX; Melkite Patriarch Gregorios III Laham (represented by his vicar, Monsignor Salim Ghazal), and several bishops of the different dioceses.
The topic of the annual assembly, which ended Nov. 16, was emigration and the diaspora.
On another matter, the prelates alluded to "non-parity sovereignty" in reference to the Syrian military presence in the country, which causes imbalances. "One part of the population dominates the other" and "those who are close to the poles of influence monopolize all state functions," the assembly's final statement said.
In 2002 the Church already spoke out against the exclusion of Christians from political life. In his Lenten message Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir said he was convinced this sentiment was the cause of the emigration of many Christians from Lebanon, who felt they had "no role in the country." In addition, the prelates noted that the norms for military recruitment are also responsible for preventing the return of young people to Lebanon. In this connection, Patriarch Sfeir requested that young people who were either born or resided abroad for more than five years be excluded from military service. The present law on military service dissuades many Lebanese parents in the diaspora from registering their children in Lebanese consulates abroad, Patriarch Sfeir explained. In the economic plane, the assembly stated that 70% of Lebanese who emigrate do so for exclusively financial motives -- hence the necessity to create new job opportunities in the country. In this connection, the bishops appealed to the government to elaborate "a plan of general and equitable development."

From: "anwar wazen" <>
Subject: Syria ... where to ? by Colonel Barakat
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 12:23:21 +0100
Dear Charbel
I read with great interest your article " Syria ...where to ?" It's a good reminder to all of us patriots , Muslims and Christians , that we have a divine and national duty : to bring to justice all the Syrian thugs who committed crimes against Humanity.If they thought they succeeded in intimidating the Lebanese spirit , well , let me tell you they haven't . The Jews of this world haunted for over fifty years the Nazis . They succeeded in their endeavour because of their stubborn perseverance . This is the only way we can pay tribute to our beloved martyrs. Let's bring those criminals to international justice.
Anwar wazen

From: "anwar wazen" <> 
Subject: Life after death

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003
Dear Dr Hitti
In Your Editorial "Life after death" you said it all . I enjoyed reading your beautifully structured and realistic article. Well done , congratulations . I still think that the West and the Americans are still not there : They have yet to prove that they fully understood the hypocrisy and ruthlessness of the Syrian regime and it is high time that we see concrete action.: forget diplomatic engagement and all that silly stuff we need to kick ass . The Syrians are still having it easy .
God bless
Anwar Wazen

Dear Mr. Adel Khalf <>
From: Elias Bejjani
Albi ++++
Thank you for your nice, well said, expressing and patriotic message. I really consider it a genuine compliment because if you and others like you who do not believe in a free and independent Lebanon are that much irritated and unable to tolerate a different opinion and stance, this means what I am writing it reaching its targets. We were taught to love our enemies and bless those who insult us..and this is exactly my response to your hatred ans accusations.
God bless you
Elias Bejjani/ CLHRF spokesman
From: Ad Kalaf" <>
To : <>
Subject : Re: [cadmous] Opened Letter to Patriarch sfier

Date : Sun, 19 Oct 2003 16:28:13 -0600
I am trying very hard to understand the root cause of your deep hatred of your fellow countrymen. I try to put some rational and to be objective and logical, but I keep coming back to the same conclusion: You are nothing but an "ENEMY" of Lebanon and a very dangerous one at that. How much are they paying you, or are you doing this so if Israel invades Lebanon, you will be in line to be appointed to some kind of government post, maybe a president, or better yet incharge of cleansing Lebanon of anyone that don't agree with you od israel.

From: Pierre A. Maroun
Topic: Support the Syrian Accountability Act

In light of the latest events taking place in the Middle East, the importance of standing by and supporting our troops with all available means is again reinforced. If our troops lose the war on terrorism, the consequences are going to be grave not only on the United States of America, but on the entire world.
An important fact arises which can no longer be ignored and this is Syria's role in these events. Syria, with the help of the Islamic State of Iran, has been supporting the spread of terrorism by harboring, training, financing, arming, and exporting terrorists to the world. The latest bloody act of Syria was obvious on Yom Kippur when a Syrian backed Islamic Jihad terrorist blew herself up in a Haifa restaurant killing nineteen and injuring over sixty peaceful innocent persons. This is only one of many similar terrorist acts, which has destroyed, or changed forever, the lives of over a 100 innocent families in Israel alone. Only a few miles across the border, Syria has also been involved in a similar, but more vicious cycle of killing, kidnapping, and torturing of the Lebanese peaceful people with whom we share similar values and beliefs. This violence against Lebanon has been raging for over three decades despite the calls of the United Nation (Res. 520) to all foreign troops, including the Syrian one, to evacuate this nation. Syria, who is in violation of this UN Res. 520, also ignored the repeatedly delivered US calls to end its support for terrorism and to end its occupation of Lebanon. This terrorism must end. Syria must be held accountable for its support of terrorism and for its occupation of a sovereign nation-Lebanon-while at the same time undermining the US efforts to stabilize Iraq and to solve the Arab-Israeli crisis.
Accordingly, The American Lebanese community find itself compelled to support the passage of S. 982 and HR. 1828  The Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act. This Act calls for four vital changes in the operations of Syria's government. These changes are imperative to the national security and to the interests of the U.S. and that of the free and civilized world. The Act's purposes are: "1) end Syrian support for terrorism, 2) end the Syrian occupation of Lebanon 3) end Syria's development of weapons of mass destruction and 4) halt the illegal Syrian-Iraqi oil trade that provided Iraq with the weapons that killed our Coalition forces. The end of the illegal trade has been accomplished purely by our troops' military presence in Iraq."
This Act is an important tool which can be effectively utilized by President Bush in his war on terrorism. The Act will weaken Syria's ability to recruit and transport terrorists across the border to Iraq to wage a Jihad against our troops. In addition, it will force Syria to reveal its real stance on the war on terrorism since it will no longer be able to hide behind the imposed puppet regime in Lebanon. This regime has been imposed to defend the Syrian presence (occupation) in Lebanon in the international arenas, and in justifying the existence of terrorist groups, such as Hizbullah and others. Destroying such terrorist groups, which Syria characterizes as resistance movements, will guarantee stability on the Israeli border with Lebanon and Syria, and will weaken Syria's repetitive attempts to undermine the US efforts to stabilize Iraq. In addition, restoring the Lebanese democratic system in a region filled with radical regimes will help the US succeed in creating a similar system in Iraq. Furthermore, such an act is considered a moral responsibility on the part of the US towards occupied nations, like Lebanon, whose people have the right to determine their destiny.
We find it absurd that our government still conducts diplomatic relations with a state, like Syria, that sponsors and spreads terrorism across the world when our troops are dying in defense of democracy and in the fight on terrorism. It is imperative to acknowledge that the Sept. 11 attack and the killing of 3000 innocent American could have been prevented had our government worked to implement our laws and respect our doctrines. It is time to truly defend our way of life; it is time to effectively root out terrorism; it is time to seriously fight states that sponsor terrorism, like Syria, with more than diplomatically crafted messages and shallow warnings. It is essential to protect our interest and national security. Therefore, it is essential to pass The Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act.
Pierre A. Maroun
Source: Cedars Committee for Free Lebanon
Prime Minister Rafiq Alhariri
7501 Wisconsin Avenue -Suite 715
Bethesda, Maryland 20814 -Telephone: (301) 656-1666 -Fax: (301) 656-1613
Mr. Hariri please allow me to be truthful.
It is really amazing how far removed you are from reality, we do not understand your comments where you shifted the blame for you failure on the Christian community in Lebanon, please tell me Mr. Harriri, is it the Christians who are running a muck in the South, is it the Christian who are making investors stay away, is it the Christians who are smuggling their merchandise into Lebanon, we all would like to know.
It is time for all Lebanese to take responsibility for their actions, cleaning the house starts from within first, your government has done nothing to ease the suffering of the Lebanese people, your tactics is sinking the country into more debts, last figures show the national debt is at 175% of the actual GNP, please tell me Mr. Hariri tell me what was the Christian contribution to this debt beside loosing their business and investments, and how about the Lebanese farmer was he a contributor to the national debt also, while Syrian merchants compete against him and forces him to sell out or close shop, the time has come for someone to tell the truth no matter what, there is no need for big words, words are cheep Mr. Hariri, it is time for action, you were appointed by your master to serve his interest it is no secret to anyone, admitting guilt is not a problem, but instead it makes you realize your mistake and learn form it for the better, forget about political carriers stand up and take charge, save yourself and your people, do not allow yourself to be played by others, they are not here for you.
Christians, Muslims or Druze all are suffering across the board, poverty has touched every corner of Lebanon regardless of religious believe, it is time for each and every one of us to stop pretending and be responsible toward one another, it is time to stop the corruption at all levels, and focus on fixing the problem instead passing the blame it benefits no one, and surely it does not benefit Lebanon in the long run.
Selling Lebanon
It has come to my attention, and according to a Saudi news paper (Alamdenah), that Saudi’s have acquired about 12,000 apartments, and more than half a million square meters in Lebanon within the span of 2 months only. My question to you is why is this allowed and who gave you the right to offer my country to outsiders for personal gain. Lebanon is not for sale neither to you or your bodies from Saudi and else where in the region, we as Lebanese are outraged by such a move and are calling on your cabinet to revert to the old law and halt all sales of land, and building to none Lebanese immediately and without any delays.
Rest assure Mr. Hariri history is keeping records, and so are we no official in Lebanon who betrayed his countries trust, is going to get away with it regardless of the rank. Treason is punishable by law and it shell he uphold against anyone who sold Lebanon for the benefits of others.
I hope that all Lebanese would wise up, and take back what was stolen from them for the sake of Lebanon and their kid’s future.
Long lives the free Lebanon
Source: Cedars Committee for Free Lebanon
Senator Bob Graham
524 Hart Senate office building
Washington, DC 20510
Email Bob
Honorable Sir.
The truth about Lebanon’s Attorney General Addnan Addoum
Adnan Addoum occupies the highest position of Lebanon’s Judiciary System, his
mission is to crush the Christian opposition, and humiliate anyone one who dares to question the Syrian presence in Lebanon. His position guarantees Syria’s hegemony over Lebanon and its political system in general.
The imbecile couldn't pass his state law exam, the state felt sorry for him and passed him through using the 6 of 6 rules in 1965 what a petty.
He was appointed as an attorney general for the Southern district of Lebanon in 1971. According to the Lebanese Army bureau of information, Addoum was a conspirator from the beginning, he was an agent for the Palestinians, and the Fatah movement of Yasser Arafat, in which he gave information regarding the Lebanese Army, and the Internal Security in exchange for a huge sum of money from the PLO organization, he was also involved in the smuggling of arms to the Palestinian camps regularly late 60’s to early 70’s.
In 1995 the puppet regime of Elias Harrawi appointed Addoum as the Attorney General of Lebanon through direct orders from Ghazi Kenaan the thug of Syrian’s in Lebanon, after Judge Ahmad Almualem was suppose to occupy the position, but Ghazi Kennann forced his will on the puppet government, as he had done in many other occasions through fear and intimidation.
Addoum gets his orders directly from the new head of the Syrian intelligence in Lebanon Lt. General Roustom Gazelleh, no Lebanese public official can question his command or his authority in Lebanon today, he is called by many the hatch man for his brutality against Lebanese civilians.
Addoum was appointed to fulfill 3 wishes for the Syrian regime in Lebanon.
· 1-Crushing the Christians in Lebanon and degrade them in any means possible, you can look at his records in doing so through Human rights organizations.
2-Be the watchdog over all judges and lawyers across the country and make sure it suites Syria agenda, disregarding even the Lebanese president.
3-He is in charge of watching all political policies in Lebanon, and intimidate the Christians PM'S in particular, and crush all oppositions to Syria through falsified files aimed at silencing the opposition in any means possible.
In 1999, Judge Walid Ghumrah release a report stating all misconducts by Addoum across the whole Judiciary system, however such a report was claimed by Syrian conspirators, and has disappeared from the seen.
Addoums personnel wealth comes to about 6 million dollars, as a result of special briberies and favoritism's he uses different Aliases to hide his wealth form any investigations.
Mr. Addoum Father is not even a Lebanese citizen, he was issued a Lebanese citizenship by the Hariri government in 1993 through pressure from Ghazi Kenaan, Syria forced its will on Lebanon through killing and assassination of national leaders and elected presidents, it has infiltrated every government bureau through its 35,000 secret agents, their mission is to crush any move by any Lebanese who dares to speak against them in any shape or form.
Honorable Sir, it is our wish that the United States Congress recognize the Lebanese struggle for freedom and democracy, Syria’s agenda is to annex Lebanon as province number 18 when the time is right. We the American Lebanese hope that the United States
Congress stands firm with the terrorist regime of Syria and insist on a complete withdrawal of all Syrian forces and agents from Lebanon, and without any delays.
May God bless America the land of the free forever?

Source: Cedars Committee for Free Lebanon

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500
"Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make: either you are with us, or with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the U.S. as a hostile regime".

Honorable Sir.
Millions of Americans are waiting to see what is going to happen to Syria. We all know, that the Syrian regime is a terrorist regime that have aided and supported terrorism for the last 30 years. It is time for the free world to take a strong stand against tyrants regimes like the ones in Syria whose records of human rights abuse, and torturing of innocents speaks for it.
Mr. President we voted for you last election, because we felt that you are a man of integrity, you have claimed that you are a man of action many times in your speeches in regard to the Syrian question, we are all hoping that this motion still stands without the pressure of special interest of any kind, I hope I am not being nave, we all know how the political game is played.
Lebanon have suffered enough from the Palestinian cause, the Arabic cause, and the Israeli cause, the time has come for the world, and the United States in particular to focus some attention for the Lebanese cause, Lebanon is the only satellite state in the world today, the Lebanese government is nothing, but a puppet installed by Syria, it does not represent the views or the aspiration of the Lebanese people.
Ambassador Satterfield announced to the Syrian regime, that the administration has no intention of punishing Syria, and will not endorse the Syrian accountability act coming up for discussion on Sept 03, yet he announces in Lebanon, that the United States stands behind Lebanon's sovereignty and independence. I have to say Mr. President we are a little confused, how can Lebanon be independent when 30,000 Syrian troops are still lurking freely in Lebanon, how can Lebanon be independent when over 35,000 secret services agents occupies every government office, schools and universities, how can the US stand behind Lebanon's independence when Syria forced the puppet government to adopt a new altered election law, and forced a different parliament on Lebanon, where 60% of its members were installed by Syria to serve the Syrian regime, where is Lebanon's free choice when it comes to protecting its borders, and disarm all militias.
Syria has turned Lebanon into a haven for terrorist training camps, and drug trafficking, many Syrian officers have gotten wealthy from money laundering and narcotics, and to top it all of Syria forced its will and altered our immigration law, and forced Lebanon to immigrate more than 300,000 Syrian nationals aimed at changing the demography of Lebanon, those Syrians forged their papers and took claim of the Lebanese citizenship through bribery and lies.
Syria has broken the UN sanction against Iraq by allowing the flow of more than 150,000 barrel of oil into its territory to be sold in the black market; in return Syria used the money to rearm Sadam Hussein and his war machine. Syria has allowed militant fanatics from Iran to transport weapons into the Beekah Valley in Lebanon Hizbollah's strong hold, Syria has helped with logistics and training of Islamic fanatics to attack innocent civilians in Israel, and the list goes on.
We all the freedom lovers in the world, and United States the protector of freedom should not accept the lose of 3000 innocent Americans to die in vane for the sake of oil, and special interest whatever it may be. The problem in the Middle East cannot be solved by creating another one, the Lebanese have the right to their country free from any domination Syrian or otherwise, there cannot be a double standard when it comes to freedom and free choice, freedom cannot depend of who has the most to gain from it, and forget about the people who thrust for it.
Give me Liberty, or Give me death. Lebanon and freedom are one of the same they go together, what goes for Americans and their love for freedom, goes for the Lebanese also, it is our hope, that the United States administration recognizes the Lebanese struggle for freedom, it is our hope that the leader of the free world land a helping hand, and help the Lebanese regain back their freedom and independence from any foreign domination. It is our deepest hope that our President George W Bush endorses the Syrian accountability act of 2003 in full, and without any delays.
May God bless America the land of the free forever?
CCFL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Anwar Wazen"
Subject:Dedicated to my friends at An Nahar
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003
Dedicated to my friends at AN-NAHAR
I salute a bunch of courageous and “clean” Lebanese journalists who are waging a war on one of the most ruthless ,cowardly, and corrupt regime that has a lot of similarities with the stalinist era . With their pen for an only weapon , their combat is being fought on the ground . Those valiant journalists are patriotic, they are noble and daring but they are a chosen few . They experience daily intimidating tactics ,blackmail and cheap manoeuvres from a highly corrupt and brutal regime . The journalists I am implying to are the ones who are persisting in their struggle , day in and day out . They are the ones who are helping Lebanon to break free from its chains .They are doing it in an eloquent , noble and effective style . They are consistent , persuasive and admirable in their endeavour. They insist on signing the book of truth . They are made of the “right stuff”. God bless them all. With all our due respect Anwar Wazen - Belgium

To :
Date : Fri, 22 Aug 2003

Dear Mr. Bejjani:
A million "Merci's", Elias Bejjani, for having the courage to boldly speak out regarding Mr. Raymond Baaklini, the "MAFI" Lebanese ambassador who has done inestimable damage to Mr. Bruce Balfour's human rights case in Lebanon without caring to know all the facts concerning this kind-hearted Canadian humanitarian who has been flagrantly and falsely charged of spying for Israel and awaits final sentencing on August 27, 2003.
Can we dare wonder if in fact Baaklini, this dispicable, wretched excuse for a man of Lebanese diplomacy is getting "baksheesh" from the Hezballeh, from Syria, from Iraq, "mabarafshoo" that sways his narrow-minded, too-quickly voiced opinions against Bruce Balfour without diplomatically researching facts for himself...which should be the primary function of a ambassador or diplomat.
Clearly he needs to immediately use all media outlets in Canada and Lebanon to retract his previous pejorative statements (1) accusing Bruce Balfour of crimes he has not committed and (2) putting your intelligent, proactive consortium of Canadian-Lebanese NGO's in extremely poor light if he wishes to be respected by diplomatic peers in the western world.
Perhaps re-thinking his own preservation of power in the western world of diplomacy will prompt Mr. Raymond Baaklini to do the right thing when personal and professional ethics have not bettered his job performance.
Ms. J. Skeels, California USA
Former Intensive English Instructor, East Beirut, Lebanon
August 22, 2003

From: Karole du Pont
To :
Subject : Quite a wide spectrum or arguments to contest Mr. Balfour,s jailing
Date : Tue, 05 Aug 2003

Dear Elias:
You certainly can count on me to support that position you are expressing. I will send the email to my friends. Thank you so much for writing the article and I love especially the paragraph I put in the bold.  Actually I would love this text with some petition. It must be translated in French. It says here Bejjani in both languages is this Arabic and English? Time to enforce some petition, especially since Syria is taking the Security Council presidency for one month. Well,  I mean in Quebec we help Canadians caught in the States in infraction of the Driving Code and here these people are accused unduly of spying. I mean here in Canada Jews and Lebanese do not have to see each other as enemies. and we have no reason to treat Israel or Lebanon as enemies of Canada. Time for International Amnesty.
With this jailing of Mr. Balfour they are attacking directly our multicultural mentality in Canada. A Canadian whatever is origin has to be faithful to Canadian policies national and international World Multiculturalism is a State policy in Canada. Israel and Lebanon are both biblical lands.This fellow is not Israeli.
What I am telling you is that there is quite a wide spectrum in possible discredit over the jailing more than just illegal jailing or non warning to Canada.  it is a direct attack on our national policies of multiculturalism where whatever the political conditions in the national entities such as Israel or Lebanon. we do not reproduce the same differences at home in our cultural attitudes.
Canada has no side to these so-called conflict it has relations equally with both States so why should one of its citizens do differently? I mean we never said to Lebanon that Canada has no relations with Israel. We have no hidden policy culturally it's all upfront. We take care of our cultural disagreements constitutionally and not with war. I think the case has to be presented under the attack to the Canadian mentality and identity to Jean Chrétien. It is a much stronger case because it definitely attacks all the constitutional system put in application in Canada by the Trudeau team to further a good cultural integration in Canada there is no way any government policy in Canada teaches its citizens to make a difference culturally in between Lebanon and Israel. Everybody is equal under the Charter or Rights so a Canadian reflects the Canadian identity in thought and in actions, this way he cannot be reprehensible under Canadian Laws and policies.
Karole du Pont

From: Elias Bejjani
To: Ad Kalaf

Dear Mr. Kalaf
You are entitled to lose any thing but not your faith and hope for resurrection. You might be right that We the Lebanese are responsible for the current status quo. But do keep weeping and feeling guilty or try to do some thing and save our country? Believe me if every one of us starts with himself and forgets about the others we cam make a great deal of difference. We have to start from some where. so let us start with ourselves. Lebanon despite all the miseries is not dead yet, nor the Lebanese people are that hopeless. I ask you to maintain your faith in yourself first and then in your creator. Salvation is on the way, or let us keep thinking this way so we do not lose hope. Thanks for your comments, this means that your care and that counts.
Elias Bejjani
From : Ad Kalaf
To :
Subject : Re: [cadmous] Syria's Cain & Lebanon's Abel
Date : Sat, 26 Jul 2003
Lebanon is more than 10,452 square kilometers, did you forget the clean air, the clear water, and the blue sea. and lets not forget the nuclear and chemical dumps to go along with the stripping of mountains. Man you are full of of it, Lebanon is full of it. We used to say and that is before the civil war and all that: "KUSS OKHT ALBALAD ILMA BTEHMIL AHLHA. that is Lebanon, and its not because of Syria. It is because of the Lebanese.
From :"Hussein Al Ashmar"
To :
Subject :Re: [Phoenicia] New article from Elias Bejjani
Date : Sun, 13 Jul 2003
Dear Phoenicia, To Mr. Elias Bejjani
I would like to pose a question or a simple thought: Please ponder at this: My aim is to find the nature of those people of Lebanon that live the day-to-day life in this fallen country. History shows that Lebanon did not enjoy peace of mind at any stage of this modern age. Whatever brought us to this state; is of no importance because if we stop to study these factors, in order to find a solution, we will surely become obsolete in our study, tools and even the factors themselves become history and ourselves subject to new ones! Thus we need to observe what we have on hand in Lebanon.
For this purpose I offer my observation:
I find the Lebanese at a stage similar to the moral and social degradation the former USSR reached just before and after its collapse. I talk of degradation in ethics, value, standards and overall concept of Freedom. And I cannot see how Utopian slogans and textbook terminologies can accurately describe a Lebanon that is now or ever was. To speak of truth one should first describe one's self truthfully. Unless whatever description I read, of the Great Lebanon, is intended to foretell the future. For in truth my friends, Lebanon was not truly great in any sense. And we need to note the complex that most Lebanese portray either inside or outside the country. They simply think that they are superior over every other nationality. In short, it is not true and it annoys me how they look down on fellow X-pats in Kuwait, who in the long run out perform them; especially Indians and Syrians! (Remember all the pathetic jokes we Lebanese tell about Syrians). Also I would like to comment that in Turkey they make jokes of us even worse than we make of the Syrians!
In the end my observation of Lebanese in and out of the country leaves me not so proud of my fellow nationals, except those that took-up-arms against foreign aggression both politically and militarily. I now see the Lebanese as 50% thieves and successful opportunists and the other 50% trying hard to be the same. Note that I will not give up the values I was raised upon nor will I give up Lebanon for I have purpose. And till those Lebanese that think they have a purpose come together and develop common goals and objectives, then we can place a working plan that provide results. Moreover, there are people who teach History, others who read it and try hard to preserve & protect it, and some that live it but do consider those people that make it.
With regards Hussein Al Ashmar

From:"anwar wazen"

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003
The Rt Hon Bill Rammel In your intervention at the house of commons ,you praised the dismal achievements of the Syrian regime in the area of human rights and you applauded the steps that Syria has taken so far in its cooperation against international terrorism . You added insult to injury by alleging that Syria does not occupy Lebanon. I will not elaborate on the brutal , dictatorial and corrupt Regime which has ruled Syria for the last four decades . I am sure that as a diplomat and a politician you must have enough background information on the subject. May I ask you dear honorable MP what was the deal with Wafic Said ?? perhaps we will be reading about it sooner rather than later in the British tabloids the same way we read about a number of British MPs who had a weakness for Middle Eastern sweets.
Anwar Wazen Belgium

From :
Subject : Re: [cadmous] Lebanon Abandoned: Broken Promises Three Years Later
Date : Sun, 1 Jun 2003

Thank you for letting me share my concerns on the above issue with others. These broken promises definitely needs to be addressed and corrected in order to help more people to understand what the Lebanese Christians have been going through. In my personal opinion Israel made a mistake when they withdrew their forces to appease the demands of the UN, EU, Russia, Syria and America. I hope they learn from that mistake and don't repeat it again in Israel proper. As a result of that withdrawal many more lives were put in great danger Israeli as well as Lebanese. However, I know most Israelis did not want to abandon the Christian Arabs and they appreciated their friendship during those border guarding years since they both shared a mutual concern for each others safety and human rights, but unfortunately, Israel as always, has been pressured by so many misguided other nations as well as some of their own ultra liberal leaders who have a tendency to capitulate to terrorists more than stand up to them and this is one of Israel's biggest problems. Let's hope not only Israel but all nations of true goodwill and a desire for a more moral, tolerant and democratic society and government will not continue to give in to the brute forces and intimidation of terrorists to determine their fate.
From my mouth to G-d's ears. Have a blessed day and keep up your courage to stand up for your rights for your own self-determination, political as well as religious in order to achieve your freedom to be a people and a Lebanese country that is not forced to be under Hizbollah terrorist occupation; but instead, a democratic free Lebanon and free of dictators and terrorist threats? My heart goes out to you because the world is not listening to your cries and your pain and your longing to be a people and nation. I know you need to feel accepted by the world and for the UN to see that your cries for freedom is no different from the cries of Israel to be free of terrorism and allowed to have its own culture and religion rights and country without prejudice. Hang in there.
It's a great world if we don't weaken. We must never allow terrorist to dictate to us instead we must expose the "evil axis" terrorist networks and their leaders for what they really are and proceed to change that equation and strive to make it a better world for all people of sincere goodwill. Unfortunately, freedom is not free. It has to be earned and fought for and constantly protected.
Sincerely, Barbara Ann Bloom

To :
Subject : Re: [cadmous] Lebanon Abandoned: Broken Promises Three Years Later
Date : Fri, 30 May 2003
Where is President Bush, PM Sharon the UN, EU and Russians when it comes for standing up for the Christian Lebanese people's rights of self-determination and protection from terrorists and Syrian dictatorship and terror occupation? It appears they are more concern with appeasing the Arafat's and Abu Mazen's of the world then they are looking out for the innocent victims of these terrorist leaders leadership. The world cries out for true leadership based on truth and justice. Nothing is politically correct if it is not morally right first. This was a great injustice to the Lebanese people by Israel, Syria and the United States. It's time they be reminded of how they have forgotten a brave people who strive to stand up to the axis of evil but were abandoned. My heart goes out to these people and I hope that some leader of conscience in the Middle East will take up your cause. Joseph Farah is a good person and leader who can help you but we need more people to make this issue more visible in the media.
Sincerely, Barbara Ann Bloom

From: Joseph Hitti, PhD
New England Americans for Lebanon
118 Ten Hills Road -Somerville, MA 02145
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"Robert Karcher"

Dear Robert
1. Yes the meeting was stacked with State Department pro-Syrian Arabists and Lebanon-haters who prefer to see Syria obliterate and absorb Lebanon.  They were the engineers of the Syrian takeover of Lebanon, and have gambled their entire careers on this failed policy, and they will not change their minds because they lack the spine to do so. They continue to run after the mirage that Syria will suddenly turn into a decent country, which is an absolute fallacy. These are the likes of Ed Walker, Richard Murphy, David Satterfield, and Edward Djeredjian. These people continue to tell Powell that he should negotiate with the Syrians, even as we have been negotiating with the Syrians for the past 30 years to no avail, and giving them time to kill - via Hezbollah and the PLO - enough Americans to be in second place after Al-Qaeda on September 11, and enough opportunity to scuttle the peace process until we are where we are today. All the while telling successive US administrations and the world that Syria is a factor of stability in Lebanon!!!!!!
Only this past Tuesday,  I was lobbying Michael Capuano, my Massachusetts representative in the House, at his Washington DC office to co-sponsor the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act (HR 1828), only to have to listen to the State Department dribble that we should give Powell the latitude that he needs to maintain a negotiation going with the Syrians. The argument goes as follows: "The Syrians won't deal with the US if HR1828 passes congress. Therefore let us not even discuss it in committee so as not to alienate them".  I told him:"What is it that Powell wants to negotiate with the Syrians about? The bill calls for Syria to do 3 things:
   - Stop supporting terrorism (dismantle Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.)
   - Cease your chemical / biological weapons program
   - Stop your occupation of Lebanon by withdrawing from it, implementing Resolution 520, and returning Lebanon to the fold of civilized countries instead of the Stalinist winter it has bee under ever since Syria went into Lebanon in 1976
What can Powell negotiate with Syria on? Terrorism? Withdrawing from an occupied sovereign state? Their chemical and biological weapons program? What American in their right mind would negotiate over these things after Iraq and September 11?
2. There are many instances where Darrell Issa has acted in support of totalitarian Arab regimes. His is a knee-jerk reflex reaction against anything that touches the so-called Arab causes, no matter how true. He will defend dictators, absolute monarchs, and other decrepit regimes in the Arab world because someone told him when he was growing up that being of Lebanese descent means he is an Arab-American, which in reality means nothing. The notion of an "Arab" identity is a complete fallacy since it is flimsily based on a very tenuous linguistic parameter, as if all English-speaking nations on the globe became one political entity because everyone speaks a form of English. Issa is a poor fumbling idiot who does not have the intellectual rectitude to see facts for what they are, but rather gets carried away by false perceived emotional ties that have no basis in reality. He therefore sacrifices the land of his ancestors, Lebanon, in order to please the nebulous and otherwise non-existent Arab-American community in this country.  Check his voting record in the House, check his latest trip just before the outbreak of the Iraq war to LEbanon and Syria trying to negotiate an exchange of bodies and prisoners between Hezbollah and Israel only to be sent away by everyone as the fumbling idiot that he is
From: "Robert Karcher"
To :
Subject :Darrell Issa
Date : Thu, 22 May 2003 22:

Mr. bejjani,
I find it alarming that Mr. Issa would be co-sponsoring, with the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, a pro-Syrian event on Capitol hill. I intend to communicate my thoughts on the matter to him. First however, there are a couple of questions I thought you might answer for me: (1) I am not familiar with the speakers listed. Did any of them favor a free Lebanon or was this event stacked entirely with pro Syrian speakers ? (2) Can you direct me to any earlier events or sources of information where Mr. Issa has acted to promote Islamic expansion or Stalinist/terrorist activities ?
Sincerely Bob Karcher

From:"arz libnan"
Subject: we ask you to stand for Lebanese freedom
Thu, 16 May 2003 18:36:33 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Nick
We at First Lebanon- USA and Canadians For Lebanon 10452 KM2 we like to ask your support and work to get Lebanon its identity and freedom. As Lebanese Americans, we firmly believe that bringing democracy and freedom to Lebanon is the door to bringing civil liberties to the entire Middle East. The Syrian regime is an outlaw regime, which stands in direct violation of U.N. Resolution 520, which calls for its withdrawal from Lebanon and anti-terrorist UN resolution 1373. The Syrian regime possesses weapons of mass destruction, and has direct operational control over the most dangerous terrorist group of all—Hezbollah, and must be stopped. we like to see your support of HR 1828 .To halt Syrian support for terrorism, end its occupation of Lebanon, stop its development of weapons of mass destruction, cease its illegal importation of Iraqi oil and illegal shipments of weapons and other military items to Iraq, and by so doing hold Syria accountable for the serious international security problems it has caused in the Middle East. Please support Lebanon to get out of the mass by supporting the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003.
Dr. Phillip Maalouf
with love
From: "Libani"
To :
Subject : Re: [Phoenicia] Let Congressman Mr. Rahal know your opinion
Date : Fri, 16 May 2003 01:17:53 -0700

Dear Elias;
There are three types of people that you can not change their decisions: a- those who are traitors. b- those who love bribery.(so they're considered as traitors) c- those who are blind.(blindness of the heart of course, as Jesus said) In one word: instead of wasting our time emailing Mr. Rahal and Mr. Issa, and try to cure their blindness, why you don't send us the addresses of their boss in Washington in order to send our complaints directly to the head, and let them know that those two men are working against the actual American policy, and against the will and wishes of millions of Americans. It might not be the solution, but it was just my idea.
Regards Libani

From: "Libani"
To :,
CC :
Subject :Re: [Phoenicia] Release from COLCO
Date : Fri, 18 Apr 2003
Comments (were)made by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien opposing sanctions on Syria'' Please keep in mind when addressing Mr. Chrétien that peace in a Lebanon free of its invader, is his worst nightmare. Because.. you know the rest of the story : at least half of the 400K Lebanese in Canada will return back to Lebanon. This means one thing : a disaster for Canada. Why : because of the good quality of the Lebanese immigrants : we are the best of the best ; we are at the top levels in almost every business here; the most honest employees, the best doctors, the best scientists, the best business-men, the best bankers,teachers,coiffeurs,even the best private schools will bankrupt without the Lebanese.
Add to this the good quality of the Lebanese family :the faith in God, the strong ties, the strong marriages, the affection to our parents; things of the past for most of the modern world. Canada needs our well raised healthy children in the near future. So, if you want Mr. Chrétien to defend Lebanon blindly and oppose Syria madly, try the following and watch for the results: we should become thieves and fill Canadian prisons like other communities; chase our girls out of the parental house, let them starve on the street and get welfare; do the same with our boys,let them catch Aids and let the government of Mr. Chréthien pay their huge fees for the hospitals; watch TV all day and kill the economy, so don't go out to restaurants like we all do,don't go skiing, don't travel, don't dress expensive, don't buy the best cars, or the best houses or the best furniture or jewelry... do what other communities do: stay home;watch TV; kill the economy. Also, after 30 years here, keep telling Canadians that you still don't understand their language. And you will see all the PM's of Canada, Australia ,the US and the whole world killing themselves to liberate our country and send us back home. Regards.

Dear Enrique Villabol"
From Elias Bejjani

No body have the right to speak for the Iraqis. They have already told the whole world whom, and want, they want. Our focus is merely on occupied Lebanon. We were, still and will keep on struggling peacefully to liberate our beloved country, Lebanon. Not only from the Syrian barbaric occupation, but also and most impotently, from ignorance, fanaticism, lack of tolerance and hatred. The Iraqis will decide in the future if the Americans are invaders or liberators, not me or you. As far as Lebanon is concerned, our choices are very clear: sovereignty, freedom, independence and human rights. Let me know if you have a problem with our stances and choices?

From: Enrique Villabol"
To :
Subject : Iraq liberation
Date : Wed, 16 Apr 2003 15:20:00 +0000
Hello Elias.
Don't know if you got my last message.Hope you join the forces to liberate Iraq from American occupation.Also it's wishful thinking of dreaming of another American attack on Syria and Lebanon and installing an American puppet regime like the one in Iraq.Soon the same people that "welcomed " the American invaders will kick them out too the same way that the shiites "welcomed " the israelis in south Lebanon in 1978 only to kicked them out themselves.Already the Iraqis are angry towards their "liberators" because they know better who is the real evil ones.Hope you join in the campaign to liberate Iraq.

From: robyn namara
To :
Subject : Question au Cheikh FADLALLAH
Date : Tue, 8 Apr 2003
Question au Cheikh Fadlallah: Le Cheikh Mohammed Hussein FADLALLAH a déclaré hier : « pas de légalité à n’importe quel régime géré par les Américains, pas de légalité à l’occupant et à tout ce qui émane de lui et qu’il fallait combattre le régime imposé à l’Irak par l’occupant ». Le Cheikh a raison dans le cas où l’Amérique venait à occuper l’IRAK et à y rester plus de deux ans (comme pour TAEF), et à ne pas l’aider à faire des élections libres en vue de former un gouvernement national. Par conséquent, est-ce que le Cheikh pourrait nous donner une législation pour un occupant qui gère le gouvernement du Liban, qui après douze années d’occupation refuse de s’en aller, et qui l’empêche de faire une élection libre ou même de nommer un simple « natour » ???? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From : "sparta"
To : "Elias Bejjani"
Subject : New article from Minister Issam Abu-Jamra
Date : Sat, 5 Apr 2003
Good morning Elias,
Let us pray that our victory is swift so that our sons and daughters can return home safely. I just wanted to give you a few thoughts regarding the statement made by Minister Issam Abu-Jamra. He said, "Oil is one of the causes of the war, but is certainly not the only cause." This is true, but it is also true regarding our intervention in the Balkans although most people would not make the connection. In my opinion, it also had to do with oil. Saudi Arabia, (our good Muslim friend whose ties to Islamic terrorists is well known), wanted the first Muslim nation in the belly of Europe, and we wanted Saudi oil and money.
In 1995, NATO bombed the Bosnian Serbs over what is known as the Markale market place massacre alleged to have been committed by Serb forces. Saudi Arabia had signed a letter of intent to buy $6 billion dollars worth of Boeing aircraft. The day AFTER we bombed the Bosnian Serbs, the Saudis signed on the dotted line. A coincidence? I don't think so. Yossef Bodansky, author of "Osama bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America," wrote in his 1995 book, "Offensive in the Balkans," that the Markale market place massacre was staged by the Bosnian Muslim government. The mortar used to bomb the market place was designed by HizbAllah and most likely dropped from a nearby rooftop onto the crowd of shoppers below. Cameras were at the ready to record this expertly-staged spectacle of blood and gore, as Bodansky writes. He then goes on to say, "This callous self-killing was designed to shock the West especially sentimental and gullible Washington, in order to raise the level of Western sympathy to the Bosnian Muslims and further demonize the Serbs so that Western governments would be more supportive of Sarajevo's forthcoming aggressive moves, and perhaps even finally intervene militarily."
Other European newspapers supported Bodansky's analysis of what happened at the massacre and who had committed it, with headlines in The Sunday Times of London, 1 Oct. 1995, "Serbs 'not guilty' of massacre." American newspapers never carried such headlines. By bombing the Christian Serbs, Clinton pleased the Saudis and appeased the Muslim world by saying, in essence, "See Muslims of the world? We don't hate you. Didn't we destroy a Christian nation for you?" Al Qaeda has been operating in the Balkans for over a decade, yet we denied the Serbs the same right to defend themselves against their Muslim enemy that we reserve for ourselves.
In the Iraq war, there is another market place massacre that the Iraqis are trying to blame on American forces. Evidence points to the fact that the massacre was more than likely to have been self-inflicted (just as in the Markale market place massacre in Bosnia), in order to gain sympathy from all the demonstrators throughout the world in to attempt to demonize American forces. I just wanted you to know that the Balkans is a basket case, contrary to what we are being told to the American people. We have turned the Balkans over to al-Qaeda and Bosnia has become Osama bin Laden's corridor into Europe, complete with prostitution, crime and drugs.
The power of propaganda. As for our anger with Turkey's refusal to allow troops on their soil, I predict, and it has already started, that Turkey will once more be welcomed back with opened arms by the West. There is a love affair with Islam in our nation, and God only knows why, but they are on dangerous grounds and may cause the downfall of Christianity. It already started with Bosnia. Bat Ye'or, Jewish authoress who wrote "The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, From Jihad to Dhimmitude," (Dhimmitude meaning the subjugation of all non Muslims), is very pessimistic at the rapid growth of Islam, especially in America. Today there are in England more practicing Muslims than Anglicans. France was lost to the Muslims years ago. Germany, with it's Turkish majority, is swimming in them. Even with the incentive to send them back to Turkey with money, they refuse to go. If Turkey is accepted into the EU, it would mean open borders and Germany will be flooded even with more Turkish arbeiters. Perhaps it serves them right. The Turks were on the side of Germany in both wars and now it has come back to haunt them. Christians must stand together if we are to survive.
Thank you for your e-mail, Agape, Stella

From : Karole du Pont
To : Elias Bejjani
Subject : Answer to General Abu-Jamra
Date : Sat, 05 Apr 2003

Dear General Abu-Jamra:
This necessitates a long constitutional answer but as a forward warning to General Abu-Jamra I say " be on your guard when a country proposes changes with the goal of causing uniformity around the world. i.e. secular governments, because globalization carries very serious threats to Humanity. Religions are a certain and definite ingredient that constitutionally can oppose enslavement of manhood and as much as Nazi Germany had the purpose to enslave Manhood. In order to do so the Nazis neutralized religions to impose a new legalistic view of managing mankind. The Nazis were very legalistic. Now keep in mind that there is a government in the world which has it's own agenda. the multinationals and these have no other rationality than profits and loss of sovereignty in one's country. There are many stages in globalization after the loss of national control over the product when different parts are produced in different countries ,we see companies like Montesanto imposing their commercial seed genetic dictatorship around the world. We are assisting slowly to the enslavement of Humanity and this war is just a step furthering it. Tibet was a religious country posing no threats to the world but even the speech of the Dalai Lama would not serve the ends of multinationals because it carries a certain morality and we all know very well multinationals carry no morality. Morality has to be imposed on them and if they neutralized governments the civil societies have to fight them. Now in the world as it is, those presenting structurally the biggest challenge to this government of multinationals are the Muslims.
Karole du Pont  

From : "georges azar"
To :

Date : Tue, 22 Mar 2003
montreal le 17/03/03 Un message simple et plein d'espoir, l'espoir d'un nouveau monde plus juste après une guerre injuste qui se déroulera dans la région du moyen-orient. En espérant que le rang Libanais sera uni dans la défense de soncas, nous entendons profiter d'une situation regrettable pour qu'une fois pour toute nous récupérons ce qui nous appartient de droit, l'indépendance et la souvereineté d'une nation qui a définit l'indépendance, proné la liberté, et transmit la connaissance au point qu'elle a mérité même son nom. Elle a mérité remérité gagné et regagné son indépendance à travers 7000 ans d'histoire. Personne mérite son droit à l'auto-gouvernance et la liberté plus que le Liban; personne pour celà nous remettra la liberté sur un plateau d'argent. Ce n'est qu'une nouvelle fois, une nouvelle bataille qui se dessine à l'horizon et c'est à nous comme les maintes et innombrables fois d'avant où aucun de ces grands conquérants, à travers toute l'histoire de l'humanité n'a réussi à nous empêcher de l'obtenir et de la garder au point où elle est rendu une nécessité à un peuple qui en est accro. On a été de taille auparavant et on y sera encore et encore.
Vive Le Liban Libre.
To :
Subject : Re: [cadmous] Report From Israel

Date : Thu, 20 Feb 2003 22:15:33 -0500
Dear Elias ,
Of all the "ineteresting " articles that you forward , this was by far the most interesting . I always wondered why ticket prices from London to BEY were more expensive than to Amman or Damascus or Tel Aviv. All along I thought the ticket prices included bribes to government officials . I guess Zvi Bar'el was also wondering. I could also never understand why three star hotel rooms in Lebanon were so outrageously expensive compared to prices in the US . Next time you visit , try furnished apartments , you get more living space and a kitchenett , for half the price of hotels . No 10 tax either! As to the political analysis in the article -- its the same bla bla bla - nothing new . All the best

From: Karole du Pont
Thu, 20 Feb 2003
Imperialism versus the concept of "community of communities" Islam reproduces the main historical form of regional political organization which has been known in the Middle East as we could also say in Europe: Imperialism. This is why our type of Canadian federalism is difficult to apply in the Middle East since it is based on the idea of a" community of communities". Obviously if we are so different in terms of political organization it relates to the Native culture as element of our global Canadian culture... the tribes were all autonomous on their territory.. with their own language and customs...and the Kings whether French or British signed treaties with the different First Nations...
The Quebec Act of 1774 was an equivalent with the French Canadians recognizing them rights to the French civil law and religion. Strictly in terms of legal approach.. these rights can be defended in court till today . Now where in the whole Middle Eastern history were there equivalent respecting the religion and languages of all the different communities giving them autonomous rights of administration/civilian government?
When one examines the whole Middle Eastern history one clearly gets the impression that even though we learn in our philosophy classes about their great thinkers, their political organization seemed still very retarded compared to the Native political thinking. Natives were not against the presence of the White Man in America but they wanted to have a say on all this immigration so they would not become destitute on their own land's at one point there were treaties signed not to allow White Man to immigrate on a piece of land described as theirs. In the case of Israel and the Palestinians...there are resolutions that were passed at the United Nations... but in practice till all the Middle Eastern countries understand the true benefits of the concept of "communities of community" being applied to a national entity, it will be difficult to establish it regionally in order to live peace. Muslims themselves do not truly apply it inside their own communities...
In other words an ecumenism movement is a pacifying movement and already inside Islam itself, it is far from being accomplished. It follows from the Christian ecumenism movement that peace is one step closer with internal religious pacification. Thus in the Middle East not only culturally and historically, they have not much sense of the political organization and form of laws necessitated by governing in accordance with "a community of communities"but Islam by its own divisions has not completed the movement of ecumenism necessary to pacify the whole region... that is a federalization of Islamic creeds accepting that the differences being lived in their autonomous form of governing. Such is reflected in the situation in between the Shiites and the Sunnites in Iraq.

Karole du Pont Former Editorialist of the Executives the Montreal Urban Community Police Brotherhood the Süreté du Québec and the Quebec Police Federation.
P.S. Even though if there were few federal countries in Europe... it took quite a long time to reach the level of federalization the European community necessitates. If the Marshall plan was an initiation to it, there were obstacles to its faster track establishment... outside of the Cold War... they were resistant desires to maintain various nationalistic hegemony -typed visions of governing regionally.

From: Karole du Pont
To :
Subject : [Fwd: Why Canada and the USA have been fast in establishing peaceful democracies compared to the rest of the world?
Date : Fri, 31 Jan 2003
Dear Mr. Pipes: There is definitely a very big difference in between the USA and Canada from the rest of the world. The rate of establishment historically of our peaceful democracies has been much faster than in rest of the world Let's say about 200 years and less from the time of creation of each of these national entities . Many elements of global culture supported this faster realization of our democracies but the main has certainly been the freedom of spirit of the Native as well as his love for the natural world . Although socially there has been low points for the Native in North American culture... his philosophy of life has always been part of us ascertained if not always by constitutional treaties by national history and culture which by opposition taught us to appreciate the strong elements of the Native philosophical discourse. Once the Middle East makes an exhaustive study of the cultural global elements that contribute to inhibit peace in their region, its populations will understand better the North American spirit that animates our democracies.
Karole du Pont former editorialist of Montreal's Urban Community Police Brotherhood, the Süreté du Québec and the Federation of Quebec Policemen P.S.
If our national constitutions reflect different visions of national collective ethnic rights.... their main vision of the necessity of the greatest application in democratic freedom has definitely been supported by a strong Native culture in the making of our national histories.

From: Ziad K. Abdelnour"
Subject:One small step for a terrorist; One quantum leap for Hizbullah?
Date:Thu, 30 Jan 2003 06:53:36 -0500

One small step for a terrorist; One quantum leap for Hizbullah?
Western intelligence agencies have no doubt that Mughniyeh would use SA-16 or -18 missiles against Israeli or U.S. targets.
Imad Mughniyeh Organization: Hizbullah
Most prominent target:CIA station chief William Buckley in Beirut in 1984
Those who believe that Imad Mughniyeh is the baddest terrorist around should brace themselves. He's gotten worse.
For years, Mughniyeh was special operations chief of Hizbullah, responsible for all activities outside of Israel and Lebanon. Today, Mughniyeh has an additional job: He is head of military procurement. But the weapons systems he seeks are not just tanks and artillery. Mughniyeh has gone on a shopping spree for anti-aircraft missiles, according to Western intelligence sources. Iran has been generous in supplying Hizbullah with surface-to-surface Katyusha rockets, Fajr-5 short-range missiles and other weapons. But Teheran, determined not to be next on the U.S. hit list, has refrained from transferring advanced surface-to-air missiles to Hizbullah.
That's where Mughniyeh comes in. He's been negotiating with former republics of the Soviet Union for at least two advanced models of anti-aircraft missiles. The negotiations are being conducted through Syria.
Iran has pledged the money for any missiles for Hizbullah.
Mughniyeh's first choice is the SA-18 missile, developed by Russia. The SA-18 Igla is a clear improvement over other shoulder-fired Soviet-origin missiles. NATO, which calls the missile Grouse, believes the range of the SA-18 is 5.2 kilometers, a weapon guided by both optical and infrared sensors. Russia says the SA-18 has a range of eight kilometers.
The Hizbullah want the SA-18, top, because the failed Al Qaida attack on an Israeli passenger jet in Mombassa, Kenya in December was attributed to the limited capabilities of the Strella, bottom.
The Hizbullah search for the SA-18 was said to have been prompted by the failure of Al Qaida insurgents to down Israeli and U.S. aircraft. In two attacks last year the insurgents used the SA-7 Strella, with a range of 3.5 kilometers. The failed Al Qaida attack on an Israeli passenger jet in Mombassa, Kenya in December was attributed to the limited capabilities of the Strella.
Over the last few months, Syria has been negotiating with Russia to obtain the SA-18 both for itself and for Hizbullah. Damascus wants the advanced missile to protect against Israeli combat jets flying over Lebanon.
But the United States stepped in and imposed heavy pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to block the sale. The sources said Putin was ready to allow the sale until the Chechen attack on a Moscow theater last year. At that point, Putin began to fear that any missile sale to Hizbullah would end up in the hands of his own Chechen terrorists.
But Mughniyeh has back-up plan. This calls for Hizbullah procurement of the less advanced SA-16. Western analysts, who call the missile Gimlet, place the range of the SA-16 at 5 kilometers. Russia claims the actual range is 7 kilometers. Regardless, it certainly is a step above the SA-7, which Hizbullah is believed to have received from Iran.
While Russia might not sell to Hizbullah directly, others would be happy to. Russian companies are not allowed to sell independently. But firms, such as the Kolomna Machine-Building Design Bureau, which markets the SA-18, has cooperative agreements with companies in Belarus and Ukraine. They, in turn, have no qualms about selling to Hizbullah.
For Hizbullah, the SA-18 would be a key component in the military preparations against Israel or the United States. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has completed training and equipping of Hizbullah forces in southern Lebanon. The training took place both in Iran as well as in the Bekaa Valley and included a failed attempt to launch a missile supplied by Iraq.
Dozens of IGRC officers arrived in Beirut last month to bolster Hizbullah in face of Israeli threats to launch a war in southern Lebanon.
Iran now regards Hizbullah as ready to deter any Israeli attack.
Mughniyeh was appointed military chief last year as part of an Iranian-directed reshuffle of the military command. The reshuffle was designed to bolster Hizbullah against Israel and the United States amid threats that the Shi'ite organization would be targeted in the war.
Western intelligence agencies have no doubt that Mughniyeh would use SA-16 or -18 missiles against Israeli or U.S. targets. Mughniyeh planned a series of car bombings, kidnappings, and hijackings in the 1980s that resulted in several hundred deaths. He was said to have kidnapped and killed CIA station chief William Buckley in Beirut in 1984.
Mughniyeh is the chief suspect in the 1994 bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 92. Over the last decade, CIA agents have been unable to find Mughniyeh.
Nov. 26, 2002: Brazil investigates report Hizbullah met in outlaw region
Today, Mughniyeh has also been preparing Hizbullah safe havens and terror cells in East Asia, Europe and South America. As a member of the Hizbullah Shura Council, Mughniyeh is constantly talking terror strategy with Iran's clerical leadership and is just waiting for the order.
"Iran does not want any terror attacks now and Mughniyeh is a loyal soldier," a senior Western intelligence source said. "But once Iran gives the order, then Hizbullah can carry out a massive attack immediately."
From: "Elie Bejjani"
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003

Dear friends, Dear Lebanese all over the world :
I recently joined this group. it is my first letter to you. I live and work outside Lebanon, but I go there at least twice per year. Believe me it is so sad to look in people's faces there. It is so sad to think about Lebanon and about what are they making of it. Anyhow, I think wherever there is a light or signal of freedom, we should follow it and we should stick to it and defend it. it is So sad for me to open my TV here (outside Lebanon) to pick up MTV station and found it closed. What we did for it? Nothing, Why? I don't know. Maybe the people who led the MTV to this situation could not do anything now. But we can do we can do a lot of thing how?  This is how:
I suggest to open a bank account in the name of the MTV employees, and urge people to deposit money in this account. It doesn't matter how much money u put in this account. even 1000ll per month will be enough. Instead of protesting (because it is forbidden) let us protest and say no by putting money in this account. let us say no to the Syrians, no to all who are taking advantage of our weaknesses. No for all who rules Lebanon from 1991 till and by depositing money in this account.
We support MTV employees who are for sure now in a very bad situation. We support them and we support all people who, in a specific period, took in their hand the mission of making people hear the true voice of Lebanon the voice of freedom the voice of no to all what is know happening. Who is now thinking about the people who lost their job? who will dare to support again the freedom cause or mission? if we do not act know, believe me it will be late to do anything in the future. first we will back up the MTV employee financially and after when the situation is better we can support the institution to broadcast again. I hope that someone in Lebanon could lead this message to someone who can achieve it.
Thank you my friends and bye bye

From: "anwar wazen"
To :
CC :,
Subject : Joseph Farah's article :Lebanon's strange role in terror war
Date : Mon, 06 Jan 2003 02:44:01 -0800

I read with great concern the above article.I am convinced that Mr Farah would not advance such serious allegations unless he has concrete evidence.Yes there is reason to be concerned as to the dubious tactics of Issam Fares , his son's lobbying apparatus in the US and I would specifically be concerned about the financial power and muscle of their Saudi promoters namely Prince Bandar bin Sultan , Saudi Ambassador to the US and Prince Turki Bin AbdulAziz who was at one time the personal sponsor of Issam Fares's business dealings inside Saudi Arabia. We are up against considerable financial muscle which has always endeavoured to distort the real picture in Lebanon. Every Lebanese living abroad should try his best to fight back : come forthwith and disseminate to the worldwide opinion whatever facts and figures he possesses regarding the dismantling of an Independant ,Sovereign and Democratic country . Saudi oil money and Syrian army presence in Lebanon are two facets of the same evil coin . Lebanon can do without such an evil coin .Issam Fares and the likes as well as the corrupting wahabbite regime of Saudi Arabia should be exposed . Bottom line : Every Lebanese who believes in the inalienable sovereignty , independance and freedom of our country should contribute his share, no matter how small it is, to the Lebanese activists' lobbying efforts in the US ,Canada, Europe , Australia and the world at large.
Anwar Wazen

From: Hilda E. Davis"    
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Subject :     Re: [Phoenicia] Merry Christmas
Date : Tue, 24 Dec 2002
From: Edmond Nicholas <>
To :
Subject : Re: [Phoenicia] Fadi Shamti is released
Date : Sat, 21 Dec 2002    
Dear Elias, marrhaba!
I believe it would be much better to recount the tragic stories of the abused brothers and sisters back home, without mentioning that they were belong to this party or to that party! Because when we do that, I mean labeling the people, instead of gaining the support of our entire nation, we only gain a partial support.I don't understand why when a human being was abused by the Syrian occupant, or by the corrupted government, we have to label him/her as, LF, or Kata'eb or Ahrrar or Aaounist or whatever? Why can’t we consider them just abused people? Don’t we realize that we are still participating in dividing ourselves to a several small groups? Don’t we realize that we need unity? We need unity, and our unity begins by standing behind the justice to our entire nation. Our unity begins by condemning the unjust that committed against any of our bothers and sisters in Lebanon, our beloved country .
Thank you.
Sincerely Edmond Nicolas
From:     "Neuer, Ariel (JUS)" <>
To:"''" <>        

Date:    Tue, 17 Dec 2002
To whom it may Concern,
I would like to commend you and express support for position regarding the Canadian government's decision to blacklist Hizboallah as a terrorist organization.
Ariel Neuer
From: Bekhazi, Robert J"
To :
Subject :RE: Why a peaceful Resistance by: Elias Bejjani

Date : Mon, 9 Dec 2002
Well written and excellent article. It certainly speaks for me. Please keep up the writing.
Robert Bekhazi
Subject :Why a Peaceful Resistance by: Elias Bejjani
Date : 9/12/02
Dear Mr. Bijjani,
This is a good article! Although I may differ with you on certain stated facts, I agree that peaceful resistance is the most appropriate means to address the Syrian presence in Lebanon . Brutal as the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is, I have personally advocated ( and for over 15 years) a peaceful resistance to the Israeli occupation away from violence . Clearly I am in the minority here. I guess it goes without saying that the Syrian presence also has a direct link to the Mid East conflict , and will be part of any future resolution. What's disappointing is that Bashar does not seem to be willing to change Syria's policy on Lebanon, and with over a million illegal Syrian workers in Lebanon, there's no incentive. I wonder what would happen if the Lebanese collectively stopped emplying Syrians?? Changing the subject, you may be aware that the Lebanese Government recently passed laws prohibiting Palestinians from owning property in Lebanon . The stated reason is to prevent any " tawteen" plot. Palestinians are now the only ethnic group that cannot own property in Lebanon. Even if a Palestinian person died, his family now cannot inherit any real estate that he may have owned. I bring this up because , added on top of various restrictions for lawfull employment by Palestinians in Lebanon, the government can only blame itself when Palestinians work illegaly - or resort to illegal means to support their families.
From: "laura lee randall"
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Subject :Re: Why a Peaceful Resistance by: Elias Bejjani
Date : 9/12/02

Dear Elias:
Brilliantly written. Something a friend of mine would have especially appreciated as he spent his life writing. He was known as the seeker of truth and justice. Unfortunately he suddenly died in August and the world lost its best friend. His name was Lawrence Jolidon and he was always fair and just while being truthful. They gave him a goodby at the freedom forum in the U.S. The Lebanese people are the product of a rich cultural and religious history- 19 religions (more if we really want to accurate) and seven civilzations. Their passionate exchanges are the result of this diversity and creativity. You are the creators and inventors! Accept this with the pride to be simply Lebanese. Go forward with love and peace in your hearts. Make the world take notice of the small country that makes peace and can coexist in harmony at a time in history when it is very difficult for different opinions and groups to live together. Set an example for the rest of us who were not as lucky to have your cultural heritage. Be responsible as christians and show us by setting an example in your everyday life- at home, in the workplace and in the communtiy what this means when you read again the ten commandments. Go forward as brothers with love in your hearts and show us that you are the greatest nation of all. Remember it is much easier to manipulate hate and anger resulting in destruction. Build a nationalism of peace so strong that it embraces you and FREES you from the deep rooted anger and humiliation of war. again and again. Long live a free Lebanon. Free in the minds and souls of its people- all of them. I dare you to be greater than you already are by working harder then you have ever worked in your lives, giving more than you have ever given, contributing positively with community service and by helping each other to be free in your hearts of the anger that can destroy a country at its most fragile moment. Even the turks and the cypriots are making an effort. Why can't you?

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Subject : Two reports on Powell's view on Muslims
Date : Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:33:37 -0500

Two reports on Powell. (and then some) 1. "Powell seeks to expand exchange programs for Muslims." 2. "Powell hosts Iftaar for American Muslims." 3. "Islam Conquering America," by Daniel Pipe (with the help of our leaders?) I can't even bring myself to comment on these two reports unless to highlight the very first paragraph in the AP report - "Sec State Powell said he is trying to expand programs TO BRING EDUCATORS, JOURNALISTS AND POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS FROM ISLAMIC COUNTRIES TO THE UNITED STATES! (Just wonderful!) Can we all then look forward to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with, "One nation under Allah, indivisible, with justice and liberty for all, <em>Inshallah</em>," which means, "God willing," as reported in The Washington Post - 15 November 2001 - Bountiful, Blessed Month, recited by students at the Clara Muhammad School in Southeast Washington. In Saudi Arabia, (our good friends) there are signs throughout the kingdom that read, "An Islamic World." While living in Saudi Arabia, my husband was told that the reason Allah gave oil to Saudi Arabia was to spread Islam throughout the world. Why are our leaders helping the Saudi's to achieve their goal? Excuse me for asking a stupid question, but I was under the impression that one religion should not be promoted over another. Could this not be considered proselytizing? Please keep in mind that if things go according to plan, comments such as mine, articles such as Daniel Pipes (below), or anyone who dares to speak out about Islam's true intent will be considered as a hate crime and will be prosecuted for speaking the truth. Stella

1. Powell seeks to expand exchange programs for Muslims Mon Nov 18, 7:41 PM ET (AP report) WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites) said he is trying to expand programs to bring educators, journalists and political and religious leaders from Islamic countries to the United States. "We are committed to ensuring that our programs reach out to Muslims in all walks of life," Powell told a gathering of Muslim-Americans on Monday at an iftar, the end-of-the-day meal that breaks daylong fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. Powell said the United States also is committed to enhancing understanding by building hope. "From the mountains of Afghanistan (news - web sites) to the valleys of Bosnia to the plains of Africa to the forests of Asia and around the world we are on the ground working with our Muslim partners to expand to the circle of peace, the circle of prosperity, the circle of freedom," he said. Describing extremism and violence as America's greatest enemies, Powell said, "We must not listen to the siren song of the bigots, extremists who cloak themselves in false spirituality in an attempt to divide and to weaken us."


" There are about six million Muslims in America." Another myth they would have us believe. Powell hosts iftar for American Muslims Regional-USA, Religion, 11/20/2002 US Secretary of State, Colin Powell Monday hosted an Iftar or "breaking of fast" for American Muslim leaders at the Department of State in Washington. The hosting of Iftaar for American Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan has become an annual tradition begun by Powell's predecessor, Madeleine Albright. "We are unique. America is a nation of nations, whose citizens (came) from every land and observe every religion," Powell said at the function. There are about six million Muslims in America. "America is a nation where a Christian Secretary of State, the son of Jamaican immigrants, can host an Iftar for Muslim Americans who trace their ancestry back to South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and every corner of the globe," he said. In his message to Muslims across the globe, Powell pointed out that "extremism and violence are our greatest enemies, our greatest foes. We must not listen to the siren song of the bigots and extremists who cloak themselves in false spirituality in an attempt to divide and to weaken us." At the same time, he said, the US sought to deepen its engagement with Muslims on all levels through exchange of scholars, the flow of commerce, and through personal interactions. "We are also committed to building understanding by building hope. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the valleys of Bosnia, from the plains of Africa to the forests of Asia, in the Arab world and around the world, we are on the ground, working with our Muslim partners to expand the circle of peace, the circle of prosperity, the circle of freedom," Powell said. ******************************************************************************
Islam Conquering America by Daniel Pipes Prominent U.S. Muslims speak in support of the Islamization of America. The killing of 5,000 Americans requires that it be noted and seriously worried about. "Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country," said President Bush shortly after Sept. 11, noting that they are "doctors, lawyers, law professors, members of the military, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, moms and dads." He later added that "there are millions of good Americans who practice the Muslim faith who love their country as much as I love the country, who salute the flag as strongly as I salute the flag." These soothing words were clearly appropriate for a moment of tension and mounting bias against Muslims living in the United States. And it is absolutely true that the number of militant Islamic operatives with plans to carry out terrorist attacks on the United States is a tiny proportion of the Muslim population as a whole. Both despise the United States and ultimately wish to transform it into a Muslim country. But the situation is more complex than the president would have it. The Muslim population is not like any other, for it harbors a substantial body -- one many times larger than the agents of Osama bin Laden -- who have worrisome aspirations for the United States. Although not responsible for the atrocities in September, these people share important goals with the suicide hijackers: Both despise the United States and ultimately wish to transform it into a Muslim country. However bizarre this goal, the killing of 5,000 Americans requires that it be noted and seriously worried about.
The ambition to take over the United States is hardly a new one. The first Islamic missionaries from abroad arrived in the 1920s and unblushingly declared, "Our plan is, we are going to conquer America." Such hopes have become commonplace in recent years. Some examples: Omar Abdel Rahman -- the blind sheikh later convicted of planning a "day of rage" by blowing up New York buildings and architecture -- in 1991 called on Muslims to "conquer the land of the infidels." A native-born American who converted to Islam and helped fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, then proclaimed that "it is the duty of all Muslims to complete the march of jihad [holy war] until we reach America and liberate her." Isma'il Al-Faruqi, the first academic theorist of a United States-made-fundamentalist-Muslim, argued in 1983 that "Nothing could be greater than this youthful, vigorous, and rich continent [of North America] turning away from its past evil and marching forward under the banner of Allahu Akbar [God is great]." Siraj Wahaj, the first imam to deliver a Muslim prayer for the U.S. House of Representatives, holds that if Muslims unite, they could elect their own leader as president; "take my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us."
Zaid Shakir, formerly the Muslim chaplain at Yale University, believes the Koran "pushes us in the exact opposite direction as the forces at work in the American political spectrum," and from this argues that Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the existing order. Masudul Alam Choudhury, a Canadian professor of business, matter-of-factly advocates the "Islamization agenda in North America." Ahmad Nawfal, a Jordanian who spoke often at American rallies a few years ago, says that if fundamentalist Muslims stand up, "it will be very easy for us to preside over this world once again." The existing order -- religious freedom, democracy, women's rights -- can no longer be taken for granted. Shamim A. Siddiqi wrote a book on establishing "Islamic rule" in the United States, with the goal of Muslims creating "a strong lobby in Washington for the promotion of Islam in this country as well as elsewhere in the world." Some organizations also express a hope that one day Muslims will take over in the United States. The International Institute of Islamic Thought in Herndon, Virginia, aims for nothing less than "the Islamization of the humanities and the social sciences." Just one month after the Sept. 11 atrocities, a delegate at the American Muslim Alliance convention, held in San Jose, announced: "By the year 2020, we should have an American Muslim president of the United States."
While there is no reason to suppose that the aspiration to replace the Constitution with Islamic law will succeed, the fact that this represents a not-insignificant body of opinion has major implications. It means that the existing order -- religious freedom, democracy, women's rights -- can no longer be taken for granted. It now needs to be fought for. This article originally appeared in the New York Post (November 12, 2001) Daniel Pipes, a leading expert on Islamic terrorism, is director of the Middle East Forum.
You can visit his website at

From:"Noha Habib"
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Subject :Lebanese immigrants election
Date : Tue, 12 Nov 2002
Hello Sir/ Ms,
As an immigrant, I feel frustrated for not being able to participate in the process of liberating Lebanon from all the external forces which have been forcing all the wrong decisions on our country. It is amazing how the Lebanese so-called politicians undermine the intellectual status of the Lebanese people both inside and outside the Lebanese territory. It is also as frustrating to watch a whole generation of Lebanese youth, who were brought up in foreign countries, deny their relationship to their mother land and practically ignore it. Some of them do not even know why the students are really demonstrating and facing all these risks. They have no idea whatsoever about the suffering that Lebanon had to go through due to the decisions taken by some misguided leaders to support the Palestinian cause over our own, which actually led to huge destruction and fighting. This may seem a simple way of talking about so many years of sufferings in our beloved Lebanon but I figured the best method to stop the accusations of being racist towards both Syrians and Palestinians- was to explain how they were the ones to practically drag us into this stagnant, non-productive situation with the help of course of the devoted Lebanese Yes-To-Syria politicians. It is an honor for me to be part of any association or lobby group which put the good of our country before the individual private benefits. As a member of the group, I would like to suggest that we do lobby mainly to get the immigrants their right to vote through the Lebanese diplomatic legations spread in more than 70 countries in the world. We all watched the stupid act of the Syrian residents in Lebanon which allegedly voted for the election of Al Assad Junior through election centers in all the regions in Lebanon. Even though it was a play in this particular instance, as we are all sure, it might be the only way to involve the Lebanese living abroad and have them support and understand why some students and some people are spending their young years in prison instead of going on believing all the stories about the Lebanese citizens being stupid and having nothing better to do with their lives. As a student I participated myself in the demonstrations and the organized movements to spread our cause, now that I have graduated and immigrated to basically work abroad, I am ready to participate in any way to fight the foreign presence in Lebanon and implement the UN Resolution 520. Please do let me know how I can do that, meanwhile, please keep sending me all the info related to this issue.
Long Live Free Lebanon!
Kindest Regards
Noha Habib

From: canadiana for lebanon
My People Died
 By: GKG.

My people died of starvation and I came here alive, lamenting them in my loneliness…
I am told, “The tragedy of your country is only a part of the tragedy of the world; the tears and the blood shed in your country are only drops in a river of blood and tears pouring night and day in the valleys and the plains of the world”.
This may be true, but the tragedy of my people is a silent one conceived in the heads of men, whom we should call snakes and serpents. The tragedy of my people is without music and without parades.
If my people had revolted against the tyrants and died in defiance, I would have said that death for liberty is more honorable than the life of servitude. Whoever reaches eternity with sword in his hand lives as long as there is justice.
If my countrymen had entered the World war and were destroyed in battle to the last man, I would have said it was a wild hurricane destroying the green and the dead branches; I would have said death under the force of a hurricane is better than life in the arms of old age.
If an earthquake had swallowed my people and love ones, I would have said it is the law of nature directed by the power beyond the comprehension of man; it is foolish to attempt to solve its mysteries. But my people did not die in rebellion, did not die in a battle and they were not buried by an earthquake.
My people died on the cross. My people died with their arms stretched toward both east and west and their eyes seeking the darkness of the skies. They died in silence because the ears of humanity had become deaf to their death.
DETENUS LIBANAIS EN SYRIE Le Comité des familles de détenus libanais
en Syrie refoulé à la frontière syrienne
Le Mouvement franco-libanais SOLIDA (Soutien aux Libanais Détenus Arbitrairement) vient d'apprendre avec consternation que les autorités syriennes refusaient de tenir l'engagement qu'elles avaient pris au mois de juillet envers les familles des Libanais détenus illégalement en Syrie.
Lorsque le 22 Juillet une délégation de 56 membres du Comité des Familles de détenus libanais en Syrie avait demandé à être reçue en Syrie par le Président syrien Bachar EL ASSAD, celui-ci avait alors mandaté son Ministre de l'Intérieur, le Général Ali HAMMOUD, qui avait promis aux familles d'apporter des réponses "dans les deux à trois mois" sur la situation actuelle des détenus dont les noms lui étaient transmis.
Le délai de trois mois ayant expiré le 22 Octobre, le Comité des familles de détenus libanais en Syrie a repris contact avec le Général HAMMOUD, qui leur a donné rendez-vous ce matin, Samedi 2 Novembre 2002. La délégation d'une cinquantaine de personnes a pu entrer en territoire syrien, mais s'est ensuite vue notifier l' "impossibilité" du Ministre de l'Intérieur de les recevoir.
Nous considérons ce revirement comme un refus des autorités syriennes d'honorer les engagements qu'elles ont pris en juillet et un choix de leur part de faire perdurer les violations commises du temps du Président Hafez EL ASSAD, et donc d'en assumer l'entière responsabilité.
Rappelons qu'au moins 200 Libanais sont toujours détenus en Syrie, et que dans beaucoup de cas des preuves de la détention existent. Les autorités syriennes ont notamment reconnu le 22 Juillet la détention de militaires libanais – sans préciser leur nombre ni leur identité.
Nous appelons:
1. Les autorités syriennes à remettre aux autorités du Liban tous les Libanais qu'elles détiennent et à éclaircir le sort de tous ceux qui ont pu mourir en détention, afin que les familles ne restent pas dans le doute sur le sort des leurs.
2. Les autorités libanaises à assumer leur devoir d'élucider le sort des Libanais disparus, entre autres ceux extradés au secret en Syrie, en réclamant officiellement à la Syrie le rapatriement de ceux dont les noms ont été transmis à la Commission d'enquête présidée par le Ministre Fouad ES SAAD.
3. Le Parlement européen, la Commission européenne, les gouvernements européens et l'ONU à mettre cette question à l'ordre du jour de tous leurs échanges avec la Syrie et le Liban.
4. Les participants à la conférence "Paris II" qui aura lieu fin novembre 2002 à prendre conscience que la stabilité du Liban passe par un véritable respect des droits de l'Homme par le Liban et la Syrie.
5. Toutes les organisations de défense des droits de l'Homme à mettre en œuvre des campagnes en faveur des Libanais détenus arbitrairement en Syrie.
Le mouvement SOLIDA (Soutien aux Libanais Détenus Arbitrairement) lancera à compter du 4 Novembre 2002 une campagne d'information mondiale sur la situation actuelle des Libanais détenus en Syrie.
Paris, le 2 Novembre 2002.


Do you have the knowledge and the experience in being a puppet? If so, the Syrian regime wants to hear from you. Will you trade your nation and its hopes, security and freedom, for a high paid low recognition position?
The Syrian regime has a position for you. You believe you fit into the above criteria, send your details to, or you can hand deliver your resume to his address in Anjar.
"The beginning of the end will come if we are divided upon ourselves. We should overstep all petty considerations. The enemy's only weapon consists in breaking our ranks and putting us against each other...Let us rise above selfishness and partisan politics, and be one single united party, the party of Lebanon." - BASHIR GEMAYEL.
Over the past 6000 years, our beloved homeland, the biggest civilization and people known to man have conquered Lebanon. Civilizations from the Romans to the Persians to Alexander the Great, our country has always ended up victorious, and yet Lebanon has managed to evolve and progress with the foreign forces all leaving with the heads bowed in shame. Just look at the memorial monuments at Nahr IL Kaleb.
What Lebanon was experiencing with Israel in the south and until present with Syria occupying our beloved country, freedom, liberation, and regaining of sovereignty and dignity are only dreams. Dreams that every citizen young or old should try to make come true. Because dreams can come true.
Yes, Lebanon is slowly progressing into becoming a province for the Assad led regime, just look at the Bekka Valley, in particular Choutra with a Shrine dedicated to Basil Al Assad. We are in need of a leader who has a plan for the future. We need a leader that has the ability to unite the people of Lebanon. A leader that has the support of every citizen from the Mountains to the Bekka to the South. This leader is in the hearts and soul of every patriotic citizen.
"Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation." - KALHILL GIBRAN. Liberation can only occur when everyone puts aside their differences and unite as one, Christians and Muslims together. Just like the proverb goes, one hand can't clap on its own.
When we have a united front, a front where Maroun and Mohammed are equal. When we can stand side by side, regardless of political affiliation. When all Lebanese, regardless of where in Lebanon we are from. When the cry for our freedom, sovereignty, and independence are loud, like they are today, then we, the patriotic Lebanese will regain our freedom.
We must constantly remind the rest of the world that there is a country and people that are as old as time. A country and people that were at the heart of almost every civilization and every evolution. A country and people that are thirsty for freedom. Through unity is liberation and freedom possible. At this stage of Lebanon's post war development with a puppet government and a newly elected leader/puppet elected, liberation freedom and finding our leader are only dreams.
Elie Frangi
Date :Tue, 8 Oct 2002
Just wanted to share this call for help with those of you on this list who have not seen it yet. Please share with friends who care about Lebanon Rescue please, calling 9-1-1 Imagine for a moment, that you are attending a conference. Everything is on schedule. Things are running smoothly. Suddenly, a gasp pierces the quiet audience. A person has collapsed. An immediate change takes place. The speaker stops. The coordinator announces if there is a doctor in the house. Cell phones come out calling 9-1-1, the area is cleared. Some individuals begin CPR. Someone steps out to wait for the ambulance. In an instant the entire agenda had changed. You see, when the issue is life or death, rescue becomes a priority adn everything else adjusts. When the issue is life or death rescue is not debated, convenience is no longer a consideration.
When the issue is life or death, rescue becomes the only objective. We have observed this transformation in many tragedies. When tragedy strikes, rescue becomes the only issue at hand. A community of friends and strangers come together to look for a lost child. Mothers against drunk drivers come together forming hundreds of chapters across the miles to make a difference. Most recently we saw this as a result of September 11th, people flew to NY from all over the US to offer help. Strangers came together as one rescue team. They did not know one another, neither did they know the victims, yet they came together as one team and some gave their lives in the process of rescue. Imagine another situation just as real.
A child frantically calling 9-1-1. He witnessed the brutal slaying of his parents. His sister was raped. He is being abused and beaten. His home is taken over by a strangers. He is slowly being brainwashed to forget who he is. Those who should protect are not doing their jobs. Those who claim to love him, even his own brothers, are divided and have been willing to come together to form a rescue team and make rescue their only objective. As time passes, he loses hope and what was abnormal becomes normal and acceptable. It does not take much imagination to realize that this child is Lebanon.
He is calling for help, but there is no rescue in sight not even by those who claim to love him. When we realize that the issue of Lebanon is an issue of life and death, then it will be easy to set priorities and objectives. The occupation of Lebanon is three fold. Yes, we have an extern occupation but sadly and more dangerous is the internal occupation of traitors who betrayed their land for their self-interest. Finally and much overlooked, is our own self-occupation. Our mentality that has imprisoned us and has kept us captives. What can one do? First and foremost there has to be a paradigm shift, this means a change in thinking and acting. Einstein said "You cannot solve a problem with the same mentality that created the problem".
1- Support the Syrian accountability act. Have you done enough? Did you call, write and fax all your reps? Did you get others to do the same? If you do not know what to do contact and Mobilize your circle of influence. This means anyone and everyone you come in contact with. If the act does not pass, it will be for one reason and one reason only, it will be because those who claim to love Lebanon did not do 1% of what they could have done. Time is running out.
2- Mobilize your religious leaders and communities. This means all faiths and all denominations, especially churches. Don't accept sad excuses they use to avoid their responsibilities and do nothing . A silent church is a salutes church and a useless church. If a church has nothing to contribute to a hurting society it should be shut down. Their silence is damning and dangerous. How can they say they love people and stand passively by while people are being wounded and exploited? If your church is not active in helping the suffering, fire the leaders or find a church that shows the mercy and love of God. Are the religious leaders and churches giving a 100 %? how about 5%? the answer is NO. (see churches without mercy
3- The same principles above apply to Lebanese political parties and politicians. Challenge them them to make rescue a priority. How can they say they love Lebanon when they more willing to sacrifice Lebanon, rather than unite together and form a rescue team? Look deep in your heart, what is important for you? is is truly Lebanon or is it someone else's agenda? A true patriot would put their personal agenda aside, and would lead a rescue team. Challenge those you follow to do that. Think about it, what have politicians and political parties accomplished so far: They let the PLO in to turn Lebanon in a war zone. They made Lebanon the garbage dump of the middle east and making it a haven for every terrorist kicked out of other countries. They brought in the occupiers. They led young men to an early grave, and the list is too long, there is no honor, everything is for sale including the land and people..
Meanwhile, they are making their millions and putting their kids in power and surrounding them with sheep who follow them blindly so the cycle continues. Hold those you follow accountable. Judge them by their accomplishment, humility and servanthood, not by empty words boring speeches.
You want to know their accomplishment, look where Lebanon is today. The only non-country in the middle east, not to mention the 140,000 death and the suffering of people. If you feel uncomfortable, look deep in your heart and ask yourself what do you really stand for? is it Lebanon? you only have to be honest to yourself. Dear friends, I challenge you to show your love by making rescue a priority. Look deep in your heart and ask what is important. Stop believing in what has not worked. Great tragedies call for great men and women. A great man is not someone who believes in other men, a great man is someone who believes in a great cause. we need great men. Be leaders not blind followers. Some child is calling 9-1-1 and is asking for your help. This could be a relative, a friend, it could be your child or even you. What would you want someone in your shoes to do? This is the greatest rescue mission you will be called for. There is no greater cause than freedom, justice and liberty. We are facing an issue of life or death. Rescue is not an option. Adjusting your agenda should not be a problem. Convenience should not be an issue. Political parties / politicians should not be an issue. There is one priority on the agenda: RESCUE.
By Corazon USA 8-2002
To :
Subject :Re: [cadmous] Cain & Abel/ Excellent article I agree with you!
Date : Tue, 2 Oct 2002
This article is very true and well written from your perspective as a Christian Lebanese and from my perspective as a person who believes that we are all a part of G-d creation and must feel the pain of our fellow man and women of all faiths. In your remarks, you are touching on a very important truth with your "Cain and Abel" analogy, and it is a shame that we can't seem to bring the rest of the world to this mindset. Open minded people can learn from all religions. Syria has violated and violently occupied Lebanon with its dictatorship over the Lebanese people for a long time and the world has been silent. It is time that American leaders and other Heads of State start putting more pressure on Syria and making Syria more accountable for their brute Hizbullah occupation of Lebanon.
However, it will never happen because for some reason the UN, EU and even America has been disgracefully anemic about this injustice to the Arab Christians in Lebanon. My heart goes out to you because your passion for truth is sincere and your cause is just, but like Israel you are ignored by the world because of political expediency and/or various struggles for power instead leaders seeking true justice and peace for their fellowman. A sad commentary on our world. Let's hope that G-d will help the good people of all nations to find a way to fight this evil axis of hatred and terrorism against innocent civilians due to their lack of tolerance and hunger for power instead of true peace and goodwill. May G-d give us strength and wisdom to find a way to stand up to evil and not continue to keep giving in to it! Sincerely,
Barbara Ann Bloom

From: Alex Sayegh    
To :    
Subject :  Syrian dialogue & Lebanon    

Date :Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:49:18 -0700 (PDT)    
Dear Ambassador Djerejian,
I would like to share my thought with you about Lebanon. Mr. Ambassador Lebanon and the Lebanese people deserve the right to be free and independent. Syria has been occupying Lebanon for the last 25 + yrs, resulting in the melt down of absolutely all kind of values, humanities and freedom. Lebanon is no more Lebanon for it's being gradually Syrianized. Deals have been struck in the past where Lebanon was treated as a poker chip on the negotiating tables, and I'm afraid through the up coming dialogue with the Syrian regime that same poker chip would be used again and put on the table. Mr. Ambassador, Please remember and note that The Lebanese are being harassed, imprisoned and violently suppressed for daring to legitimately ask Syria to leave. Freedom of speech is being attacked with the closing of media outlets not subservient to Syria's whims. The Lebanese are immigrating in droves to escape the circumstances the occupation has created.The James A Baker III Institute, as an organization committed to solving problems in the Middle East and generating dialogue, should be pressing this issue with the Syrian regime. Syria should be asked to implement UN resolution 520 and end it's illegal occupation, rather than offering cooperation in exchange for acceptance of hold on Lebanon. The very survival of Lebanon as a pluralistic, freedom-orientated society is at stake. You should be focussed on Middle East solutions that bring justice to all, including the Lebanese, rather than appeasing dictatorial regimes in return for a little cooperation. It is in the United States interests that a modern democratic Lebanon emerges. A Lebanon free of occupation. A nation that is independent, sovereign and free.
Yours Sincerely Alex Sayegh
Senior Systems Engineer   
Date: 27 Sep 2002 01:57:51 EDT
Subject: Letter to general Aoun
This is my second letter to General Aoun.
As a reminder General I'm one of your supporters but also one of your fierce critics. I have to say that your way of handling political issues improved a lot compared to the past. But there are still some important issues that you have to work on. I will start with this article which I found while surfing a Lebanese website apparently a pro-Israeli one: "[MK Note: General Aoun is a former Lebanese Prime Minister who is in exile in Paris. An Israeli source reported that Aoun's history is sordid and that he has bitterly complained about Israel throughout his career and supported the Palestinians at times in their war against Israel. He has taken on the Syria Accountability Act as his own, hints it was initiated due to his efforts, is attempting to appeal to the Christian Lebanese in Lebanon and the Diaspora, and presents himself as their "champion," in fact with empty words, empty deeds, and empty thoughts. The General is persona non grata in Israel and with most Congressman in the U.S. due to his unfortunate and destructive attitude towards Israel over many decades. His strategy is doomed to immediate failure as he places himself in contention for the next ruler of Lebanon. If he feels that Israel and the U.S. will allow an enemy of Israel to replace the current totalitarian regime in Lebanon, he is sadly delusional. Strategic planning is not that complex, well within the capacity of the General, and it is clear that Lebanon will not be saved without the direct support of Israel in cooperation with the U.S. General Aoun will not receive any support. Other Lebanese groups are under consideration within Israel and certain U.S. circles.]"
Unfortunately General this is 100% true regardless whether it's right or not. I'm a Lebanese citizen, I live in the United States and I know what's the thinking here. General read it carefully and before criticizing the one who wrote it think about it very seriously. Think about what you are saying everyday that made this person say this about you. If you don't want your struggle for the cause of Lebanon to be useless: you have to do these things:
1- You have to plan more: it's not acceptable anymore after 12 years of struggle that we're still not organized, and you still say anything and everything to the media. you have to have a more specific and well planned strategy, rather than just a general idea about your goal. you have to have a "policy". for instance one day you criticize Israel one day not, one day Syria one day not.
but the worst is this: why every time they accuse you of collaborating with Israel u have to rush and tell them : " no I'm not collaborating with Israel the Syrians are". you think Israel will like that. it's an acknowledgment from you that collaborating with Israel is a crime. Which is an insult to Israelis. I know you're saying this to try to appease the Muslims of Lebanon because u want to avoid a religious war, but trust me by acting this way you will make everybody your enemy: Israel, Syria, and the Lebanese Muslim. By doing this you will not become a friend of the Syrians because you are fighting them anyway and you will make the Israelis hate you because u are agreeing with the Syrians on the fact that being an ally to Israel is a crime.
What do u think you are doing? you can't have 2 enemies at the same time. you have to fight one only, ( especially that each one of them is willing to collaborate with the other according to their interests, and they will regard you as a common enemy) you want them to make another deal with each other and get rid of you again? So fight Syria. And make peace with Israel. Israel like you said in the past is not interfering with every single political detail in Lebanon, and I believe we could achieve a long lasting peace with her. all what they want form you is to secure their border. Egypt signed peace with Israel, Jordan did, many other Arab countries did. So why being so ashamed and upset every time these liars in Lebanon and Syria accuse you of collaborating with Israel ???/ what's the big deal about it?????? it's not a crime, do what's best for your country.
2- Don't show all your papers, work more talk less:
for example first of all why do u have to let the Syrians know and discover all your plans concerning the Syria accountability act. couldn't you just act secretly without all this propaganda. do you have to tell them who you met with and who u didn't meet with ? u kept talking about this bill until u gave them enough time to get Satterfield and other congressmen to try to dismantle it.
3- and then who do u think you are when you say: "well what only concerns me of the Syria accountability act is the part which deals with the Syrian occupation of Lebanon only". don't you think this is an insult to the one who created the bill? not that I agree with the other 3 parts. but who do u think u are to select only what's good for you and dismiss what's good for the United States??????? and the bill is being made in the United States and by the United States to help our country after all. you think you brought this bill up???? you think you created it????? you think it would be viable if it doesn't benefit Israel????? u think the United States is a puppet in your hand???????? do u think the USA will respect you when u say something like that????? you are about to lose your American allies by being disrespectful.
My advise to you is whenever you can't say what u want to say. just stay quiet and don't say anything. you have to be very careful about what u say here. because every single word will be seen as a disrespect or insult, and everybody is very sensitive these days.   General Aoun excuse me again for being rude, but I believe this is the best way to improve our ways and means of struggle for freedom. so I hope you will think deeply about all what I said.
God bless you.
long live Lebanon.
Freedom lover.
From: Anwar Wazen
To: Mr. Joseph Mantoura

Cher Monsieur Mantoura,
J'ai admiré l'éloquence de votre article rédigé dans la langue de Molière mais non point son contenu.
Il me semble que vous n'avez pas bien compris la position de S.E le Général Aoun à l'encontre de la "Syria Accountability Act" bien qu'il l'a exprimée dans ses discours et à plusieurs reprises.
- Ce qui intéresse le Général et ce qui intéresse les membres du CPL dans cette Loi c'est le volet relatif à l'application de la résolution 520 des Nations Unies. Cette résolution demande expréssement le retrait de toutes les forces étrangères du Liban . Elle a été votée en septembre 82 et demeure inappliquée à ce jour par le régime Syrien.
- Par ailleurs , le Général Aoun a exprimé maintes fois son désir de maintenir avec la Syrie les meilleures relations de voisinage une fois que le Régime Syrien retire ses troupes du Liban et respecte la souveraineté entière et inaliénable de notre pays.
- La "Syria Accountability Act" renferme d'autres volets relatifs à des sanctions qui seront votées ou non par le congrés et le sénat Americains . Ce n'est pas notre affaire et ça ne nous conçerne nullement . Ceci est une affaire entre l'organe législatif et le sénat Américains d'une part et le Régime de Damas d'autre part. Ceci dit et, contrairement à ce que vous prétendez dans votre article ,nous ne nous "jubilons " guère ni "hâtivement" ni autres. Nous oeuvrons avec détermination et serénité en employant des moyens démocratiques à faire valoir notre droit à l'Indépendance,la Souveraineté et la Liberté. Sachez donc que nos efforts de persuasion ne visent pas uniquement les représentants du peuple Américain mais bien au delà .
-"L'homme en quetion a déjà subi de sévères revers" c'est vrai ce que vous dites là , sachez cependant que nous sommes fiers de ces revers subis dans la défense d'une cause noble . En tout cas , n'ayez pas de soucis cher Monsieur , les grands hommes perdent souvent des batailles mais l'essentiel c'est de gagner la Guerre. Regardez autour de vous si vous vivez au Liban , et comptez les nos politiciens qui ont jeté l'éponge ou qui ont retourné leur veste il ya bien longtemps.
- Rien n'ébranlera notre lutte ni notre dérermination et contrairement à ce que vous affirmez nous ne sommes nullement à l'abri .
Nous subissons beaucoup plus de coups bas et de menaces lâches que vous ne pensez .
Bien à vous
Anwar Wazen

Subject:open letter to Kornet Chahwan
18 September 02
Regarding Los Angeles meeting and its famous resolutions on the Syrian accountability act, Kornet Chahwan is not at all responsible for that situation for the following reasons:
l.-Kornet Chahwan was not the one who initiated the Los Angeles meeting
2.-Los Angeles meeting was initiated by the Lebanese Diaspora.
3.-Kornet Chahwan is not responsible for the millions of the Lebanese Diaspora.
4.-Only the present Barada valet government is responsible for this mass emigration.
5.-Kornet Chahwan was only representing less than a million of Lebanese
6.-LOS ANGELES meeting was representing more than 6 million of Lebanese
7.-If the present Barada puppet installed in Beirut will continuously force Lebanese to emigrate ,he will have to face more Los Angeles like phenomenon next in Sydney, Rio de jeneiro,Mexico, New York,Toronto or may be Alaska.
8.-If the present Barada puppet regime in Beirut will continuously close down media Kornet Chahwan will not have to be blamed if more Lebanese media will open soon around the world.
9.-l know that every member of Kornet Chahwan is taking life risks ,and we cannot ask them more than what a human condition can bear .thanks to the Diaspora and this vast environment of liberty Lebanese can still enjoy in their new country of residence
10.-Why the puppet regime of Beirut don't blame the PPS delegation at Los Angeles? They were also participating without any chance for them to modify the text of the resolutions?
Bearing in mind that Assad regime do not want in Lebanon friends he his only looking for agents , it was a good decision for Kornet Chahwan to stop even the dialogue with the caussesco regime of Lebanon
All what remain for this last resisting island of freedom inside Lebanon called Kornet Chahwan is:TO DECLARE OFFICIALLY LEBANON A BIG PRISON where Samir Geaga and his colleagues could be considered better off inside than outside .
As far as l am concerned, from now on while talking of Lebanon it will be :THE LEBANON'S JAIL in French LA PRISON LIBANAISE .
Some of the Lebanese sites of the Diaspora decided to implement the decision of the press syndicate by putting a black ribbon on the home page in remembrance of miss liberty in Lebanon.
Also the home page of each site will mention the numbers of days Dr.Beagea stays in prison .every single day.
The number 4514 will also appear on the front page of many site indicating the last numbers of martyrs who died for us to survive.
A campaign in French paper of France will be undertaken in order to force French authorities to stop the francophonie meeting in Beirut unless miss liberty is free again(l have myself sent last week some lines in this respect to the French daily news Le Monde and Le Figaro
Michel Raphael

MTV Hypocrisy Closure
By: Bekhazi, Robert
I watch from afar, thousands of kilometers away, yet I feel no less frustration, anger and sadness as those demonstrating in Lebanon.
The images on the late night news show the actions of a government that shows nothing but absolute contempt for its citizens, almost as though it is trying with its water hoses to flush them out of the country.
The regime no longer wants people in the country who question Syria's hegemony, just un-opinionated supporters who would never question obvious hypocrisies, and show no objection to a dictatorship.
Television talk shows discuss the legalities of the move and seek the opinions of lawyers and judges as well as leading politicians. Who are we kidding? ourselves?. The court was a kangaroo court, the judge a pretend judge. Rather than discussing legal verdicts that are merely a front, we should be discussing the obvious; Syria's rights to occupation now seem to far exceed the rights of the Lebanese to have their dignity, freedom and human rights.
I would like to point out something to the politicians of Lebanon. Your hypocrisy is astounding. Your moral stand non-existent. It is obvious that your authority (or lack of) is more important to you than any ethics and human decency.
Don't let Lebanon be flushed down the drain by the water cannons of the security forces. Say what just about everybody else already knows to be true. It's time for Syria to leave Lebanon.
Robert Bekhazi

Melbourne Australia
From: "Lebanon dragon"
To :
CC :
Subject : Michel Raphael’s two Lebanon's

Date : August 30/2002
Dear Michel Raphael You ask why one side can and the other can not.. I say this to you.. .before the last civil war it was the same thing but the roles where reversed… I will tell you exactly what the problem is flat out…. The stupidity of the Lebanese people that drives them to follow leaders who promote the idea of “us and them” … be it Mousa Sadder or basher Jmayel… open your eyes and see that the people almost every other Lebanese follow want you to act this way so as they may benefit on account of your rights and health… it is people like you who brought about the last civil war (both Muslim and Christen).. .and evidently you are calling for yet another one… congratulations… you may eventually get it…. And assuming that you are actually living in Lebanon, I hope you suffer the consequences of your words and actions….. you call your self Christian yet you forget that the bible teaches us that we where all born of Adam and Eve (as does the Torah and the Qouraan)… even if this is scientifically inaccurate the idea is that we are all of the same race… and before you realize that, please do go on with your sacrilegious destruction of everything that the bible stands for. That said I would like to note that I too do not like the way that one side has and the other dos not …. But the way you are going about it is morally wrong….. I too would like to see Hezbollah disarmed… I too would like to see Lebanon liberated of the Syrians. But you are over exaggerating and blowing things way out of proportion… hence this response… divide Lebanon? That will only prove one thing… that both sides don’t want to live in peaceful coexistence and not as you have been ranting that only one side cant see a greater Lebanon… in other words the schism is not as big as you portray it…. Dividing Lebanon will only mean that the foreign invaders have prevailed. N.B. get your facts strait… the 8 people killed may have been all Maronite Christian but do not drown in the lies that certain “political” or “religious” have spread… the incident had little or nothing to do with your us and them theory….don’t listen to the lies that people tell you … the lies that serve nothing but the down fall of Lebanon… had the situation been reversed and it was a Christian who killed 8 Muslims I would still be saying the same thing… To make sure I am getting my point across I will recapitulate; the more you take things in the way of “us and them” the more you will widen the schism between the people of Lebanon. To get the Syrians out we must all move in the posit direction.. and that is the direction of creating bonds between our people… bonds that will not be hindered by the lies of those who call themselves our “leaders” … political and/or spiritual. Dragon

From: Michele Raphael
Subject: The two Lebanon,

why one side of Lebanon has the right to celebrate the disappearance of imam Moussa Sadr with huge big posters all along the streets, all the media involved TV  news papers , private and government radio, all these under the  sponsorship of the state of Lebanon. But the celebration of President Bechir Gemayel assassination should be restricted to a very small mass with maximum of discretion without posters or any other kind of demonstration why one side of Lebanon has the right to claim nearly every day ,in all the media, the liberation of their prisoners in Israel. But asking by the other Lebanon the whereabouts of two thousand Lebanese kidnapped by the Syrian is treated as forbidden action.
Why one side of Lebanon is allowed to take action for the liberation of south Lebanon from the Israelis,but the other side  is not allowed to claim the same liberation  from the Syrian army. Why one side of Lebanon has the right to kill recently 8 persons all of them from the other side, but the other side has no right to defend the case even in the media.
Why one side of Lebanon has the right to carry openly weapons and even  challenging  the state in the so called security islands and the other side has no right to carry a pencil to defend his cause.
Why one side has the right of demonstration and recently challenging the state of repeating the Ali Mansour criminal action and the other side has no right of  even taking preventive actions in order not to be killed again.
Why one side has the right to chose outside  Lebanon suspicious or even criminal allies and the other side is mistreated simply because he was squeezed to treat with a clever enemy the only in the region who recognized the independence of Lebanon.
Why one side has the right to disagree with the other side on all political issues and the other side is always forced to follow .
Why one side is always ready to fight the whole world for Palestine and the other side is not allowed to ask part of this world help and salvation for himself.
Why one side is allowed to honor his "martyrs" and the other side was even forbidden to celebrate the same in the churches?
Why all the leaders of one side militia are in power and the other side leaders are killed  ,in jail or in exile?
Why one side has the right of attack and the other side has no right of defense.
Why one side has the right to claim everything from the state and the other side is loosing everything from the state.
Why one side has only rights and the other only duties.
Why one side called a river in north Lebanon Abou Ali and the other side call the same river Kadisha.
Why one side dream of an Arab nation and the other of a free Lebanon.
Why one side has the right to monopolize the tobacco and all its derivatives and the other side has no right to be sole agent.
Why the clerics of one side are getting salaries from the tax payer the other side cleric not a penny.
Why one side is always complaining and the other side always forgiving.
This is Lebanon an unfinished symphony of why for those who stop dreaming there only one answer
S E P A R A T I O N.

From: Lebanon dragon"
Subject: Corozon's call 9-11 rescue mission

Dear Corazon
I totally agree with you in regards to this 9-11 rescue mission that you are calling for… it is something I have been calling too for some time now… unfortunately every thing my friends and I say or do falls on deaf ears…
I do though tend to disagree with you as regards to mobilizing our religious leaders… they are a major cause in much of the problems being faced by Lebanon… if such a rescue is to be made then all the Lebanese of all the religions should stand up and speak out for their rights while keeping their cause secular… and as far as  political parties go … well that is the biggest Lebanese lie… there are no political parties.. just a hand full of wolves disguised as shepherds for the countless of sheep that are the people of Lebanon…
The corruption is so deeply rooted within Lebanon that the people have become like Maslo’s (I am sure I miss-spelled his name )  dog … we have learned helplessness and established some truncated form of Orwell’s “Animal farm” ….
I will recount to you a little story… a group of students felt that they where not getting their money’s worth of education at a certain “educational” institute… they rose up at first not in revolt but peacefully asking for a solution… soon the faculty silenced them through several methods of intimidation…. 60 people where reduced to 20… the 20 took their fight to the next level… the administration… again they where waylaid and intimidated…. The 20 are now only 3 … 3 whom where not only abandoned by the other 17… but whom where also harshly betrayed by them…. 3 whom have lost all sort of credibility because the others where either intimidated or bribed…… the board know… the administration know… the faculty know …. And even the staff know… yet they give us the falls assumption that we have emerged victorious… but nothing has changed… this has been going on for 2 years…  and before that an older group worked 4 years……
This is just an example built to scale…..  my remaining 2 friends and I are beginning to loose hope… we are constantly depressed and we trust no one but our selves and have become bitter to every one else though we still call them “friends”….
The moral behind this story is that the Lebanese have learned helplessness….   And I doubt whether thy have the will to do anything other than nag about the problem….
By Corazon USA 8-2002 
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Rescue please, calling 9-1-1
Imagine for a moment, that you are attending a conference.  Everything is on schedule.  Things are running smoothly.  Suddenly, a gasp pierces the quiet audience.  A person has collapsed.  An immediate change takes place.  The speaker stops.  The coordinator announces if there is a doctor in the house.   Cell phones come out calling 9-1-1,  the area is cleared.  Some individuals begin CPR.  Someone steps out to wait for the ambulance.  In an instant the entire agenda had changed.  You see,  when the issue is life or death, rescue becomes a priority and everything else adjusts.  When the issue is life or death rescue is not debated, convenience is no longer a consideration. When the issue is life or death, rescue becomes the only objective. 
We have observed this transformation in many tragedies.  When tragedy strikes, rescue becomes the only issue at hand.  A community of friends and strangers come together to look for a lost child.  Mothers against drunk drivers come together forming hundreds of chapters across the miles to make a difference.  Most recently we saw this as a result of September 11th, people flew to NY from all over the US to offer help.   Strangers came together as one rescue team.  They did not know one another, neither did they know the victims, yet they came together as one team and some gave their lives in the process of rescue.
Imagine another situation just as real.  A child frantically calling 9-1-1.  He witnessed the brutal slaying of his parents. His sister was raped. He is being abused and beaten. His home is taken over by a strangers. He is slowly being brainwashed to forget who he is.  Those who should protect are not doing their jobs. Those who claim to love him, even his own brothers, are divided and have been willing to come together to form a rescue team and make rescue their only objective.  As time passes, he loses hope and what was abnormal becomes normal and acceptable.  It does not take much imagination to realize that this child is Lebanon.  He is calling for help, but there is no rescue in sight not even by those who claim to love him.
When we realize that the issue of Lebanon is an issue of life and death, then it will be easy to set priorities and objectives.  The occupation of Lebanon is three fold.   Yes, we have an extrem occupation but sadly and more dangerous is the internal occupation of traitors who betrayed their land for their self-interest.  Finally and much overlooked, is our own self-occupation. Our mentality that has imprisoned us and has kept us captives. 
What can one do?  First and foremost there has to be a paradigm shift, this means a change in thinking and acting.  Einstein said "You cannot solve a problem with the same mentality that created the problem". 
1- Support the Syrian accountability act.    Have you done enough?   Did you call, write and fax all your reps?  Did you get others to do the same?   If you do not know what to do contact and    Mobilize your circle of influence.  This means anyone and everyone you come in contact with.  If the act does not pass, it will be for one reason and one reason only, it will be because those who claim to love Lebanon did not do 1% of what they could have done.  Time is running out.
2- Mobilize your religious leaders and communities.  This means all faiths and all denominations, especially churches.  Don't accept sad excuses they use to avoid their responsibilities and do nothing .  A silent church is a salutes church and a useless church.  If a church has nothing to contribute to a hurting society it should be shut down.  Their silence is damning and dangerous.  How can they say they love people and stand passively by while people are being wounded and exploited?  If your church is not active in helping the suffering, fire the leaders or find a church that shows the mercy and love of God.  Are the religious leaders and churches giving a 100 %?  how about 5%?  the answer is NO. 
(see churches without mercy
3- The same principles above apply to Lebanese political parties and politicians. Challenge them them to make rescue a priority. How can they say they love Lebanon when they more willing to sacrifice Lebanon, rather than unite together and form a rescue team?   Look deep in your heart, what is important for you?  is is truly Lebanon or is it someone else's agenda? A true patriot would put their personal agenda aside, and would lead a rescue team.  Challenge those you follow to do that.  Think about it, what have politicians and political parties accomplished so far:  They let the PLO in to turn Lebanon in a war zone.  They made Lebanon the garbage dump of the middle east and making it a haven for every terrorist kicked out of other countries. They brought in the  occupiers.   They led young men to an early grave, and the list   is too long, there is no honor, everything is for sale including the land and people..  Meanwhile, they are making their millions and putting their kids in power and surrounding them with sheep who follow them blindly so the cycle continues. Hold those you follow accountable.  Judge them by their accomplishment, humility and servanthood, not by empty words boring speeches.  You want to know their accomplishment, look where Lebanon is today.  The only non-country in the middle east, not to mention the 140,000 death and the suffering of people.  If you feel uncomfortable, look deep in your heart and ask yourself what do you really stand for? is it Lebanon?  you only have to be honest to yourself.
Dear friends, I challenge you to show your love by making rescue a priority.  Look deep in your heart and ask what is important.  Stop believing in what has not worked.   Great tragedies call for great men and women.  A great man is not someone who believes in other men, a great man is someone who believes in a great cause. we need great men.  Be leaders not blind followers.  Some child is calling 9-1-1 and is asking for your help.  This could be a relative, a friend, it could be your child or even you.  What would you want someone in your shoes to do?   This is the greatest rescue mission you will be called for. There is no greater cause than freedom, justice and liberty.  We are facing an issue of life or death.  Rescue is not an option.  Adjusting your agenda should not be a problem.  Convenience should not be an issue. Political parties / politicians should not be an issue. There is one priority on the agenda: RESCUE.
By Corazon USA 8-2002 
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To :
Subject : Re:Civilization & hatred article by Elias Bejjani
Date : 25 Aug 2002
Dear Mr. Bijjani,
As alwyas I appreciate reading ( and this time listening) to your articles . It is hard for me to disagree with most anything you stated . There is no doubt in my mind that you are sincere about it . However , considering the general opinion of your site and the groups that your site advocated for , I can confidently state that the historical practice of these groups - the Lebanese Christian right , is substantially different from the views expressed in your article. - On declaring Israel and the Jewish people as enemy ( Addaena la Israel wa Alshaab al Yahudi) : Had you said "declaring our hatred to Israel and the Jewish people" , I would have agreed. I am a Palestinian, and take pride that I do not hate Jews nor Israel. However, they are still an enemy of my people by virtue of their terrorist actions against them. Israel has also done a lot against your fellow Lebanese , and the fact that the groups that you support showed little sympathy does not go well . Maybe that's why your fellow Lebanese don't care much for your plight against Syria. You fellow Lebanese can't understand why these groups previously collaborated with Israel against them . Many still believe that the LF, et al still collaborate with Israel. The point is not to hate or not to hate , it's to collaborate or not to collaborate . On declaring to be an Arab : Amen !! I am an Arab because I feel a strong attachment to the culture , the language , and the people . I have a very strong sense of belonging to the Arab World . If you don't , then you shouldn't declare yourself an Arab, and no one should make you . Democracy and Human Rights : Again, I agree wholeheartedly , but the historical practice of the groups that you advocate for is different . The rivalries among the various Christian right translated into a blood bath over and over again. No different than the Moslem groups or the Palestinian groups . Fact is, Bashir was as much a dictator over his people as Assad was. As to human rights , I can refer you to the old Arabic proverb that states " Kul lee man touasher, akul laka man anta" -- Tell me who you befriended, and I'll tell you who you are. Point I'm making , by virtue of associating with Israel the human rights abuser champion, the Christian Right carried their values . Yes, the groups that collaborate with Syria also have their values and morals ( if there are any ...) Anyhow, it is not my intention to offend you in any way . Just stating my opinion.
F Doudar.

From: Lebanon dragon"
CC :
Subject :Michel Raphael msg
Date : 25 Aug 2002

Dear Michel Raphael
First of all that is not what provoked the crusades, that was only the excuse used in place of the real one; greed, and a measure of control over the Christendom. Secondly you are only speaking about extremist Muslim Arabs and have yet to mention those who are not fanatics. To claim that fanaticism does not exist in any religion is a fallacy. Thirdly why do you insist on bringing out old wounds to create new ones while you and I and all the Lebanese people should be working together with history in mind as a warning as to what our fate may be if we choose to refuse to co-exist. Fourthly, you totally misunderstood what I said about the Christian superiority thing; I did not mean that Christians enjoy superiority, its just that by claiming that Christians where dying for Lebanon while Muslims where dying for Arabism is an attitude of superiority to claim such a thing in our age. Who amongst the people of Lebanon still think of such a thing as becoming a part of Syria or the rest of the Arab world (other than an idiot) and loosing what we have; a somewhat sovereign country. The problem is no longer Arabism the problem is strictly foolish old mentalities of Christina/Muslim differences. As far as your argument about the post 620AD period goes, that argument can go both ways. At every creation of religion another had to suffer… need I remind you of how Christianity spread out through Europe “in hoc signo vinces”…. Need I remind you of how colonial countries set out to “save the souls of the savages” by destroying their heritage in the name of God.
Your argument is pointless for this age as religious interference in affairs of state is also pointless in this age and probably our greatest hindrance at the moment. It is important to know history for the sole reason of not repeating our ancestors errors and not to use it for the reason of recreating those errors. And such errors do include clinging on to our “differences” and hindering our development as a nation. Which is why I find my self perplexed why you chose to ignore my statements about Lebanon’s abominable education system. For the sake of clarity I will say this one more time: for Lebanon to succeed as a sovereign nation once and for all we must forget our religious affiliation and start thinking as a people belonging to a nation rather than to our religion. So you see it is not just a mater of Muslims not willing to co-exist with Christians it is also a mater of Christians not willing to co-exist with Muslims. That is the fact of the mater and that is why I am telling you that if you wish to be credible in your quest for a sovereign Lebanon you must first forget what religion you belong to… because this problem exists within the Christian community just as much as it exists within the Muslim community… and please don’t tell me that Christians are a minority group in Lebanon, in the Arab world yes but not in Lebanon. But your statement is not so well based; it is like saying that Muslims are a minority in Europe, a place that is predominantly Christian, what did you expect?!?
Velle est posse Dragon

From: anwar wazen"
To : phoenicia phoenicia"
Subject : Civilization and hatred

Date : Saturday,24, Aug
Dear Elias Your article is so powerful,incisive and real that It touched an emotional chord of my soul. I had tears in my eyes whilst reading it . Tears of joy and tears of sadness . Tears of hope and tears of anger. I keep wondering what did we do wrong to deserve the sufferings we've been going through for so many years . You hit the nail on the head . What you wrote is a masterpiece and it is something that the Lebanese wherever they are ought to keep revisiting . Well done Elias.
Anwar Wazen

Date: 23 Aug 2002
Subject: last message of LEBANON DRAGON

My dear Dragon,
It is real wishful thinking to call Lebanon a molting pot,  in fact for the time being it is a multi pot of 19 different ID (idiot differences) later in your message you found out that by mentioning Christians by their names and Muslims by also their names   a kind of superiority for Christians ? No my dear Dragon it is just the reaction of a survivor. As a matter of fact since the year of 620 what it is called the post Arab era, the Christians of the Middle East. are from the endangered species of that region. They are almost vanished from the surface of that area or became minorities in their own land treated like third class citizens . So we are not defending a superiority, we are just trying to survive and avoid a complete annihilation from this barbaric species called Arabs. Between the year 627 date of the burning of Alexandria city and Sept,11 2002 Arabs have been destroying everything in their way, always in the name of Allah, even stones of 4000 years old representing Buddha were not tolerated to exist . Within a period of 24 months between yea 1011 and 1013   thirty five thousand churches were burned by the the same invaders in the M.E.  This provoked the crusaders movement.  Later in your message you agree with me by saying: "there is nothing religious but only identity". Yes sir MARONITES, ARMENIANS, ASSYRIANS, CHALDEANS, COPTS, BYZANTINES, all of them mean an identity rather then a religion, for the simply reason that they are all CHRISTIANS but with different NATIONALITY or IDENTITY. Meanwhile they have all been and still being subject of a barbaric terror. Your last line regretting even to be born, reminds me of another reaction made by friends who after Sept.11th 2001 regretted bringing to this world two lovely kids. DUM SPIRO SPIRUM ADVITERNAM AMEN

From :"lebanon dragon"
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Subject : Michel Raephael msg
Date :  22 Aug 2002

Dear Michel Raephael
You misunderstood my point, or I was not clear enough. The point I am trying to raise is the following; as long as any argument goes about in the following format (as it is in your own reply) we Christians and them Muslims or vice versa then Lebanon has no hope. As far as Muslim people go… and I think you should really check on this for your self to believe me… that most educated new age Muslims of the mostly middle class (or what is left of it) the Muslims who have no voice not because they are few (they are many) but because they don’t know how to get their voice out since they don’t have a high profile person to resort to like every one else does, DO share the dream of one Lebanon… and they are all leaving because they see no hope… I come from a family that has diversity in religion (I am both Muslim and Christian) and as you can see I believe in a ONE LEBANON. Here is how is see the problem
2. NO Proper educational system (all our schools and universities are probably better than anything in the middle but they are ALL a shame to the international academic community, no exceptions)
3. NO laws against teaching “religion” (this is the job of the priest and the shekh not the academic institution, there should be educational courses about the history of religions but NO RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS)
4. NO ethical values (every one in Lebanon is looking for the next best way to rip off someone else, and then we all run and hide behind our faith in God’s mercy, religion has become a connivance nothing more)
5. NO secular government (a big problem in a country with several religions) Lebanon is akin to the US in one single way we are the, melting pot of the east, a fact that has developed our heritage, We are ALL HAVE A PART OF SOMETHING IN US, Arab, European, Asian, Persian, Phoenician, roman, Greek etc… not a single one of us is only one thing… to say otherwise is a fallacy.. we do belong to the Arab world on part of the language that we speak and many aspects of our culture (don’t even try to deny that) and in some instances on part of our religion (even as Christians, an Arab is not necessarily exclusively Muslim) but we are also not Arabs, as far as our historical development is concerned.
We are the melting pot of the east, period. We must acknowledge our heritage but not cling on to our heritage as thou it where the only truth… we are Lebanese… PERIOD The problem with your approach is the way it is locked to religion… you said it your self “The Muslims where dying for the last centuries for an ARAB NATIONALISM, while Christian for a Lebanese one.
When Christians were dying for their faith has ended very long time ego even in IRELAND. It is not at all a sectarian war, it is just a war between two national doctrines for the same piece of land” The problem with this statement (although it is mostly historically accurate) is that it emphasizes the Christian/Muslim divide.
The more you use phrases like “Muslims where dying for the last centuries for an ARAB NATIONALISM, while Christian for a Lebanese one” you are automatically placing a stereotype on certain people and asserting Christian superiority as far as Lebanon is concerned. The same goes for the Muslims. Both sides will just keep at it forever scaring each other further apart while the opposite should happen. Muslims need to shed their stupid idea that there exists such a thing as ARAB NATIONALISM, especially when all Arabs are standing by ideal while the Palestinians die (just like they stood by ideal when Lebanon was in turmoil) and both sides MUST give up the thought off religious superiority over each other… (the truth is there is nothing religious about it but it is an identity factor.) if the people of Lebanon are truly believers in God then that should be enough to tie us all together. One thing I cannot abide is the fact that when civil marriage was about to be legalized in Lebanon religious leaders OF BOTH SIDES rallied to stop it… and they did…. Tell me one thing… if we are not willing to allow inter-religious unions how in God’s name do you think the people of Lebanon will ever learn to peacefully co-exist.
Yours truly, Dragon P.S. I am so sick of the “political” and economic situation in Lebanon that I most certainly wish I was never born.

From: Elias Bejjani/
TO: Jad Hazkoul
Dear Jad
Thanks for your opinion. I am not sure you have focused on my articles thoroughly, because I advocate for a free, independent, sovereign country, a secular one. But, Christians in Lebanon and the region should have the freedom and the right to maintain their faith practise & faith wise. The same applies to every other community of Lebanon's 18th different cultures. I do not advocate for sectarianism, but for full respect for all religions and denominations who believe in Lebanon's identity and Lebaninism. Lebanon is a Multi-Cultural society and accordingly you can't be a Lebanese unless you honour and support this gift. Meanwhile our  brotherhood as citizens of different cultures and religions can't be built on atheisms, but on faith. My faith is my motivator and my love to Lebanon stems from a set of believes and convictions, among them my religious faith.
Elias Bejjani
From Jad Azkoul"
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Subject : To: Elias Bejjani/ PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
Date :  21 Aug 2002


Date : Tue, 21 Aug 2002

YES MY DEAR DRAGON YOU ARE DEFINITELY RIGHT.HAVING TO LIVE UNDER 19 DIFFERENT LAWS OF CIVIL RIGHTS FOR  MORE THAN 14 MORE CENTURIES (NOT 17 YEARS). LAWS THAT  LED OF CIVIL WARS . l totally agree with you that we are all, including yourself, responsible for this vicious circle that we have been living since the so called independence. We should have refused that circus from the beginning. The solution that you are suggesting seems to be a ONE CIVIL CODE for all Lebanese. This issue has been our dream for at least 100 years. But how many times this issue has been refused by our Muslim partners? The last attempt took place in 1993  and 1994.  It was widely supported by the then Maronite president Elias Hrawi and accepted by the vast majority of the Christians.
If you can convince the Muslim side you will be a historical hero of Lebanon and for generations to come you will be honored as such. the magic solution to our historical problems reside in two simple conditions:
Loyalty to Lebanon means:
My dear Dragon: The only point that l disagree with you is your claim that nobody has the sense of nationalism.
Here l believe you are committing a double mistake. The Muslims where dying for the last centuries for an ARAB NATIONALISM, while Christian for a Lebanese one. When Christians were dying for their faith has ended very long time ego even in IRELAND. It is not at all a sectarian war, it is just a war between two national doctrines for the same piece of land . It is stupid to die for its faith simply because you can take your faith with you to alaska. But you cannot take a piece of cedar land to alaska.
Michel Raephael

From : "Lebanon dragon"
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Subject : Concerning the FREE OPINION RESPONSES PAGE
postings of some so called Lebanese
Date :  19 Aug 2002 19:10:17 +0000
17 years of civil war and several others before that and still the people of Lebanon choose to remain ignorant. Have we not learned anything yet? The truth about war is that there is no good side. Both sides are wrong, both commit atrocities and both sides are bad and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise at the risk of becoming a fool of historical blunders. The problem with Lebanon is that its people have no sense of nationalism… not the Christians, not the Muslims and non of the other religions and sects. The people of Lebanon are their religion first and then citizens of Lebanon and that is what will lead us all to yet another civil war. Why, you may ask? Simply because by not recognizing each other as brothers and sisters living under the same rule, we let all the foreign powers (USA, Israel, Syria, etc…) interfere in our countries sovereignty. Until you ALL (and by all I mean every Muslim, Christian and other) decide to shed your superficial differences (yes religious differences are superficial and nothing more) aside all that you will ever be are a bunch of spoilt brats. I am Lebanese and I am ashamed of you all but I am not ashamed to call myself Lebanese because the majority of the people who live in Lebanon are not Lebanese. Even if they hold the Lebanese passport they are not Lebanese, they are Sunnis, Maronites, Shii, Druz, Orthodox and what ever else but not Lebanese. So before you even think of calling your self Lebanese and calling for foreign forces (whom I do not welcome) to leave this land (be they Syrian, Israeli or other) stop calling your selves by your religion’s name! Otherwise you too are foreign invaders who should leave this land along with the others or suffer the consequences: the dream of a complete Lebanon will never be realized. And as far as history is concerned every single party that has ever existed in Lebanon is guilty of murdering this land NO EXCEPTIONS … every one… you are all guilty… Maronits, Sunnis, orthodox, Shii and others…. You are all equally guilty of murdering this land and of being the sheep of those people who you call leaders…. You are far more guilty than the foreign invaders… YOU ARE ALL GUILTY….. repent or suffer eternal damnation or have you all forgotten what it is that your religion (Islam and Christianity) actually teaches
Date: 18 Aug 2002
Kornet Chahouan Assembly:

After the  unforgettable and unforgiving inter Christian mini wars in the 80's the Kornet Chehwan Assembly is the resurrection of Lebanon . We all feel the risk every member of that assembly is taking. Their life is in a permanent danger, their families live in an  atmosphere of pressure and anxiety. GOD bless every one of them. lt. is not an easy job to undertake such political activity of opposition under this sort of Stalinism regime.
l read carefully the their last resolutions and will focus only the one that says briefly: NO TO SYRIA AND NO TO THE US. How many times we have have repeated the same slogan during the last 100 years only, and how many times our Muslim partners betrayed this spirit.  let me start in year 1922. The Christians of Lebanon accepted the new mandate(not colony), the Muslim were waiting Price Faysal the Hachemite in order to join the new Arab nation .
then in the 30's and 40's Lebanon's Muslims hanged in their homes and cities photos of King Fouad and then Farouk of Egypt.
l don't remember having seen DeGaule's photos in Christian areas. Then came the so called independence era The Christians applauded, the Muslims felt betrayed. In the 50's  Jamal Abel Nasser of Egypt was the great hero of our Muslim partners. Meanwhile we were not allow even to criticize his crazy policies . In 60's  and 70's all our Muslim partners supported the so called Arab world from the Ocean to the Gulf. They sided with Arafat's PLO and adopted his terrorist activities in Lebanon . Why the Shiite of Lebanon have the right to be loyal to Teheran while the Christians have no rights to ask help from even Zimbabwe!!! Why the Sunni Lebanese have the right to be loyal to any Arab leader When Christians have no right even to chose an ally of their choice? For how long, l should say for how many centuries yet we will have to be slave for our stupid brothers . How many more centuries we have to to exposed to a  holocaust after another !!! WE CAN DO NOTHING WITH THEM,  WE CAN DO NOTHING WITHOUT THEM In the actual formula, but WE CAN DO A LOT FOR THEM  in a Cyprus-like solution.
Just a first hand real story woth mentioning.
A Lebanese Shiite representing a famous Australian beer in Lebanon was offered by the manufacturer special tins for Lebanon with the cedar as a logo .The Australian manufacturer was really surprised by a veto to his idea; inquiring about the reason? The Lebanese agent said: The CEDAR IS A CHRISTIAN LOGO, l cannot us it, I will loose all my customers.
From: Chadi Abou Maroun" <
To :,
Date : 17 Aug 2002
Dear Comrades,
I would like to emphasize on a very vital issue, that we Lebanese and especially Christians tend to ignore. HISTORY!
During my quest for truth, a major commandment of our Lord, Jesus Christ: " Bare witness to the Truth, and Truth shall set you Free", I came to deepen my historical background and knowledge. To all frightened and anxious brothers about our fate in this part of the middle-east I say: Read your history. it will bring comfort, relief and faith to us all. Relief to know our glorious and never ending struggle for Existence. Faith and assertion that our Presence in this part of the world has no other guarantee except from above. No state, nor regime, nor international balances could guarantee 1400 years of Existence, in such circumstances of tyranny and persecution. Read your history dear brothers and comrades.. You owe it to yourselves, your country and to the memories of all those across the centuries who fell in the battles of glory for us to Be.. Learn from the past.. The only times our nation was to fall was always due to inner-divisions... But we always rose from our dusts.. every time we realized that we ought to be One and united in Faith, and in Fate..Another commandment of the Lord we tend to omit! Claim your heritage and your history, things your persecutor is trying to hide and destroy... Read your historians: from Ibn il Quilaii, through Ibrahim el Haquily to Michel Chiha, Youssef el Sawda and Walid Fares. Know yourselves, Strengthen your faith and you shall believe as St-Paul believed that: If God is on your side, who could stand against you?!! " Abou Maroun"

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2002 letter to Mr.Bejjani

Between a mentally weak brother and a clever enemy my choice is:  l love the first one,without admiration, and admire the second without any kind of love.
Mr.Doudar in his letter to Mr. Bejjani admitted the fact that Christians of the Middle East were the enzymes of the Arabs' development all along the post Arab invasion era of the M.E.  Very good diagnoses ... what is the outcome? we, the Lebanese Christians are still "KOFFAR" in the Muslims' eyes and treated like third class citizens in the so called Arab world without having the right even to eat jambon.
MARONITE IDENTITY: one can be Lebanese without being a Maronite. But one cannot be a Maronite without being a Lebanese .yes my dear Doudar MARONITES like ARMENIANS are a nation as well a Church. And all those trying for many vicious reasons to deny this historical fact are wasting their time.
When Arabs with the power of the sword were already occupying Spain, Maronites in Lebanon were paying the dime of the blood in defending the land of their ancestors. I even have some doubt about Mr.Doudar Arabic citizenship, otherwise he would have found from the Gulf to the Atlantic a place to live instead of emigrating to the land of the "KOFFAR", the USA .
Just to day dear Mr. Doudar the high court of justice of the "clever enemy", Israel, took a decision against its Sharon government regarding the displacement (not exile ) of 3 Palestinians from west bank to Gaza ,which is still Palestine.
While in the year 1990 the Arabs send back like cattle 300. 000 Palestinians from the Gulf to Jordan,1500 miles away, and more recently the big Arab brother Qazafi deported from Libya around one thousand other Palestinians. The other Arab big sister Egypt refused to let then in. They stayed in tents in the middle of the desert for  months. WHAT AN ARAB Brotherhood and WHAT A CLEVER ENEMY!!!
why it is okay for all Arabs to recognize Israel and exchange diplomatic relations with it, while it a crime for a Maronite to even quote an Israeli?
Mr. .Doudar, you are not happy about the CLHRF publication of Damour atrocities and referred to the Maronites atrocities published on the Sabra-Shatila web site. May l ask if the Webmaster of Sabra-Shatila website would publish my letter as Mr. Bejjani did by publishing yours on the CLHRF verbatim?
One among many other proves that Maronites are not Arabs is the fact that in 1948 the Maronite Patriarch was the only non Arab leader to give instructions to all Maronites monasteries to open their doors to the Palestinian refugees. They were even given land owned by the Maronite Church to settle on; Tel- el Zaatar, Jisr el-bacha, Ain El-Hewi, quarantina and Dbayia-.All these real-estate are still the property of Maronite Church). Meanwhile the Sunni Beiruti Salam family members who are very proud to be Arabs refused to offer the same refugees a place in Khalde and Ouzai.
My last recommendation to the Palestinians whether Christians or Moslems is to apply for an Israeli citizenship. they will have more rights then in any other Arab dream. (they all are now around the planet still calling themselves ARABS )
Mr. Doudar finished his letter by telling us that: Arabs and Syrians will be for 500 years our neighbors,.His wishes are our desires. NEIGHBORS WHY NOT, JUST NEIGHBORS.

From :
To :
Subject : General Comments
Date: 14/8/02
Dear Mr. Bejjani,
I admire your dedication to the "Lebanese Cause" and the energy that you put in your website. I enjoy going through it every now and then, even though I disagree with your approach on many things, and find it repulsive to see you using quotes from the likes of Yitzak Shamir to support your case against Syrian occupation of Lebanon. But again, I'm just a Palestinian, not exactly the audience that you're targeting. I have a lot of property and investments in Lebanon, and I appreciate the commentaries that you post/email about the Lebanese economy and Hariri .
I never cared for "sugar coated" articles about the Lebanese economy. Interesting how the government keeps asking the Lebanese abroad to reinvest in Lebanon, yet most of the articles you post suggest that the opposite is better. Having lived in the US for the past 25 years, I appreciate diversity, and recognize that the Arab Christians (Maronites included) are the Middle East most precious resource. Without them, all Arabs would be homogeneous, and made from the same cookie cutter. Without Christians, the other Arabs would not benefit from the diversity of ideas that made the US such a great nation. It's Sad that most non-Christian Arabs don't realize this fact. What's even worse, is that Christian Arabs don't know their own value to the other Arabs either. Among the Christian Arabs, I consider the Lebanese Christians to be the "elite" .
For centuries, they have led the Arabic culture, and for decades, they spearheaded the Arab-Israeli conflict in support of the Palestinian cause. And to this day, you find the leaders in major Arab American organizations like the ADC to be Lebanese Christians. I simply don't understand what went wrong that drove some to the extreme right, and to disassociate themselves from the Arabic Community. Some even call themselves "true Lebanese..." .
Yes I read all about the Syrian atrocities, and I can lead you to other sites that are dedicated to Maronite atrocities like you will even see pictures just like the ones you have posted about Damur
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to open up old issues here. It's important to learn from history, but at some time, we have to let go the past and look forward into the future. What do Maronites and Arabs have in common? They both idealize the dead. Maronites still dwell on Bashir Gemayel and Hobeika , and Arabs still dwell on Gamal Abdul Nasser.
You may say that Bashir touched the lives of many, and I would agree, because it included the lives of some in my own family . But I'm not going to take it on the next Maronite I meet. Point I'm making Elias , there are too many smart people that are still alive - why do we idealize the dead? Can't we all move on? Your plight against Syria is valid. However your approach is way off. Same thing with the Palestinians and their approach re Israel. For well intentioned and smart people, they are very misguided and need to change leadership. Elias, The Arabs the Syrians, and the Moslems will be your neighbors for the next 500 years. Obviously, extremist Maronites , just like the Arabs, are short sighted and are only looking into the next 500 days ( if that long). I apologize for the long email Elias , it frustrates me to see someone with your talents (and many other intelligent Maronites) on a fruitless path.
All the best, P
From: Michel Raphael (
To : LCCC /Elias Bejjani
Subject : the Unesco killing .Mr. Elias Bejjani's last article

Date : Fri, 9 Aug 2002

It is always a great pleasure to read Mr. Bejjani specially by following the accuracy of his diagnostic and the veracity of the facts he developed, however the solutions he brought forward to Lebanon problems are the same treatments we have heard for the last 100 years (forget for a moment the 14 centuries of post Arabian era) LIBERATION  OCCUPATION, NEW ELECTIONS, NEW GOVERNMENT, NEW REPETITION, AND REPETITION.
How many occupants we have faced for the last 100 years only ? OTHOMANS, FRENCH, NASSERISM, ARAFATISTS BAATHISTS .ARABISTS and now ALLAOUITS . With all their allies from the Gulf to the Atlantic. All Lebanese who resisted these occupiers were accused of being agents of imperialism, Zionism, etc.(it is an  un-finished symphony).
Christians and Moslems were dying during the resistance but not for the same cause: Christians were dying for the land of their fathers, Moslem were dying for the sake of GOD and their Arab dream. Yes Moslems 3 times in less then 100 years have had their dreams going astray; first time when they refused to be citizens of L'ETAT DU GRAND LIBAN in 1922 .they were all waiting Prince Faysal in Beirut. (by the way he was coming from taef his capital in Saidi Arabia).
Second time in 1943 at the so called independence. Abelhamid Karame, a great Sunni leader of the north Lebanon pulled down the new Lebanese flag and raised instead the Syrian one, declaring Tripoli a Syrian city.This was done in an open air big demonstration in "AL -TALL square".  Last time and not the least came in 1990 the famous "Taef Accord". "Taef Accord" specified that Lebanon is the final country for all his citizens (al watan al neha'i li kol all loubnaniin).
So do not be surprised why Ali Mansour murdered eight Christians, why Ramzi Iran was killed, why Sheik Bachir was assassinated and Dr. Samir Geagea is still in prison!!! and more to come UNLESS WE FINALLY MAKE A U TURN and PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE BY LEARNING THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST.
Preparing for the future reside in two magic words ETHNIC CLEANSING (why these two words provoke nowadays an excommunication from the so called international community) what is called THE CYPRUS PROBLEM, the Cypriotes now call it the CYPRUS SOLUTION for LEBANON, ISRAEL,  SYRIA,  IRAQ,  SUDANE, GYPT, PHILIPINES,NIGERIA, INDONESIA, YUGOSLAVIA, and all other countries on this planet where Islam refuses to live peacefully with non Islamic communities.
For havens sake for how long we are going to play blind masochist? As it is the right of the Moslems to live their own belief, same is also ours.  Every Friday their CLERGYMEN invites them to kill or be killed for the sake of God ..(ya atel ya maatoul fi sabil Allah).
No other civilization on the surface of this planet has this principle. Moslems men are omnipotent and very patriarchal. The western world (including Lebanon ) should start calling for men liberation movement.  Moslem mentality do not fit with any other mentality around the world.  Islam was spread by the sword and until today the new slogan in the western world MAKE LOVE NO WAR.
Our culture is different, we raise our kids in the love of GOD, they raise theirs to die for God.  Unless we are already part of those who died for GOLD.
When Lebanon will be run by only LEBANESE and not by merchants of the temple, MOUKADDAM, scavengers, predators, and Judasts. All these puppets in uniform will vanish for a simple reason, there is no role for them to  play.
So far, we the Christians are the only victim of our tolerance, I WISH TO BE WRONG .
Michel Raphael
From: anwar wazen"
Subject: Faits Divers
Date:Tue, 6 Aug 2002
Cher Mr Mantoura
J'ai lû et relû avec beaucoup d'attention et même de contentement votre article qui analyse d'une manière approfondie le mal du confessionalisme dont nous avons tous soufferts au Liban. Je crois que vous avez mis l'accent d'une manière incontestable sur ce mal rongeur dont a souffert la société pluriconfessionelle libanaise au cours du dernier demi siècle et même plus Je dirai de plusieurs siècles de l'histoire du Liban. Je dois vous dire cependant que la solution du problème que vous préconisez dans la dernière phrase de votre article relève plutôt de la chimère que de la réalité. Sincèrement , Je ne crois pas que la solution de ce problème est si simple , Je suis convaincu que la seule solution viable est d'avoir le courage de prendre le taureau par les cornes.
Je dirai à tout le monde : Assez d'hypocrisie . Nous sommes différents . Oui nous le sommes . Du moment que les deux bords de la table de négociation se mettent d'accord sur cette réalité de base , alors on pourrait (peut être) tout en respectant cette différence de base arriver à se mettre d'accord sur un minimum de modus vivendi .
Anwar Wazen

From: Chadi Abou Maroun"
Subject: Adib Farah's article

Dear Comrades,
I red Dr. Farha's article about the Maronite congress, as well as Mr. Bekhazi's response. I personally know Dr. Farha, and so I'd like to draw your attention on some facts. Dr. Farah is counselor to the Prime Minister, as well as the minister of finance for economic affairs. He is also part of the National Media Council. Dr. Farah is also a Christian, a true one I could assure you. What I'm trying to say is that Dr. Farah, from his position could have access to information that we cannot, and this may be the reason behind his discourse. Moreover, I could disagree with Dr. Farah about the means, just like you do, but I am more than certain that we all agree on the end. For me dear comrades, the trend among Christians should be as follow: We should Agree on openness and respect each others opinionions. Dialogue is the key. I am certain that the man is open and would welcome
any rational dialogue.
Yours Faithfully, "Abou Maroun"

Herebelow is another reply to Adib Farha's article on the Maronite world congress that was published by the Daily Star
From: Pierre A. Maroun
Youngstown, Ohio, USA

I would like to inform Adib Farha and your readers that the World Maronite Congress 2002 is a threat to no one because it had a life span of just four days and is now only part of history. It appears that what is feared are the "echoes" of the congress. It seems that some Lebanese are haunted by the universal truths articulated by the attendees from five continents. If the detractors of these truths perceive a "threat" then they should look to the Maronite immigration, which outnumbers the Maronites of Lebanon by a ratio of 7 to 1 and the entire Lebanese population by 2 1/2 to 1. These are sobering statistics for the Lebanese people to ponder and to realize that this is a reality with which they have to deal in assessing the future of Lebanon.  A sleeping giant is now stirring and, unfortunately, the first stings it is feeling are the skewers of its own people. It behooves everyone in Lebanon, Christian, Muslim and Druze alike, to understand that we are not strangers. We of the "immigration" differ from the Lebanese only in geography. It is our deepest desire to have our compatriots understand the depth of emotions and love that we have for our mother country. Only then will sectarianism truly end and the new Lebanon begin.
Pierre A. Maroun
Youngstown, Ohio, USA
From: Michel Raphael
Subject: Arabicus is a new old virus provoking the MARONITIS

Date: 27/7/02
To my dear Elias Bejjani
All my life l have been selling medicines to Arabs .From ARTHRITIS to simple GASTRITIS l have been able to cure them (by the way l still love them but never admired them.) l have been in touch with many of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around the world asking whether they can develop a vaccine or even a treatment against what is called now the M A R O N I T I S .
Many researches were undertaken by notorious experts in this field without success. The reason why l am writing you these lines my dear friend is just to tell you DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME .
TIME is so dear that it is the most valuable thing GOD gave us .In our short life one can recuperate fortune,health,friends,land,but TIME goes forever .(unless you reach my age were l can kill the time before it kills me ) While reading your very enthusiastic last articles, you were very cautious in keeping a sort of equilibrium by very often mentioning Moslem prominent names as victim of the Syrian oppressor. You remind me the famous celebration of may the 6th .Every year it was even an official ceremony.for these MARTYRS. It was in fact the biggest lie of our modern history,for the simple reason that Christians died for Lebanon while Moslems died for a greater Arab dream .lt. is their right same as ours.But please as you always say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for me but it seems not yet for you .
In one of my last articles while referring to the Lebanese Diaspora you substitute the name ELIAS by HUSSEIN and "ARAB BARBARISM" by ARAB NATIONALISM "for the same reason of respecting the RELIGIOUS Lebanese DESEQUILIBRIUM . GOD bless the soul of Mr. NACCACHE who wrote before you were born DEUX NEGATIONS NE FONT PAS UNE NATION . This theory is valid for the rest of this world we are living from Philippine to Senegal .l challenge the one who can give me the name of one single country ON THE SURFACE OF THIS PLANET where Islam is living peacefully with non Islamic community .
so why do you still believe that Lebanon can be an exception.are we more intelligent than the Philippines,Indians,,Bosnia's ,Cypriots Nigerians or Israelis. Islam refused to live even with stones of 4000 years old of Buddha in AFGHANISTAN . When l refused to associate Mohamed or Hussein on my anti Arab campaign is simply they don't need me or you to defend their cause they have mashallah the whole Moslem world the US and EUROPE helping them
My dear Mr. BEJJANI you refused in one of my articles the label l gave to the actual anti terror war :WAR BETWEEN THOSE WHO DIED FOR GOD AND THOSE WHO DIED FOR GOLD . Until the beginning of the 14th century when the Mamelouks BURNED all Lebanon houses forest and human beings .it seems that we not only lost our independence but we forgot completely the notion of our nation . ln my opinion my dear Mr. BEJJANI since 1943 we have had in Lebanon only 3 rulers ::1. ABDEL HAMED GHALEB ,2 YASSER ARAFAT 3 ASSAD (father and son ) all the rest failed .
Now a world to Mr. ABOUKALIL ....Mr. CHAMOUN the Maronite tried to help the Shiaa by destroying the feudality they were living within their community .in fact all the Shiaa wealth was in the hand of five families :: HAMADE, HAIDAR ASSAAD, AL KHALIL, ZEIN.(THIS WAS DONE IN THE YEAR ELECTION OF 1957 and we all know the rest in the year 1958 )but Mr. ABOUKHALIL suffered from a very acute MARONITIS.l don't blame him but l blame my Lebanese friends who still believe in father X MAS
Michel Raphael

Dear Elias, please if for some reasons my articles don't fit with the policy of your site just forget them but do not alter the contains I mean to give them
Michel Raphael

From:  N. Aboukhalil
To :
Subject : Re:  Elias Bejjani's article "The Mutis & Hamad Gathering"
Date :Wed, 25 Jul 2002

4 - We are Lebanese, and only Lebanese. We categorically refuse to be treated as second class citizens in our own country.
Yes, We are Lebanese and we will refuse to be treated like the Maronite regime treated Muslims like second and third class citizens. Before the war. Where you deprived the Muslims especially the Shiites of Jobs and empowerment  they were treated like the Mexicans in the USA THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN ---------LIKE OR NOT

5 - We will not be graded for our national loyalty by those who are too ashamed or afraid to declare their Lebanese identity.
Yes, we are Lebanese and Arabs in majority, You do not have to call yourself an Arab if you are a Kurd or Armenian or Phoenician or from Mars.But remember being an ARAB can also be a Christian, You have over 5 millions Arab Christians, and for sure they are not Phoenicians.

6 - The war with Israel is over. The entire Arabic world has recognized the existence of the Jewish State. Egypt and Jordan have made peace with Israel. The PLO has recognized and wants to live side by side with Israel. Other Arab states are conducting secret negotiations with Israel. Even Syria maintains a non-belligerence agreement it signed with Israel on the Golan Heights. Yet it continues to break that agreement through its proxies inside Lebanon by forcing this country to fight the only remaining war on Israel, and exposing our country to legitimate reprisals from Israeli armor
and planes.
Fine be a friend to Israel, You were a friend before and you lost and you will lose again.  BECAUSE ISRAEL WILL NEVER LET YOU WIN. THEY KNOW YOU and the SHIITES WILL NEVER ALLOW THE PALESTINIANS TO BECOME LEBANESE CITIZENS
If they Shiites agreed for the Palestinians to become citizens, They were citizens by now. Shiites in Lebanon Believe in Lebanon and they know there is no other place for them but   LEBANON

7 - Let there be no question that the Matn referendum and the Los Angeles Maronite conference were mere baby steps. Lebanon is traversing the path out of the long dark tunnel and on to the journey to freedom and liberation. There is no turning back.

What if the Shiites in the USA had a gathering and came of another opposite views, what will all means.
Some people are giving the Los Angeles gathering more then it deserves to give the Syrians excuses to stay in Lebanon.
Matn referendum is no big deal.   Harri and others were working against Murr. Let us see what would happen in 2 years next elections. and Mirna Murr is a joke to be a representative. Lebanon today is 71% Muslims and 29% Christians. But that means nothing to are Lebanese with Ideas and I welcome that. First we have to agree that Lebanon is an Arab country and Lebanese are Arabs. But that dose not means I want a unity with any Arab country in the name of Brotherhood.  NO WAY. Yes, we want a democratic Lebanon where any one can be a President or Prime Minster or the Speaker. Independent sovereign democratic and free.
Long live Lebanon Araby without the Unity
N. Aboukhalil

To: Adib Farah (
Subject: Maronite congress a threat to regional unity"
Date : Tue, 23 Jul 2002
Mr. Farha: With you pulling against the Maronites the way you did, we need not any more enemies. You are a disgrace and a sham, the answer you got from Australia should set you straight if you do have real brains between your ears. You have a big mouth, who do you owe it to? SSNP or Baath, or maybe Hizbullah, it does not matter, it stinks. You are not but a recorder with a continuos push on REWIND button. If after 12 years of "Syrian Democracy "all over Lebanon, you still mouth off the way you did, you must be Stupid and you  know how to deal with that situation, or don't  you? To keep sniping at the Maronites and we stand for is the real and only reason that totally prove your fear of us, we will prevail no matter what, it will be soon, but this time it will be for ever. Please tell me what is the net worth of the dark Muslim middle east without the fruitful presence of the Maronites? You are a defeatist, for the lack of a better word, keep on trekking towards HOMS and its leaders, they will reward you for that with their silver coins, you traitor. George
Subject: One Signle State in Palestine
One Single State In Palestine!

According to a joke, Hitler wanted to send a naval detachment to the Dead Sea. He was subsequently informed that the Dead Sea is a land-locked waterway. Bush proposes the creation of a Palestinian State alongside a Jewish State. He should have had a look at a geographical map of Palestine before deciding to support such foolishness. Palestine (which the Jews call Israel, but the true biblical name of which is the Land of Canaan ? Genesis 17:8) is about the size of a pocket-handkerchief, with populations belonging to different religious communities (Jewish, Moslem, Christian, Druze, Samaritan, etc). To draw a geographical line between these tangled communities in order to create two States, one for the Jews, and the other for the Palestinians, would be like cutting a mother in two in order to pacify irreconcilable brothers. I will spare you the details.
Sooner or later, the inhabitants of Palestine will realise that on this piece of land, there is space for only one State at the service of all, without discrimination on the basis of religion, race, colour or sex. Bush, known for his blunders, can be excused. The other political actors on the Israeli, Palestinian, Arab and Western sides have less claim to be excused. But the biggest surprise is provided by the (supposedly) pacifist Israeli movements that also demand the creation of a Palestinian State, not for philanthropic reasons, but because they do not want to cohabitate with non-Jews and refuse the resettlement of Palestinian refugees on their own lands and those 385 of their own villages which were destroyed by Israel. They attribute the suffering of the Jews and the Palestinians to the Israeli occupation, but forget that the underlying evil is discrimination. Bush wants the Palestinians to organize elections so as to elect new leaders who will match his tastes. He would do better to demand general elections for all the inhabitants of Palestine and the creation of a single State with the same rights and duties for all. A State with a single flag, a single parliament, a single army, a single police force, a single legal system, a single court structure, a single school system and unified cemeteries accessible to everyone. A State that I call the Republic of Canaan, to avoid annoying anyone.
Sami Aldeeb, doctor of laws
Swiss, Christian of Palestinian Origin
French version of the mrssage
Un Seul ?tat En Palestine!

Hitler, dit-on, voulait envoyer une flotte à la Mer Morte. On lui fit remarquer qu'il s'agit d'une Mer fermée sans accès externe.Bush propose la création d'un ?tat palestinien près d'un ?tat juif. Il aurait mieux fait de regarder une carte géographique de la Palestine avant de soutenir une telle bêtise. La Palestine (que les Juifs appellent Israël, mais dont le vrai nom dans la Bible est Terre de Canaan ? Genèse 17:8) est grande comme un mouchoir de poche avec des populations appartenant à différentes communautés religieuses (juive, musulmane, chrétienne, druze, samaritaine, etc). Tracer une ligne géographique entre ces communautés enchevêtrées afin de créer deux ?tats, un pour les Juifs, et l'autre pour les Palestiniens serait comme couper une mère en deux morceaux pour pacifier des frères inconciliables. Je vous épargne les détails.
Tôt ou tard, les habitants de la Palestine se rendront compte que sur cette terre il n'y a de place que pour un seul ?tat au service de tous, sans discrimination pour cause de religion, de race, de couleur ou de sexe. Bush, connu pour ses gaffes, peut être excusé. Les autres acteurs politiques du côté israélien, palestinien, arabe et occidental le sont moins. Mais la grande surprise vient des mouvements (soi-disant) pacifistes israéliens qui réclament aussi la création d'un ?tat palestinien, non pas par philanthropie mais parce qu'ils ne veulent pas cohabiter avec des non-juifs et refusent l'intégration des réfugiés palestiniens dans leurs terres et leurs 385 villages détruits par Israël. Ils attribuent tous les maux dont souffrent les Juifs et les Palestiniens à l'occupation israélienne mais ils oublient que le vrai mal est la discrimination. Bush demande aux Palestiniens d'organiser de nouvelles élections pour élire de nouveaux dirigeants qui seraient selon ses goûts. Il ferait mieux de demander des élections généralisées pour tous les habitants de la Palestine et la création d'un seul ?tat avec les mêmes droits et les mêmes devoirs. Un ?tat avec un seul drapeau, un seul parlement, une seule armée, une seule force de police, un seul système légal, un seul système judiciaire, un seul système scolaire et des cimetières communs accessibles à tous. Un ?tat que j'appelle République de Canaan, pour ne fâcher personne.
Sami Aldeeb, Docteur en droit
Suisse, Chrétien d'origine palestinienne

Subject :Re: [Phoenicia] New English article from Elias Bejjani
Date : Wed, 12 Jun 2002 21:10:10 +1000
Hello to you brother Elias how are you ? I hope and pray to God to keep you safe and you are one of the best defender of our dear Lebanon. I could not agree more with your judgement over those murders ,The sad part of it that they have been making all the decision since 12 years ago and we all know where is Lebanon today on the map of the world in all fields especially economically ,but they still blaming General Aoun, the best man ever to exist in this century . !! I can't believe it. I was amazed by the latest comment of a poisons snake like Albert Mansour still talking about the honesty of the prostitute . How can we forget that he was the minister of defense at the time of the invasion of our last piece of freedom in 1990. I 'm sure that he missed his position in the government after they spit him out of the game , so for him to be reconsidered by the Syrian we all know the trick , he have to attack General Aoun and his team which is one of the best educated people in Lebanon . I have seen him on the LBC sometime if you see the way he sit on the chair when he is on air !! you would think you are watching Alexander the Great. the only thing that Mr. Mansour forgot !! the amount of people were round General Aoun in support against the Taif ,I was there . but never mind we know Albert Mansour how he admire the opinion of the people hahaha it reminded of a meeting was held then in 1990, between Gazy Kenhan and Mr. Pierre Raffoul trying to reach an agreement , when they walked in the meeting ,Kenhan said to Pierre your General is crazy to go against the Taif . Pierre replied , what about all those hundreds of thousand of people are they all crazy ? Kenhan said , what people? people means nothing ,we tell the people what they should have, Pierre then said ,you can't do that with the Lebanese people because they were born free and they will die free .
your brother in freedom,
Joe Karam

Dear Elias,
You hit a raw nerve with me when you mentioned Ed Djerejian.  I worked with Ed when he was head of the Political Section at the American Embassy in Moscow.  I was there from 1979 to 1981.  My husband was the Senior Air Force Attache.  I thought Djerejian could walk on water - fantastic sense of humor and we often talked about the empathy we shared regarding the Asia Minor massacre by the Turks of Greeks and Armenians.   On his desk he had a picture of his grandfather who was missing an arm, cut off by a Turk as a result of his grandfather's holding open the door for the family to escape. I was literally shocked when he went to work for James Baker - that he would work for a University that promoted Turkish interests. In 1997, Ed wrote a piece titled, "United States Policy Toward Islam and the Arc of Crisis."  After I read it, I went ballistic.  It was very complimentary toward not just Turkey but toward Islam.   I responded to his article.  If he received it, I don't know because I never heard from him. I will send you a copy of my response to him.  Believe it or not, it is seven pages long in 10 pitch, so I had a lot to say. For instance, Ed said in his piece, "The United States Government does not view Islam as the next, 'ism' confronting the West or threatening world peace." I would like to make him eat those words in view of what is happening today with the Islam 'ism's.
Regards, Stella
From: RZ International Corp"
To the: Phoenian Group
I have been at the forefront in the fight for Lebanon's freedom for 25 years and agree with your opinion of the situation in Lebanon. But, it is a fact that the most important and necessary element of our struggle is credibility. Putting a car accident, however tragic it may be, in the category of human rights abuse and oppression, cuts against all forms of credibility. People get hit by cars all the time all over the world, on their way to church or otherwise. The more people you have on the road, specially a winding mountain road, the higher the probability. One accident out of tens of thousands, does not a trend make. You have a very good thing going in this service. Please do not ruin your credibility and harm the cause by reaching so far for an accusation of the Syrians and their puppets. There are enough legitimate accusations to levy that we do not need to look further.
Yasir Arafat, February 3, 2002
N.Y. Times (In English)
Now is the time for the Palestinians to state clearly, and for the world to hear clearly, the Palestinian vision. But first, let me be very clear. I condemn the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against Israeli civilians. These groups do not represent the Palestinian people or their legitimate aspirations for freedom. They are terrorist organizations, and I am determined to put an end to their activities.

Yasir Arafat, January 26, 2002
Gaza T.V. In Arabic
Yes, brothers, with our souls and blood we redeem you, O Palestine. This is the decision of the people of exceeding strength. This is a sacred bond. We are up to this duty. You know I am saying this because I know our people. I know what it means that in the midst of this economic (not only military) crisis [words indistinct], yet none of them complained. However, they said: God is great! Glory to God and his prophet! Jihad, jihad, jihad, jihad, jihad! [Applause]

Arafat's Massacre of Damour
by Joseph Hobeika
Read about Arafat
PLO massacres in Lebanon
Organized by Professor M. Kahl

[M.K. Note: The following was posted on the Internet by Joseph Hobeika on July 11, 2001. While I have no smoking gun to prove this was written by Elias Hobeika, the author was a fervent admirer of Elias Hobeika, calling him the Churchill of Lebanon. He also posted a message referring to himself as Elias and then changed the message after I wrote him that I considered this an admission that it was indeed Elias Hobeika who posted under the name of Joseph. I have both messages. I have been told that Joseph is also the name of Hobeika's father and son and the Joseph posting this message was Elias's attorney posting from Paris. Since Elias was in Paris frequently, I assume Joseph allowed Elias to use his Internet account and this is borne out by the writing style that changes dramatically.]

Do you not remember Damour Lebanon. Let me remind you. Arafat and the PLO plunged Lebanon into "massacres, rape, mutilation, rampages of looting and killings. Out of a population of 3.2 million, some 40,000 or more people had been killed, 100,000 wounded, 5,000 permanently maimed
In January of 1976, the destruction of Damour, a town of some 25,000 was completed by the PLO within two weeks. "The priest of Damour, Father Mansour Labaky desperately trying to save people of the town telephoned Kamal Jumblat [one of the Lebanese leaders], in whose parliamentary constituency Damour lay. 'Father, Jumblat said, 'I can do nothing for you, because it depends on Yasser Arafat' " . All efforts were useless. In the morning following the first night of invasion, when more than fifty people were massacred, Father Labaky "despite the shelling managed to get to the one house, to bring out some corpses. An entire family had been killed, the Canan family, four children all dead, and the mother, the father, and the grandfather. The mother was still hugging one of the children. And she was pregnant
The eyes of the children were gone and their limbs were cut off. No legs and no arms" (123). In total, 582 people were massacred in the storming of Damour. Father Labaky went with the Red Cross to bury them. "Many of the bodies had been dismembered, so they had to count the heads to number the dead. Three of the men they found had had their genitals cut off and stuffed in their mouths"
Azmi Zrayir, the PLO Member, an organizer of the terrorist attack in March, 1975 on the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in which seven people were killed and eleven wounded, was remembered in Lebanon as "a thief, a murderer, a rapist and a torturer." Being a PLO headquarters commander in Tyre, "he formed a football team into which he conscripted teenage children. The players were forced to gratify Zrayir's sexual appetites. He debauched both girls and boys. At least one child who defied him was shot dead" (144).
Arafat was ruthless not only with the Lebanese citizens but with the Palestinian Arabs too. In January, 1976 during the Christians' attack on Tall al Za'tar refugee camp the PLO tried to prevent the people in the camp from leaving. "Conditions within the camp became critical, with acute shortages of food and water, as bombardment continued day after day. The ideal of self sacrifice, imposed on the civilians by a leadership which itself took no risks, was never known to be the choice of the unhappy people themselves. And not all of the fighters who fell with their guns in their hands were cut down by the fire of the Christians. Some who tried to surrender or escape from the camp were shot in the back by their own comrades" (133). The high command in the PLO headquarters in West Beirut "not only refused to let the Palestinians leave the camp, or let the fighters surrender in order to save them all from hell, but insisted that the entire population, including the children, were to be sacrificed"
Knowing the atrocities perpetrated against their Arab "brethren" one can only imagine the fate of those who were considered by the PLO to be "spies" or "traitors." "While searching a citizen in Sydon, the PLO found on him Israeli money and a pair of shoes made in Israel His hands and legs were chained to the fenders of four vehicles. When a Fatah officer signaled with his pistol, the four cars raced away, tearing his body apart while horrified spectators screamed. The cars raced through the streets with the bloody limbs dangling"
"Nada al Murr the daughter of Alfred al Murr, a well known Lebanese civil engineer and industrialist, and May al Murr, a poet and historian saw a man torn apart by two vehicles". If one wonders where the PLO bandits learned their barbaric skills one should be advised to look into a book by Jhon Laffin. He wrote in "The PLO Connections," how the PLO trained their youth. "An instructor gave an order and a boy reached into basket and pulled out a chicken. Then he wrung its neck and dropped the dead bird. "No, no, no!" Arafat said reprovingly. He too reached into the basket and dragged out a chicken. And without wringing its neck he pulled the thing apart."
The Lebanese crimes are only a short page in Arafat's criminal biography. Torture, murder and the kidnaping of innocent people was Arafat's and the PLO's signature wherever they were present. Thousands of people perished in Jordan in September of 1970 when Arafat tried to wrest power from King Hussein. More than a thousand Palestinian Arabs accused of "collaboration" with Israel were brutally killed by Arafat's cronies during the "intifada." During the thirty five years of the PLO's existence thousands of People have been maimed and murdered in bombings, drive by shootings, stabbings, etc.
The terror unleashed by the PLO all over the world has destroyed and ruined lives of countless people in countless countries. The PLO leaders proudly declared that Arafat bears full responsibility for everything done by the PLO. Ahmed Tibi, Abu Mazen, and Mohammed Dahlan have repeatedly said that it was "Arafat who sent [the "fighters"] out on their operations." Is it possible to imagine a greater hypocrisy than the arrest of a half conscious 83 year old former Chilean dictator in a hospital, and the embrace of Arafat by the leaders of almost all countries in the world.
From: Naru Takeuchi" <
Subject : Comment on "The Syrian Dictatorship Should be Next "
Date : Sun, 31 Mar 2002
Freedom Fighter, I understand and empathize with your attachment to your native country and your hopes that it will someday be free of Syrian tutelage and Arab cultural influence. The former is a realistic possibility. The latter is a fantasy. Muslims comprise an ever growing majority in Lebanon. They are not going to disapeer. Though the Christians are holding on tenaciously to their shrinking enclave...they were long-ago Arabized insofar as language is concerned. This is another tragic example of Islamic imperialism. But it is a fact of life. If you believe that someday, the Christians of Mount Lebanon are going to rediscover their Phoenecian roots and're simply not being realistic. I have great admiration for you. Your writings indicate you're a man of deep conviction...very dedicated to your God and country. Your goal of liberating Lebanon from Syrian occupation is a noble one...but be careful what you ask for. Muslim-Christian co-existence is a dicey proposition...the scars of the civil war are still readily apparent, both physically and psychologically. The Syrians continue to provide a break on the ambitions of Shiites (both Amal and Hezbollah), Druze and Christians alike. Should they depart, Lebanon could easily descend again into sectarian chaos. My hopes are that Syria agree to reduce its presence in Lebanon to a skeletal one, of sufficiency only to act as arbiter when sectarian divisions threaten to unravel communal peace. As for ridding Lebanon of its Arabic culture and language, this is a pipe dream. The best we can hope for is the survival of the Maronite faith and people...that they may endure and thrive within the beautiful forests and mountains of their historic homeland.
From: Daria"
I am Lebanon
I am the butterfly whose wings
flutter in the morning haze
looking for the sun yearning for it's blaze.
I am the fledgling in the nest of life.
My story will be told by the winds to the forests
the trees will tell it to the roots in the earth
the burning wood will tell it to the ash in the hearth.
I am the young tree waiting for the bloom
I am the people who vanquished doom
I am the old tree still at the same place
I am the ancient mountain proud of it's race
I am the young Lebanon fighting for it's space.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I Sam Kassab salute the courageous stance of the thousands of Lebanese students who commemorated today in Beirut Prime Minister General Michel Aoun March 14th, 1989 declaration of the War of Liberation against the Syrian occupation.  also congratulate the students for their success with their peaceful protest and stand behind them who made the strategic decision to carry out their historic mission peacefully. I too joined General Aoun when he declared the war of liberation in 1989.I joined Al-Ansar and was posted at the museum sector under Cpt.Suleiman & Lt. Hindi with the 9th Regiment.I kept my vow to defend my country,my family and fellow Lebanese until October 13th 1990. I left the country afterwards ,and moved from one country to another until I landed in The United States 3years ago.
I overstayed my visa,and after what happened on Sept 11th I applied for political asylum for fear of being sent back to the dark hole that Lebanon is at the moment. I went before a judge of immigration,told him that I belonged to Gen. Aoun army,that as a Christian faithful I fear for my life and won't go back until my country is freed from the Syrian occupation. The judge wants more proof that I actually belonged or am an active person against the Syrian regime in my country. I need your help,I need letters of support ,especially from General Aoun in whom I and 99% of the Lebanese people believe in as the savior. I go back to see the judge on may 15th, you have to help me or I will be doomed. I live in New York.
Thanks in advance and long live The General and The Free Patriotic Movement.
Sam Kassab
From: "Mediaone"
To :
Subject : Response to the Recent Amnesty International Press Release
Date : Fri, 15 Mar 2002 15:30:11 -0500
The recent press release (March 13, 2002) by Amnesty International depicts the continued inhuman treatment of Lebanese in Lebanon today. This problem is not isolated (as detailed in the 21 page report released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor March 4, 2002, Lebanon: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2001).

Amnesty International has released several documented cases of the deteriorating basic individual rights in Lebanon. These reports date back to 1997. However, human rights violations in Lebanon stem back for decades. In fact, Amnesty International has continuously documented specific cases of illegal arbitrary arrests, detainments, forced confessions, unimaginable mistreatment, tortures, and rapes. There are reported instances of restrictions to freedom of assembly, association and statement, censorship of the press through intimidation, as well as interference with one's privacy and family.

Human rights violations affect each of us, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. Each individual MUST be held accountable for his/her actions. The situation in Lebanon indicates how vulnerable we are. How easy it is to have our basic, fundamental, rights stripped away. In fact, for expressing our viewpoints we risk not being allowed safe entry into Lebanon if we chose to return on vacation. Each time another individual is tortured and we cover in fear, we come one step closer to losing our identities and freedoms.
For centuries, humans have fought for independence from oppression. They have fought to be heard, respected, understood. They have fought for freedom and peace. They have fought for an identity, and for recognition. We the Lebanese are no different! However, in our fight and quests we must always keep focus of our goal: Lebanon.

I have often questioned the situation beginning with why and how? Yet, I have to step back and face reality, as each of us who has a sincere desire for the return of a free, democratic, sovereign Lebanon. We have to work together for Lebanon to regain its sovereignty and independence. To do so, we must look at the role we played in it becoming the way it is today. We are, every Lebanese, responsible to some extent. It is far too simple to stand by pointing fingers and hurling insults back and forth, futilely. The louder I yell or accuse, the louder the retaliation. Neither side is listening to the other, each trying to force the other to listen.

ENOUGH! As I point a finger at the enemy, let me first look down at my hand and notice that three of my fingers are pointing back at me. To even begin tackling my enemy, I must fully understand the issues and correct the ways I deal with them. If these have not accomplished what I want, I need to reevaluate them and find other alternatives. It takes one person to initiate something; a game, a fight, anything. However, the success of this endeavor shifts to the person invited, if that person is wise enough to recognize that she or he now has control of the outcome. Sometimes, by choosing not to respond, that person denies the initiator his/her goal. How simple, yet how so difficult!

As a Maronite I must believe that what Lebanon has endured will not be pointless. For us Maronites, this month is symbolic. It is a time of preparation for the death and resurrection of our Lord. It is also a time when we have to learn to forgive those who have wronged us as Christ did, so his death is not in vain. This notion of forgiveness is a difficult one. It takes much soul searching, learning and acceptance. I have, over the past two weeks, been battling with this idea both on a personal and professional level. I have applied this idea to Lebanon and all she has endured and survived for centuries. To work on rebuilding Lebanon, I must first look closer to home or even within the community I live.

Human Rights violations are not only inflicted by corrupt governments. They occur even in our homes. The report mentioned above also identified violations to women and children. Cases of domestic violence are increasing. Domestic violence can occur in cruel hurtful insults. It occurs in not respecting each others viewpoints, walking away, not listening to each other, simply because what one is saying the other does not agree with. Forcing women to remain in these abusive situations because of fear of what the community will say, rather than hold the perpetrator responsible, violate their rights as individuals. I do not have the answers but, I do believe that in the simplicities of life lies logic and reason. Rather than being proud of the buildings being rebuilt in Beirut, why not be proud in the will, the unbroken will, of the people to rebuild them? In asking am I good for you, rather than are you good for me?

In recognizing that although every home, country, organization has a head, without the support of the neck, the head will fall. In trusting that every hand held up in dictatorship, eventually tires. In appreciating what I have because although the grass only looks greener, it never is; the illusion is only temporary. In learning to accept the imperfections because accepting the perfections is easy. In appreciating the pinkness in a child's cheek, the trusting look in his eyes, instead of the neatness of the name brand outfit. That I appreciate all GOD has given me, and the humility to recognize that it is all temporary. As we slowly come to the end of the lent season and as we still try, each in our own way, to find solutions to helping Lebanon, let us work together. One voice may fall unheard. Hundreds united won't.
Long Live Lebanon and the 10452 km squared!
Re: [Phoenicia] New English article from George Khoury
It's amazing how we all agree with what you present in this article, yet so helpless at the same time. The Lebanon we learned about is nothing but a distant memory and the only way to restore it is through blood again, but this time it
has to be the blood of the officials in charge of these war games.  These officials need to be taught a lesson which they will not soon forget and one that is supported by every Lebanese Citizen both in Lebanon and outside. Without a doubt, if we search hard enough, pray hard enough, things will change for Lebanon.  But are the people ready for such goodness to finally come their way?
Long Live Lebanon without the Evil around it and in it.
why is Lebanon carrying the Arab Israeli conflicts on it's back?
By: Mike D.
The best word to describe Lebanese puppet leader s is the word "stooge". Whether they are Christians, Muslims and Druze they all fall under the same category, they are what you call stooges. Lebanon is the smallest country in middle East but it has suffered and continues to suffer the most from the Israeli Arab conflict excluding Palestine.the biggest so called Arab nationalist countries in the middle east which include Syria, Iraq and Jordan have had silent borders with Israel since 1973 .and no group or militia or a so called resistance will ever dare to light up that border and why is that because the Arabs know that Lebanon is where the battlefield is located and if there is any war that will occur is the middle east between the Israelis and the Arabs it will be in Lebanon and Lebanon only. The question remains , why the Lebanese , and why Lebanon a country known for it's distinct Arab indignity and distinct character that is very different for the Arab world paying the price for the Arab struggle. The answer goes back to the stooges that have been placed in power by the Syrians and play the Syrian card in the region. The stooges led by Berri, Hariri and Lahoud are nothing but puppet individuals who can be replaced , shuffled around and assassinated whenever their Syrian
Masters in Damascus and Anjar decide to pull the plug and just like they pulled the plug on Elie Hobieka protection they can pull the plug on the stooges. It's the stooges that are too blame for the open front in the south of Lebanon , it's the stooges to blame for turning Lebanon into a terrorist nation and it's the stooges to blame for the failing economy in Lebanon. Unfortunately Syria is not the only country that has created stooges and has it's political grip in Lebanon. A nation known for it' backward mentality, a nation known for its oppressive regime a nation known for it's radical ideas also has a strong rip in Lebanon , and this nation is Iran. Iran has been playing major roles n Lebanon since 1982 and they themselves like Syria have their own stooge operating in Lebanon . This stooge is known as Hassan Nasrallah. Nasrallah's Iranian/Syrian proxy militia is putting all of Lebanon in Danger, This proxy militia is the reason for the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in the summer 2000 and we all supported their struggle
after the withdrawal they proved to the majority of the unbrainwashed Lebanese that hey are nothing but a Iranian Agent on Lebanese soil that are used a card by the Syrians to expand the conflict and make Lebanon the Battleground of the big war to come.
Many people will say that Hizballah has a lot of support in the Shia community in Lebanon , well I say it is 100% percent true, but let us look at the Shia community in Lebanon, The shia community in Lebanon has been a oppressed and poor society since the creation of the Lebanese State , it's leaders have failed it's people until Hizballah came with Iranian money and start building institutions and made the shia presence in the Lebanese political and non political arena felt. My point is when you been down all of your life and the devil comes along and takes you of the hole you will not say no you will accept the devil and you will hail him.Hizballah role in Lebanon will end soon whether they like it or not but if they really care about the Arab cause or the Lebanese people , they should take their fundamentalist ideas and open a front on the Golan height , a strategic area which is much more important to than the Shebaa farms.
The Arabs are known for their strong envy toward each other , this envy and hate toward one another is even stronger that hate and envy they have for the Jews and since the creation of Lebanon , the Arabs could not accept a Christian Muslim nation which is different from al other nation in the region. The Arabs put more effort into destabilizing Lebanon in the early civil war than the losing war they fought against Israel. They have made the country and it's people suffer so they can close their borders but at the same time promote this fake Arabiv nationalistic propaganda that never exited and never will exist with these dictators and corrupt leaders in power in the Arab world. We the Lebanese want nothing more than a peaceful nation like the one we had in the
past and we shall do our best, we shall struggle together until we destabilize and break down the Iranian / Syrian plan in our country.We are not and never will be Israeli agents , we are patriots and if being a patriot puts on the same level as an Israeli agent then let it be , because we all know the truth , we all know who is selling the country and we all know who to blame for Lebanon's suffering toward the Israeli Arab conflict. Syria and Iran's stooges shall not last much longer, the new world order is slowly emerging after Sep 11 and I as Lebanese citizen have strong faith that this new world order will have a new Lebanon that will exclude the Syrians , Iranians and The Israelis for our political arena." The souls of our martyrs are entrusted in us "
My advice

1. Give God what's right -- not what's left.
2. Man's way leads to a hopeless end -- God's way leads to an endless hope.
3. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.
4. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.
5. In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma but never let him be the stop.
6. Don't put a question mark where God puts a stop.
7. Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the church for a face-lift.
8. When praying, don't give God instructions -- just report for duty.
9. Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church.
10. We don't change God's message -- His message changes us.
11. The church is prayer-conditioned.
12. When God ordains, He sustains.
13. WARNING: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning.
14. Plan ahead -- It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
15. Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.
16. Suffering with truth decay? Brush up on your Bible.
17. Exercise daily -- walk with the Lord.
18. Never give the devil a ride -- he will always want to drive.
19. Nothing else ruins the truth like stretching it.
20. Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.
21. He who angers you or makes you lie, controls you.
22. Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.
23. Give Satan an inch & he'll be a ruler.
24. Be ye fishers of men -- you catch them & He'll clean them.
25. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
26. Read the Bible -- It will scare the hell out of you.
God bless you...

From: laura lee randall" <
Dear Elias: I have two well known sayings that I would like to share with you.
One) During 6000 years of history first Lebanon created Heaven, then Lebanon created Hell, and now Lebanon created Mr. "H".
Two) There may be no justice in Lebanon now, but rest in peace knowing that one day all will have to stand in judgement before God for their actions and deeds.
Where has your honor gone? Find me a man who can look me in the eye with honor, The honor to be Lebanese....
Some quotes from the movie GLADIATOR which are brilliant. I changed the words from Rome to Lebanon, empire to country etc.etc.


I had to share this poem with you, it is appropriate timing for those of us who make new year resolutions.]
Happy new year

For life to be fullest, sweetest and rewarding:
-Do more than  move; improve.
-Do more than get; give.
-Do more than regret; repent.
-Do more than look; see.
-Do more than sympathize; help.
-Do more than attend church; worship.
-Do more than have children; rear them.
-Do more than build a house; make a home.
-Do more than breathe; LIVE
-Do more than live; LOVE


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