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first edition, November 22/1999

BI-Annual Magazine

Editing Coordinator & web master: Elias Bejjani
Editing Committee: Elie Tannous, Camelle Saade,
Hamid Aowad, Edmomd Chidiac, Elie Kessab,
Toni Mouanis, Davis Yamin, Abdo Annouza,
George Boutrous, Charbel Basiel,

Indpencence Day issue for 2000
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The challenging independence (Arabic) By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra 24/11/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Report (Arabic) addressing Lebanon's students demonstrations 24/11/00

redbul.gif (925 bytes)Release from the UCIPLIBAN (Arabic) 23/11/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
Protected Independence,(Arabic) By; Hamid Aowad 22/11/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
The confiscated independence (English) By: Elias Bejjani 22/11/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)
What remained from the independence (Arabic) By: Elias Bejjani 22/11/00
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Independence, only independence (Arabic) By: Samir Khasier 22/11/00
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Independence & withdrawal (Arabic) By: Dr. Nabil Taweil 22/11/00
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Ya Attarien delowni (Arabic) By: Alia Soleh 22/11/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)The weak waist (Arabic) By: Adnan Chaaban 22/11/00
redbul.gif (925 bytes)Intentions for Lebanon's independence (Arabic) 22/11/00

English Contents for Indpendence 1999
1-Lord, Lebanon is in pain. By: Eliane Bejjani
2-We the Lebanese. By: Elias Bejjani
3-Objectives of the CLHRF.
4-At our expense. By: Pierre Raffoul.
5-My country's enemy. By: Colonel Fayez Karam.
6-Is is actually Independence. By: Elias Bejjani
7-Is there still a Lebanon? By: Dr. Habib Malik
8- Press release from SOLIDA
9- General Aoun's Independence Day message for 1989
10- General Aoun's Independence message for 1999

Arabic contents (PDF files)
1-A pledge & a pray for Lebanon. By: Elias Bejjani
2-6000 years history & civilization (Lebanese poem),
3-CLHRF Media Committee message.
4-Lebanese Anthem.
5-Celebrating the Taef Crime anniversary. By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra.

6-The lost Independence (Lebanese poem) By: Youssef Rawhana
7-Lebanon is coming back (Lebanese poem) By: Youssef Saad.

8-A mass for the lost independence (CLHRF)
9-Religious sermon. By: Father Nahra Saief (On the independence day mass)
10-Resistance and martyrdom (Lebanese poem) By: George Khalil.
11-The stolen Independence. By: Colonel Charbel Barakat.
12-You, who ask me about Lebanon. By: Francis Dagher.
13-Independence, reality versus hope. By: Elie Tannous.
14-Let's reclaim the independence. By: Hamid Aowad.
15-Is it actually Independence. By? Elias Bejjani.
16-My Dear Lebanon ( Lebanese poem) by: resistance fighters.
17-General Michel Aoun's Independence message for 1989.
18-From my book. ( Lebanese poem) By: Mansour Abu Jawdi. (Abu Nabiel)
19-Press release...Lebanese Forces.
20-Press release ... Free Patriotic Current.

21-Lebanon is bigger than to be swallowed. By: Colonel Fayez Karam.
22-Lebanese traditions and habits. By: Colonel Charbel Barakat.
23- What is left from Lebanon's Independence to Celebrate? By: Minister Abu Jamra

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