At Our Expense
By: Pierre Raffoul

In real life there are always those who are strong and those who are weak. As a general rule the strong are expected to help and protect the poor, but in reality this is rarely the case. In this context Lebanon has been for years a victim of its stronger Syrian neighbor.

Syria uses Lebanon as an arena for its expansionist schemes, imperialistic ambitions and greedy hegemony desires. Lebanon the weak country protects the strong Syria from collapse and bankruptcy despite Lebanon’s extremely difficult current economical hardships.

All of Lebanon’s imports paid for in hard currency are at Syria’s disposal with the Syrian worthless currency. Lebanon’s markets are open to Syria’s products with no restrictions at the expense of the Lebanese products. One and a half million illegal Syrian workers control Lebanon’s labor market depriving the Lebanese of their jobs. These workers commit the majority of crimes inflicted on the Lebanese people and transfer annually to Syria half billion dollars.

The Lebanese-Syrian installed puppet regime gives priority to the liberation of the Syrian occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and not for that of South Lebanon. The same mercenary regime insists stupidly on keeping the war against Israel flaring, while Israel is willing to withdraw its troops from the South and Western Bekaa regions. Meanwhile Syria is coordinating with Israel all matters and maintaining its frontier at the occupied Golan Heights tranquil and peaceful. Syria allows no resistance at its Israeli- occupied Golan Heights while it orchestrates and masterminds the guerrilla war against Israel from South Lebanon.

Every time Israel initiated an assault against Lebanon, Syria abstained from offering any help despite the imposed Lebanese-Syrian mutual defense agreement. This mockery agreement services Syria’s interests only and not those of Lebanon. Syrian occupation Army and its Intelligence Forces ransack Lebanese stores and residential houses during and after each Israeli assault under the disguise of searching for Israeli agents. While Lebanon suffers badly because of the Israeli on going military assaults, Syria underestimates the Lebanese intelligence by alleging its leadership is entitles to decide when to fight and engage with the Israelis and when not. Meanwhile Syria through its mercenary Lebanese media claims Lebanon is capable of fighting Israel while it cripples and restricts the Lebanese Army role.

Syria is keeping the Lebanese army away from South and West Bekaa occupied regions therefore depriving the residents there from security and enforcement of law.

Syria is extremely fortunate to have under its wings such a puppet and submissive Lebanese regime. A regime of mercenary, subservient officials whose priority is to flatter and cajole their masters day and night.

They never give a statement or utter a stance without glorifying the alleged wisdom and devotion of the Syrian dictator, Hafez Assad. They claim Assad is Lebanon’s guardian angel and the sole protector for its existence. Their decisions are dictated on them by Syria, they are human robots and respond only to Syrian "Faramens".

No patriotic Lebanese can forget General Lahoud’s Presidential Oath speech, the man mentioned Syria and its dictator more then he mentioned Lebanon. He never ever opens his month to speak before he glorifies "Assad’s Syria". The so-called House Speaker, Mr. Berri threatened to lie down in front of the Syrian tanks and sacrifice himself if Syria decides to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. In the same subservience context PM, Dr. Hoss delivered lately a speech at the United Nations in which he was pro Syria more then pro-Lebanon.

Lebanon, is currently a Syrian satellite exactly like the European countries that were under the iron fist of the USSR before it was dismantled. Syria is stealing all Lebanon’s resources and treating its people like slaves. Lebanon’s puppet officials are its number one enemy and the dirty destructive means manipulated by Syrian dictator to maintain his occupation over Lebanon. This unfortunate reality was illustrated by former Lebanese President, Charles Helou who addressed a group of foreign journalists by saying: " I welcome you in my second country, Lebanon". In the same context General Michel Aoun described the puppet Beirut regime as "the Golan government in exile".

The painful reality in all this is that the Lebanese people are fully aware of this miserable humiliating situation, but still few of them are taking a clear open opposing stance and struggling for liberation. Meanwhile the mercenary officials, politicians, clergymen and opportunistic businessmen are keeping a blind eye on the occupation status quo and serving the Syrian occupier in a bid to protect their own personal interests. They are happy to maintain their official status at the expense of the country and its people and even willing to set on a shim if it keeps them in office.
Long Live Free Lebanon.