Lord, Lebanon is in pain
By: Eliane Bejjani

Lord, Pray for my soul, I the Lebanese

I have abandoned a land so great,

A Holy Land that fostered deeply my roots,

heritage, dignity, identity, faith and pride.

A land with so much beauty and love,

A land once traveled by you and your mother.

Lord, I fee the pain she is feeling,

I hear loudly her screams for help,

Screams appealing for you, to rescue her people.

Save them from persecution, torture and exile,

soothe their agony, humiliation and suffering.

Lord, the pain of her people is growing,

Not only are they being forced to abandon her,

but many are being kidnapped, jailed, tortured and murdered.

Why all of this is happening?

Is it because my people are eager for freedom?

Lord, what about us, we the children of Lebanon?

When is our excursion of anguish going to end?

We have forgotten how to smile.

All we know is sorrow and struggle for survival,

To those responsible for our misery we say:

You are scarring your own flesh and blood,

Betraying Lebanon and its 6000 years of history,

serving the devil and its earthy symbols,

destroying Lebanese unique pluralism,

Just for one reason, to protect your own greed.

How can you enjoy life, and still shed no tears?

How you can enjoy happiness, and still not feel guilty?

How you can your be in peace with your self,

When your children and youth are in distress?

Where is your conscience?

How can you face the world with no shame?

How can you look upon yourself in the mirror?

Oh, Lord protect Lebanon, land, people and faith,

Protect us the children from human wolves,

Oh, Lord, restore peace to your homeland …Great Lebanon.