General Michel Aoun's Message
on the "Independence Day"

Dear Fellow Lebanese:
In my "Independence Day" message ten years ago (1998), I explained thoroughly the devastating consequences the "Taef Accord" would inflict on Lebanon's national life, and numerated the risks Lebanon will suffer. In the same message I dwelled on the Lebanese, Arabic and international failure in solving Lebanon's crisis. Their failure stemmed from alienation of the Lebanese will, that was not allowed to shape, and because the efforts and solutions implemented were not within the frame of international laws or covenants.

Lebanese people were unable to recognize the on going conspiracy against them since the early seventies due to:
1-Internal conflicts between certain Lebanese factions and groups,
2-Conflicts between those who forced their leadership and representation on these groups and factions,
3-The evil help of neighboring countries to these groups and factions to keep fighting each other.

The so-called "Taef Accord" did not achieve any promises, or honor any timetable agendas. Not only that, but it was a vicious vehicle for the continuation of the conspiracy against Lebanon and its entire people. It is shameful to twist facts by bragging and alleging the "Taef Accord" was a national accomplishment after it has destroyed Lebanon as an independent State. It made Lebanon loose all its characteristics as a sovereign state, and shaped it under the reign of collaborators since 1990, into an occupied and impoverished country. Lebanon, and also because of the "Taef Accord" is losing currently all what is left of its foundations as a state in all civilization and humanistic domains.

Since 1990, the Lebanese have been forced to leave their own country and immigrate. It is worth mentioning that 850 thousand citizens have already left Lebanon since 1990, because of imposed poverty, persecution, torture, infringements on human rights, imprisonment and humiliation. Vicious schemes are executed on daily basis to erase people's national memory and to forge geography, identity, history, culture, traditions and every thing that is Lebanese. Empty and camouflaging slogans are advocated for on daily basis through the mercenary media and puppet officials in a bid to instigate primitive instincts, humiliate people, underestimate their intelligence and divide them into fighting factions and groups.

My dear fellow Lebanese:
I call on you to read my 1989 "Independence Day" message. Compare its contents with "Taef politicians" promises, and with what they are telling you today. Look thoroughly on the imposed miserable national status quo inflicted on your country, and you will instantly recognize the lies of those politicians who led Lebanon into hill, and still do. The "Taef politicians who led you and the country to humiliation and occupation, continue to commit the same crime through their on going subservience, thievery, collaboration and treason.

My dear Lebanese:
The status that you are living currently in occupied Lebanon, and because of the "Taef Accord" is a status of slavery and bondage under fake brotherly slogans.
We will not allow such mockeries to continue or give up the struggle, or rest, no matter what the difficulties and the sacrifices will be. Our chances in salvation and liberation are those that we make and pursue, and no body else

I call on each and every one of you in occupied Lebanon and Diaspora to join forces with the "Free Patriotic Current",
To keep your hope and faith,
To believe in yourself,
To preach strongly for Lebanon's fair and just cause,
To say No, No, No, loudly to the imposed status quo,
To reject the evil appointed officials schemes,
To participate actively in all efforts aiming to liberate both the country and the people.

Long Live Free Lebanon
Paris-France November 1999