Press Release in response to a "Group" in Beirut
World General Secretariat

To; Membership
From WSG
Subject: Press Release, June 13, 2003
The 13th WLCU Congress Press release was published widely in Lebanon as you can see. Many of our officers and members received congratulations form Lebanon. However, and as expected, the group that calls itself "WLCU-General Secretariat" in Beirut, under the control of M Haitham Jum'a, issed a release attacking our press release. As examined closely, their arguments were weak and disconnected. The present internal situation in Lebanon, and the international situation is not so helpful for them. In response to their press-release, our Commission for Information and Communication issued the following communique. We
have decided to issue a rational, methodic and informative release rather than the usual diatribes. You are urged to post it whenever you judge appropriate. The release is made available in English and attached in Arabic.

Commission on Information and Communication
Washington, DC, June 7, 2002
In response to a press release issued in Beirut and published in a number of dailies in Lebanon, the Commission on Informatiuon and Communication states the following:

1) The World Lebanese Cultural Union 13th Congress held in Miami, was under the WLCU Constitutional provisions and a normal application of the organizational process of holding World Congresses since 1960. The 13th Congress in Miami,
follows the 12th Congress held in Mexico City and its last sessions in Las Vegas. There will be a 14th World Congress to be held in two years, according to the Constitution of the WLCU. The location of the next meeting will be determined by the next World Council meeting.
2) The World Lebanese Cultural Union, founded in 1960, has continued to develop in all countries across time, despite the sad events in Lebanon. And it was able to grow and reorganize after each World Congress. The WLCU is an International Non Governmental Organization INGO, which operates under International law and under the national laws of all countries it has branches in. It works with all Governments under which it exists, for the benefit of the Lebanese worldwide. The WLCU represents the Lebanese communities around the world only. It does not claim to represent the Lebanese Republic institutions nor it is part of it. It tends to have the best relationship with the Lebanese Republic, both civil society and Government, under the principles of freedom and sovereignty.
3) The 13th World Congress, was attended by all registered branches, either directly or via legal mandate. It was held under the laws and regulations of the host country. The participants in the Congress have enjoyed all their freedoms including their rights to belong to all ethnic, religious, political backgrounds. US laws do not discriminate against races, cultures, ideologies or
political parties.
4) We regret that a group of individuals, some among whom are former officers of the WLCU have issued a press release rejecting the 13th WLCU Congress. We regret also the fact that they've signed their release as WLCU. While we state
that the WLCU doesn't have official offices or agencies in Beirut for the time being, its offices having being taken over by bureaucrats who work under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs few years ago, we recognize the right of all individuals to express their views everywhere in the world, including in Lebanon. For all inquiries about the WLCU, feel free to contact us at....
Commission on Information and Communication
Dr Anis Karam